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YOUR NEXT STEPS A guide for new Regent’s graduates

CONTENTS What next?.......................................................2 The Hive...........................................................3 Starting your career.....................................4 Applications and interviews....................5 Further study at Regent’s..........................6 Outstanding Regent’s alumni..................8 Alumni benefits............................................10 Regent’s Clubs.............................................. 11 Volunteering and mentoring..................12 International Partnerships Office......... 13 Supporting your University.................... 14

Welcome to the alumni community Congratulations on your graduation. You have just completed a rite of passage, entering the ranks of 21,000 fellow alumni of Regent’s University London. You belong to a network with a truly global dimension. The Regent’s alumni community is an exclusive club with a diverse and vibrant membership, encompassing 160 countries worldwide. Regent’s alumni across the globe are working together to create an inspiring community, enriching social and professional life for each other and supporting the University. There are Regent’s Clubs in cities all over the world, through which you can stay in touch with one another and network both socially and professionally.

Our Development & Alumni Relations team works with alumni in many ways. We have produced this guide to assist you in the next phase in your life, with advice on building your career and opportunities for further study, as well as the many ways you can stay connected to the University and take advantage of all the services and support available to you as a life-member of the Regent’s family. We look forward to staying in touch and hearing about your future success.

Katerina Kantalis Director of Development & Alumni Relations Regent’s University London


next? Think about your future

Not sure about your career direction? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal not to have all the answers just yet. Take the time to think carefully about what you’d like to do. Do some research – explore sectors, companies and roles – to see what might be right for you. All the resources of the Regent’s library and careers service are still available to help you in your search.

Use the advice and support available Wherever you are in the world following graduation, you have continued access to the careers support from Regent’s that you had as a student. Our careers service (page 5) can help you to prepare effective applications and improve your interview technique to secure that vital first role.

Boost your employability If you don’t find a job immediately, there are many other activities you could consider to improve your career prospects. You could volunteer, do an internship or undertake further study. Postgraduate study at Regent’s is discounted for alumni (pages 6-7) and could help you to gain specialist skills that give you the edge in the jobs market.

Start your own business Regent’s offers plenty of support to alumni with entrepreneurial ambitions. The Hive offers central London workspace facilities and specialist support, plus a Startup Visa scheme for registered users (page 4).

Build up your networks Alumni events, such as Regent’s Club meetings (page 11), are a great way to connect with your fellow alumni. It’s your opportunity to enrich both your professional and social life.



As a Regent’s graduate, you have unlimited access to professional one-toone consultations with our careers advisers. This is a lifelong careers service. The Hive is the place to go for careers education, information, advice and guidance to equip you with strong career planning, management and entrepreneurial skills. As well as individual support, The Hive gives you access to a range of online resources, employer events, sector-specific masterclasses and enterprise support. To book a VoIP, telephone or personal appointment, visit or call +44 (0)20 7487 7419.



Starting your


You’ll be asked to take part in the national Graduate Outcomes survey. This looks at what all graduates are doing 15 months after graduating. Please take time to fill in the survey, so that we have as much information on Regent’s alumni as possible.

Unsure about your career direction? Finding it difficult to identify the right opportunities? Regent’s careers advisers are here for you – both in person and online. Our mission is to help you develop the skills you need in order to find, apply for and secure the graduate job of your dreams. Your first job

Be your own boss

Finding the right role is often challenging and highly competitive, and the search can become a full-time job in itself. We can help you to plan your search, and make appropriate career and learning decisions along the way.

Or, perhaps working for someone else isn’t your dream? Becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business can be tough but is often highly rewarding. Our entrepreneurial co-working space in The Hive offers the perfect environment to share ideas and collaborate within like-minded alumni.

You will have access to advisers with expertise in particular areas, or consultations with an industry-specific career coach. ‘Circles of interest’ communities link like-minded students and alumni, and there are employer events and other networking opportunities.


We also provide one-to-one enterprise coaching, with specialist advice and mentoring available to support you with your business venture.

Entering the employment market is always tough and international markets can be even more challenging. Making the best use of online resources, guided by your adviser, could give you the upper hand.

