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PILGRIMAGE TO THE CAFÉ MAMA SHOULD BE RESCUED FROM THE PANTRY, UNLESS SHE EXILED HERSELF THERE. I MISS HER. SHE DOESN’T REPLY TO TEXTS, AND I DOUBT IT’S BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF SIGNAL STRENGTH. I LAST SAW HER TWO WEEKS WHEN SHE LISTED THE ITINERARY OF THE LAST-MINUTE PILGRIMAGE. . They left Budapest by bus from Népliget in the early hours. The Planetárium sign showed where to board the bus. The route crossed Slovenia and Italy, with a mass on the way, accommodation somewhere in the vicinity of San Remo. THERE WAS NO DINNER ON THE FIRST NIGHT! After breakfast on the second day they headed to Lourdes along the Cote d’Azur. Mass in Avignon on the way. Visited churches after waking up, crossroads, and participation in the candlelight procession in the evening to wind things down. On the fourth day, visited museums, another candlelight procession for the fitter ones. On the fifth day, left in the early hours, consumed packed lunch on the way. Travelled on to Spain, mass in Loyola, then on to Santiago de Compostela. Sightseeing in the morning, the burial site of the apostle St. James, mass. On the same day, travelled on to Portugal with a short sightseeing in Porto. Arrival in Fatima late at night. On the seventh day, programs for pilgrims, Hungarian crossroads, prayers in St. Stephen’s chapel, candlelight procession. On the eight day, the schedule got busy; they went on a day trip from Fatima to Coimbra then went to see the Monastery of Batalha. Finally, they visited the small Cistercian monastery in Nazare on the Atlantic coast. Travelled on to Lisbon on the same night. Whoever was up for it went sightseeing, the weaker ones did it the following day. Relaxation on the bus, two days in one go and they arrived home. Granny enjoyed it very much, surely. Somehow I have to achieve that we have lunch together on Saturday. Perhaps she’s hungry for some scallops, the shells of St. James. With risotto and asparagus garnish. Granny rarely goes to cafés. She believes it’s not proper for old folks to go to such places. What’s at home is good enough, and what’s the point, anyway. At times I’m tempted to persuade her out of her homecoat, but I only manage to persuade her into a mourning black number. I have to admit that the trip to Fatima didn’t nurture the hedonism in her. She is intimidated by the too elegant, and the simple she’s better at. My last argument was that she could twist her own hair on the rollers and dry it with electricity. Yet, she has her perm done by her hairdresser. I argued with the smile of her grandchild without telling her that she hates her kisses. I told her there would be a lot of us and the family is not complete without her. If she doesn’t want scallops, she could have the meat stew, with a spoon if that’s what she wants. She’ll only be served a small portion, so she won’t be ashamed for not eating it all. Her stomach wouldn’t take it anyway, the pilgrimages take their toll. There won’t be tapas, shrimp, snails or frogs, only meat stew with noodles. The most important thing is to be together around the table. Because we’re celebrating, because we love each other, because it’s a weekday, because we haven’t seen each other for a long time and because we have no reasons. To bow before the pilgrimage. We know and understand how long the road was. We are proud of you Mama!





