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SEAN KIRNAN 757-352-4915 phone 757-352-4338 fax 757-352-4613 phone 757-352-4513 fax

Director of Career & Alumni Services

Brief Remark 路 Winter/Spring 2012 25th Anniversary Edition

Director of Communications & Enrollment Marketing


Our 25th Anniversary Celebration, September 23-25, 2011, was a very special time for me. I loved connecting with the over 100 alumni and their families in attendance and enjoyed hearing stories of how God continues to work in their professional and personal lives. Our speakers, which included alumni, professors, students, and very special guests like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, galvanized us by reminding us of how special our legal callings truly are. We enjoyed lots of great food, fun, and each other - even in the midst of a Friday-afternoon deluge of epic proportions! My favorite parts of the weekend, however, were the testimonies we enjoyed from current students and alumni. At our Saturday breakfast, Leah Cornett ‘14 and Judge Teresa Hamons ’89 shared amazing stories of how God called them to Regent Law. At our Saturday evening banquet, Farnaz Farkish ’07 shared the deep impact the Christian witness the late Leroy Rountree Hassell, Sr., Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court and Jurist-inResidence at Regent, had on her personal and professional witness. What struck me most about the testimonies was how consistent the stories of God’s call to Regent have remained since the school began. Through ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary!) means, the Lord continues to make His call clear to men and women from all walks of life that this is where they belong. Amidst 25 years of change, God’s call remains. I’m so glad it does, and I hope you are as well.

When I think back on the 25th Anniversary of Regent University School of Law, the one thought or feeling that resonates within me is the overwhelming sense of love and community. During the weekend, worlds collided as Regent Law’s past met Regent Law’s future as scores of alums from the 90’s and early to mid 2000’s mixed with the Classes of 2012, 2013, and 2014. All of them may hail from different era’s in Regent’s history, but they all shared the same wonderful stories of how God providentially brought them to Virginia Beach and how He nourished their minds and spirits once they were here. Seeing over and over again how the Lord works in the lives of His people is one of the great things that makes Regent Law School such a special place and made the anniversary celebration such a special time. We had the opportunity to reflect on how the Lord has blessed us throughout our history with Associate Dean Doug Cook and Judge Teresa Hammons and were treated to great speakers like Dean Jeff Brauch, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, and Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito. But just as important, we heard how alums from all across the country were taking what they learned at Regent and were applying it in the practice of law and making a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life. To ensure that we will be able to continue to celebrate God’s blessings at Regent, I want to encourage each of you to continue to support your law school in the coming years. Financial contributions are always welcome, but remember that support can mean judging in a moot court competition or providing an internship opportunity for a young law student. Any school is only as strong as its alumni and I believe that you are among the best in the nation.

Jeffrey A. Brauch Dean and Professor

Darius Davenport Director of Career & Alumni Services



DAY ONE F R I D A Y, S E P T E M B E R 2 3

Early on the morning of September 23, 2011, law alumni, current students, family and friends began arriving on campus for the start of our 25th Anniversary Celebration. The weather was a mostly cloudy 72 degrees with a chance of rain in the forecast. Rain? On our 25th Anniversary? It could never be! Alas, little did we know that later in the day we would witness a downpour of Biblical magnitude that forced us all to huddle together and make the best of a very wet situation. A few guests enjoyed an 8 a.m. tee-time at the Virginia Beach National Golf Club Course while others made their way to continuing legal education (CLE) sessions taught by Regent Law professors Duane, Cook, Whittico and Gantt. The atmosphere in the lobby of Robertson hall was charged as handshakes, hugs, and random “Hey, great to see you!” greetings flew freely. Law faculty and staff who had been planning this moment for the past year looked on, delighted to welcome so many alumni back home. Well, the rain did indeed fall. A late afternoon deluge cancelled the current student vs. alumni flag football game (the students were incredibly disappointed, the alumni were… relieved?) along with the outdoor BBQ, kids’ bounce-house, outside games, and other activities. Not to be dismayed, the law community rallied to converge in the library atrium where after a welcome by Dean Brauch we tucked into a BBQ with all the fixins’. Perennial Christian music favorite Sonic Flood gave a worshipful and fun-filled concert in the Moot Court Room. Young and old enjoyed a screening of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” in the Moot Court Room. It was the end of the first day. And it was good!


