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April - June 2013




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CONTINUE REACHING OUT TO OUR COMMUNITY Welcome to our second edition of The Tweeter! Thank you for all your encouragement and most useful feedback. We’ll keep Tweeting harder and better! Dear friends, I would like to take the opportunity to share with you an event which many of you supported in one way or other. We held our “One Community Day” on 13th January 2013. The intent was to mobilise our community to reach out to not only those who may need help, but for us to also be involved in making a difference to our neighbourhood. Many of you came forward to help in a wide range of areas. There were those of you woke up early for our walk & litter picking as well as those that came out to wash your flat lobbies and corridors. I hope we realise how much rubbish accumulates from our little indiscretions. The little piece of sweet wrapper and the cigarette butt adds up over time. For those who came by to help clean up the flats of the elderly and less mobile residents, great job in cleaning and repainting the homes. There were the many volunteers from our schools and around to collect the food contributions from all of you in the Kembangan Chai Chee area. Your support was incredible. We ran out of truck space and had to make multiple trips to pick up your donations. Many of you made the effort to buy food stuff to help the less fortunate and we want to thank you for responding. Then there were those of you who helped carry the sacks of rice to hand to our residents who needed the little extra help as well as to help the change to energy saving light bulbs. A number of you helped with portrait taking for the elderly, resume banking, recycling, haircut, free lunch distribution, health

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screening & integrated care as well as medical aid distribution. I met Gregory and Tat Wee whose entire families of three generations came to help spring clean homes as well as Jason and wife with two young kids in tow going door to door to distribute sacks of rice. I thought it was particularly meaningful for it was not only about lending a hand to their community but also a family bonding opportunity for them. All your efforts made a difference to those who needed the reaching out to. I hope you made new friends and would begin to see your role a little differently. And importantly, to realise how you can help make society a better place. It starts with all of us reaching out as we build and become One Community. Over the next few months, I will be hosting a series of Our Singapore Conversations at your various RCs and NCs. It will be an excellent opportunity for us to discuss and put forth ideas about our community and aspirations for Singapore. I look forward to more of your enthusiasm and support just like during “One Community Day”. Warmest regards to all! Tan Chuan-Jin

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April - June 2013





CONTENT 3 Advisor’s Note 5 Our Next Door Hero

Mr Goh Tor Zin goes to great lengths to look after and beautify the community garden.

6 Cover Story

A glimpse into the activities during the One Community 2013 Project.

10 Brothers In Arms

Acknowledging the efforts of our community partners, SATA CommHealth and Sunlove Home, for providing free medical aid to the elderly and needy.

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Making a difference in our neighbourhood.

14 Know Your Neighbourhood

What you didn’t know about Kembangan-Chai Chee Estate.

15 Loudhailer

Volunteers from the neighbourhood and other organisations get together 16 to show their concern for fellow residents and 17 their community.

8 Kaleidoscope

12 Social Commentary

The latest news and happenings around our neighbourhood.

Our Learning Journey An easy-to-follow recipe.

Dirty Laundry

We want to hear from you!

18 What’s New 19 Glimpse into the Future

Calendar of events from April – June 2013

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Recognising people who make a difference in our neighbourhood



KEMBANGAN-CHAI CHEE’S FLOURISHING LANDSCAPE Mr Goh Tor Zin (62) SEMI-RETIRED Known for always going the extra mile to lend others a helping hand, Mr Goh Tor Zin, 62, a semi-retiree, not only makes an effort to care for fellow residents, but also goes to great lengths to look after and beautify the community garden – resulting in a picturesque neighbourhood. Meet Mr Goh, whose garden is as graceful as the man who created it. BACKGROUND INFO Once upon a time, along the stretch of Lengkong Tiga car park, trees were decaying due to lack of care, and fruits from those trees were beginning to pose a threat to passersbys with their over ripened fruits. But those days are now long gone. Today, as you take a slow stroll around the neighbourhood, you would be

visibly impressed by the scenic surroundings that greets you. Much credit goes to Mr Goh who spearheaded this huge transformation by raising this issue to our Adviser, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin. Rectification work was carried out and the trees in question were removed.

