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July 15 - 16, 2013 Beijing, China









For five straight years, the Mayad Academy has helped us share our knowledge and skills to curious videographers from different parts of the globe... (Read on)

Our company ventured into the wedding industry about six years ago. With passion, diligence and a lot of enthusiasm, we have managed to deliver videos that fully depict our creativity, innovative style and artistic diversity... (Read on)

Get to know the background of the event speakers: Alvin Paver, Raphael Jamil Pranga, Kristopher King Caldera, Carmela Dy Hubag, Ana Margarita Koopmans, Ge Xin, Amy Zhao, and Ling... (Read on)

This year, a special treat will be waiting for you in Mayad Up-close- where we will give you the chance to meet our very own Mayad elite directors! (Read on)

五年来,世界各地的摄像师一直在通 过Mayad论坛这个平台分享知识和 技术。是的,你不用再等待,第六届 Mayad论坛就要开始了!如果你对 不断发展的摄像艺术充满热情,如果 你想学到更多这方面的知识。那就快 去订一张机票,来东方的魅力之都和 我们会合把!今年,我们要从中国北 京长城 – 可以从月球看到的唯一建 筑 – 上向世界播撒我们的热情!是 的,今年我们要给世界奉上我们的巅 峰之作!也许你还有机会见到因为 Mayad


出名的夫妻 – Early和Chloe!

关于我们 01


For 5 straight years, the Mayad Academy has helped us share our knowledge and skills to curious videographers from different parts of the globe. And yes, you don’t have to wait with bated breath any longer because year SIX is just around the corner! If you share the same passion for the ever-evolving art of videography and you want to learn more about this exciting craft, then brush up on your Mandarin and book a flight to a place filled to the brim with sweet afternoon tea, pungent steamed dumplings and lots and lots of Oriental charm! We can’t think of any other place as perfect as the only landmark that can be seen from the moon, so we will be shooting our hearts out for the world to see from Beijing’s Great Wall of China! Yes, this year we are taking Mayad Academy to spatial heights, literally! Who knows, you may even get to meet Mayad’s signature couple, Early and Chloe!


TheTeam Our company ventured into the wedding industry about six years ago. With passion, diligence and a lot of enthusiasm, we have managed to deliver videos that fully depict our creativity, innovative style and artistic diversity. We are international wedding videographers who specialize in destination weddings. We shoot celebrities and won some major awards from the Wedding and Event Videographers Association International. At the same time, we have had the privilege of being invited as speakers in various workshops out of the country such as WEVA and Exposed Down Under. We are self-professed wedding enthusiasts who have the so-called dynamism of youth and the creative drive to succeed. And we are top 25 in the world to prove just that! Team Mayad is an interesting mix of unique, multi-talented and otherwise crazy people. Despite our varying tastes in fashion, literature and videoke music, we unite with a common goal – EMBRACE LIFE-CHANGING MOMENTS We love doing things with an adventurous, out-of-the-box perspective that is meant to amaze, capture and captivate the willing audiences of our craft.


6年前,我们开始婚礼摄像事业,带着热情,勤奋和无限的动力,我们一直 努力为大家呈现充满创新性、多样性和艺术性的婚礼摄像作品。 作为一支国际知名团队,我们非常擅长拍摄世界不同文化风格的婚礼。菲 律宾,斐济,南非,澳大利亚,美国,伦敦,马尔代夫,巴厘岛,印度尼 西亚,中国,泰国,马来西亚,新加坡,这些你所熟知的国家都有我们的 新人。 我们曾为世界多位知名人士拍摄过婚礼,包括中国朋友熟知的梁静茹,中 大校花,梁慧恩和Jolie,以及菲律宾名人Tuesday Matsunaga、TJ




Shalani Soledad、Anne Curtis Smith、Jhon Lloyd。 6年来,我们获得的奖项和荣誉有: Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA)2008 最佳创意 Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA )2009 最佳创意 Wedding Love Story金奖 Wedding Highlights Production金奖 Wedding Highlights金奖 Same Day Edit 银奖 Event DV 全球25个最具影响力工作室之一

多次被国际摄像峰会邀请担任演讲嘉宾 。比如澳大利亚的Exposed Down Under,中国的婚礼摄像师峰会,美国的WEVA



Awards,菲律宾的Fast Forward。 我们的热情,真诚及创造力成就了我们今天的成绩。我们坚持“只有创新的 作品才能打动和捕获观众的内心”,我们享受每一次创作的挑战。因为我们 拥有一个共同的目标——拥抱生命中的这一刻!


