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Deborah Ashcroft

Regent Farm First School


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Wednesday 19th October 2011 Dear Parents and Carers, Parents’ Evenings – will be held on 7th and 9th November. Miss. Smith will not be in school that week, so her meetings will be held a little later in the term. Nursery arrangements will also be slightly different, so please watch this space for further details. Harvest Festival Thank you for all the generous harvest gifts that you sent into school this week. Linda Barfoot from the People’s Kitchen was very pleased to receive the food. It will go a long way to help vulnerable people in our city. Charity Support We are supporting the charity ‘Tickled Pink’ (in conjunction with Asda). The children will be bringing home a competition entry on Friday. They may colour the picture using any materials. The cost is 30p per entry (which is of course optional). There will be two prizes for each school phase (Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two). Entries should be returned by Friday 4th November. Parent/Carer Questionnaire Thank you to those of you who returned their questionnaires. Your responses have been very useful, as we do take your views very seriously. I am pleased to say that the results were overwhelmingly positive. Please note that most of the ‘unsure’ responses were from parents who are new to the school and obviously have not had the experience to comment on a number of issues. Please find a summary of the findings on the reverse of this sheet. School Closes at 3.15 this Friday and reopens on Tuesday 1st November. Don’t forget the Friends of the School Halloween disco this Friday!

Best wishes,

Deborah Ashcroft

Parent/Carer Questionnaire There were 76 responses. e Agree Unsure Disagree 1. My child enjoys school. 76 0 0 (100%) 2. The school keeps my child 64 9 3 – 2 of these safe. (84%% (12%) by the same parent 3. My child is encouraged to make 70 5 (6%) 0 good progress in school. (92%) 4. Overall the school promotes 65 8 3 – 2 of these good behaviour. (86%) (10%) by the same parent 5. The school is helping my child 62 14 0 to take responsibility for (82%) (18%) his/her own actions. 6. The teaching in school is good. 72 4 (5%) 0 (95%) 7. I am kept informed about how 66 10 0 my child is getting on through (87%) (13%) parents’ evenings, reports and informal conversations with teachers. 8. I feel comfortable approaching 72 2 (3%) 2 – same staff with any questions, (95%) parent concerns or problems. 9. My child’s learning is 55 19 2 supported by homework. (72%) (25%) 10. The school is well led and 67 7 (9%) 2 – both from managed. (88%) same parent 11. Overall, I am happy with my 72 4 (5%) 0 child’s experience at this (95%) school.

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