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FALL 2017

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From the Head of School


All Things Bright & Beautiful

10• Fine Arts | Why We Sing at Regents 12• Upcoming Events 14• Fall Athletics 16• Lions in Action 18• From the Grammar School | Why Memorize? 20• New Location Update 22• From the Logic School | Fall Retreat Recap 24• Athlete Spotlight | Will Hoover 25• Volunteer Spotlight | Jane Duffey 26• From the Rhetoric School | College-eligible or College-Ready? 28• Thank You! 30• Support Regents


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From the Head of Sch Thank you for taking the time to read Regents School of Charlottesville’s first ever electronic newsletter! We are always looking for ways to meaningfully communicate with the wider Regents family and we hope this newsletter will bless you! A month ago, I was able to speak to nearly all of our Regents parents at our Back-to -School Night. If you were there, you know we all were able to eat together, meet new teachers, and get to know new families and chat with returning ones. We also shared our hopes for Regents this year. Many of you know, Regents is now in its 8th year of operation. We began in 2010 with an eager group of seven students and one full-time teacher. We now have 150 students and 25 outstanding faculty and staff members offering instruction all the way from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no lack! The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing” (Psalm 34:8-10). We are so thankful for what the Lord has done and continues to do at Regents School of Charlottesville! In the time we have operated as a school, we have also become even more aware of the importance of what makes us different from other schools. Regents is a classical Christian school- the only one of its kind in Charlottesville. As a classical school, we


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emphasize things like truth, goodness, and beauty. This year, we are focusing as a school on beauty. What is beauty? What defines it? If we look to Scripture as our guide, we see that, contrary to popular thought, beauty is not in “the eye of the beholder” (a statement made popular by 1878 Irish romance novelist, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford). Rather, it is a concept defined by God and revealed through His character. Here at Regents, we pray that our students will pursue true beauty in their lives as they search out Scripture to know more about the God who created them and the world around them. Part of our mission as a school is to equip students to “live purposefully and intelligently as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ for the benefit of man and the glory of God.” As part of that, we pray that the description in Isaiah of those who share Jesus’ love with others will be true of our students. “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” Please pray with us this year as we partner with families across the Charlottesville region to live out Jesus’ love for our students and teach them to think well as they search for true beauty in their existence.

“If we look to Scripture as our guide, we see that, contrary to popular thought, beauty is not ‘in the eye of the beholder...’ Rather, it is a concept defined by God and revealed through His character.”

Courtney Palumbo Head of School


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All Things Brig


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ght & Beautiful


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“Musical training is one means of instructing the heart to love that which is beautiful.�


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Why We Sing at Regents by Johanna Suffern

“Whatsoever things are lovely….think on these things” (Philippians 4:8). The God we serve is beautiful in all his works, and he has filled his creation with evidences of that beauty. All harmony and balance find their source in God, and He desires that we dwell upon these qualities found in creation. Musical training is one means of instructing the heart to love that which is beautiful.

This is why we sing at Regents School of Charlottesville. We sing folk songs in music class, we sing grammar, history, and geography in the classroom, we sing the Doxology in chapel, and we sing a hymn at the close of the day. We sing in worship not only because we know it shapes our hearts to love what is beautiful, but because we are invited to in Scripture: “Oh come, let us sing to the LORD, let us make a joyful noise Plato believed this when he meditated to the Rock of our salvation!” (Psalm 95:1) on the fact that “rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace.” Plato suggests here that music does far more than sound pleasant to our ears or set an atmosphere in a room; rather, our hearts are formed by the songs we sing and the music we hear. He refers not to the meaning of the words having this effect, but the music itself – the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies – fastening upon the soul and imparting common grace. Likewise, Augustine describes how the fervent singing of the church in Milan affected his heart: “Those voices flooded my ears, and the truth was distilled into my heart until it overflowed in loving devotion.” Here again we see that music does not simply wash over our senses, but that it is a fit medium to bear verbal meaning into the inward place, the heart, distilling truth therein and shaping the affections.


