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Get Home Safely this Party Season Drink driving – don’t risk it

POLICE Scotland have launched their annual crackdown on drink driving, and reminded drivers...don’t risk it this Christmas. And the chances of getting caught have been on the increase after the Police released figures showing that 20,000 drivers are pulled over and breath tested every month. The festive period has always been a traditional period of police action as party goers and occasional drinkers find themselves going out more often. This is coupled by the propensity to consume more alcohol at all times of the day. But the message remains the same from the police, if you plan on driving then stick to the

soft drinks. Superintendent Iain Murray, Head of Road Policing at Police Scotland, said: “It doesn’t matter whether you’re just of the limit or well over the limit – you’re a drunk driver. “There really is no excuse. Our message is clear, if you intend to drink, or you have been drinking – leave the car, don’t risk it.” The police have also emphasised that failing a breath test by even the smallest margin could leave you with a criminal record. Despite many years of high profile campaigns, some people still think it is acceptable to get behind the wheel after they have had a drink.



Friday 13th December 2013

Drink driving – don’t risk it CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 1 in 8 of all road fatalities in Scotland involves someone who has been drunk whilst driving. The TV adverts will focus on the consequence of being caught behind the wheel whilst under the influence. Many people don’t realise that if you’re convicted of drink driving you’ll get a 20-year minimum criminal record. This can have a huge effect on your ability to work and generate income, thereby putting an incredible strain on your lifestyle, your finances and even on your relationships. If the offence is also punished by a prison sentence, then you get a minimum 40-year crimi-

nal record. For example, if at 18 years of age, you are convicted of a drink driving offence, you will have a criminal record for the next 22 years. If the offence also merits a prison sentence, you will have a criminal record for the next 42 years. Depending on the type of job you have, or that you may apply for, a momentary decision can have very long-lasting consequences. For more information about the campaign, or to watch the advert online, go to The message from the Police is clear this Christmas, drink driving - don’t risk it.

Labour celebrates council by-election victory THE Glasgow Labour Party were celebrating after victory in a council by-election in Shettleston, Ward 19 last week. Martin Neill received 53.6% of the first preferences cast to be elected at the first stage. The poll was held after the death of popular Councillor George Ryan. Speaking after the declaration of the result, Cllr Neill said: “This is a great endorsement of the continued work of the administration in Glasgow. As a Labour group in Glasgow we have helped older people with their heating bills, started a £250m redevelopment of every Primary School in Glasgow and working towards delivering the Commonwealth Games. “I want to repay the trust that

people have put in me, and to carry on the important work that George Ryan did for our local community.” Council Leader Gordon Matheson said: “Congratulations to Martin, I look forward to working with him in the Chambers to deliver for the people of Shettleston and Glasgow. “Martin and the campaign team worked tirelessly throughout the election period, I am sure that he will bring that energy and enthusiasm to his role as the newly elected councillor in Ward 19.” Turnout was better than many had feared, especially given the time of year and weather on the day, with 17.55% of people braving the polling stations. The full results are as follows:

Friday 13th December 2013

Fund to help victims of Clutha Vaults tragedy AN APPEAL for people affected by the tragic incident at the Clutha Vaults has attracted donations of around £100,000 in little more than 48 hours. The Clutha Appeal Fund has been established to support anyone involved in the disaster – including casualties and the families of those who lost their lives. The Lord Provost’s Goodwill Fund made the first £20,000 donation to the fund earlier this week and this has been bolstered by contributions from the Scottish Government and South and North Lanarkshire Councils. The Celtic FC Foundation and Hunter Foundation have pledged generous donations of £10,000 each. Contributions from individuals and businesses in Glasgow, across Britain and even overseas saw the total pledged so far reach £100,000. Lord Provost Sadie Docherty said: “People have responded with incredible warmth and generosity to help those that were

caught up in this tragic incident. “Our city’s heartfelt thanks go to every one of them – and also to those who are organising fundraising activities in the weeks and months ahead.” The quickest and simplest way to donate to the Clutha Appeal Fund is by calling 0141 287 7878 and paying by debit or credit card. Donations can also be made by cash or cheque at the coun-

cil’s Service Desk at 45 John Street, Glasgow, G1 1JE. Bank payments can be made to Clutha Appeal Fund, Sort Code: 83-44-00, Account 10804129. The same account details can be used to donate at any branch of RBS. Anyone in need of support can call a dedicated helpline 0141 287 0999. POLICE SCOTLAND’S DARKEST DAY – PAGE 27

Trades House begins search for Modern Apprentice 2014 The Trades House of Glasgow has launched its Modern Apprentice of the Year Award (MAYA) 2014, celebrating a learning path its Crafts established back in medieval Scotland. MAYA, which is being sponsored by BAE Systems, is open to people employed in the Greater Glasgow area who are either working towards a Scottish MA, or were certificated no earlier than May 2013. In medieval times, the apprenticeship system was established and maintained in the City by the 14 historic Craft Guilds, which united to form the Trades House of Glasgow in 1605. It continued to regulate apprenticeships for more than 200 years, transforming people into tradesmen and eventually masters of their chosen craft, ensuring high quality workmanship and customer service. Hamish Brodie, Deacon Convener of the Trades of Glasgow, said: “Today, MAYA showcases the commitment and capability of candidates who have chosen the MA route to further their career prospects, and we have been greatly encouraged by the high calibre of entries since it was established in 2006. It has helped highlight the vocational and personal

benefits that apprenticeships provide in training and development. “It is fitting that our organisation, which first supported apprenticeships many centuries ago, has reinvigorated its efforts to promote traditional trades alongside more modern skills through our awards initiative. We are also delighted that BAE Systems is sponsoring our 2014 awards.” Candidates will be assessed against the criteria of capability, contribution, commitment, overcoming difficulties, marketing and transferability, as well as the overall quality of the application. The 2014 winner will be selected from one of six finalists and presented with an inscribed trophy,

which will remain on display in the Trades Hall in Glassford Street, Glasgow, home to the Trades House of Glasgow since 1794. The winner will also receive an inscribed replica of the trophy and a cash prize of £400 towards study. A second prize of £250 and a third of £150 will also be awarded. Entry forms can be downloaded at www.tradeshouse., and the closing date for submissions is Friday 14 February 2014. Finalists and their guests will be invited to the Trades House of Glasgow Modern Apprentice of the Year Award ceremony in the Trades Hall on Tuesday 8 April 2014, when the winner and runners up will be announced.

Messing up new mud kitchen


THE boys and girls of London Road Nursery were making a mess in their brand new mud kitchen this week. The Scottish weather is no hindrance to good fun for the youngsters as they enjoyed playing outdoors in the specially built area. And making the mess is part of the fun. The nursery has been aiming for Eco Flag Status with Eco Scotland. The scheme is designed to help kids learn about the great outdoors as well as to teach them about the environment. To help the kids learn outdoors, a specially built outdoor ‘Mud Kitchen’ has been built. Wendy McLauchlan, London Road Nursery, has asked us to thank the many people who helped make the project a reality. The sand and cement was supplied by Wickes and all the bricks were donated by Malcolm’s the builders, who are the city legacy builders for the Commonwealth Games. A special thank you to Jim, Lee, Derek and all the other staff at the yard. The mud kitchen is now fully operational and this could not have been done without Mark Connor who came round to build the kitchen for us and we are having so much fun. Enjoy kids, and don’t let the cold weather put you off!

Mattresses from £39 to £499 Available to take away today New ranges at discount prices Monday, Tuesday & Friday 9.30am - 5pm, Thursday 9.30am - 7pm Saturday 10am - 2pm Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm You can find us one mile from Glasgow Fort retail park or simply enter G33 3NQ into your Sat Nav

Unit 13 Queenslie Industrial Estate Stepps Road Glasgow G33 3NQ


Friday 13th December 2013

“Deck the halls” is your motto from now until January as full party mode is switched on now, your rushing about like a headless chicken trying to get all the last minute plans tied together, but other peoples plights and cries of help have you stopping and starting, this is a time to say NO you are too busy, if they are true friends they won’t mind.

Over thinking again, don’t know what to do for the best? Well it is time to get your motivation up and running as you begin to feel the energy of the sun now in Sagittarius, you feel your flame of desire burning to so get out from under that bushel and let us all see your Venusian light. And your eye for a bargain will get you a big surprise.

I am a “Taurian” get me out of here is your motto this month! it is not that your bah humbug to the festive season! You are just in need of some ME time, time out from all the hustle and bustle, I cannot send you a good fairy, but you can ask the universe to give you that little bit of energy to get you through, if you believe in angels ask your guardian to help you, and it will.

So all that forward planning has paid off as you watch all around you rush here and there, time for you to relax and put your feet up, make sure you have tied up all loose end in communications to as there may be one little thing you forgot, one word of caution, try not too over indulge too much!

There are always two sides to every story and before you jump to conclusions you need to get the facts in order, as you are ruled by Mercury planet of communication you some time have the tendency to speak before you think, try to use diplomacy and investigate all a ligation or you could end up in deep hot water, ouch!

The current position to Saturn in your sign is causing you to rethink things through and you are thinking a quiet family time is needed now, you are not your usual happy go lucky self, but as the full moon comes around the 18th you find yourself and your socialising self again just in time to make merry, enjoy.

Yes we know the Christmas season is upon us, but this retail extravagance your on is way too much, time to re-evaluate your spending spree, and only buy for who and what you need to and spoiling people with expensive gifts won’t do you any good (not with everyone) your close family just want you to stop rushing around and spend time with them by the fire in the warmth that is family.

As the sun prepaid itself to enter your sign you can feel its warmth radiate inside, there is a lighter happier feel to your energy and some Poitiers news on its way to help you achieve. A secret ambition, family are feeling your warmth and gather around you now as the season hit full flow, try to remember to be tactful.

Oh how you do love this time of year as you get to dress up in your best clothes and put yourself on view for all to see, but wait. What are you thinking, it is Christmas and the little Leo fairy has lost his sparkle, time to look yourself in the eye and say “I can do it. Oh yes I can” and do you know what you really can, lift your heart and spirit and live in the moment.

Time to put your feet up even if it is only for an hour, as once you stop and think about what you have achieved, you will be surprised, it is a time of Change and plans a new come knocking at your door, not one for change, think carefully before making a decision because there is hope on the horizon, as a spot of luck comes your way, why not let other help you now as all work and no play make us all dull.

Virtually everyone experiences loneliness from time to time, with many people becoming especially aware of feelings of loneliness around the festive season, and during times of extreme stress. While the sheer number of people who experience loneliness is quite large, people don’t always talk about feelings of loneliness, and don’t always know what to do with these feelings. Other than being emotionally painful, loneliness can affect people in different ways. There’s this belief that lonely people must be freaks, losers, or social misfits. But this simply isn’t the case. Loneliness comes from a lot of different places, and people who have tons of friends can experience it just as much as someone with a small social circle. In order to understand this misconception, it helps to wrap your head around the concept of loneliness. Erase the image of someone sitting alone in their cold, un-decorated apartment. Instead, picture someone with a career they enjoy, children they must raise, parents they care for, and even, friends who come and go. Yes, lonely people can have others in their lifet in some fashion, including many acquaintances. What they lack is a true connection with someone. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to forge a bond with someone who will be there for them for the longterm. The inability to share their greatest joys and fears with someone who cares about

them is what makes people feel lonely. If you’re brave enough to admit that you’d like a few more friends in your life, or that more often than not, you feel lonely, you should be met with love and support. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. If you told a friend that you’re lonely and that person made fun of you or didn’t understand, it’s their issue, not yours. Friends should make room for others who feel lonely, and when they don’t, shame on them. At the same time, don’t get bitter about people in general just because of a few foolish folks who were careless with your feelings. Instead, keep trying. You’ll eventually connect with people who are either looking for another person to make a connection with or want to help you. Never waste your time or emotions on people who don’t care because there are enough of them that do. You just need to find them.

The Re-Gen Crossword Time for you to start to wind down and try to get in the festive season, there is a real feel of lethargy and tenacity with you now, but in there, there is a little party person wanting to play, so let down your guard and get ready to have some fun, you don’t have to worry about finances, something will turn up, as it always does.

Always a dreamer out there thinking what if, well I’m sorry to say there is a what if, what if you don’t get back to reality? Time to know what is real as there are some issues which need to be dealt with now, no more can you sweep them under the carpet, and do you know was you face these issue, they seem smaller and easier to deal with, and older lady supports you and helps you clear your feet.

Tips to help combat loneliness. Join a class or group. Whether it’s an art class, an exercise class, or a class at your local community college, joining a class automatically exposes you to a group of people who share at least one of your interests. It can also provide a sense of belonging that comes with being part of a group. This can stimulate creativity, give you something to look forward to during the day, and help stave off loneliness. Volunteer Becoming a volunteer for a cause you believe in can provide the same benefits as taking a class — meeting others, being part of a group, creating new experiences — and also brings the benefits of altruism, and can help you find more meaning in your life. OnLine Because loneliness is a somewhat widespread issue, there are many people online who are looking for people to

connect with. You do have to be careful of who you meet over the internet (and, obviously, don’t give out any personal information like your bank account number), but you can find real support, connection and lasting friendships from people you meet online. Pets Especially dogs and cats — carry so many benefits, and preventing loneliness is one of them. Rescuing a pet combines the benefits of altruism and companionship, and leaves you with several loneliness-fighters. It can connect you with other people, walking a dog opens you up to a community of other dog-walkers, and a cute dog on a leash tends to be a people magnet. Additionally, pets provide unconditional love, which can be a great salve for loneliness. It takes great effort and courage to confront loneliness -- and even greater effort and courage to make the necessary changes to find relief from its consuming grip. But, it is possible. And, your efforts will be greatly rewarded as you find it possible to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging with others. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, loneliness continues to be a problem. If your loneliness is overwhelming, or if you’re feeling depressed, you may want to see a therapist. With a therapist’s help, you can more deeply explore your loneliness and develop a plan to free yourself from its grip. Please feel free to email any comments or suggestions to j u s t a t h o u g h t re ge n @ a o l .



