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Welcome Welcome to the Regent’s School of Fashion & Design degree shows catalogue, which presents our students’ creative achievement as they graduate from bachelors’ programmes in Interior Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Design with Marketing and Fashion Marketing.

The work in this catalogue represents the culmination of four years’ of study as our graduating students prepare to move on to postgraduate courses or into industry. While studying with us, each student has developed their own original and individual philosophy, together with creative and commercial ideas, within their chosen area. When our students come to study with us, they become part of a truly international, culturally rich community in the heart of London. They are challenged and inspired to share experience and ideas, and to acquire the knowledge and skills that they will need to go out across the world to work in varied careers internationally. Our students’ creative, contemporary work shows the strong awareness of modern interior design, fashion design, fashion design with marketing and fashion marketing that they have worked hard to develop and which will make them the fashion and design professionals of the future. This achievement is made possible by the lecturers who teach and – most importantly – inspire our students, bringing an absolute wealth of both industry and academic expertise to the learning experience. We are lucky to work and study in the highly stimulating environment of central London, where students are able to enjoy London’s fabulous resources and our close links with industry. The students’ work, while varied, is in one sense consistent, and that is in the amount of pure hard work, motivation and discipline that it has taken to realise their final projects and collections. Our warmest congratulations to all of our graduating students, and we hope that you will enjoy their work.

Gill Stark Head of Regent’s School of Fashion & Design

Fashion Fashion with

Design Design Marketing These programmes produce creative, design-focused fashion innovators who are passionate about their subject. Coming from many different countries, our students bring influences from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds. We do not seek to impose a design ethos. Instead, students are encouraged to work as individuals, developing their own ideas to produce work that is as distinctive in style and content as their own life experience. Students develop as creative, original designers and market-aware fashion professionals. They learn how to express their personal design philosophy through the development of innovative, contemporary designs based on their own research and showing their individual aesthetic. Their awareness of trends in music, film, art and all other creative disciplines is encouraged to ensure that their work sits comfortably within the current fashion ‘zeitgeist’. And of course, the programmes exploit all the wonderful opportunities that London, as a world centre for the creative industries, affords. Regent’s programmes integrate theory with practical experience to develop a fusion of creativity and business acumen. Graduates combine the understanding of fashion design and the appreciation of fashion markets that equip them as independent-thinking and creative designers, producing trend-aware fashion.

Moyrat Awoyemi

Bite Me!

Humorous, playful and totally bonkers! Fun and daring, shows complete creativity! Animated and fun, unconventional design methods, innovative gameplay aesthetics and creative narrative. A collection that portrays personality and familiar mechanics. Forget the fashion, bite the bullet and play the game.

Naomi Babalola


An architectural, structured collection of women’s wear that references restriction, decay, colour blocking and volume. It is a play on the traditional female silhouette. There is beauty within everything.

Gemma Edwards

Seaside Calamity

A cowgirl leaves Texas and takes a trip to the British seaside where she explores Victorian amusements. This Southern Belle wears a collection that incorporates ruffles, stripes and other delights.

Ieva Eglite


A collection inspired by the nuclear disaster that occurred in Chernobyl in 1986. The clothes incorporate contrasting textures: rough and smooth, light and heavy, beautiful and destructed. This gives the impression of a post-apocalyptic world. It is a tribute to those affected by the disaster.

Therese Hyde


Home for lost girls like me, and lost girls like me are free.

Victoria Khasandi Mutali

Mila Ya Maskani (Sheltered Traditions) A Depiction of Cultural Pride and Passion.

Mercy Muir-Wyett

Dark Morning Haze

She is a woman who finds comfort in the night. It is where she prefers to live; moving through a series of smoke-filled rooms as if each scene was the same. Guitars being strummed at the hands of legends play through the speakers and set the scene for the night’s events. The Collection lives in her, it is air from her lungs that gives Dark Morning Haze life.

Irinka Preda

Savages to Saints

This collection takes its inspiration from Viking and Imperial Russian culture. The aim is to balance a combination of the raw power and brutality of the Vikings with the subtle authority of the Imperial Russian court dress.

Rhia Robinson

Fit To Burst

A womenswear collection that fits Air, Comfort, Expanding, Illusion, Inflating, Leisure, Plastic and Submerging into one range.

Jess Ryan

Cymylau (Clouds) Air, Clouds, Sky Diving, Heritage, Wales, Pilgrims, Festivals, Draping, Volume, Complexity, Graffiti, Panelling, Geometry, Symmetry. A collection combining all of the above with an emphasis on parachutes and the way in which they are constructed.

Laura Siljander

Caged Beauty

This collection is my exploration of different aspects of femininity and how the female body is portrayed in culture. Femininity and beauty are often portrayed in a certain limited way. This collection represents this restriction and the objectification of the female body.

Christine Smith Egeland

Unquiet Mind

This collection portrays the human psyche and the emotional aspect of anxiety as one tries to find a place in the world. It represents the idea of restriction forced upon us. One is often made to fit into a preconceived idea of how to be and how to live, in order to be perfect in all aspects of life. I have created a visual representation of these ideas.