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Upcoming Events October 3 | Sixth Grade Pentacost Feast 12 | Fourth Grade Monk Day 13 | Sixth Grade Pioneer Day 25 | Recitation Chapel 26 | First Grade Mammal Day

November 3 | Regents Celebration 14 | Open House 17 |Recitation Chapel 17 | Kindergarten & FIrst Grade Thanksgiving Feast

December 15 | Christmas Recitation Chapel


Fall Athletics at Regents

fencers for a big tournament in December. Danielle Oktay has led the way for Regents by Travis Johnson with fencing. She is in her third year of fencing and her coach, Nathaniel Sides, is excited to The fall season is under way for Regents see her lead the way again this year. Athletics. This is an exciting time for the student athletes and coaches! It is always nice The winter sports season will start in to see the students on the court or on the field November with basketball for both girls using their gifts and talents. During the fall and boys at the middle school and varsity season the students have an opportunity to level. This will be the first season of varsity play volleyball (girls), run cross country, or basketball for the girls. Coach Rock Watson will be coaching the girls and is super excited participate in fencing. to join the coaching staff at Regents! Both volleyball teams have been working hard and their hard work shows in their Lastly, this year Regents joined the VACA improvement each week. The school’s first (Virginia Association of Christian Athletics) ever tailgate was held after the girls home league. This gives our athletic teams an volleyball game on Friday, September 22nd. It opportunity to play for district, regional, and was a fun time and a great atmosphere! The state championships. We are thrilled to join student section was enthusiastic and loud, this league, and we are looking forward to a and there was even an appearance from the great year in athletics at the Regents School! Regents Lion Mascot! The middle school GO LIONS! team pulled out a win over Mt. Carmel and the varsity girls played extremely hard even though they came up a little short on the scoreboard. The coaches, Monica Morgan, Katie Smith, and Susan Hamil, are all very proud of their players. The cross country team is having a great season. The runners are enjoying their races and many are improving their time each race. Will Hoover was the student athlete of the month in September. He has been a part of the cross country team for the last three years. Will has two top ten finishes on the year so far along with an 11th place finish. He has helped lead the cross country team with his outstanding work ethic at both practice and the meets. Coach Ellis and Coach Flack are excited for the rest of the season and are looking forward to seeing the kids improve. Fencing is a year long sport for the school, and most of the fall is spent preparing the

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Lions in


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n Action


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From the Grammar School Why Memorize?

by Johnnie-Ann Campbell Children memorize many things with little effort, whether it’s a new skill, such as riding a bicycle, a quote from a beloved story, or a line from their favorite movie. It’s true that children are like sponges, capable of absorbing and storing large amounts of information. As teachers, we capitalize on the student’s natural ability for memorization, often requiring them to recall facts and information relevant to their schoolwork. Memorization certainly serves many practical purposes. However, the chief purpose of education is to teach students to love the right things, specifically those things which are beautiful. In the Grammar School, one of the main ways that we cultivate a love for beauty is through the regular practice of memorization. Our students memorize beautiful things, committing Scripture and poetry to memory so that the students can call them to mind and ponder them in their hearts. As Sara Breetzke, a classical educator and head of school, writes, “Students who have memorized truths about God and His world have a grid of wisdom through which to experience and understand life.” Ultimately, we want our students to meditate on the things that are


lovely, excellent, and praiseworthy. As teachers, we aren’t satisfied when students simply recall information, just as we aren’t satisfied by simply having virtue or morals in our curriculum. We desire for our students to rightly order their loves. We desire to foster virtue as C.S. Lewis describes it— that is “the condition of affection in which every object is accorded that kind of degree of love which is appropriate to it.”

“[T]he chief purpose of education is to teach students to love the right things, specifically those things which are beautiful.”

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Ask your student... What are you memorizing for Recitation Chapel?


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New Location Update The Regents School Board continues to faithfully explore every avenue for Regents’ next location. The school requires a building with at least 20,000 square feet and space for athletic fields. Given the limited options of suitable and affordable buildings in the Charlottesville area, the Board has begun seriously considering land on which to build. The search for land is as difficult as the search for existing facilities due to a number of constraints. 1. The land must be in a growth area. 2. The land must be accessible to public water and sewer. 3. The land must have favorable transportation access in order to secure permitting. 4. The owner must be willing to accept a contract contingent on a 9-12 month special use permit process. Please join the RSC Board of Directors in praying, especially this quarter, for the Lord’s provision of a long-term location for the school.

Want to help? Consider donating to the next phase of the capital campaign! 21

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From the Logic School Fall Retreat Recap by Jonathan Howard

One way we see God’s definition of beauty is through His nature. God is a relational being, as we see through the Trinity and through his design for marriage, family, and church. Much of Scripture discusses ways to have healthy relationships with others— how to love God by loving one another. Because of this, Regents places a high priority on helping students learn to build strong relationships. At the beginning of each school year, Regents Logic and Rhetoric students travel to Summer’s Best Two Weeks in Hollsopple, Pennsylvania for their Fall Retreat. While at SB2W, the students spend time in prayer and devotion, setting goals for the year, and bonding together through friendly competitions and games.

They enjoyed the friendly competitions and thought the time they spent together ushered them into the community of the Logic School in meaningful ways.