“This school was founded in 1986 — the year I was born. It amazes me to think that because of Dr. Robertson’s obedience thousands of lawyers are impacting this nation for Christ. It was inspiring to see the legacy that I am a part of.”

Hannah Carter (2L) Monroe, LA

SEPTEMBER 23-25, 2011

“For me the anniversary was wonderful for two reasons. First, I was grateful to attend CLE’s with alums who had walked these halls before me, and second, I was incredibly blessed by the video at the banquet. It reminded me not only why I came to law school, but why I made the very conscious and prayerful choice to do so here at Regent.”

Courtney Lemmond (2L) Whitesboro, Texas



DAY TWO S A T U R D A Y, S E P T E M B E R 2 4

Throughout its history the law school has striven to give glory to the Lord for what He has done. So it was fitting that day two’s breakfast convocation, emceed by Associate Dean Doug Cook, began with Judge Teresa Hammons (‘88) and Leah Cornett (‘13) offering testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness in establishing and sustaining their legal callings. Dean Jeffrey Brauch shared a state-of-the-school update, highlighting alumni, student and faculty successes and sharing the vision for the school’s new Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law. After breakfast, some alumni headed to Professor Kohm’s CLE while others relaxed, strolled the campus, visited the University bookstore, or caught up with old faculty, classmates and friends. Later, at the afternoon luncheon held at Founders Inn, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson welcomed the 200+ alumni and guests in attendance by describing the law school as “A school dedicated to greatness.” Former U.S. Attorney General and Distinguished Regent faculty member John Ashcroft then delivered an unforgettable address, calling us to rise above society’s standards of professional and personal ethics by following the example of Christ. The centerpiece of the entire weekend was the Saturday night banquet at Founders Inn featuring a keynote address by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito. Over 600 guests were in attendance! Alito’s remarks explored the connections between Regent Law’s motto – “Law is more than a profession. It’s a calling” – and a successful legal career. He discussed the importance of choosing a career in law not just for success or money, but as an act of public service. “What most law students need to learn is that doing this work well, in service to the community, is a worthy calling,” he said. Commending Regent Law for its commitment to both excellence and ethics, Alito concluded his remarks with well wishes and congratulations on the law school’s success.


SEPTEMBER 23-25, 2011

Jeffrey Brauch, Dean of the School of Law, presents alumnus Brad Knox (‘94) with the 2011 Regent University School of Law Distinguished Alumnus Award.

“It was at the Justice Alito dinner where I finally realized what an impact this law school is having not only in America, but also in the world. It was at this moment where I began to believe in the calling professed by this university; that same calling that separates this university from every other.”

Amanda M. Moss (2L) Rockingham, NC

AT THE PODIUM Clockwise from top left: Farnaz Farksih (‘07); Dr. Carlos Campo, President Regent University; Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, Founder and Chancellor, Regent University; Samuel A. Alito, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court; Jeffrey Brauch, Dean, Regent University School of Law; Dr. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice.



“During the late summer and early fall of 2011, as the 25th Anniversary Celebration approached, I found myself thinking a lot about those early years with the founding faculty, the founding dean, and those brave pioneering first classes of students. There was such a zeal then, and such a commitment to the unique mission of integrating our Biblical faith with the study and practice of law. But as I continued to reflect, I was also encouraged by the extent to which the current dean, faculty, and student body continue to be animated by their commitment to that same mission. Having experienced both eras, I find there is definitely a commonality there – in other words, the law school is still holding true to its founding mission. For me, this 25th Anniversary Celebration was an opportunity to showcase that continuity for our early graduates, and that theme definitely came through in talks and reflections from our current dean, faculty, and students. Most encouragingly, graduates from those early years who came back for the event “got it.” That is, as I talked with them and renewed decades-old friendships, they uniformly commented that it is evident that the law school is still effectively pursuing that founding Biblical-integration mission. They were pleased and excited, and so am I.”