1. What do you do at Gerlóczy? Whenever I’m at Gerlóczy, I try my very best to do nothing and think nothing. My efforts are greatly helped by a slice of the legendary Gerlóczy brittle cake and some coffee. Actually, I can’t do nothing as intensively anywhere else as I can here. 2. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2013? It could only be better than 2012 was. I had all kinds of medical problems last year, and I started to suspect some karmic offences in the background. Then came 2013, this pretty weird year. I spent six months in France which I regret. Not because of France, it’s an excellent country, but the professional decision that took me there. But it must have been an important part of my life, I started to do new things in a different field, and those six months were probably instrumental in making the right decisions. Since I came home I’ve met interesting, promising new people, and there are new projects on the horizon. And my mum, who’s just turned seventy, has found love again. She has a boyfriend, and they hold hands like two teenagers. That’s a great happiness. 3. A dish nobody does better. My strength lies mostly in consuming food, but I can say without immodesty that I make one of the most excellent muffins in the known universe. I could state here, although it probably means I’ve lost my grip on reality, that I would be able to cook anything if I had the time. When it comes to cooking and baking, first I read EVERYTHING on the internet, using different sources, carefully studying the illustrations and educational videos. The problem is I’m only an idle exile in the kitchen. My girlfriend cooks way too well, it makes me redundant. 4.Which is your favourite Christmas candy? I am suspicious of Christmas candy to start with. When I was a kid, my older brother always ate the candy and put the empty wrapping back onto the Christmas tree so that it looked as it was proper candy. Anyway, I like these fancy new scientifically reinvented Christmas candies. The one with jelly filling gives me the creeps; that’s what we always had at home when I was a kid. 5. What was the best film/book/music for you in 2013? The most memorable film was perhaps The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg, it’s a fantastic film. Or This Must Be the Place with Sean Penn. And of course Beasts of the Southern Wild. Oh my God, it’s a huge film. Then I say a couple of great documentaries, old but good Fog of War and Inside Job, for example. As for literature, I realized I finish books more and more rarely. I had high hopes for Roberto Bolano’s works, but I was disappointed. I was thinking that if I had to choose which author of the 20th century should have his statue, I’d choose Vonnegut, for every main square. As for music, recently I listen to Thee Oh Sees and Jackie Mitoo, with a little Syd Barrett and David Bowie thrown in the mix. 6. What do you do and what have you been up to lately? I’ve just started a new job, as a reported, cameraman and editor for the video column of an online daily. It’s very exciting. As I’m a committed environmentalist, I’m making a documentary about food waste recycling. Did you know that in Hungary one person throws away 40-50 kg of food every year? That’s an outrageous waste both in an ecological and social sense. That’s what the film will be about. With my friends we’re planning a whole series; the problem is with the financing. We need financial support... can I give you an account number? Joking aside, the next episode is planned to find reasons as to why Hungarian football is so bad. Another thing is we’re trying to develop a media training and mentor program for civil organizations, they are in dire need. And there are a few more projects underway. So I won’t be bored next year...

1. Gerlóczy is a true oasis for me, a tiny France in the heart of downtown Budapest with the added advantage that I live close by. Last utumn I went to Paris, and like many others, I fell in love with the city at first sight. Since then I like Gerlóczy even more because of its tangible Parisian feel.

1. Now I popped in for a foamy coffee, that’s unbeatable here.

2. it’s too early to tell. The year is not over yet, and who knows maybe the best thing is yet to come. However, I haven’t lacked in experiences. I met many interesting people, and had enriching and exciting conversations.

2. That I managed to open my own hair salon next door.

3. I do every dish better than anyone else. At least, that’s what my partner says. Bud joking aside, I have a sweet tooth, so I channel my culinary creativity into baking. My raspberry cheesecake doesn’t last for days, and my plum jam and red wine brownie is also very popular.

3. Nobody makes a better broccoli cream soup than me.

4. The one with truffle filling. Its flavour reminds me of childhood Christmases. Although it’s not a big deal, as those weren’t so long ago.

4. The one with jelly filling is the best.

5. I mostly remember French films, ‘Another Woman's Life’ Juliette Binoche and ‘Happiness Never Comes Alone’ with Sophie Marceau. True, I saw them last year. As for books, now at the gate of my master’s degree I’m mainly around economics texts, and that’s not too mainstream. As for music, Elvis takes it all for the time being, but Paradise from Coldplay and Summertime Sadness from Del Rey are on the top of my playlist.

5. ‘Rush’ really touched me, even though I don’t like Formula 1. I can only recommend it.

6. I’m doing my master’s degree; it’s my last year at Corvinus University. Besides studying, I work in a healthy cooking show on TV.

6. I’m a hairdresser at Magdi Beauty Salon next door.

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GERLÓCZYRecommends: A TASTE OF THE FESTIVE MENU (FROM DECEMBER 21 TO JANUARY 5) Confit duck leg with anise cabbage chutney and cottage cheese soufflé. A fabulous duck dish to make the holidays even merrier. Enjoy our festive delights!

