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A Note from MJ... The New Year is bringing excitement and great change for all of us. As we approach contest we realize that all that was Region 22 will be separated soon. We also realize that change is good‌it creates new experiences and challenges for our members and our choruses. I am confident that all of us will embrace our new regions and share the 22 EXCITEMENT. The Region 22 management team and convention committee are hard at work to make sure that our last contest will be one with many memories! Wouldn't it be great if ALL choruses and quartets competed this year (even if it's for evaluation only) so we can see all our performing groups one last time? In the mean time, please see below for important information relating to our final contest together. As always ... Catch the EXCITEMENT ~ pass IT on !

RMT Directory

MJ Mortillaro

Region 22 Team Coordinator

$22 All Events Pass I am pleased to announce that our 2013 convention all-events pass will cost ... $22. This is a fitting amount given that this weekend will celebrate all things "22." This reduced rate, in conjunction with the fact that we've waived Region 22's annual January assessment fee this year, is our way of saying thanks to our members and "giving back" to all of you.


Regional Dinner Included That $22 all events pass will INCLUDE an all-region dinner for all Region 22 members! We will enjoy our "last supper" together in the large banquet room at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on Saturday night. During this dinner, there will be tributes and singing to take us down memory lane.

Stay tuned for more details... Menu choices and other information regarding the regional dinner, all events pass, and much more will be coming by mid-February in our contest bulletin. We'll link to this bulletin from our Facebook page, in an upcoming "Deuces Wild" email blast and put it on our website. This is going to be a wonderful time together – don’t miss it!

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CAROL PANN - CRC It seems like competition was just over with and now in only approximately 4 months we will again be in Appleton and competing at the Performing Arts Center. I have thoroughly enjoyed being the CRC for almost 10 years and am looking forward to May. The Convention Committee and the RMT met in Appleton in January to begin plans for the convention. Because this will be Region 22’s last competition one of the special events that is being planned is a dinner on Saturday evening at the Radisson Hotel for all members of Region 22. We are also encouraging former members and anyone who would like to attend as guests to come and join us on Saturday evening. More details will follow in the upcoming bulletin for competition and throughout this issue of the Catch 22. The first bulletin is tentatively planned to be on line the middle of February. All presidents, team leaders, team coordinators, and quartet contact people will be notified when the bulletin is on line. If your email address has changed recently please let me know so I can update this information. If you have any questions concerning our upcoming competition please email me at or call me at 815-289-5628. I am always happy to answer your questions or find someone who can answer your questions for you. Am looking forward to seeing all of you in May in Appleton. Carol Pann Chair Regional Convention 2013


RIVER CITY SOUND (Submitted by Denise Gorski) It’s true that Denver is the mile high city because that’s what River City Sound Chorus felt like after we performed on the International stage last November. As Joan and I collected our score sheets backstage, we decided to look at our score before heading back to tell the chorus. Our eyes didn’t have to look very far down that second page to find our placement. After checking once, twice, thrice, we saw that we were 14th. Trying to hide our excitement as we made our way back to our eagerly awaiting chorus, they knew something was up by our smiles, Boot’s thumbs up and the fact that I ran up the stairs in my capezios! We were so proud to share the stage with Premiere in being the representatives of Region 22! Thank you for all of your love and support. I know we had region 22 fans in the audience and watching at home. RCS wants to give a shout out to Jane Richards who drove our riser chair out to Denver for us. (and back home)! Thank you! Denver was an amazing journey. We have grown so much since our last adventure to Seattle. We were so prepared because of our wonderful coaches and amazing director, Joan Boutilier. 3

After some much needed rest over the Christmas holiday, we have gotten back to work on new music and new visual plans. Our spring is booked with our favorite coaches, Renee Porzel, Jim Arns and Betty Clipman. We can’t wait for their artistic flair to mesh with our solid, RCS sound. Although we were resting up in December, we still found time for a Christmas party. We gathered at a local restaurant with gifts in hand for the craziness of our gift exchange. Our party had a twist this year, though. Our Christmas party turned baby shower as we surprised our member, Jan, with so many baby gifts all wrapped in holiday wrapping. Baby Zoe must have enjoyed the evening because she was born just a few days later. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with the birth of a child? We are one proud group of aunties! I hope you all have had the opportunity to hold open houses this January. Our official night is this Wednesday, although we have had the pleasure of about 10 guests already this year. I hope we will meet 50 more this week! We love to spread the word about our chorus and share the joy of making 4 part acapella harmony!

