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July - September 2013

Our Next Door Hero

Ms Aw Pau Kim



Brothers In Arms

Religious Groups That Made a Difference

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Dear friends, income As many of you are aware of, we have been helping some of our elderly lower ver residents clean up their homes. In some cases, it was almost a complete makeo we and nt as the conditions were rather squalid. A particular uncle was very relucta kind IMH spent quite some time talking to him, trying to reassure him. We had two very agreed and officers who were there to assist us in counselling the gentleman. He finally his flat was completely transformed. The story does not end there. He is now helping out at our Senior Activity Center long(SAC). He maintains his personal hygiene better and is neatly dressed in his sleeved shirts when he comes by the SAC. out to. Little actions can sometimes have big impacts on the lives of those we reach well have For those who had given a few hours of their Saturday that morning, they may made a change not just to the living environment of the uncle, but to his life. forward, Big or small, we can all make a difference. Many of you have been stepping to be an whether to help distribute N95 masks, dengue prevention packages or just active part of your local community. activities I do hope that more of you can come forward and see if there are meaningful you’d like to be part of. You’d be surprised by what can be done. Tan Chuan-Jin



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July - September 2013





CONTENT 3 Advisor’s Note 5 Kaleidoscope

Events and happenings in K-CC

8 Our Next Door Hero

Engaging with your community

14 Know Your Neighbourhood

Faces of K-CC

16 Our Singapore Conversation

A remarkable lady with a heart of gold, Ms Aw Pau Kim, shares why she goes all out to help those in need

10 Brothers In Arms

12 Social Commentary

Here’s what the residents of K-CC had to share

18 What’s New 19 Loudhailer

Recognising our community partners who have made significant contributions to help K-CC’s needy residents 20

The latest news and happenings around our neighbourhood

Glimpse into the Future Calendar of events from July – September 2013

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Events and happenings in Kembangan-Chai Chee



Jun 2013


- Mozzie W

Jun 2013

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Jun 201

WeCare uly 2013 -


Jun 2013

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Jun 201


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- Mozzie W


WeCare uly 2013 -

t Haze on Agains

istributi 3 - Mask D

Jun 201


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- Mozzie W


WeCare uly 2013 -


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Events and happenings in Kembangan-Chai Chee


Apr 2013 - Transport Dialogue

Apr 2013 - AAC - Launch of Wellness Centre

Apr 2013 - Seniors By The Bay

May 2013 -Help your Neighbour to Clean & Paint Home

Apr 2013 - FLC & KUWEC KKWEC - Babyshow

Apr 2013 - Drawing Fun @ Arts Corner

Apr 2013 - Our Singapore Conversation Dialogue Session @ Lengkong Tiga

May 2013 -Safe @ Chai Che


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Jun 2013 - International Cleaners Day

Jun 2013 - KUSCEC - Parents Day Karaoke Dinner

Jun 2013 - Sriville RC - Joo Chiat Complex Walkabout

Jun 2013 - Lor Melayu NC - Windy Heights Walkabout

Jun 2013 - KKCCMC - Multi Racial Dumpling Festival Jun 2013 - Friendly Soccer League

Jun 2013 - Back To School

July 2013 - Thinking Art Programme


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Recognising people who make a difference in our neighbourhood


HOUSEWIFE For more than a decade, Ms Aw, an avid K-CC volunteer, has taken an active role in caring for the elderly and needy folks in her community. In this exclusive feature, this woman with a heart of gold shares with us why she goes all out to help those in need. From cleaning the flats of elderly folks that are infested with insects to caring for their daily needs, Ms Aw is well known for her kind and selfless acts towards the elderly folks in Kembangan – Chai Chee. A frequent face at the Seniors Activity Centre at Chai Chee Blk

22, Ms Aw, who has committed her life to doing voluntary work for the past decade, shares with us why she chose to give up her job to help the needy and elderly folks, and more importantly, how she intends to continue contributing to the community.

past decade. I first had a taste of doing voluntary work during the time when I was unable to continue working due to a back injury. I had to quit my job, and I was looking for activities to burn my time instead of idling away at home.

WHAT LED YOU TO BE A VOLUNTEER? MS AW: I have been a volunteer with K-CC for the

WHAT’S A REGULAR DAY LIKE FOR YOU? MS AW: My day usually starts at about 8am in the morning.


