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CHEESE SELECTION FOR THE HOLIDAYS CHEESE IS NOTHING ELSE THAN MILK, SALT, RENNET ENZYME AND A TOUCH OF POETRY. ROCAMDOUR AOC This tiny wheel is the pride and joy of Quercy. Only around thirty cheeses have been worthy of the AOC certification, so Rocamdour is an exceptional cheese. Made of goat’s milk, thus has a piquant character. POULIGNY-SAINT-PIERRE From the French region Berry, this cheese has a soft texture and natural rind. It is a 9 cm tall pyramid with an 8X8 cm square base, weighing around 250 grams. It has a pleasant flavour and distinctive aroma of straw. It’s aged for 2 to 5 weeks.

BLEU DE GEX Made at tiny farms in the Jura region. Not manufactured in the usual blue cheese style, it has a more stunned character with subtle walnuty notes. SAINT NECTAIRE You’ll find this cheese in central France (Massif Central) and in some serious cheese shops. It’s made of both pasteurized and unpasteurized milk beside such cheeses as Salers or Cantal. It’s one of the cheeses of controlled designation of origin.

ÉPOISSES The manufacture of the cheese hasn’t changed much since 1700. Beside being aromatic, it has a red mouldy rind. It is an artisan cheese made of cow’s milk, flavoured by Burgundy brandy. It has a mind-blowing aroma.


GYURI AND MARCI IN THE HOT STEAM NOVEMBER 1ST BROUGHT ALONG OUR NEW, AUTUMN-WINTER MENU. MARCI GERLÓCZY FLED INTO THE KITCHEN, AND HE NOT ONLY TASTED EVERYTHING, BUT WATCHED THEM ALL GET COOKED. THIS EXPERIENCE GAVE THE IDEA TO THE FOLLOWING PIECE. Down in the kitchen, Gyuri is restless. He keeps pushing around the plastic containers with the ingredients, leafing through the recipes, checking if everything is in order and at the ready. He’s on the verge of breakdown, willing me to arrive. He’s wearing his nicest white t-shirt; he’s going crazy with wanting to cook for me. He’s been waiting for this for days, weeks, and years for an idiot to bumble around him in the tiny kitchen in the belly of the ship, where everything is clanking, rattling, cooking, roasting, burning, freezing, whirring and buzzing. The ship is on its way, the chef is upset. He sits down to the computer, runs a hand through his hair and sighs. - When is this Marci coming already? When can I cook for him? I step in this very second. - Don’t worry, Gyuri, the day, the minute, the moment has come! Gyuri jumps in the shocking freezer just to fall out of it frozen to -42 degrees. But he’s conscious enough to plod to the oven, open it, crawl in and be back to the cutting board with knife in hand within two minutes. We’ve discussed the menu in advance, I chose the dishes from the new menu, the autumn-winter menu, that’s been around since November 1st. Gyuri starts preparing the fish breakfast, reaching for the Norwegian salmon, filling the thins slices with fresh cream cheese, rolling them up, sprinkling them with olive oil with lemon juice and capers, placing a little dill on top, taking them away and placing them on a table. I look after the salmon disappointedly, but I have no time to waste longing, as Gyuri is waving around the pre-roasted lamb shank. He spreads some gunk (that’s how my mother calls fine sauces and ragouts) on the shank, rolls it in brick dough and takes it to the oven. The thought calms my mind that I will not only see that shank again soon, but will also build it into my system as it goes. Gyuri is a perfectionist chef (his words) and I think he’s a perfectionist person too (my words). He’s not the most relaxed type, but how could a chef living and working in Hungary be relaxed? He rides a bicycle, he regrets having bought a diesel car and he adores his children, both of them. He never cooks at home, his wife cooks at home, or sometimes he cooks, but only simple dishes. He’s worked in abroad,

