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The Truth about the universal laws and religion This book was written and compiled by Reginald Martin This report may be freely distributed. You may pass it along to anyone that may benefit from its content. You do not have consent to change this report in any way.

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We hear much conversation about the universal laws. But when you really think about it we only hear about the Law of Attraction in any depth. In actuality it is not a universal law. It is a composite of 3 of the universal laws. I have explained two of them in previous post. The third component is the gender principle that is associated with the Law of Attraction and any other component of the universe. I will get into a little more detail about that later. I am the type of person when interested in a subject has to really go in depth with it. This applied to the universal laws. I wanted to know how many laws there were and how did they work. The LOA was such a powerful concept I figured that knowing and understanding the other laws would be helpful. Leaning about them opened up an entirely new way of thinking and understanding of our world and the universe. It also made me realize what religious teachers were attempting to teach us and that it was more than right, wrong, sin, heaven and hell. Learning about the universal laws also made me understand that we have an existence in more than a physical body. A law is universal because it works in any area of creation, whether it be mental, physical, spiritual. Whether it is applied on earth or a distant star. The laws work whether we are talking about energy, matter, chemicals or human beings. The law could be applied on all planes of existence in the universe. That’s why they are called Universal Laws. The Law of attraction is the tip of the iceberg. Many years before any world religions were established a philosophical teaching came out of Egypt. It was taught by a man called Hermes Trismagistus. He was known by the ancient Egyptians as "THE GREAT GREAT" and "MASTER OF A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL Page 2

MASTERS". The name Trismagistus is Greek and means thrice great. His teachings are what any of the world religions are based on. They we later put in writing in a book called the Kybalion. You can understand the esoteric meaning of many of the religions once you know these principles. Understanding these principles will allow you to know that much of the negative and separatist doctrine taught by religions is really a device to keep the masses in fear and ignorance of who we truly are. According to the Kybalion and hermetic philosophy, there are seven universal laws or principle. They are as follows: 1. The principle of Mentalism 2. The principle of Correspondence 3. The principle of Vibration 4. The principle of Polarity 5. The principle of Rhythm 6. The principle of Cause and Effect 7. The principle of Gender when you understand these 7 Laws or principles you can then understand how the universe works from the smallest wave of energy to the highest level of existence on any plane. Understanding how these principles work on the physical plane can help you on this plane when creating your world. Any one that has heard of the law of attraction knows about the principles of vibration and Cause and Effect. So I will not go into detail on them. The others I will give you a quick overview on.

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The Universe is mental The first is Mentalism. This principle states that everything that exists in the universe is a mental phenomenon. In other words, anything in the universe is a creation from the mind. The mind is a constantly expanding consciousness. The universe and everything in it was created from the mind of THE ALL (GOD). On a physical level we can understand this principle simply by looking at anything that has been created by man. An architect creates a building in his mind before he ever puts it on a blue print and the building is constructed. On a philosophical level anything we see is a creation of our mind. Think about this. If you are sitting in a room, are you in the room or is the room in you? In other words, did you construct the reality that you perceive? Science says yes to this question. Biocentrism and emerging science is putting the mind or consciousness at the center of creation. This science is stating consciousness created the universe not the other way around. If you used a little bit of common sense and a basic principle of science we would have to ask what made the big bang bang? In other words science says anything that is at rest will stay at rest until another force acts on it to move it. Another question that comes to mind is after the big bang science says that only 10% of the universe is accounted for with physical matter. What and where is the other 90%? The what of that 90% science and named dark matter. Another question to ask related to the Big Bang and Dark Matter is, is the universe expanding? So we can deductively tackle these questions as the teacher of the Kybalion intended. Through reasoning and introspection. A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL Page 4

Physically we can not see the Big Bang, fly to a distant star or hang out in the universe outside planet earth. But with the power of our eternal consciousness we can do all those things. We can search our minds and arrive at answers that science will dogmatically say are not valid because we can not physically prove it or touch it. However, we must begin to realize that more of our universe can be tapped into consciously and with our mind than we can physically. What made the Big Bang Bang? What was it that made the singularity explode? Making the assumption that there was ever a singularity I would have to form my hypothesis around the laws of the universe. Hermes Trismagistus stated that the universe originated from the mind of The ALL. In other words the universe came into existence from the mind of what many have named God. Modern science has many proponents of a universal mind one of the is Max Planck. Max Planck, the father of modern physics, in 1944 identified this field as the matrix,� he says that all matter the stuff our world is made of originates and exist by virtue of a force, we must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.� Science says that anything at rest will remain at rest until a force acts on it. The singularity, if it ever existed, was at rest until the consciousness acted on it. I say consciousness because it is a non-physical force that can create. It is eternal. Consciousness is ALL THAT IS/God. Consciousness is forever creating. It created our universe.