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION BETTIE MOBIL (ELLE S'EN VA / ON MY WAY) Still gorgeous at 70 Catherine Deneuve's latest film is the French version of the classic road movie genre. With beautiful scenery and music in the background a woman finds the way to her true self. We recommend On My Way for its atmosphere, rhythm, lightness, and most of all for the natural and sophisticated Deneuve

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WAMP CHRISTMAS FAIR WAMP IS THE ULTIMATE HUNGARIAN DESIGN FAIR. A community event taking place once or more than once a month in Budapest where emerging Hungarian designers showcase their works. A place where design meets urban Hungarians, tourists and expats. It is also a meeting place for creative and trendsetter people. This time of the year WAMP becomes a Mecca for Christmas gift seeking design lovers. DATES OF THE CHRISTMAS FAIRS: 8th December 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. - Millenáris B Hall 15th December 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. - Millenáris B Hall 22nd December 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. - Millenáris B Hall



Christmas Wreath - 4500 Ft Design: Astoria Rózsái


Screen Printed Cushion - 5 990 Ft Design: Szé RODODENDRON

Tea Cup - 2 300 Ft BIG BEN TEAHÁZ

Lush Gift Pack Season’s Tweetings - 13 590 Ft LUSH

Crocheted Brooch - 3 500 Ft Custom items available upon request!

Gerlóczy Cup - 6 000 Ft Gold gilt porcelain GERLÓCZY KÁVÉHÁZ

Embroidered Cushion - 8 500 Ft Design: Kamilla Uhlér MAGMA Bow Ties - 2500 Ft/piece Design: Badger & Fox RETROCK

Hupp Bean Bag - 24 000 Ft Hazelnut colour, leatherette BLUP Cirko Pass - 12 000 Ft for six months 22 000 Ft for the whole year CIRKO GEJZÍR CINEMA

Pick Ur Pine - Toothpicks holder - 3 200 Ft BLUP

GIFT CARD Christmas? Birthday? Give a Gerlóczy Gift Card. This stylish little card works like a top-up card. You buy it, top it up with a certain amount, and your friends use it to settle their bill in the café.

What’s missing? Children’s Book - 1 990 Ft Design: Zsófi Barabás THE GARDEN STUDIO

Valid for a year! Basic Sweater - 5 600 Ft PRINTA Lush Gift Pack Christmas Kisses - 8 890 Ft LUSH

Hand-painted Wooden Box - 8 000 Ft Design: Anna Holló HOLLÓ MÛHELY

Leather Bag - 42 000 Ft Design: Dóri Tomcsányi THE GARDEN STUDIO

Future Unnon Bracelet - 1 990 Ft Red lucky thread with clear quartz crystals RODODENDRON

Frog Prince Board Game - 8 300 Ft Design: Marbushka MARBUSHKA

STORE DIRECTORY: : PRINTA - 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10. RODODENDRON - 1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 19. BIG BEN TEAHÁZ - 1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 10. LUSH - 1052 Kristóf tér 3. (Váci utca) POMPOM DESIGN - Nánai Borbála - HOLLÓ MÛHELY - 1052 Budapest, Vitkovics Mihály u. 12. MAGMA GALÉRIA - 1052 Budapest, Petôfi Sándor utca 11. RETROCK - 1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2. BLUP! 1066 Budapest, Dessewffy u. 41. ASTORIA RÓZSÁI - 1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 3/a.

LET’S DECORATE! OUR CHRISTMAS TREE RETURNS TO KAMERMAYER SQUARE AGAIN THIS YEAR. You’re invited to our Christmas tree decoration party! Please bring along a tree ornament that reminds you of us or which you made for us. There’ll be plenty of mulled wine, gingerbread and holiday cheer.


DATE: 17 December, Tuesday from 7 p.m. VENUE: Gerlóczy Café, winter terrace

Gerlóczy is open every day of the year. We look forward to meeting you at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, too! Tables are going fast, so make a reservation today! Call our toll-free number 06 80 102 600 or visit our website!


MAYBE IT HAPPENS TONIGHT... ONE NIGHT STANDS ON THE HORIZON! In February every night at 9 p.m. one lucky dining couple can stay for a fabulous COMPLIMENTARY NIGHT in the most beautiful room of Gerlóczy. The next morning we serve them the best breakfast in town. With unlimited minibar consumption! If you don’t win the complimentary stay, we invite you to Puskin Cinema after dinner. It’s a win-win situation. Ready, steady, book! PS: Don’t forget your toothbrush!