7. Type of fruit named for it’s colour. (7) 10. Stick or staff (3) 11. Converts bare land into tree-filled area (9) 12. Forever (5) 14. Gathered slowly, bit by bit (7) 16. List showing education and work experience (7) 18. Frock (5) 19. One who has departed secretly to avoid capture (9) 20. Repent (3) 21. Mass of eggs (5) 22. Demobilize (7)


1. Side piece of a gateway (8) 2. Fine debris on a beach (4) 3. Parsi fire temple (6) 4. Origin (6) 5. Absurdity (8) 6. Minerals (4) 8. Ensured safety (11) 13. A lumberman (8) 15. Dish out (8) 17. Flourish (6) 18. Confinement (6) 19. Vaulted recess (4) 20. Unique (4)

5 Springburn customers show generosity to help hungry families this Christmas Friday 13th December 2013

Glasgow pays respects to Nelson Mandela FOLLOWING the death of Nelson Mandela last week, people from all walks of life have paid tribute to one of the greatest men of the 21st century. Hundreds of people gathered in Nelson Mandela Place the evening after it had been announced the former South African President had died. Glasgow has always had a special relationship with 95 year old ever since the city took the decision to award the ‘Freedom of the City’ whilst he was still in prison for crimes against the apartheid regime. Upon his release, he visited the city in 1993 to collect the award in person, thanking the citizens of the city for acknowledging his freedom when his own personal liberty was taken away from him and many others under the old South African regime. Commenting on Mandela’s death, The Rt Hon Lord Provost Sadie Docherty said: “The world has lost a true political and moral icon. Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to bringing freedom, justice and equality to the people of South Africa. “His beliefs cost him years of his own freedom but his vision for peace and democracy

Customers at Tesco St Rollox in Glasgow were invited to donate food in store between Friday 29 November and Sunday 1 December, as the retailer again geared up to hold the biggest ever food collection in the UK. The supermarket teamed up with foodbanks charity the Trussell Trust and food redistribution charity FareShare to hold the third Neighbourhood Food Collection. Customers at the Tesco Rollox Extra were given a special shopping list when they entered the store and were asked to pick up an item of food such as long-life milk, cereal, tinned foods and tea and coffee beprevailed. His legacy will live on and inspire generations to come. “Glasgow was proud to be the first city in the world to honour him with a Freedom of the City award and he will be sadly missed by a city which had the greatest of respect for him.” David Grevemberg, Chief Executive of Glasgow 2014, said: “Glasgow 2014 joins millions across the world in mourning the loss of the inspirational and irreplaceable Nelson Mandela. Mr Mandela was a great supporter of the Commonwealth

Games movement and a champion of the positive, empowering and connecting power of sport. “He will always hold a special place in Glasgow’s heart and in the spirit of friendship that brings the nations and territories of the Commonwealth here for next year’s Games. “Our thoughts are with his family, all South Africans and the people of the world inspired by his global citizenship.” A book of condolence, with the Lord Provost as the first

signatory, is available to sign in the City Chambers foyer, situated beneath a plaque commemorating the 30th anniversary of Glasgow awarding Mandela the Freedom of the City. It was unveiled by Denis Goldberg in 2011, a fellow defendant at the now infamous Rivonia trial.

Art installation at Cuningar Loop unearths Glasgow’s social history ROB Mulholland, the Cuningar Loop artist in residence, has opened an art installation depicting an archaeological site – containing artefacts from the rubble of 1960’s Gorbals demolition. Sited in Rutherglen at Forestry Commission Scotland’s new riverside woodland park, opposite the Commonwealth Games athletes’ village, the art installation evokes local social history ahead of the £5 million project to transform the Cuningar Loop. Forestry Commission Scotland project manager for Cuningar Loop, Colin Peacock, said: “For over 200 years this area of land has been used for mixed industrial use. The installation is a great opportunity for local community groups to come along and see the site before it’s changed into a green retreat.” With a mixed industrial past, the 27 hectare site has been the location of several reservoirs, quarrying and mining operations and - in the 1960s - a landfill site for rubble from the Gorbals’ demolition. Unused since then, natural regeneration has created a unique green space on the banks of the River Clyde, close to Ruth-

erglen, Farme Cross and Dalmarnock communities. The art installation will replicate an authentic archaeological site, featuring a large canvas tent with excavation areas showcasing unearthed artefacts from the Gorbals’ demolition, props and motion activated sound boxes, adding to the experience. Artist Rob Mulholland said: “I’ve been struck by the contrasts on the site and amazed at how nature has reclaimed

what has been used as a landfill site from the sixties onwards, mostly rubble from the Gorbals’ clearances just a few miles from Cuningar Loop. “The site is strewn with bricks, stone, old glass bottles and bits of household bric a brac. From chatting with local people, the site has been like this for as long as they can remember. “I feel that the way the site is now should be documented. In a way the forgotten rubble is the last vestige of the com-

fore donating it at the end of their shop. The food will now be distributed to the local foodbank or FareShare depot before being given to people in times of need. The volunteers were joined by local MP William Bain. He said: “In the run up to Christmas it is important that we do our bit to help those in need. The increase in the use of foodbanks is a symptom of a failing Government. But it is good to know that the generosity of shoppers in Springburn is so great.” Tesco will be topping up all total donations by a further 30%.

munities that were moved during the slum clearances. It’s an important part of the local social history and offers an opportunity to reflect on the past before it’s transformed into the new park. “Local youth groups have been down to the site volunteering and helping with the preparations. It should create an interesting and slightly surreal installation that will blur the lines between being art and a real archaeological dig.”

Sunday Service hope for rail travellers in Maryhill AN MSP has met with transport officials to discuss the possibility of having a seven day service on the Maryhill train line. Bob Doris, SNP MSP for Glasgow, met with SPT officials last week. His meeting with SPT focussed on the prospect of encouraging rail companies who will tender for the new franchise to include a Sunday service as part of their bid. If SPT were to agree that a Sunday service on the Maryhill line would be socially desirable, they could work in partnership with rail companies to ensure that it forms part of any tender application. Following his meeting with SPT, Mr Doris said: “I had a constructive meeting with SPT officials. They welcomed the Scottish Government’s clear commitment to the Maryhill line and its stations,

and also agreed to consider my specific suggestion that the Maryhill line should have a seven-day service. “A Sunday service would greatly benefit my constituents across a large part of north Glasgow, helping to connect a range of communities with each other and the city centre. SPT will meet each rail company in due course, and they agreed to raise my suggestion to deliver a Sunday service on the line. “While a seven-day service would be unlikely to be profitable, that also applies to most of the network. If SPT agree that a seven-day service is desirable, then there would be nothing to prevent them from supporting this as part of the franchise bid. “I will also be writing to each of the rail companies bidding for the new franchise to make the case for a Sunday Service.”


Friday 13th December 2013

Christmas Party Season in Full Swing in North Glasgow Residents from Gourlay Street and Kemp Street in Springburn and Barloch Street in Possilpark enjoyed a three course lunch followed by entertainment from keyboard maestro Donny Findlay at their Christmas party held in the popular Ashfield function suite. Another of ng homes Sheltered Housing complexes also got in on the Christmas fun when they held their annual Christmas Fete. Hawthorn Street Sheltered Housing raised almost £300 by selling cakes and bric-a-brac. Sheltered Housing Manager Karen Johnson even baked a special cake for the occasion and asked everyone to guess its weight. There was also entertainment provided by the Local-Vocals Community Choir. Karen said: “Both events were a great success and we were delighted to see so many of our residents getting involved in the festivities and showing their true Christmas spirit.”

Springburn (East)


Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse Street Springburn, Glasgow. G21 4LS Tel 0141 560 6000 Fax 0141 560 6005

Website: ng homes is a trading name of North Glasgow Housing Association

Possilpark (West)

Kenna Rossine House, 252 Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow. G22 5LF Tel 0141 336 1300 Fax 0141 560 6005

Friday 13th December 2013


ng homes Anti-Sectarianism Workshop Series Kicks Off at Petershill Park TACKLING sectarianism was the aim earlier this week when players and officials from two rival Junior Clubs met off the field as part of ng homes’ Community Football Partnership with the Scottish Government. The event took place at Petershill Park with both Petershill FC and Ashfield AFC players and officials taking part in an informative and interactive workshop delivered by Dave Scott, Campaign Director from Nil by Mouth. The project aims to raise awareness and challenge attitudes and behaviours towards sectarianism, equalities, respect and tolerance in North Glasgow. Further workshops will be delivered to schools, clubs and groups in the North Glasgow community to ensure there is a consistent approach and message in tackling sectarianism. Robert Docherty, ng Football Development Partnership Manager said: “The event proved to be an excellent success - Dave delivered a fantastic session and interacted well with players and staff. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and support the Scottish Government in tackling sectarianism in our communities. The session certainly got everyone thinking about this particular issue and I’m sure it will have a positive impact on those attending and hopefully it will influence other people who come into contact with them.” Midfielder for Ashfield William (Wasso) Ferguson said “It made you think about how sectarianism affects people’s lives every day. When people are on social media sites like Facebook they should stop and think before making sectarian remarks.” Club Secretary of Ashfield Thomas Robertson said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it was delivered in a light hearted way but it also got the serious points across. I was also delighted to see the interaction between both Petershill and Ashfield players.” Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott said: “This is a pioneering project for the area and it’s fantastic that ng homes and the clubs are taking this issue so seriously. Sectarianism can seem a big problem but it’s far from an unbeatable one and by discussing matters openly and honestly progress will be made.” Other activities planned by the Community Football Partnership for 2014 include programmes for schools and afterschool clubs, football festivals and small-sided leagues, employability and training programmes, a girls-only programme and a session for young social entrepreneurs. For more information on the Community Football Partnership contact Robert Docherty on 0141 630 4282 or e-mail

Springburn (East)


Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse Street Springburn, Glasgow. G21 4LS Tel 0141 560 6000 Fax 0141 560 6005


@ng_homes ng homes is a trading name of North Glasgow Housing Association

Possilpark (West)

Kenna Rossine House, 252 Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow. G22 5LF Tel 0141 336 1300 Fax 0141 560 6005


Friday 13th December 2013

Young volunteers recognised at awards ceremony 200 guests came together at Tollcross International Swimming Centre to celebrate the journeys and achievements of young volunteers and partner youth and sport organisations over the past 12 months. Over the past year, Active East have worked with 27 Partner youth and sport organisations, 63 Active Champions, young volunteers and 11 Active Mentors. Utilising the Commonwealth Games as a catalyst inspirational young people are driving the Active East programme, creating more opportunities for all young people to get active. Between them they have

given more than 4,500 volunteer hours since the launch of the programme in January of this year. They volunteer with youth and sport organisations across the North East of Glasgow, putting skills they learn through individualised training programmes into practice. 42 Active Champions and Mentors were recognised on the night for their achievements with individualised packs. They contained nationally recognised Saltire Awards in 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and some 200 hour awards which reflect volunteer hours completed since they joined the programme. Some young people received accreditation through Youth Achieve-

ment Awards at Bronze and Silver level and there was also various training awards such as first aid, child protection, badminton basics and top play. There were 7 special nominated awards on the night, one of which was ‘Commonwealth Games 2014 Inspired’ supported by Glasgow 2014 and presented by Gael Logan, 2014 Legacy Manager. This award recognised the enthusiasm and motivation of an individual inspired by the Games coming to their local area who has shown an infectious passion for creating more opportunities for peers to get involved in sport and physical activity. Winner Alexander McLeay certainly shows all of these things as he joined Active East completely

new to volunteering and to delivering activity. After completing training he took the lead on sport sessions with local youth organisation Redivale Youth ‘N’ Action. He said: “I felt nervous at the beginning as I was leading the sessions but after a few weeks I felt more comfortable and really enjoyed being a leader.” Following this experience Alexander applied to volunteer at the Games, and was successful he will be at the Emirates assisting ticket holders during every day of the event. He credits his work with Active East for this however it really is down to his own commitment and motivation. Congratulations to all those recognised on the evening.

Crackdown on environmental crime Those who carry out criminal activity impacting on Scotland’s environment will be targeted through new legislation it was announced this week. Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead set up the Environmental Crime Taskforce in November 2011, to crackdown on serious offenders and strengthen the response to criminal activity. The Taskforce has now reported back with proposals to bolster the enforcement toolkit to tackle environmental crime, including: • enhanced powers of entry • power to seize documents in relation to suspected criminal activity It comes as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) also announce the creation of a Waste Crime Team to lead investigation directed at tackling the most serious waste crime offenders in Scotland. Accepting the recommendations laid out by the Environmental Crime Taskforce, Mr Lochhead said: “Criminal activity which hurts our environment is something which the Scottish Government refuses to tolerate. We in Scotland have won the natural lottery and any activity which threatens our beautiful country must be stopped. “There are a number of communities and businesses who are impacted, but also people

living and visiting Scotland. “The creation of the Waste Crime Team will undoubtedly help in the fight against those who hold no regard for Scotland’s environment. It is only right that we do all we can to make sure to deter criminals who give no consideration to Scotland’s environment.” Calum McDonald, SEPA Executive Director said: “SEPA’s new Waste Crime Team is another tool in our fight against serious organised crime in the waste industry. Legitimate businesses in Scotland need to know that while they are working to ensure they are compliant with the regulations, we are working hard to tackle the criminals who deliberately and persistently break the law. “This approach is also a way for SEPA to support the agenda of the Scottish Government’s Environmental Crime Taskforce, which I chair, which seeks to identify opportunities for preventing, tackling and deterring environmental crime in Scotland and improve co-ordination between agencies.”

