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APhA2013Annual Meeting and Exposition The APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition is right around the corner! Are you ready for the Glitz and Gold Social on Friday night? Or the leadership and patient care project sessions that are offered for all student pharmacists? They have done a great job putting together sessions that will make this an Annual Meeting you won’t forget! Become a fan of APhA on Facebook. On Twitter, follow @APhA2013 for updates — use the hashtag #apha2013. And get the latest stories at Also, download the APhA2013 app! It is easy to use and will enhance your event experience. Looking forward to seeing you all in LA!!

There are some great sessions that you will not want to miss at APhA2013! Even if you are not a leader in your chapter, you should definitely try to attend the Chapter Leadership Workshop. Learn about what other chapters are doing with their patient care projects to help your chapter excel on a project that you may not have previously focused on. Of course, you won’t want to miss the Opening General Sessions, Meeting the Candidates, and the APhA-ASP House of Delegates.

Sessions you do not want to miss! A P h A - A S P We lcoming Social: Glitz and Go ld APhA-ASP C ha Leadership Worksho p t e r p APhA-ASP Open He ar Prop os ed Re so lu tio ing on ns an d New Business APhA-ASP Regiona l Caucus APhA-ASP H ouse of Delegates APhA-ASP Closing Celebration

Operation Immunization -! ! ! ! Immunize, Educate, Advocate by Benjamin Laliberte Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Boston •••


When I assumed the role of Operation Immunization Coordinator for my APhA-ASP chapter, I desired to do something that made a mark on my community and my profession. My first thought was why, in the birthplace of our country’s independence, a true Mecca of innovation, and a hub of hospitals and higher learning such as Mass General, Brigham, MIT, and Harvard, student pharmacists in Massachusetts cannot immunize? According to the 2012 APhA/ NASPA Survey of State Immunization Laws/Rules, 35 states and the District of Columbia allow student pharmacists to complete a training program and immunize under the supervision of a trained pharmacist. I was fortunate enough to speak with the Massachusetts Pharmacists Association Executive Vice President before a chapter meeting and pose this question. Sure enough, a few weeks later the MPhA agreed to take up the cause. I then set four goals for my committee based on Operation Immunization’s mission and my new ambition: 1. Increase vaccine public awareness. 2. Educate and screen patients on their benefits. 3. Advise patients on where they can receive vaccinations. 4. Promote legislation to allow student pharmacists to legally immunize in Massachusetts. With my term coming to a close, I can

say I am almost there. At our clinics, pharmacists vaccinated 1,100 patients and we screened and educated hundreds more among collaborations with local pharmacies and community centers and newfound relationships with the Boston Children’s Museum and Boston Medical Reserve Corps. I am even in the process of organizing a Medical Mission Trip to our sister school in Arequipa, Peru. To date, Region 1 passed Resolution 2012.2 to support student pharmacist immunizer status and education at our Midyear Regional Meeting. Moreover, bill S.995 is in committee in the Massachusetts legislature in favor of the student pharmacist immunizer initiative. From my experience, one thing I have learned is how much we, as student pharmacists, can become advocates of our profession and truly shape our future careers. What is also truly amazing is that sometimes, advocacy finds us. A month after MRM, I became involved with a new nonprofit organization, Shirts for Shots, Inc., created by recent graduate Stephen Krupa. Shirts for Shots, Inc. fosters a collaboration between artists and health care professionals aimed at providing essential vaccinations here at home and across the globe through the sale of customized apparel. As future health care providers, we are all aware of the benefits of vaccines. However, there are many adults and children who do not have access to this life-saving invention, or simply lack vaccine education. According to the World Health Organization, there

are over two million children across the globe that die each year form vaccine-preventable diseases! Even in the United States, it is the eight leading cause of death; that’s over 50,000 lives! As a Shirts for Shots, Inc. Board of Directors member, I can proudly say that we officially launched our first line of tees and mission video at shirtsforshots and our website at! We are seeking to raise $5,000 to cover start-up costs, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit application fee, and jumpstart our dream. If the student pharmacist immunizer bill passes, Operation Immunization would be transformed in Massachusetts and Shirts for Shots, Inc. would be eager to support future initiatives. March 24th is our deadline, so please be sure to check out our mission, website, and Facebook and Twitter pages! See you at Annual!