WHY VOLUNTEER? He had aimed to promote volunteerism through the garden he calls 希望工程 (Hope Project). Mr Goh literally bought plants from all over the world and planted them back at his neighbourhood in Lengkong Tiga’s Community Garden. His little garden would include plants from Mexico, Suzhou, Madagascar, and Bali etc. The variety of plants includes the Jamaica, Black Pine, Yucca and Bonsai to name a few.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER Mr Goh shares that in order to achieve a beautiful neighbourhood, every resident has to play a part in maintaining its beauty, such as watering the plants regularly, pruning, fertilising etc. In fact, Mr Goh wishes more youths could step forward and volunteer through acts like these. His enthusiasm and commitment to beautify the neighbourhood has begun to rub off on others. The PCF principal at Lengkong Tiga Blk 116, has praised Mr Goh for his efforts and has even embarked to follow in his footsteps, opening up a small plot of field right in front of the PCF centre to share his love for gardening.


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4/18/13 4:37 PM




Needy residents from KembanganChai Chee receive a helping hand through the One Community 2013 Project.

Proudly organised by the Kembangan-Chai Chee grassroots organisations, the One Community 2013 Project conceived by Acting Manpower Minister and the area’s grassroots adviser Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, took place on 13th January across K-CC. The one-day event, which spanned 13 hours, saw about 1,500 participants — of which

about 750 were residents of the Kembangan-Chai Chee constituency — take part in 13 meaningful activities to help the needy residents in the area, including block washing, rice distribution, spring cleaning of rental flat units, tutoring recruitment, medical screenings, aid distribution, and more. Mr Tan Chuan-Jin was also present throughout the event


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4/18/13 4:38 PM

and participated enthusiastically in most of the activities, of which, one of them included painting the interior of Madam Goh Soh Eng’s flat – with the help of two families who live in the vicinity. Madam Goh, 85, who lives alone, said that keeping the place clean was difficult, as she has a broken hip bone and requires a walking stick, much less maintaining the condition of the interior. We spoke to one of the volunteers who assisted in painting Madam Goh’s flat as well, Dr Chan, who said that this community event was a good experience for his children and plans on taking them to similar events, as they provide them with a different perspective on life.“This makes them aware of the less-fortunate in the neighbourhood who might require help,” he said. Mr Tan Chuan-Jin said that he was very encouraged by these volunteers, and highlighted the importance of "being able to relate to the place you live in and the people around you". He added, “Nation-building means building a home you can be proud of, and it starts with caring for others.”


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4/18/13 4:38 PM


Events and happenings in Kembangan-Chai Chee

Dec 2012 - AAC 3 Generational Bonding Day

Jan 2013 - Launching of K-CC Logo

Jan 2013 - LUNAR New Year Ang Bao Giveaway

Jan 2013 - Ping Yi Garden RC Residents Day

Feb 2013 - Chai Chee Orange Distribution

Feb 2013 - Chai Chee Orange Distribution

Feb 2013 - LUNAR New Year Dinner

Feb 2013 - LUNAR New Year Dinner


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4/18/13 4:38 PM

Mar 2013 - Singapore Pools Sharing of Grassroots Project

Mar 2013 - Sriville RC Joo Chiat House Visit

Mar 2013 - CSC Briskwalk

Mar 2013 - Eunosville NC House Visit

Mar 2013 - Kg Ubi Open House

Mar 2013 - Kg Ubi Open House

Mar 2013 - Kg Ubi Open House

Mar 2013 - Kg Ubi Open House


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4/18/13 4:39 PM


Acknowledging our community partners for their dedication and commitment to our neighbourhood


SATA and Sunlove share with us the various complimentary and subsidised medical assistance they offer to K-CC residents. Healthcare providers such as SATA CommHealth and Sunlove Home acknowledge the rising need for affordable, and in some cases, free healthcare services amid a rapidly ageing population in Singapore. In this interview, Dr Abraham and Mr Mohan share with us their plans on how they intend to continue helping those in need.

Mr Mohan: Sunlove offers free medical aid to the elderly residents of Kembangan-Chai Chee. We have doctors who will attend to the sick and needy residents on a weekly basis. In more serious cases, our doctors will refer the patients to the hospital to receive more advanced treatment.

Q1. CAN YOU SHARE WITH US SOME OF THE INITIATIVES THAT YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS INTRODUCED FOR THE ELDERLY AND NEEDY RESIDENTS OF K-CC? Dr Abraham: We have worked with the grassroots leaders to enable the residents to receive free health screening services on our Community Health Day (CHD) events, which we would organise about thrice a year at our four Medical Centres on a rotating basis. This event will be held once a year at our Chai Chee branch where we have served many residents of Kembangan-Chai Chee (K-CC).