MEET OUR TEA SUPERVISOR, ZSÓFIA DOBOZY SHE STARTS THE DAY WITH AND EARL GREY, THEN HAS A GREEN TEA IN THE SHOP, SIPS A ROOIBOS DURING THE DAY, AND SWEARS BY A CUP OF ASSAM TO BEAT THE AFTERNOON FATIGUE. She’s passionate about tea, and she’s managed the Big Ben Teahouses for more than a decade. She’s the tea supervisor at Gerlóczy. It only occurred to her ten years ago when walking around Vienna that something was wrong. The Austrians were way ahead of us, the number of teas available there was amazing. She decided to bring that variety to Budapest; and in six months she became addicted to tea. In the early 2000s in Hungary hardly anyone dealt with loose tea or the culture of tea. Big Ben Teahouse, founded twelve years ago, was among the pioneers, doing its share of education as well. Along with the classic Ceylon green tea, the returning hits of this winter are the orange and marzipan Rooibos tea and the orange cookie-flavoured green tea. Regulars’ favourites now include green teas after the dominance of fruit and black teas, and a new trend is also emerging: Rooibos or red tea is becoming more and more fashionable, says Zsófi. R. K.


CHERCHEZ LA FEMME! THE FRENCH WOMAN WHO SPEAKS WITH AN ACCENT IS AN ETERNAL TOPOS REGARDLESS OF THE LANGUAGE SHE’S TRYING TO SPEAK WITH THAT CERTAIN CHARMING NASAL TWANG. One of our regulars, Helene Bienvenu, the correspondent for the French daily LaCroix based in Hungary, learnt to speak Polish and is fluent in Hungarian despite being typically Parisian. She frequents Gerlóczy, but be warned: only charm proof Hungarian men should attempt to converse with her. She has one additional lethal weapon, she’s dangerously smart. She moves around the world with a French ease; and wherever she goes she gives her all into processing what she sees. In Detroit she made a documentary about the ’DIY’ movement’s exciting initiatives. She’s interested in the impacts of the financial crisis; she’s a photographer, blogger, and, lately an investigative journalist. When asked about Hungarian issues, she has strong views and she’s quick to reply. She’s way past the goulash-Puli-Hortobágy clichés. She loves the Hungarian wine culture and cuisine. So how come she’s here? She didn’t have any Hungarian connections whatsoever, but she says she was already interested in East Central Europe as a student. She read political science and international relations at university in Paris, that’s why she learnt Polish, one of the languages of the region. She spent a year in Warsaw as an exchange student and she popped over to

Hungary a couple of times in the meantime. After she returned to Paris to finish her degree she started to feel homesick for East Central Europe. She says she didn’t want an office job or fancy-sounding but boring job; and as she’d had a brief encounter with journalism, applied for a job at a major French guide book publisher. Five years ago the publisher sent her to Budapest to update the Hungarian guide book. For three months she travelled across the country by train, hitchhiking, any way she could. She was captivated by the Hungarian spirit, the rhythm of festivals, and she made new friends. Although she returned to Paris when the job was done, she could still feel the attraction. She enrolled in university again, this time to study Hungarian, and whenever a travel article gave her apt excuse she came rushing back to Budapest. When she won the Balassi Institute scholarship it was decided she would stay here for a while. She’s lived and breathed the reality of Hungary ever since as a reporter. Her latest interest is the farmers’ markets, and she’s planning to make a documentary about increasingly popular community initiatives.

THE AMBASSADOR OF NAPLES IN A CUP From now on, you’ll find Kimbo, the market leader coffee of Italy in your coffee cup. The company started out in the ’50a as a small coffee shop in Naples with a mission to promote espresso and to stay true to Neapolitan traditions and flavours. The flavours of Naples, also known as the espresso capital of the world, are easy to detect in Kimbo coffees. From now on, Gerlóczy serves masculine yet incredibly creamy coffees. And when you think you got to the end of its flavours comes the twist. The unmistakably chocolaty taste for which Italians have chosen this coffee for over 60 years.

OYSTERS FOR DUMMIES How to eat oysters? To shuck an oyster you need an oyster knife. Insert the tip of the knife into the small hole at the hinge of the oyster shell and push it all the way inside to break the hinge and cut the abductor muscle. Remove the top shell, keeping the bottom shell flat to conserve the oyster juices. Oysters are particularly nutritious and healthy, low in fat and carbohydrates. Although they consist of 83% water, they’re remarkably rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, oysters are believed to be aphrodisiacs. Without any scientific proof, we can either confirm or deny that,

During oyster season, from September to April, fresh oysters arrive at Gerlóczy every Friday! Half a dozen: 4500 Ft, a dozen: 9000 Ft

Enjoy this excellent black Italian in Kamermayer Square!





