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2 Semesters / Grades 10-12

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Intro to Business Laurens-Marathon CSD 2 Credits

Instructor: Office: Office Hours: Phone: Email:

Mrs. Susan Oehlertz Computer/Business Classroom -#224 8:00 to 4:00 Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 to 3:30 – Friday 841-5000 Ext. 156

Course Description: Will you ever have a job, own a car, manage personal finances, buy insurance, etc.? Of course! Everyone interacts with business--through the products you buy, the advertisements you see and hear, and the money you invest. Most of you, at one time or another, will work for private businesses and maybe even run them. It is critically important that you understand what the role of business is in our society and what your relationship is to business. This course will cover careers, the impact of computer technology, American economic system, consumer rights and responsibilities, banking and financial services, family finances, credit, savings and investments, insurance, and the role of government and labor in our economic system. This course provides a good background for a business career. Be prepared for life!!


Resources: Intro to Business (6e) (Dlabay/Burrow/Eggland); Handouts: Instructor will provide all needed handouts to accomplish lesson objectives Software: Microsoft Office 2007

Teaching Methods: 1. Lectures/Demonstrations: Important material from the text and outside sources will be covered in class. You should plan to take careful notes and use these notes to complete lesson objectives. Discussion and collaboration are highly encouraged. 2. Assignments: Daily Assignments, study guide sheets 3. Quizzes: Occasional scheduled or unscheduled quizzes will be given to help ensure you stay up with assigned material and understand key concepts in each unit. 4. Exams/Projects: Chapter Objective/Essay exams

Grading: Grades will be based on total points earned per quarter.




95% or above 90% 87% 84% 80% 77% 74 70% 67% 64% 60% 59% or Below

Course Outline: Chapter 1: Economic Decisions and Systems • • • •

Satisfying Needs and Wants Economic Choices Economic Systems Supply and Demand

Chapter 2: Economic Activity • • •

Measuring Economic Activity Economic Conditions Change Other Measures of Business Activity

Chapter 3: Business in the Global Economy • • •

International Business Basics The Global Marketplace International Business Organizations

Chapter 4: Social Responsibility of Business and Government • • •

Social Responsibility Government Protection Activities Government Regulation and Assistance

Chapter 5: Business Organization • • •

Business in the U.S. Economy Forms of Business Ownership Organizational Structure for Businesses

Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management • • •

Becoming an Entrepreneur Small Business Basics Starting a Small Business

Chapter 7: Management and Leadership • • •

Management Leadership Ethical Management

Chapter 8: Human Resources, Culture, and Diversity • • •

Human Resources Basics Managing Human Resources Organizational Culture and Workforce Diversity

Chapter 9: Career Planning and Development • • • •

Career Opportunities Planning Your Career Applying for Employment Securing a Job

Chapter 10: Marketing • • • •

Marketing Basics Develop Effective Products and Service Price and Distribution Products Plan Promotion

Chapter 11: Business and Technology • • •

Computer Systems Business Applications of Technology Other Technology Issues

Chapter 12: Financial Management • • • •

Financial Planning Financial Records and Financial Statements Payroll Management Financial Decision-Making

Chapter 13: Production and Business Operations

• • •

Types of Production Production Planning Planning and Managing Business Operations

Chapter 14: Risk Management • • •

Overview of Risk management Insurable Risk Uninsurable Risks

Chapter 15: Consumers in the Global Economy • • •

Consumer Buying Decisions Consumer Rights and Responsibilites Consumer Protection Actions

Chapter 16: Money Management and Financial Planning • • •

Personal Financial Statements Budgeting Techniques Your Financial Future

Chapter 17: Banking and Financial Services • • •

Banks and Other Financial Institutions Financial Services and Electronic Banking Checks and Payment Methods

Chapter 18: Consumer Credit • • • •

Credit Fundamentals Cost of Credit Credit Application and Documents Protection of Credit Rights

Chapter 19: Savings and Investment Strategies • • •

Saving and Investment Planning Stock Investments Bonds and Mutual Funds

• •

Real Estate Investments Other Investments

Chapter 20: Insurance • • • •

Vehicle Insurance Property Insurance Life Insurance Health Insurance

Mrs. Oehlertz's Syllabuses  

Business/Computer Technology Course Curriculum

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