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PS3 Troubleshooting Tips But first, a word from our sponsor: If you have a Sony PS3, it is likely that at some point you will have some technical issues arise that prevent you from being able to enjoy playing your games. Knowing how to do some basic troubleshooting and where to go to get more advanced tips, is crucial to helping you repair your PS3 and get back to your favorite games. Here are some general PS3 troubleshooting tips to help you fix many basic PS3 problems without having to send your PS3 out for costly repairs: 1. Restart Your Game System. If you PS3 freezes, try restarting the game system by holding the power down for approximately 10 seconds. This will shut the system down, and then you should simply restart it and see if the PS3 resumes normal play once again. 2. Cool Down Your PS3. If you see flashing red lights, alternating flashing red and green lights, it is likely your PS3 has overheated. You should turn the console off and let it cool down for at least half an hour or until it is cool to the touch. When you resume your game play on your PS3, make sure that the unit is well ventilated to prevent similar problems from occurring. 3. Clean your discs. If there is a problem with the PS3 recognizing a disc when it inserted, you should clean it carefully and then try the disc again. Try to make sure you treat your PS3 game discs carefully, being sure not to expose them to sunlight, high temperatures or by placing them in places where they can be scratched (keeping them in their case is ideal). 4. Check all your cables. A basic troubleshooting step, as a surprising number of PS3 issues are caused by lose cables or cables that are plugged into the wrong location. This is probably the main cause of "no display" errors. 5. Check your system settings. There are a wide variety of improper settings that can cause your PS3 not to function. For example, if you are playing on a HDTV and your console is set for a standard television, it will not display properly. Make sure all your game settings, including audio and video settings, are set correctly. If the above troubleshooting methods do not work, do not despair as there are still other PS3 home repair methods to try, and you will not necessarily have to send your PS3 out for repairs. To learn more about how to fix a PS3 at home, get a copy of PS3 Repaired which shows you how to fix ALL common PS3 errors in under an hour.

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PS3 Troubleshooting Tips