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adopting simpler, stronger authentication alternatives to the reliance on singlefactor passwords. The FIDO specifications emphasize a device-centric model. FIDO specifications will support a range of authentication technologies, including biometrics, as well as further enable existing solutions and communications standards, such as Trusted Platform Modules, USB Security Tokens, embedded secure elements, smart cards, Bluetooth low energy and Near Field Communication. FIDO Alliance members are already developing FIDO Ready products and services based on early draft FIDO specifications. In October 2013, The FIDO Alliance began a certification program with FIDO Ready branding for implementations passing conformance and interoperability testing to early draft specifications. The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show revealed the first demonstrations of FIDO Ready products.

The system enables select credit card customers to use their voice to login with a spoken passphrase so they can access their account balances, search transactions and make a payment on their account in the mobile app. The solution, from Nuance Communications, addresses growing consumer dissatisfaction with PINs, passwords and security questions, while maintaining a secure system. With just a simple spoken passphrase, voice biometrics enables consumers to be securely authenticated when they connect with a service provider via a call center, mobile app or the Web. This latest pilot expands the work U.S. Bank and Nuance began in April 2013 when voice recognition was used for conducting basic functions, such as viewing account balances, searching transactions and making a payment on their accounts.


MorphoTrust USA has been chosen to provide fingerprint-based background checks for public safety agencies in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Nevada. These agreements could yield up to $25.2 million in revenue over the next six years. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security is working with MorphoTrust to establish a system for fingerprintbased background checks – including caregivers and applicants seeking to become adoptive or foster parents  – as mandated by recent legislation. The background check system will also include Mas-

U.S. Bank employees are piloting voice biometric software that enables customers to speak a simple passphrase, such as “my voice is my password” to access a credit card account on a mobile device.


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sachusetts public and private schools, including current and prospective employees and volunteers, as well as subcontractors and laborers who perform regular work on school grounds or have regular contact with children. The program will enroll up to 245,000 applicants annually at 33 enrollment centers around the state. The one-year contract can be renewed for five additional one-year periods and could generate approximately $9.1 million. The Nevada Department of Public Safety civilian enrollment and channeling program includes individuals seeking employment, volunteer and licensing opportunities in the state that require a fingerprint-based background check, including real estate, gaming, housing authorities, education and insurance. The program’s goal is to enroll 60,000 applicants per year. The four-year contract can be renewed for two additional oneyear periods and could generate nearly $700,000 over the full duration. The program with the New Jersey Division of State Police could enroll up to 400,000 applicants annually. All individuals in the state who are mandated by legislation to submit to fingerprint criminal history background checks will use the services. This includes but is not limited to licensing, foster and adoptive parents, employment, firearms applications and volunteering. The three-year contract can be renewed with two additional one-year periods and could generate $15.4 million. Applicants for these contracts will be serviced in the company’s IdentoGO Centers. IdentoGO Centers by MorphoTrust provide a number of identityrelated services through a network of locations, staffed by trained enrollment agents. Spanning all 50 states and U.S. territories, the primary service offered in each center is the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints.

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