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7/26/13 2:54 PM

I will head down to the Seniors Activity Centre to look after the elderly folks and ensure that they all have their breakfast and are well taken care of. It may sound simple, but it is more complicated than you think. As each one of them has their own dietary restrictions, we (volunteers and caretakers) have to ensure that they do not take certain types of food. For example. some of them have diabetes, while others have high blood pressure or even hypertension, so we have to make sure they do not eat food that they are not supposed to. Thereafter, I would spend time to chat with them, play cards with them, or simply accompany them to watch television. Later at noon, I would help by giving out free rice packets to the elderly and needy folks in K-CC. After lunch, I would head back to the SAC, and assist in other areas.

DO YOU ENJOY HELPING OTHERS? MS AW: Definitely. Helping the less fortunate has definitely given my life more meaning. I treat all of them just like how I would treat my own mother and father. Some of these elderly folks do not have any family or friends, and they are very lonely. So being able to be there to just talk to them makes them happy, and I am happy when they are happy. HOW HAS VOLUNTARY WORK CHANGED YOUR LIFE? MS AW: Surprisingly, voluntary work helped improve my

illness. Many years ago, I was diagnosed with depression after I was overly stressed at work. I decided to take a break to recover from it, and it was through helping others that my condition gradually improved. DO YOU INTEND TO ENCOURAGE MORE YOUTHS TO BE MORE PROACTIVE IN HELPING THEIR COMMUNITY? MS AW: I was appointed the head of volunteers (somewhat like an in-charge) a couple of years back, and since then, I have recruited a pool of young volunteers to assist me, especially when we have events for these elderly folks and require extra manpower. I would like to encourage more youths to step forward and volunteer their services, as there is just so much one person can do. And there are so many elderly folks in K-CC that need our help and care, so for those who have never tried voluntary work before, my message to them is “Give it a shot! As you might just enjoy it, as you discover a greater meaning in life.�


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Acknowledging our community partners for their dedication and commitment to our neighbourhood


BETHESDA CHURCH Situated along 30 Chai Chee Street, the church provides free English language classes for adults and a full-time kindergarten for working parents. Other ad-hoc programmes are available as well.

MANGALA VIHARA Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) conducts Dhamma studies free of charge for both children and adults. Vegetarian lunch is provided for the needy.

AL ANSAR MOSQUE Kindergarten is open to the Muslim community. Youth bonding activities and family empowerment programmes like marriage preparatory courses and conversational Mandarin lessons are offered to the public.


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7/26/13 2:55 PM


Name of Orgnization

ROS official address


House of the Lord Church

160, Lorong Sarina , Singapore 416718


True Jesus Church (Telok Kurau)

32, Lorong H Telok Kurau , Singapore 426020


Bethesda Cathedral


Bethesda Chapel


Streams of Life Fellowship

157, Still Road , Boon Court, Singapore 423993


Faith Community Baptist Church

750A, Chai Chee Road , #04-01, Technopark @ Chai Chee, Singapore 469001


Maranatha Presbyterian Church


Buddhist Union, The

28, Jalan Senyum , Singapore 418152


Pu Zhao Chan Si Temple

3, Lorong Marican , Singapore 417204


Leng Foong Prajna Temple

28, Lengkong Dua , Singapore 417705


Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple)

30, Jalan Eunos , Singapore 419495


Ban Rou Jiang Tang Temple


Lin Tan Temple


Soon San Teng Temple

42, Senang Crescent , Singapore 416610


Hong San Si Temple Society

17, Lorong Melayu , Singapore 416912


Hoon Sian Keng Temple, The

82, Changi Road , Singapore 419716


Sian Keng Tong Temple

216, Changi Road , Singapore 419736


Yu Xu Taoist Association (Singapore)

29, Senang Crescent , Singapore 416602


Chia Hung Boo Temple


Fa Shi Lin Temple


Thian Ling Chong Toh Tong Temple


Li Teck Chuan Cin Tang Temple


Tioh Hin Cho Temple


Masjid Al-Ansar

155 Bedok North Avenue 1


Masjid Abdul Razak

30 Jalan Ismail


Masjid Darul Aman

1 Jalan Eunos


Masjid Kassim

450 Changi Road


Masjid Mydin

67 Jalan Lapang


Chai Chee United Temple

6 Chai Chee Lane

DARUL AMAN MOSQUE Health checks for the elderly in the Muslim community are run twice a year. Outdoor activities such as touring religious institutions are organized to promote better understanding and awareness of other religions.