The Start-up Visa scheme allows Regent’s University London graduates from outside the EU/EEA to remain in the UK for up to two years to develop an entrepreneurial business.

If you’re considering travelling or volunteering after graduation, make sure that you have thought about a back-up plan! We can help to support your career planning and management both now and for the future.

You can find more information in our Start-up endorsement guide or get started right away by filling out the Hive entrepreneur form available through the online Student Hub.


Applications and interviews Applications


Many employers ask for a CV and covering letter in response to an internship or vacancy, while others require you to complete an application form.

So your hard work in making the application has paid off, and on paper, the company feels you would make a good candidate for the position. This is a great opportunity, so do yourself justice by preparing thoroughly.

These can be several pages long and take a considerable amount of time, attention and concentration to complete correctly. They are a way of ensuring that candidates are compared and rated against each other using the same criteria.

What do employers want to see? However you make your application, it’s important that it shows: ■■A genuine interest and understanding of the sector, company and role you are applying for ■■A clear statement of how your skills and experience match the job criteria, with examples ■■Good presentation, language, spelling and grammar

Be succinct and make distinct points. What makes you stand out from other candidates?

Understanding what the interviewer is looking for and trying to convey your abilities, knowledge and experience can be challenging. We can help you with techniques for evidencing your message in an interview. For example, the STAR method can help you to answer competency (skills), hypothetical and strength-based questions (you can find details on the Student Hub). We can guide you on how to structure your responses to that all-important question: ‘Tell me about yourself’? As well as preparing for likely questions, make sure that you have done your background research thoroughly and can explain what interests you about the company and the role.



Further study at Regent’s A specialist postgraduate qualification can help to develop particular skills and make all the difference in realising your career ambitions. As a Regent’s graduate, you could be eligible for a discount on fees if you continue on to postgraduate study at the University. Members of your immediate family may also qualify for a discount on fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Gaining one of the specialist qualifications we offer can help give you the edge in the job market: ■ MA


■ MA

International Fashion Marketing

■ MA

International Business

■ MA

International Relations

■ MA

Luxury Brand Management

■ MA

Media & Digital Communications

■ MA


■ MSc


■ MSc

Digital Marketing & Analytics

■ MA

Psychotherapy & Counselling

■ MSc

Finance & Investment

■ DPsych

■ MSc

Marketing Psychology

Counselling Psychology

Regent’s was the only university in London that had an MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics course. It was a great start to my entrepreneurial career! Olesia Klevnaia, Hive entrepreneur and founder of Digital Sekta



Regent’s Postgraduate Progression Scholarships

Regent’s Family Reward

These scholarships reward the loyalty of alumni who continue their studies at postgraduate level with Regent’s. Scholarships are worth up to 15% of tuition fees. The higher the undergraduate degree classification, the higher the postgraduate scholarship amount awarded.

The Family Reward is offered as a thankyou to our alumni and their immediate families for their continuing loyalty. Discounts are worth 10% of fees for one standard programme duration. Open to the immediate family of alumni who have graduated with a minimum 2:2 award.

Regent’s India Postgraduate Taught Master’s Scholarships

Regent’s MPhil/PhD Progression Scholarships

Five postgraduate scholarships worth £3,000, awarded through competition to students of Indian nationality who demonstrate an impressive academic record. Entrants must hold an Indian passport and achieve a first-class undergraduate degree.

These scholarships reward the loyalty of alumni who progress to an MPhil or PhD degree with us. Scholarships are worth up to 15% of tuition fees. The higher the postgraduate degree classification, the higher the scholarship amount awarded.

Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarship Open to students of the MA International Fashion Marketing, the scholarship includes £4,000 towards tuition fees, an internship with Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, and access to a wealth of digital archive resources.