CAN COMPILE A 2 OR 3-COURSE MEAL STRAIGHT FROM THE MENU. JUST MAKE WHAT TO DO: - Make your own 2 or 3-course selection from our menu (4,400 / 5,400 Ft) - We give you a complimentary ticket to Puskin Cinema for the same evening


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THREE COURSES --- 5,400 Ft ---

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Q&A: WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? LILI, (32) event organizer 2-course menu: Squid salad with pine nuts + Pappardelle with duck liver and chanterelle

DAVID, (42) Lawyer 3-course menu: Beef consommé + Hot and spicy pork spare ribs with mustard lentils + Cheese soufflé

ANETT, (26) graphic artist 3-course menu: Duck liver terrine + Grilled red mullet fillet with chickpea purée + Aged sheep milk cheese with apricot - tomato chutney

GIRLS NEXT DOOR The latest addition to the neighbourhood is Magdi’s hair salon. The two cheerful girls and their customers bring warmth to always windy Gerlóczy utca. They like our coffees and pop in for cakes sometimes, and we sport more stylish hairdos. Lego city comes to life!

HV Veronika Harcsa ... The most ethereal miracle guest and her musical partner released their new album ‘Life Lover’ in the autumn. Take a listen all you lovers of life.


PÁLINKA ‘FLASH MOB’ Four years ago we launched our St. Martin’s Day ‘Pálinka Flash Mob’. (Pálinka is a hungarian spirit) We meet and toast Mártons on the Gerlóczy terrace at 11.11 on 11th of the 11th month. Three Mártons, Marci Lennert, Marci Tömpe and Marci Zeibig have celebrated their nameday with us for four years now.

We take pictures of the happy occasion every year. We know that our Marcis diaries are cleared for 11.11 on 11th November every year.

OPPOSITE CAPA ROBERT CAPA, born Endre Friedmann, was born 100 years ago. It’s a little-known fact that he lived right across from Gerlóczy until the age of 18. His parents’ flat and tailor shop was in Városház street 10. Many of our regulars live in that house today, and it’s partly due to their commitment that a plaque was placed on the house on the hundredth anniversary of Capa’s birth. After visiting the exhibition titled Robert Capa / The Gambler in the Hungarian National Museum take a walk around house this exceptional artist grew up in. Then have a nice coffee in Gerlóczy just opposite. Exhibition: Robert Capa/ The Gambler Venue: Hungarian National Museum Date: 18 September 2013, Wednesday – 12 January 2014, Sunday

ZSÓFI BITTÓ - Tour guide ---->

THE SECRETS OF BUDAPEST VÖRÖSMARTY SQUARE Vörösmarty Square is one of the busiest squares in central Budapest. In the Middle Ages and even some time later it was located outside the city walls. When you walk to where the square meets Váci utca, you’ll see plaques on both sides of the street and a formation of different-coloured stones on the pavement. This was the location of Váci Gate where people entered and left the city. Actually, it wasn’t really a gate but a bastion with a checkpoint inside. The square has changed its name nine times, as you do in East Central Europe. It was named Tricesima (Harmincad) Square after the Tricesima Office that was located where the famous confectionary stands now. Another of its names was Theaterplatz after the German theatre that stood on the spot of the characteristic building of the ’pineapple’. For more information on the old names of the square, walk around the brown pyramid-shaped column near the Lion Fountain ... The most interesting story of the square is about the Vörösmarty Monument. In 1896, the people of Budapest initiated that a statue of the poet of Szózat (Appeal) be erected in one of the city’s main squares. The construction of the monument was financed by popular donations. The statue features ’characters’ of the Appeal, and also a black dot beside the back of the small child held by his mother. 10 out of 10 people guess the dot is really a bullet hole, but they’re wrong. It is a blackened silver coin donated by a beggar towards the cost of the monument. The committee organizing the donation was so moved by this gesture that they had this coin build in the monument...


Fancy hearing more interesting stories about the city? Join a „Fabulous Budapest” tour! Visit the front desk for details.