FROM YOUR REGIONAL MEMBER-AT-LARGE Dear Chapter Preside nts and President-Elects, If you have any quest ions or comments leading up to APhA2013, or even afterwards, please feel free to email us or write on the Region 1 Leaders Facebook gr oup! We are always open to new ide as and thoughts and we lov e to hear about new projects that yo u are doing, such as this! Best, Lucy

University of Utah School of Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies by Joshua Cahill D’Youville College •••

Attending the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies last summer was one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had during my time as a student pharmacist. I had the opportunity to participate in the Utah School after my chapter at D'Youville College won the National Award for our work on the Generation Rx Initiative. Little did I know this weeklong adventure would afford me the opportunity to grow not only as a student pharmacist but also as an individual with a personal tie to the topic.

The student pharmacist registration is now open! You have until Friday, March 8, 2013 at 11:59pm PST to register!

difference between physical dependency and the disease of addiction. That’s probably because I couldn’t understand how someone could start drinking again after so many years of sobriety, the way my dad did. It’s likely that I would have learned about the science of addiction someday, but I may never have been able to knock down my own mental barriers if I hadn’t attended the Utah For starters, Utah had never really interested me but I have to admit that School. As we learned throughout the week, Salt Lake City was beautiful. The genetic predisposition to addiction is a streets were clean, the people were weight that first relatives of alcoholics friendly and the food was lights out; will shoulder for their entire lives. But maybe that's a New York thing, the we also learned that there is always a food was delicious. There were choice and the bottom line is that mountains everywhere and I actually there are times when you just have to chose to head to Utah a few days accept the cards you’re dealt; sure, the before the conference started to circumstances might be less than ideal explore the area a bit. Should you but, this experience helped me choose to attend the Utah School, I recognize that I’m my own person, would highly suggest that you do the capable and responsible for my own same; I was able to hike the Uinta National Forest and visit Park City for decisions. The Utah School featured speakers a few hours, too. hailing from a variety of backgrounds. To me, it seemed like the Utah School From experts on social norms, behaviors, and trends to family roles itself brought together a different collection of student pharmacists than and codependency, it seemed like each day there was a presenter who was say, a Midyear Regional Meeting or Annual Meeting and Exposition might. just as fantastic as the last. Every session was authentic and genuine; I Perhaps that’s because, for whatever think the honest and sometimes reason, the attendees shared a candid delivery helped the student common, yet specific interest in pharmacists in attendance learn and alcoholism and other drug absorb in a way that was open and dependencies but in any case, you unforced. We were able to attend certainly don’t have to be a veteran APhA-ASP traveler to attend the Utah sessions geared towards Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Narcotics School. Anonymous, and the 12 Step I have an alcoholic father. There, I said Program; I also learned about Pharmacist Recovery Networks for it. It’s still challenging even to type the first time at the Utah School. those words. Initially, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around the

The University of Utah provides an opportunity for attendees to earn college credit during their time at the School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies. Depending on your School or College of Pharmacy, you might be able to use this experience as elective credit, for instance, the way I did. Honestly, that’s just a perk of attending the Utah School because you’ll take away so much more than a few college credits by participating. As the Chair for Generation Rx at my chapter, I shared some of our ideas during the Generation Rx Workshop on prescription drug abuse, which provided a forum for the student pharmacists in attendance to create an action plan of their own to bring back to their chapter. Talking with the attendees and sharing ideas on how to reach out and raise awareness was inspiring; it truly seemed like they were ready to get to work on their versions of Generation Rx. It was rewarding to share the things that made our work unique and to see my new friends become excited about the possibly of making their own mark in the fight against the misuse and abuse of prescription medications. Besides learning about alcoholism and other drug dependencies, my time in Salt Lake City gave me the chance to catch up with old friends and make a ton of new ones. Traveling to a city that I never thought I would was a bonus, too. If you’re considering applying to attend the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies, I can say with absolute certainty that you won’t be disappointed; I know I wasn’t.