Doug Cook Associate Dean & Professor



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What better way to celebrate 25 years of God’s faithfulness then to give Him glory, honor and praise in concluding a wonderful weekend of fellowship and fun. Attorney-in-Residence and acclaimed author and pastor Randy Singer shared an encouraging message after a time of worship lead by Regent Law’s chapel worship team. After the service, alumni began saying their “good-byes,” offering encouragement and well wishes. Some would return to their jobs, homes and families with a renewed sense of call to the legal profession; others, with a profound sense of God’s faithfulness and goodness in sustaining them thus far. May God bless Regent University School of Law in 2012, and for the next 25 years to come!

“My relationship with the Lord is the most important one that I have and celebrating the law school’s 25th Anniversary reminded me of how much God is a part of Regent Law. It is a privilege to be surrounded by such a high caliber of men and women who commit their work and contribute their successes to our Savior and I am blessed to be a part of what the Lord is accomplishing through our school.”

Jennifer Meyer (2L) Beaverton, OR



“Professor Lynne Kohm’s CLE on the intersection of Immigration and Family Law and the luncheon with former Attorney General John Ashcroft made me even more thankful for being a student at Regent Law right now. It is exciting to see how God has opened global doors for Regent Law to equip and support others in seeking His justice and in advocating for those who are enslaved, downtrodden, and suffering.”

Keila E. Molina (3L) San Luis, AZ

“My retreat back to Regent School of Law provided a welcome renewal of core values and beliefs. The CLE classes reaffirmed the reasons I continue to hold the faculty in such high regard.”

Robert Nutt (’08) MBA, JD



“I am deeply thankful for the impact that Regent Law has made over the past 25 years and will continue to make. I look forward to hearing more stories of how Regent Law alumni and professors continue to change the world, as they seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.”

Megan Terry (’09)



“My husband Stephen and I hosted nearly a dozen Regent Law friends in our home during the 25th Anniversary Celebration weekend. Although seeing dear friends and reminiscing about law school made me appreciate my time as a student at Regent Law, the anniversary weekend was special to me in an even deeper, more cherished respect. The twenty-fifth year of Regent Law not only marked the year I joined the Regent Law faculty, but it also marked a quarter of a century since my father, John W. McCormick, embarked on a new adventure as one of the school’s founding law professors. Though my father only lived to see the law school in its earliest years, I grew up seeing it develop into what it is today. I never dreamed that, decades later, I would be continuing the legacy my father helped start in 1986. In reflecting on the 25th Anniversary of Regent University School of Law, I am reminded of Paul’s words in Philippians 1:6 that “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” I am honored that on this commemorative year of the law school, I am able to help carry out the work that my father began twenty-five years ago.”

Professor Erin DeBoer (’09)



25TH ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND CELEBRATION “25 years ago last June, just after watching the 700 Club from the studio audience, my wife and I, on an east coast road trip from Texas, took a walk to look for CBN postcards. It was a profitable walk because we learned that, not only did CBN have a university, but that university was starting a law school in a couple of months. Upon further inquiry, it was quite a surprise when my unused Oral Roberts University (ORU) Law School application was brought out to me that day, having just been received from ORU along with a gift of its law library to CBNU’s new law school. There in the CBNU admissions building lobby, staring at my picture in the law school application next to the essay I’d written some 2 years earlier, I realized I had heard God rightly about becoming a lawyer, though those prayers had seemed unanswered. Within two weeks, I was admitted to the inaugural law school class of 1989. And so began God’s impromptu plan for an exciting career. That career took me through three years of learning the law alongside the Bible as did the earliest lawyers (though without the fight with the ABA experienced by my class of 1989), then moving on to government service, passing four bar exams, and serving as outside patent counsel to some of the biggest high tech U.S. companies as a partner in large law firms. Moving on now into a solo intellectual property practice in yet another inspired career change, I joined the Regent Law’s 25th Anniversary celebration as an alumni board member to hear Supreme Court Justice Alito speak of what had been accomplished here in these 25 years since that walk on campus to look for CBN postcards.”

