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Xbox 360 Three Red Lights - What Causes it and How Can You Reduce the Risk of Failure? But first, a word from our game fixer sponsor:

The Xbox 360 is known to be a fairly sensitive unit and experiences problems that need regular troubleshooting. Its operational capacity is partly dependent on its environment or where it is usually placed. The components and setup of the console is similar with that of the Playstation, but only smaller. The interior of the Xbox 360 is crowded, making it prone to overheating. Overheating is one of the most common causes of the three red lights error, apart from other causes such as a manufacturing problem or other fault or a pre-existing defect on the console itself. Overheating has been a bothersome problem for many unit owners and attention has been brought to the Microsoft team regarding this matter. They made attempts to repair the internal structure of the Xbox 360, inspecting the cables and connections and reviewing its product guide. Eventually they concluded that that the problem was mainly in the cooling system. The system may be having trouble controlling the internal temperature and is unable to keep up with the heat that the console is producing. As the console ages the fan loses more efficiency, further increasing its tendency to overheat. A lot of discussion has been going on between Xbox 360 owners about purchasing a cooling system, and whether a cooling system really works or not. Some say that it is the best move they made so far. Others would say that they've tried an affordable and effective intercooler that worked quite well with their unit. Some have this crazy idea of getting a walk-in freezer to solve the problem! The best solution to prevent overheating is to keep it in a place where there is adequate airflow. It should not be placed on a carpet or anything similar to that material as this does not allow heat to escape all the dust that it collects gets into the console and creates more trouble. It would be better to place your console on the floor on top of a box or more appropriately in a spacious wooden cabinet that allows a little room on both sides sufficient air to get in and out. If your unit has failed though and will not come back on after letting it cool down then you are going to need to repair it and the best way to do this is with a simple step-by-step guide. This will save you money and ensure the console is repaired properly. If your Xbox 360 is failing with 3 red lights here is the #1 solution for the Xbox 360 Three Red Lights this is guaranteed to fix the problem click here to get your Xbox working.

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Xbox 360 Three Red Lights - What Causes it and How Can You Reduce the Risk of Failure?