Raphael Jamil Pranga 首席运营官兼创意总监 (Director) 总监

Alvin Paver


As the Creative Director and COO of Mayad, he is known for his dynamic editing style on same day edits that transcends cultures, changing weather conditions and varying airport accommodations. With workshops such as Mayad Academy, Australia’s Exposed Down Under 2010 under his belt, this guy certainly has a lot to say about the art and heart of wedding cinematography.

As the leader of the directing pack, Fiel gives equal attention to different shooting styles without losing track of a video’s production value. His strong background in information technology along with his post-graduate studies from the Asian Institute of Management have worked to his advantage, and the success that Mayad is now enjoying, is a testament to that. Although a bit partial to elegant fashion shots and other glamorous takes, he allows himself to relive his action-hero fantasies once in a while, when a feisty groom inspires him to. Known for his vast collection of gadgets, running gear, and travel tickets, Fiel says he loves collecting memories of Mayad’s different couples the most. So when he’s not engaged in his jet-setting schedule or his early morning jog, this top-billing director is still often busy…running after his dreams!

作为Mayad Studios首席运营官兼创意总监, 他能在任何不同的国家和文化环境下把婚礼影 片剪辑得浑然一色和别具风格。与此同时,他 毫无保留的在Mayad Studios各国的学术讲座 中传授经验技巧! 2010年他受到国际摄像行 业著名峰会“Australia’s Exposed Down Under ”邀请作为讲师,与来自世界各国的行 业精英分享交流!这次,他将把这些宝贵的知 识和经验与中国的摄像师分享。各位摄像师, 你们准备好了吗? 他,是Mayad Studios的缔造者;他,是亚洲 管理学院的研究生;2006年至今,凭借对影像 信息技术的熟知和热爱,以及管理专业毕业的 优势,成功带领Mayad Studios从菲律宾走到 全球各国,并成为国际知名的亚洲影像团队! 虽然他个人喜欢时尚高雅的摄像风格,但在新 人面前,他更愿意聆听新娘的喜好和要求并作


出改变。如今,他最大的喜好就是回忆Mayad Studios拍摄过的每一对新人!为了专注于自己 的梦想,他放弃了很多在世界演讲的机会! 而这 次,他决定来到中国,与中国的婚礼人面对面交 流;婚礼同行们,这样难得的机会,你们忍心错 过吗?

Speakers Kristopher King Caldera (Director) 总监

Carmela Dy Hubag (Director) 总监 It’s rare for a woman to dominate the realm of directing in the wedding industry, but this former chess champion and music-lover is about to prove otherwise. With her impeccable documentary shooting style of well-composed shots and elegant angles, she has slowly gained her own spot in the Mayad directing team, the lone female in an otherwise male-dominated group. A software engineer by profession, she has long since abandoned codes and computer programs for her other passions- food, ultimate frisbee and film photography. While she expertly directs shot after shot, not many know that she is a self-professed introvert, who usually keeps to herself most of the time. This girl may be a woman of few words, but her amazing footages speak volumes about her superb directing skills.

Every wedding-video-footage should have King’s enthusiastic “directing voice” in the background. It would definitely be enough to spur any video editor into action. His love for romance is evident in the way he directs the couples lucky enough to be under his care. He specializes in glamorous shots that evoke an opulent, romantic feel to the whole occasion. Yet all the while, he sees to it that each shoot celebrates the uniqueness of the couple and their own distinct love story. This guy vows to do everything it takes to give you the perfect wedding video, as long as it does not involve eating anything with shrimp, mayonnaise or chilli.