thus he has his opinion on this country. The restaurant has its own country too, one you don’t speak about abroad, and one I still have to tell. Gyuri peels a pear, and when a sous chef comes near us, he takes the pear in his hand and says: - Listen. The sous chef listens. Gyuri now takes the brick dough in his hand and lifts the pear to the sous chef’s eyes. - This is a lamb shank. The sous chef stares at the pear, and after giving it some thought he says: - It’s a pear. Gyuri puts away the pear and carries on cooking. Porcini soup. Later I made it for myself at home too, so I don’t have to praise it now. It’s got everything in it: zucchini, carrots, spring onion, bay leaf, bacon, thyme, vinegar, sour cream, and porcini of course. The lamb shanks arrives and it’s tender, hot, crispy, and perfect. As the soup is doing its job we have to kill time somehow. We’re joined by a beef medallion flavoured with African spices and Dijon mustard. Gyuri julienne cuts some sweet potatoes and carrots to be made into straw vegetables while stirring the brown sauce with his other hand. He soaks the vegetable in water, then fries them in hot oil sending the beef to a warmer climate in the meantime. While we’re talking about having children, red tuna and nicknames, the pear expert sous chef prepares the beef. And the pear is also being put to use: it falls victim by caramellization by sugar, and is placed under some green salad, smoked duck breast, blue cheese vinaigrette, roast hazelnut, so that the end result is a fresh salad with smoked duck breast and blue cheese. Gyuri too tastes the dishes sometimes; he nods, puts things here and there, grates, cuts, stirs, and puts things away this time. Unfortunately, I had only two hours of his time to waste and this is what we could afford. And this is way more than nothing.

 Fish breakfast  Sour porcini soup with sour cream  Lamb shank in puff pastry  Beef medallion with straw vegetables  Fresh salad with smoked duck breast and blue cheese






The first time I was here was a Saturday morning.

I’ve been coming to ’gerló’ since it opened.

I discovered this little downtown island

What do you like

I sat down, looked around, ordered and stayed

I love the atmosphere; and I have to admit,

years ago, and was seduced by its French feel.

about Gerlóczy?

for hours. I was amazed by all the different

it feels like a small island. It’s nothing like

If I have a minute on busy workdays I pop in to

aspects of the place; the creativity is relevant

being in Pest!

drink a delicious, real ristretto. On a night out

You are a regular.

in the setting, the interior, the accessories

with friends, the unanimous choice is always

and the menu. It shines through everything.

Gerlóczy, and not only for a coffee...

I have an unlimited admiration for Gerlóczy as the work of art of a handful of people.

What is the first thing you’ll try from our new menu?

I don’t know yet. I don’t like ordering too

I’m open to everything.

First I’d like to taste some of the lighter dishes

expensive dishes, so there are and probably will

And I love fish ☺

like the Vegetable spring roll with chilli lime sorbet and the Porcini soup with sour cream.

be some dishes I will skip. I pick the affordable ones. And as I was looking at the new menu, I realized you’d already tried some of the new dishes before on the daily menus. All I can say is only the best made it onto the new menu.

What have you been up to lately?

I’m an applied photographer, working mostly

It’s my 10-year anniversary of working

children, titled Zeneország (Country of Music).

in advertisement; but I also make short films.

at Lush. It’s great because I don’t only love

Now it’s time for the DVD release. Then comes

Last year we shot a short film with director

our cosmetics, but also the environmentally

Last year I released a musical miniseries for

a very special task. I was asked to write stories

Balázs Juszt and now I’m dealing with the

friendly attitude and philosophy that Lush

to the pictures of an extraordinary photographer

travelling of the film. I’m also planning to

represents all around the world. We’re opening

form another continent. A yet unknown viewpoint

take my solo exhibition to New York and

a new store in Buda, and are very excited to

Berlin, but we’ll see what the future brings.

see how everything will come together in

Until then, I’m all for the craft.

a mere four weeks.

will synchronize the image and the imagination.

What will be on your Christmas table?

I’m thinking of an extraordinary, festive yet

Not being a Christian, I don’t really celebrate

simple dish that we can eat together right after

Christmas. But I’m invited to some Christmas

It’s probably not too surprising that we’ll

it’s served, so that we can all sit together

dinners to my friends’. Every holiday that

also have bejgli (traditional Christmas cake

afterwards. A dinner of several courses doesn’t

brings people together is important whatever

with poppy seed, walnut or chestnut filling).

allow for that. I’ve never been as brave yet as

is on the table.

