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Winter 2019

WINTER 2018-19 Gold


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years It’s been an absolute privilege for me to have been part of Regard’s tremendous team for the past 25 years, and to have worked with and supported so many amazing individuals. It always has been, and always will be About People. - Karl Farragher, Commercial Director

Living at Maldo n House is fun I like the staff, they are really nice and kind! They have supported me very well during my time here, and I feel really at home.” - David Upton , Maldon House

Making people’s lives better, every day


25 years of the Regard Group

2019 ●

Upcoming merger with Care Management Group

● 2019

1113 people supported at a Regard service*

2018 ●

Regard acquires Solar Care

2018 ●

2018 ●

Regard retains Investors in People Gold

● 2017

Regard acquires New Partnerships

Regard wins the HealthInvestor award for Specialist Care Provider of the year

● 2017

2017 ●

Regard acquires Adelphi

690 people supported at a Regard service

1001 people supported at a Regard service

● 2015 Regard acquires ACH

2015 ●

● 2015

Regard is awarded Investors in People Gold

Regard is awarded 2013 Investors in People Silver 634 people supported at a Regard service 2010

● ● 2012

Regard is awarded Investors in People Bronze

Regard acquires CSH

2007 ●

Regard acquires Adapt

2005 ●

● 2007

Regard acquires Highdowns Ltd.

● 2005

337 people supported at a Regard service

2004 ● Regard acquires Cerrig Camu Ltd. 105 people supported at a Regard service 2000

● 2003

Regard acquires Westminster Healthcare Plymouth

● 1995 *Regard supports more than 1300 people, including outreach

Berkeley House opens 1994 3 people supported at Regard

15 people supported at a Regard service

● 1994 The Regard Group

is founded

Winter 2019

Introduction from Carole Edmond Chief Executive Officer, The Regard Group This year, it is 25 years since Regard was incorporated. From our small beginnings in 1994, when we supported 3 people at Berkeley House, we have grown to become the third largest provider in our sector. We currently support more than 1300 individuals in 168 services across England and Wales. More importantly, together we have built a company to be truly proud of. During the last twenty-five years, thousands of people with ABI, learning disabilities, mental health and other complex needs have benefited from the vision, values-led and purposeful time and effort generously given across Regard. We have achieved some extraordinary outcomes for people with complex needs, enabling so many of them to lead their lives with greater levels of independence and inclusion. In the last year, I have seen so much evidence that we are meeting our strategic goals: to recruit and train the best staff in the industry, for our services to be person-led and for us to grow The Regard Group in a sustainable way. Recently retaining our Investors in People ‘Gold’ accreditation gave us independent recognition of the management and investment in our people and of the empowerment felt by our staff. Our number of CQC-rated ‘Outstanding’ services has increased four-fold and our industry-leading quality ratings demonstrate our commitment to quality and to ‘action with integrity’. When we open new services, we fill them very quickly because we understand the importance of building strong relationships with families, guardians and the care teams in local authorities. As my time at The Regard Group comes to an end, I would like to thank all of the inspiring, positive and enthusiastic people I have met. Working with the Regard team and meeting Restormel celebrate the people we support has been life-changing, it has been a Outstanding privilege to lead this wonderful organisation. Coming together with our new CMG colleagues will give us the opportunity to have a more powerful voice in support of people with complex needs and to build on the work that has been Heading and caption Heading and caption accomplished in the last 25 years. I know that your dedication, commitment and compassion know no bounds and I’m in admiration of the difference you make, every day.

Introducing Peter Kinsey, CEO Designate of The Regard Group I have 30 years of experience in the health and social care sector with people with learning disabilities, and people with mental health problems. I joined CMG 12 years ago and have been CEO for the last six. One of my passions is to visit at least 10 services a week, and personally meet each and every individual. I very much look forward to meeting you all and seeing the quality support you provide. I believe the merger of Regard and CMG provides a fantastic opportunity to bring two great companies together sharing high quality resources, expertise and skills. Both have a strong ethos putting the people they support at the heart of what they do. As one of the biggest providers for people with learning disabilities, we should have a stronger voice with Government and policy makers on behalf of the people we support and their families. The new organisation will provide even more career opportunities for staff from both Regard and 3 CMG. I’m excited to see where the next year will take us.

NEWSLETTER To find out how to nominate someone please contact your Locality Manager or Area Manager

Our Values

Compassionate Care



Celebrating Excellent Support Hard Work

Autumn 2018 Recipients Continuous Improvement - Rosebank Team, London, South East and East The Rosebank team were nominated by Maarten Vegting, who said, “Rosebank is a service with an excellent reputation amongst all stakeholders, and has just received the result of the latest CQC Inspection, which confirmed a rating of Good in all areas. Communication with family members is constructive, as evidenced in the report, and the team works closely with all stakeholders.

