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Air Conditioning and Special Effects REGIN Smoke Cartridges REGIN HVAC Products are exclusive distributor of smoke cartridges manufactured by Company BJORNAX AB in Sweden, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of smoke products for technical purposes, and with the increasing emphasis on environmental and safety issues, their products are finding an ever-widening range of applications such as: Leak testing of duct-work, pipelines, heat-exchanges, tanks etc. Study make up and exhaust air systems, smoke stacks, chimneys etc. Air balancing from grills, draft in fume hoods, negative air pressure testing, equipment testing, HEPA filter testing, smoke alarms, fire drills, film and photography and much more.

Heating & A/C Valves Regin thermostatic radiator valves provide occupant comfort and eliminate wasteful overheating. The valves can be installed throughout an entire building or selectively, in problem areas only. The valves will reduce the flow of heat to areas which tend to overheat. The Sensing element reacts to room temperature changes allowing the valve to provide positive control over the flow of steam or hot water into the same area. The valves are self-contained and do not require electrical wiring. The Regin valves have an operating range of 41 to 79 deg F and can be restricted within that range by locking or limiting the setting.

Humidistats Wall and Duct Mounted There is no substitute for experience. Regin has been manufacturing humidistats for over 50 years and our products have earned a reputation all over the world and in hundreds of thousands of installations for quality and reliability. Correct humidity control is important. There is no point in doing it unless it is done right. Excess humidity can damage machines, funiture, art and hundreds of other important things. Humidity that is too low can have the same effect. We can give you the accurate reliable humidity control that you need. A humidity sensor made of hair

acts upon a spring. When the relative humidity of the surrounding air increases, the length of the hair increases, and vice versa. The change in length is transferred to a micro-switch or a slidewire potentiometer. Two important advantages are gained by using hair rather than cotton, for sensing humidity: -Excellenct control characteristic. -Fail-safe function; if the sensing element breaks, the controlled humidity will decrease. A guarantee against water damage if the humidistat is left without service.


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Air conditioning and special effects  
Air conditioning and special effects  

REGIN HVAC Products are exclusive distributor of smoke cartridges manufactured bycompany BJORNAX AB in Sweden, one of the worlds largest man...