Brad DeSandro (’89)




SEPTEMBER 23-25, 2011

Faculty Additions Political Heavyweights Debate Solutions for Economic Crisis Regent University held its ninth annual Clash of the Titans®, “Countdown to Collapse: Solving America’s Economic Crisis” on October 28, 2011 at Regent’s Communication & Performing Arts Center. The debate was far from an academic exercise in that each speaker in his own way has helped shape the economic policies of Congress and of the last three presidential administrations. Representing the left were Lawrence H. Summers, who served as director of the White House National Economic Council under President Barack Obama and Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton, and Robert Gibbs, who served as White House press secretary and advisor to President Obama. Representing the right were Alan Simpson, a threeterm U.S. senator from Wyoming, and Karl Rove, the deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to President George W. Bush. FOX News’ anchor Bret Baier moderated the debate.

Kenneth Ching


J.D. 2006, Duke University School of Law B.A. 2001, University of Nevada, Reno


J.D. 2009, Regent University School of Law B.A. 2004, summa cum laude, Hillsdale College

Tessa DysArt


J.D. 2005, Harvard Law School B.A. 2001, Willamette University

Regent Law Alumnus Wins Supreme Court Case David Cortman (’96) is Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and served as the lead attorney for the petitioner in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) v. Winn which resulted in a win at the Supreme Court on April 4th, 2011. The ADF called the win “a huge victory for proponents of parental choice in education.”


J.D. 2006, Georgia State University College of Law B.A. 2003, Rhodes College



GENERAL NEWS Law Teams Earn Top Place at National Competitions Competing among the top legal students in the nation, three Regent University School of Law competition teams recently placed among the top five and top eight at two national competitions. Two teams from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board (ADR) placed among the top five teams in the American Bar Association (ABA) National Negotiation Competition in New Orleans Feb. 3-4, 2012. Regent’s Moot Court Board team advanced to the quarterfinals of the National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) held Jan. 30 - Feb. 2, 2012 in New York City, finishing among the top eight teams in the nation. Regent Law’s ADR teams were two of twenty-four teams competing at the prestigious ABA event. Regent was the only law school to send two teams to this competition, and those teams finished second and fifth in the nation. At the regional level, 228 teams started this competition. The University of Minnesota won the title, and other law schools in the finals included the College of William & Mary, Boston University School of Law and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. “These outstanding results are another confirmation of the rigorous training future lawyers receive in Regent’s School of Law,” said Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo. “My congratulations to the students and their professors whose diligence and commitment to excellence brings glory to our Lord.” Hannah Carter and Chris Bell were the number two team, and Shiann Ashenbrenner and Braden Morgan finished fifth. Law professor Eric DeGroff coached the teams. “I am deeply proud of these students and our coach, Professor Eric DeGroff. This result reflects great talent, dedication and tremendous effort—and the blessing of God! I wouldn’t trade our advocacy training program for any program in the country,” said Regent Law Dean Jeffrey Brauch. Other recent Regent ADR wins include the 2009 Merhige National Environmental Negotiation Competition and the 2007 ABA National Negotiation Championship. Regent’s Moot Court team—composed of Tristen Cramer, Amy Vitale and Megan Donley—advanced to the quarterfinals at the NMCC, defeating teams from Pepperdine, Lewis and Clark, and Loyola New Orleans. They finished as one of the top eight teams out of a field of 191 teams from around the country. Their competition brief was graded as the second best brief in the nation. According to team coach Professor Mike Hernandez, “The NMCC is one of two true national championships for moot court,” Hernandez said. “The other moot court national championship is sponsored by the American Bar Association, and we won that national title in 2006. Tristen, Amy and Megan did a phenomenal job.” Cramer won the award for the best oralist in the final round at the regional competition, and Regent’s team produced the second best brief there as well.