Shortlisted: West Street Team, London, South East & East Mackintosh Team, Wales & West Katy Hockly, Highbury House, Wales & West Winner The sister of an individual who passed away earlier in the Emma Taylour, Kingston year has always been very positive. She attended the summer BBQ organised by the team, even though it took Office place some months after her brother had passed away. This is a clear indicator of the appreciation of the support to her brother. The team at Rosebank have demonstrated a ‘can do’ and caring attitude towards all the people they support.”

Outstanding Team - Whitehatch Team, London, South East and East Shortlisted: Arrowe Hall, Wales & West Lambourne House, South & South West Starboard House, South & South West Cloverdale House, London, South East & East Maybank, London, South East & East Coneyhurst Lodge, London, South East & East Gordon Avenue, London, South East & East

The Whitehatch team were nominated by David Millward and Jane Burse. David said, “Over the past 9 months in my role as Locality Manager, I can honestly say that I have watched the staff team at Whitehatch develop and grow with a desire to strive for excellent outcomes in whatever they do. I do not just mean in auditing terms, but in personal performance as a team, and as a group of individuals. This positivity stems from the good Winners management at the service and the core values, dignity and personal pride in what the service does and achieves. This is not just evidenced amongst the team, but also shows in the pride that the individuals have in their home. Jane and her team have worked so hard, and continue to do so to ensure all people supported at Whitehatch have a voice within the home, as well as in the community.”

Living Our Values, Hard Work - Louisa Terry, Jubilee House, London, South East and East Maarten said, “Louisa continues to work extremely hard and goes the extra mile to make a success of Jubilee House. This is a new service that was developed as a result of the good reputation that Regard has with the local authority. Opening a new service comes with challenges: ers assessing new individuals, Winn recruitment of staff, developing relationships with families of new tenants to name but a few. Louisa has risen to all of these with great confidence and has lead by example. Jubilee House does not use an agency which is a credit to Louisa’s focus on both recruitment and creating a team spirit.


A member of the Richmond team recently commented, “Richmond needs people like Louisa”. That says it all in my opinion!”

Shortlisted: Lynn Butler, Domiciliary Care Shrewsbury, Wales & West Julie Davies, Wales & West Fili Pappa, Cloverdale, London, South East & East Gowri Craig, Kneller Road, London, South East & East Julie Barham, Sheringham House, London, South East & East Lorraine Hicks, Kingston Office Gabriel Salou, Kingston Office Guy Page, Kingston Office Natalie Jones, Cerrig Camu, Wales & West Laura Barker, Bosley House, Wales & West Sara Ratcliffe, Garthowen, Wales & West Emily Brown, Woodbridge House, London, South East & East Lynda Marriot, Oaklands, London, South East & East Matt Spurling & Jemma Gray, Restormel House, South & South West

Winter 2019

Graham’s WOW! moments We asked Graham Farrington-Horsfall, Director of Quality, to share his experience of positive, inspiring moments from his visits to our services:

My other WOW! moment was visiting Restormel in Plymouth where the dedication, passion and commitment of the team left me feeling extremely humbled and proud! It’s great see how managers have supported the team to deliver such outstanding support - but what was really significant, was how they could demonstrate the

changes they had made to people’s lives. People who previously may not been given a chance, were treated with dignity, compassion and respect every day at the service. I also saw fantastic approaches to supporting people which had a huge impact on them and those involved in their lives.

There have been loads of WOW! moments for me as I have been getting to know Regard, but I want to highlight two particularly great moments. One was when I visited one of our Brighton services. There is a strong link between the quality of care and equality, and I was really impressed to see that the team at Arden House have built an inclusive culture that recognises and celebrates diversity. The team were supporting people to celebrate and express who they are, building links and friendships in the local community.

W! “WO

Latest CQC statistics Outstanding and Good rated overall compliance for England and Wales*:





*Our Welsh services are 100% CIW compliant

News from the Learning and Leadership Development team Some recent feedback from our staff:

One of our new managers attended the Manager’s Induction a couple of weeks ago. I spoke with her the following day, and her feedback was wonderful. She said she found the induction absolutely fantastic, she felt it was really informative and she really enjoyed meeting everyone. - Cassandra Palmer

One person commented that they found the new way of booking training really good as it has opened up opportunities to upskill themselves in training that they wouldn’t necessarily have thought of attending, and it has also provided additional opportunities for learning and development. - Dean Gorringe

Bite-size learning At Regard, we use the most up to date research to ensure our learning is based on good practice, is meaningful, and fits how people learn best. Research shows that the best way for humans to learn is in small chunks, with repetition and reinforcement over time. Our learning is moving towards this good practice and is always designed to work alongside the important mentoring and sharing of skills which goes on in our workplaces. Training The 2019 learning events are now available on the the events calendar on the eLFY system. Please email to request additional training dates. Everyone is welcome! As part of our culture of inclusion, we are always looking for ways that the people we support can join and benefit from the learning at Regard. Where there are spaces and it’s appropriate, the people we support are welcome to join any of our face to face workshops. We are also planning to support them with e-learning and qualifications.



