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toy design

parent/child interactions learning imagineative environment

forest tales

Otis loves stories. He can’t wait to read with you and your parents. Fly him to different spots in the leaves and he talks to you.

Hi! I’m Otis.

make the time spent with parents as special as possible before kids explore their independence. invites parents to share in the special joys that kids experience with interactive toys like Teddy Ruxbin and imaginative enviroments like fort building.

let’s sit together and... ...explore the stars back in time

...explore a new world a story

What do you need to change your room into a different place?

When does your imagination take over?

Parts List


1. Tree Feet (2) 2. Tree Body (1) 3. Branch (1) 4. Bias Tape (2) 5. Canoyp Main Piece (2) 6. Tree Pattern (1) 7. Leaf Tie “Rope” (8) 8. Leaf Tie “Anchor” Leaf (8) 9. Leaf Hanging A (8) 10. Leaf Hanging B (9) 11. Icon Numbers (1) Icon Letters (1) Icon Musical Notes (1) Icon Stars (1) Icon Book (1) 12. RFID Chips 13. Main Bird Pattern (2)

7 8





14. Stomach Pattern (1) 15. Feet Pattern (4) 16. Outer Wing Pattern (2) 17. Inner Wing Pattern (2) 18. Tail Pattern (2) 20. Bean Bag (1) 21. A. Electronics Casing B. Electronics Lid 22. Eye (2) 23. Eye Anchor (2) 24. Beak Pattern (2) 25. Bottom Beak Pattern (1) 26. “Hair” Pattern (1) 27. Velcro A (3) 28. Velcro B (3) 29. Cotton Lining

9 10 13


3 16 18

17 19





mobile communication visual thoughts impulsive connections



HANNspree episode is a reflection of the change in the digital media of today’s society. Communication is more casual than ever - we send photos and talk on the internet, we send gestures, visual and animated scenes - this project meant making the next generation communicator. instant word exchange, instant visual exchange. Drawing on HANNspree’s youthful design (and often literal translation of user interest), it became important for me to redirect how the company celebrated its users. episode is about visual communication, share moments instantly to a friend, upload your clips to the internet, edit your minidocumentary without being at home, share the world that only you see. Why are you using emoticons when you can show someone your smile? Better yet, show them you’re Spielberg.

product family

distortion photography playful moments our past creating new visions

qua camera

designed for photographers who love: documenting their life taking snapshots rediscovering what makes them smile...

in every angle imaginable

the Qua camera






different reels to manually distort the memories you capture as fun as the events you want to remember.

inspired by viewmaster while celebrating LOMO cameras.

exploded view

a family of toys each with its own sound and personality fun joined together or separately (current semester project)


Percussion fun individually or as a family individual appeal linking to make a family

it’s form gives way for grab-able parts

crabby band mock-up with play-able parts

each elephant buddy would be easy to grab by the contours of the ear casing

“Ears” in a with a transparent casing to see the fun inside.

families who love to travel interaction development

travel mates

think family. think travelers. think interaction. think long car rides... parents in the front with your angel sitting in the back. think about developmental toys that are too big for the car, separate pieces that will end up rolling on the floor, and not being able to play with your child from the passenger seat.

think toy first... but everything else is a close second.

various levels of play with your growing child. this toy is a lovely companion for long car rides as the main platform attaches easily to your child’s car seat. these approachable animal buddies provide a fascination that your child can touch and move with sensory rewards. each movement will create a sensory response: -moving the buoy will cause a bell inside to ring -moving the fish will cause the waves to rise and consequently fall -turn the heads of your animal friends and they will click in response moreover, the paired notepad is a controller for your animals to offer more enjoyment. they can move and speak as you press the buttons. play with your child from the passenger seat of your car to remind them that you are near by. join in a game of pretend with your child encour aging interaction as you hold the notepad controller. your child will become familiar with the toy’s characteristics, where identification games can be employed, “you’re touching the blue hippo” or “which animal is orange?” “let” them speak when your child answers correctly. while this may seem like mom and dad magic to your child, as they grow older they develop a sense of cause and effect. in flipping the pages of the notepad them selves and pressing the buttons, they can develop an understanding of the relationship between the notepad pages and their animal friends.

Can you guess what noise I make? That’s right! Quack, quack! the notepad remote allows your child to understand visual page, press a button and watch your animal friend talk!

interactive . travel . developmental toy

toy design portfolio  

a look at my industrial design work at Academy of Art University. emphasis: toy design