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REGION #22 “TAKES IT TO GO” AT THE FINAL FALL SCHOOL GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – SEPTEMBER 21 – 22, 2012 Guest Faculty: Vickie Dennis and Toula Oberlies Regional Faculty provided PVI’s, Director One on Ones 6 Quartets compete in the Novelty Contest with Mourning Quartet(AKA Malarkey) declared winners after a sing-off with “Charismatic” Harley Mamas 26 took part in the “miler” raising $150 for our Denver competitors Congratulations to Diane Krolnik and Dianne Polinske, winners of our "Name That Contest" Contest for next year's final Region 22 Convention & Competition. Our 2013 convention slogan is ... Adieu 22! 22 Karat Gold presented scholarships to the following Region #22 quartets for upcoming Queen’s College: Epix, Dream Ride, Whistle Junction, Noted, By Request and Charisma. Show of Champions featured Class Act, Malarkey, Charisma, By Request, Spirit of the Lakes, Yahara River, Fox Valley and our 2012 International competitors Premiere and River City Sound. Love gifts were presented to Premiere and River City Sound and an opportunity to sing with the champs was offered. Tags were posted everywhere for members to gather around and sing.

Our guest faculty Vickie Dennis from Houston, Texas and Toula Oberlies from Indianapolis, Indiana are pictured after returning from a side trip to Lambeau Field. Thanks, MJ, for making them Packer fans – at least for the day! 1

REGION 22 SALUTES DENVER-BOUND COMPETITORS! QUARTET SEMI-FINALS CONTESTANT # 38 PREMIERE Greetings fellow Region 22 Members! Premiere performing at the Fall School

We hope you have been enjoying all of the great events this season has to offer, including vacations and summer festivals with friends and family. At least in Wisconsin, our weather has been pretty hot and unpredictable, but as they say, wait five minutes and it will change!

Premiere has been busy singing and coaching, but we did take some R&R time for our annual trek up to Colleen's cottage in Three Lakes, WI. And this year we did something completely different.....we let our husbands join us! It was so much fun to have them there, and see the camaraderie develop among the 'men folk'. While we rehearsed, they went out on the boat to do 'manly things'...whatever that is. Brad tried to teach them a tag to surprise us, but it never really came together. Oh well. Maybe next year our guys, also known as 'The Four Flaps' (a name that could only be derived late at night around a campfire), will grace us with a song. A wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to next year. We have several shows coming up including River City Sound on October 7th, Crosstown Harmony on October 20th and Fox Valley on November 10th. Please come and support our Region’s choruses. We'd love to see you there. We are working diligently with our coaches, preparing for International competition. We can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were all together in Appleton. We're looking forward to being with everyone again at the final Fall Music School of Region 22, and so appreciate the well wishes of everyone as we head to Denver. We hope to make you as proud of us as we are to represent all of the wonderful women of Region 22. See you soon! Denver here we come! You're Premiere Quartet, Colleen, Nancy, Brenda (a.k.a. BK) and Brenda (Submitted by Nancy Charles) 2


River City Sound performs for Region #22 at Fall School Denver is no longer in the distant future. We’re counting the weeks now! River City Sound is very excited to be going to our 2nd International competition. We are prepared and ready to sing our hearts out for Region 22. Our chorus has also been busy with fund raisers. We had 2 huge events, both on Labor Day weekend. We sold cream puffs at the Walworth County Fair and our famous garlic marinated mushrooms at the On the Waterfront Festival in Rockford. We all worked hard to staff both events with RCS style! We love singing together and we enjoy our time working together at events like these. In between retreat and Denver, we are looking forward to Fall School. It’s so nice to connect with our friends in the region for a fun weekend. On Sunday, October 7th, River City Sound will be holding our 5th annual Sweet show. Our members each decorate a table for their guests. The themes are never ending and with desserts to match. Then we get on stage and give a top notch performance. It is an event to experience! Mark your calendars for October 7th and spend an afternoon with us and our guest quartet, Premiere. The next time we talk, I’ll be sharing our Denver experiences with you. going to be great!! Thank you for all of your love, support and cheers. (Submitted by Denise Gorski)