Regent Law Launches Hispanic Law Students Association Officially approved in the spring of 2011, Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA) is one of Regent University’s newest organizations. HLSA aims to raise awareness of issues affecting Hispanics from both a societal and legal perspective.

Regent Law Alumna Appointed as Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Dorow (‘95) was appointed to serve as a judge in Waukesha County Circuit Court by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. She began serving on January 17, 2012 after seven years with Huppertz & Dorow in Waukesha, WI. Her appointment brings the total of Regent Law alumni currently serving as judges to 20.


GENERAL NEWS Aby, Cynthia Danielle Albarado, Emmanuel Allen, Adeline Anriette Allen-Santos, Brandon M.J. Asercion, Paul Robert Ayer, Sammy Edward Badders, Lacee Kee LaShelle Baker, Michael Henry Bauerle, Ryan Robert Beauvais, M. Jessy Berry, Alexander Arthur Block, Aaron Michael Bouchard, Julian David Bradley, Ryan Alexander Bratton, Ian Daniel Bratton, Mary Katherine Bray, Melissa Ivelisse Brooks, Angela Marie Brown, Katherine Schafer Burger, Amy M. Buttars, Nathan Alan Cannone, Joanna Beth Carter, Brandon Thomas Chludzinski, Anna Catherine Cochrane Jr., William Vincent Collins, Tashina Star Cooper, Kara Marie Cronin, Melanie RenĂŠe Crossett, David Weston Curcione, Matthew Christian Davidson, James Earl Davidson, Matthew Lane Davis, Elizabeth Noelle Deering, Michael Christopher Delfunt, Brandon M. Del Rosario, Grace Austria Dickinson, Brandon Rody Dodge, Heather Kitts Downing, Timothy James Eifert, Ellis Edward Evans, Lisa Anne Fawson, Joshua

Fields, Danielle Marie Flores, Linh Tran Fogarty, Courtney Kanaga Fox, Heather Lynne Gaertner, Terah Renee Garner, Jonathan A. Gates III, Gary Wilton Getchey, Kyle Anthony Gifford, Jonathan Matthew Goodwyn, Abigail E. Grant, Erin Nicole Griffith, Nathaniel Scott Growick, Jonathan Michael Hajovsky, Sarah Jayne Hanger, Hunter Davidson Hankins, Shemeka Christina Harris, Brittny Kim Hartsfield, Sarah Elyse Hebda, Daniel J. Heidbrink, Katherine Gates Hills, Joel Lansing Jessup, Patrick Lawrence Johnson, Valerie Rochelle Jones, Cameron Grant Jones, Taryne Margaret Jonker, Lindsay K. Kail, Joshua D. Kitts, Shea Kneynsberg, Briane Elaine Kreitinger, Bethany June Kulp, Kevin Joseph Lake, Paul Austen Lewis, Erick Douglas Lloyd, Ellen Dorothy Marks, Brittany Ann Martin, Todd Ian Douglas Mayo, Johnita Pearl McCoy, Gabriel Landon Noote IV, Robert Frank Osner, Fevry Pemberton, Danielle Rae Poorbaugh, Frederick Jacob

Pratt, Kara Elizabeth Ragon, Joanna Brake Robinson, Verndell C. Roche, Matthew Steven Rogers, Carol RenĂŠ Sarkkinen, Stacy L. Saw, Hyong Un John Shin, Jae Hwa Simon, Jessica Scott Smith, Brandon Michael Smith, Karen Aurora Steenken, Lori Holland Stevenson, Lakishi Daniele Stevenson, Mark Louis Talley, Sara Elizabeth Tanyi, Bridget Manyi Thurston, Nicole Marie Tipton, Jr. John David Tucker, Ashley Claudette Urness, Jordan Charles Urness, Sarah Elizabeth Vari, Christopher Vellalos, Jesse Calvin Kawika Walters, Brittany Caitlin Walters, Tiffany Marie Walton, Steven David Warner, Ashley Lynn Warner, Jacob Paul Weber, Joy Kenawell Wescott, Matthew P. White, Jesse Eric White, Katherine Hart Wiese, Jesse Benaiah Wiese, Melissa Jenkins Wilkerson, John Adams Wood, Robert David Yenca, Bethany Carla Young, Eric Owen Yun, Sokyong