Q2. HOW LONG HAS YOUR ORGANISATION BEEN PROVIDING THESE FREE/ SUBSIDISED TREATMENTS AND SCREENINGS TO NEEDY RESIDENTS? Dr Abraham: We began offering health screening services for our community partners throughout Singapore from January 2007. As for our CHD events, mobile medical services and DoctorsOn-Wheels (DOW), it has been running since August 2010. DOW is a community initiative started by SATA CommHealth to provide convenient healthcare services to the elderly and needy in our community. DOW has

Dr Abraham

We have been collaborating with Kembangan-Chai Chee GROs to render health checks for the poor and elderly since October 2007. We offered medical tests such as Body Mass Index (BMI) and Cholesterol measurements, Visual Acuity, Diabetic Retinal Photography (DRP) and Mammography at the recent Kembangan-Chai Chee One Community Day event on 13 January 2013.


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4/18/13 4:39 PM

by our DOW sessions on a bimonthly basis. Mr Mohan: More than 500 residents.

Mr Mohan

partnered with more than twenty organisations to address the welfare and unique needs of the elderly. They include homes for the disabled and/or aged, senior activity centres, neighbourhood links, community-based and other voluntary welfare organisations. Mr Mohan: Sunlove has been providing specialised care for the mentally disabled especially in providing residential care and rehabilitation programmes for the past 23 years. Q3. WHAT ARE YOUR LONG TERM PLANS FOR E.G. HOW DO YOU INTEND TO CONTINUE HELPING MORE NEEDY RESIDENTS? Dr Abraham: We intend to expand the reach of our DOW services. We are also currently collaborating with the new K-CC AAC Wellness Centre at Block 55 Chai Chee Street to conduct regular health screening for its

members. We also intend to work closely with Kembangan-Chai Chee GROs to address the needs of the needy and elderly with home medical care, rehabilitation, regular health monitoring and chronic disease management. Mr Mohan: We intend to continue doing what we have been doing all these years, as we believe that there is a large group of elderly residents residing at K-CC and they constantly need our continual assistance and support in order to live a happy and healthy life. Q4. TO DATE, APPROXIMATELY HOW MANY RESIDENTS HAVE BENEFITTED FROM THESE FREE/SUBSIDISED HEALTH SCREENINGS AND HEALTH TALKS? Dr Abraham: SATA CommHealth’s health screening services have benefitted up to 500 residents of K-CC to date, with 17 of them being treated

Q5. WHO ARE THE PEOPLE/ VOLUNTEERS WHO RENDER THEIR ASSISTANCE TO HELP THE NEEDY? CAN ANYONE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER AS WELL? Dr Abraham: On some events, SATA CommHealth seeks assistance from students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (School of Health Sciences). Yes, anyone can sign up to be a volunteer. We welcome more volunteers so as to expand our services for the community. Mr Mohan: Our team consists of medical officers, psychiatric trained nurses, psychologists, case managers, social workers, counsellors, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. Our volunteers on the other hand, comprise mainly of students - we frequently do tie ups with schools, and these students come by regularly to mingle and interact with the elderly residents of K-CC.


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4/18/13 4:39 PM



Many of us lament the loss of the ‘kampung spirit’. What did it use to be like? Then, neighbours knew each other. They did things together. They gathered at the local CC to play chess or watch TV. They celebrated events together. Memories were created and shared. This relationship established was the kampung spirit. You begin to care because the other person is no longer a stranger. Those days were simple and had fewer distractions. What does it take for us to have our own kampung spirit today? Actually, the basic ingredients are not all that different. For one, it begins when we say, “it starts with me”. Are there neighbours whom we have seen for years but with whom we have never even spoken to? Or even exchanged nods and smiles? Many of those involved in our community garden in the interim park in Jalan Senang shared about how they now finally got to know many of their neighbours, after many years, living on the same street! Reach out. Smile. “Hello!” Take part in the activities organised to bring neighbours together. This is how it can start. Another way is to reach out to those who may need assistance. We have resident

volunteers who come forward everyday to Chai Chee to distribute lunch to those who are in need of a little help. Everyday. Some have been helping us on Monday evenings to distribute bread and groceries. Others have taken part by contributing groceries. Others have come on board to help clean the flats of those who are older and less mobile. We have begun to work with Prisons to train some of our residents to help support the families of those with members incarcerated. I am doubling the size of our Resident Committee Centres in Chai Chee so that we can have safe places for young people to hang out and do their school work. We would need volunteers to be there to help and guide. We will also make regular visits to those who are lonely or help maintain the hygiene in their homes. We will also make arrangements such as funeral services for those who have no one to depend on in the last lap of their lives. Would you be keen to come forward and help? I see some who help out as a family. Some neighbours come together. More hands on deck will allow us to rotate and keep things

