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Plain Lemon  Myrtle  Soap   Display  Box  of  24  x  100g  Soaps    


24 x  100gm     RRP  $3.50  

Per unit  (Incl  gst)  

Whl $48.00   (Exc  gst)  

Re+Fresh Lemon   Myrtle   soap   is   uniquely   luxurious   +   therapeutic.   It   both   cleanses   and   refreshes   the   entire   body.   Ideal   for   dry   and   sensitive  skin.  Provides  a  gentle   way  to   enrich   skin   and   is   perfect   for   working   into   a   moisturising   lather   to   shave   with.   Natural   moisture   rich   formulation   leaves   skin   feeling   soft  and  silky  smooth.  100%  Australian  made.   Free   from   artificial  fragrances   and   colours.  No   animal-­‐based   ingredients   or   testing   on   animals.   Vegan   friendly.   Simple   raw   goodness!       Ingredients:   Palm   oil   (sustainable   source),   palm   kernel   oil   (sustainable   source),   purified   water,   glycerin   (plant   derived),   lemon   myrtle   (Backhousia   citriodora)   oil,   macadamia   (Macadamia   integrifolia)   oil,   coconut   oil,   sodium  chloride  (salt).  

Ph: +61  2  6684  3995  

Rlm plain soap pos data  
Rlm plain soap pos data