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What is the unaccounted for matter in the universe? The second question is, according to science there is 90 percent of the universe unaccounted for, where is it? Science calls it dark matter. They know it is there but they can not account for it. This is a quandary for science. They can’t account for it because the other 90 percent of the universe is not physical. The dark matter is consciousness. The physical universe exists inside this dark matter or consciousness. Consciousness created the universe. Conventional science wants to say that the universe came into existence and then we conscious beings emerged. Another way to look at it is that matter existed and out of matter came consciousness. How can that be when matter is not even the base component of existence. What made matter from? Opps, that’s another question. The thought that dark matter is consciousness will flow right into the prime law again. Thought is cause. “Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am.” “As a man thinks so is he.” Science is hampered by the dogma of physical reality. What is reality? Another issue that arises is how reality is defined. At this point conventional science says reality is what can be experienced with its five senses. However, to have the ability to explore our universe we will have to go into places that we will never be able to go physically. These places are valid because we know they exist. They are simply not physical. Our consciousness can go to places that our brain and body will never be able to go. For example our dream world is a non-physical reality. It is part of our universe. Our consciousness can inhabit this reality. Studies have been done on remote viewing (the ability to see a place you are not physically at). The existence of remote viewing has been documented. There have been ancient drawings of the structure A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL Page 6

of atoms well before microscopes existed. How did the ancients get the picture? Did they take their consciousness to explore one of the tiniest worlds? It was real, it just was not physical. Neither is consciousness physical. Our physical reality is inside our consciousness. Out of our consciousness comes physical reality. What is a universe? The third question, is the universe expanding? This is going to take a little common sense deduction to answer this question. The universe is defined as everything that exists anywhere. If that is the definition then the universe can not be expanding. Here’s what common sense begs to ask? If the universe is expanding then what is it expanding into? Hmmm. If the universe is everything that is everywhere then it just is. It can not have a boundary. It can not have a beginning or an end. What did the singularity exist in if it ever existed? Hmmm. If God created the universe then who or what created God so it could create the universe? Who or what created the God that created the God that created the universe? Damn! Give me a minute to clean off my computer screen. My brain just exploded. I hate it when that happens! Could it be as the ancients have said, that ALL THAT IS has always existed? Could it be that there is no beginning to the universe as we know it? Could it be that time and space is an illusion of physical reality? The universe exists in the mind. Could it be that the observer creates another portion of the universe each time they gaze into a telescope thinking they are looking farther back in time?

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You may have to ponder these questions for a while, but that’s ok. Many of them you will only be able to answer for yourself through introspection from within. The universe is mental.

The Law of Correspondence The second principle is the Law of Correspondence. This law says that there is a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words: "As above, so below; as below, so above." The grasping of this Principle gives us the means of solving many philosophical paradoxes, and hidden secrets of Nature. “There are planes beyond our knowing and understanding, but when we apply the Principle of Correspondence to them we are able to understand much that would otherwise be unknowable to us.” The Kybalion

The law of correspondence is illustrated in the teachings of Christ the scripture below: John 14:20 Jesus states On that day you will realize that I am in the Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. This is Jesus simply stating the law of correspondence, as above so, so below. In other words we are all part of the one. Just as Jesus is part of God so are we all. Religion wants to make Jesus something different than human, or any of us. He was not different from human and he was stating so. I wrote in my article

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Jesus was the first new age guru that Jesus stated to the disciples he spoke figuratively to them, NIV bible John 16:25 Jesus said “Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language.” If his words were not to be taken literal then we have to get the esoteric meaning from them. His words have a deeper meaning than what they say about our physical existence. The law of correspondence says that all laws should work on any plane to be truly universal. Understanding this law really helped me move away from religious dogma. For example, religious dogma has painted a picture of God as an angry, vengeful God. Anger is an animalistic emotion. It can only be applicable in the animal world. An atom can not get angry. A rock can not get angry. Energy can not get angry. God is not human so how can he/it get angry and be vengeful? Emotions do not correspond or work on any level except our physical world and specifically to animals. The axiom as above, so below, as below, so above does not apply to emotions and God. Egotistically we want to make God like man but he/it can’t be like us. I doubt that we would really want God to be like us. Learn and understand this principle and a whole new world of thought is yours.