6000 games tickets for children, over 60s and community groups THE council has this week announced that thousands of ordinary Glaswegians will get the chance to see the Commonwealth Games for free. These tickets - for the sports taking place in Glasgow during the Games, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies - will be allocated by Glasgow City Council’s Education and Social Work Services, and Glasgow Life. Each of these three bodies will administer the process through a number of strict criteria. The council’s Education Services aims to reward inspirational children and young people, including pupils who have excelled in sports and other fields of endeavour such as leadership and community action, as well as volunteers involved in the sports programmes at the city’s schools. Social Work Services at Glasgow City Council will offer the tickets to children and young people who are looked after and accommodated - and older adults who are supported by the council. Glasgow Life will allocate tickets to sports clubs and organisations, coaches, volunteers, sport development

squads and through Glasgow Club promotions. Communities will also benefit from a limited number of tickets with distribution through local area legacy and engagement groups. Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “Next year’s Commonwealth Games are for all the people of Glasgow, and I am pleased that the council has decided to allocate these tickets to both some of our most vulnerable people and some of those who contribute to the fantastic sporting life of the city. “What has been at the centre of all our planning is not only making 2014 the greatest ever Commonwealth Games, but making sure we leave a legacy that includes everyone in Glasgow. The people who receive tickets through this project will have a priceless memory of what will be an unforgettable time in our history and an inspiration for us in the future.” The selection and allocation process will begin in March 2014 and will be designed to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of tickets. The results of the process will be communicated in May, and the tickets will be allocated in June 2014.

Chancellor commits to City Deal for Glasgow A UK Government scheme designed to help city economies will be targeting Glasgow after a commitment from Chancellor George Osborne. The news, was announced in the Autumn Statement last week, will be a boost to Glasgow City Council with support for new infrastructure projects to help create jobs. City Deals reflect the importance of cities for long-term growth and economic success and transfer powers from government to cities and city regions. Until now, the deal had only been available to cities in England, backed by agreements between the UK Government’s Westminster’s Cities Policy Unit, the Treasury, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and the Department

for Communities and Local Government. Leader of Glasgow City Council, Cllr Gordon Matheson said: “We very much welcome the Autumn Statement announcement from the Chancellor on a proposed City Deal for Glasgow and our city region. We have been working on this for some time with the UK Government and our sister-councils across the Clyde Valley. “This City Deal will grow the region’s economy by increasing investment in infrastructure, creating jobs and devolving additional powers to local government. Over the coming period we will agree the fine details with the UK and Scottish Governments, but there’s no doubt that the reference in the Autumn statement is a massive boost.”

Friday 13th December 2013

City Legacy Homes wish all ReGen Readers a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you at the launch of The Village in the New Year! Buyers are set to snap up a brand new home at the Athletes’ Village in record time when they go on sale in January. After the Commonwealth Games, The Village in Dalmarnock will transform to a unique new, family focussed community in the East End of Glasgow.

fantastic road, rail and bus networks. Home buyers really are spoilt for choice with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes including a range of apartments, terraced and detached townhouses. These exclusively designed homes are both affordable to buy and to live in.

Energy bills are set to be a lot lower than average, thanks to the energy efficient heating system and super insulated features in every home. Purchasers can also take advantage of the brand new Government-backed Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme which allows buyers to own a home with only a 5% deposit.

Already over 1,400 people have registered for updates on the homes. The Village has a winning combination of facilities. The 300 properties for sale are set amongst green space, River Clyde views and have worldclass sporting facilities on the doorstep. Glasgow city centre is within easy reach through

Green open space by the apartments

The countdown is now on till the launch of The Village. We’re giving anyone who has registered an interest in buying a home at The Village a sneak preview to our new Sales Terrace, which includes 3 new showhomes in mid-January, before they are unveiled to the public at the end of January 2014. So don’t delay! Get off the starting blocks and register for updates on these fantastic new homes at The Village by visiting or by telephoning 0800 0321 100.

Views towards the South West of the Village


The Village

in the New East End Dalmarnock Glasgow

COMING SOON – affordable luxury in a unique setting, a range of 1 to 4 bed energy efficient new homes – FOR SALE

REGISTER NOW 0800 0321 100



Friday 13th December 2013

Demolition of multi-storey clears the way for new homes

THE regeneration of communities in the North of Glasgow took a step forward today as a 25-storey block of flats was demolished to create space for new homes. The Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) flats at 20 Rosemount Street in Roystonhill were brought down in a controlled explosion, using 40kg of explosives. The area will now be cleared and transformed with 100 new homes built on the site. Work is expected to start around summer 2014 with the homes finished by early 2016. The new-build homes at Rosemount Street are part of wider

plans to regenerate the North of the city. The plans also include 141 new homes at Sighthill and a further 157 in Barmulloch. Alex McGuire, Director of Property for Wheatley Group, GHA’s parent company, said: “This is one part of a new beginning for the North of Glasgow. These flats have been home to hundreds of families since 1968 – but their time has come to an end. The regeneration plans will see the area transformed with hundreds of new homes built. “We’d like to thank all of the tenants and local businesses for their co-operation during the demolition. And we would par-

ticularly like to thank Police Scotland for their help and support today.” Many of the former residents at Rosemount Street were rehoused locally in one of GHA’s new or upgraded homes or in other social landlords’ new-build properties. Alma Kibrom, 39, lived on the 15th floor at 20 Rosemount Street for seven years. She now lives in Easterhouse with her three children, aged 3, 6 and 8. Alma said: “It was a nice area to live in and the people were friendly. It is sad to see them go but we now have a new home with our own

GREATER MILTON & POSSILPARK CREDIT UNION LIMITED In the absense of banking facilities in Milton, the credit union offers affordable and reliable financial services to the community, regardless of people’s resources or their level of income. Low interest loans are available to members. Any surplus the credit union makes on its activities during the year can be returned to the members in the form of a dividend. Members can save as often as they like and, up to a certain limit, as much as the like. The credit union operates from two additonal collections points:

Cadder Community Centre Tuesday 7pm - 8pm Possilpark Parish Church Saturday 10am -12pm

Working in Milton, Possilpark

garden.” Around 500 tenants in nearby properties were temporarily evacuated for the demolition. Food and entertainment were put on at the nearby St Roch’s Secondary School. Staff from Copperworks Housing Co-operative and Spire View Housing Association were also on hand to help with the evacuation. The demolition resulted in around 10,000 tonnes of rubble. The clear-up operation will take several months with the steel removed and recycled and the remaining rubble crushed and used as foundations for roads and buildings.

Appeal for football coaches for Glasgow Girls FC GLASGOW Girls Football Club are asking the community if they know of any coach or coaches that would be interested in joining the club, or if they would be interested in helping out themselves. They are looking for a coach or coaches for their under 9s & 11s girls teams who train on a Thursday at Bannerman High and play their games on a Sunday. The club will pay for

all coaching badges, supply all the Adidas kit and pay any expenses. The club plays all their home games at their own facility within Budhill Park in the East End of Glasgow. For more information or to fill in the online form visit www. or telephone Jim on 07791-116196, email admin@glasgowgirlsfc. com.

Friday 13th December 2013


Minister opens care home for people School Pupils make DVD to show dangers with alcohol-related brain damage of smoking A £4.7million specialist care home to support the recovery of people with alcohol-related brain damage has been officially opened inTollcross, Glasgow. The project by Loretto Care, a Scottish charity committed to providing care and support to people in need, allows 22 residents to live in their own studio flats while benefiting from high levels of personalised care. Loretto staff, including nurses, are on site round-the-clock offering support with everyday living as well as specialist care and rehabilitation services. Scottish Public Health Minister Michael Matheson launched the Fullarton Service which has been purpose-built with the bright, modern studio flats situated over two levels. On each level, residents, who require support with a range of complex issues, have direct access to enclosed, landscaped

courtyards. The flats are designed to give residents privacy while giving them opportunities to interact with neighbours in specially designed communal areas. Loretto’s Head of Care Martin Glackin said: “People with alcohol-related brain damage have a range of physical, psychological and social support requirements. The reasons behind mis-use

of alcohol are complex and the consequences affect the individual, their families and society as a whole. By working with colleagues from Health, Social Work and Housing to deliver the right levels of personalised care and support, we are confident that the majority of people who receive a service here can have full or partial recovery, allowing them to take up roles as active citizens again.” People with alcohol-related brain damage can suffer symptoms including walking problems, mental health issues and gastric problems. The Fullarton service promotes abstinence as the best way to achieve recovery and it is hoped a proportion of residents will recover fully. The project has been made

possible thanks to a partnership with Glasgow City Council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the Scottish Government. Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson said: “I was delighted to be invited to come along and open Loretto’s Fullarton Service in Glasgow. “I am extremely impressed with this excellent purpose-built facility, which will offer a high standard of care for people with enduring mental health problems and alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD), helping them with their very specific needs so they have more confidence and improved self-worth as well as feeling less alone and isolated.” As part of the project, four family homes for social rent have also been built in the same area.

ALL Saints Secondary School pupils have launched their DVD “Time to give up” to show other youngsters the dangers of passive smoking. The DVD launch this month had the pupils going around local primary schools and talking to their peers. The group hopes that it will show young people the dangers of passive smoking as well as showing smokers the effect their smoking has on others. At the launch the All Saints pupils said: “We developed this film because although the number of All Saints Secondary pupils who smoke is in line with the Glasgow average, 78% of pupils claim that they are exposed to tobacco smoke on a regular basis, this is higher than the North East average (76%) and the Glasgow City average (74%). “We wanted to develop this DVD to educate children, young people, parents and carers about the dangers of second hand smoke

and to encourage smokers to give up.” The DVD idea came from the Schools Health Summit events, held by Glasgow City Community Health Partnership, (CHP), where pupils were encouraged to put forward ideas to improve their health. The DVD will now be distributed to all North East primaries along with information on local smoking cessation services Pupils worked with the North East Health Improvement Team & The Think Big Team from 02 to film our DVD. They gave us support by providing staff from Cumbernauld College and equipment to film our DVD. Filming took place at Royston Youth Action who gave access to their premises for a full day for free. The staff from Cumbernauld College then edited the film, making the final changes to it before going to print. More information from Jane Kelly, Health Improvement Senior (Schools), Glasgow City CHP (North East Sector) on 0141 582 0085/0086.


Friday 13th December 2013

Winter Awareness

Snow Days mean fun times for kids – play safe THE past week has shown us that winter is most definitely here. The storms have meant that warm clothes and hot drinks will be required, and it is more than likely that we get our first snow storm shortly. The snow can either mean travel misery or school kids joy as the whole city shuts down for the day. If you have kids, they will more than likely want to go outside and enjoy themselves in the snow.

Whether it is to have snowball fights, build snowmen, and construct igloos, the snow can be great fun. But while you’re out having fun, you have to know how to be safe. When it’s cold outside and you’re not prepared, you can feel uncomfortable or even downright rotten. Here is our guide to making the most of the winter. Dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm and toasty in the cold, because you can start out with lots of clothes to keep

you warm and then peel them off once you start to heat up. Depending on where you live and how cold it is, some kids may need more layers, some less. But if you’re in doubt, go for more layers to start — they can always come off later. (Whatever you do, always leave your coat on — that’s one layer that should stay!) For your top half, start by putting on a long-sleeved shirt (thermal or woolen). Then put on a turtleneck, one or two shirts, a sweater, and a coat. If you can, pick out clothes that are made of fabrics other than cotton, because cotton doesn’t keep you very warm. For your bottom half, put on long underwear first (thermal or woolen), then pull on a pair of heavy pants. Try to avoid jeans or light cotton pants (like khakis), because they won’t keep you very warm. They will actually make your legs and behind colder if you fall down and get wet. Waterproof pants (like ski pants) are best. Finish up with heavy socks and

waterproof boots. If you’re going to be doing a lot of trekking around, you’ll want to wear boots that have good treads for keeping you steady on snowy and icy areas. You’re all bundled up and ready to go, but are you forgetting something? Pull a hat onto your head! You’ll stay much warmer with a hat than without one — tons of body heat escapes right from your head. Scarves, facemasks, and earmuffs are also great at covering you up so you’ll stay comfortable longer. And don’t forget mittens or gloves — the waterproof kind are best if you know you’ll be playing around a lot in the snow. Keeping your hands warm and dry is important because fingers are very sensitive to the cold. Drinking lots of fluids, sounds like advice for hot weather, not cold weather, right? Well, the truth is that it’s good advice for both kinds of weather. When you’re outside in the cold and breathing hard, you lose a lot of your body’s water through your

breath. And the best way to get that water back is to drink up. Warm drinks and soups keep you hydrated and heat up your insides when it’s cold outside. Plus, stopping to have something warm to drink has two other bonuses: first, it makes you go inside and get warm for a few minutes while you’re drinking; and second, it makes you go inside and get warm for a few

minutes while you’re using the facilities. Sometimes if you’re out having fun, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to your body. But if your body temperature drops even 2 or 3 degrees while you’re outside, it can make you feel rubbish. That’s why you need to be alert to your body’s signals. If you’re starting to shiver or your teeth


All Parkhead Housing Association Tenants

Emergency repair requests outside normal office hours should be reported to 0141-551-8131 where upon the caller will be offered 2 “touch button”

With the temperature below or going below zero to avoid the misery of burst pipes - keep your heating on at least a low setting overnight.

Option 1 for emergencies - Press 0

In the current frozen conditions you should leave heating on at least a low setting even if you are away overnight.

Option 2 for non emergencies - Press 1 Where possible the contractor will fix and complete any jobs on site, however some repairs will only be made safe and follow-up work will be carried out as necessary. Residents who use the call out service for a repair that could have been carried out during normal working hours or repairs that are their responsibility will be charged for the full cost of the call out.


0800 111 999 Phone: 0141 551 8131 Fax: 0141 550 2060 Email: 53 Ballindalloch Drive Glasgow G31 3DQ

Check that you know where your water shut off valve is, just in case, so that you can shut water off immediately should a burst pipe occur. If you are going away to visit a friend, let your housing officer know and leave a local contact for access if required in an emergency. Keep the out of hours emergency numbers noted below handy (remember they are for emergencies only) Make sure you have House Contents Insurance (application forms available at PHA office) PHA Christmas Opening Times & Emergency Contact Details Parkhead Housing Association will close Monday 23rd December at 5pm, and will re-open on Friday 3rd January at 9.30am. During this time tenants requiring emergency repairs should use the numbers below:

Gas Heating - 0844 579 6493 Joiner - 0845 877 0411 Electrician - 07860 716 323 Plumber - 07719 904 543 All the staff at PHA wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Friday 13th December 2013


Winter Awareness Domestic appliances including televisions, computers, music systems, hair straighteners, dish washers, tumble driers, cooking appliances and washing machines are a common source of ignition.

