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Reginald B Belgrave III Academic Portfolio

Analysis & Abstraction


Garden/Pavilion Design


Principles of Point, Line, Plane & Volume

Grid Systems, Grade Changes, Architecture & Site



2D Composition Painting: The Corinthian Maid Artist: Joseph Wright This painting is the basis for the eight diagrams produced. Diagrams such as balance, axis, and figures ground were created from the forms of the indivuduals in the painting. The color diagram took a different approach, which began with inverting the color of the painitng. From this, a series of grids were made. The smaller and closer knit grids represented the darker areas of the inverted painting and the larger grids represented the lighter areas.

3D Composition: Cube The goal with this 3D composition is to create a cube without using the physical edges and faces of a traditional cube. It’s created through using diagrams from the painting, “The Corinthian Maid”, specifcally the diagrams of color, balance, axis, and figures ground.

Garden for Contemplation The design of the garden is based off the idea of being a place for contemplation for people. This is achieved through a series of paths that lead to spaces that provide a sense of seclusion, such as being underneath trees or being in the corner between a large bush and wall.

Pavilion for Music and Art The pavilion is meant to compliment the program of contemplation of the garden that it resides in. It’s centered around music and art of the Caribbean, allowing indivuduals who enter to not only listen to different types of Caribbean music, but to look at the art and history behind it. The design of the pavilion is also derived from the design of the three-dimensional cube.

Capital of Column: National Portrait Gallery Graphite

Citrohan House Graphite

Dancing House & Heydar Aliyev Center Graphite Pen Colored Pencil

Glass Pavilion Graphite

Notre Dame du Haut Graphite

Great Mosque of Samarra (Abstraction) Graphite Pen Colored Pencil

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Reginald B Belgrave III Academic Portfolio  

Reginald B Belgrave III Academic Portfolio