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Your support meant we got all the help we needed to start a new life...

Thank you My family and I wanted to say thank you for being so kind and helping us. We fled Bhutan and lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for almost 20 years. We lived like prisoners, with no rights to work outside the camp or even to walk about freely. We were really lucky to come here and have a chance to live as free people. You have supported us in the first year to find our feet. You have helped give meaning back to our lives, and you have given a future to my children. If you would ever like to come to one of our Bhutanese celebrations that I help to organise in Greater Manchester, please let me know – I would love to welcome you as my guest.

mily Prem Giri and Fa Please email me at: Photos: Claudia Janke / Refugee Action Š Refugee Action

Thank you  

to the people who donate to us regularly. Your support helps people start a new life.

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