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Regina Marie p h oto g r a p h y

Who am I?

I’m a mother, a wife, sailor, photographer... Take your pick. I am someone who loves her sci-fi and fantasy... And oh, yes... I’m a romantic. I love the freedom of being on the open ocean, and the joy of getting to just hang out watching movies. (Did I mention I LOVE movies?) I love my chocolate as much as the next woman, and once I get talking, who knows when I’ll stop. I am someone who wants to make a difference in the world, one woman at a time.

What is Glamour Portraiture about?

We, as women, have been spoon fed the idea of what beauty is all of our lives. Unintentionally, this has ingrained a message of “never enough” for so many. It’s considered selfish if we do what we need to take care of ourselves. Yet we’re asked to give and give as daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers. Recognition and appreciation are at a premium, and rarely is in proportion to what we do for others. We need to take back “beauty”... beauty doesn’t have to be a size 2 with porcelain skin. It’s a you being herself, damn the consequences. It’s a genuine smile that lets us see the joy in your heart. It’s the light in your eyes that shows us your divine soul. Beauty isn’t about size at all, it’s about being all that you are, and the glint of unlimited potential that IS being a woman. I say it’s about time you let yourself be pampered; to look and feel like the goddess you are, and to have photographic evidence of it!

But I’m not photogenic...

Few people are, and those that are should be strung up... Just kidding. Being photogenic has nothing to do with how beautiful you are! We think of “photogenic” as how we look in snapshots taken by friends and family. In snapshots little attention is paid to good lighting, posing, or flattering angles. It’s simply taken to commemorate that instant by capturing it, with no regard to anything else. Which is perfect for everyday. However, each person has a way to best bring out her natural beauty, and a straight on snapshot is RARELY ever it! When you come in for your photo session, all you have to do is relax and be yourself, I’ll take care of the rest. I’ll guide you through the process of posing, and the lighting to ensure you get images you love!

letters from you

Claudia B The pictures she took of my sisters and I were beyond my expectations. As we age, our vanity kicks in and it’s difficult to have pictures taken that don’t make you cringe and wonder “who those old women are?” Regina’s innate ability to see beyond the surface allows her to capture on film a piece of your soul. I could “see” the girls we once were, and still are in our hearts, right there in her photographs. Thank you Regina for giving 3 older women a glimpse of what once was.

Cheyenne L

Ashley W We had many laughs in only a few short minutes & that is SUCH a wonderful feeling when working with a photographer, especially when you can be a bit shy... Since I am very picky & worrisome about the way I look in pictures, I must say I am very impressed & so damn happy with Regina & her talents! What more could a girl ask for?!!! I look forward to working with her more & getting to know her better! xoxoxo ... Thank you Regina! YOU ROCK!”

I used to hate taking photos but the photo shoot with her made me see that I am beautiful and I have one of the photos she took of me as a reminder of that. I am amazed she got such beautiful photos of me because we spent an hour joking around. I thought it would be so serious and was rather frightened at that idea. But while she gave some direction on where to look she was so laid back in the whole process it helped me relax.

Who is this kind of photography for? It’s for everyone! As every woman wants to feel as amazing as she is, this kind of session is for every woman. As I said, it doesn’t matter age, size, shape or color, you deserve to feel as beautiful as you are! In fact, you’re welcome to share your experience! ... Bring your mom or daughter (or both!) and make a special time of it. ...Bring a best friend or a few and lets make a girls day out! ...Heck, we can bring in your “someone special” and get some images of the two of you as well! This is an experience for the young and mature; for the single and the married, the moms who want to feel their sexy self again, and the teen that wants to feel like a “model”! This kind of photography is for YOU!


What do you need?

There isn’t too much that is needed to be able to take amazing, beautiful photos. All we really need is a beautiful woman (aka YOU) and good light. Other then that we can work with anything else...

A place to work We need somewhere that we can do our photographs. This doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. It can even be at your house! I know it doesn’t seem like a place that beautiful photos can be made, but trust me, This place can also be a friend’s house, a hotel room or anywhere you have access to.

Clothes This is a big frequently asked one... What about clothes? We’re going to be changing clothes between 3-5 times. So, what should you bring? I want you to bring about 5-8 outfits that make you feel good. Sexy dresses, cute casual, lingerie... Anything that makes you feel good. Personally, I love cowl necklines and off the shoulder tops, but this is an expression of YOU and I want you to bring what YOU feel good wearing!

Jewelry and Accessories Bring anything that you’d like to... jewelry, scarves, hats... You don’t need to bring too much as I don’t know that we’ll use them. However, feel free to bring any that you want to enhance any looks you have

Shoes, Makeup and Hair I know some of you ladies really (REALLY) love your shoes, and if you want to, you can bring some along... However, as the images we’ll be making focus on your lovely face, there is no need to have any lovely shoes. Hair and makeup, on the other hand are very important! I strongly suggest you get your hair and makeup done by a professional before you come in for your photography session.

