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(Re)Fresh January 2009



Hello! It’s a New Year and that means it’s the perfect time to develop those great healthy habits, kick the old ones and continue to be inspired by a 1 year-old…(Re)Fresh. Yes, it’s ‘happy birthday’ time! I hope that this month’s edition inspires you to achieve your New Year Resolution goals (page 14), whether it is getting back into physical and financial shape after an indulgent festive season (page 12) or landing that job (page 4). Creative souls, be inspired by the new monthly art and photography review (page 8), brainchild of reader and contributor Andrew Mason (see December 2007 edition). Thanks Andrew! (Re)Fresh loves all things green and clean so aspiring gardeners and green fingered enthusiasts get your green fix here (page 17). In the next edition:

Keys to Success’ - If you were waiting for the next in steps of the three-part feature, sorry to disappoint but look out for it next month .

The Value of Volunteering – Contribute by sharing your experience as a volunteer and recommend great volunteer programmes for interested readers. And on that note, please pray/send positive energy to Jolene O’Connor (featured in the October edition) who will be on her way to Tanzania as a Students’ Partnership Worldwide (SPW) volunteer. All the best Jolene! I hope this month is a super start to a grand new year and as always, I look forward to your ideas, articles and feedback. Cheers,

Monique Monique Boucher (Re)Fresh Editor and Founder Blog:

On the Cover: Charcoal portrait of a child, ‘Forbidden Smile’, by this month’s featured artist, Tabitha Cloete. Read her profile and find out more on page 8.

Disclaimer: (Re)Fresh is a publication that aims to include content that is original and accurate. Please feel free to notify the editor should you suspect plagiarism. (Re)Fresh can not be held responsible for the views and opinions expressed by contributors and writers.



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(Re)Design Your Life

Getting back to Business


Life is a Beach


Surviving job interviews and landing that

It’s the Cape Town summer beach review

perfect position.

and this month we visit Milnerton beach.

Achieve Your New Year

Featured Artist



Tabitha Cloete’s divinely inspired charcoal artworks.

Seven steps plan by Cémanthe Harries.

(Re)Design Your World

(Re)Design Your Life

Grow Your Own Cape Gooseberries from Scratch

Living Lighter 17


It’s a new year and a “new you” plan. Skim off that fat and save cash at the same time in

Inspiration for aspiring green fingers.


(Re)Freshing Green Tip



(Re)Design Your Life: Career


Getting Back to Business By Monique Boucher Hands sweating, you flip through a

“Interviewers do not want to just hear that you are

magazine in attempt to avoid nervous

a good team-player, they want you to demonstrate

fidgeting. No you are not about to be interrogated, you are waiting to be

your skills by giving examples that highlight your strengths and characteristics.” She recommends researching the key requirements

interviewed for a great job but try

and personal characteristics needed for the position

telling that to the swarming stomach

and the company as part of your pre-interview



A well-heeled assistant ushers you into a boardroom where you are met by a panel, it might only be three people but it may as well be 30! Seated and putting on your best smile, the first question, “So tell us a bit about yourself”, hits you like a fast, hard

“Interviewers ...want you to demonstrate your skills by giving examples that highlight your strengths and characteristics.”

punch to the gut. “Write down the skills needed and specific examples

Marking Yourself “Applying for a new job is about marketing your-

of how you might be able to show that you possess this skill.”

self,” says Giselle Naidu, Counselling Psychologist from A Space to Grow, “you want to be able to demonstrate that you have the skills and abilities their

Thinking beyond your CV Naidu says that you could include transferable skills.

organisation needs. In other words show them why These are relevant skills you may have gained in a you are the best for the position.”

part-time student job, as a stay-at-home mom or skills you gained in a different industry.

(Re)Design Your Life: Career


As a career coach, Naidu counsels many women re-

It is important to be able to value yourself and your

turning to work after years of being full-time moms, skills and at some point you need to relate this to She says some suffer from a crisis of confidence due to a lack of

talking ‘salary’. Naidu ad-

The interview is going well, you are doing an AA-plus job of market-

‘industry experience’. However when they write

ing yourself and you even made

a list of what they do at home, they identify skills

the panel laugh ...

like budgeting, time

vises that you do some research and find out what someone of your qualifications, experience and age should be earning in your chosen profession. “When asked about salary

management and organisational skills to name but a expectations, give a salary bracket range adding few, all skills in demand by organisations. While you that you got this from research.” may not necessarily have specific industry experience, you could have the all important practical

Discussing salary is a form of early negotiation.

skills. This is a great exercise in formulating ideas

“If you find it a struggle to negotiate salary,” says

that you can use in your interviews.