每一个婚礼摄像团队中都需要一个充满能量和 激情的人,King就是Mayad Studios的这个人 !他具有一种魔力和能力,能把正能量带给团 队中的每一个人!他所有的新人都有一个共识 ,那就是由King拍摄他们的婚礼是一件幸福和 浪漫的事,他的作品从来不缺少浪漫与高雅的 味道,但又能让每一对新人的爱情故事变得独 一无二!他能为拍摄做任何事情,除了吃虾, 蛋黄酱和辣椒!

极少女性能够在婚礼摄像行业站得住脚, Carmela就是这为数不多的女性之一。她,曾是 国际象棋冠军,也是资深音乐爱好者。凭借完美 无瑕的纪录片式拍摄手法,她慢慢在Mayad Studios得到了不容置疑的认可。她是个“吃货”, 擅长电脑编程,爱好极限飞碟。她拍摄过上百场 婚礼,但她性格内向,不善交际,却能够用她的 作品展现独特魅力,并打动每一位观者的心!


Ana Margarita Koopmans 资深剪辑师

Ana Margarita or Marga graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication and Psychology from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. Throughout her successful career, she has tried her hand at entrepreneurship, broadcasting and advertising. She has a keen passion for blogging, charity projects, organic food and pretty pastel dresses. Several career stints later, Marga now spends most of her time chasing special wedding moments from the beautiful beaches of Bali to the busy streets of San Francisco. She has a hand on editing full length films, preparing SDE presentations, music videos, trailers and the head trainer of mayad’ s new breed of editors. Her passion for her craft brought her to were she is today, a humble heart who loves a beautiful story and is surely open to share it to the world.


Ge Xin


IMAGEXIN, Founder and Director What does a conflict photographer do when its time to check out? How about capturing the brighter side of life – Weddings! Babies and dogs would have sufficed too, but for Ge Xin, the new decisive moment came by capturing the “I Do” kiss or the joyful tears a bride and mother share privately behind the scenes. He does it with style and grace, only this time on VIDEO! An honors graduate from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, it was there that Ge Xin first developed a passion for photography. Falling in love with the idea of “freezing the moment” Ge Xin quickly ascended the documentary photography world, working for one of the leading photo agencies in the world – Getty Images. His worked has appeared in top Chinese and international publications such as Time, Newsweek, National Geographic and Vanity Fair. In 2008 Ge Xin was selected as an


做过媒体和广告,也热衷于写博客和慈善事业,爱好有机食物及服饰时尚。如今,Marga大 部分时间都在追寻着一个个婚礼瞬间,从美丽的巴厘岛到繁华的旧金山;从电影剪辑到预告 片制作,从音乐视频到SDE展示。同时,她又负责Mayad Studios编辑师的培训工作,她从 来不缺乐于分享的热情! 这次,她将带着她的热情来到中国,带给每位现场听众!


official photographer of the Beijing Summer Olympics. A year later in 2009 Ge Xin founded his own wedding videography studio in Shanghai – IMAGEXIN, which literally has “I’m Ge Xin” in the name! Utilizing his story telling techniques from his photography days, IMAGEXIN specializes in shooting documentary style wedding videos, capturing the true essence of a couple celebrating their nuptials. Full of jubilation and rich with high-flying emotions, giving couples a beautiful video as a memento has become a true honor and privilege for IMAGEXIN team. I葛欣 IMAGEXIN纪实婚礼影像创始人及技术总监

Amy Zhao


VP Marketing & Sales (XO Group China) Amy Zhao is the Vice President of Marketing & Sales for and parent company XO Group China. is a multiplatform resource providing Western inspiration and local advice for weddings, relationships and pregnancy to the Chinese consumer. XO Group Inc., formerly The Knot Inc.( NYSE: XOXO), is the premier lifestage media company with brands supporting engagements, weddings, marriage, newlyweds, pregnancy and new parents.