PREMIERE (Submitted by Nancy Charles) Hello fabulous members of Region 22! We would like to thank you for your support as we competed at the International competition in Denver this past October. We placed 31st and are thankful to have had the opportunity to represent this wonderful Region again this past year. As you may know, Premiere decided to retire in November. During our five years together we accomplished two Regional Championship titles and a Wild Card, earning three International performances in 2009 (with Renee Rieboldt), 2011 (Wild Card) and 2012. We feel so blessed to have had this time with each other, and with you. Although we are closing this chapter, we will always treasure our time together, the friendships formed and memories made. We want to sincerely thank you for the love you showed us over the years. We appreciate your support more than you'll ever know. We look forward to seeing all of you at 'the last hurrah' for Region 22. How exciting it will be to hear so many past quartets come together for this historical event! Although bittersweet, it will be a celebration to remember. We'll see you in Appleton! Your 'Premiere' Quartet, Colleen, Nancy, Brenda and Brenda


NEWS FROM THE REGIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM MJ MORTILLARO – TEAM COORDINATOR Region 22…… Never doubt what a group of dedicated, committed Sweet Adelines can do to change a Region…… I am talking about every member of Region 22 – together we make wonderful music and strive to be the very best! We embraced the boundary changes in 1975. At this change we were given the opportunity to define and create Region 22. A second time during boundary changes in 2002 we were given choruses that had just dissolved their region. We welcomed them to 22 and we were committed to make this region one voice. We took the challenge to change from Board to Team and did that transition well. The RMT was able to share the success with choruses when they looked to change the admin team…….. Throughout our years together we have attended schools, participated in contest and learned to party!! One thing I love about 22 is that we are fierce competitors but we balance that out with being strong supporters of our winner. We come together and as a Region support those representing us with pride and excitement and then set up coaching to make a run at contest the next year. I have been intrigued at our schools in the past years……………our participation grew every year. What was amazing to me was that at every school we had a 25+ member that was attending their first school….what changed their minds??? The EXCITEMENT every member brought back to chorus changed their minds and talking to these women at the schools they were happy to be there but wished they had done this earlier……….. We all caught the excitement – maybe we frightened some members into getting excited but nonetheless it worked. Know – there is nothing wrong with 22………….in fact there is so much good here that we need to share it. We have our last contest before us – I hope every chorus makes it to the contest stage. We have much to celebrate…….. I will always cherish the memories of good times together ……. I am proud of each chorus striving to be the best ……. I am grateful for the friendships that are not determined by boundary changes……. I look forward to a bright and exciting future with Sweet Adelines for all of us…… And I thank you for the incredible opportunity to serve as Team Coordinator for the great Region 22 . I challenge all of you to get involved in your new region – it takes the entire experience of Sweet Adelines to a new level. As Always………….. Catch the EXCITEMENT ~ pass IT on MJ


REGION 22 BIDS A BITTERSWEET FAREWELL TO RHONDA GOULD, MARKETING COORDINATOR Many of you know our fabulous Region 22 Marketing Coordinator Rhonda (Puntney) Gould. She has served the region for several years in this capacity and has also assisted us as the founder of our Facebook e-group, helping in grant writing endeavors, and other miscellaneous tasks. You may also recognize her as a long-time Riverport member and before that, Hiawatha Valley. She also had a short stint with By the Book quartet and is the mom of former Rising Star quartet contestant and current Sweet Adeline youth member Bethany Puntney. The good news is that Rhonda recently received word that she and her new husband, Major Michael Gould (who recently returned safely from a stint in Afghanistan), have received an exciting new opportunity for him to start a new career endeavor in the Seattle, Washington area. The bad news is that this means she must move away from us here in the Midwest and step down from her position as Marketing Coordinator. Please drop Rhonda a line to let her know how much she'll be missed and wish her well in her new endeavors. Since there are only a few months left in Rhonda's term on the regional team, we have elected not to find or officially elect a replacement. This doesn't mean that we're leaving our region without any marketing support, however! Region 22 Team member (and former regional Marketing/Membership Coordinator) Laurel Meyer has agreed to help assist choruses with marketing assistance they may want or need from the region, and will also help out with PR for our contest in May. Rhonda and Mike, we wish you all the best in this new adventure and we wait to hear of your return to Wisconsin. (Submitted by MJ Mortillaro and Laurel Meyer)

KAY LILES – DIRECTOR CORDINATOR ENJOY THE JOURNEY . . . Here we are heading into our final competition in Region 22. Just think, with a new region, we have new music! That is, the new regions have never heard us sing before. It’s like having a new outfit, wearing it once and then being able to wear it again where no one has seen it. Our wonderful directors are in the process of preparing you for this new adventure and getting you ready for competition. You will be spreading your joy because you have a gift that only you can give, the miracle of your chorus working and singing together, calls for celebration every day. Lots of exciting things are happening now . . . getting new members to share in the “joy”, learning new music for your shows and cabarets and then the exciting part . . . coaching, retreats and competition. Show your director how much you appreciate them as they work to put all of this together with you. Savor all these happy experiences. Kay Liles Region 22 Directors Coordinator 6