manageable for everyone. Will you be keen on more community gardening efforts to beautify our estates? Check out Mr Goh’s effort in this issue! Any of you keen to enrich our understanding of our local history before it fades away? What’s in the name of particular streets? What used to be there? Can we document some of the stories of what used to go on before? If we curate it well, we could create physical and online markers to help residents appreciate what our estate was like before. Mr Chan our RC Chairman in Ping An has already gathered old photos and memorabilia of Ping Yi School, and stories from the old lady who was there then. There are many ways to make sense of the place we live in. A sense of history, getting to know one another…all these really add up to building relationships of sorts. And that is the basis of a community and a home. Come. Do join us to build this kampung spirit of ours here in Kembangan-Chai Chee. This community and home belongs to all of us. If we don’t do it, no one else will! Text by Advisor Tan Chuan-Jin


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Discover interesting hangouts and activities at Kembangan-Chai Chee

THE TAJ, SINGAPORE Text by Yap Chun Shu

Many things have changed in the way Singaporeans entertained themselves in 1965, when the Taj Cinema was added to Geylang Serai along with a vocational institute and a mosque as part of a development plan to meet the needs of the residents living there, and the way Singaporeans entertain themselves today. Think children playing Five Stones versus toddlers swiping at touchscreens with their tubby little fingers. I feel old just thinking that I have







experienced playing as a child without a single bit of technology incorporated into my games. I have also never encountered people openly selling movie tickets at black-market prices before, something which happened frequently at the Taj Cinema. The Taj Cinema was extremely popular to the extent that its Malay, Western, Bollywood and Arab movies were shown to a full house on most days, and on weekends when tickets were hard to come by, they were openly sold at black-market prices. A movie

ticket then costs 10cents, 20cents, or 30cents, but because the movies were so popular, people would even climb over gates to get their hands on as many movie tickets as they possibly could and then sell them at 50cents or $1. The Taj Cinema provided entertainment not just in the form of movies; the space in front of the Taj was also was a place where people could hang out (read: play with rattan balls) and fill their stomachs with food and drinks from the many stalls set up there. Rattan ball games (also known as sepak raga or sepak takraw) involved men, both young and old, passing the ball from one player to another while standing in a circle by hitting the ball with their legs, shoulders and head. I’m sure I

don’t speak for myself but many others when I say that I cannot keep a cantik off the ground for more than five seconds, but these sepak takraw players could pass the ball from player to player continuously, and never once let the ball touch the ground. The Taj is a place of many fond memories, but in the fast-changing Singapore of today where we are inevitably always a “work in progress” due to our limited land space, the old has to make way for the new. The Taj Cinema, later known as Singapura Cinema or Singapore Theatre, will soon be demolished to make way for the new condominium Millage @ Changi.


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4/18/13 4:40 PM

The latest news and feedbacks from our Neighbourhood



ALL RESIDENTS! The latest news and happenings around our neighbourhood.

KAMPONG KEMBANGAN BRIDGE CLUB (KKBC) Bridge participants at our KKBC covers both ladies and gentlemen from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. The KKBC was founded in 2009 with the motto ‘where gentle and great minds gather’ and is currently under the leadership of Mr Ronald J. Savage. To be more specific, ‘Duplicate Contract Bridge’ is a ‘we’ sport that inculcates and develops traits such as respect for others, team spirit, discipline of logical thoughts and a never say die attitude. Join us in bridging the sport starting 19:00 hours on Mondays and Thursdays at Games Room, Kampong Kembangan Community Club.

SINGAPORE PRO WRESTLING @ KG UBI COMMUNITY CENTRE No more backyard wrestling! Let us show you what’s REAL WRESTLING! GET SERIOUS! Call Kampong Ubi Communty Centre @ 67459919 or check out the website WWW.SPW.COM.SG


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4/18/13 4:40 PM


Self-development and self-improvement

COCONUT FLAT BREAD (POL ROTI) Makes about 16 • Prep 30 mins • Cook About 10 mins This Sri Lankan flat bread is a breakfast favourite that’s incredibly easy to make. Serve it for dipping with curries and sambals. • 500g freshly grated coconut • 250g plain flour, plus extra for dusting • 2 onions, finely diced • 50ml water • pinch of salt

1 ) Tip all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and knead with your hands until it forms a dough. 2 ) Dust a clean, flat surface with flour and roll the dough out to 1cm thickness. Use a ring cutter to cut out round shapes. 3 ) Heat a cast iron pan and cook the pol roti over a medium flame until lightly charred, about 3-5 mins on each side (do not use oil). Best served hot.