WHY DOES USING THE RIGHT FUSE MATTER? The fuse in a plug is a safety device that will ‘blow’ if an electrical appliance develops a fault. It cuts off the electricity to stop the appliance from overheating and causing a fire. If you fit the wrong fuse, it won‘t ‘blow’. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure all your appliances are fitted with the correct fuse. As a general guide to fuses:

are chattering, it’s a message from your body that you need to head inside. And if you ever feel dizzy or weak, those are sure signs that you have to take it easy indoors for a while. Keeping an eye on other kids can help make things safe. If it looks like a friend is shivering and really cold, suggest that you take a break inside together. You can both warm up while playing a game or watching TV and then head back outside for more fun. If you’re outside on a very cold day and you’re not wearing enough protective clothing, you could be in danger of getting frostbite. Frostbite is when the body’s tissues freeze, and it usually happens to skin that is exposed (like your face or your ears) or to parts of the body like your fingers or toes.

If you’re playing it safe in the cold — by wearing heavy clothes, socks, and mittens, and by taking breaks inside when you think you need them — you probably won’t have any problem with frostbite. But if you’re ever outside and you can’t feel your fingers, toes, cheeks, ears, or nose, it may be a sign of frostbite. (Even if it’s not frostbite, it’s a sign that you should head inside anyway.) Sometimes frostbite can make these body parts hurt or feel hard when you touch them; it can also make the skin on these parts look glossy (shiny) or pale. If you think even for a second that you might have frostbite, go indoors and tell an adult right away. Once you’re inside, an adult should call your doctor. In the

meantime, wiggle the part as much as you can — this will make more blood go to the area. If it’s possible, hold the part against another area of your body that’s warm — like holding your fingers on your stomach, for example. Finally, if you ever think you have frostbite, never stick the frostbitten part in hot water or hold something hot against it. Putting the part in warm water is OK — just be sure you have an adult check the temperature first. Keeping safe in the winter is easy to do, once you know how. You want your snow day and other cold days to be the most fun they can be, so put on those layers, wear your hat and gloves, have something warm to drink, and head out for the biggest snowball championship ever!

$03)86( lamps/bed lights televisions/radios electric blankets hi-fi/dvd players docking stations clocks/computers games consoles

$03)86( refrigerators heaters kettles/toasters washing machines/dryers irons hair straighteners

* These are guidelines only. Check the manufacturer’s instructions.



When you use them safely, adaptors let you plug more than one appliance into an electrical socket. But if you overload the adaptor it can cause a fire. Rather than using a block adaptor, consider using a multi-socket adaptor with surge protection.

Blankets don’t last forever. After the guarantee runs out – usually after 3 years – you should have the blanket tested and serviced regularly by the manufacturer. But check the cost. You may find it cheaper to buy a new blanket. Your new blanket should be approved by Intertek BEAB or marked BSEN60335-2-17:2002+A1,A2. It’s best if it’s fitted with an overheat protection safety system.

Always make sure your adaptor is fitted with a fuse and has a kite mark from Intertek British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (Intertek BEAB). Never use more than one adaptor in each socket. Appliances connected to the adaptor should never use more than 13 amps of electricity in total. Check appliance handbooks for details.

Use your blanket safely: ‡ Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions ‡ Never leave an electric blanket switched on when you’re in bed unless it’s marked ‘suitable for all night use’

‡ Tie under-blankets securely to the bed ‡ Check the blanket, plug and flex regularly for damage (e.g. fraying fabric, scorch marks, exposed wires). If you’re in any doubt, don’t use the blanket ‡Store electric blankets safely – roll them, don’t fold them

Helen McGregor House, 65 Pettigrew Street, Shettleston, Glasgow G32 7XR. Telephone: 0141 763 0511

Shettleston Housing Association’s office will be closed on the following dates:

25th, 26th & 27th December 2013 1st, 2nd & 3rd January 2014 For emergency repairs only while the office is closed, tenants can call Freephone 0808 202 6565


Friday 13th December 2013

Christmas Countdown

2 weeks to go ARE you ready for your visit from Santa? With just 2 weeks to go, there might feel like there are a million things to do. But don’t let the pressure of entertaining let you lose your festive cheer. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure that the whole family enjoys themselves. The most important tip is to be prepared. That could be something as simple as making a shopping list before you head out into the town. If you have no idea what meals you are planning on making, then when you go to the supermarket, how will you be able to know what to buy? This is also

a great way to avoid wasteful spending as more often than not, at this time of year we over stock on fresh food meaning a lot of it will be out of date before it is eaten. Another very important piece of advice is to remember to relax. Christmas morning is not going to be a disaster if you forget to buy the right Christmas cracker, or if the dream present for you better half is sold out after traipsing through 6 different shops. You should enjoy the time you get to spend with your friends and family, and remember, it is the most wonderful time of the year.



Urban Fox wish it could be Christmas everyday LAST week saw the North Pole come to the East End as the volunteers and kids of the Urban Fox Programme put on their Christmas Fete. The festive joy was all around as the children were treated to tombola, face painting and caricature drawings. There was even a special visitor Santa himself as he took a break from preparing his journey round the world on Christmas Eve. Organisers would like to thank ASDA for generously donating the prizes for the raffles, and especially Store Manager Ian Nicholson and Community Life Champion John Flannigan for their help in handing out the prizes.




Shandwick Square, Glasgow G34 9DT. Tel: 0141 773 0114


Friday 13th December 2013

Christmas Countdown

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

COMPETITION TIME!! For your chance to win £50 moda in pelle vouchers, or £50 Officers Club vouchers just answer the following question!

“What are the names of Santa’s 9 Reindeers?”

Send your answers to by the 19th of December. Good Luck!

Russell Robertson YourCityCouncillor Wishing all my constituents a Merry Christmas Monthly Surgeries are held at: High Carntyne Church Hall, G32 6LW 5.30pm to 6.30pm, first Thursday Haghill Park Primary School & Nursery, G31 3LS 5.30pm to 6.30pm second Thursday Carntyne Primary School, G33 2HF 5pm to 6pm, third Thursday

James Coleman

Bluevale Neighbourhood Centre G31 3SX 5.30pm to 6.30pm, fourth Thursday No surgeries during school and public holidays Cllr Robertson contact details: phone: 0141 287 5627



Wishing all my constituents a Merry Christmas Monthly Surgeries are held at: Our Lady of Peace Primary School, 343 Hallhill Road. 7pm - 9pm, first Tuesday. Glenburn Centre Easthall, 6 GlenBurnie Place. 7pm - 9pm, second Tuesday. Budhill Family Learning Centre, Hallhill Road, Budhill. 7pm - 9pm third Tuesday

Garrowhill Primary School, Springhill Road, Garrowhill. 7 - 9pm fourth Tuesday No surgeries during school and public holidays Cllr Coleman contact details: phone: 0141 287 4012



FESTIVE season revellers in Glasgow are being urged to consider the dangers of ‘pre-loading’ – or binge-drinking at home before heading out to bars and clubs. The warning comes from city partners as part of the Best Bar None Glasgow scheme, which launched its Festive Safety Campaign this week. The campaign focuses on raising public awareness of the potential vulnerability that many people face due to the over-consumption of alcohol during the festive period. It will promote the importance of responsible drinking in order to reduce the number of people who become lost or separated from friends and who may fall victim to crime or injury as a result. The campaign will also implement £10,500 of additional resources throughout the city to help keep revellers safe. Phil Walker, Managing Director of Community Safety Glasgow, said: “The Christmas and New Year period is well-known as a time when many people over-indulge on alcohol, often to a level that they are not used to. This is especially dangerous if they choose to ‘pre-load’, as the effects of the amount of alcohol they consume before they go out can sometimes be delayed, and can hit them very suddenly when they are out consuming more alcohol. This increases their vulnerability to many dangers, including potential accidental or even criminal injury, as potential assailants can see them as easier targets. “That’s why Community Safety Glasgow is heading up the Best Bar None Glasgow network of city partners to launch the Festive Safety Campaign. We are actively encouraging people to consider the safety and well-being of not only themselves on a night out, but also their friends and colleagues. We are urging party-goers to consider spacing out their drinks, alternating alcoholic drinks with a soft drink, and not drinking heavily before they go out. “We wholeheartedly encourage people to head out to Glasgow’s many top quality bars, clubs and licensed premises to celebrate the festive period to the full – as

long as they do so safely.” The campaign’s £10,500 of additional safety resources will be targeted towards areas of the city where they are needed most. This will include: • 10 Community Enforcement Officers from Community Safety Glasgow on foot patrol on Friday and Saturday nights throughout December in areas not specifically covered by CCTV; • Two mobile CCTV vans, and a high tech Command and Control Vehicle based at Gordon Street; • a new, dedicated Digital Radio Network channel in addition to the existing channels to provide additional communications that will help target issues and help vulnerable people spotted by ‘public space’ CCTV or by the stewards in the licensed premised already on the network; • Community Safety Glasgow operations and service manager volunteers, who will provide additional guidance and support to officers on the ground and to the additional CCTV operatives focusing on the busiest areas across the city; • ‘Nite Zones’ – based at Sauchiehall Street, Gordon Street, Albion Street, Byres Road in the West End – which will be staffed with additional support of two officers from Police Scotland, in addition to the usual Home Safe marshals; • the installation of a specific ‘Nite Zone’ in the Shawlands area; • support provided by Glasgow Taxi Association in the form of a radio network-linked taxi marshal to ensure taxi drivers get to ranks quickly via, enabling them

to transport more people home, safely. Councillor Bill Butler, Chair of Glasgow City Licensing Board, said: “As one of the largest cities in the UK, it is of utmost importance to us that people not only enjoy themselves on a night out in Glasgow, but crucially, that they do so safely. “During the Christmas period particularly, people often begin drinking alcohol earlier in the day at office parties, Christmas lunches or as a precursor to their Christmas night of celebration. It’s all too easy to become caught up in the merriment and overindulge on alcohol. This can lead to people becoming separated from their friends and can cause them to lose personal belongings, resulting in no means to get home or to contact anyone to help them. This can expose people - young women in particular - to the attention of predators who choose to target vulnerable individuals.” David Williams, Chair of the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, said: “I would encourage people to enjoy themselves throughout the party season, but to stay safe. One way to help to ensure this is to stay aware of the amount of alcohol they and their friends are consuming in order to prevent the potential harm that could happen as a result of consuming too much. “My direct advice is, don’t put yourself at risk. Don’t binge on alcohol before you go out, and space out your drinks throughout the evening. Make sure you enjoy your evening and don’t let too much alcohol ruin your night.”

GLASGOW PRIVATE HIRE Book a Glasgow Private Hire taxi, the safest and most convenient way to get around this Christmas

Eastends Biggest & Best


Friday 13th December 2013

Covering Tolcross, Carmyle, Lilybank, Newbank and surrounding areas

1061 - 1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ Tel: 0141 764 1234 Fax: 0141 763 0457 Email: COMPUTER CLASSES - COMPUTER DROP IN MONEY ADVICE - BENEFITS ADVICE - CREDIT UNION - COMMUNITY LIBRARY

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

53 Ballindalloch Drive, Glasgow G31 3DQ Tel: 0141 551 8131

Merry Christmas

Helen McGregor House 65 Pettigrew Street, G32 7XR

Tel: 0141 763 0511 email -

Merry Christmas & all the best for 2014


Merry Christmas!

40 Helenvale Street, Parkhead Glasgow G31 4TF Tel: 0141 556 6226

Kenna Rossine House, 252 Saracen St, Possilpark, Glasgow. G22 5LF Tel 0141 336 1300 Fax 0141 560 6005 Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse St Springburn, Glasgow. G21 4LS Tel 0141 560 6000 Fax 0141 560 6005

Merry Christmas

Merry Ch and a H New Y Merry Westerhouse Road, Easterhouse, Glasgow G34 9DT

0141 773 0114

Merry Christmas!

90/130 Glenpark Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 1NZ

Tel: 0141 556 7082

Merry Christmas & all the best for 2014

132-134 Westmuir Street Glasgow G31 5BW Tel: 0141 550 2621 Fax: 0141 550 2621

Merry Christmas

Friday 13th December 2013

hristmas Happy Year!

T: 0141 630 5000 E: 123 Flemington Street Springburn, Glasgow G21 4TD

Glenpark Industrial Estate Glasgow G31 1NZ

Tel: 0141 554 1010

1567 Shettleston Rd, Glasgow, G32 9AS

Tel: 0141 778 4477

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Councillor Marie Garrity Scottish Labour

City Chambers, George Square Glasgow, G2 1DU Tel: 0141 287 4309 Email: marie.garrity@councillors.

Merry Christmas & all the best for 2014


Season’s Greetings to all our TENANTS! We’re open 24/7 over the festive period. Call us on 0800 749 49 49

Bannatyne House 31 Drumlanrig Avenue Easterhouse, Glasgow G34 0JF

Nye Bevan House, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G2 4PF

Tel: 0141 276 7400

T: 0141 771 9151

Stay safe at Christmas

24 Fenella Street, Shettleston, Glasgow G32 7JT

0141 764 3793

Merry Christmas

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Tel: 0141 551 8387


Merry Christmas

Baillie Gerald Leonard Scottish Labour

City Chambers, George Square Glasgow, G2 1DU Email: gerald.leonard@councillors.

Tel: 0141 287 5629

Merry Christmas & all the best for 2014


Friday 13th December 2013

2013: Another Year of being WELL what a year for team Re-Gen. The past 12 months have seen ups and downs, celebrations and commemorations. And as 2013 draws to a close, we look back at what has been an eventful time in the North and the East of the city. We look forward to next year with great hope for what can be achieved in our area of Glasgow. We are ready for the challenge as we welcome the biggest sporting event, The 2014 Commonwealth Games, to the East End. One thing that is guaranteed is that we will always continue to be your voice in the community.