What to expect...

First things first you should expect some amazing images... but as that’s a given as to why you’re doing this lets move on.

Consultation When you schedule your book your session, we will also book a consultation. The consultation, will be when we can discuss more details about your shoot, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask me any questions you have. If our consult is in person, I will have you sign the portrait contract, which includes a model release. The model release allows me to use the images for promoting our work. Personally, I will likely use images on my social media and my and/or website. Your image may also appear on my promotional material. I may also use the images for some yet unthought of promotion. The rest of the contract covers more expectations as well as legalities in our arrangement. If our consult is over the phone, I will email you the contract and will go over it with you, asking that, if you agree, you digitally sign it and mail it back to me.

Your Session When doing a photo session, I always do before and after pictures. Though I don’t always use them, its a way to show you, as well as other woman trying to gather the courage to get a session the difference between a “snapshot” and a “portrait”. Our session will least about 2-3 hours. Unlike traditional portraits where you can be in and out in an hour having been told “smile at the camera” over and over, we are trying to capture something different. In light of that, we need more time. If you’ve chosen to have a someone else doing portraits as well, and would like to get images taken with them, please bring at least 2 outfits that are complimentary. For example, if each of you brings a pair of jeans and a white or black shirt, you can each have your own style, while ensuring that it will look cohesive. Within 3 days, I will post a preview picture on my facebook, that you can show your friends and family. Please, however, do keep the watermark on the image. If you would like digital images without my watermark, it is something you can order in your viewing/ordering session.

Ordering and Products Within two weeks after the photo session, we will do an ordering session. I will come to your home, where we can go through your images and we can choose the images and products you would like to order. So at or before your session, we will need to arrange a second meeting to show your images. (Don’t worry, I do payment plans to make getting all the images you want affordable for most budgets.) After this initial ordering session, I will also put up an online gallery for you to share with friends and family who would like to see and may want to also order images. Your prints and products will be ordered shortly after payment in full has been received. Within 5-6 weeks, I will receive your order, and will call you so we can arrange to meet and I can give your lovely goodies.

Photoshoot for 2 $100 Image Box

(Collection of 5x7 images mounted on styrene in a leather box)

5 $300

10 $450

20 $700

Wall Art (gallery wrapped canvas image, ready to wall mount)

8x10 $225 11x16 $300 16x24 $450 24x30 $600 30x40 $900

Prints Gift prints (4x6, 5x7, 8x10) $50









linen albums starting at $500 leather albums starting at $1000 *miniature albums available in a set of 2 for $250 with the purchase of a full size album of the same design*

Collections Collection 1


5 Image box $300 11x16 Wall Art $300 2 gift prints $100 Value $700 Collection 2


10 Image box $450 16x24 Wall Art $450 4 Gift Prints $200 Value $1100 Collection 3


20 Image box $700 16x24 Wall Art $450 4 Gift Prints $200 Digital Negatives $1000 (on a archival flash drive) Value $2350

Featured Products Image Box Available in sets of 5, 10 or 20 the image box is a magnificent way to keep and protect your special images. Your 5x7 image box is covered in black leather and a little button closure to keep your treasures inside. It is perfect for keeping on a shelf or in a drawer to keep your images private. Each of the prints that it holds are 5x7 prints that have a black styrene plastic backing 3mm thick to ensure durability. This also makes it perfect for displaying on the little easel I’ve included, on a desk or shelf.

Wall Art Are you looking for something that is ready to hang on the wall as soon as you get it? How about something that looks both beautiful and classic? The Gallery Wrap Canvases are made just for you then! Just like any other fine art, this image is put on canvas and stretched over a frame. On the left you can see an example of the fine texture, as well as the frame, and wire that allow this art piece to be put onto your wall as soon as you get it. It’s perfect for hanging over the couch, over a bed, or you can get multiple ones to create your own personal gallery! Let this product be part of your everyday life to remind you of just how amazing you are!

Albums Albums are a popular choice for people wanting at least 15 image from their session, but who don’t want to do with an image box. The company I use is absolutely extraordinary! Each of the layouts, (which is 2 pages, seen on the bottom right image), is printed as one photograph. This way when I do a full image spread, there is only the slightest break in the image where the book folds. Your album will be available in 5 wonderful colors, (black, white, green, pink , and red). In addition, they are available in both linen and leather. The pages of the linen books are double thickness of a photograph, as that’s exactly what it is; two photographs bonded to each other to make the front and back. On the other hand the leather book’s pages are thicker as there is not only the two photographic pages, there is also a divider to give you a luxurious feeling not only in touching the cover, but in turning each page. *In the purse albums, the pages are all double photograph thickness in both leather and linen*

RMP Winter 2012 Portrait Guide  

This is the winter 2012 Portrait guide from Regina Marie Photography. Beauty and Glamour Portraits in Portland Maine.