As in every year, my Mum will tell how the

the Alaine Polcz and Miklós Mészöly wonder

too much filling broke through the crust and

couple who only served mákosguba (Hungarian

nobody will notice it... but it’s so delicious

dessert of rolls with vanilla cream and poppy

that it’s all gone in a second.

seeds) so that they can truly celebrate togetherness; but my menu is getting simpler every year. And the short answer is that I don’t know.



Pillow with Deers - 6250 Ft Design: Éva Szép RODODENDRON

Pillow with Horses - 6500 Ft Design: Bori Nederberg MAGMA

Costum made Design Watches Design: Balázs Kismarty Lechner

Bang Bang Party Bag - 21 500 Ft Design: Gabriella Lukács MAGMA

Szia Note Book - 5 900 Ft Design: Evelin Görtl MAGMA

Lush Gift Boxes Best Wishes - 3790 Ft Christmas Delights - 9490 Ft Cosy Christmas - 2890 Ft LUSH

Hand-painted Jewelry Box - 3000 Ft Design: Anna Holló HOLLÓ MÛHELY

Creature (medium) - 5 990 Ft Polar Bear (medium) - 4 990 Ft Design: PUCC/ Zsuzsi Heim RODODENDRON

Gerlóczy Gift Card - available at the reception in Gerlóczy Rooms

Christmas Ornaments - 3 800 Ft Design: Erika Cegöldi MAGMA

Little Rabbit - 4 500 Ft Design: Nyúlgyár PRINTA

Bag made from Seat Belt - 25 000 Ft Design: Umbigo PRINTA Design Lamp - 16 900 Ft Design: M Lamp RODODENDRON

Diary, Photo Album, - 3 950 - 4 900 Ft Boxes - 850 - 4 900 Ft INTERIEUR STUDIO

Recycled Bag - 25 200 Ft Design: Balkán Tango RODODENDRON

PRINTA - VII. ker Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10. RODODENDRON - 1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 19. -- +36 70 419 5329 MAGMA - 1052 Budapest, Petôfi Sándor utca 11. -- +36 1 235 0277 LUSH - 1052 Kristóf tér 3. (Váci utca) INTERIEUR STUDIO - 1052 Budapest, Vitkovics Mihály u. 6. -- +36 30 595 99 32 HOLLÓ MÛHELY - 1052 Budapest, Vitkovics Mihály u. 12. -- +36 1 317 8103