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Our front page splash at the end of January had an exclusive interview the then Chief Constable of Strathclye Police, Campbell Corrigan. Our questions about the £90m security budget for the Commonwealth Games lead him to state that there would be absolutely “no compromise” with people’s safety in the summer of 2014. We also paid tribute to Scotland’s best loved bard with a guest piece by Rabbie Burns expert Dr Darvin Parsons.


February In February we traditionally carry our lonely hearts feature to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love was in the air as romance blossomed from North to East. But there was no love lost at a public meeting held in Parkhead organised by the Citizens Advice Bureau. This was the first time that many people had heard about the brutal changes to benefits that were being proposed by the government. Also in the same month, the figures of child poverty were released across Scotland. The statistics painted an all familiar picture with the North and

March East showing high levels of deprivation. Our front page in Issue 99 asked the tough questions of politicians and others about what they are doing to end the cycle of poverty. There is a long journey ahead for our local communities, but we are seeing some improvements. But there should be no complacency as we fight to end child poverty.

On a lighter note, our 4 page wrap celebrate the Re-Gen reaching 100 Issues. It is always a milestone for an independent publisher to reach 100 issues. We have always prided ourselves on being the voice of community. Our thanks go to our customers, community projects and readers who make the East and North of the City such a special place. In true Re-Gen style, the front page of our 100th edition was campaigning about the decision by RBS to close its local branches in community leaving people

Glasgow City Council have been dealing with children’s ashes after bereaved families were misled in other parts of the country. East End resident Carol Lockhart lost her baby daughter 9 years ago and had set up a memorial at Daldowie Cemetery. However council bosses were forcing her to remove the memorial to baby Aimee-Louise.

There was good news for the Cuningar Loop as an £85m plan for a Wildside Eco Project was unveiled to the public. The scheme is hoping to have polar, temperature and tropical themed areas and as well as developing the disused site, will bring 250 jobs to the area. The opening date for the project is likely to be just after the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The month also saw the start of work on the new education campus in Garrowhill Primary School. The £16m campus will be state of the art and was the subject of a political spat as the SNP and Labour Party both claimed credit for the project.

April At the start of April we led with the story of the new care home being built in Baillieston. Locals had concerns that the Meallmore project on the site of the old Henry Boot factory would be used as a facility for troubled patients. The story caused quite a stir with Meallmore hosting a series of public meetings to give people information about who will be living at the new home. Our Grand National sweepstake also saw a few lucky winners. In Issue 103 we covered the very serious issue of how

stranded without banking services. Our campaigning ethos has been one of the reasons our paper has been so successful. The next big splash we carried was about the decision by Glasgow City Council to refurbish or rebuild every primary school in the city. The £250m investment would see a whole host of buildings in the North and East get the attention that they need and will hopefully go some way to making the educational opportunities for our young people just that little bit better.

May The main thing is that the kids, parents and teachers will be getting a new school that they have long deserved. We also carried our cancer awareness week feature that looks to raise people’s knowledge of the killer disease. The ReGen has always looked to serve the community by holding people to account, informing people of what is happening in their area and by giving useful information. Our last edition of the month was a stark reminder of the challenges of poverty that the North and East of Glasgow face. New statistics released again showed that some communities continue to have

multiple factors of deprivation. A leadership panel set up by the City Council has been established to look at things like housing, education, benefits and other causes of poverty. The responsibility on them to come up with results is more important than ever.

Looking back through 2013

Friday 13th December 2013


Your Voice In The Community June The summer means one thing for thousands of Glaswegian youngsters.... party time! We had an exclusive interview with Police Scotland warning of the dangers of party drugs after several teenagers from the city had died after taking fake ecstasy. Chief Superintendent Andy Bates vowed to do all he could to protect young people and make sure that they still had a fun time this year as they head of for the festival season.

July We also covered the Glasgow East 5k Fun Run and Big Day Oot where Team ReGen did our bit to raise funds for charity. Whilst 5k might seem like some people’s idea of fun, try telling that to some of us after a late night on the previous Saturday. Well done to all those involved who played their part.

The ‘Glasgow Guarantee’ was the front page story in Issue 108. The scheme ensures that for Glaswegians aged between 16 and 24 there is the guarantee of a job, apprenticeship or training and was a key pledge of the Labour Party at the local elections. The scheme was linked to the city’s bid to host the Youth Olympics in 2018, but despite being unsuccessful in the bid, the scheme was to be extended.

August At the start of August we covered the story of how a major online retailer was refusing to deliver goods to a postcode in the East End. Customers at Currys were being told to make their own arrangements should they want home delivery as bosses at the electrical giant had concerns about the safety of their drivers in the G40 area of Glasgow. What bosses had not considered is the huge swathes of investment in recent times

September as well as the improvements in crime statistics in Calton, Bridgeton and Dalmarnock. After contacting the company, they have assured us that those wanting home deliveries won’t need to worry anymore about being discriminated against. In Issue 110 we looked at how the good weather had caused an increase in anti-social behaviour because of all day drinking. Major concern had been raised at the poor levels of response from local police and

that people never felt confident that the police would take their issues seriously.

October ‘900%’ was the headline in Issue 113 after the revelation from Police Scotland that the detection of offensive weapons was the focus of a Police crackdown. The operation carried out in the North and East of Glasgow was in response to complaints of anti social behaviour. The success of the operation meant that Police Scotland’s Flexible Policing Unit got some very good results with serious assaults, anti social behaviour

Our second September Issue (112) looked at the serious problem of sectarianism in our society. This problem has been with us for many years and the news that groups in the North and East of Glasgow were to get £2m in new funds was welcomed by campaigners. We know that things have improved dramatically in the past decade but there are still huge problems. It is important that the Government is seen to be tackling the issue instead of burying their heads in the sand.

September 20th also saw the launch of our new feature, Scotland Decides. With the referendum less than a year away, we thought that it would be an ideal opportunity to let the politicians have their chance to persuade you how to vote, either Yes or No. Needless to say, with over 9 months to go, there are still a lot of undecided voters, so this access to information will be of the upmost importance as we move towards September 2014.

November and common assaults all down. October was also a very sad month for many in the East End after the passing of popular local Councillor George Ryan. George was a great friend to the paper and will be truly missed by all his friends and family. The number of tributes and people wanting to get in contact with us to let us know their George stories would have been enough to fill the paper many times over.

December With the year coming to an end, and with the weather become more severe, we would like to think that should the worst come to the worst, we have a health service that is ably equipped to deal with the

‘Last orders please’ read the headline as the City Council launched their new consultation looking at alcohol licensing laws in the city. The council are looking at having stricter policies that start to get serious on early morning liquor being sold from as early as 8am. It is clear that the accessibility of getting booze is a key factor in tackling people’s dependency on the drink. Thankfully our city fathers have started to take seriously the health problems our citizens face.

increased number of patients. But figures released by the Scottish Government have shown that waiting times have again increased for patients in Glasgow. This simply is not good enough for our elderly

The 1st of November brought some autumn cheer to the East as the announcement was made that the new Police Scotland HQ would be located in Dalmarnock. The news means that up to 1000 new jobs will be created in the local area. The continuing regeneration of the area means that the communities of the East End can now attract huge investment and world class jobs, we can only hope that this is able to continue.

Our annual Stars in the Community Awards looks to recognise the community projects and volunteers who make our part of the city so special. We carried a special picture feature of the wonderful dresses, gowns and tuxedos to help us celebrate. The success of our award winners is only a tiny part of the work that is given public recognition however we try our best to pay tribute to those who really deserve it.

and vulnerable citizens, and the Re-Gen is not afraid to say it. 2013 has been an incredibly eventful year. It is only because we have such great supporters, customers, staff and most importantly readers that the Re-Gen can be a success. Here is to 2014, and all it brings.

with the Re-Gen Newspaper

In Issue 116 we began our countdown to that most wonderful time of the year..... Christmas! Our regular features carrying useful tips and guides to surviving the festive period are so famous, that even Mrs Claus picks up her copy of the Re-Gen.


Friday 13th December 2013

The ever popular Song, Shimmy and Sausage Roll events took place throughout the year

ng homes and our partners provided free swimming for nursery age children

ng homes teamed up with the School of Hard Knocks charity and Sky Sports

The Sheltered Tenants Conference was a great success

The Still Game programme proved popular with our residents.

We invested in a new control room at Lenzie Place.

ng sports legacy had a good year with more volunteers signing up

Possil beach returned for a second year

We continued to offer our customers money advice services from Scotcash, Pollok Credit Union and GEMAP

ng homes continues to support Scotland Unltd and social entrepreneurs

Springburn (East)

We received funding from the Big Lottery for our Food for Thought programme


Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse Street Springburn, Glasgow. G21 4LS Tel 0141 560 6000 Fax 0141 560 6005

We invested ÂŁ4M in our properties this year which included overcladding of the Carron Multi Storey Flats, internal wall insulation at Balgrayhill and Wellfield and the continuation of our mini modernisation programme.

Website: ng homes is a trading name of North Glasgow Housing Association

Possilpark (West)

Kenna Rossine House, 252 Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow. G22 5LF Tel 0141 336 1300 Fax 0141 560 6005

Friday 13th December 2013


Friday 13th December 2013

We have courses starting January 2014 APPLY TODAY to secure your place!

Develop Skills in: Construction Building Services Leisure Services


EW ege r N oll ou C t y in ar elv st K ick ow g as Gl at


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Friday 13th December 2013


We Would like to take this opportunity to Wish You, our Readers, Advertisers & Subscribers A very Merry Christmas and A Prosperous 2014 and many thanks for all your Here at the Re-Gen

help and support throughout 2013. From all the Team at the Re-Gen

Looking back at 2013 with the Re-Gen

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Friday 13th December 2013

Saint Paul’s Science Trips Saint Paul’s Primary School in Shettleston visits Glasgow Science Centre.

Primary 1, 5, 6 and 7 pupils from Saint Paul’s Primary School in Shettleston recently enjoyed visits to Glasgow Science Centre. These fun and educational trips gave children the opportunity to explore over 150 interactive exhibits in the science mall, including the Build-It Zone, hamster wheel, sprint track and BodyWorks exhibition. Primary 1 children also had the chance to investigate the world of forces as they discovered how to make things move in their Fun with Forces workshop whilst children from Primary 5-7 worked collaboratively in The Lab to design, build and race their own electrically powered cars. Pupils who did not get the chance to visit the Science Centre this term will be going with their classes

after the Christmas holidays. The staff of Saint Paul’s would like to thank parent helpers and everyone at the Science Centre

for their help in ensuring that a successful trip was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Saint Paul’s Primary School Teacher

Fiona Keddilty for the story. WRITE IN WITH YOUR NEWS! and you may feature on this page next issue!

New York, New York for 10 year old Jordan Jordan Doogan, 10, from Bridgeton has received the once in a lifetime dance with the Stars on Broadway. The keen dancer, who is in P6 at Dalmarnock Primary School, was offered the chance after impressing at her own dance school. She currently attends Robert Hamilton’s Dancepoint in the Southside of Glasgow. Jordan is a happy friendly ten year old who loves to perform and has been dancing since the age of 2. She has performed with Fear of the Unknown at the Pavilion theatre and is currently in the pantomime Pinocchio this month alongside Stephen Purdon and Michelle McManus. Her dream is to perform on Broadway in 2014 and needs to start fundraising for the flights and accommodation of the trip. If you or anyone you might know would feel able to help in some way, you can contact Jordan’s

mum, Lesley Ann Darroch via email gossipgirle987@yahoo. It has always been Jordan’s dream to be a dancer and hopes to go to London for Dance College when she is older. This is a great chance to give her a memory she will never forget.

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Friday 13th December 2013


Scotland Decides

Age old question of pensions WITH the Referendum vote approaching this coming September, one of the big considerations facing voters is the question of pensions. Public and private pensions are the vital incomes that we hope to have support us in our retirement. People rightly want to know what will happen should there be a Yes vote next year. How much will a state pension be worth? When will I be able to retire? Who is responsible for underwriting the value of my scheme? It is wrong to say that it is scaremongering to ask these questions, people have the right to know before they cast their vote. Equally, we should be told

what our pensions would be like if we decide to vote No and stay in the UK. Last week the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that by the 2040’s it is likely that people won’t be able to receive a state pension until they are 70 years old. The Scottish Government

have said that if Scotland is Independent then people will not have to work as long, but they have failed to provide the details and the costs of this policy. Here we have the arguments from both sides so as you get to know what the future holds for your pension.

Scottish Referendum: 18th September 2014 Kevin Gilmartin, Yes Scotland Campaign

Young people in Scotland will bear the brunt of the UK government’s state pensions raid, a leading pensions expert said today.

An analysis of Chancellor George Osborne’s pensions plans reveals one of the major costs of a No vote in next year’s independence referendum. Anybody starting work at 18, currently expecting to retire at 66, would have paid National Insurance contributions for 48 years in return for about 10 years of pension for men and 14 years for women, based on Scotland’s average life expectancy. But under Westminster government plans, today’s 18-year-olds will have to work until they are 70 before qualifying for the state pension. That means they will be contributing about 8% more from their pay packets towards

National Insurance - but getting 40% less in pension. This could equate to more than £40,000. in Scotland’s Future, the blueprint for independence, the Scottish Government proposes establishing an independent commission to recommend a state pension age appropriate to Scotland’s life expectancy. It also points out that pensions will be more affordable in an independent Scotland. Currently, average life expectancy in Glasgow is 71 for men and 78 for women. By comparison, average life expectancy in affluent areas of London is 85 for men and 87 for women. It has to be questioned why those who can afford a £50,000 payment annually into a personal pension scheme are the recipients of tax relief while those with little, who are dependent on the state pension, are funding that relief through receiving their state pension later. ‘All in it together’ sounds rather hollow in that light. With a Yes vote Scotland can choose different priorities. Longer term, pension provision, the age for state pension retirement and tax relief available on savings can be reviewed for fairness and equity. There would also likely be more money available for several reasons: we spend less on welfare and pensions in Scotland on average, we would not be paying for nuclear weapons and we could use some of our oil revenues for permanent investment in a sovereign fund to insure we weather the pensions storm.