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4/18/13 4:41 PM

Letters from our residents REQUEST TO OPEN UP THE DROP OFF POINT Feedback by Resident Sue: I notice that the ‘Drop off Point’ around our estate has been completed for months but unfortunately, it has not been opened for public use yet. This has caused much inconvenience to the residents, especially the elderly as the nearest, sheltered drop off point is now the bus stop – which is not very ideal. When an oncoming bus approaches from behind, it tends to cause much anxiety from those alighting from their car, especially for young kids or old folks, who requires a little bit more time and assistance. The residents have written in several times to the Town Council, requesting for them to open up the shelter for public use. However, the reply that we received was that they had to await LTA’s approval before they could open up the space for us.

Reply: Thank you for your valuable feedback. Marine Parade Town Council could not get


UPGRADING WORKS FOR JALAN SENANG WALKWAY Some time ago, a couple of residents sent in feedbacks regarding Jalan Senang walkway, stating that it was too narrow for pedestrians to walk in. As safety for the residents was of utmost priority, upgrading works began – aimed at broadening the walkway to make it safe for all to use.


clearance to open up the drop-off porch due to safety considerations. Taking the public’s safety in mind, LTA had requested for additional requirements to be met, and 
we concur with LTA, as we do not wish to compromise on public safety. As such, we instructed the appointed architects to strictly adhere to the comments and requirements specified by LTA. And just recently, we have received updates from the architects that all comments and requirements have been met, and they are now just waiting for the final clearance. The architects expect it to be cleared anytime now. The site is already prepped so that it can be open for use anytime the moment we receive clearance. We will most certainly keep the residents updated on the status.


OVERGROWN SHRUBS Another pressing issue raised by a group of residents is that there was a bunch of overgrown shrubs that were posing a threat to drivers - obstructing their view of oncoming traffic at the T-Junction along Block 1 Chai Chee Road. Upon receiving the feedbacks, the overgrown shrubs were immediately trimmed.


CallForLetters.indd 17

4/18/13 4:42 PM



The meaning behind the logo as follows: • Two hearts represent the different groups (can be ethnic background, age or social status) joined together (as indicated by the yellow and blue mixed into a green colour). • These groups could be living in landed, condo or HDB. • The two hearts and the housing encapsulated into a 'ball.' • The dark line shows the ground (foundation) and the 'ball' moves upwards away from the ground. • In short — The Residents of K-CC move together to lift the environment of their neighbourhood to a higher level.



As part of PUB’s Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters Programme, a 150m section of Siglap Canal next to the Kampong Kembangan Community Club will be decked over to increase accessibility to the CC as well as to provide a relaxing communal space. Seating spaces and additional greenery will be created in this area, which will also have an Activities Plaza where line dancing and Taiji can be practised. A rain garden will be created at the side of the CC to treat storm water runoff to improve the water quality of Siglap Canal while enhancing the aesthetics and biodiversity of the surrounding landscape.

After (Artist Impression only, subjected to changes) 18

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4/19/13 4:19 PM

Upcoming News and Events in Kembangan-Chai Chee




Name of Activity




6th April (Sat)

9am to 10.30am

Launch of K-CC Wellness Centre

Blk 55 Chai Chee Drive

Active Ageing Committee (AAC)

Require pre-event registration

6th April (Sat)

3pm to 9pm

O3 PAssionARTs Village @ Kembangan-Chai Chee: Kampong – Past, Present & Future

Federation of Art Societies Singapore (FASS), 10 Kampong Eunos

Cultural & Arts Committee, Telok Kurau North NC & Eunosville NC

Require pre-event registration Public is welcome to participate

10th April (Wed)

7pm to 9.30pm

Dialogue with Sriville RC Residents

Kg Ubi CC AVA Room

Sriville RC

Based on invitation (Applicable for Sriville RC residents)

Seniors By The Bay (Dome Adventures)

Garden By The Bay

Active Ageing Committee (AAC)

11th 9.30am April to (Thurs) 12.30pm

Pre-registration (For seniors wheelchair bound)

