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Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings of peace from the Bicol Debate Council and the Remontados Debate Society! We are very privileged to invite your academic institution to partake in one of the most awaited debate championships in the Philippines – the National Debate Championship (NDC) 2013. An annual pan-Philippine debate tournament, the NDC gathers about 400 intellectuals from across the archipelago and remains to be the largest British Parliamentary Debate tournament in the country. In its fifth year of existence, the Remontados Debate Society hosted the 5th NDC way back in 2003. After 10 years, marking both the Society’s and the NDC’s fifteenth year, the Philippine Debate Union brings back the hosting rights to the Remontados while partnering with the Bicol Debate Council. It will be held from the 25th until the 31st of October 2013. The championship’s 7-day course includes the participation of your students to represent your academic institution in seven (7) intellectually-demanding rounds against other colleges and universities. The 32 Best Teams and the Best Performing Judges will then advance from the preliminary rounds into the intense four-round Finals Series. The top two teams in each round will progress to the next until the four best teams of the tournament will meet each other in the Grand Finals. The Grand Final Round then will determine which institution gets to be recognized as the 2013 National Debate Champion. But apart from being an avenue of excellent intellectual discussions, the NDC 2013 is also an opportunity for debaters from all around the country to meet each other in various social events. The NDC has been known to offer the most impressive Opening Dinners, Break Night Parties and Championship Dinners that the debate community always looks forward to. Should you have any further clarifications with the tournament, feel free to contact the undersigned at +639062013751 or For updates, you may also visit our official website at We look forward to seeing you at the NDC 2013: The Oragon NDC. Thank you! Sincerely,

Kevin A. Bonafe Tournament Director NDC 2013

quickfacts Scope Format Date Debate Rounds Finals Series Tournament Cap Institution Cap Adjudicator’s Policy Break Cap

the Philippines British Parliamentary 25-31 October 2013 Seven (7) Preliminary Rounds and Four (4) Finals Break to Octofinals 160 Teams Eight (8) Teams n Rule Five (5) Teams