Naidu, “you may have experienced other areas in your life where you find it difficult to negotiate your

Answering Difficult Questions Broad questions like, “Tell us about yourself, ” are often the toughest to answer one usually wonders where to start. Try saying, ‘what I have learnt about myself over the years of working and/or studying is …’ and fill the rest of the sentence with skills, talents and strengths you have that they require in the po-

and the first step is to be aware of it.” She says that negotiation is part of every relationship that you are in from the relationship you have with your life-partner to the relationship you have with your prospective boss. “Remember this is a negotiation and a negotiation is a conversation between the parties involved.”

sition you are applying for.

The interview is going well and you are doing an Aplus job of marketing yourself. You even made the panel laugh and the butterflies have settled down. You just about have this one in the bag and then the question about salary pops up.

needs. It is your past meeting you in your present

Naidu encourages her clients to look at the interview process as a way to develop self awareness, learning how to market one’s skills and negotiate one’s needs. “Life is all about learning and growing, work is an expression of that journey… so never stop learning!”

Gisele Naidu, Counselling Psychologist M.Soc Sc, A Space to Grow Mobile: +27 72 917 2877 Email

(Re)View: Places & Spaces



Life’s a Beach


Article & photography by Monique Boucher

If you have ever seen a photograph or postcard of Table Mountain, the flat-toped mountain of Cape Town, with the Atlantic Ocean lapping up on to a golden sandy beach, the photograph was most likely taken from Milnerton beach. It is one of many beaches to be enjoyed in South Africa and a day at the beach goes to prove that some of the best things in life are still free. Beach Essentials - Pack a picnic, throw in a rug, towels, and a sun umbrella. Make sure you pack enough to drink because walking, playing and even lounging on the beach is thirsty work. The Atlantic Ocean is set to freezing so swimming is not recommended, although some do brave it. A good book and loads of sunscreen goes without saying for a day at the beach. Remember it is not recommended to be in the sun in the heat of the day so protect yourself with sunscreen and stay under the shade of an umbrella between 10:00 and 15:00, just to be on the safe side. Take a Walk - The long stretch of beach is perfect for leisurely strolls or energetic runs (provided that the strong south-easter wind is not blowing). Milnerton is also a dog-friendly beach and the stomping ground of many panting, happy four-legged best friends. Dog owners, be sure to take leashes and bags to pick up little brown parcels dogs like to leave behind. Playtime - Take along a beach bat and ball, a frisbee, soccer ball or a cricket bat for some beach sport. This will keep the kids busy (if you have them) and help you get fit, have fun and get a great tan all at the same time. Keep it Clean - Sadly some find it difficult to share this beautiful natural space without leaving their litter behind. There are few bins on the beach so take your waste home with you and start a trend and pick up the litter left behind by others too. You will be leaving the spot even cleaner than you found it and setting an example for others.

(Re)View: Art


“There is nothing that inspires me more than the beauty of God's creation… Each face is so unique and yet they are all created in His image. If my Art manages to reflect even a fraction of that beauty, it is serving its purpose.” Above: Untitled. Charcoal. Size: 55cmx55cm. Sold.

(Re)View: Art


Featured Artist: Tabitha Cloete When Tabitha Cloete is not studying towards a degree in teaching or working part-time, she is sitting on her bedroom floor, happily singing with charcoal in her hand and a artwork in the making. “I can do that for hours and hours without getting bored- it's actually really therapeutic!” Cloete studied Art in high school, completed some first year Art courses through the distance learning university, UNISA, the rest is natural talent, divine inspiration and discipline.

“It was really encouraging when someone showed interest in buying one of my paintings at my final grade 12 (matric) art exhibition. That was when I realised I could actually earn some pocket money from my hobby.”

What inspires you? “There is nothing that inspires me more than the beauty of God's creation. Most fascinating of all His creations is the human body and to me there truly is nothing more beautiful than that. Each face is so unique and yet they are all created in His image. If my Art manages to reflect even a fraction of that beauty, it is serving its purpose.”

When did you start getting serious about your art? “I've always loved it and done it in my pastime and it was my favourite subject at school. It was really encouraging when someone showed interest in buying one of my paintings at my final grade 12 (matric) art exhibition. I suppose that was when I realised I could actually earn some pocket money from my hobby.” Feature your Artwork/Photography in (Re)Fresh. For more information, email

(Re)View: Art


(Re)View: Art


What other mediums do you work in and do you have any favourites? “My favourite medium is definitely charcoal. It has such a natural feel and I find it so expressive! I enjoy getting really messy occasionally, experimenting with colours, textures and concepts, but I find that I do not have good control over a paintbrush as I do over a pencil or charcoal...” Briefly explain your creative methodology “I mostly work directly from photographs. I normally play with them a bit on Photoshop to bring out certain aspects before I do the drawing.” Three things you couldn't live without? “I'd say my faith, my fiancé and my bed.”