热爱绘画的葛欣,以专业分第一名的成绩进入西安 美院。在大学里,他首度接触到摄影,之后便迷恋 上这“定格瞬间”的艺术。毕业后担任美国Getty Images大中华地区摄影师,作品曾刊登于《TIME》 、《Newsweek》、《国家地理》以及《名利场》 。2008年担任北京奥运会官方摄影师。 2009年,因“被人与人之间的奇妙情感而吸引”从而 转入婚礼摄像。他认为,摄像的意义是,“纪录过 世间的纷扰,一切都将平息于家的港湾。纪录下来 ,凝结成的便是一个时代。” IMAGEXIN纪实婚礼,成立于2009年。名字 IMAGEXIN中既为I’m Ge Xin我们用擅长的纪实手法 ,抓拍婚礼当日富含人文情感的画面。用影像为新 人留下美好回忆。我们相信唯有真实的才是永恒的 。

Amy brings extensive prior experience in marketing to Leading all marketing and sales initiatives from her base in Shanghai, Amy and her team have been instrumental in developing China’s bridal industry by sharing the latest wedding fashion trends and DIY concepts to Chinese brides and wedding professionals. As

a result of’s tremendous growth in the online wedding media space, in 2012 exclusively partnered with MSN, a leading online media company in China, to launch a weddings channel on, making the leading online wedding media outlet in China. Prior to, Amy held senior marketing roles at Wanrong Publishing Co. and SMG. Amy is a graduate of both Yale University and New York University’s master’s degree programs.


赵若虹 Amy Zhao 美国最大生活媒体集团XO Group中国区市场与销售副总裁, 纽约大学耶鲁大学双硕士。曾在万榕书业负责中国最畅销图书的出版与市场工作。赵 若虹带领中国团队,致力于将全球最顶尖的婚尚流行趋势与行业经验带到中国,促进 中国整个婚礼行业的转型与发展。XO集团为纽约交易所上市公司,旗下包括美国最大 婚礼网站The Knot,母婴网站The Bump,家居网站The Nest等Life-style网站及北美 女性类杂志排行第三的婚礼杂志《The Knot》。


特邀嘉宾Internationally renowned wedding planner, Ling, brings a fresh perspective to the China wedding scene. Realizing a need for a higher standard of service and level of sophistication in wedding planning, Weddings by Ling was born. Launched in 2009, her boutique firm continues to provide quality World-Class service to today’s luxury brides living in China. Ling’s impeccable taste for style and meticulous attention for details has earned her top accolades in China’s bridal industry, where she was voted one of the TOP 50 wedding professionals in all of China by Cosmo Bride magazine in 2012. Her work has also received praise in the United States, where she was a finalist in the 2012 Event Solutions Spotlight Awards in Las Vegas. Ling’s elaborate weddings have not only captured the attention of brides and grooms to-be, but also some of China’s most respected wedding and international media outlets such as Reuters TV, Forbes, L.A. Times, Xinhua,, Cosmo Bride China, Darizi, Marie Claire, VoCE, Ladies Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine amongst others. In addition to her planning work, Ling also serves as the Director of Training for Weddings Beuatiful China, the nation’s premier wedding planner training and certification program. Ling received her formal wedding planning training form Weddings Beautiful USA, where she earned a Certified Wedding Specialist (CSW) certification under the guidance of Nancy Tucker. She continues to draws her inspiration from her peers such as David Tutera, Preston Bailey and Colin Cowe. Ling(林颖),国际知名婚礼策划师,柏灵婚礼 顾问(Weddings by Ling)创始人,全球第一婚 礼认证机构Weddings Beautiful Worldwide中国 大陆及香港唯一授权培训导师,中国第一国际认 证 婚 礼 策 划 师 培 训 课 程 — — 美 丽 婚 礼 中 国 (婚礼策划师认证课程婚礼策划师认证课程培训 培训总监,多次到美国与国际顶尖婚礼/宴会设计大师David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Sasha 总监,多次到美国与国际顶尖婚礼/宴会设计大 Suza等交流学习,将国际最流行的婚尚理念带到中国。 Ling对中国婚礼行业所做的贡献和取得 师David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Sasha Suza等交 的成绩,被国内外多家媒体报道,包括:路透社,福布斯,Global Time, 新华网,经济日报, 流学习,将国际最流行的婚尚理念带到中国。 天津网,人民网,搜狐网,新浪网,时尚网,爱结网,《时尚新娘》杂志,《创业者》杂志, Ling对中国婚礼行业所做的贡献和取得的成绩, 《嘉人》杂志,《环球生活》杂志,精品购物指南等等。2011年Ling为知名“视后”陈数女士及 被国内外多家媒体报道,包括:路透社,福布斯 钢琴家赵胤胤先生全程策划设计在巴厘岛BVLGARI(宝格丽)酒店婚礼仪式及北京分享 ,Global Time, 新华网,经济日报,天津网,人 会。2012年Ling获得美国ESIF评选的“新星婚礼策划师”国际大奖提名,也是目前国际 民网,搜狐网,新浪网,时尚网,爱结网,《时 婚礼比赛评选唯一一位被提名的来自中国大陆婚礼策划师。 尚新娘》杂志,《创业者》杂志,《嘉人》杂志 ,《环球生活》杂志,精品购物指南等等。


