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Handy Transformative Transfer Foods Chart

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Handy Transformative Transfer Foods Chart Current:

Healthier: Organic Where Possible


Cheese: Nut Cheeses, Humus, Guacamole, Vegetable spreads, Tapenades, Vegan

Cheese, Yogurt, Milk, Ice

mayonnaise plain/flavored and Vegan cheeses

cream, Gelato, Milk Powder, Instant Drinks

Yogurt / Ice cream: Coconut, Almond, soy1 based. 1Gelato2 Milk: Coconut, Almond, any nut milks, Sunflower seed, Soy1 Coconut kefir, Fresh 3

Smoothies , Fresh juices, Plenty of spring water, Green Tea, Broths, 2

Fruit sorbets, Fruit smoothies with ice. Gelato , Frozen Yogurt


Milk Powder, Instant Drinks: Flavored vegan pea/rice protein powders, Cacao powder, Lucama powder, Ground coconut

Flour: Whole wheat, Rice, Garbanzo bean (any bean just grind them up), Pea, Corn,


Coconut, Teff, Spelt, Quinoa(Grind) Buckwheat and Amaranth flours. Gluten free? See next section below.

Cheese: Almomd, Cashew. See nut cheeses and seed Cheese options in Dairy Milk; Coconut, Almond, any seeds, Sunflower seed, Soup broths, Coconut kefir, Fresh Smoothies, Fresh juices, Plenty of spring water, Green Tea, Lemon water

Yogurt and Ice cream See options in Dairy above minus the soy. Wheat & Gluten – Celiac Disease or Sensitive

Bread, Rolls, Muffins, Waffles, Cereal, Pancakes, Cakes, Cookies, Pretzels, Pasta, Pizza Crust, Croutons, bread crumbs: Use these flours and less processed foods Rice, Garbanzo bean, Black bean (any bean just grind them up), Pea, Corn, Coconut, Teff, Quinoa(Grind up) Millet, Chia, Hemp, Potato and Amaranth flours. Romaine Lettuce, Collards or Chard as bread, Corn and Rice Tortillas as wraps. Eating out? Ask. Make 5

sure a non Gluten Free (GF) flour is not hidden in a sauce or soup, and ask about cross contamination. BisQuick has a GF version as do many companies for flour. GF breads, rolls, waffles, pancakes are available in stores.

Sauces: Make your own or purchase GF tomato sauce, Soy, Tamari, Worcestershire and Barbeque Sauces.

Salad dressing: Best to make your own or read labels carefully. Whole foods: Fresh Organic Vegetables, Fruit, Grass Fed Beef, Chicken Free Range Chicken, Turkey, and Low mercury non-GMO Fish

Deli Meats: Some brands are nitrate and Gluten Free Snacks and side dishes

Sweet potatoes, Quinoa, Millet, Brown rice, Ancient grain pastas – Quinoa and corn,

White Potatoes, White

Millet, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth and Brown Rice Pasta blend, Zucchini as pasta

Rice, French fries, Fries,

and lasagna noodles, Pumpkin Pasta, Kelp noodles, sautéed rainbow chard, onions, and

Potato skins, Poppers,

Kale, Steamed Broccoli in Lemon, Kale chips, Sweet potato chips, raw /vegan

Mac & Cheese

homemade snack bars, creative salads, lettuce wraps, lettuce and bean or meat tacos, corn tortilla nachos, roasted vegetables, fruit chunks , veggies & dips, stuffed mushrooms, hummus, steamed, sautéed or raw greens /dip,cheeseandcrackers, rawtrail mix.

Sugar and Sugar +substitutes



Raw organic sugar , Coconut or Date sugar, Coconut Sap, Green leaf Stevia, Xylitol 8 Spices and Herbs, Local honey and Maple Syrup

See page 2 for notes. Disclaimer: Each person is an individual and unique and achieves different results. Before starting a new program discuss it with a qualified health care provider and have your blood levels checked.


Yogurt soy based. Use Coconut or Almond based instead. Dairy minimally ..


Some coffee and ice cream shops have dairy free Gelato


Easy to make at home. Smoothies


Frozen yogurt freeze/thaw


Look to see if the item has the GF symbol or states Gluten Free. Hidden MSG and flavorings that are not Gluten Free


Sugar substitutes are known to have carcinogenic properties. This statement has not been approved by the FDA


Stevia Green flakes not the white powder, Xylitol from Birch trees not corn. Corn is GMO unless it is organic. Organic Honey and Organic Maple and syrup use lightly. All sugars in excess are harmful to your body, its cells and systems.


Use to locate and collect fresh spring water near you.


Soy based products that are made from TVP and highly processed soy products are not healthy. Fermented soy - tempeh and miso, and raw edamame are.

10. As you can it is best to transition away from highly processed foods, dairy, fried foods, half of your sugar intake, white colored food products – milk, sugar, potatoes and flour. 11. Most of all the items on page 1 can be made easily at home. 12. If you would like to have me help you reorganize your kitchen, share recipes to help you get started, create ingredient shopping lists then go food shopping, click here to let me know.

Disclaimer: Each person is an individual and unique and achieves different results. Before starting a new program discuss it with a qualified health care provider and have your blood levels checked. Soy and soy products have been shown to disrupt estrogen leading to illness and disease in some maturing girls and women.

Handy Transformative Foods Chart  
Handy Transformative Foods Chart