Storiesfromthebarcabinet THEMATIC TASTINGS THEMATIC TASTINGS AT GERLÓCZY –WE’LL WAKE UP YOUR SENSES Before asking your waiter why there are so many spirits on the drinks menu with unknown names and why all the drinks of the ’big houses’ disappeared, please read on and you’ll find the answers. If you’d like to enjoy the products of the ’big houses’, you’ll have to do it elsewhere I’m afraid. But if you’re ready to discover something new and exciting after a delicious dinner, or would welcome something fine to warm you up in a cold afternoon, Gerlóczy is the right place. When deciding on our new spirit selection, our foremost goal was to offer quality, individuality and the chance for everybody to find the distillate that suits them best. Get ready to taste new worlds and experience unknown aromas and flavours. Smaller distilleries don’t have large colourful posters featuring luxury cars and half-naked models. But after sniffing some of their products you’ll realize they each come with their individual style and aroma, and the world of spirits that you thought limited and boring will open up for you. You’ll notice your anticipation when you taste products of houses you didn’t know and therefore didn’t trust. We want to help build this trust with spirits’ descriptions and thematic tastings. Taste true spirit ambassadors that feature on our drinks menu due to their excellent quality and unique character. What do you feel like doing right now? How about travelling to the hot Caribbean and try the fantastic top-quality rums whose taste often outshine that of renowned cognacs? Would you rather fly to a French cellar where the finest distillates are produced based on centuries-old tradition and knowledge? Whatever’s your fancy, we’ll help you realize it in spirit. THREE THEMATIC TASTINGS:

3700 F

2900 F





Following French traditions 1. Calvados Christian Drouin V.S.O.P 2. Cognac Delamain X.O ‘Pale and Dry’ 3. Armagnac Castarede 1974

Introduction to major Scottish regions 1. Glenfarclas 15 years old, Speyside 2. Old Pulteny 12 years old, Highland 3. Ardbeg 10 years old, Islay

3200 F



Introduction to main rum styles 1. Clement 6 years old, Martinique 2. Dictador 12 years old, Kolumbia 3. El Dorado 15 years old, British Guiana

Further thematic tastings: VODKAS OF NATIONS, PÁLINKA; FAR EASTERN WHISKIES Ask Béla for more!

BÉLA JUHÁSZ - Sommelier ---->

BÉLA’S CHOICES At Christmas we like giving something special to our loved ones. Why shouldn’t it be a bottle of excellent red wine that we could even have with the festive dinner? But how to choose the most suitable wine? The first thing to take into account is when you want to drink it. Whether you’d like to have it with the Christmas dinner or keep it for another occasion in six months’ or a few years’ time. It’s worth noting that age doesn’t make a wine in itself: age doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. Vintage shouldn’t be your only point of reference, as an average red wine reaches its peak in 2 or 3 years. This means its texture and acidity are smoothed out completely. Such a wine is drinkable straightaway, and shouldn’t be cellared for 3 more years only to lose its silky texture and fine aromas and increase its acidity. However, if you’re looking to give a gift that’ll be lovingly tucked away in a cellar for years in order to age into a great wine, it will have to wait for 4 to 6 years. In case the bottle is opened sooner, the high acidity, the closed aromas and the harsh tannins would put anyone off drinking it. Should you look to buy a great red wine, their high price and limited availability make them easier to recognize. If you want to make a more educated choice, at Gerlóczy you are welcome to taste younger peaking red wines, such as St. Andrea Áldás that goes perfectly with our hot and spicy pork spare ribs. For a more serious and more mature red wine, I suggest you taste 2009 Konyári Loliense, perfectly accompanied by our rib eye steak.

GERLÓCZY:Café with rooms There are many exciting people staying in Gerlóczy from all over the world. Who are they? In each issue, we introduce one of them..