Schedule This year’s academy will be divided into 2 days of learning. On the 1st day, prepare to discover videography in its many wonderful dimensions with a wealth of information from the Mayad Studios team. As a plus, you will also be hearing from one of China’s best videographers! On day two, we will let you in on the industry’s best tips when it comes to capturing the Chinese market. And don’t forget to jot down those questions because you will be participating in an open forum with our awesome speakers!

日程安排 今年的“WB中国美丽婚礼创意工厂——之国 际顶尖婚礼摄像Mayad Studios论坛”将为期 两天。 在第一天,Mayad


影艺术各个方面的专业知识和信息。同时,也 特别邀请一位来自中国的知名摄像师来跟大家 分享。 在第二天,我们会针对大家在中国婚礼市场的 发展提出一些建议和意见,你也可以在公开讨 论环节向演讲嘉宾提问或与他们沟通想法。


Schedule for MayadAcademy (Mayad学术讲座日程安排) July 15, 2013 (2013年7月15日)

8:00 - 9:00

Raphael Jamil Pranga, MAYAD 创始人兼总导演 Introduction/Brief History and StorytellingTechniques

Raphael Jamil Pranga shall tackle how Mayad Studios started. From being a fresh graduate of a small province in the Philippines to one of the owners of Mayad Studios and respected wedding videographer. He will share to us how he created concepts based on the personality of the couple with his very own style. How a simple 2-5 minute video could touch and capture the hearts of millions. Learn more how he tells those stories through the videos that he makes.

世界婚礼摄像简史与叙事技巧 Raphael Jamil Pranga将会为大家讲述Mayad Studios的成长经历。Raphael来自菲律宾的一个小城市,2006 年创立了Mayad Studios。如今他已经成为了一位国际顶级婚礼摄像师。他将跟大家分享如何从一种风格, 到根据新人的性格特点创作主题风格;又如何用2-5分钟的视频打动观众的心;如何用影像展现主人公的爱 情故事……让我们大家一起通过他的作品来跟他学习婚礼影像创作技巧吧!

9:00 - 12:00

Kristopher King Caldera, MAYAD 拍摄总监 Shooting /Workflow

Kristopher King Caldera, one of Mayad Studios' directors will dissect how the Mayad team does the shooting in the actual wedding day, from preparation to ceremony down to reception dinner. He will give us a blow by blow direction with the workflow. A secret worth listening to.

- 婚礼拍摄/工作流程 Kristopher King Caldera,会为大家逐步讲解Mayad Studios的团队如何从婚礼准备,婚礼仪式到晚宴的纪录 拍摄全过程。他会详细阐述Mayad Studios的工作流程。你不仅会听到拍摄准备所必备的沟通技巧,拍摄中 角度的变化技巧,以及婚礼当天具体拍摄的取像位置!

13:00 - 15:00

Ge Xin, 葛欣 – IMAGEXIN (上海)创始人 The Power ofWedding Photography

Ge Xin will answer the question, "What makes a wedding videography important in today’s society? How did it change our lives and what more can it offer?" Learn more from him through his talk.

- 婚礼摄影的魅力 葛欣将会为大家阐释“婚礼摄像对于当今社会的重要性,它以何种方式改变了我们的生活,以及它还能为我 们做什么”的问题。从他的演讲中获得更多!