Whatever the outcome, it’s

NEWS FROM THE REGIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM MJ MORTILLARO – TEAM COORDINATOR Hello Region 22, How about that Fall School!!!!!!!! Region 22 did it again.....made lasting memories. This event was the first of the "lasts". We know that but because we are a positive Region with eyes looking to a bright future we didn't dwell on this..............instead we learned, we shared and we laughed until our sides hurt. Region 22, from our very first Fall School to this Fall School, we can take pride in knowing that our membership has had the best educators that Sweet Adeline’s has to offer. Region 22 mixed it up so all choruses at all levels had opportunity to achieve great things. Region 22 streamlined schools to address issues that our judges at contest brought to our attention. Region 22 made it fun................EXCITING!!! This year’s Comedy Quartet Night was outstanding - creating excitement in our laughter. This year’s Show of Champions was incredible - all of us beaming with pride with each performance. Our winners, River City Sound Chorus and Premiere, will take our excitement with them on stage in Denver - all of us will be there with them! The Catch the EXCITEMENT campaign only highlighted what already existed in put into words what we all gave action to our membership. I am happy knowing that our brand of excitement will go with all of us to energize others in our new Regions. As always - Catch the EXCITEMENT ~ pass IT on! MJ


CAROLYN SENZIG – MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR SWEETening the Pot! I am hoping that each of you had the opportunity to read page 52 of the July 2012 Pitch Pipe. If not, you missed some exciting enhancements to our One Voice One Message efforts. While sharing many updated membership promotional ideas, as we head into One Voice One Message Across the Globe for 2013, there are now special incentives for our individual chapter members beginning January 2013: *Add five (5) members in one year – get free dues for a year ($90 value) *Add ten (10) members in one year – get free dues for two years ($180 value) *Add fifteen (15) members in one year – get free dues for two years & recognition in the Pitch Pipe ($180 + value) *Add twenty (20) members in one year – get a free three year membership & recognition in the Pitch Pipe ($243 + value) *Add twenty-five (25) members in one year – get a complimentary brick on International Headquarters’ brick patio, a multi-year membership, recognition in the Pitch Pipe, and acknowledgement at the International Convention ($343 + value). Also, each member who adds 25 members or more in a year will be entered into a drawing for a dream vacation to the Hawaii Convention (airfare, registration, and hotel included). We Can Do This! As I have shared with you, our goal through our membership initiative, which began September 1, 2011, is to reach 600 members in Region 22 by April 30, 2013. I am pleased to share that over the summer, even with some attrition, our membership grew from 507 members to 518 members. Now that may not seem like a large number, but it is growth even while some terminations took place. If we can continue to care for each other and support retention, and keep our membership efforts moving forward, I believe the ladies of this region CAN reach that magic 600 number! The upcoming show and Christmas season offer a multitude of opportunities to show our communities who we are and what we are about. Paid performances are appreciated but let’s remember those golden, non-paid opportunities to touch others with our joy of singing. Regional Membership Awards A reminder to Membership Chairs/Coordinators that membership reports are due to me by the following dates in order to be eligible for the chapter financial awards: *September 15, 2012 *December 15, 2012 *April 15, 2012 Details to be submitted to me are: *Number of guests visiting since September 2011 or your last report *Number of guests that returned to visit again *Number of these guests that became members of your chapter *Number of members that left the chorus The top three chapter winners will be determined based on the growth of chapter membership since September 1, 2011. Every chapter has members leaving as new members come on board so any chapter could be one of the winners! Don’t give up making your chorus the best ever! Currently, the following chapters are submitting reports and are eligible for financial awards: Yahara River Heart O’ Wisconsin Crosstown Harmony Cedar Sounds Opus 2000 Fox Valley Thank you for the dedication of the Membership Chairs/Coordinators of these chapters for going the extra step to track their ongoing efforts and sharing that information with international and our RMT. Have a very blessed and membership successful holiday season.