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CANDIDATES FROM REGION 1 READY TO MAKE THEIR MARK “To envision and advance the future of pharmacy.” That’s a small but particularly meaningful part of our Academy’s mission that has always stuck out to me. When I think of APhA-ASP, political advocacy, professional development, community outreach, and patient care all come to mind. However, I believe that each of those elements only helps to define the mission that we strive to fulfill each year. From the time that APhA2012 came to a close in New Orleans, LA, student pharmacists across the country have been hard at work making their mark. In the coming year, I hope to do that same as a member of your National Executive Committee.

Joshua Cahill

I’d like the opportunity to use my creativity and innovative style to revamp many of the existing materials our Academy provides for patient care projects, specifically by developing a Prezi for Generation Rx to be used by your chapters. Encouraging the growth of Pharmflix definitely has a spot on my to-do list and I look forward to getting to know each of your chapters on a more personal level. I believe that true leaders stand up for what they believe in and challenge others to be something more than average.!

D’Youville College National Member-at-large APhA-ASP serves as a link between student and professional life, the voice of Pharmacy, and an association that unites Pharmacists. As a candidate for National President-Elect my goals are to better connect the regions, motivate Student Pharmacists to actively participate, and encourage Student Pharmacists to take pride in the profession, advocate, and think big. I hope to achieve these goals by better connecting Student Pharmacists on the national, regional, and chapter levels via social media, APhA-ASP’s website, and creating online forums to discuss advocacy issues and share patient care project ideas. I will also work to feature entertaining short clips and video blogs to keep us connected. To create opportunity and spread awareness, I plan to coordinate professional speed networking events, and to also introduce a new chapter challenge to creatively collaborate with people and groups outside of healthcare to enact a patient care project. For me, being National President-Elect is about playing my part in fostering a generation of Student Pharmacists who are educated, motivated, aware, and will advance our profession and healthcare as a whole.! To quote Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Praneeta Nagraj St. John’s University National President Elect

The LA Dining Experience!

Hannah Tchon Touro College of Pharmacy

Aren’t sure where to eat one night? See what’s best in the LA area from a true LA native! Before moving to the Big Apple, I lived in the City of Angels (Los Angeles) for over 20 years. I can confidently say that I was extremely fortunate to grow up in Los Angeles. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, jaw dropping beaches, endless sunshine and best of all the endless places for yummy food! I have listed below a number of places I like dine at along with what I like to order when I go home and visit.You can also yelp all of these places if you would like to read up on the places. If you have any questions about the annual meeting or where to eat after the day is done, don’t hesitate to email me at Hope to meet you in Los Angeles!

Manna Korean BBQ – Korean 333 S Alameda St Ste 305 Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 617-0306 For those of you who love to eat Korean BBQ but don’t want to put a dent in your wallet, this is the place for you. There is an all you can eat Korean BBQ for $17.99. Lucky for you, Koreatown is located relatively close to the convention center. This is a sit down buffet but for those of you who prefer not to overindulge, they do have a menu for regular dining.

El Taurino – Mexican 2396 W 11th St Los Angeles, CA 90006 (213) 738-9197 A place just as good as King Taco would be El Taurino. Delicious! They have awesome carne asada burritos, nachos, salsa, and the list can go on!

Bottega Louie – Italian 700 S Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 802-1470 This restaurant is probably one of my favorite places for Italian food and macaroons! I would recommend this place for any foodie out there. It is not far from the convention center. I would personally recommend trying the macaroons or for you chocolate lovers, the chocolate soufflé. In terms for dinner, I would highly recommend the Portobello fries and sautéed broccolini. Their pizza is to die for as well as their trenne pasta. Just make sure if you are planning to dine here, make reservations and make sure your party arrives on time! This place gets packed very quickly!

King Taco – Mexican 2020 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006 (213) 384-8115 For those of you who want to eat a lot but spend as little as possible and feeling like tacos, this is the place for you. They have great tacos and sopes. My favorite menu items are carne asada tacos with a horchata! Hey, even Hillary Clinton liked the tacos here! This place will fix your Mexican food craving! They are open late but bring cash for faster service!

