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Restoring One’s Youth through Stem Cell and HGH Therapy In the course of human health research, stem cell technology is one of the few advancements that many claim to transcend wonders as it is able to fight and deter certain unavoidable processes – conditions that the human body undergoes in the course of a lifetime. Aging is the deterioration of the aesthetics and functionality of the human body. It is an inevitable natural process that living organisms are bound to experience. But due to the strong drive of humans towards self-preservation, through modern science, treatments have been developed to at least deter the aging process. One of the interventions that scientists have designed is stem cell therapy, which involves the introduction of new stem cells to an aging body. Stem cells are naturally occurring entities of the human body. They are in charge of the body's repairing and regenerative capabilities against injuries, damages and diseases. However, though naturally occurring, the stem cell lines of the body slowly deteriorate, thereby allowing for an incompetent regenerative capability of the body and an even worse susceptibility to diseases. With the intervention of stem cell therapy, the newly introduced stem cells to a patient's body will allow for the reinforcement of the deteriorated stem cell lines. Intrinsic effects of the therapy include the improved capability of the body to rejuvenate and regenerate to fight injuries and aging; this also entails the body's resilience to diseases. An extrinsic effect of the therapy includes the aesthetic improvements in a patient's general appearance. Another similar advancement in medicine is the Human Growth Hormone therapy or the HGH therapy. Human growth hormones are produced by the pituitary glands and are generally responsible for child growth and the maintenance of tissues and organs in the human body. The effects of this therapy includes increase in bone density, increase in mass of muscles, decrease in body fat, increase in the capacity to exercise, and the slowing of the aging process. These two technological advances are similar in the sense that they are both designed to reduce the aging process by processing and re-introducing crucial elements that are already naturally occurring in the body. Stem cells and HGH are both important to maintain one’s youth – both in terms of the body’s aesthetics and functions. They both decrease as one ages, but thanks to the these two therapies, one can now restore that youthful glow, strength, agility, energy and overall look and feel.

Restoring One’s Youth through Stem Cell and HGH Therapy