A Warm Regional Welcome! By Carolyn Senzig, Membership Coordinator What a joy to share that our chapters continue to do wonderful work in getting the word out that we love our hobby and harmony can be a joyful part of women’s lives no matter what walk of life they come from. I’m very proud to share the newest members to our chapters per my international reports: Yahara River Lesa Steinhorst Molly Heimerdinger Joanne Gauthier

Riverport Jacklyn Rae McClain Sharon Lorfeld

Crosstown Harmony Michelle Dube

Cedar Harmony Shirley Riggle

Center Point Elli Swanson

Red Cedar Sounds Carol Chrostowski

KAY LILES – DIRECTOR CORDINATOR Have you let them know? Continued from the last article . . . What a wonderful school take it to go and a good directors meeting with Vickie Dennis. How fun is she! And a great teacher! Toula Oberlies also gave us some really good membership information. As directors we are always looking for new members to share our love of barbershop with. Since this was our last school in Region 22, I am wondering if you have let your director’s know how much you appreciate them. They are working hard on upcoming shows and Christmas is just around the corner. Gotta refresh all those Christmas songs and maybe learn a couple of new ones. Let them know how much you appreciate all their hard work. If they haven’t already started on those contest songs, they have to either search for new songs (and this is not an easy task) or start really working on the songs you will be taking to contest. Lots of coaching coming up too, so they have to be prepared for that. Let them know . . . Our next schools will be in different regions and many of your directors have gone to director’s schools in the new regions and have been welcomed. However we still have our last barnburning fun and a blowout of a contest in Region 22, so we are all preparing for that, amidst all thoughts and preparations on the changes that will be happening. Your directors are also preparing herself/himself for these changes so they can prepare you. Let them know how much you appreciate them!


LAUREL MEYER – COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR It's show season! Have you let the region know the date/time or any other information about any shows or cabarets you may be planning for this fall or winter? If not, please let me know and I'll make sure it gets added to the Catch 22, the website, and our regional email blasts, Deuces Wild. Speaking of Deuces Wild, if you have email and you're NOT receiving these messages (we've sent out about 3 since regional contest), please send me your email address and I'll make sure you're getting them going forward. These emails are a way to send you short and quick reminders about important dates or events coming up in the region that you may have overlooked between issues of Catch 22. I'm also pleased to announce that our final regional directory is now available. We gussied it up to be more of a keepsake for everyone to help keep in touch with choruses or members who might not be in your new regions after the boundary changes take effect next May - complete with 4-color photos of choruses and quartets. If you're interested in receiving an extra copy of the directory (for $2 each), please let me know. Last but not least, getting back to your plans for your next chorus show or cabaret, have you thought about potentially inviting members from your "new" region to attend your show or cabaret? This would be a great way to help you transition into your new region. Be sure to send your show/cabaret flier to choruses from Region 22 as well as your new region to invite them to attend. You may also want to consider setting aside a handful of "comp tickets" for that event that you could send to the RMT members in your new region. You can find contact info for the RMT members of your new region in our regional directory, or feel free to let me know and I can also help point you in the right direction. That's all for now - enjoy your fall and Go, Pack, Go!

HEATHER JOHNSTON – EDUCATION COORDINATOR Thanks to everyone that attended the last Region 22 Music School. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the Education Coordinator the past 5 years and I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of you! It was a fun-filled but bittersweet weekend, filled with the high level of energy and excitement that we have come to expect at Region 22 events. Now I challenge you to take that excitement with you as you move forward to our new Regions next May. We have something very special to offer Regions 3, 5 and 6. We have all caught the excitement, now we have the opportunity to pass it on.

FREE EDUCATION FACULTY VISITS: For one last time, Region 22 is offering one FREE Education Faculty visit to all choruses from now through May 1, 2013. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Please contact Heather Johnston, Education Coordinator at or 414-803-8624 to discuss setting a date!





