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This is a guide that will take you through writing a good business eulogy. It is very important to honor the deceased in a presentable way that every audience feel comfortable with. Below are steps to writing the best funeral eulogy. To find out more on funeral matters visit

Start by realizing the task at hand. The main purpose of writing a eulogy is to bring back the deceased person in front of the audience in attendance. Your overview should reflect on the good deeds of the deceased through the memories of the past life. A good Eulogy should try as much as possible to feature every audience in attendance and make them have a fond remembrance of the person. It should bring in the interaction between the audience who had interacted previously with the deceased.

Recall your own memories. You must have been with the deceased and must have spent time with him/her before the passing. If you have not been together then you have nothing to put across and you are not the one supposed to be writing the Eulogy. Now you need to share as much as possible as you remember in the time that you have been together with the deceased. Paint a good picture of the best moments that you shared together; This will help bring people to realize how the deceased was important in their lives and appreciate him/her. In many cases there will be a boost to recall the memories by use of funeral songs and funeral poems.

Gather information about the deceased. Since you are going to give a speech you have to prepare in time days before the day that you are required to give the speech. Within the period you should gather information by collecting it from people who have been close to the deceased. There are several important things that should never miss in a Eulogy. Some of these things are;  The Deceased's date of birth  Family relationships and friends  Educational background  Employment and Career  Hobbies and what the deceased loved so much to be remembered for.  Places the deceased has resided  Any other special achievements that the deceased had in the community. Check out for guides on funeral guides with tips and ways to gather funeral information

Organize and Compile You need to organize everything that you have gathered all the necessary information that should be presented. It is at this point that you come up with decisions such as deciding on the tone to use during

the presentation. Some may prefer a serious eulogy presentation while others prefer a light one which also acts as a celebration of life. Many people prefer to mix both humor and solemnity so that audience not only grieve but also have something to be happy about as they are celebrating the deceased's life. Have a good plan also on what comes first before and after what, so that you don't get confused while presenting. It should flow in a good manner and not skip from one point to another. Time is also another factor to plan about as one is presenting. There should not be any waste of time as the audience also expect so.

Write from the heart You have to write everything that you have planned and organized in a speech format but from the heart. The speech should be written in your own voice so it is advisable that you be thew one writing it. Again it is important to avoid being too formal as the audience want to hear something that is more light and not really a speech.

Review and rehearse After you have prepared everything you now need to go through the prepared draft writing, eliminating errors and spicing up where it should be spiced. It is at this point that you make clarifications where you are not sure about anything. Also remember to engage some other people to tell you how it is so that they help out if there are corrections to be made. You also need to rehearse, practice giving the speech. At this point it is advisable that you have a recording device so that you record yourself and listen to the playback. This will help in perfecting the speech presentation on that day.

Concluding After everything has been done you can now compile everything and come up with a clean copy of what you have been doing. Don't forget to visit for any questions concerning funeral service preparations. Summary Sometimes we lose our loved ones, I is nature and the best way to always remember them is to put up something that we can remember them for. A good Eulogy is important in remembering them. This article gives a good guide to write a good Eulogy.

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How to write the best funeral eulogy  

This is a guide that will take you through writing a good business eulogy.