There were a few moments throughout the trip that all the students truly appreciated, one of which was Coach Smethurst’s message at the beach on Thursday night. They were drawn to his sincerity and earnestness as he delivered the truth of the Gospel to them. Additionally, every student had an anecdote of their interactions with their teachers that gave them a deeper appreciation for the people who teach them each day. Most of the students reported that they enjoyed the personalities of each teacher in a new way and had a greater affection for them because of this unique The Logic School throughly enjoyed experience. their trip to Summer’s Best Two Weeks in September. They were overwhelmed by the We are so thankful that each Logic School fellowship they found waiting for them, not student walked away from Summer’s Best just from their old friend Coach Smethurst, Two Weeks knowing they are deeply loved but also from their older classmates who and have a welcoming home at Regents! were eager to know them better. Nearly every student mentioned how good it felt to get to know one another as well as be known by them. Many students mentioned that relationships which existed before the trip deepened and grew as they had time to fellowship and play with each other.


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Athlete Spotlight | Will Hoover Will has been running cross country for the Regents program for the past three years, and he is a dedicated runner and a great teammate. Will won his final middle school race last year and started his high school career with a top ten finish (6th) at the Ragged Mountain Cup this fall. Coach Ellis said, “Will Hoover is a competitive, hard working athlete who always pushes his limits and does not settle for less than his very best. He leads by example, and I am excited to see what the future holds for him, both on and off the field of play.�


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Volunteer Spotlight | Jane Duffey Regents is so grateful to the many volunteers who contribute to the life of our school. After retiring from a career of teaching and school administration, Jane Duffey quickly found a way to continue using her gifts to serve others. She became certified in education therapy through the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) and now uses that expertise to help Regents students develop tools for independent learning. The NILD approach is especially impactful because it addresses causes for learning difficulties, rather than symptoms, through the use of mediated language. Just as one would engage in physical therapy in order to strengthen the weakness in one’s leg from an injury, so the student in NILD works to strengthen his learning process through rigorous exercises in thinking. Since Mrs. Duffey began volunteering, we have seen tremendous growth in her students’ abilities to overcome their cognitive vulnerabilities, bolster their strengths, and emerge as more confident learners. Thank you, Mrs. Duffey, for investing your time and talents in Regents students!

If you would like to come alongside the Regents community by volunteering, please email us at or call us at (434) 293.0633. 25

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From the Rhetoric School College-Eligible or College-Ready? by Brian Nelson

Beauty is found in excellence, and at Regents, we encourage our students to strive for excellence both here and as they prepare for what lies ahead.

move beyond academic content and the college process to help students build the skills and tools needed to be successful in college. These include focusing on self-management skills and academic behaviors, simulating collegeAs a former college admissions professional, level assignments and grading policies, and I have worked with students as they walked ensuring that students finish high school with through the college selection process a rigorous senior year class schedule. and transitioned to the collegiate world. I celebrated their successes and helped them Regents is this type of school. We have made through their struggles. During this time, it deliberate decisions to move students toward became apparent to me that not many students academic preparation for college. By placing were truly prepared for college. They had emphasis on comprehensive assessments and taken a selection of advanced courses and had papers in the upper grades, holding to strict even achieved solid SAT scores, but they were guidelines regarding the depth and quality of not ready for the rigors of college. They were work, and encouraging student ownership over college-eligible but not college-ready. their education, our faculty has committed to growing students. I am encouraged that at Regents, we are committed to moving beyond college- Regents is a rigorous school by design. Rigor eligibility to prepare students for the next step. now leads to success in college and life. Much like preparing to compete at the next What does it mean to be college-ready? level in athletics, the academic training that According to David Conley, college professor our students go through at Regents is tough. and researcher, college readiness differs This type of training is what makes our from college-eligibility in its specific focus school different. Our students work hard and on developed skills rather than the meeting enter college with confidence and poised for of basic qualifications or the obtaining of success. They excel and that is beautiful. application items. He asserts that school must

Support Regents students in a tangible way! Click here to partner with us as we prepare to purchase Naviance, a college and career readiness platform, for our Rhetoric school students.


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“Beauty is found in excellence, and here at Regents we encourage our students to strive for excellence both here and as they prepare for what lies ahead.�


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Thank you to everyone who donated toward the new playground! The students are putting it to great use!


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Support Regents Amazon Smile Do you shop at Amazon? Enroll in the Amazon Smile program and designate Regents as your charity. 0.5% of every qualifying purchase will go to Regents! Click here to learn more.

Renewanation Put your Virginia state tax dollars to work through the Renewa-nation program. You can receive up to a 100% tax credit for donations to the Renewanation program which provides scholarships to Regents students. This is a fantastic opportunity to support our school. To find out more about the upcoming informational meeting on October 30th, email the office at or call 434-293-0633.

For more information about ways to support Regents School, visit


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