22 KARAT NEWS (Submitted by Shelley Brantman) Hello Region 22! 22 Karat Gold is getting ready to have a memorable close out year for our great region! Preparations are in the works and details will follow, but to give you an idea of what we are planning, we can let you know that one of our goals is to reach out to all past and present 22 Karat Gold members and invite them to sing in a final, special 22 Karat Gold Reunion Performance at the last Regional Competition! We also want to wish our Deuce Deuce competitors, Premiere and River City Sound good luck as they head to Denver, Co to represent us this fall at international competition. We know you will make us proud!



Novelty Contest First place Mourning Quartet and Second place Harley Mamas

Enjoying one of the great classes at the Fall School

Tags were posted and sung everywhere!


CHORUS NEWS RACINE (Submitted by Kristine Hincz) It's official! The OPUS 2000 Chorus will once again be known as The Racine Sweet Adelines! We know many Sweet Adelines throughout the organization never stopped referring to us as “The Racine Chorus”; and since we are moving into a new region, our ladies felt that the "Racine Sweet Adelines" better defines who we are. Our chorus has been in Racine for all of our 63 years, and we are proud of not only being part of Racine's history, but that of Sweet Adelines rich history as well. The Racine Chorus, under Jarmela's direction, was the first chorus to win the International Competition ever in 1973. (See photo) This summer has been busy for The Racine Chorus. We are scheduled to entertain a women's club at their annual banquet in September. We are currently dusting off our Christmas music as well, as we will be featured at a West Racine Business Association holiday event in November. Our Fall Performance, “Harmony Harvest” is planned for November 17th. We'll keep you posted on all the details. Our Membership Campaign is underway and we have been welcoming wonderful guests to our rehearsals. Membership Chairperson, Angela Schuldt, has implemented an exciting program for our prospective members, and we are excited to welcome them to our risers. Jarmela and the Racine Ladies look forward to seeing our Region 22 sisters at the Fall School as we send River City Sound and Premiere off to Denver!

CROSSTOWN HARMONY (Submitted by Diane Dunk) Crosstown Harmony has been very busy this summer preparing for our annual show, “Be Our Guest” on October 20, 2012 at 7 pm at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Come see your fairy-tale favorites, including Shrek and Fiona, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and the Beast. See Region 22’s Champion Quartet Premiere before they head to Denver for International Competition. Blue Plate Special, and Crosstown’s own Malarkey will also be performing, along with Vivace, one of director Karen Wysocky’s choirs from West Bend. Please see our website at for more details. Crosstown also welcomes new member Christine Krause who comes to us from Elm Grove. Christine is a businesswoman who works with health care management, and has a wide range of musical interests and experiences, including the Bell Canto Chorus. In addition to Christine, Crosstown would also like to welcome back another former member, Renee Rieboldt, as a dual member with Melodeers. Crosstown wants to make sure to wish Premiere, River City Sound and all other representatives of Region 22 the best of luck in Denver. We know you all will do us proud!


RIVERPORT (Submitted by Rhonda Gould) Summer flew by, as it usually does, even in spite of this year’s unending heat. We participated in several parades, and survived 95+ degree temperatures at this year’s Bristol Progress Days Parade. (See photos)

Kim Wonders was back in Wisconsin for a coaching session on July 28th. We held a DivaQuest reunion in August and had 8 returning Divas and over 60 guests. And the inimitable June Berg presented us with two fabulous arrangements of contest music for 2013. Riverport has a busy fall ahead, with coaching, gigs, a cabaret, and DivaQuest preparations. Kim Wonders will be back in Bristol to coach us on October 20th and she’ll also be at our retreat next March. Our annual cabaret is Saturday, November 9th at the Veteran’s Terrace in Burlington. Look on our webpage or our Facebook page for more information as the date approaches. Then the chorus will perform at the Trees of Hope cancer fundraiser in Wauwatosa on November 17 th. During the months of November and December we’ll hold auditions for our SEVENTH annual Diva Quest competition. During all this, we’ve had four wonderful women join our ranks on the risers. Please join us in welcoming Julie Fugate, Dionne Moore, Sharon Lorfeld, and Jacklyn McClain. We’re looking forward to seeing our Region 22 friends at the last fall school in Green Bay! And best wishes to our region’s representatives Premiere Quartet and River City Sound in Denver!