HOLIDAY I DON’T KNOW HOW OTHERS DO IT, BUT ON DECEMBER 23RD I GET SO OVERWHELMED WITH LOVE AND SPIRITS THAT I ONLY COME TO ON THE 25TH; AND THEN I SEE THAT IT’S ALL HAPPENED ALREADY, WHAT’S MORE, IT’S ALL OVER, Christmas is over and I got and gave presents and I had diarrhoea and I’m full and I’m scared. Somehow I always fall victim to the filthiest of infections, and I dive in happily, because the force that is with me wants to wane and grow, to pass and be born. Last year I hit the red wine in the morning, and by the evening I drank so much that quantity could have soaked the 100 whites shirts of the 100 member gipsy orchestra, and the tough stains could never have been removed by anything, never ever. My partner in waiting for the sacred holiday is not a respectable Christian patriot, but he is the only one who keeps me company till the end of time and beyond, beyond Hungária Boulevard, by the door of a house in Zugló where the taxi takes us and where a brothel operates on busy weekdays. In another time. But not today, not on this holy day, the manifest with the festive opening hours informs us. This brothel is closed today, and tomorrow too. You’d be mistaken to think men only go to brothels to do what men in brothels do. Men can go to brothels because they don’t have anywhere else to go; because of a sense of duty towards debauchery, not being able to cope with the softness of the pillow, the shaving foam-smelling washbasin, the routine-tasting breakfast. They have to go to dive in the dirt, to swim in it in breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle and butterfly. Butterflies are graceful, stunning animals with a short life span; their dust makes one sneeze. Night falls soon; and when silence is holy and impatient, it is an unpleasant company. So I’m not with it. It’s 4 in the morning and I’m sitting in a red leather armchair by the bar in a Buda brothel. There’s nobody here but my partner, the partner whom I owe one for this wonderful adventure tonight, and two ladies and champagne and vodka on the table. Meaning the table is here too. The girl is leaning across the table and asks something. She’s wearing a red see-through bra and a pompom on her panties. She asks if I want to go upstairs with her. I tell her it’s unlikely as we just came down. She doesn’t let it be; she lives off the market. I try to distract her, but it’s not easy with her sitting in my lap and asking me from there. My answer still doesn’t get us upstairs; but we have to keep on talking because people talk, even though I’ve never liked it. So we have to talk about something, and what would be more useful and simple than finding a thick and warm connection between ourselves and the sacred holiday, the sacred holiday that is dawning on us, at the holy and peaceful and warm dawn of Christmas in a brothel on the hill, on the Buda hill with a hectolitre of champagne and vodka, with the pitch dark frost outside and flaming red nudity inside. There’s a kid too, an only child who also had a father, and not just any father but one who only had been then left; because there’s a type of remarkable men who are and then aren’t, only leaving the child behind, and the child is looked after by his granny and the lady is sad and looking at the floor, at the claret carpet, then at the lipsticky edge of the champagne flute, and I ask what we’re having for dinner. Stuffed cabbage, says the lipsticked mouth, gipsy staffed cabbage; to this I say although I’m only learning it now, I make it with pennyroyal just like my mother, her mother, and her mother, and her mother used to, and she says she makes it the gipsy way with smoked bacon, spices, ribs, sauerkraut, just like her mother, and her mother, and her mother used to, and this makes us merry, but then I remember what my father is doing, what my grandfather did, and what my great-grandfather did and what I am doing, and I’m looking at the girl’s bare breasts and sad eyes and I think it’s time I went home, because at Christmastime you should, if you can, be with your family.



Let’s start at the beginning. How does a shoe designer become an interior designer? In one word, accidently. In more words, it’s complicated. We’ll come back to this complicated accident. But let’s take a step backwards. How does one become a shoe designer? I went to School of Fine and Applied arts and specialized in textiles. When I was accepted, I didn’t even think about design, all I wanted to do was draw. At the age of 14 my life didn’t really revolve around fashion. Wearing whatever I wanted was more about rebellion and freedom, and about being different from the average of course. We wore neon green stockings on our hands, went to Ecseri market to buy pleated skirts and long johns and dyed everything black. My mum once told me she’d seen one of my classmates at Kálvin Square. I asked her how she knew it was my classmate when she’d never even met them. She said they looked it. All right. But this doesn’t answer my question. So how and why does one become a shoe designer? Well, probably I’m not telling a secret when I admit to not having planned on ending up on the textile speciality. As I loved to draw, I applied to be a graphic artist. But I wasn’t accepted. That’s how I got ended up with textiles. I didn’t like it, and I wasn’t the only one. You could say this not-liking got us together. There were five of us in the class, and none of liked it. There were twelve specialities in the school; so, just out of curiosity, we’d pop in to other workshops too. Once I dropped in the leather speciality; and I was straightaway mystified by shoes. Up to that point I had considered shoes to be mere industrial products. When I went to college, I knew what I wanted to study. And I even a year off college to learn the technical side of shoemaking. As there were only a few shoe designers, that area was not really emphasised at school. I made and sold sixty pairs of shoes. It didn’t only earn me a living, but gave me experience. In 1995, I won an international scholarship

in Milan. It’s ironic that I didn’t win with a shoe, but with the only bag I’d ever made. Let’s get back to you accidently becoming an interior designer. I’ve always been interested in spaces and surfaces. Good space affects us by its proportions and colours; this harmony makes shoes or any other objects likable. And don’t forget about function. I’m not a qualified interior designer. On one hand this means I have a lot to learn. On the other hand, not being qualified probably makes me more courageous than others. I’m not limited by any theories I learnt. Rumour has it, you like to stay in the background. Why? People, especially so in the business, tend to pass superficial judgements. They may ask what I’m doing here when I have no idea of what I’m doing. That’s why I withdraw, although I received many compliments from colleagues too.