CAROLYN SENZIG – MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR Harmonic Progression….One Voice One Message We have received information on how to access ongoing, improving marketing tools from international for our use, webcasts to guide us along our way, financial incentives from our region and international to inspire membership building. I simply would like to remind our chapter leadership teams and our members to go through The Real Guide to Membership Growth manual for any tips that may have been overlooked in helping chapters welcome, develop and retain members. With the ever-improving musical product we all share within our communities, let’s stop being the best kept secret for women. We truly are a wonderful hobby that brings joy to our members and our audiences alike. Chapter at Large, Other Affiliated Members, and More National Friendship week is the first week of August. Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, but I believe that friendship, among Sweet Adelines, is an ongoing life experience that we enjoy not only once a week at rehearsals, or when we meet at regional events or chapter shows, but it is a growing, caring experience that touches each of us in so many ways every day. Our unique friendships create an environment that carries us through our troubling days, our challenges, our illnesses, and family issues, and lifts us even higher on our blessed days, and through good times as well. We will have a grand opportunity to enhance our friendships, especially with members we don’t see very often, at our upcoming competition/convention. I encourage every Region 22 member, whether you are in a chorus, a quartet, or an audience member, to attend this May. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a very sincere thank you to the members of our region who, for personal reasons, may not be able to be a part of a chapter at this time, but continue to be an important part of our region. We have seen you attending various regional events, competing in quartets, and assisting in various regional roles and we appreciate your involvement. I am looking forward to every member attending our final Region 22 Competition/Convention this spring. This event would be an incomplete celebration without every single member joining together to walk down memory lane and to have the chance to make new memories to cherish as well. See you all there! Enjoy the Spring to come. Until then, keep warm.


A Warm Regional Welcome! By Carolyn Senzig, Membership Coordinator It is always exciting to hear about talented women joining our chapters to enjoy our musical product, share in the joy of singing, and be a part of spreading that joy to others. I’m proud to share the newest members to our chapters per my international reports: Riverport Dionne Moore Julie Fugate

Yahara River Ann Weigl Gwen Torkelson Janine Gardner

River City Sound Sonja Tripp Molly Wessler

Center Point Kristy Goetsch

Cedar Harmony Katie Nieburh

Racine Nicole Jacobs

Sound of Madison Marybeth Loibl

LAUREL MEYER – COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR YOU Are a Part of Our History - Share It! If you're a Region 22 member that is part of our Region 22 Facebook group, chances are you've seen some of the early photos of Region 22 that I've started posting to help us reminisce on how far we've come in our Sweet Adeline history before we close this chapter of our musical lives to head to new regions in the new fiscal year. I still have lots more photos to scan and post for your perusal - whether they be amusing, historical or just to reminisce memories of days gone by - but I need YOUR help. I've found that I do have some gaps in years of contest photos: 1991-1994, and believe it or not, several recent years: 2002-2010. If you have quartet or contest photos from these years and you have access to a scanner or already have a digital file of such a photo, please email the photos to me at In addition, if you have any other particularly fun or fond non-contest photos from ANY Sweet Adeline events since 1976, feel free to send me those for sharing with the region as well. In addition to posting these on Facebook, I am putting together a Power Point presentation and other little things for sharing "in person" at contest in May. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this! Laurel Meyer Communication Coordinator and unofficial Historian


HEATHER JOHNSTON – EDUCATION COORDINATOR Education Corner: I can’t believe it is 2013 already! My how time flies when you’re having fun! And I hope all of you are having FUN and lots of it! When I first took on the position of Education Coordinator I challenged all of you to become better singers and performers. How are you doing on that challenge? Throughout the years I have provided tidbits of information on things you can do to improve your singing and performing skills. As I was researching information to put into this newsletter it dawned on me, why don’t I provide information on where I go to look for this type of information? Often my resource is information I have received at the various educational events I have attended. Since I became a member of Sweet Adelines back in 1985 I have attended as many educational events as I could. I have definitely attended the Region 22 events but I have also attended events sponsored by Region 3, Region 6 and Sweet Adelines International. I know that time and finances are tight these days for everyone but take advantage of every opportunity you can! The Sweet Adeline Website also has a plethora of information. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to check out the Members Only Education Center. There you can find: -Got Pitch? Vodcast – A step-by-step guide to taking a pitch -Stage Makeup Video Tutorials -Intervals in Song -Vocal Skills Basic Vodcast Series -Travel Advice to Keep Your Instrument Healthy -Handouts from Seminars -Jim Arns Directing Clips (Directors, this is a must see!) -and much, much more! Make your hobby the best it can be. Arm yourself with any and all tools available to help you become an even better singer and performer! Directors, this one is for you – Conducting Techniques As I was cleaning out my office recently I came across a hand-out from a workshop I attended so I thought I would share some of the highlights with you. If you would like a complete copy of the hand-out please e-mail me and I’d be happy to send it to you! Prepare Yourself In Order to Prepare Your Singers: Before you raise your arm to direct, develop a self-awareness of the following: -body posture -knees -facial posture -distance from the singers -feet position -mental preparation -hand position As a director, model a proud soloist with your body. Put yourself in a singer’s position, lengthening and widening your body. Everything you do conveys a meaning, so do what you do on purpose and expect a specific result. Be still when preparing to start the chorus, but don’t allow yourself to become stiff and rigid. Teach singers what your directing signals mean and use these consistently as “triggers”. You also need to remember that not everyone in the chorus may have been around the last time you explained what some of your directing signals mean. If the chorus isn’t consistently giving what you are asking take a few seconds to remind them what the particular gesture means. What is clear to us isn’t always clear to them. And remember….WHAT THEY SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. 9

Are You Getting Your "Deuces Wild"? If the phrase "Deuces Wild" doesn't sound familiar and/or you haven't seen this logo come across your email, please send a message to Laurel Meyer at This is the name of email updates that we will periodically be sending for the remaining months that Region 22 is "in business" - you'll find helpful links to contacts in the region, pertinent news updates between issues of Catch 22, a calendar of events, and of course, links to contest information.