Ronald Bowie, Better Together Campaign

The most important element is the State pension, the foundation on which everything else is built. Within a few years we will have a basic pension that is linked to the cost of living and is payable at a state age which rises as life expectancy rises. We now have compulsory enrolment into pension schemes which the employer/employee and government all contribute. We have a National Employee Savings Trust (NEST), a not for profit organisation that provides simple, accessible and trusted home for your pensions and which “does what is says on the tin”. And we have a system of pension protection in place that means that even if your employer goes bust you will still get most of what you were entitled to with the compensation costs shared among all the UK`s other schemes. Looking at the basic arithmetic around pensions an independent Scotland is at a disadvan-

tage on several counts. The first is the shape of our population. The ratio of people receiving their pension compared to the percentage of people in work is rising. This will put pressure on public finances across the UK. However the position in Scotland is worse with the proportion of people over pension age in Scotland projected to be higher than in the rest of the UK. The UK system is not perfect, nor is the system in any country, but it is built, it is sustainable and it has a broadly spread population to support it. Even if Scotland could somehow afford to replicate the system which

is being built in the UK, the weight of numbers is difficult to overcome. The result must surely then be that we would face either higher taxes, lower pensions or a cut in spending in other areas of our society. None of this seems like something that will be to the benefit of our country. It can take 50 years to prove that a pensions system works and by then it is too late to do anything about it if it doesn`t. In that respect, we are being asked to make a calculated gamble. The odds strongly favour staying within the UK system. Why gamble against it?


Friday 13th December 2013


Glasgow Lights Way to a Resilient and Sustainable Future City Ten thousand energy efficient and eco-friendly street lamps are to be installed in Glasgow to replace outdated sodium lights and cut carbon emissions. Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Sustainable Glasgow, today (Nov 12) announced the first phase of a major programme to refurbish the city’s 72,000 ageing sodium lamps with new ecofriendly lamps. Hundreds of delegates at the BASE Glasgow conference in the SECC heard how Glasgow is launching a rolling refurbishment programme which will see the majority of the old lamps replaced by 2018 – the 200th anniversary of the year when municipal street lighting was first introduced in the city. It currently costs around £8.5million a year to power and repair Glasgow’s ageing network of lights. The new lamps are expected to use at least 50% less energy than the old ones and over 20 years they will cut the council’s carbon

emissions by 52,329 tonnes. Fluorescent and LED lamps use less energy and provide more controllable, white light. The first 10,000 lamps are expected to cost around £9m to install along main roads and they will pay for themselves through the savings generated. Councillor Matheson told delegates that the project was another key element of the city council’s drive to make Glasgow one of Europe’s most sustainable cities within the next 20 years. The city is working with Adaptation Scotland to ensure Glasgow is part of a Climate Ready Clyde. This means creating a city which is climate resilient as summers get drier, winters get wetter and sea levels rise. Flood aversion measures include the creation of more green networks and natural wetlands as well as woodland expansion. Councillor Matheson said: “My city’s commitment to reducing emissions is without question. However, we are also facing up to the reality that global climate change is already happening.

For Glasgow this is likely to mean increases in rainfall, severe weather incidents and long-term increases in temperature. “My council has been working with key partners across the region to look at the challenges of climate change. We know we need to work together both to build resilience and adapt. Today I’m launching our response to these challenges. It’s called the Climate Ready Clyde Vision and it commits us to working with key partners to develop an adaptation strategy and action plan. It represents high aspiration and strong principles. It will drive action and real change.” Cllr Matheson also officially launched Future City/Glasgow’s prototype open data portal. The portal has been developed inhouse as part of the £24million Future Cities Demonstrator programme. It contains over 85 datasets including information on electric car charging points, public transport, food hygiene reports and population statistics. The information has been made

open and easily accessible to all including the public, business and academics. Held in silos the data may be of use to just one organisation but cross referenced it will help inform future strategic planning and investment. Cllr Matheson added: “This

work advances the twin aims of my administration. Better lives and economic growth, both based on sustainability. That’s why we’re following a digital and low carbon route out of recession with social justice at its heart.”

New homes at Athletes’ Village set standard for energy efficiency Energy prices continue to soar as winter sets in and temperatures plummet, leaving people with no choice other than to whack up the heating. Good news then for those considering a new home at the Athletes’ Village in the East End of Glasgow, as the potential energy savings are expected to be substantial. The Athletes’ Village in Dalmarnock will be home to athletes and officials during the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Thereafter, the homes will create a brand new destination in the East End of Glasgow with 300 homes going on sale from January 2014. These highly sought after new properties at The Village are at the forefront of technological developments in sustainable building, heating and insulation, resulting in the homes expected to be 40 percent more energy efficient than homes with

conventional heating systems. City Legacy Homes, funded by Glasgow City Council, has invested £14 million to build a bespoke energy centre which contains two carbon efficient combined heating and power (CHP) engines. The engines produce energy that is sold back to the national grid reducing energy costs of supply to the village; the water heated as a byproduct of this process provides heat & hot water to the homes at the Village. Every home has been fitted with a plate heat exchanger, rather than a standard gas or electric boiler, which transfers the heated water around each house and ensures a constant supply of heat and hot water. Residents will also benefit from the solar panels fitted on the roofs which will serve to cut electrical costs by an estimated 40 percent. Joanne Casey, Sales and

Marketing Director of Mactaggart and Mickel, said: “Energy bills can be a cause of great concern for many people and The Village is a showcase for the best in contemporary housing and sustainable design. “We are committed to providing homes that lead the way in energy efficiency and we are confident that our groundbreaking work at The Village will set new standards for housing developments in the future.” Homes at The Village will be released for sale in January 2014 and to register your interest visit

raising environmental issues

Friday 13th December 2013


Police Scotland

Local Police News

Police Scotland’s Darkest Day

Friday 29th November became the darkest day experienced by Police Scotland since the amalgamation to one national force. Members of the public and police officers alike were lost through tragic events at the Clutha Bar, Stockwell Street after the Police Scotland helicopter crashed. Police Scotland confirmed that the final number of fatalities is nine. Those nine are: Gary Arthur, 48 Constable Tony Collins, 43 Constable Kirsty Nelis, 36 Captain Dave Traill, 51 Samuel McGhee, 56 Robert Jenkins, 61 Mark O’Prey, 44 Colin Gibson, 33 John McGarrigle, 57 Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick said: “I can confirm that the search and recovery operation has now concluded and we are satisfied there are no further fatalities at the scene. In total, nine people died as a result of the incident.” “As many have acknowledged, it has been a difficult and complex recovery operation, made the more challenging for those in the emergency services who have been working at the scene who have also lost their colleagues and friends. “The scene is subject to our ongoing police investigation, led by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, and the inquiry by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. The management of the incident scene has now been handed over from the emergency services to Glasgow City Council.” George Black, Chief Executive, Glasgow City Council, said: “This has been a very difficult time for Glasgow. Every Glaswegian is immensely grateful for the work the emergency services have done for us since Friday night. “And every Glaswegian is immensely proud of their fellow citizens who ran towards trouble

when they were needed. While the initial response to this incident has now come to an end, we still have work to do In supporting those who are grieving or traumatised; In supporting businesses whose work has been disrupted; And, while for many people the city will never truly be the same, in helping Glasgow to return to something like normality. “Once again I express my thanks to all of our partners, but this work is just beginning.” On Wedznesday 4th December Greater Glasgow Local Policing Commander Chief Superintendent Andy Bates and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Area Commander for Glasgow George McGrandles returned to the scene to pay their respects and lay flowers in memory of all those who lost their lives. As Police Scotland tries to work towards normality whilst coming to terms with their loss Glasgow as a whole also continues to mourn. The flowers have now been moved closer to the scene on the corner of Clyde Street and the Victoria Bridge where members of the public continue to travel to from far and wide to pay their respects. The Air Support Unit crew were identified as Captain David Traill, Constable Kirsty Nellis and Constable Tony Collins.

Captain David Traill

was 51 years old. The Chief Constable added: “Since the tragic incident on Friday night it has been an extremely difficult time for all those affected. Our thoughts and condolences remain with the families and friends of the people who have died. “I would like to repeat my thanks to all the emergency services and partners who continue to work at the scene in what is a complex and difficult operation. “I would also like to thank the many people who have expressed their sympathies and support for us. Everyone has taken great comfort from these words at such a difficult time.” Glasgow City Council have opened a book of condolence in honour of all those affected by the crash. Members of the public can pay their own respects to those who lost their lives and their families leaving messages of condolence or their own thoughts in the book which has been placed within the City Chambers.

Constable Kirsty Nellis

Constable Tony Collins Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said: “It is with great sadness that I can also confirm that the crew of the helicopter involved in the incident have all died. They were Constable Tony Collins, Constable Kirsty Nelis and the pilot was Captain Dave Traill. “Kirsty and Tony were members of Police Scotland’s Operational Support Division. Captain Dave Traill worked for Bond Air Services and was very much part of the Police Scotland team. “I would like to pay tribute to all three and recognise the important contribution they made to our public service and to the communities they have served.” Constable Collins was 43 years years old; Constable Nelis was 36 years old; Captain Dave Traill

Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said: “It is with great sadness that I can also confirm that the crew of the helicopter involved in the incident have all died. They were Constable Tony Collins, Constable Kirsty Nelis and the pilot was Captain Dave Traill. “Kirsty and Tony were members of Police Scotland’s Operational Support Division. Captain Dave Traill worked for Bond Air Services and was very much part of the Police Scotland team. “I would like to pay tribute to all three and recognise the important contribution they made to our public service and to the communities they have served.” Constable Collins was 43 years years old; Constable Nelis was 36 years old; Captain Dave Traill was 51 years old. The Chief Constable added: “Since the tragic incident on Friday night it has been an extremely difficult time for all those affected. Our thoughts and condolences remain with the families and friends of the people who have died. “I would like to repeat my thanks to all the emergency services and partners who continue to work at the scene in what is a complex and difficult operation. “I would also like to thank the many people who have expressed their sympathies and support for us. Everyone has taken great comfort from these words at such a difficult time.”

Glasgow City Council have opened a book of condolence in honour of all those affected by the crash. Members of the public can pay their own respects to those who lost their lives and their families leaving messages of condolence or their own thoughts in the book which has been placed within the City Chambers.

Pepper Spray Seized

A 20 year old male was arrested recently after he was found to be in possession of a tin of pepper spray. Officers had cause to speak with the male on Appin Street on Thursday 28th November at which time the male was found with the can and freely admitted it was for his own protection! The male was arrested and held in custody to appear at court.

Attempt Murder

A 36 year old male was victim of an attempt murder on Sunday 1st December when he was attacked with a glass bottle. The male was walking near to Alexandra Parade having spent the day celebrating a birthday when he was approached by a male and attacked around 0200hrs. Police Scotland would urge anyone who believes they may have information regarding the incident to contact the police on non-emergency number 101.

Winter Driving Advice

With snow and ice forecast Police Scotland are urging members of the public to take extra care when travelling on the roads. Winter conditions often take us by surprise so the following advice has been issued; Tips and advice on staying safe this winter • Take special care that brakes, tyres, lights, batteries, windscreens and wiper blades are in good condition and well maintained. In addition, washer bottles need to contain an additive to stop the water from freezing. • Plan ahead. Check the forecast, road conditions and consider alternative routes. Allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route is free from delays. • When did you last check your tyres? Tyres should be checked weekly to ensure they are legal and at the correct pressure (check the vehicle handbook). The minimum legal tread depth for cars is 1.6mm across the centre ¾ of the breadth of the tread around the entire circumference (1 mm for motorcycles). They should also be checked for bulges, cuts or tears which will weaken the

tyre. Failure to maintain your tyres could lead to a maximum of £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre. • Windscreens, wiper blades and windows must be kept clean and free from defects. Make sure it is properly demisted and clear of snow and ice before you drive. Low sun can make it difficult to see and a dirty, greasy or damage windscreen can make this worse. • All lights including reflectors must be kept clean and clear and be in good working order. This includes registration plate lights. Cyclists must have white front and rear red lights lit at night. Be seen and be safe. Change the way you drive • Bad weather is often blamed for causing accidents, but the real cause is inappropriate driving for the conditions that exist. • In wet weather stopping distances will be at least double those required for stopping on dry roads. Aquaplaning can be a frightening experience. This is where a wedge of water builds up between the front tyres and the road surface. The safest solution is to remove the pressure from the accelerator, allowing the vehicle to lose speed and the tyres to regain their grip. • Keep well back from the road user in front in icy or snowy weather. Stopping distances can be ten times greater. When the roads are icy, drive at slow speed in as high a gear as possible; accelerate and brake very gently • High-sided vehicles are most affected by windy weather. Motorcyclists and cyclists can easily be blown off course particularly in open stretches of road exposed to strong crosswinds. • When driving in fog use dipped headlights so other drivers can see you. Fog lights can only be used when visibility is seriously reduced to less than 100 metres but they must be switched off if visibility improves. Be prepared for a bank of fog or drifting patchy fog ahead. Even if it seems to be clearing, you can suddenly find yourself in thick fog. • Avoid driving in icy or snowy conditions unless your journey is essential. If you do you, we recommend you take an emergency kit of: scraper, de-icer, torch, first aid kit, jump leads, shovel, warm drink and emergency food in case you get stuck or break down.


