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Water Soluble  Lemon  Myrtle  Essential  Oil  15%    

WSL 50ml  

RRP $7.95   (Incl  gst)  

Whl  $4.38   (Exc  gst)  

Re+Fresh Water   Soluble   Lemon   Myrtle   Essential   Oil   is   a   unique   formulation   ,containing   all   natural  ingredients   and  free  of   the   harsh   chemicals   that   are   often   found   in   many   other   household   cleaners.   Lemon   Myrtle   Essential   Oil   has   remarkable   antibacterial   +   antimicrobial   qualities.   It   also   boasts  the  highest  citral  content   of   any   plant   which   means   it   is   anti   fungal   +   non   acidic   as   well   as   having   superior   antioxidant   capacity.   Lemon  Myrtle’s  potent  medicinal  elements  in   combination   with   it’s   delightful,   lively   aroma   is   the   perfect   way   to   cleanse   and   Re+Fresh   your   environment.   Re+Fresh   Water   Soluble   Essential   Oil   prevents   green   surface   mould,   controls   bacteria   and   is   proven   to   be   up   to   25%   more   antibacterial   and   antifungal   than   Tea  Tree  oil.   To create a super surface cleaner: simply add 700 ml water, vinegar or even Vodka (Yes Vodka!) to create a super surface cleaner, or add a cap full to your laundry or mop bucket. For luxuriant + therapeutic bathing: draw your bath, add a capful of Water Soluble Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil + lay back to receive the re+vitalising benefits.

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