CHORUS NEWS CROSSTOWN HARMONY CHORUS (Submitted by Diane Dunk) Crosstown Harmony is thrilled and excited that Lynda Keever will be working with us as interim director over the next few months leading up to Regional Competition in Appleton in May. We are also proud that in addition to all her other accolades she is now also a Certified Music Judge. Lynda brings so much excitement and passion to us that it is inspiring us to give our best ever performance at Regional. Members of Crosstown Harmony also had the opportunity to perform the National Anthem at the Milwaukee Wave game at the US Cellular Arena on Sunday, January 27 th. It was an honor that we really enjoyed even though we had to brave the elements to get there and back! We were all saddened to learn of the passing of Jo Kraut. Crosstown remembers fondly, with gratitude, her days with us as a coach and an interim director. She will definitely be missed by her family, which of course includes her Sweet Adeline sisters. Finally, Crosstown Harmony would like to take a moment to express our appreciation to the members of Premiere for being such wonderful representatives of Region 22, and wish Colleen, Nancy, Brenda and Brenda much success in their future endeavors.


YAHARA RIVER (Submitted by Bonnie Plumley and Sharon Kittle) 2013 is here and Excitement fills the Air at YRC! You can Catch our YRC Excitement in Appleton! YRC wants to send our very best wishes to all of the quartets and choruses in Region Deuce-Deuce. On Friday we will be proudly cheering on three competing quartets from YRC, By Request, Charisma! and DreamRide. That they are being coached by some of the best is an understatement! On Saturday we will share the stage with the finest barbershop singers in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin for the very last time. This is sure to be a very special final Region 22 competition. YRC is Passing on the Excitement to our New members! In 2012 YRC competed in the small chorus division but not this year! We have gained eight new members since then, and they are still coming! It’s been like Christmas every week with new faces and new places on our risers. Trisha Adamus and JoAnn Bray came to us as transfers – one of them from the East Coast and one from the West Coast – how cool is that? Joanne Gauthier and Molly Heimerdinger are half of Region 22’s DreamRide Quartet. We think they are the better half! Gwen Torkelson and Ann Weigl are sisters, in more than just song! And Lesa Steinhorst, and Janine Gardner are friends of members who couldn’t help tell them all about the excitement at YRC! YRC Owns the Excitement! YRC has developed our own chorus programs to educate, unify, and prepare our members for performing at our best every time we sing. This includes PVI’s, vocal evaluations, and visual evaluations. And our excitement grows as our own AH-Loha teams plan our first ever International appearance. And how many choruses can say that they have grown their own Director? Yes, our own certified director, Jennifer Johnson, grew up right here in our chorus! YRC will Be the Excitement in 2013! Two notable performances are sharing the stage with the Capital Chordsmen at their Spring Show on March 23rd, and Singing at the Historic Capitol Theater for the successful Duck Soup Cinema program on April 13th. We plan several Summer Community performances to share our love of barbershop harmony. And we will even be the excitement as we continue fundraising at the World’s Largest Brat Fest, W-Club and Centerplate concession stands, our Shopping with Scrip program, and look for YRC_Encore on E-bay. YRC can barely Pack all of the Excitement into our luggage as we fly to Honolulu Hawaii to compete in the Harmony Classic in November! Just how much excitement can be packed in a TSA approved quart sized Ziploc bag? We’ll find out! We are revving up our chorus to fill the convention center with real Wisconsin excitement. We send a special thanks to our chorus Coaches, Lynda Keever, Joan Boutilier, and Mike Lietke for preparing us for the ride of our lives! YRC is Taking the Excitement to Go with us to our New SAI Region, Midwest Harmony – Region 3! We have plans to meet some of our sister chorus members from Western Lights, at Singapalooza! and at the Region 3 Fall School in September. Leaving Region 22 will be bittersweet. We have all made so many new friends over the years. Though we will be leaving some of those friends behind as they move on to other regions, they will always have a spot in our hearts, and we wish them the best of luck. Region 22 people are the best and we have created many wonderful and lasting memories together. So wherever we take it, share it, spread it, love it, know that you, Region 22 will always be a part of it! The Excitement that is Mid America Region 22! Deuce Deuce Baby! 11

RED CEDAR SOUNDS CHORUS (Submitted by Karen Hoepner) The scenery was all in place and the members ready in their costumes as we began our 6th annual cabaret, Flirting with the Fabulous Fifties, on November 3rd. There were two performances which included the chorus, our two chapter quartets, Just Us and Totally Connected as well as our guest quartet, Sir Arthur's Court-tet, putting on a great show. We enjoyed singing some of the popular songs of the 50's, but wished we could have done more! Added to these performances was a youth talent contest with four performers at the first show and six at the second show. We had very talented youth who competed for the scholarships.After our successful cabaret the chorus moved on to Christmas music and performances at the Bloomer Nursing Homes and an assisted living facility in Menomonie. We have now begun working on some new music and getting ready for Region 22 Competition.

