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God is on the move behind bars in our nation and throughout the world! Recently, Margaret Fudge and I had the privilege to go to Colorado Springs, Colorado as guests of Community Bible Study’s (CBS) In Prison and Beyond ministry. Before the trip we wondered what God had in store for us during our time in Colorado. It did not take us long to realize that we were there to be encouraged and to see how God is moving mountains in our nation and world! CBS In Prison and Beyond program started in 1998 and currently has 54 total classes in the United States. Thirty of those classes are in men’s prisons and jails. We met one married couple from Texas who drive two hours (one way) each week to minister to a group of ninety men one of these facilities! There are sixteen women’s classes, including ours in the Morgan County Jail. There are three juvenile detention classes. “Beyond” classes include those held outside penal facilities for ex-offenders, those recovering from addictions (like our class at Refuge of Grace), halfway houses and homeless shelters. There are currently five “Beyond” classes including two in migrant camps in Southern California! As the numbers show, many are hearing the Good News and opening God’s Word behind bars and beyond! We also learned during our training that twelve prison chaplains in the nation of Zambia were trained to begin CBS classes there! We’ve just completed our CBS study of the book of Ruth. It ends with the birth of baby Obed pointing to the coming of Christ, and why we celebrate Christmas! Each of the ladies in our class (40+) shared what they learned from Ruth. A few of their comments are as follows: • “I learned that no matter what the circumstances look like, God is doing things in my life better than I can ever imagine or see and that I need to learn to trust in Him.” • “Persevere through the trials, and He will bless you in the end. There is always hope.” • “You don’t have to get good to get God. Grace is something you don’t deserve.”

James by Community Bible Study 41 enrolled / 21 graduated Redeemed by Angela Thomas 43 enrolled / 24 graduated Ruth by Community Bible Study followed by The Christmas Experience by City on a Hill Productions 48 enrolled / class still in session

• God knows our needs and will provide them for us” To quote John Piper, “The word of God’s promise is like throwing open a great window of bright morning sun on the roaches of sin masquerading as satisfying pleasures in our hearts.” Thank you for your support; it allows us to throw the window open at the Morgan County Jail. We continue to covet your prayers for this part of the ministry.

Laura Hellard

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Refuge of Grace is a 501c3 ministry that seeks to break the bonds of women as they begin to live freely in Christ outside the confines of the Morgan County Jail and beyond.

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2016 winter newsletter