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This pack contains GEN 200 Week 2 Assignment Communication and Collaboration St within a Group

Psychology - General Psychology Week One: Effective Communication in Diverse Groups


Group Communication Video Cases

Review the Working in Groups videos located on your

student website. Choose three of the four videos to watch.

Write a 200- to 300-word response to each video clip by answering the following questions.

Choose one video that you will use to discuss the relationship between group member diversity and communication style. What diversity existed in the group? How did this affect the group members' communication styles? Was diversity a hindrance to communication? Come up with two communication methods that could have been used to better facilitate the group.

Choose another video and describe the verbal and nonverbal interaction among the members of the group. What were these interactions communicating? Were they helping or hindering the group process? Come up with two communication methods that could have been used to

better facilitate the group.

Watch the third video and determine the listening techniques used by members of the group. Describe the importance of listening in group communication and relate it to this scenario. Were the listening techniques used in this situation effective? If not, which effective techniques should have been used to better facilitate the group process?

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams? Why do you feel this way?

Why is it important to understand the cultural dimensions of group members? How can differences impact group communication?

Week Two: Cohesion and Decision-Making


Individual Strengths and Problem-Solving Techniques Paper

This two-part assignment enables you to reflect on your individual strengths and problem-solving skills as they apply to the group process and decision making.

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper formatted according to APA guidelines. The paper must be organized according to the following categories:

Part 1: Individual Strengths and the Group Process

Describe a group setting or scenario in which you have worked or of which you are currently a part.

What are the strengths and skills that you have brought to this group setting? How have they benefited the group?

Are there any drawbacks your strengths and skills have brought to the group? Describe how they have affected the group.

How have other group members’ strengths and skills affected the group process?

What are some skills you could improve on to foster a more effective group environment? How can you improve these skills?

Part 2: Problem Solving Techniques and Group Decision Making

What problem solving techniques do you know or use regularly? How do your techniques influence group decisions? What other problem solving techniques could you use when making group decisions?

What can you do to develop or improve your problem solving techniques

Learning Team

Conflict Resolution

Have each team member identify a conflict that they have recently encountered while working in a group. These groups could be work groups or school learning teams. As a team, discuss the conflicts and choose one to focus on for the team assignment.

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the group conflict scenario and propose a possible solution. The focus of the paper should not be on the conflict and possible solution, but on the process the group followed in coming to a solution. In your paper, be sure to address the following questions:

What was the conflict about and what was the proposed

solution? How did individuals in the group use their personal strengths to come up with a solution to the conflict? What other conflict management techniques could the group have applied to solve the problem? What conflict management techniques were used to solve the problem?

How did the group arrive at a decision?

Why is it important for virtual group members to be confident? How may confidence be enhanced in online group communication?

What is group consensus? How it is best achieved?

Week Three: Group Member Roles and Responsibilities


Group Members and Leaders

Complete the Team Simulation on your student website: simulation.html

Answer each prompt thoroughly using resources where appropriate.

Copy and paste your responses at the end of the simulation into a Microsoft速 Word document.

Format your responses consistent with APA guidelines.

How may a group be motivated to accomplish goals? Is it necessary to motivate every member in a different way? Why or why not?

What unique difficulties do female group leaders face? How may they overcome these difficulties?

Week Four: Implementing Motivation Strategies and Rewards


Group Motivation Inventory Paper

Complete the "Group Motivation Inventory" at the end of Ch. 6 of the textbook. Determine your score and post it to your Individual forum and your Learning Team forum. Then write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper, formatted

consistent with APA guidelines, that includes the following information:

Describe what you learned about yourself in this exercise. How does this knowledge affect the way you interact in groups? What will you do differently in future groups as a result of this exercise? Based on your results, what may you do to be more motivated? What incentives would help you be more motivated when working in a group?

What considerations would you have to make incentives for when group members’ motivations are different?

Learning Team

Group Incentives

After everyone in your team has posted his or her score from the Group Motivation Inventory, complete the "Scoring and Interpretation" group exercise at the end of Ch. 6.

Compile your team results in a brief, informal summary. Discuss the team incentives each team member identified in his or her individual assignment. As a team, design two incentives created specifically for your team’s dynamics.

Explain how your incentives will help your team achieve desired results.

Is punishment/negative reinforcement an effective motivator? Why or why not?

How does a person's personality play a role in team goal setting and motivation?

Week Five: Group Presentation Tools

Course Summary of ”Key Learning’s”

After spending four weeks in this course, what are some of the most important techniques and ideas that you learned about getting along in teams including collaboration, conflict resolution, and team management that you can use in future classes or workplace team situations? This posting should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs in length and include topics that you learned from the text, insights from online discussions and your own personal reflections.


Presentation Tools

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft速 PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, in which you identify advantages and disadvantages of using presentation aids in group presentations. Address the following in your presentation:

Describe four different presentation aids used in group presentations.

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of your selected aids when used in group presentations.

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Gen 200 week 2 assignment communication and collaboration st  

GEN 200 Week 2 Assignment Communication and Collaboration St

Gen 200 week 2 assignment communication and collaboration st  

GEN 200 Week 2 Assignment Communication and Collaboration St

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