Thai Original BBQ and Restaurant – Thai 4055 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90020 (213) 383-8571 I’m not a big fan of BBQ chicken, but this place is THE exception. If you are craving Thai, this is the place to be. Besides the chicken, I would recommend their panang curry and crab fried rice. It will fill you up with delicious Thai munchies without breaking your bank!

Versailles Restaurant – Cuban 1415 S La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 289-0392 For those of you willing to travel for food, this is one stop you will remember. They have amazing papas rellenas (fried potato balls with meat inside), pan con lechon sandwich (shredded roast pork on Cuban bread),Versaillles famous garlic chicken with rice (PERSONAL FAVORITE), beans and sweet plantains, and arroz con pollo. If you are craving Cuban, this is it! Porto’s Bakery – Cuban 315 N Brand Blvd Glendale, CA 91203 (818) 956-5996 I was fortunate enough to stumble on this place a while back when I went shopping at the Glendale Galleria. This place not only does pastries/ desserts, they make some awesome food too! Whenever I go, I like to get the Cuban sandwich with plantain chips with an order of their potato balls with meat inside. They are known for their guava and cheese rolls, mango mousse cake, and strawberry cheese croissant. If you plan to go here, take some to go with you and eat it at your hotel for a midnight snack!

Lawry’s The Prime Rib (Beverly Hills) 100 N La Cienega Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 652-2827 For a fancy night out, this Lawry’s is the place to be. Mouth watering prime rib with amazing side dishes. I would recommend the Lawry cut or for those who want a smaller portion of prime rib, the California cut. They have the best creamed spinach, creamed corn, and mashed potatoes that melt in your mouth. In’N’Out Burgers 6000 Pacific Blvd Huntington Park, CA 90255 Who would come to southern California and not try an In’N’Out Burger? A meal that cost less than $10 for a burger, never frozen fries, and a drink is hard to pass up! You can animal style your burger (grilled onions with pickles) or your fries (American cheese, secret sauce, grilled onions). If you want to spice up your meal, they have yellow hot peppers if you ask for it. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Also, yummy milkshakes!!!! Foo Foo Tei – Ramen (Japanese) 15018 Clark Avenue Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 937-6585 This place is a bit far, but it is by far THE BEST RAMEN I have ever had. This is in my hometown but it is definitely worth the drive if you love ramen. I would recommend everything on their menu because it is just that good. However, if I had to narrow my choices, I would get their miso pork ramen, umani ramen, curry ramen, and shin shin seafood ramen (spicy). In terms of non-ramen items, they have a fabulous beef teriyaki plate, tonkatsu plate, Chilean sea bass, and takoyaki balls (octopus). This place is so good, but it tastes a million times better knowing the average price of an entrée at this place is $9. Wood Spoon – Brazilian 107 W 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 629-1765 A few years ago, I came to this restaurant, which was recommended by some friends of mine for a birthday dinner. This restaurant doesn’t seat a lot of people but the wait is totally worth it! For appetizers to share, I would highly recommend the Calabreza sausage, yucca fries, and potato croquette. My favorite entrees are the Brazilian chicken pot pie and the costelinha corn canjiquinha (pork short ribs with corn grits). If you do plan to go, make reservations! Daikokuya – Ramen (Japanese) 327 E 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 626-1680 Lucky for us, the annual meeting is near all these fantastic restaurants. Little Tokyo has many many places for sushi, ramen, and Japanese tapas. This is my favorite place for ramen. It won’t break your bank but your tummy will be satisfied. A great appetizer to share would be their gyoza and fried rice. I would recommend the Daikoku ramen, pork cutlet, and the different bento boxes as your main dish.You will not be disappointed if you choose to dine here!

Are you a Policy Guru? Get ready for the APhA-ASP House of Delegates and student pharmacists to administer all CDC-recommended immunizations per protocol and address communityspecific needs regarding patient age restrictions. 2013.2 – Development of an Effective and Financially Viable Care Transitions Model 1.! APhA-ASP encourages pharmacists, student pharmacists, and other health care professionals to develop a teambased care transitions model that enhances the coordination of care, strengthens the relationship among all health care providers, reduces hospital readmission rates, and improves patient outcomes.

resolutions that were already on the books. !We felt that since these are obviously important issues to student pharmacists today, that we did not want to just ignore them or push them aside since we have something similar already on the books, so we had to come up with a new way of readdressing these issues. !