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The Principle of Vibration The third principle is that of vibration. I think we all have gotten the understanding that everything in the universe vibrates so I will not go into any detail here. I have also explained it in other articles and with other scripture. Science has also confirmed that everything vibrates. Understand that our world, the physical world, is built on other aspects of the universe. We are multidimensional beings. Learning how the laws of the universe apply will aid you in operating in all aspects of your being not just the physical. You are a soul having a human experience. In order for our world to develop and move to a higher plane we have to learn about the existence of those planes and what it means to be a part of them. We can not continue to allow fear and superstition to keep our consciousness boxed into physical reality. There are other realities just as valid as this one that are not physical. Do you want to explore? You have to be brave and adventurous.

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The fourth principle is the Law of Polarity The fourth principle is the law of Polarity. We have heard this called duality also. The law of Polarity says that everything is dual and everything has poles or opposites. An example is hot and cold. They are looked on as different. In reality they are the two extremes of the same thing. Where does cold start and hot end on the physical plane? How about love and hate on the mental plane? What about light and dark on the energy plane? They are all examples of extremes on different planes. Understanding polarity can be powerful when you want to keep your vibration up at a high level. On a Mental level happy and sad are two extremes. Sad is a lower vibration than happy on the mental level. When you can learn to change or set your polarity at a higher level you can become a conscious creator of your world.

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The fifth principle Rhythm The fifth principle is the principle of Rhythm. An analogy of this Law is that of a pendulum. Everything has a rhythm, a motion back and forth. If that motion swings wild one way it will eventually swing back just as far in the opposite direction. We can use emotions as an example. Successful people learn to control the emotional swings. There may be days that they do not “feel� like doing something but they do it anyway. They are consistent. They control their emotional rhythm. You could also say they control the polarity at which they sit. The sixth principle Cause and Effect The sixth principle is the Law of Cause and Effect. It states that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. I have already gone over this in detail in other articles so I will not do so here. Here is a biblical scripture teaching the laws of cause and effect and rhythm: Luke 6:37 & 38 states Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." In other words if you judge (cause) you will be judged (effect). The measure you use (the pendulum swinging one way), it will be measured to you (the pendulum swinging back with the same A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL http://reginaldc.mePage 12

force). The esoteric meanings of what Jesus teaches come through very clear when you understand that he spoke figuratively.

The seventh and final principle is the law of Gender. The law of Gender states that everything has its masculine and feminine counterparts and it manifests on all planes of existence. The masculine part is what seeks and the feminine part is the receptive. This is how the attraction part of the LOA works. It is the masculine and feminine parts finding each other. An example on a physical plane is of course male and female. On an energy plane it can be negative and positive. The law of vibration comes into play with this law also. There will always be a masculine and feminine counter part on any plane of existence. However, these counter parts must harmonize or vibrate in unison to stay together. The law of Gender is definitely important in understanding how our universe works.

These are the seven laws of the universe according to Hermetic philosophy. The teaching of these laws preceded all religions. Understanding these laws at a deeper level is what the great teachers were attempting to teach us. These principles were the subject of many of the parables that Jesus taught. His figurative speech was built on explaining these principles. The 10 commandments in the bible were built on these 7 principles with the understanding that how we perform in the physical world will impact us in the spiritual world. Unfortunately religion became a A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL http://reginaldc.mePage 13