21st April (Sun)

9am to 1pm

Baby Show 2013

Kg Ubi CC Hall


Require pre-event registration

3rd May (Fri)

8 pm to 10 pm

2nd Phrase OSC with Ansar RC Residents

Ansar RC Centre at Blk 32 Chai Chee Road

Ansar RC & K-CC OSC

Based on invitation (Applicable for Ansar RC residents)

17th May (Fri)

8pm to 10pm

2nd Phase OSC with Lengkong Tiga RC Residents

Kg Kembangan CC Multipurpose Hall

Lengkong Tiga RC & K-CC OSC

Based on invitation (Applicable for Lengkong Tiga RC residents)

18th May (Sat)

9am to 1pm

Integration Carnival


Integration & Naturalisation Champions

Require pre-event registration

19th May (Sun)

2pm to 5pm

Safe @ Chai Chee — Awareness on Public & Fire Safety

Blk 41 Chai Chee Street/ Blk 35 Chai Chee Avenue

Chai Chee RCs, Police & C2E

Open to public (Walk-in)

1st June (Sat)

9am to 6pm

Baina 2013 (Tchoukball Friendly Match)

Kg Kembangan CC Foyer/ Basketball Court

Kg Kembangan Youth Executive Committee (KKYEC)

Registration opens at 8.30am. Contact CC for more information

8th June (Sat)

5pm to 7pm

2nd Phase OSC with Rental blocks residents cum soccer league



Based on invitation (Applicable for Rental Block residents & respective participants)

9th June (Sun)

2pm to 5pm

Multi-Racial Dumpling Festival @ Kembangan

Kg Kembangan CC Foyer


Require pre-event registration

9th June (Sun)

9am to 6pm

Singapore Schools Othello Championship

Kg Ubi CC Multipurpose Hall

Kg Kembangan Youth Executive Committee (KKYEC)

Require pre-event registration

14th June (Fri)

8pm to 10pm

2nd Phase OSC with Ping Yi Garden RC residents


Ping Yi Garden RC & K-CC OSC

Based on invitation (Applicable for Ping Yi Garden RC residents)

25th June (Tues)

8pm to 10pm

2nd Phase OSC with Eunosville NC/Sriville RC residents


Eunosville NC, Sriville RC & K-CC OSC

Based on invitation (Applicable for Eunosville NC/ Sriville RC residents)

30th June (Sun)

11.20am to 1.30pm

15th NACLI Leadership Dialogue



Based on invitation

*Details updated according to time of print

Please contact our staff for registration and enquiry: Kampong Ubi Community Centre – 67459919, Kampong Kembangan Community Club – 64496022


Glimpse into the Future.indd 19

4/18/13 4:43 PM

Hock Lian Seng Holdings Limited HOCK LIAN SENG HOLDINGS LIMITED (“HOCK LIAN SENG” OR “THE GROUP”) IS ONE OF THE LEADING CIVIL ENGINEERING GROUPS IN SINGAPORE, WITH AN ESTABLISHED TRACK RECORD OF MORE THAN 40 YEARS. THE GROUP WAS LISTED ON THE MAINBOARD OF SINGAPORE EXCHANGE SECURITIES TRADING LIMITED (“SGX-ST”) IN DECEMBER 2009. Established in 1969, Hock Lian Seng has undertaken and completed wide range of civil engineering projects for both the public and private sectors in Singapore. We carry out civil engineering works for bridges, expressways, tunnels, Mass Rapid Transit (“MRT”), port facilities, water and sewage facilities and other infrastructure works. The Group has successfully completed Kim Chuan Depot, one of the world’s largest underground depots with housing capacity for up to 77 trains, for the Circle Line in 2007. The Group has added property investment and development activities in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors as principal activities. With the recent lands purchase at Gambas Crescent and Kaki Bukit, the Group will develop multiple-user light industrial factory units for sale. The Group has commenced sale of the development at Gambas Crescent and will be expecting to launch sale of the development at Kaki Bukit. The Group together with a JV Partner have also secured a residential land parcel at Dairy Farm Road and is expected to launch for sale of the residential development in Mid-Year 2013.

80 Marine Parade Road #21-08, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269 Tel:+65 6344 0555 Fax: +65 6440 9049 Website: Email:

OBC HLS full.indd 17

4/9/13 11:33 AM

The Tweeter (Apr-Jun 2013)  

Caring for our Neighbourhood