Friday 13th December 2013

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Friday 13th December 2013


Welfare Reform

Extra help for those affected by ‘Bedroom Tax’ GLASGOW City Council has announced that there will be extra funding from the Government to help people struggling with the ‘Bedroom Tax.’ This funding adds to the Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) fund being operated by the council, which has so far assisted over 8500 people facing shortfalls in rent due to changes to Housing Benefit. In March this year the council approved a new policy on who is eligible to receive payments from the DHP budget. Under these rules, priority is given to applications: • where separated parents have a formal arrangement for shared care of a child, or children, and an additional bedroom is a requirement of the agreement. • to help with ongoing rental costs for a disabled person in significantly adapted accommodation. • to help with short term rental costs while the claimant seeks employment or secures alterna-

tive accommodation. • to help with short-term rental costs where the claimant is at risk of losing their tenancy resulting from an unexpected financial crisis. Awards would be made at the discretion of the council but claimants are entitled to request a review of decisions related to DHPs. Here is the Council’s guide to who is entitled to the DHP: Are you having difficulty paying your rent? If you are receiving Housing Benefit but are still having difficulty meeting your rent payments, you may be able to get extra help from the Discretionary Housing Payment Fund. What is the Discretionary Payment Fund? The fund has been made available by the Council, with assistance from the Government, to enable additional financial assistance to be provided to customers of Housing Benefit where they are not entitled to full benefit but are experiencing financial

difficulty in paying their rent. The following are some examples to show the types of circumstances where someone might wish to apply. 1. A reduction in Housing Benefit as a direct result of Welfare Reform changes, for example, if a customer has been affected by the Social Sector Size Criteria and they are a foster carer or their home has been significantly adapted to meet the needs of a disability for them or a member of their household. 2. A customer is not entitled to full Housing Benefit because their income is above the Income Support level but is having difficulty making ends meet due to an illness affecting a member of the household which is leaving them short of money. 3. A customer has just started work and has had their Housing Benefit reduced but is finding it difficult to make ends meet because they have new expenses, such as buying overalls, tools or other equip-

ment needed for their job. The above are just illustrations of the types of cases where a customer might consider applying for some help from the Discretionary Housing Payment Fund. Who can apply for assistance from the Discretionary Housing Payment Fund? The fund is only available to provide further financial assistance to people who are receiving Housing Benefit but their entitle-

ment is less than the full amount of their rent charge. The fund will not cover charges paid with the rent such as heating, fuel, house content insurance, food/board. How do I apply? Customers who are in receipt of Housing Benefit but do not receive the full rent change may apply for Discretionary Housing payment. An application must be completed, a form can be downloaded from, requested by

telephoning 0141 287 5050, or by visiting one of the local Council Tax and Housing Benefit Offices. The application form be completed in full ensuring that all questions are answered providing as much detail as possible about the customer’s household and financial circumstances. Supporting evidence should be provided with the application.

“Repeal the Bedroom Tax” Housing Associations tell MPs Welfare reforms are having a serious financial impact on social landlords in Scotland, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) has told a UK parliamentary committee this week. The SFHA, which represents Scotland’s housing associations and co-operatives, was giving evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee on the impacts of welfare reform on the housing sector in Scotland. The federation expressed concerns about the impact of the government’s ‘under occupation restriction’ also known as the

‘bedroom tax’; the consequences of welfare reform for housing associations’ finances; concerns about: the move to Universal Credit; the end of housing benefit payments direct to landlords; claimant sanctions; and proposals for supporting vulnerable tenants. Speaking about the evidence session, David Ogilvie, Policy Manager at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, said: “The UK government has to get welfare reform right. It also has to realise the pressure it is putting on social landlords in

Scotland – who provide homes and services for thousands of people – as a result of changes to the benefits system which are causing widespread financial uncertainty in Scotland. “Tenants are being penalised by policies such as the ‘bedroom tax’ and benefit sanctions for perceived mistakes, such as missing an appointment at the job centre. Almost every housing association we surveyed is expecting rent arrears to increase in 2013 as a result of welfare reforms.” Mr Ogilvie concluded: “We call on the UK government

to recognise the severe impact on tenants and social landlords, who are having to use vital resources to provide substantial extra help and support to tenants. Mitigation measures such as proposed extra funding for Discretionary Housing Payments, while welcome, will not solve the problem of tenants being penalised for the lack of smaller homes for them to move to. That’s why the only solution is the repeal of the ‘bedroom tax,’ and a review of whether welfare reform generally is meeting its stated aim of a fairer, and less costly, system.”


Friday 13th December 2013

West Clubs Fold Shock WEST of Scotland Youth League Match Secretary Robert Toohill insists he does not want to see more established Under-21 clubs go to the wall next year. Few within the game, which Toohill has served for 30 years, could have predicted the loss of some well-known Premier Division names during the summer. Knightswood Juveniles, founded by local man Graham Haig in 1974, won just about every honour - including back-to-back titles ( 2009 - 2010) - and lost season’s Scottish Challenge Cup final against record-holders Campsie Black Watch at Airdrie. Said Bob: “I never expected to see them fold. I really thought someone might have taken on Graham’s outstanding work, but it never happened. “Hillwood Boys’ Club lifted the National Lady Darling Cup (2009) and Scottish Challenge Cup a year later, while former Under-19 Scottish Cup winners Drumchapel United were crowned First Division champions in 2009, and topped the Premier set-up two years later.” “We lost Dumbarton Accies and South Camlachie Youth Project, who came into our top-flight following successive championship years, and appeared in a national trophy semi-final. “Another Scottish Cup winner, The Celtic Boys’ Club, and 2008 National Lady Darling Cup holders Barrhead Arthurlie have also disappeared, and we received another blow when Renfrew F.C. - already guaranteed First Division promotion - announced they were linking up with an Ayrshire junior club.” To re-establish their 14-team Premier Division, five First Division clubs moved up, which paved the way for additional places being made available to promoted Sec-

ROBERT TOOHILL, right, has seen many changes within Under-21 football over the past 30 years. ond Division teams. Champions Falkirk Athletic were joined by the likes of Vale of Clyde and Arsenal Boys’ Club. Said Bob: “Established clubs keep the league going - there is no doubt about that. “The concern I have is costs keep on increasing. If there is money coming into grassroots football, we are not seeing any of it.” Under-21 football was looked upon as a breeding ground by junior and senior talent spotters. Now the emphasis on youth development has shifted to include Fun 4’s and Soccer 7’s, but the West supremo does not subscribe to the feeling that the older age group has little to offer. He blasted: “You are never too old. There are still good players out there waiting to be picked up. “Former Queens Park Head Coach Eddie Hunter once told me he found many a player in our game good enough to sign and go straight into his first team. “He asked me if he could do anything for us and I replied ( tongue

in cheek ), could we have Hampden Park for the Richard Watt Memorial West of Scotland Cup final. Two weeks later, Eddie came back with good news! Winners Motherwell Orbiston and Scottish Cup holders Kilpatrick Juveniles did us proud with a superb game which went into extra-time and a 3-2 result.” Times have changed, though, and many observers believe scrapping Under-18 football was a mistake. “That was always a popular age group”, said Toohill. “During the summer we accepted a huge amount of former Under-19 teams into our Second Division. Of the 17 teams currently playing, no fewer than 14 are out of Under-19 football. As well as league games, they have two cups whereby they can again play against teams their own age level. “That prepares them for the challenges ahead because it is a culture shock when they do eventually reach our Premier Division.”

‘House Injury Agony WELLHOUSE Amateurs have been hit by another serious player injury. Full-back Robbie Peebles broke his shoulder in three places during last month’s Bunrigh Trophy clash with Uddingston Anvil, who lost their third round clash 7-0. Now captain Stephen McDevitt will be sidelined until the New Year after breaking an arm in the club’s 2-1 extra-time Colville Park West of Scotland Cup defeat against Bannockburn at Greenfield Football Centre. Speaking exclusively to ReGen Sport Secretary Robert

Noble revealed: “Stephen had to be taken to the Royal Infirmary. “We reckon the arm is broken in two or three places. “It is a major blow losing a second player to this type of injury within a few weeks.” As we revealed in our last issue, Wellhouse were linked with a move to re-sign their winning Scottish Amateur Cup midfielder Thomas Sinclair back from Pollok Juniors. Sinky, once on the books of Stenhousemuir, also had junior experience at Vale of Clyde and Kirkintilloch Rob Roy. Robert

added: “The registration has now gone through, but Thomas has to serve a two-game ban outstanding from last season.” Wellhouse have kept their fit-players ticking over with Tuesday evening floodlight friendlies against Lanark United, Bellshill Athletic and Clydebank. * A potentially difficult fourth round clash in the Fosters Scottish Amateur Cup against Hillington A.F.C. was brushed aside by the holders, who recorded a 5-2 victory at Greenfield Football Centre.

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Bowling - The Young Ones

YOUNG Scottish Triples Champions ( 2003) Alex Gray, Samuel O’Donnell, and Robert McLarrie, with coaches Arthur Kerr and Neil McMonagle Junior. FOR many years the very thought of stepping onto a bowling green and participating alongside their “elders” did not sit well with the younger generation. Amid cries of “it’s an old man’s game”, few clubs had the vision to plan ahead and change opinions. Over at Culrain Street, SHETTLESTON saw a bright future in running a youth section - even although it all started with only three members! Ian Colligan and Alex Laing set the wheels in motion 26 years ago. Little did they know the idea would help the formation of the Greater Glasgow Youth Bowling Association - one of 18 districts to go under the S.Y.B.A. banner. By 2006, Shettleston’s Centenary Year, 278 clubs and 3800 youngers were members of the Scottish Youth Bowling Association. The pinnacle of youth success at Culrain Street arrived ten years ago, when Samuel O’Donnell, Alex Gray and Robert McLarrie became Scottish Triples Champions at Hawkhead Bowling Club,Paisley. Brian Bowers, who enjoyed

tremendous success at Shettleston, and Thomas Bulloch both made the Scottish Under-16 teams in consecutive years. Now under the convenorship of Neil McMonagle Junior, who became SYBA President two years ago, Shettleston have reaped the benefit of youngsters coming through their system. Matthew Young (aged 15) has already won a Juniors Under-25 title, and the Lynn Colligan Under-16 Trophy. At a time when many bowling clubs are finding their membership numbers on the decline, Ian Colligan told Re-Gen Sport: “We have sustained ours with 125 this season, but are trying to encourage more young people on board. “Every Saturday morning, between 10 am and 12 noon, we have youngsters on the greens with specially adapted bowls. There could be future Club Champions in the making. “By the time they are 16 our Club Constitution allows them to become full members - I might add we don’t push them in that direction - but many have waited until they turn 18 years of age.”

Re-Gen Sports - Inside Track BROOMHOUSE F.C. would like to express their appreciation to this season’s sponsors - Arthur Lennon Butchers, Community Transport Glasgow, Sight Sound and Security Systems,and M and M Glass and Glazing. The Greater Glasgow Premier Football League club are chasing back-to-back promotions after winning Division 4 last season. GLASGOW HARP and Wellhouse both had a player in the Scottish Amateur Football Association squad for a game against the Scottish Amateur League. Neil McLure and Gary Gaitens were hoping to impress watching officials and team management at the Ravenscraig indoor facility. SYFA West Region named play-

ers from local clubs in their Under-19 squad against a touring Melbourne State team at Toryglen Regional Football Centre. The list included Kyle McQueen, Kieran Furay and Zander Bentley ( Maryhill Juniors), Lee Martin and Connor Brannigan ( Baillieston) and Kyle Gallagher ( Tower Hearts). West Region won 3-0, while the SYFA National Under-15 team defeated South Queensland 7-0. DELIGHTED to see my inside-tip on a former Shettleston Juniors midfielder going into management for the first time has been confirmed! Alan Jack is the new boss of Rossvale Juniors. He will be assisted by Stuart Robertson and Greig Robertson.

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Winter Carpet Bowls

CHAMPIONS North British went back to the top of the Eastern Carpet Bowls League in Week 8 - albeit with more games played. The initial 10-week block of fixtures in the Eastern Carpet Bowls League has produced some thrilling action. A list of other games, starting week commencing January 27, 2014 has already been distributed to all clubs. WEEK 4: Shettleston 0 points, North British 6 points ( 12-17 shots); Sandyhills 2 points , Mount Vernon 4 points (16-34 shots). WEEK 5: Mount Vernon 2 points, Shettleston 4 points ( 1723 shots); Springboig 2 points,

(30-11) Garrowhill 4 points ( 1124 shots). WEEK 6: North British 4 points, Mount Vernon 2 points (26-18 shots); Shettleston 4 points, Garrowhill 2 points ( 2212 shots); Sandyhills 6 points, Springboig 0 points ( 33-10 shots).

Match Action Reports

WEEK 7: Garrowhill 6 points, North British 0 points (37-5 shots); Sandyhills 2 points, Shettleston 4 points ( 19-18 shots). WEEK 8: Springboig 4 points, Mount Vernon 2 points ( 25-24 shots); North British 4 points, Springboig 2 points ( 30-11 shots








North British
















Mount Vernon
























Springboig 15 6 0 9 94 118 12 Whitevale - all fixtures null and void due to their resignation.

Fosters Scottish Cup

SATURDAY: Second Round - Tarbet 3, Yoker 5 ae. Third Round - Bankhead 1, Rhu 4; Dumbarton Harp 2, Eaglesham 3; Finnart 4, Giffnock 1; Yoker 2, Vale of Leven 3. Replay - Carrick 2, Cowie 0; Westwood 1, Campsie Minerva 5. Fourth Round - Ardrossan 1, Cumbernauld Colts 2; Blochairn Star 4, Newtonhill 3; Bowhill 5, Easthall Star 1; Buckhaven Town

0, Dennistoun AFC 1; Drumchapel AFC 4, Jeanfield Swifts 2; Edinburgh Rose 4, Garrowhill Thistle 3; Glasgow Harp 3, Auchterarder 0; Neilston 0, Dennistoun Vale 2; Possil YMAFC 12, Dysart 2; Steins 4, Baillieston Thistle 3; Wellhouse ( holders) 5, Hillington AFC 2; Burghmuir 0, Colville Park 9. Colville Park Country Club West of Scotland Cup, Third Round -

Greenock HSFP 5, EKFC Whitehills 2; Wellhouse 1, Bannockburn 2 aet; Overtoun Thistle 5, Paisley Athletic 1; Crosshill Thistle 2, Tynecastle AFC 3; Dirrans 5, Calderglen 0; St Joseph’s 3, Stewarton 4; Drumchapel Colts 2, Milton 3; Cardross 1, Weirs 1; Whitefield Rovers 8, Blantyre Rangers 2. Second Round - Glasgow Harp 3, Kelvin 0.