tool for control rather than enlightenment. So many of the negative concepts of religion are to control us physically and mentally but have no validity outside of the physical realm. The idea of hell makes no sense when we consider multiple lives, simultaneous time and energy never being destroyed but can change states. Man generally has a limited view of what God is based on the limited view of human existence. Western society has a belief that this physical existence is all there is us. But in religious circles it is a contradictory belief that our bodies will die on average of about 70 years and our soul can burn for eternity based on this one infinitesimal lifespan. I say it is a contradiction because religion will acknowledge us as a soul but judge it based on our physical existence. How logical would it be for us to be judged by God for one 70 year span in the context of billions of years of existence for our soul? In other words we can burn in hell for having sex outside of marriage. If that’s true then you better make it good when you do! I wonder if Adam and Eve are still burning for having sex outside of marriage? Haha! The concept of hell is a control mechanism. It has been said that God is a loving God. If that is so, why would he send a certain group of people to hell for eternity if they don’t believe a certain way? If God is our father how could he be so cruel to his children. If you are a parent, what offence could your child commit that you would banish them for eternity?

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I don’t think there is such an offense YOUR child could commit. But that bad ass neighbors kid? lol! I’m kidding. My point is that if it is another is not like you then egotistically it is easy to be in judgment of them and egocentrically believe God is on your side more than another part of his creation. Which of his children should he choose against? If we start to analyze and question some of the religious concepts logic will lead us to many different conclusions than the accepted dogma and doctrine. Going back the roots of ancient philosophy such as the Kybalion will help in uniting us all in the future. We are energy as is every thing in the universe. The seven laws are really more about moving and manipulating energy than they are about matter. They are about all planes of existence not just the physical. Viewing our existence from a meta (beyond) physics (physical) perspective will help us grasp a lot more of the meaning and purpose of our existence. I believe it will also stem the fearful and superstitious belief systems that are so prevalent today. The seven Hermetic laws work with each other. There is no single event occurring that is the product of one law. In the my article titled, If the law of attraction is so great why do I keep getting in bad relationships, I illustrated that the LOA is actually a composite of 2 laws. You can also include the principle of gender as you could with any event that occurs in the universe. Learning and understanding the seven laws of the hermetic philosophy is a fantastic aid in developing your spirituality. You learn to understand that we exist on more than the physical plane A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL http://reginaldc.mePage 15

and that learning how to use the laws now will aid us in the spirit world and beyond. Our consciousness is forever expanding and because it is eternal what we learn stays with us forever! Remember, you are a soul living a human experience.

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About the author My name is Reginald C. Martin. I am a teacher and student of metaphysics. I write a blog that inspects many aspects of the metaphysical world. My blog is down to earth, witty, intelligent, and sometimes irreverent but at all times thought provoking. I have a gift for taking complex information and simplify it. I have the ability to stand in two worlds and synthesize these worlds in order to gain a better understanding of our universe and our place in it. These worlds are logic and intuition. Logic is housed in a world of science. Intuition and faith is housed in the world of spirituality. In the physical world we are ruled by our five senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. It is what we term “reality�.

Metaphysical means beyond the physical. This has long been the world that religion has tried to grasp but has failed in bringing man to understand his true place in the universe. In this metaphysical world I have taken teachings and concepts that may be difficult to grasp and learned them logically and intuitively. My hope is that I can share my gift with you so that you may get in touch with your true self. The self that is all knowing.

We exist in more than the world of our 5 senses. My desire and passion is to give you a spark that will light a fire of discovery and understanding. You may not agree with everything I write. That is perfectly fine. From a spiritual perspective I know that your truth A Movement of the Spiritually Empowered @ U Create ALL http://reginaldc.mePage 17

and path is yours to walk. No one can define that truth and path for you. I would hope that my report will cause you to ask questions and seek that path. I believe that we are all a part of one creation that appears separated by the illusion of the physical. I am working to help create a world that recognizes our connectedness to all of creation. A world that is lives through the power of love and tolerance rather than fear and coercion.

My hope is that we all will again remember that we are connected to, part of and endowed with the ability of the source of all creation and that we are a soul. A soul is not what we have, it is what we are. We are souls having a human experience. We must remember that part of us that is eternal. Our physical bodies will die but our consciousness is eternal.

If you are interested in a knowledgeable guest speaker on for your internet talk show or lectures on metaphysical concepts like the law of attraction and more you contact me at

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The truth about universal laws and religion  

We hear much conversation about the universal laws. But when you really think about it we only hear about the Law of Attraction in any depth...