CHAI CHEE UNITED TEMPLE Vegetarian food and guided temple tour is available. Temple festivals and rites are open to the public during special occasions for participation. The temple is open to the public during special occasions such as festival and rites.


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7/26/13 2:55 PM



By communicating and engaging with the people in your community, you will not only understand each other better, but can learn new things that you never knew. In addition, by hearing the views of others, their concerns and dreams, you can help make your community a much better place to live in. Whenever we hear about outreach and engagement, the first thought that comes to our minds will most likely be engagement on a national scale. At the national level, a culture of outreach and engagement has slowly begun ever since the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) kickstarted in 2012. Through OSC, Singaporeans have taken the initiative to come forward to not only participate, but also organise conversations with relevant agencies and organisations to let their voices and opinions be heard. However, outreach and engagement do not always

have to start with the government or a national agency. At the community level, outreach and engagement can be commonly seen in activities run by volunteers. In recent events, such as the haze problem and dengue outbreak, it is the people who have come forward on a community level to help raise awareness and give aid, by providing insect repellents and N95 masks to the rest of the community, especially the needy. This spirit of volunteering encourages others within the community to do their part and in effect increases the number of volunteers in each heartland. At the individual level, outreach and engagement is equally important. When you see a familiar face in your community, establish eye contact with a hint of a smile and conversation can easily follow. You will never know what valuable lessons you may

gain from an elderly man in your neighbourhood whom you have always felt sorry for, but never engaged. Everyone’s life experiences differ and it is through engagement and communication that we are able to learn the fastest and at the same time, brighten up the days of one another. So the next time you see a familiar face in your neighbourhood, why not look up, smile, and reach out to engage in a meaningful conversation? Text by Woo Wee Meng Jay


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7/26/13 2:55 PM



APRIL Mr Kenneth Chee PBM was appointed the programme’s chairman to work alongside its members, some of whom are chairmen of the respective K-CC RCs, NCs, and C2E. The committee organized an Anti-Dengue Training conducted by AVA at Kg CC AVA Room. 70 grassroots members attended. MAY An official meeting was held at Kg Kembangan CC Conference Room, with NEA updating the committee on the latest dengue cases and hotspots. Dengue prevention measures and the dissemination of information to KCC residents were also discussed. 35 “Fight Dengue” banners were put up on all RC/NCs and CCs banner stands 3000 bottles of ‘OFF’ mosquito repellent (1oz) were distributed to the Red/Yellow alert area with Advisor’s note.

p13 Ads3.indd 13

8800 copies of “Fight Dengue” flyers provided by NEA were delivered. Adviser visited Dengue Cluster highlighted by NEA to spread the prevention message. Over 3000 households benefitted from Dengue flyers, repellent patches, and Adviser’s note. 5000 more received the flyers. AREAS COVERED INCLUDE: Everitt Road North Lorong 104-106, Changi Rd, Waringin Park, Chai Chee Street Blk 45, 50, Chai Chee Road BTO building site, Vacanza @ East, Levenue @ lengkong Empat etc.

7/26/13 2:56 PM


Discover interesting hangouts and activities at Kembangan-Chai Chee

FACES OF K-CC These members of the neighbourhood exercise their talent and popularity by giving back to the community and doing Singapore proud. Here is a look at four of them who should be given due credit.

Daisy Irani

Best known as Daisy in the 90’s local TV sitcom Under One Roof, Daisy is a media professional with over 25 years of experience in theatre, television, and film. The Managing Executive Producer of Mediacorp is involved in various charities and, aside from being a grassroots member of K-CC, was recently installed as the President of the Rotary Club of Marina City.

Doris Young

Recognised as Marrie Lee in the film industry, Doris first made her debut in the 1978 martial arts flick, “They Call Her Cleopatra Wong.” The accomplished actress has been invited to attend and speak at various film festivals over the years and in 2011, was honoured with the Action Queens Honorary Award during the Paris Cinema International Film Festival.