Steven W. Fitschen (’99) filed an

Prof. Tracy Banks (’90) has joined the

faculty of Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy. Oak Brook is a Christian law school located in Fresno, Ca. O. Rene Diaz (’90) spoke at the Texas

Association of Mediator’s Conference. His topic focused on “The Magic of CrossCultural and Bilingual Mediations.” He is a former District Judge and founder of the Diaz Mediation and Arbitration Center in San Antonio, Tx.

Kelly Hollowell (’99) was recently

elected a Mullen.




Robert Broyles (’95) was recognized in the October 2010 Allied Success Newsletter for his latest published article (September 21, 2010) in the San Francisco Daily Journal entitled “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Repeal: A Very Dangerous Sociological Experiment.”

John Snyder (’99) recently resigned as

David McCormick (’95) entered the

M. Drew DeMott (’01) was named one


contest for the Republican nomination for Virginia in 2012.


Vivian Henderson (Brown) (’96) was a

featured alum for William and Mary’s alumni winter publication. She has spent the last fourteen years serving the Commonwealth of Virginia, as both an assistant commonwealth’s attorney and an assistant attorney general. Scott D. Bergthold (’97) represented

defendants in the district court and on appeal in The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, which upheld Ohio’s Community Defense Act in 84 Video/Newsstand, Inc. v. Sartini in Fall 2011. Michelle Ann Hansen (’97) was accepted

into the JAG Corps-funded civilian LLM program (Fall 2011) in National Security Law. Mark T. Garsombke (’98) was named

in the Milwaukee Business Journal “40 under 40” issue. Major James S. DuPré (’99) has joined

the Contract and Fiscal Law Division of the United States Army Legal Agency as an Attorney-Advisor.


amicus brief in Fall 2011 supporting the personhood of an unborn baby in Havard v. Puntuer. The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit held that prison officials could not deliberately ignore the obvious and serious medical needs of the inmate, whose baby was born with severe mental retardation and cerebral palsy because of inadequate medical care.


Union County District Attorney and joined the Atlanta, Georgia based law firm Fisher Broyles as a partner.

2000s of Metro Valdosta, Georgia’s “4 under 40,” which recognizes outstanding young professionals in the community. Wynter Christian Benda (’02) was

named assistant to the Norfolk, Virginia City Manager on February 25, 2011. Laurie Tilghman (’02) was recently

promoted to Senior Trial Attorney at the Law Offices of Doreen M. Ryan (in-house counsel for Allstate Ins. Co.) in Moorestown, NJ. She also recently qualified as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney for the State of NJ. Christina Rea (’03) has joined Bryan

Cave LLP in Santa Monica, Ca., as an Associate. Crystal Twitty (’03) was appointed

as Associate Counsel for the Virginia Community College System in February 2011. Noel W. Sterett (’06) was promoted to

firm member at Mauck & Baker, LLC in Chicago, Illinois in December, 2011. Logan Aal (’07) has joined Poole & Mahoney, PC in Virginia Beach, Va., as an Associate.

Megan Lindsey (’07) became Program

Manager for Infant Adoption Training Initiative with the National Council for Adoption in Alexandria, Virginia in February 2010. Wesley Hunter Southerland (’07) has

joined The Crain Law Center, LLC in Brentwood, Tn.

Stephen D. Casey (’08) was inducted

into the Allied Attorney Honor Corps in Fall 2011. Allied Attorneys become Honor Corps members when they have reported at least 450 hours of qualifying pro bono work. Matthew Robert Clark (’08) has joined

the American Center for Law & Justice in Nashville, Tn.

