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DJ Hero the Video Game But first, a word from our sponsor: Music video games are the big thing right now. Many gamers are finding some kind of music game to round out their game collections. The "DJ Hero" video game is one of the latest hot items on the market. With this game, instead of a fake guitar or drums, the player has a turntable that they use. This toy turntable has a "record" that pivots, and has three colored buttons on the record that you can push. Pushing and releasing the buttons creates a beat, and holding the buttons down while moving the record makes "scratching" sounds. There are also some other controls on the table that allow you to changes the sounds as you make them. Basically, the more complicated you get with the sounds as you are playing the game, the more points you can earn. Just like any game, the DJ Hero video game is getting some mixed reviews. Some people love it, saying that it is a wonderful addition to the "Guitar Hero" lineup. Others aren't impressed by the game or turntable, saying that it is a step back from what has been a progressive line of games. But the facts are that people are already lining up to buy this new game. Many parents enjoy these games because it does expose their kids to music appreciation. Some of these kids may never have heard these types of music if it wasn't for the games. Another very popular thing about the DJ Hero video game is that the turntable can be reversed to accommodate left-handed people. Also, there are male and female "players" on the game that you can select one of the other. This makes it a great game for anybody. This game also has a co-op play option where one player uses the turntable, and another player used a guitar. This is a great way for kids to get used to playing games together, and feeling the "togetherness" and harmony of being in a band. Many kids are also really excited about the DJ Hero video game because they aren't that interested in guitars, but they like the idea of the "instrument" games. The turntable system gives them a fresh new option to look forward to. There are about 80 songs on this game, along with another 10 that can be played in the "duel" with someone on the guitar. So this game will provide a lot of entertainment, especially if you have multiple children or have the Guitar Hero system. When the DJ Hero video game comes out, it will be available on the PS2 and PS3, along with the Wii and Xbox 360. This makes it easy for most people who have a game system to enjoy this game as soon as it comes out. Be the few to get your hands on the DJ Hero Game. Get the Turntable Bundle online before they are all sold out by Christmas! We offer both the DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable and the DJ Hero Bundle Renegade Edition Featuring Jay-Z and Eminem. Bundles are available on PS3, PS2, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Get yours now! Supplies are limited.

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DJ Hero the Video Game  

Music video games are the big thing right now. Many gamers are finding some kind of music game to round out their game collections. The "DJ...

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