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Want to discover easy ways to make money? Then learn this concept today. There is a big difference in trying to do something and intending to do something. If a football player says, "I am going to try and catch the football and run it in for a touchdown." His irritated coach will have his tentative butt doing 50 extra pushups on the Astroturf on the spot. If you TRY to do anything that's all you can do is try. Trying to lose weight, trying to change a habit, trying to achieve a goal is a very low energy, weak position to start from. There is no success in trying. Contrast trying with the word "intend." Now feel the difference, "I intend to catch that football and run it in for a touchdown!" I intend to eat all my fruits and vegetables today! I intend to meet my goal by December 15th no matter what!" The wealthy will tell you the secrets to making money do not include the use of the word TRY. 1.Stop Trying Rather than go through life on autopilot, why not choose where you want your plane to land? Why not direct yourself gently, easily, effortlessly through the use of intention. If you think about it, everything that takes place in your life is either a habit or an intention. One creates a default result and the other creates an intended result. Habits have a way of running our lives. Intentions have a way of creating our lives. Which do you want? If you live by your habits then you've decided to let your habits, your environment, coworkers, family, friends and neighbors direct your life. What a good time. If you live your life with intention, you will decide how your life is created. You will still have habits but you will choose the ones that support you in achieving your goals and living the life YOU want! Intention is about productive energy. It is not something you necessarily have to do but a force that already exists in our universe. Habits on the other hand are more about controlling energy. They are designed to keep you in a state of homeostasis. That's the scientific term for stuck! 2.Take Action So this is what you need to know if you want to continue to transform some aspect of your life. Inertia is supported by habits. Sitting still and doing nothing is easily supported by a long list of habits. Transformation is supported by intention. Making changes in your life is supported by setting clear intentions. Habits are what we do in our lives 95% of the time. Therefore, 95% of your energy is spent keeping you in the same habits that are so well established in your life. If you want to learn how tot make money on the Internet, quite smoking, find a new job, or discover a new relationship, you must first recognize the incredible amount of energy going against you. Not in an evil or negative way, just the simple laws of physics. The bicycle is hardest to pedal for the first 20 feet and then it suddenly becomes quite easy to move along. The engine on your car takes a few seconds of extra energy to get started but once running, it's no big deal. The physical inertia of our lives holds us to the patterns we have established until there is energetic momentum to change the direction and establish a new pattern. And surprise, surprise, that's how to make money on the Internet... simply start.

Intention is the belief that clear focus, conscious actions, trusting the universe, and a higher level of energy will produce an outcome that one desires. But the habits that don't serve you so well might be worth taking a closer look at. Habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating fast, eating out of stress, mindlessly turning on the TV, leaving paperwork unfinished, procrastination, etc. can often be unconscious habits that we would never choose if we really gave it a little thought before hand. Habits formed are often scorned but Intentions set are often met. Breaking a habit is easy. Just stop doing what you're doing. Really, think about it! If you're doing something you don't like and it's not serving you any more, just knock it off! If you find the hair on the back of your neck going up at this brash and simplistic statement, then we are on the right track. Changing a habit doesn't have to be hard but many of us will make it hard. That should be an indicator to you about how engrained this habit is in your life. Ask yourself this. "What is my fear about changing this habit? Why would I not end this habit now that I've decided to do something different?" If you have the ability to observe yourself and recognize when your defensiveness goes up then that's where you need to put your energy. The inmates are running the asylum! The fox is guarding the chicken coup! Your habits are running your life. Today you can begin using powerful intentions to replace ineffective habits. An intention is a strong commitment to a very clear outcome. Breaking a habit sounds like drudgery, no fun, painful, and slow. Setting an intention sounds energizing, exciting, and rewarding. It sounds empowering, practical, and strong. Intention is less like pulling a weed and more like planting a seed. The bible said something like," If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains." That's how an intention can work. Plant the seeds of what you intend to harvest and it is done. The farmer does not go back to the soil and dig up his seeds to see how they are doing. He knows that once he prepares the soil and plants the seed at the opportune time, the rest is up to nature. He knows the sprouts will come, the plants will grow, and the harvest will follow. Benefits of Intentions: 1. The proper use of intentions will awaken the dormant forces, faculties, talents, and energies within you to manifest your desires. 2. When your intention is clear your body, heart, and soul will expand to support you. 3. A powerful intention allows you to transcend limitations. It allows you to rise above old habits and break through to skills, talents, and resources you didn't even know existed. 4. Clear intentions create a new space for receptivity. There is more room for goodness in your life when operating from intention. 5. You will have more success with intentions when you are in a peaceful and grateful state of mind. A mind at war cannot create peace. 6. An intention creates an opportunity to do what has never been done before. 7. Intentions are careless. They don't care about your past. You must recognize that you are not your past. Your past is your past and does not limit you in any way.

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