Misty Nicole Clark (’08) married in

September, 2011, and is now Misty Clark Anderson. She is employed by Pagano & Marks in Richmond, Va. Melissa Durand (’08) recently joined

Potra Law Firm in Suwanee, Ga.

Cherish Hadley-Njewel (’08) recently

joined The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller in Virginia Beach, Va.

Minka J. Lanier (’08) joined the Social

Security Administration in Falls Church, Virginia as an Attorney Advisor in September 2010.

Levinar (’09) recently began working for Congressman J. Randy Forbes. Emily





recently joined Abener Engineering and Construction Services, LLC in Chesterfield, Mo., as a staff attorney. Abener is a global company that engineers and constructs large scale power plants. Andrew John McVay (’09) recently

joined Alpern Myers Stuart LLC in Colorado Springs, Co., as an Associate. He also began the Tax LLM program at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, on January 3, 2011.


2010s Timothy Downing (’10) recently joined

the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General in Oklahoma City, Ok., as an assistant Attorney General.. Jennifer Kornman (’10) recently joined

the Chesapeake Public Defender’s Office.

Autumn Leva (’10) joined the staff of

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO, district 5). Patrick C. Murphrey (’10) recently

joined the law firm of Holcomb & Carmines, PC in Poquoson, Va. Sung-won Park (’10) started Park &

Park LLP with his brother in Queens (Flushing), New York in February, 2011. Erica Pero (’10) recently joined Sentara

Health Care in Virginia Beach, Va., as a corporate healthcare attorney Betty Russo (’10) has become certified

as a General and Family Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem, and a Committee Clerk for the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Calling All Current (and Future) Alumni Ambassadors: Thank You! (and Join Us!) Law Admissions would like to extend a special thank you to all of our Alumni Ambassadors, including the 37 alums who are new participants in this year’s program. Your efforts go so far in helping us fill our class. Thank you to the following: Troy Anderson, Kerriel Bailey, Spiro Ballas, Tiffany Barrans, Matthew Bever, Jonathan Bracewell, Ann Buwalda, Stephen Casey, Doug Davis, Derek DeBrosse, Drew DeMott, Brad DeSandro, Tim Downing, Miranda Dunning, Suanne Edmiston, Rachel Flanagan, Jodi Lynn Foss, Carly Gammill, Roberta Gantea, Marshall Goldman, Jaired Hall, Tristin Harper, Derick Henderson, Clarence Henderson, Daniel Holser, Andrea Hunter, Noelle James, Kisha Jones, David Klarich, Drew Kubovcik, Courtney Laginess, Maria Lawrence, John Legg, Autumn Leva, Lance Losey, Bobby Maddox, Mykell Messman, Nathan McGrath, Benjamin Miller, Christina Munoz, Udoka Obi, Bruce Page, Stephen Pfeiffer, Tara Powell, Seth Rhodebeck, Angela Riddle, Toussaint Romain, Quinn Rosborough, Emily Sheets, Charles Slemp, Mark Stevenson, James Stuchell, Meghan Terry, Crystal Twitty, John Tyler, Brent VanNorman, Mark Welton, and Greg Wilhelm. We have specific pockets where we would like to identify others to join this encouragement program to newly admitted candidates. Specifically, we are looking for Regent alumni who have passed a bar and have an affiliation (either present or undergrad) with the following: · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

New England (male and female) D.C. area (male) California (male and female) William & Mary undergraduates (male and female) Pennsylvania (female) Ohio (female) Wisconsin (male and female) Colorado (male and female) Indiana (male and female) Evangel University undergraduates (male and female) Hillsdale College undergraduates (male and female) Oral Roberts University undergraduates (female) Liberty University undergraduates (male)

If you would like to learn more about being a part of this vital outreach to our admitted students, please contact Bonnie Creef at



Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Norfolk, VA Permit 91

1000 Regent University Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23464-9800

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us...” Ephesians 3:20




Brief Remark - Winter/Spring 2012  
Brief Remark - Winter/Spring 2012  

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