RED CEDAR SOUNDS (Submitted by Karen Hoepner) As our annual cabarets on Saturday November 3rd approach, work days, committee meetings and early rehearsals are taking up most of our chorus life. The theme for the shows, “Flirting with the Fabulous 50’s” has given us many opportunities for our creative side and we are looking forward to putting on the glitz and performing our music on that Saturday. We did perform at the Colfax Fair in June, Owen Park Band Concert in Eau Claire in July and at Music in the Park in Colfax in August. We will be performing in Bloomer at the annual flag burning ceremony conducted by the area veterans in September. Besides performing, the chorus ran a brat stand on two weekends this summer in Bloomer.! 11

CEDAR HARMONY (Submitted by Connie Melugin) Fall is finally here although we all know that the temperatures are not behaving as such. Here in the Cedar Valley of northeastern Iowa we have been having an extreme drought as many other areas have had. But that hasn't stopped Cedar Harmony from participating in several valley singouts. We finally set a new record for ourselves--several nights we sang when the thermometer read 90-92 but when we hit 97 and survived, we knew we were in shape. That must come from the desire to share our songs and talent with the public. Along with being "hot" performers (pun intended), we have organized performance/rehearsal evenings in three different communities around the valley. Each designed to first entertain and show our versatility of music and then entice new women to join us and learn about barbershop by singing with us. These evenings were a success and several interested have continued coming to our rehearsal times. We hope more will attend when all the fall schedules are organized. We have added many new songs to our performance list this year and our audiences have greatly appreciated them. It is time to gear up for showing our stuff to celebrate our 50th anniversary in Sweet Adelines. We are in preparation for that event along with music school and coaching. Whew--busy fall and heading right into the holidays. And do we need to mention comp prep? Members of Cedar Harmony wish you a beautiful fall with ringing over tones of color.

YAHARA RIVER (Submitted by Jennifer Johnson) Excitement continues to build at YRC rehearsals this summer! In the past six weeks, we have had 1-2 guests each week. Needless to say, our riser placement has changed nearly every week, much to the chagrin of many members and our audition schedule is filling fast!! Since spring convention, we have welcomed two new members, Joanne Gauthier, and Molly Heimerdinger. Are you looking for more excitement in your life? We are fast approaching our 40 member limit for Division A Harmony Classic, but would welcome any dual members who sing bass. Contact Jennifer if you are interested or have questions. We have enjoyed the development of new friendships with our guests as they join our AH-LOHA teams. What are AH-LOHA teams you ask? Six teams have been developed to take on the volcanic task of organizing and planning our trip to SAI Harmony Classic competition in Honolulu. From performance planning to fund raising and logistics to outreach!! And AH-LOHA is not a mistype. We are doing all our planning and preparing in the AH space! Come to Waunakee on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, as we present “Star Spangled Harmony� and hold tribute to our veterans. Enjoy refreshments and harmony during an afternoon of remembering past memories while creating new ones. The show will start at 2pm at Waunakee Intermediate School. Contact any YRC member for prime seats!!


FOX VALLEY (Submitted by Vicki Krause) Where did the summer go?? It doesn’t seem possible that Labor Day has come and gone, the tykes are all back to school – and Region 22 will be holding IT’S very last Region 22 School. What a wonderful time to say “see you soon” to so many old friends. Fox Valley is busier than ever – fund-raising, show planning, and tailgating! Yes – on September 4 we began a membership drive with the theme “Come Join Our Team”, with the kick-off a tailgate party following that evening’s rehearsal! All members wore their favorite team colors (purple & gold are NOT allowed however!), and we enjoyed tailgate food and welcomed many guests! Our annual show will be held on Saturday, November 10, once again at St. Joseph Middle School in Appleton. We will have two shows again this year. This year’s title is “Together Wherever We Go”, and will feature a patriotic segment. It promises to be a terrific show, and we hope to see many of our Region 22 buddies in the audience! More info to come – or contact Joanie Suszko at to get ticket information. Til next time….keep singing!