CENTER POINT CHORUS (Submitted by Marcy Kirsch) Center Point Chorus promoted their recent Global Open House, January 22, with press releases and photos that put these questions to women who love to sing: “Want to kick the winter blues, be surrounded by a host of new women friends, learn healthy techniques of breathing and experience the joy of singing four-part harmony barbershop style?” With such words of enticement, the Chorus expected guests would be lined up at the door. However, Mother Nature dealt a -12 below frigid night that kept guests and some chorus members at home. In Wisconsin, we may have to bend the rules and sponsor our Global Open House in hot and humid July.

HEART O’ WISCONSIN CHORUS (Submitted by Jane Fait) Our "Heart O' Wisconsin" chorus recently sang our hearts out in December. We were extremely busy, singing in our community. We enjoyed singing over the holidays to the many nursing homes, assisted living centers etc. bringing so much cheer and happiness. Several oganizations contacted our group inviting us to sing for their Christmas parties. The community always appreciates our barbershop renditions of the seasonal music. The holidays are over now, so we are concentrating on the competition in Region 22, learning our new uptune and ballad. Many rehearsals will be forthcoming and a coaching session will be soon! We wish to extend to everyone a Healthy New Year in 2013.

RACINE CHORUS (Submitted by Kristine Hincz) Our Harmony Harvest show in November was an evening of unforgettable barbershop! With featured guests, HI-FI, from Region 3, HIGHPOINT, the 2011 men's Land O'Lakes District Senior quartet champions, and the Racine ladies singing our favorite was definitely a harvest of harmony! It certainly comes naturally for us to sing for a crowd of women. The St. Paul's women's group in Racine invited us to entertain them this past fall at Infusino's Banquet Hall. They loved the sound of four-part harmony and we enjoyed singing for them. Angela Schuldt, our Membership Chair, knows how to throw a party. Our Open House in December was filled with guests singing, refreshments, and door prizes. And, with another one just around the corner, our chorus anticipates more of the same kind of fun. We welcome Nichol Jacobs to our risers. Nichol sings tenor. Her mother, Cathy Jacobs, is a recent addition as well to the chorus. We feel as if they both have been with us for quite a while! Jarmela and the ladies of The Racine Chorus hope everyone stays warm and stays healthy. See you in the Spring! 12

WESTOSHA LAKES CHORUS (Submitted by Pat Reigel) New Year Ignites with New Energy What better way to start 2013 than with three new members! We're very pleased to welcome Pat, Lorianne, and Crystal to the risers. These three wonderful leads joined after performing in our December holiday concert. Their positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious. And that is the one winter "bug" we'd all like to catch. We're well on our way participating in the global membership drive. Our techno-savvy members are busy posting and sharing and liking and tweeting. (Editoral note: They're being very patient with the old dinosaur submitter.) So, has anyone heard about gangster gathering on Lake Michigan's lakefront? In the dead of February a clandestine meeting was held. Westosha Lakes' members were trailing the infamous thugs. Crimes were revealed and judgements passed. But beware because a couple of these crafty hoodlums escaped and may be on the loose, roaming throughout Region 22. They were last heard stacking chords and hiding overtones. If you have any leads(or baris, basses or tenors) as to their whereabouts, please forward them to WlC's Facebook page. We'll keep you posted on their latest escapades. Meanwhile we'll keep our noses to the grindstone and keep hammering out those fourths, fifths, and sevenths as we get ready for the last lineup in Appleton.

Westosha Lakes Chorus Retreat 13

MILWAUKEE SHOWCASE (Submitted by Deb Wenzel) The last few months of 2012 were action-packed for the Milwaukee Showcase Chorus with various sing outs, two fund raisers, and preparing for our annual show. We still managed to take time out for a little diversion, declaring the last rehearsal in October “Fashion Eve.” Members were asked to pull together items from their closets to make a fashion statement. Janis Podemski (Bass) was the winner in the “Most Unique” category. She combined her two favorite hobbies, singing and clowning, to create her total look. She sported a shimmering green choir robe with a pink and white ruffled clown collar. Since the right shoes can really make an outfit “pop,” she wore giant white clown shoes with large multicolored pom-poms. A flashing red nose and lighted reindeer antlers topped off her ensemble. As always, our annual show, held last November, was the highlight of the chorus year. “Milwaukee Showcase Presents: As Time goes By - A salute to the USO.” It was a 40s style show complete with an actual big band. “Command Performance” really got the joint jumpin with Benny Goodman’s “Sing, Sing, Sing.” The Sandra Young Dancers, a very talented troupe of adorable kids, tapped their way through “In the Mood” and “Chattanooga Choo-Choo.” Guest quartets Epix, Noted, Sizzle, and Easy Days were all excellent ear candy. The show finale was a stirring patriotic tribute that included “America the Beautiful,” an Armed Forces medley, and “God Bless America.” The band even played for the afterglow. It was a fun and fabulous evening of music and memories! We are starting 2013 in full contest preparation mode, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Appleton this May as we bid a fond ado to Region 22.