Móni in her office

It is reassuring that my analogy has been correct. Special thanks to everyone who trusted me and have given me a chance to prove myself. And amongst all this individual pushiness, what does success look like from the background? I can only think of a cliché answer. Success means that people are delighted by what you created. By the way clichés. Have you seen Pulp Fiction? Sure. Then you must remember the scene when Vincent Vega (played by john Travolta) is telling his partner about Europe. That devil is in the details. That you can have a beer at McDonald’s in Paris. ’ And I don't mean just like in no paper cup, I'm talking about a glass of beer.’ In interior design, what are those tiny details that a layman may never notice but that are crucial? I think tiny details are surprisingly important. When walking around in the city I see signs of negligence and the lack of interest, I get really upset. For it’s not about money, but about giving yourself to the job and paying attention to what you do. And real attention is naturally unnoticed by whoever it’s paid to. It seems selfevident. Under the most pleasant circumstances everything feels natural. But let’s face it, there’s tremendous work behind this luxury. This attention to detail can manifest even in a sugar bowl. Hang on, I’ll get you one... Beautiful. And clever. Yet it’s so simple. Yes. Can you see this twisted detail on the packaging? And how simple it is? That is the point. And look, the cup you’ve drunk your coffee from has a round ear. Because the Gerlóczy logo is round too. Simple, almost unnoticeable harmony. When designing the interior of Gerlóczy, what atmosphere were you aiming for? We didn’t want to create a trendy place. Trends come and go. In a way, we visualized timelessness. The Gerlóczy House (the café and Rooms de Lux) offers visual luxury, and still oozes a likable, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. I’m obviously biased, but I think we’ve managed to achieve that. And how do you see Gerlóczy in twenty years’ time? Is a change necessary? I don’t see a stationary image, but a process. I have two real children, and Gerlóczy is the third. The essence of hospitality is stationary: people want to enjoy a meal and drinks in a nice setting with befitting service. As there are basic colours, people have basic needs. So I see Gerlóczy unaltered in its essence in twenty years’ time. Maybe with more layers. Partly due to me, partly due to people who are part of Gerlóczy’s life, and partly due to time... We’re aiming for likability. There’s a church based on this, so why not a café.

Have you seen our rooms yet? We gladly show you around in Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux every Monday between 12:00 -2 pm.



THE PHILOSOPHER - KATONA JÓZSEF THEATRE I had serious doubts when asked to write a review on The Philosopher, Katona József Theatre’s new premiere. How can I credibly comment on the work of my own colleagues? Then, after watching the premiere, I knew that despite all my natural bias, I could recommend the show from the heart.

György Bessenyei: The Philosopher (A filozófus) Directed by: Péter Gothár Currently on show at Katona József Theatre.

Eszter Ónodi is a member of the company of Katona József Theatre

When talking about the production, I have to start with the choice of the material itself. Péter Gothár, the director picked an 18th century, rarely-played drama with a language hard to appreciate for today’s viewer. Although this presents obvious risks concerning primarily the box office, I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of keeping old Hungarian drama on stage: it was already good to see the poster of the show, reminding the first premiere’s original playbill, all around the city. A unique and almost forgotten piece of our culture comes to life again.

Photo: Dániel Dömölky

Hard to describe the storyline: people crossing each other’s way, looking for love and their way in life - sounds quite banal, but the unexpected aspects of their journey, spiced with a twist of grotesque, make the 18th century material well alive in 2011. Also, other layers of The Philosopher leave the attentive viewer with profound questions and thoughts familiar from our days. With superb performances, an appealing set and beautiful language, The Philosopher has a perfect mix of content, meaning and creative power to keep the audience amazed, entertained and thinking the same time.