WESTOSHA LAKES (Submitted by Pat Reigel) Who knew that a fundraiser could lead to the best gift-giving experience. Early this summer WLC ‘s members once again cleaned out their closets, garages, and basements and placed their beloved treasures out for three days of rummage sales. At these sales some very special items were kept for an extraordinary occasion. As July approached, WLC headed for Washington, not DC, but a county in Wisconsin. We arrived at the Washington County Fairgrounds not in jeans, not in costumes, but all dressed up in our Sunday best. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we were honored to sing at the wedding of our wonderful team leader, Brenna. “What a Wonderful World,” it was that day. Remember those rummage treasures, well, Brenna and her new hubby, Shaun, came home to find many of those “gifts” hidden throughout their love nest. Go WLC, another task, well done! Now we’re focused on getting ready for Veteran’s Day, a Great Lakes naval dinner and our holiday show. Yep, bells are already jingling at the VFW. So mark your calendars for December 2, at 2:00P.M. at the VFW, Antioch. We guarantee to jumpstart your holiday spirit.

MILWAUKEE SHOWCASE (Submitted by Deb Wenzel) The record breaking summer heat resulted in some interesting diversions at a few of our weekly rehearsals. One especially steamy night, with its stifling heat and oppressive humidity, necessitated a one night change in our rehearsal location to an air conditioned option. We were truly grateful to have that option on such a sweltering night. On another night, a “Build Your Own Sundae Bar” cooled us down and sweetened our rehearsal. On yet another night, our rehearsal was cut about a half hour short by the fire alarm. We’re talking piercing, eardrum shattering shrieks of an alarm! It turned out to be a false alarm. The firemen, who checked the building, found the portion of the system that had been triggered but couldn’t find any cause for it. They said that this sort of thing happens sometimes. We couldn’t help but wonder if the heat may somehow have been a factor. 13

On September 15th, we performed some of our best up-tunes to entertain and encourage participants at the 35th annual Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital. We were pleased and privileged to play a part in such a worthwhile event. All things considered, we’ve had a fun and busy summer preparing for our annual show, “Milwaukee Showcase Presents: As Time Goes By - A salute to the USO.” . The 40s style show will feature lots of new music as well as some returning favorites. It will even include an actual “Big Band,” our special guest, “Command Performance.” Mark your calendars for Saturday, Nov. 17th at 7:30pm at Divine Savior-Holy Angels High School (Milwaukee), and join us for a fun and fabulous evening of music and memories.

CENTER POINT CHORUS (Submitted by Marcy Kirsch) Garrison Keillor may have retired, but his hallmark live radio broadcast is not dead. Center Point Chorus will breathe life into a “look-alike” old-time radio show with their fall production: “Listen and See it all.” The show is Saturday, November 10, 2012 at Sentry Theater @1800 at 7:30 p.m., Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The curtain will open on headliner male quartet, “Vocality,” singing “Turn Your Radio On.” From there, a “legend” radio announcer will carry the scripted show for the evening, introducing performances of the Sweet Adeline Chorus, quartets, singing commercials and an over-the-top dramatic acting team. Don’t be surprised if you see the announcer tear off sheet after sheet of his script and fling them to the floor. Or if you see quartets “dressed to the nines” with high heels and pill-box hats. Heartbreaking dialog from the actors of “As the Globe Spins” will provide the transition for songs such as “L-O-V-E” and “Taking a Chance on Love.” And the sound-effects guy may resort to flailing foil about to bring a storm into the studio. That’s the way it was when radio broadcasting was in its heyday. And that’s what Center Point Chorus hopes to achieve with their fall show. This pre-show bustle that is currently keeping Center Point members hopping, doesn’t mean they’ve been without activities this summer. Their “made-to-order” cream puff trailer put down stakes at the Marathon County Fair, Wausau’s Art in the Park, and a Balloon Rally at the Wausau Municipal Airport. A very large quartet was part of the entertainment billed at the Fair, and the sit-down audience appreciated being out of the hot sun and listening to an hour of four-part harmony barbershop style. A number of Center Point members sold cream puffs from a stand set up at the “Cruise In,” a vintage car show to benefit Jeremiah Crossing, a ranch run by directors Roger and Kathleen Harris to aid children with disabilities through horseback riding. Center Point Chorus sang “The Star Spangled Banner” on an early Saturday morning to set Justiceworks’ participants on their way in the half-marathon/5K run/ power walk. After breakfast and singing to the “regulars” at a nearby café, the Adelines took their place near the finish line to sing to walkers and runners. “Run (or walk) to the City of Justice” was a favorite tag as the athletes passed, and we agreed that learning tags would save our voices as they tended to wear down after a couple hours of singing full-scale songs. Center Point Chorus sang a 15-minute package at SentryWorld, a first-time and prestigious “Toast to the Arts” meant to highlight “The Arts” in the community. And many of us attended the fall school in Green Bay, bidding farewell to our long-standing connection with Region 22. 14