15:00 - 17:00

Marga Koopmans, MAYAD 资深剪辑师 Post Production

Margarita Koopmans, a senior editor of Mayad Studios, will explain in her talk how to seamlessly put together the shoots and create a beautiful story. Editing and post production play a major role in Mayad Studios’ videos, and she will give us that opportunity to hear it all.

后期制作 Margarita Koopmans(Mayad Studios高级编辑)将为大家讲解如何完美地拼接视频,以及如何编排故事的 技巧。剪辑和后期制作是Mayad Studios非常重视的一个方面,她会给大家一个知其所有的机会。与大家分 享Mayad Studios 独家的调色技巧,当日剪辑方式和长篇电影制作方法。

July 16, 2013 (2013年7月16日)

9:00 - 10:00 Amy Zhao ,

赵若虹, 爱结网副总裁 How to Capture the Chinese Market

Amy Zhao will give us tips on how to capture the biggest market in the world, China. She will show us how to please the Chinese market, get the most clients and make a name for your company.

- 如何捕捉中国婚礼市场 赵小姐将就如何把握中国市场这个问题为大家出谋划策。她会告诉大家如何满足中国市场的需求,如何得 到更多的客户以及如何做大自己的品牌。

10:00 - 11:00

Ling, 柏灵私人婚礼顾问创始人 How to best work with wedding planners

Ling will happily teach us how to work well together with wedding planners. Wedding planners are probably the most essential vendor during the wedding day and working with them peacefully could lead to a very successful wedding. How to do it? Sit back and relax as they help us learn.

策划师,请你告诉我! 婚礼策划师无疑应是最了解新人情况,也是最了解整场婚礼的人。专业的策划师能够很好地协助摄像师完 成当日的拍摄工作,如何与婚礼策划师合作,高质量完成一场婚礼拍摄呢?倾听Ling带来的:策划师,请你 告诉我!

11:00 - 12:00

Alvin Paver, MAYAD 首席运营官兼创意总监 Alvin Paver, one of Mayad Studios' most loved by co-vendors will inspire us with the profession and the wedding industry. He will share with us how to boost our passion for work and love what we do. With his experience through Mayad , he will surely make us hold on to our seats.

Alvin Paver, 作为Mayad Studios的创始人之一,他能在任何不同的国家和文化环境下把婚礼影片剪辑得浑然一色和别具风 格。与此同时,他毫无保留地在Mayad Studios各国的学术讲座中传授经验技巧! 2010年他受到国际摄像行业著名的峰会 “Australia’s Exposed Down Under ”邀请作为讲师与来自世界各国的行业精英分享交流!在这次的论坛中 他会与大家分享其创业的心路历程,和自己应对商场挑战压力的方法。总的来说 他会告诉大家如何在国际婚礼摄像领域站稳脚跟。


13:00 - 14:00 14:00 - 18:00

Open Forum (QandA with Mayad) 公开讨论会(Mayad问答环节)

Up Close with the Directors (Special Session) 与Mayad一起拍摄

This year, a special treat will be waiting for you in Mayad Up-closewhere we will give you the chance to meet our very own Mayad elite directors!This new feature will be available with limited slots of ten participants for each director.Divided into these small groups, you will be able to learn from your director of choice as he or she dissects his/her work, orient you with the basics of directing, introduce the different equipment they use, guide you through their own personal work flow and offer you lots of valuable tips! 今年,我们还为大家准备了“与Mayad一起拍摄”环节: 1. 限额30人,共分为三个小组,每组十人并分配一位总监。 2. 可以从本小组的总监那里了解到他/她对摄像工作的剖解,他/她如何 在工作中做出选择,另外还有机会了解到他/她使用的不同设备。 3. 在本环节中,参与者还可以与Mayad Studios总监一同进行实地拍摄 ,拍摄具体内容包括静态细节,人物情感以及瞬间捕捉。最后的作品还 可以得到总监的点评!

Directors: 活动参与总监 Raphael Jamil Pranga Kristopher King Caldera Carmela Dy Hubag


Organized by

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The Mayad Academy Handbook  

Official Collateral for The Mayad Academy 2013 held in Beijing, China.

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