Marketing Fashion marketing strikes a balance between commercialism and creativity as brands seek to stand out in a rapidly changing and competitive landscape. The BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing nurtures students’ ambitions and enables them to realise their ideas through a mix of intensive research and engagement with industry. Fashion is increasingly shaped by fast-evolving technologies, which impact socially on values and on the way we communicate. Students’ projects this year are strongly influenced by the way technology is used by brands and consumers, but with a definite focus on the future. Two projects are focused on Mixed Reality (immersive technology) in brand communication and experience, and another on 3D printing for lingerie, while a number explore how pure online brands use pop-ups and other bricks-and-mortar spaces to engage with consumers. The need to operate and stand out in an image-saturated and personalised social environment that is hungry for content is also a prevailing theme. Two students have researched the trend for visual consumer-generated content, while two others look at online concierge services and experiences appealing to Millennials. Changing social and cultural attitudes are widely reflected across other projects, including explorations of sustainability and body image, a redefinition of what constitutes masculinity, and the heritage of Moroccan design aesthetics.

Farida Al-Aulaqi

Experiential retail space

An experiential retail space that brings together local artists and fashion designers in Bahrain

Ruth Anibaba


EIGHT 8RAND is an exclusive platform for luxury streetwear that will bring exposure to new and existing brands.

Natalia Ball

Do luxury brands need to develop their corporate social responsibility strategy? An attempt at redefining luxury.

Katherine Boivin

Fashion Concierge

The fashion concierge service that allows you to have a destination-ready wardrobe and spend your time in airport terminals with personalised experiences of your choice.

Octavia Chivers

The impact of technology on the luxury fashion market

An analysis of how technologies and new digital media have affected the world of luxury fashion.

Dina Darweish

Recognising the relationship between music and fashion Establishing how musicians can leverage their brand through fashion: optimising their merchandise products at concerts and festivals through a new concept pop-up store.

Vittoria Faruffini di Sezzadio


An app that makes the hiring of new luxury fashion brands collections convenient for female consumers.

Gabriella Gerardi

In View

How a next generation shopping service for the online fashion industry can engage with consumers through immersive mixed reality experiences.

Neha Gujral


Enhancing consumer experience through the development of a customised online style guide for LERROS

Odah Hashemi

The Digital Fashion Space

A future experiential space for pure-play online retailers that would appeal to the millennial consumer.

Preeti Kaur Maan

Je Suis Belle Lingerie

The title Je Suis Belle means ‘I am beautiful’ in French. The focus of my project is fullerfigure lingerie and whether women’s needs are being met by the industry. The message I am portraying is that no matter what silhouette a woman has, she is beautiful and there is something for everyone.

Caroline Larsson

Effectiveness of consumer-generated visual content

An investigation into the importance of visual consumer-generated content and how big a part it should play in the marketing of fashion brands today.

Natalie Mugavero

Experiential solutions for e-commerce retailers An exploration.

Mina Safavi


This is a tool to inspire consumers to make better choices in the materials they use. It includes comparisons of the environmental impact of each garment for a more transparent production process. It is an educational tool on sustainability and a shopping platform for eco brands.

Hasnaa Sealiti

Hekayh - More than a craft, it’s their story

Hekayh allows local and western designers to get in touch with Moroccan artisans without the use of a middleman. Their online portfolios include contact information, videos and an archive of their previous work. The heritage of Moroccan design aesthetics can only be preserved if the artisan’s story is told through their passion.

Unique-Faith Sibanda

Redefining masculinity for the Millennial Man

The search for identity and meaning. An in-depth study of how the millennial man is redefining the outlook of what it means to be masculine.

Guilia Stockmann

How can the development of 3D technology be incorporated into online shopping associated with visual social media? A holographic fashion portal providing an innovative and interactive 3D shopping experience to guarantee the perfect fit.

Marie-ThÊrèse Ukpo

Wedding Belle

A luxury bridal shopping network that fuses instant bridal and wedding content with commerce.

Devika Vyas

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a visionary lingerie brand that creates a unique shopping experience for consumers, allowing them to 3D body scan and 3D print bespoke lingerie pieces.


Head of School Gill Stark Fashion Design and Fashion Design with Marketing Michael Azu Chris Bullock Karen Colley Dahren Davey Yvonne Deacon Joanne Harris Richard Kinloch Georg Meyer-Wiel Christiane Muesler-Kruger Vera Urban John Walford

Fashion Marketing Matthew Berry Kim Blake Theresa Clark James Gosling Tim Jackson Matthew Jeatt Stephanie Liberman Stuart McKenzie Stephen Myers Alessandra Niccolai Bryan Oknyansky Angela Purnell Julia Robson Susan Seel Foundation Stefan Vidler

Many thanks to all the companies and individuals from industry who have contributed to the life of the School. Their involvement and support through live projects, lectures, competitions, workshops and talks has vastly enriched our students’ experience and added to the creative vitality of the School.

Regent's Fashion & Design Degree Shows 2016 1/2  

Welcome to the Regent’s School of Fashion & Design degree shows catalogue, which presents our students’ creative achievement as they graduat...

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