SPIRIT OF THE LAKES (Submitted by Roberta Zess)


QUARTET NEWS CHARISMA! (Submitted by Deanna Grade) Wow! Wasn't that a fantastic fall school! We Harley Mama's have parked our Fat Boys back in the garage after our road trip up to Green Bay for our last Deuce Deuce novelty contest. While it was a bit of a bittersweet weekend, we know that there will be many more equally crazy weekends ahead with our new friends. Charisma! has had a lot of fun this summer singing for some great audiences and proudly showing off our 3rd place quartet medals! Summer coaching with Betty Joan and Betty Lynda has been a blast and we're ready for Queen's college in October. We also want to send our very best wishes to RCS as they represent Region 22 at International. After what we heard at Fall School, we can't wait for the competition to begin! Jody, Deana, April & Joan

EPIX! (Submitted by Shelly Brantman) A shout out from Epix! Rochelle Hackman, Cathie Zimmerman, Shelly Brantman and Cricky Dietrich are super excited to be singing together, but more excited to sing for you! Formed in April 2012, we have been working hard to build our repertoire and hone our skills to be ready for the final contest for Region 22 next spring. Between now and then, you can catch us on the Heart of Harmony cabaret November 10th, the Milwaukee Showcase show on November 17th or at Queen's College in Chicago on October 20th. Unfortunately, that means we will miss Crosstown's show on that same date - but don't you miss it! If you just can't wait and you want to hear us sooner, you can always call Shelly @ 414-731-0738 and book us for your next event. We want to wish Premiere and River City Sound some EPIC! results in Denver, CO. We know you will be awesome! Hope to see you all soon!

COOLER BY THE LAKE (Submitted by Kristine Hincz) It's been a busy summer for the Cooler Ladies. We look forward to entertaining a group of seniors celebrating Grandparents' Day in September. We know for sure they'll be tapping their feet as they recognize some of their favorite tunes. These are special seniors and they appreciate their favorite music in four-part harmony. Best Wishes from Pitchpipe Linda, Martha, Penny and Kristine to River City Sound and Premiere! as they head west to Denver to make Region 22 proud! 16

VOCALICIOUS (Submitted by Darla Hackel) Greetings from Vocalicious, a newly registered Region 22 quartet! Our lead is Brenna (Biron) Kempf, of Westosha Lakes Chorus and from the Fox Valley Chorus: baritone Carol Christiansen, bass Karen Newhouse and tenor Darla Hackel. Brenna had an eventful summer jumping into a new quartet AND planning her wedding to Shaun on July 14th! After their honeymoon and our other summer vacations, we’re bizzy, bizzy, bizzy digging into the music and are very excited for this next chapter in our Sweet Adeline lives! We’ve had one coaching session with Heather Johnston and are looking forward to more coaching and fun ahead. You’ll see us in the Fox Valley Chorus show “Together Wherever We Go” on November 10th! (Need tickets?)! See you around the region!