Outstanding Regent’s


York Zucchi

Isabelle Sieb

Charlotte Fox Weber

BA European Business Administration Class of 1999

BA (Hons) Screenwriting & Producing Class of 2013

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy Class of 2013

York has worked for nine companies across 11 countries including Goldman Sachs, and launched six businesses. His current venture, SME Movement, supports small and mediumsized enterprises in over 83 countries. Alongside his business, York is a Regent’s Club coordinator, and organises networking events for Regent’s alumni living in Johannesburg. He also chairs a number of government funds that provide support for start-ups in South Africa.

Isabelle has worked as the lead director on Sky One’s The Athena and on BBC One’s hit show Shetland. She was also selected as one of five directors for Creative England’s iShorts+ Funny Girls scheme, in partnership with Big Talk and Babycow Productions, with her film Three Women Wait for Death. The film won the Chris Collins Best of British Live Action award at the Encounters Film Festival 2016, and was long-listed for the Best British Short Film BAFTA 2017.

Charlotte completed both her MA and Advanced Diploma at Regent’s. She is now Head of Psychotherapy at the School of Life, a global organisation that teaches emotional intelligence through individual and group therapy sessions. She manages a team of 14 psychotherapists, three of whom are also Regent’s alumni.


alumni Makhdoom Zaman

Christian Rojas

BA (Hons) Global Management Class of 2014

Master of Business Administration Class of 2007

Makhdoom pursued a career in politics after graduating from Regent’s. At just 25, he was appointed the youngest-ever district chairman in the history of Pakistan. He will continue to serve his term until 2020. For Makhdoom, Regent’s played a vital role in preparing him for his political career. In particular, the cosmopolitan community at Regent’s really helped him understand different people and schools of thought, which was essential for his political success.

After graduation Christian worked in strategic marketing for the Costa Rican government before launching his own communications agency, LithiumPR Mexico. He decided to study at Regent’s because the master’s programme seemed to match his future career plans, and he really liked the University’s international community and academic outlook.

Megan Felton and Ksenia Selivanova MA Luxury Brand Management. Class of 2017 Megan and Ksenia co-founded Lion/ne, a bespoke skincare consultancy, after meeting during their studies at Regent’s. Lion/ne offers individual skincare consultations, which focus on all aspects of life that can affect your skin. Since launching, they have organised a host of pop-up workshops across London and have been featured in magazines such as Grazia, Cosmopolitan and Sheer Luxe.





After you graduate, your relationship with Regent’s continues. Being a life-long member of the Regent’s community makes a wide range of benefits available to you, in addition to the support offered by our careers service (page 3) and discounts on further study (page 6). Library

Reunions and events

As a graduate, you are entitled to continuing use of Regent’s library facilities, both in person and online. That means access to a vast range of books, journals and databases, as well as space for independent study. Just let us know if you are planning to visit, so we can ensure your welcome.

Our Development & Alumni Relations team will help you reunite with your friends and stay connected. We organise reunions and events, both on campus and around the globe, throughout the year. With multiple Regent’s Clubs in cities all over the world, through which alumni stay in touch with one another and network, both socially and professionally. You can find out about all these events through our monthly e-newsletter, so do sign up to receive it. +44 (0)20 7487 7599



REGENT’S CLUBS With a network of alumni groups spread over the world, you will always find a Club in your region. Be inspired to become more involved in the life of our community by connecting with a Regent’s Club near you. regents-clubs



Volunteering and mentoring

Volunteering is a great way to stay connected with Regent’s. Not only will you make a difference to current students, you will also develop your own skills and build your social and professional network. There are many ways that you can engage. ■

Help with student recruitment

Speak to students

Talk to a class or student club

Support events

Support the development of Regent’s events programme

Organise guest lectures

Become a mentor

Coordinate a Regent’s Club

Contribute to publications



You can also become a mentor. Join the ranks of the many Regent’s alumni who are already helping our students, as part of our long-running joint Alumni-Careers mentor scheme. You will be matched, as far possible, with students whose career aspirations and interests match your experience and knowledge. However, we often find that diverse pairings can have great results too!