Right: “Forbidden Smile”. Charcoal. Size: 55cm x 55cm. Available in a black frame.

Tabitha Cloete Mobile: +27 72 555 0909 Email: (Re)Freshing Creative Tip: Work Space Whatever your creative outlet, make sure you make time for it by setting up a work-area devoted to your project. One of the excuses used for not getting around to finishing that painting is not having the time. A devoted space saves you set-up time and hopefully entices you to get to it.

(Re)Design Your Life: Healthy Balance


Living Lighter The trousers may be tighter but the wallet has never been lighter. This means January is usually spent in a post-holiday funk and in a diet-detox zombie-state in attempt to restore a healthy weight and bank balance. Here are some simple ways to do both and feel good about it for a change. By Monique Boucher Entertain at Home You may still be in the mood to spend time with friends, but you may not have the cash for lavish lunches. Try entertaining at home instead. A bring-and-share dinner party, braai (barbeque) or a picnic is a great way to save money and could be a healthier option if you plan it right. Let’s Do Breakfast If your home is too small for a social gathering and the weather to bleak for a picnic, book for breakfast at a local restaurant. Almost any menu you will notice a price difference between breakfast and dinner with breakfast options being far kinder to your bank balance. ‘The early bird gets the worm’ and in the case of restaurants, you will most likely get the best

Breakfast menus do not include desserts or drinks, two dinner party favourites that bulk up your middle and the bill. seats in the house for less. Breakfast menus do not include desserts or drinks, two dinner party favourites that bulk up your middle and the bill. Look for the healthiest breakfast options available, like a fresh fruit salad topped over muesli/granola and drizzled with low-fat yogurt and honey.

(Re)Design Your Life: Healthy Balance


Office Lunches and Coffee Breaks “It only takes a few minutes to make a healthy whole-wheat sandwich to take to work and it costs a lot less than greasy fast food lunches,” says Shân Biesman-Simons, Director of Nutrition and Education at the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA (HSFSA). Add in healthy leftovers from supper, like that last bit of salad you would usually throw out. Instead of buying coffee from your local coffee shop everyday, make it a weekly treat. Bring your own coffee from home for the rest of the week. Bonus points for your health if you use skim milk or low-fat milk rather than full-cream.

Instead of buying coffee from your local coffee shop everyday, make it a weekly treat. Bring your own coffee from home for the rest of the week. Bonus points for your health if you use skim milk or low-fat milk rather than full-cream.

Weekend Snacking It is so easy to slouch on the couch with a good movie, a packet of chips and a box of chocolates. It is cheaper than going out but make you could make it even cheaper (and healthier) by making your own snacks, like air-popped popcorn. Leave out the butter, add a moderate amount of salt for a healthy snack food without the fat. If you have a sweet tooth try yoghurt or a hot chocolate made with one spoon of low-fat hot chocolate powder, one spoon of cocoa and skim milk or low-fat milk. Write a Shopping List Before grocery shopping, write out a shopping list and stick to it. This means no sneaking in a chocolate bar for on the way home. It is that simple, a tried-and-tested strategy ensures you don’t overspend, overeat or forget what you went to the shop for in the first place. It is going to save you time, money and unnecessary trips back to the shops.

(Re)Design Your Life: Goal Setting

Achieve your 2009 New Year Resolutions in Seven Steps

Everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions from how to quit smoking, lose weight, pursue that big dream to how to manage time better. Usually, by February, all best intentions have been forgotten. Make this year different. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, a cup of tea and join me on a goal setting journey. By CĂŠmanthe Harries.


(Re)Design Your Life: Goal Setting


Ever felt frustrated when again you didn’t stick with what you promised yourself? I know I have in the past, and I’ve blamed the box of chocolates every time! Now is the time to change that, to really have what you want and be who you want to be, and I’m going to show you a sure-fire way of achieving your goals in 2009. Step 1: Make a Goal Wish List Take a moment to list your big goals/objectives/targets for 2009. What do you want 2009 to mean to you and what do you want to achieve? The important part of this step is to dream big. Begin with the end in mind and think about where you’d ideally like to be at the end of 2009. In making your goals achievable it is important that you actually write them down, which is crucial in all goal setting guidelines. Your brain needs to see it to believe it! Step 2: Refine the Goals Now have a look at the goals you’ve set and pick one that, when achieved, would make the most difference to your life. Once you have taken this goal through the process of refining and achievability, you can come back to your list and do it again for each of your 2009 goals.