VIVA LA OPERA! Our most musical cake, Opera, is slowly taking over the lead from top-ranking brittle cake. Brittle is still in the lead by an inch, but experts predict an imminent change...

HAVE YOU RESERVED A VENUE FOR YOUR COMPANY’S CHRISTMAS DINNER? Our mezzanine floor and winterized terrace are ideal spots if you don’t exceed 40 people. Kick off the night with a welcome pálinka on the Fish terrace and continue with the night on the mezzanine. This gives you an intimate space, yet you’ll be part of the action of the coffee house. Don’t miss the available dates call us now on toll free 06 80 102 600, or email to

YOU DON’T SMOKE? WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! As of January 1st, smoking is forbidden in Gerlóczy too. Neither on the mezzanine, nor in the downstairs dining area, nor by the bar is smoking allowed. Gerlóczy is going smokefree come January.

YOU SMOKE? WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU TOO! You’re free to enjoy your favourite cigarette with your favourite coffee on our winterized, heated terrace.



Last year we won the gold medal, now we’ve come second in the Best Fancy Cheap Lunch category of TimeOut Restaurant Awards 2011. Here is why. „A perennial favourite, the charming Gerlóczy has a fin-de-siècle coffee house decor and semi-formal service that’s never too stuffy. Although it’s great for breakfast and dinner, those looking for a bargain can sample the three-course lunch for only Ft 1,800. Hungarian standards play alongside more progressive and continental offerings, such as cream of celery soup with prosciutto bites, or fillet of turkey breast in parmesan crust served with tomato salad. The house wine is good value for money at Ft 530 a glass, and if you’ve got room left, their fresh-baked artisanal breads are hard to resist.”

THE OYSTERS HAVE ARRIVED! Find the freshest oysters straight from Bretagne on our Fish Terrace before the season ends at the end of April.

Half a dozen: 2,940 HUF A dozen: 5,880 HUF FROM OUR POST BOX ‘ Dear Tamás, As promised, here’s a little something I wrote. Kristóf has already gone through it. It might fit in your paper. If not, I’ll keep on trying. In any case, it was a welcome distraction from changing nappies. Love and kisses, Orsi Bolyki ‘

CAFÉ ADDICTION People who visit cafés or a specific café on a daily basis wouldn’t miss out on this rite for the world. As a criminologist, I was struck by the realization that a new addiction might be rearing its ugly head. In my hypothesis I am going to observe café addiction as a sociological phenomenon on the analogy of partner, drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. The world of cafés has two separate yet equally important sides, one is of the guests and the other is of the staff. I start with the latter, illustrating with examples from Gerlóczy Café (certainly with maximum respect for anonymity). The management of the Café does everything possible to please guests, constantly coming up with new ideas. An outsider observer only sees the end result that something is happening at Gerlóczy yet again. This achievement is obviously not accomplished during the eight-hour workday, but is due to a non-stopping brainwork. A natural born café person always thinks of ways to improve their café. And an addict in the medical sense of the word? An addict works the same way; their every thought revolves around the object of their addiction. When you take a look at the guests’ side of things, you’ll see the following. The regular visits his stamping ground, the café, on a particular part of the day. He sits by the same table. The waiter doesn’t even have to ask. The regular might be alone reading a paper or tapping away at his computer; or he can be a social person using the café for meetings. The point is his being there. When you consider it, his behaviour is just like an addict’s. It is not unlikely that with the passing of time, he spend more and more time at his favourite café, just like a junkie needs more drugs, the alcoholic drinks more, and the gamblers loses more money. Should the regular be snapped out of his daily routine, he would probably develop withdrawal symptoms. But should café addicts go to rehab? Should they quit their daily intake of cappuccino and baguettes? The answer is no. Spending time in a café is not deviance. Deviant behaviour includes manifestations that do not meet social expectations and norms, or are against the law. So it’s best to leave regulars alone with any criminology research and to have a coffee and chat with them. Provided they’re willing to talk to us...