International Partnerships Office

Regent’s University London prides itself with an extensive network of reputable partners around the world. As a truly global university, we work collaboratively with international institutions to develop our portfolio, enhance our research and improve the students’ experience. Our high quality teaching complements a growing portfolio where excellence, innovation and enterprise are the driving forces for success. Supporting students, valuing staff and working in partnerships are at the heart of the University, our commitment is to lead the intellectual, social and economic development of the communities we serve. We build long term and sustainable partnerships with likeminded universities and organisations to support our mobility programme, articulation and progression, joint and dual degrees as well as short term training courses. Such collaborations allow us and our partners to address the global challenges we all face with a strong position as the need to be truly global as more important than ever in the current political climate.

We would like to continue to build on our success in this area and establish further mutually beneficial collaborations around the world. We welcome your contribution and involvement in making this happen, whether for setting up a study abroad partnership with your home institution or doing a short training course with your employer, please feel free to contact the International Partnership Office (IPO) with your ideas. We would be more than happy to discuss it further. For more information, please visit: international-partnerships or email us on



The Tate Library, designed by Sydney Smith, was built with £10,000 donated by Lady Amy Tate in memory of her husband Henry, founder of London’s Tate Gallery.

Supporting your University Support from our donors

How you can help

As a student at Regent’s you may have benefitted from the generosity of our alumni community. Perhaps you received a scholarship, supported by our alumni fund.

Now that you have graduated, we hope that you too will consider giving back.

Or you may have used the services of The Hive, which was made possible thanks to financial support from alumni across the world.

You can make a donation, or perhaps you would be interested in becoming a fundraiser yourself? We’re always keen to get our alumni involved in our philanthropic projects. If you are passionate about raising funds, please do get in touch. We’ll welcome your help and ideas. alumni/support-regents



Your chance to transform someone’s life Courtney Celine Welham is currently studying Interior Design at Regent’s, thanks to receiving a bursary. ‘I was studying at a college with a strong sense of community, so when I started to look at universities, I was hoping to find a similarly friendly, supportive environment. Regent’s immediately stood out. I knew it was the perfect place for me. I suffer from anxiety which affects my studies. The small classes and the one-toone contact gave me confidence I would be able to achieve my goals. It was also important to me to be in touch with nature having grown up in the countryside. But the only way I could attend Regent’s was if I got a bursary, and I’m so grateful I did. Otherwise, none of this would be possible. Studying at a great institution in a cosmopolitan city with so many connections to industry is outstanding. I’m now starting my third year and I have met amazing people from all around the world who are studying all kinds of different subjects. The teaching at Regent’s is

very personal and tutors take great pride in focusing on each individual student, making sure we excel. Regent’s feels like a big family and I have been accepted into it. That’s really helped me feel confident and get the most out of my studies. Studying at Regent’s is life-changing. I’m so grateful to have this chance.’

The difference you make… Thanks to people like you, Courtney has now found her path. She’ll graduate with the knowledge, experience and network to succeed in her chosen profession. For Courtney, studying at Regent’s is life-changing, but students like her bring a great deal to us – their talent, promise and ambition. With your support, we can open our doors to other students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to study at Regent’s – and watch them find their path. YOUR NEXT STEPS



in touch

You are always welcome at Regent’s when in London, and we encourage you to visit us. Drop us an email to let us know you are coming. It will be great to catch up in person – the coffee is on us. It’s easy to keep up with what’s happening at Regent’s, through our alumni magazine, Inner Circle and monthly e-newsletters, and by following us on social media. +44 (0)20 7487 7599




Update your details Be sure to keep your details up to date, so that we can let you know about the latest news, upcoming events and opportunities that are relevant to your location, interests and expertise. To update your details, visit



Regent’s University London Alumni

Send us your stories Have you done something you're really proud of that you'd like to share? As well as informing the Alumni team, you can also let the University's Communications team know, so that we can share across our digital channels!


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Your Next Steps. A guide for new Regent’s graduates  

Congratulations on your graduation. You have just completed a rite of passage, entering the ranks of 21,000 fellow alumni of Regent’s Univer...

Your Next Steps. A guide for new Regent’s graduates  

Congratulations on your graduation. You have just completed a rite of passage, entering the ranks of 21,000 fellow alumni of Regent’s Univer...