CEDAR HARMONY (Submitted by Connie Melugin) Congratulations to Premiere and River City Sound for their performances at international competition! There were a lot of computers humming to catch any activity that could be found. You made us very proud. We are pleased to announce a new member of our chorus and the fit is like a glove. Katie Niebuhr is the newest member of our wonderful lead section and already has shown us some new dance steps that even we didn't know we could do. Jerilee Inghram's coaching this winter readied us to improve our techniques and work on strengthening our basics. For those of you who know Jerilee, you know that she is a treasure-trove of anything Sweet Adeline and a great teacher who knows how to get us to do what we thought we couldn't. We were honored again to be invited to perform for at a fundraiser for a local high school. The West High Swing Show Chorus asked us to entertain after their dinner and auction. The University of Northern Iowa Swing Choir also performed and we were glad to help out in furthering music education in our schools. This year is bittersweet for all of us in region 22. I am certain that our annual competition will be an outstanding celebration of musical talent and we are looking forward to being there with all of you.


FOR SALE: 40 black skirts with black chiffon overlay and "lettuce leaf" hem. Wide variety of sizes (S-5X) and lengths with tailored waist and back zipper. Great costume option for small chorus, quartet, or other performing group. Very elegant and priced right at $10 per skirt or $350 for all. Call Patti (Cedar Harmony Chorus) at 319-215-5239 if interested.

FOX VALLEY (Submitted by Vicki Krause) Once again, Fox Valley Chorus has begun the new year with renewed enthusiasm, and lots and lots of plans for …. fundraising, coaching, performances, new members! Of course, the focus of most of our planning will involve – getting ready for Hawaii! Though it’s still 10 months away, our planning is well underway. Our annual show was held on Saturday, November 10, once again at St. Joseph Middle School in Appleton. Again, we had a most successful show, and in addition, collected items for our active service personnel to send as Christmas Care Packages over-seas. With the help of the Manitowoc Area Blue Star Mothers of which Carol Christiansen is a part, those items collected arrived there just in time for Christmas as an extra special care package. A special treat this year was our Christmas Party! This year, Debbie Burrows and Susan Houle, two of our wonderful members, who also happen to be sisters…, hosted a Pajama Party at Susan’s home! Sheila Koplitz tickled the ivories for us as we all sang Christmas Carols – and a terrific time was had by all. And we all drove home very carefully, so we wouldn’t have to explain to a policeman pulling us over why we were driving around in our pajamas!!  During the month of January, the chorus focused on membership and guest nights. We have had at least 3 or 4 guests at each rehearsal since our Guest Nights started in the middle of January. Hopefully we will have several new members with us on stage in Hawaii! Our next big event is our Cabaret, which will be held on Saturday, March 23 at 7:00 at Fox Valley Technical College Commons. The show is titled “Acappella Karaoke Kafe”, and promises to be a great time for all! Hope to see lots of you there – of course, karaoke will be involved! And of course, we are looking forward to seeing everyone in Appleton in May for our last big hurrah! I’m sure we’ll all be making memories at the last Region 22 Convention/Competition to last us a lifetime! The Fox Valley Chorus want to wish all of you the very best of luck and and a wonderful experience on the competition stage!



QUARTET NEWS 22 KARAT GOLD (Submitted by Shelly Brantman) Hello region 22! As the final Region 22 contest grows near, the members of 22 Karat Gold can't help but reflect on the past, wonderful years. We think about all of our regional friends and remember all the support, cheering and good times we have had together. From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for the special memories! It is in that spirit that we are excited to put on a wonderful “Former Region 22 Quartet Champions Show� on Saturday night of contest weekend. We hope you will all be there to see your old favorite quartet champions re-form to entertain you! Don't miss it! We are also looking for anyone who might have old candid photos of quartets from the past. If you do and would like to share, please email them to See you soon!

CHARISMA! (Submitted by Deanna Grade) Hi Region 22! It' hard to believe that our time in this configuration is coming to a close. But, just like getting a new spot on the risers or re-arranging how we stand in a quartet, we'll be a better group in the end. Congratulations to RCS for their 14th place showing at International! And great job to Premiere ----we're going to miss your lovely sound. We've had a fun but frustrating winter. The fun parts are lots of great coaching with Peggy Gram and Maxx Factor at Queens College and also with Betty Clipman in December. The frustrating parts are cancelled coaching with Renee Porzel and canceled holiday gigs, all due to the crazy weather this winter! But we're looking ahead to competition (with a smile and a tear, like everyone else) and all the memories it'll bring. Jody, Deana, April & Joan

BY REQUEST (Submitted by Jennifer Johnson) Wishing all competitors a contest to remember as we gather for our final region 22 competition and convention. An extra shout out to our sisters in harmony, Charisma! and DreamRide!! A huge "thank you" goes out to YRC for their neverending love and support. We would be remiss if we didn't thank our coaches for their talent and inspiration: Lynda Keever, Joan Boutilier, Maggie Delaney-Pothoff, and Mike Lietke To all of our region 22 family: we will ALWAYS sing one for you... By Request!! Angie, Marie, Jen and Jane 17

COOLER BY THE LAKE (Submitted by Kristine Hincz) Cooler By The Lake was quite busy this holiday season singing for several local organizations. Watching our audience smile as we sing old Christmas favorites is always gratifying. We were honored to sing at the wedding of a grandson of Lillian Lentine, a member of our chorus. Lillian, who sings bass, was coached by our bass, "Pitchpipe Linda". She sang with the quartet, "One Hand, One Heart" during the ceremony. Now we know why you should always keep a tissue handy! Cupid can simply relax this Valentine's week. The Cooler ladies are ready to sing their hearts out while delivering Valentines in four-part harmony. Could raising money for our chorus be any more fun? We don't think so! Martha, Penny, Pitchpipe Linda and I look forward to seeing everyone this Spring!