LSK Supplies West Youths

Lady Darling Cup Second Round - Stewarton Annick 0, Rosyth 3; Barrhead YFC 1, Knightsbridge Vennie 0. Third Round - Falkirk Athletic 5, Bonnyton Thistle 5 aet ( 4-1 pens); Bonnyrigg Rose 2, Port Glasgow 0; Tynecastle 1, Victoria F.C. 0; Mansewood 2, Sauchie 9. LSK Supplies West of Scotland Cup - Steins 2, Castlemilk AFC 1. Birdston Kennels League Cup - Falkirk Ath 4, Campsie Black Watch 3; Baillieston Juniors 2, Steins Th 0; Rutherglen Glencairn 2, Harmony Row 1; Clyde-

side 2, East Kilbride FC 15. Birdston Kennels Glasgow Cup - Mill United 5, Victoria F.C. 0; Erskine 1, Wishaw W Wanderers 4. Only Sport Golden Goals Tower Hearts 3, Rutherglen Glencairn 3 (3-1 pens); Arsenal BC 3, Harestanes 1; Glasgow University 0, Kilsyth 1. Premier Division - St Peters Giffnock North 2, Clydebank 1; Clydebank 1, Johnstone Burgh 4; Glasgow Ams/ Arthurlie 3, Baillieston Juniors 0; Goldenhill 1, Campsie Black Watch 4; Rossvale 1, St Peters Giffnock North 1. First Division - Claremont 1,

Vale of Leven 3; Arsenal BC 1, Vale of Clyde 2; East Kilbride F.C. 3, Kilsyth St Pats 1; Vale of Clyde 3, Eastwood 0; East Kilbride Rolls Royce 7, Busby 0; Pollok Juvs 8, Claremont 3; Antonine 2, Vale of Leven 1. Second Division - Castlemilk AFC 5, Calderhill Thistle 1; Cumbernauld Colts 2, Castlemilk BC 2; Sauchie 3, Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2; St Columbas 3, Calderhill 2; Mill United 2, Cumbernauld Colts 1; Castlemilk BC 1, Wishaw W Wanderers 6; Erskine 3, Giffnock SC 2; Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 11, Gartcairn Academy 1.

Re-Gen Sports Feedback

Really enjoyed the new-look coverage in Issue 117, and a 32-page Re-Gen. Three pages focusing on local sporting events is excellent. I can only hope East End- based clubs ( no matter their sport ), support this new initiative, and come forward with plenty

of information for the Sports Desk. Over the years, I have followed local football teams playing at Greenfield and Lochend. and there is plenty going on during a Saturday afternoon - not to mention the Sunday Leagues. There should be no complaints

from people if they don’t see their reports in the paper. The bowlers are featured on a regular basis, which indicates you are prepared to feature sporting activities other than football! Sincerely, John Calder, Easterhouse.

CRAIG McGREGOR, of Broomhouse F.C. ( wearing red) won this challenge, and scored in the 11-0 defeat of Orchard Parkmount “B”. Photograph kindly taken and supplied by Mr Peter Quinn. KILBIRNIE LADESIDE 3, PETERSHILL JUNIORS 0. THREE second

half goals sunk Peasy at Valefield Park. Michael Moore backheeled the ball past McNeil in 48 minutes. Ten minutes later, Liam McGuinness powered a header beyond the ‘keeper. In 67 minutes, McGeown ran clear and unselfishly squared a pass to Chris Craig - once a Petershill signing target - and he made no mistake.

PETERSHILL JUNIORS 1, BALLINGRY ROVERS 0. PEASY restored Mikey White between the posts in this Scottish Junior Cup third round meeting in Springburn. No fewer than 16 of the 32 scheduled pairings were postponed due to frozen pitches. Rovers, having beaten their hosts over two games and penalty kicks in a previous tournament, made a promising start, and White pulled off a great early save from Carstairs. A defensive visitors mix-up allowed Ryan Smillie in on goal, but he shot against ‘keeper Kyle Allison. However, Paul Woods and James McCluskey were behind the game’s only goal after 48 minutes. This time midfielder Ryan Craig made no mistake. Ballingry, prompted from midfield by ex-senior Ryan Blackadder, missed another chance through Carstairs.


half penalties took all three points back to Govan. Town had the better of the opening exchanges, but were kept out by ‘keeper Robert Tiropoulos. In 53 minutes, Bens’ Davis was fouled and McGurgan converted the first spot kick. Tiropoulos twice denied Shettleston goals, which would have been deserved. However, into injury time McGurgan was brought down and Benburb were given a second penalty. The same player stepped forward and scored from 12 yards. CLUB ROUND-UP: Under-14 Regional Cup - Croftfoot 0, Finnart 2. 2003 age group - Finnart beat Clyde 2-0, and lost 4-2 against Scotland BC. Mini-Kickers - Two wins, two draws and four defeats. Other club games were postponed.


Send your stories and photographs to the Re-Gen Sports desk at or call Tom on 07814269198

District First Division bottom markers ‘Shire suffered their eighth defeat in nine games. Mark Haddow hit the only first half goal at the John Cumming Stadium. Dean Kindlan, Haddow again, Stephen Murray and Greig Cavanagh made it 5-0. Gordon Murphy added a sixth. In nine outings, Glasgow Perthshire have conceded 33 goals.


PERTHSHIRE 1. STRIKER Paddy Cullen continued his excellent scoring form with a double.


thriller for the third round of the Colville Park West of Scotland Cup at Greenfield Football Centre. Great work by Marc McGeough on the right flank carved out the game’s first goal, and Lewis Stewart made no mistake from six yards. That settled Wellhouse for the rest of the half, but in 50 minutes ‘Burrn equalised. Ex-Clyde and Pollok Juniors striker Bryan Dingwall looked well offside, but was allowed to carry on and equalise. There were chances to win the game over 90 minutes. Bannockburn’s No 8 scored a wonderful top-corner goal from 30 yards. Wellhouse captain Stephen McDevitt sustained an arm injury and required hospital treatment.


HAD Finnart taken their chances at Drumoyne, this West Regional Cup first round scoreline would have been more emphatic. However, you can’t argue with the spirit shown by the young Under-14 team. Kalvin Rooney fired over a first half corner to the back post, and Kenneth Crampsie made no mistake. That lad Rooney ensured the Bridgeton team would be away to Pollok United in the next round with a second goal. Man-of-the-Match vote went to Kenneth Crampsie. According to Under-14 coach Jamie McGowan, this lad wears his heart on his sleeve!


AS the scoreline suggests, a very one-sided encounter in Division 3 of the Greater Glasgow Premier League. Scorers: Darren Hogan ( 2 mins, 22, 45), David Quinn ( 10, 23, 49 87), Craig McGregor (19), Joe McGowan ( 68), David Omozik ( 77), and Mark McFarlane (84). WESTERLANDS 1, BROOMHOUSE F.C. 3. THE visitors were caught napping after 12 minutes, and conceded their first goal of the league campaign. Mark Anderson levelled with a header in 25 minutes, and Daryl McKernan followed with an identical finish ten minutes later. On 62 minutes, the points were secured when Craig McGregor lashed home a third goal. * Broomhouse lost 5-0 against Wishaw Juniors in a floodlight friendly.


friendly under lights. Scorers for the junior team were Kevin Grant (2), Nicky Moore, Rob Callender and coach Martin McLaughlin.


land Amateur Cup Third Round win against Ayrshire opposition. On target Cochrane, Edward and McGlinchey


the visitors struck twice in the last five minutes for a replay. Harvey gave them a 2nd minute lead, but Ferguson equalised. Mitchell ( 31 ) put Girvan ahead only to see Fraser level before half-time. Barclay (pen) and McShane looked to have won it for the Saracen Parkers. However, Mitchell and Morrison completed an amazing game.

IRVINE MEADOW 3, PETERSHILL JUNIORS 1. DESPITE being without three key players, Meadow had enough in reserve to leave Peasy in deep relegation trouble. Caddis, Buchanan and substitute Finlayson scored. Chris Mackie replied after 53 minutes.


from 2-1 down at New McKenna Park. Anson and Brown put Town well ahead, but the Govan club hit back through Kane, Cullen and finally Gaffney ten minutes from time.


Arthur and Willis. Craig Fry netted the Candy Rock goal just before halftime. Poor display from the visitors’.

GLASGOW HARP 3, KELVIN 0. WEST of Scotland Cup victory.

McClay, McDowall and Smyth on target.

GLASGOW PERTHSHIRE 2, LARKHALL THISTLE 5. ANOTHER heavy league defeat for the Keppoch Park club. Scorers: Houston and Begg.


for the Scottish Amateur Cup holders. Lewis Stewart scored in 5 mins. Chris Hopkins made it 2-0 from 20 yards. Andy Dorrans notched a third after the break, and Steven Tyczynski chipped the ‘Ton goalie. The visitors’ hit back with two goals, but substitute Brian Caldwell netted another great goal to complete their fourth round win. DUNOON 0, FINNART AFC 3. ANOTHER clear sheet for the table-topping Under-14 team. Jamie McGowan hit their first half opener. Julien Kouame rattle home a second. Jamie McGowan made it 3-0 with a great ten-yard volley. CLUB Round-Up: Scottish Amateur Cup - Finnart 4, Dunoon 1. Under-13 Regional Cup - Finnart 0, Clydeside 9.


Shettleston Old Parish Church 85 Killin Street, Glasgow G32 9AH Serving the community, Forces Veterans, serving personnel and their families.

0141 778 2484

Wednesday 10am - 2pm Charity No. SCO01070

Finnart Plan ‘Pool Cup Raid FINNART A.F.C. are planning ahead for what they hope will be another successful Blackpool Cup campaign next April. This year’s Easter tourney was won by their Under-13 age group and, now a year older, coaches Jamie McGowan and Mark McKenzie reckon they are more than capable of going all the way to the final again. Said Jamie: “Winning at Blackpool was a great achievement for a team in it’s first full year. “Our parents have been totally supportive in the various fundraisers we have organised to finance another trip down south, and these will continue.” The Blackpool Cup has grown in popularity since 1994. Not only football is on offer - clubs can make use of the giant theme park Pleasure Beach Resort. Two locations feature council-run pitches at the southern part of the town, and the sports park of A.F.C. Blackpool. Finnart had to bounce back last time from a first-game 1-0 defeat against Group A opponents Dublin St Pats. William Gray put points on the board in a 1-0 win over Airdrie’s

St Columbas, and the list of Saturday fixtures was finished in style when Aaron Harvey and Liam Johnstone secured a 2-1 victory against South Shore Blackpool. Some 24 hours later, Finnart had really found their feet - and shooting boots - as Gray, Kieran Carey and Sam McGill helped crush Blackpool Rangers 3-0. Highly-fancied East Kilbride Rolls Royce found the Bridgeton boys too hot to handle in a 4-0 defeat. Barry Hendry, Kenneth Crampsie, Jamie McGowan and Jake Clark hit the New Town net. Now guaranteed a semi-final meeting with Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers, Kenneth Crampsie could not have picked a better time to crash home a wonder strike in the dying minutes. Redcar, from North East England, pushed Finnart all the way in a superb final. Once again the Scottish team came good with a late winner from Julien Nda Kouame. Said Jamie McGowan: “The crowd went crazy, and our Facebook page (Finnart BC 2000) was full of people congratulating us. It was a great time for every-

WINNERS! ... Finnart A.F.C. players and officials celebrate winning the Blackpool Cup at Easter. Can they repeat their success in 2014? one at the holiday resort.” The 2014 tourney will be held on 20/21 April, and McGowan revealed: “We will go down early

on the Saturday, and take all the boys to the Pleasure Beach. “They can use unlimited wristbands to cover all the action,

Players Wanted

Winter Shutdown

FINNART A.F.C. ( Bridgeton) are looking for players at Under-13 level. Boys born in 2001. Contact officials prior to their training night at Crownpoint on a Thursday (7pm). PETERSHILL B.C. 2001 require players ( all positions) for Saturday morning football. Training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. BUDHILL A.F.C. require players for their new amateur football team. Contact

SYFA have brought in a winter shutdown for national trophy fixtures from early December until January 26. Any outstand-

07702131328. GREATER Easterhouse Under-14 team seeking players for LYFA Saturday Morning League. Train on a Tuesday and Thursday. Call 07779161347. RANGERS SABC 2003 require players. Call 07908996257. PARTICK WEST A.F.C. want experienced players and a team manager. Phone 07825295898 or 07727632618.

ing games or a replay (Under-21 only) can take place providing both clubs and their Regional Secretary agree.

Regional Round-up BAILLIESTON JUNIORS Under-16 have landed another home draw in the West Regional Cup following their 3-2 win against Erskine. ‘Ton will meet Cambuslang Academy. Old Firm Alliance entertain The Celtic Boys’ Club. Finnart Under-14s, 2-0 winners

against Croftfoot, travel to Pollok United. Easthall Star Under-19 entertain EKFC Blue, who edged out Kings Park in a nine-goal thriller. Other results: Vale of Clyde 4, Kilpatrick 7; Maryhill Juniors 4, Third Lanark 1.

which proved very popular last time! “We are getting excited already about next year’s trip and, of course, the expectation

level. “Win, lose or draw we will have a good time and, more importantly, a good laugh.”

Finnart Race Night FINNART AFC were delighted that just under 100 people turned out for their recent Race Night. All monies raised will go towards next year’s registration payments and various league fees for the club’s eight teams. Highlight was the Auction Race at the end, when a horse named “Tommy Burns” came home first to earn one lucky punter the

sum of £220. Said official Jamie McGowan: “Everyone had a great night. “The usual singalong of Finnart songs was led by choirmaster Brian Blair.“We want to thank those who attended, and our volunteer Bar Staff, Yvonne Brady, Chloe Brady, Sharon Watson, Aileen Brown, and Yasmine Hill.”

Strathclyde Cup TYNECASTLE A.F.C. are away to first round hosts Hamilton West in the Strathclyde Cup. Last sea-

son’s finalists Whitefield Rovers or SSMFL champions Blochairn Star host the winners.

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