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The Stockholm subway is considered �the longest art gallery in the world�. It has 3 main lines (the blue, red and green) a tour of nearly 110 km long and 100 stations of which 47 are underground and 53 surface.

All stations have a unique decor and ambiance. The natural bedrock has been used at several stations, as the raw material and is used as part of the decoration of various shapes and creative expressions of art. From fresh to carved stone statues, metals, inlays of different materials and multifarious paintings, bright colors.

The paintings were created with the message of welcome to the world, where Swedish artist Helga Henschen would fill the cave with the story of life with birds, animals, flowers, men and women.

In Rissne station, a fresh information on the walls tells the story of Earth's civilizations along the platform.

The first subway line opened in Stockholm in 1950, thereafter, all stations incorporated art, yes, always trying the work be integrated into the environment.

In the many stations you can find works by nearly 150 artists.

In many of its stations one can find solid rock, it's like getting back into the Stone Age but in the XXI century.

It’s all under here…

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شرح مترو در استهكلم

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