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July 2013

H2 Superkart Succesfully Tested As promised in our previous newsletter, we keep you updated on the development of our hydrogen powered superkart. In March our fuel cell was tested by Hydrogenics on their testrig in Gladbeck, Germany. This test showed that our fuel cell worked 100% correctly and that the membranes are in great shape. So the problems we had faced earlier were not caused by the fuel cell stack but had to be related to one of the systems around the fuel cell. After some very strict checks and reviewing all the components thoroughly, we found out that the issue was related to the hydrogen supply system from the high pressure carbon fibre tank. We replaced the carbon fibre tank by a standard steel bottle of hydrogen which came directly from our sponsor Air Liquide, after which the fuel cell started up without any hesitation and the system worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately we’ve lost lots of precious time with this error. However, by searching for the defect we’ve actually checked every part of the electronics and resolved a few minor errors that would’ve surfaced while testing and debugging. Also we’ve mastered the complete system by double checking all of its components and subsystems. Because we’ve found the reason of malfunction, we’ve been able to solve it and this means we finally can start testing and set up the superkart where it was designed for: the racetrack!

Testsession Battery Electric Kart

On Saturday 6 April we’ve had a test session with the prototype of our battery electric kart. The test took place in Machelen at the FKI circuit. The goal of the day was to extract some data that could be used in the design of our electric competition kart that’s being designed and built by four students. Another goal was to test a new custom made datalogging system. With this system we are able to monitor very precisely the electrical parameters such as the current and voltage levels of the kart. Therefore we’re able to analyze the system very accurately and we can easily find possible errors.

On the same day a camera crew had joined us in order to make a few action shots of our kart and take interviews from members of our team. The material made on this day will be used to make a video for a new internet course about Cleantech from the VDAB. Our team will thereby be used as an example of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Clean Week 2013 Like previous years our team attended the ‘Clean Week’ event at Circuit Zolder. This event is aimed at everyone involved in electric propulsion and clean mobility, and an event where we’ve always been present since its first edition in 2010 . On Wednesday the 1st of May we made the trip to Circuit Zolder with our Superkart and we also brought a nice eye catcher to complete our armada. Our partner Athlon Car Lease provided us with their Tesla Roadster to generate some extra publicity for our team and for Athlon Car Lease itself of course.

Because of the fact that we had solved the problem with the fuel cell of our Superkart we were now ready to start performing the dynamic tests. This meant we could use the beautiful infrastructure of Circuit Zolder to test our Superkart.

We started with some tests on an open spot behind the paddock, where the Superkart showed its powerful acceleration and also seemed to handle well. This meant we could end a beautiful, sunny day with a first lap around the 4 km long Circuit of Zolder. We drove carefully and did not set a track time record but we certainly made a lot of progress. Our vehicle got lots of attention from spectators and media and the television station RTBF interviewed an employee of Federauto in our Superkart. Later that day this interview pictured our Superkart on the national television, a great addition to end this succesful day for the team. You can check out the interview yourself via the following link.

Students Graduate This year our team was, like every year, reinforced by a few students who cooperated in different projects in the scope of their thesis. At the end of the academic year they had to present and defend their thesis work in front of a jury. At the end of June most of our students succeeded in this difficult task. We would like to congratulate them en thank them for their enthusiasm and cooperation. We are convinced that they have a bright future ahead of them. Of course they are allways welcome in our team to continue this story!

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