Each year, the Policy Standing Committee is charged with the task of taking action on the passed resolutions at Annual Meeting. !Ideally, they can work on any by Tara Castelman active resolution since it is Region 1 Delegate representative of the Academy of ••• Student Pharmacists, but in reality, they are only able to focus on the newest As APhA Annual Meeting 2013 draws resolutions passed at the most recent closer, we want to make sure that 2.! APhA-ASP encourages pharmacists, Annual Meeting House of Delegates. !So, everyone is on the same page in our student pharmacists, and care the section "Reassessment of Current region in regards to the policy process. transitions stakeholders to work with APhA-ASP Resolutions" came about as a By now, you should have received the health-systems, employers, and third way to be able to readdress some of Resolutions Committee Report on party payors to develop and implement these important issues and enable the proposed resolutions and motions that a sustainable and financially viable Policy Standing Committee to focus on will be addressed at the House of payment model for all members of the them again this year, if the motions pass Delegates. Please make sure to care transitions team. at Annual Meeting. !The three motions disseminate that information to your will be discussed during the House of chapters before annual meeting, to start Reassessment of Current APhADelegates, but not from the same to get a sense of where your chapter ASP Resolutions: perspective as the other proposed stands. Prepare yourselves to continue resolutions, because they are already the conversation and constructive passed resolutions on the books. !The debate at APhA2013. There will be many The APhA-ASP Resolutions Committee (comprised of the eight Regional Delegates motions will be discussed and debated opportunities for us as student and chaired by the APhA-ASP Speaker of the on from the viewpoint of if the House of pharmacists to convey our ideas and Delegates feels that it is appropriate for feedback to each other and to the entire House) met during the January Business Meeting in Washington, DC, January 4-6, the Policy Standing Committee to take Academy. These opportunities include, another look at these issues and work but are not limited to the “Open Hearing 2013. As part of the Committee’s charges, each member reviews the proposed on taking action on them. on Proposed Resolutions and New resolutions that were passed during the Business” and the “Region 1 Caucus”. APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting Closing In essence, the motions will not Please mark them on your APhA2013 Business Sessions.This year, the Committee necessarily fall into the Mock House of schedules. Here is an overview of what noted that several proposals were related to Delegates script (in case you were to expect for the policy process: topics that are already addressed in APhAplanning on running through this with ASP’s Adopted Resolutions. During their your chapters) since you won't be Proposed Resolutions: deliberations, the Committee did not see a debating on wording and making need to introduce new proposed resolutions amendments, however, I would highly 2013.1 – Expanding Immunization on these topics. However, the Committee felt encourage you to discuss these motions Privileges for Pharmacists and Student strongly that several topics should be given with your chapters by reading the Pharmacists deliberate consideration by the Academy and motion and opening the floor to APhA-ASP Policy Standing Committee during discussion and debate on whether or 1.! APhA-ASP encourages all health care 2013-2014. not the issue should be readdressed by professionals who administer the Policy Standing Committee again this immunizations, to have real-time and We have received several questions on year, as this will be discussed at the bi-directional access to the Immunization Information System (IIS) how these motions will be incorporated House of Delegates during Annual into the House of Delegates, so we will Meeting. (formerly the vaccine/immunization try to clarify it here for you so we registry) and patient electronic health understand as a region what the new Again, please review all of this records (EHRs). Furthermore, information carefully and contact me immunization providers should regularly procedure will be. We are trying with any questions, concerns, or requests and routinely update the IIS and EHRs something a little different this year in the House of Delegates, so we for resources. I join my fellow Region 1 to meet both community public health understand it can be confusing. Basically, officers in conveying how excited we and patient-specific needs. when we met as the Resolutions each are to both reunite with old friends Committee in January, many resolutions and meet new ones in LA. 2.! APhA-ASP encourages pharmacy that were passed at the eight MRMs stakeholders to promote legislative were similar, if not identical, to efforts that would enable pharmacists

APhA-ASP Region 1 Newsletter 2  

Pre-Annual Newsletter! Stay up to date with news from Region 1 and APhA-ASP

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