KAROLINE & JÖRGEN IF THERE WERE A WORD FOR REGULAR TRAVELLERS, KAROLINE AND JÖRGEN LINDEN COULD SURELY BE ITS EMBODIMENTS. ONE OF THE KEY ELEMENTS OF THEIR YOUNG AND AMBITIOUS LIVES IS SEEING THE WORLD. MORE TO THE POINT, THEY ARE FREQUENTLY SEEN IN BUDAPEST. Jörgen, I’m told you went to medical school in Budapest. What made you choose our capital? JL: I’d only heard good things about it from former students. Semmelweis University is one of the best medical schools in Europe and Budapest seemed to be crazy and exciting. I went there for six years. But you have to study day and night at med school. How did you find the time to explore the city? Which parts of it did you like in particular? JL: Sure, you have to study a lot, but I found the time for a short run almost every day. I can’t say I liked one area in particular, but some on my running route. I started by crossing Elizabeth Bridge, then ran up to Gellért Hill and down on the other side, across the Castle Hill and down to the Danube, and along the embankment to the Chain Bridge and back to Pest. I managed to match the sport with relatively quiet areas and I could enjoy the view in the meantime. Budapest. Eating or drinking? What dishes, what wines? JL-KL: Both! JL: Culinary pleasures are very important for us. Karoline studied in France, so both of us were really spoilt for choice from a culinary point of view when we were students. That was part of the reason we decided to get married in Budapest. KL: As for the cuisine, everything made from duck is incredible and game dishes are extraordinary. And there’s no white wine more beautiful than a dry Tokaj furmint. When it comes to red wine, Hungary has many hidden treasures. For quite a while we preferred full-bodied Villányi wines, until recently we met some remarkable Szekszárd varieties. How did you come upon Gerlóczy? JL: I was living in Városház utca when Gerlóczy Café opened in 2004. Soon it became my favourite breakfast spot. When Karoline moved her studies to Vienna, we made a habit of meeting at Gerlóczy for breakfast after she arrived by the early train. Tell us about the wedding. JL-KL: It was a beautiful day. Altogether eighty people travelled to Budapest from Norway and other countries to spend the weekend with us. A priest friend married us in the tiny church at the Castle, and after the ceremony we walked down to the Danube with the wedding guests and went on a sightseeing cruise. While the guests relaxed, we had our pictures taken at Gerlóczy, at the university, and at Keleti Railway Station. The dinner and the party also took place at the Castle, in the park. For our wedding night, we chose the balcony room of Gerlóczy, of course. Everything was flawless; Budapest showed us its most beautiful face. Which one do you prefer: the old parts of town, modern architecture or the ruin pubs in the 7th district? JL-KL: It’s hard to choose as it’s exactly the joint effect of all these that makes Budapest such an attractive city. For us a perfect day in Budapest is going for a stroll and enjoying the view, going to Gerbeaud for coffee and cake in the afternoon and to a bar or ruin pub for a Dreher in the evening. It’s Christmas. What is the Scandinavian winter like for natives? JL-KL: Although I know Christmas fairs and Budapest are a perfect match, for a Norwegian no place is on a par with Norway at Christmas. A white Christmas has a magical feel at home; when it’s cold outside and there’s the green Christmas tree and the warmth of the fire inside. Last year we rented a chalet in the mountains with Karoline’s family. It felt especially nice to go skiing before the mouth-watering but very filling Christmas dinner. What are your plans for the holidays? JL-KL: Christmas is for family, so we go home from Tanzania and spend Christmas in Bergen with Jörgen’s family this year. We hope there will be plenty of snow and we can test the slopes.

ARE Y OUR F OREIG BUSIN N ESS PA RTNER COMIN S G TO T Sleep OWN? t h em in Ger lóczy! Reser v a +36 8 tion at 0 toll fre 102 600 e num ber.

The rooms rates are: A szobák ára: WITH FREE WIFI AND FREE IN ROOM MINIBAR WITH DAILY REFILL! Korlátlan minibár fogyasztással, ingyenes wifivel /each standard room for two: 95 euro/room/night+ 12 for Breakfast két fô részére 95 euro /éjszaka + 12 euro/fô/reggeli Attic room for two: 80 euro/room/night+ 12 for Breakfast /each vagy95 válassza tetôtéri szobáinkat: Balcony room: euro/room/night+ 12 for Breakfast /each 80 euro /éjszaka + 15 euro balcony charge + 12 euro/fô/reggeli Address: Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux, a Gerlóczy Kávéház felett: Gerlóczy Rooms deLux 1052 Budapest, 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 1.Gerlóczy u. 1 - above Gerlóczy Café

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Gerlóczy News Winter Issue  
Gerlóczy News Winter Issue