BLUE PLATE SPECIAL (Submitted by Doreen Giesfeldt) I'd like to introduce my quartet to you. Our appetizer is Pam on baritone, our salad is Cindy on bass, our dessert is Joan on tenor, my name's Doreen and of course, I'm the main dish. So opens our fourteen years of performances. Thanks to Gil Swanson, our former appetizer, and Carol Falkowski, our other former dessert, Blue Plate Special has been able to keep singing for this length of time. It's been a slice. It's been the cherry on top of our Sweet Adeline career. We've decided to retire at the end of the year and wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters. Thank you for an absolutely good time. So we will now sing our way off stage...Goodnight sweetheart, well it's time to go, goodnight sweetheart, hope you liked the show, I hate to leave you but there ain't no more, goodnight sweetheart, good night, good night, good night.

Region 22 salutes Blue Plate Special. You have been wonderful ambassadors for our organization and we want to say “Thanks for the Memories”.


REGION 22 CALENDAR OF EVENTS OCTOBER 2012 7 - River City Sound Chorus “Sweet” Show OCTOBER 2012 19 -21 - Queen’s College (Crowne Plaza O’Hare, Chicago, IL) 20 – Crosstown Harmony Chorus Show (Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI) 30 – November 3 - International Convention (Denver, CO) NOVEMBER 2012 3 – Red Cedar Sounds Chorus Cabarets (Colfax, WI High School) 9 – Riverport Chorus Cabaret (Veteran’s Terrace, Burlington, WI) 10 – Fox Valley Chorus Shows (St Joseph Middle School, Appleton, WI) 10 – Center Point Chorus Show (Sentry Theater, Stevens Point, WI) 11 – Yahara River Chorus Show (Waunakee, WI Intermediate School) 11 – Spirit of the Lakes Chorus Cabaret (Monte Carlo Room, Elkhorn, WI) 17 – Milwaukee Showcase Chorus Show (Holy Angels High School, Milwaukee, WI) 17 – Racine Chorus Show (Union Grove High School, Union Grove, WI) DECEMBER 2012 2 – Westosha Lakes Chorus Show (VFW, Antioch, IL) MAY 2013 16 – 19 Regional Competition (Radisson Paper Valley Hotel and PAC, Appleton, WI) NOVEMBER 2013 5 – 9 International Convention (Honolulu, HI)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE CATCH 22 There will be two more issues of the Catch 22. In order to offer a final issue after contest in the spring, we will publish the next edition in February and the last one in June. New deadlines for submitting news will be: WINTER/SPRING ISSUE 2012/13 – JANUARY 28, 2013 FINAL ISSUE – JUNE 3, 2013 I will acknowledge all received articles.

All articles are subject to editing.

Send articles to: Dottie Allen, Editor 1032 Evergreen Lane Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

(Fall School pictures posted in this issue are from Region#22 Facebook Page)



COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR Laurel Meyer (CAL) 327 N West Ave Waukesha, WI 53186 H: 262-309-9001 W: 414-774-3630

DIRECTORS COORDINATOR Kay Liles (Spirit of the Lakes) 2915 22nd St Kenosha, WI 53140 (262) 553-5574

EDUCATION COORDINATOR Heather Johnston (Fox Valley) 11957 W Appleton Ave # 20 Milwaukee, WI 53224-4914 (414) 760-0616 (414) 803-8624 (cell)

TEAM COORDINATOR MJ Mortillaro (Crosstown Harmony) 1396 Homestead Ct Hubertus, WI 53033 (262) 628-1038

FINANCE COORDINATOR Vicki Powers (Fox Valley) 514 Royal St Pats Drive Wrightstown, WI 54180 (920) 532-9100 (920) 851-6364 (cell)

MARKETING COORDINATOR Rhonda Gould (Riverport) 653 Hillside Dr #10 Burlington, WI 53105 (262) 758-0234 (262) 514-4500 ext 67 (work)

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR Carolyn Senzig (Crosstown Harmony) 1221 S. 106th St West Allis, WI 53214 (414) 774-6668 (414) 322-6979 (cell)


Autumn 2012 Catch 22 Newsletter  

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