INVITATION TO A CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION We’re erecting a Christmas tree on Kammermayer Square, and we’re planning to decorate it with you. Come to the square on Friday, December 16th at 7 p.m., bring an ornament you’ve made, or one that reminds you of us, or one you like. While decorating, we’ll be sipping muled wine, and when we’re done, you can rush off for your Christmas presents... We’re looking forward to seeing you around the Christmas tree.

THE 11:11:11:11:11:11 MYSTERY The Mártons of Budapest gathered on our terrace on November 11th, 2011 at 11.11 a.m. for a shot of pálinka and goose crackling bites. You surely must have felt the special vibe they created by a sacred clink. The positive energies will last for a year, only to be followed by new ones. This is how we captured the moment.

MIKLÓS SZOMORU: FLOWERS BLOSSOM IN HIS WAKE We think Miklós is the best florist in town. When he’s not designing gardens, or is busy in his flower shop, in the Roses of Astoria, he invisibly glides across the terrace or the rooms of Gerlóczy. Flowers blossom, trees sprout, bushes bud and bouquets bloom in his wake. Flowers don’t fade since he delivers them. He created a little jungle on the first floor balcony, and helped us nurture the lawn in the spring. Recently, he’s been planning an uplift for the area around the statue of Kamermayer.

JEREMY’S T-SHIRT Rumour had it he was there again. He was there yesterday. He had mackerel there on his birthday. The rumour is true, during his stay in Budapest, Jeremy Irons became a regular at Gerlóczy. He’s leaving town when shooting The Borgias is over. We gave him this t-shirt as a souvenir. Bye Bye Jeremy, we’re looking forward to meeting you again at Gerlóczy!

SCARF UP! As of November 21st, every Monday evening from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. is Knitting Club at Gerlóczy. Join soon and that knitted present will be finished by Christmas.

«--- Zsuzsa Halasi reading cards

STRANGE FACES AT GERLÓCZY Photographer Doron Ritter is starting a photo portrait series with the most interesting guests of Gerlóczy. He’s been observing patrons for yers, and decided to make their portraits week by week. If you’d like to be pictured in your favourite coffee house, email us on The portraits will be published in Gerlóczy News and on our Facebook page. STRIKE A POSE!


ORSI GÄRTNER Congratulations! She won a wonderful night in the balcony room of Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux on the third Thursday of November, the day of Beaujolais Nouveau and a bottle of real Beaujolais. We’ve heard she had the time of her life...

NEW YEAR’S EVE AT GERLÓCZY: DINE WITH US LIKE ON ANY OTHER NIGHT We don’t do entrance fees, but a great atmosphere and delicious New Year’s Eve dishes are guaranteed. Spend the last night of the year at Gerlóczy! There’s no set-priced menu, you’re free to choose whatever takes your fancy from the menu or our special New Year’s Eve selection. Our harp artist, Gergô Gertner will bring along his singer wife, Teca too. Give us a call on toll free 06 80 102 600, and we’ll have a table ready for you.


This is how the Gerlóczy kids wished Merry Christmas in 2010.

SLEEP WHERE ELLE GOES FOR PHOTOSHOOTS The fashion spread for the birthday issue of Elle has been shot at Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux. Here’s a little teaser of the end result.

is The crew

nch. having lu

IS YOUR FOREIGN BUSINES S PARTN ER COM ING? Trust us ; they’ll have a whale of time at Gerló Book a r czy! oom on o ur toll fr number ee 06 80 1 02 600.

The rooms cost 90 euro/night/for 2 + 12 euro/breakfast/person or try our new attic rooms on an introductory price at 65 euro/night+ 12 euro/breakfast/person Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux above Gerlóczy Café: 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 1.

IMPRESSUM: Contributors: Tamás T. Nagy, Márton Gerlóczy, Eszter Ónodi, Tibor Babiczky, Regina Bruckner, Zoltán Tombor, Doron Ritter English Editor: Aranka Szabó Design/photos: Péter Flanek Printed by Intruder --- e-mail: Published in 1500 copies by Gerlóczy Kávéház Ltd., 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy utca 1. Open: Monday-Sunday 7am-11pm

Gerloczy News Vol4.  
Gerloczy News Vol4.  

Gerloczy News Vol4.