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7/26/13 2:56 PM

Mr. Ong Cheng Hoon

Mr. Wee Kim

Lee Kuan Yew had sent a letter of congratulations to Mr. Wee for winning a bronze medal in the 1965 Southeast Asian Peninsular Games, noting the ex-star badminton player’s, “qualities of discipline, stamina, and talent.” Mr. Wee is known to be cheerful and very helpful, and can often be found doing household fixes for his neighbours.

Currently a member of Sriville RC and Kg Ubi CCMC, this 63-year old has been volunteering for the past 4 years with blessings from his family. His commitment to helping others has not wavered despite suffering a stroke last year and he was involved with the distribution of masks and WeCare emergency packs during the recent haze.


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7/26/13 2:56 PM


HERE’S WHAT THE RESIDENTS OF KEMBANGAN – CHAI CHEE HAD TO SHARE During the ‘Our Singapore Conversation’ session held in November 2012, the residents of K-CC raised issues that they were most concerned about, namely, healthcare, transport, education, property, manpower, and social and family development. (A) HEALTHCARE Residents shared that healthcare medical fees are not as affordable as they seem now. Healthcare treatments provided by private and public clinics have differing medical standards. (ie. in terms of waiting time). Rigid polyclinic opening hours are a deterrent to the poor seeking medical treatment. Residents felt that the government should emphasise and educate citizens on active aging and promote a more healthy lifestyle to reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases (ie. more awareness to the public on benefits

of organic food instead of genetically modified food). Residents emphasised the importance of healthcare for every Singaporean; no one should be turned away from any treatment even if they are unable to afford the medical expenses. (B) TRANSPORT Residents commented that the current transport system is not effective enough to cater to Singaporeans. MRT trains are still very crowded especially during peak hours. Buses still arrive at inconsistent intervals. Public buses run by listed companies are profit-driven, resulting in higher transportation costs that Singaporeans

have to bear. Cars are still abundant on the road, causing congestion. COE prices are still rocket-high. Residents wished for better co-ordination in the transport system. (C) EDUCATION Younger residents gave feedback that Singapore is now more geared to “Elitism”, causing indirect pressure on the younger generation. The current education system makes it difficult to groom potential athletes, who have to juggle school and their passion at the same time. There is also global competition faced by our young generation which puts them in an unfavourable situation. Teachers should


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7/26/13 2:56 PM

also play an important role and concentrate more on the students (ie. character building and interaction) instead of being bogged down by administrative work and meetings. (D) PROPERTY Residents felt that the purpose of a property is to serve primarily as their home and not to be used as an investment vehicle. Residents are concerned that Permanent Residents are coming into the property market to inflate and speculate, causing the resale market to be overheated. With the high demand in property, coupled with the land scarcity in Singapore, residents foresee that the price will continue to rise unless the government exercises more stringent intervention measures.

(E) MANPOWER Residents observed that there is a shortfall of manpower and PMETs for industries such as F&B and construction. There is a general trend that foreigners are replacing the locals. Residents felt that profit maximisation should not be the guiding principle for an organisation all the time. Companies should instead strike a balance between profits, growth and employee management. Companies should offer relevant upgrading programs to their workers to increase efficiency. However, residents

OUTCOME: There was a dynamic exchange of ideas among the residents, each sharing their own personal experiences and opinions during the conversation. The crowd was generally spontaneous and the mood light hearted, with everyone being cordial with one another. The less outspoken and quieter residents could be encouraged to speak up and get more involved. The Minister ended the session with a summary of the issues, reminding residents to decide what is best for them and strike a balance, given the limitations and constraints that the nation will face in the future. “I hope your happiness is defined not by the government but by yourself.� agreed that it also depends largely on the individual’s adaptability to their job. (F) SOCIAL AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT Residents shared that the current lifestyle in Singapore is too tense, focusing too much on money making. The high cost of living, coupled with the constant drive for success and competition tilts the work life balance. People are also more career-minded and individualistic, causing the strain of coping and discouraging marriage.


