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Natural Lemon  Myrtle  Air  Freshener    


125ml RRP  $7.95   (Incl  gst)  

Whl $4.38   (Exc  gst)  

Re+Fresh Lemon   Myrtle   Natural   Air   Freshener   surrounds   you   with   the   uplifting   and  re+freshing  aromas  of  Lemon  Myrtle.  This   re+vitalising   air   freshener   eliminates   the   source   of   unpleasant   odours   and   is   a   100%   safe   alternative   to   chemical   brands.   Lemon   Myrtle   has   the   highest   citral   content   of   any   plant  which  means  it  is  anti  fungal  +  non  acidic   as   well   as   having   superior   antioxidant   capacity.   Lemon   Myrtle’s   potent   medicinal   elements   in   combination   with   it’s   delightful   aroma  is  the  perfect  way  to  cleanse  +  freshen   your  environment.       Ingredients:   Purified   water,   ethanol   (plant   derived),   castor   oil   (plant   derived),   Lemon   Ph:  +61  2  6684  3995     Myrtle  (Backhousia  citriodora)  oil,  chlorophyll   (plant  derived).  

Rlm air freshener data  
Rlm air freshener data