News from our Services Person-led


Gary from South Road loves the art of motorcycle maintenance A love of motorbikes and bicycles is propelling Gary, who has autism, towards a fulfilling future since he told staff at his supported living service about his desire to make a living from his hobby. When Gary moved into South Road, he brought with him two motorbikes, three bicycles and a passion for looking after them. After discussions with Agnes Oleskiewicz who leads the team, Gary decided to enrol on a motor cycle maintenance course, which he hopes will set him on the road to a career in the motor cycle maintenance and repair industry. Gary, 23, already has a driving licence, and enjoys riding one of his motorbikes, while the other one is a work-in-progress which enables him to put his newly-acquired maintenance skills to use in his spare time. Agnes said: “Gary is passionate about all kinds of bikes and is never happier than when he’s working on them. Because he’s serious about wanting to make a career out of this, he is also motivated to study college courses that will give him the other qualifications he’ll need in English and Maths. Once he is qualified, he will be able to apply for a job doing what he really loves, and that is exactly the sort of support we aim to give people, so that they can live life to the full.”

Manor Barn team support Ben on his Slimming World journey Ben, who is supported by our Manor Barn service, has made some huge steps in his weight loss journey. Ben had been struggling with his weight, his relationship with food, and healthy eating for much of his life. With support from Jackie, his support worker, Ben decided to join Slimming World. All of the staff at the service embraced the healthy eating programme with him, in a bid to support Ben in his efforts. Angela Swale, service manager said: “Jackie got us all eating low fat breakfast muffins and ‘fake-aways’. Ben weighed in the following week, and had lost 6lb!” Ben then attended Slimming World for his second weigh in. Angela said “Ben lost a further 3lb, a total of 9lb in two weeks, and he achieved his first half stone certificate… the first of many.” It was not long before Ben had lost his first stone. He continued along this path, and has now lost more than two and a half stone. Ben also recently won an award for ‘Mr Sleek 2018’. The whole team are incredibly proud of Ben, and continue to support everyone in the service with maintaining healthy food relationships.

So many stars at Ivers House Care worker Jo Stone is being hailed as a ‘star’ by the manager of Ivers House because of the transformation she has brought about to their gardens. She is one amongst a team of shining stars who work at the service. Christine Harris, service manager at Ivers, said: “Jo has been so generous in transforming the gardens. Her first garden makeover involved levelling the ground outside the sensory room, installing seating, and planting some lovely flowers and shrubs. She had a vision she wanted to achieve, and she’s certainly done that. All her colleagues and the people we support are so impressed and appreciative of her dedication.” Members of staff, many of whom have been in post for over a decade, support residents with on-site activities such as animal care and horticulture, and with having a significant presence in the community. Christine Harris said: “I also want to let people know about the tremendous dedication that characterises other colleagues – they honestly make me proud to work in the care industry.” She gave an example of a four-strong team of carers who recently supported individuals to enjoy a week away in Dorset, then worked a normal weekend shift before departing for a second week away supporting a different group’s holiday in Devon. “An intensive working period like that is very demanding, and obviously impacts on colleagues’ personal lives, so we are immensely appreciative of 6 their dedication – and so are the people whose holidays they make possible,” said Christine.

Winter 2019

Photo news

s at his House thrive es m ha T om Kenny fr projects volunteering

The individuals at Whitehatch succeed in their call to action about local trafific

use getting into Everyone at Maldon Ho the Halloween spirit

David from Livingstone Road volunteers his time at a food bank to help others

Staff across Regard support the ‘Purple Light up’ campaign for Purple Space

Therapeutic Hallo ween pumpkin ca rving fun at Caeronnen

Lee gains total independence with help from the Park House team

Michael celebrates his birthday and excellent progress at Reed House

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News from our OWL day services OWL Town Farm Workshop OWL Town Farm workshop have had a very successful season, with record-breaking winter sales for our artists.

Everyone celebrated at their Christmas lunch, finishing off the year with good company and laughter!

Cerrig Camu OWL The people who attend the OWL Project and Cerrig Camu designed an impressive Guy Fawkes for a local bonfire event!

Seymour House ce lebrates ‘dignity in care’ through artwork on their walls

The latest ‘MyHome’ opens at Bay Lodge



Regard create rainbows

Our services and teams created rainbows to join Stonewall in showing support for LGBT, equality and inclusivity.

Jenna, Sophie & Leah

The Kingston Office

Victoria House

22 Kings Ripton


Llwyngwian Fawr

Town Farm Workshop

Combe House

Chocolate treats for all give Regard staff a golden glow To say ‘thank you’ to all of our staff for helping us to retain our Investors in People Gold accreditation we gave each of them a box of gold chocolates. Some lucky people also found golden tickets which entitled them to a ‘golden moment’ virgin experience voucher.

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The Regard Group Winter newsletter 2019  

We hope you enjoy our Winter newsletter!

The Regard Group Winter newsletter 2019  

We hope you enjoy our Winter newsletter!

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