NEXT DOOR 4 (Submitted by Sharon Kittle) Wow, 2013 is really here and there are going to be so many changes in our lives this year. We will sadly be leaving Region 22 behind when we attend our last contest in this region; but very happily joining a new chapter in our lives with Region 3. This is going to be so exciting to become a part of Region 3 and know we will all be welcomed as we have already. We are definitely looking forward to meeting new people! We have a full year ahead of us as we are continuing to prepare for International’s Harmony Classic. Most of us have our flights booked already and we are “kind of” patiently awaiting more news from SAI on more aspects of competing. It really won’t affect Next Door 4 because we are a non-competing, performing quartet, but still the change for our chorus, Yahara River, will be something new and different and we are all excited to see how things work for all of us. Our quartet is gearing up for our Valentine’s Day again this year and hope we have the same success that the past two years has brought us. Our other three quartets, Charisma!, By Request, and DreamRide are all working very hard on their contest pieces and looking forward to a really great last Region 22 Contest. And from the sounds of things, it will be a great contest – you know if MJ is involved it will be a doozie!!! We all are so looking forward to seeing all of you that are departing for other regions at our last contest and wish you all the best of luck. Sharon, Nancy, Kay and Diane - Next Door 4 Quartet Yahara River Chorus - Region 22 – Soon to be Region 3

CON BRIO (Submitted by Norene Lueck) Introducing the new quartet from the Red Cedar Sounds Chorus: Norene Lueck, tenor; Dawn Marie Roberts, lead; Pat Eggert, baritone; and Kathy Tape, bass. After singing together for about a year, we are looking forward to our first Regional Competition this spring. See you in Appleton! 18

EPIX! (Submitted by Shelly Brantman) Greetings Region 22! We are Epix! Rochelle Hackman, Shelly Brantman, Cricky Dietrich and Cathie Zimmerman decided last April to try out this new combination and see how it sounds! We are having a blast and want to share that sound with you! This year has been a whirlwind of coaching, learning a ton of music, sing-outs and of course fun and laughter (we can't get through a rehearsal without totally cracking up about something random at least once!) we will see you from the stage if not sooner! Good luck to all competitors!

VOCALICIOUS (Submitted by Darla Hackel) Our new endeavors are proving to be every bit of fun as we knew they would be! We have had a delightfully busy fall and early winter! It was a blast cheering for Premiere on the Denver stage from the always-lively venue of “MJ’s lower level lounge.” (Congrats go out also to the River City Sound Chorus!) Then we were Boogie Woogie-ing in the Fox Valley Chorus show in November in Appleton, joined the Westosha Lakes Holiday Harmony show (on a balmy 60 degree early December day) in Antioch, IL, sang for about forty 4th graders at Brenna’s school in Jackson, and had a wonderful coaching session with Queen Betty Clipman in Richfield! Okay, a few miles on the van! Little Chicago is a brand new restaurant in Kaukauna where we performed for the Trinity Lutheran Church Ladies Aid Christmas party on a Monday which led to the owner asking us to do some Christmas caroling around the restaurant and bar on a very busy Saturday. A picture of one of our “Grinches” is below! He was a very good sport.. It was a fun night and we were able to promote our hobby with many people who were dining or having a cocktail (or two) that night.. which included our husbands who patiently hung out and then joined us for dinner. As of this writing, we’re ready to get back in the swing of things after a Christmas break and some illness (cough cough) and we are, of course, anxious to prepare for contest in the spring! We will see you there! Carol, Karen, Brenna and Darla - Vocalicious


WHISTLE JUNCTION (Submitted by Sue Neuls) I believe WJQ will start this article with a huge THANK YOU to the Queen's College held in the fall in the Chicago area. Even though the whole quartet couldn't attend due to illness, WJQ still came away with a ton of ideas to help move us along musically. We met so many amazing and friendly women. The staff was terrific in every way, sharing all manner of exercises and strategies that can help any quartet become better singers and better entertainers. SO... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We will be attending Singapalooza and hope to see you all there. It sounds like oodles of fun and yet another great way to get the regional transitions to move forward smoothly. We have a few performances scheduled over the winter and lots of new music for us to learn. It's amazing how much music there is out there and how humbling the music selection process can be. Otherwise, like all the other Region 22 quartets, we are planning a fun little package for the Region 22 Contest in May. And no, we aren't going to spill the what's new? Well we can tell you that our package is delicious and you'll love the music we've selected. Our hopes are to do it justice musically. We'll see if we can manage the wonderful ideas and coaching techniques we acquire from Joe Liles. Until then...yours with a chuckle and a song, Whistle Junction Quartet - Elly, Joan, Dona, and Sue