Resolution 1: Healthy Eating and Losing Weight “I vow to stop eating crap! I want to lose weight before visiting South Africa in April.” Patricia Hollis, UK “I am going to remember to take my multivitamin everyday and cut down on the coffee.” Monique Boucher, South Africa Step 3: Specify Making your goal more specific. With a specific goal you can clearly see what it is you want to achieve, and you have specific standards for that achievement. When you work on making your goal specific, you program your subconscious mind to work for you and allow yourself to be open to opportunities. Use positive words like ‘I will’. Set a time and date when you want to have achieved this goal! Again, be very specific, if it’s ‘by the afternoon of..’ what time exactly in the afternoon? 2pm? 5pm? For example, instead of having “to sail around the world” as a goal, it is more powerful to say “To have completed my trip around the world by December 31, 2015.” Now apply this to your own goal and make it specific. Step 4: Make the Goal Measurable The next step is to ask yourself ‘How will I know when I’ve achieved that?’ Make your goal ‘measurable’. For example, if you plan to lose weight, you could buy the size of clothing you might buy when you’ve lost the weight. You’ll need to know how to measure your success and what will you be able to do or what will you have when the goal is completed. Set performance goals, not outcome goals: You should take care to set goals over which you have as much control as possible.

(Re)Design Your Life: Goal Setting


Resolution 2: Exercise “I am going to go to the gym at least three times a week.” - Leozette Roode, South Africa

Resolution 3: Time with Friends and Family “I want to spend more time with friends and family.” - Tim Sheir, South Africa Step 5: Attainable An attainable goal is one with a realistic path to achievement and reasonable odds that you get there. This does not mean that the lower you aim the more likely you succeed as it is well known that goals with challenge have more likelihood of being achieved. Be as ambitious as possible in your goal setting but still reachable and stretch out from your comfort zone. Remember, it is proven that success breeds more success, so once you have achieved one goal you are more likely to achieve another and another! Step 6: Realistic Review Now review that goal and ask yourself ‘Is this goal realistic?’ Do you have enough time to complete it? Do you have the resources physically or mentally? And do you have the knowledge? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then perhaps there is an extra mini-goal that you can implement where you work towards being able to answer yes, then you can come back to your goal with the right resources. This could be studying something part-time to improve your knowledge, as an example?

Resolution 4: Make that Million “This year I’m gonna make my first million!” - Elizabeth Phyffer-Duraan, South Africa

Step 7: Take Action Now that you have the exact goal, the next step is to create a plan for how you intend to accomplish it. Without a plan, you are very unlikely to succeed and without taking action on that plan, you are definitely unlikely to succeed! The key to constructing a good plan is to identify the exact steps that you will take toward accomplishing your goal, and assigning due dates to those steps. Coming up with a comprehensive list of steps is not easy for everyone. If you encounter difficulty, the solution is to get help, such as hiring a personal coach or enlisting the help of your friends to keep you on track and accountable. Identify all of the obstacles that could stand between you and your goal. Once the obstacles have been identified, you can set a plan ‘B’ of how to work around them. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your desired life! Cémanthe Harries, Life Change Specialist, is the founder and MD of

Inspiring Change (UK). She will be running a free International Goal Setting tele-Workshop on 31 January 2009. For more information visit Contact Cémanthe Harries at for a free consultation.

(Re)Design Your World: Going Green


Grow Your Own Cape Gooseberries from Scratch Candice Newton, self-confessed learner gardener, shares her latest gardening discovery. This plant can grow up to 1metre in height. It is more shrub-like than tree-like. 1. Buy a punnet of Gooseberries. Eat, enjoy but save two. 2. Open the two Gooseberries, remove the seeds and put them into a cup of water. 3. Remove the cleaned seeds from the water and allow to dry. 4. Once dry, plant seeds 5 - 7cm apart in good soil. 5. Water regularly. 6. Be patient and wait. 7. Once seeds have sprouted and stems become hairy, transplant them into their own pots with stones for drainage. 8. Look after your plants and they will bloom with short-lived but beautiful yellow and brown flowers. 9. The flowers will drop-off and the beginnings of your Gooseberries will begin to show. 11. Once the surrounding outer layer turns light brown and is almost dry (and the fruit yellow inside), you can harvest. Note: If you do encounter any, the “manuals� suggest the following cures: For corn ear worm found on developing fruit , spray with endosulfan and for spider mites, spray with dicofol.

(Re)Freshing Green Tip: Go Potty Indoors Did you know plants in the office boost productivity by 12% while decreasing stress? If you need another reason to go green, look no further... NASA researchers found that plants purify air and help remove toxins found in many household cleaning products such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene. Sources:

Green Plants for Green Buildings. Available: Air Cleaning Plants. Organic Gardening. Available:

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