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7/26/13 2:57 PM



Al-Ansar Mosque at the junction between Bedok North Ave 1 and Chai Chee Street, near the park connectors linking Bedok Reservoir and East Coast Park, is set to be a valuable landmark in the area – to be revamped as a community-centred place of worship, it will feature an open plaza so that visitors may interact and hold activities by the end of 2014. The mosque is presently temporarily located at the junction between Bedok North Ave 1 and Bedok North Road. The renovated space will be able to accommodate more than 4,500 congregants, a thousand more than previously possible, and visitors will no longer be subjected to praying under the sun due to space constraints. Other upgrades will include an elevator, a mezzanine floor housing an

administration office, a basement car park that can cater to 28 cars, and a rooftop. Newly designed prayer rooms will be available on all four levels, with a family prayer room on the first floor and a ladies prayer room on the second. 20 classrooms, which can be converted to prayer spaces when necessary, are available across three levels. An auditorium that can sit 300 will be located on the third floor. Since Bedok/Chai Chee is an estate with a relatively large mature population, ramps, railings, and handicapped toilets, along with other relevant facilities, will be constructed for the convenience of the elderly. Facilities involving the younger community include that of a youth activity room, a counselling room, and a mini library.


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7/26/13 2:57 PM

The latest news and feedbacks from our Neighbourhood



ALL RESIDENTS! ACTIVE AGEING The AAC Wellness Centre is now offering various classes and facilities so that residents are equipped with more avenues for healthy ageing. Aside from karaoke, baking, and sewing lessons, amenities such as a massage chair and board games are available. Classes will begin once a minimum participation rate is achieved.

Interior Design concept for the RC Centre Main Entrance

Interior Design concept for the RC Centre Multi Function Room

EXTENSION PLANNING @ CHAI CHEE RC CENTRE The three RC Centres will be catering to the interests of 3 groups – youth, family & PMET, and the elderly – by conducting exclusive activities and setting up specific facilities for each target category. These will allow for deeper engagement both with and among the residents.


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7/26/13 2:58 PM


Upcoming News and Events in Kembangan-Chai Chee



Name of Activity



25 July (Thu)

6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Porridge Distribution

Al-Abdul Razak @ 30 Jln Ismail


27 July (Sat)

6 pm to 7 pm

Habuan 2013

Blk 23A Chai Chee Road Multipurpose Court


Pre registration required

28 July (Sun)

7 am to 11 am

Briskwalk to Woodland Waterfront

Woodland Waterfront


Requires pre-event registration

2 Aug (Fri)

2 pm to 4 pm

Thinking Art Programme

East Coast Primary School


Requires pre-event registration for volunteers

2 Aug (Fri)

5 pm to 6 pm

Porridge Distribution

Geylang Serai Market


9 Aug (Fri)

7.30 am to 9.30 am

National Day Observance Ceremony

Hard court next to Blk 61 & Blk 23A Chai Chee Road Multipurpose Court


Requires pre-event registration Public are welcome to participate (Wear Red)

16 Aug (Fri)

2 pm to 4 pm

Thinking Art Programme

East Coast Primary School


Requires pre-event registration for volunteers

23 Aug (Fri)

8 pm to 10 pm

2nd Phrase OSC with Rental Blocks Residents



Pre registration required (Applicable to Rental Block residents)

24 Aug (Sat)

7.30 pm to 10.30 pm

K-CC National Day Dinner 2013

Kg Kembangan CC


Requires pre-event registration

25 Aug (Sun)

7.30 pm to 9.45 pm

Salam Adilfitri 2013

Marine Parade


Requires pre-event registration

31 Aug (Sat)

2 pm to 5 pm

Cholesterol Screening cum Health Talk

Kg Kembangan CC


Requires pre-event registration (Seniors 50+ priority)

14 Sept (Sat)

8 am to 10.30 am

Health Screening for Seniors

Blk 55 Chai Chee Drive


Requires pre-event registration (For Seniors)

21st Sept (Sat)

7 pm to 10 pm

K-CC Lantern Nite 2013

Blk 61 Chai Chee Road


Requires pre-event registration


*Details updated according to time of print. Residents are strongly encouraged to confirm event details nearer to date.

Please contact our staff for registration and enquiry: Kampong Ubi Community Centre – 67459919, Kampong Kembangan Community Club – 64496022

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7/26/13 2:59 PM

The Tweeter (Jul-Sep 2013)  

Engaging with your community • Our Next Hero - Ms Aw Pau Kim • Brothers In Arms - Religious Groups That Made a Difference

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