FOX SOUNDS (Submitted by Joanie Suszko) (Small group from the Fox Valley area) Fox Sounds is still singing after all these years. Founded in 1986, this small group was the brain child of Kay Krebs, director of Fox Valley Chorus at that time. Under her guidance we learned our first song, "Tennessee Birdwalk" and performed it in October of that year at the chorus Cabaret. Since then, we are self taught and continue to improve our craft by coaching with Cindy Becker, also a former Fox Valley Chorus director. Our regular rehearsals are every other Thursday. Yearly performances range anywhere from 5 to 20, depending on the availability of the members, most importantly, Teri Luedtke our only tenor. Out of our performance income we purchase music, learning CDs, costumes, pay for coaching and give support to Fox Valley Chorus. Over our 27 year history the personnel has changed but we do have one "charter member", Joanie Suszko, who is also our historian and photographer. Several emcees have worked their magic with our audiences including Sue Schmid, Nancy Beyer and currently Pam Meulemans. Of course, no performance would be complete without our resident humorist, Jan Steinert. She keeps the audience and us laughing with her unique, superior story telling skills. 20

We have performed for all types of groups including mother/daughter dinners, barbershop shows, nursing homes, the "Sons of Norway" and various other banquets. Our most recent performance was at the Appleton Performing Arts Center, for their open house, commemorating the center's 10 year anniversary. We have traveled from Racine to Suring and Manitowoc to Iola, giving us the opportunity to expose more people to barbershop and get the word out about upcoming chorus events. Although we are no longer performing "Tennessee Birdwalk" I am happy to say we are "still singing after all these years".

Fox Sounds 1988

Fox Sounds 2012


22 Carrot Chorus (Submitted by Bonnie Plumley) All members of the 22 Carrot Chorus are asked to dig up your carrot medals and carrot orange scarves, and wear them to the 22 Karat Gold afterglow at 2013 Regional Competition. Whether you are a baby carrot like the 2012 Novelty winners “Mourning Quartet,” a seasoned carrot with a few harvests made since you sang and bribed your way to first place, or you are a carrot with roots so deep that you drank the Strohs beer whose can adorns our beloved trophy, let’s take this chance to once more sing and laugh together. Brush the dirt off of a copy of the regional song, Lucky Day (I’m sitting on top of this great big wonderful world) and prepare our own Carrot Anthem to The Winner’s Song (recipe below). Anyone in Region 22 Can Sing a Little Novelty for You. But, Once a Carrot, Always a Carrot, You have been Judged, Once a Carrot, Always a Carrot, Best of the Bunch. You have got a Piece of the Cake, You’re a Carrot, Ain’t No Mistake! doot doo doo doo doo doo Once a Carrot, Always a Carrot, You Made ‘em Laugh, Harder, and Stronger, and Louder, and Longer, You Can’t Top That! You can Sing a Parody, You’re a Carrot in Harmony. And Even though You Used Some Bribery, BRIBERY! You’re a Carrot of Comedy, (echo Of Comedy) Raw, Glazed, or Steamed! If your group has ever won the Novelty contest at regional school, you are a member of the 22 Carrot Chorus!

REGION 22 CALENDAR OF EVENTS MARCH 2013 23 Fox Valley Cabaret (Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI 7 P.M.) MAY 2013 16 – 19 Regional Competition (Radisson Paper Valley Hotel and PAC, Appleton, WI) NOVEMBER 2013 5 – 9 International Convention (Honolulu, HI)

2013 REGIONAL CONVENTION DATES FOR REGION 3, 5, 6 . (These are regions that we will be joining May 1, 2013.) APRIL 4 – 7 Region 5 (Springfield, IL) APRIL 11 – 14 Region 3 (Grand Rapids, MI) APRIL 25 – 28 Region 6 (Prior Lake, MN)

Check Regional websites for more information 22

2012 – 2013 REGIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR/ INTERIM MARKETING COORDINATOR Laurel Meyer (CAL) 327 N West Ave Waukesha, WI 53186 H: 262-309-9001 W: 414-774-3630

DIRECTORS COORDINATOR Kay Liles (Spirit of the Lakes) 2915 22nd St Kenosha, WI 53140 (262) 553-5574

EDUCATION COORDINATOR Heather Johnston (Fox Valley) 11957 W Appleton Ave # 20 Milwaukee, WI 53224-4914 (414) 760-0616 (414) 803-8624 (cell)

TEAM COORDINATOR MJ Mortillaro (Crosstown Harmony) 1396 Homestead Ct Hubertus, WI 53033 (262) 628-1038

FINANCE COORDINATOR Vicki Powers (Fox Valley) 514 Royal St Pats Drive Wrightstown, WI 54180 (920) 532-9100 (920) 851-6364 (cell)

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR Carolyn Senzig (Crosstown Harmony) 1221 S. 106th St West Allis, WI 53214 414) 774-6668 (414) 322-6979 (cell)

DEADLINE FOR THE FINAL CATCH 22 – JUNE 3, 2013 This issue will include photos from the Regional Convention and all the news you wish to share with Region #22! I will acknowledge all received articles.

All articles are subject to editing.

Send articles to: Dottie Allen, Editor 1032 Evergreen Lane Chippewa Falls, WI 54729


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