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Computerized accounting Core Syllabus Course Name: Computerized Accounting Course Number: ACC 311 FD01 Class Location: Room 224

Day: M-F

Instructor: Mrs. Susan Oehlertz


Phone: 841-5000 Ext. 158

Location: Business Room 224

1. Total Semester Hour Credit: 3 2. Catalog Description: This course is designed to provide the student experience in handling automated accounting in a number of areas. These include general ledger, accounts receivable, account payable, payroll, depreciation, inventory and accounting statement analysis. Simulation of business and its activities are processed through the entire accounting cycle culminating in the various accounting reports. The applications will be done on a computer. Prerequisite: ACC 142, Financial Accounting or ACC 111, Introduction to Accounting.

3. Pre-requisites and/or Co-requisites: ACC 142, Financial Accounting or ACC 111, Introduction to Accounting.

4. Textbook Required: Computerized Accounting with PeachTree Complete 2008 for Microsoft Windows, Release 15.0; Carol Yacht, McGraw Hill Publishing, 2009, ISBN 0-07-337939-5 Computer Accounting with Quickbooks Pro 2008, 10th Edition, Donna Ulmer,. McGraw Hill Publishing, 2009, ISBN 0-07-337940-9

5. Supplemental Materials Required: Pen drive (aka jump drive or memory key) with at least 512 MB of memory

6. Additional Course Information: Attendance is extremely important; be in class every day.

7. Grading Policy: 92 – 100 % 83 - 91 % 70 - 82 % 60 - 69%

Point Allocation: A B C D

End of chapter problems Exams Quizzes Pen Drive printouts

20 points each 2 @ 100 points each 20 points each 2 @ 50 points each

0 - 59%



100 points

8. Course (Student) Outcomes: a) Enter computerized accounting transactions for a business. b) Devise accounting systems for a business.

10.Unit (Competencies) Outcomes: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r)

Peachtree Navigate through software including backing up and restoring data. Enter vendor transactions. Enter customer transactions. Input employee transactions. Enter general and ledger transactions. Enter costs for jobs. Print financial statements. Enter time and billing transactions. Maintain records for a service business. Complete quarterly activities and closing the fiscal year. Enter accounts payable transactions. Enter accounts receivable transactions. Account for merchandise inventory. Account for payroll transactions. Customize forms. Import and export information. Integrate PCA with Excel and Word. Exchange dynamic data.

QuickBooks Pro a) Navigate through software including backing up and restoring data. b) Set up a chart of accounts. c) Enter banking transactions. d) Enter customer and sales transactions. e) Enter vendors, purchases and inventory. f) Input employees and payroll. g) Print reports and graphs. h) Create a service company. i) Account for a service company. j) Account for sales, purchasing and inventory. k) Input payroll. l) Account for advanced transactions. College Policies: The college policies may be found in the Student Handbook. Attendance: Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class session for the instructor’s records. Order of course: QuickBooks Pro 2008 will be covered during the first half of the semester followed by PeachTree 2008. Withdrawal Policy: The last day to withdraw for the semester is 4/27/10. Homework: The last day to submit homework is 5/3/10.


Technology Policy: Computers are to be used for classroom learning purposes only. Usage of the Internet, chat room, e-mail, games or cell phones during class will NOT be permitted unless this usage is requested by the instructor. This will affect your participation grade if used without permission.

Mrs. Oehlertz's Syllabuses  

Business/Computer Technology Course Curriculum

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