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Yom Ha’atzmaut Tuesday, May 2nd

Small Group Congregational Meetings Wednesday, May 17th Sundays, May 21st & June 11th Tuesdays, June 6th & 27th

Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner & Service Friday, May 19th

Last Day of Religious School & Youth Group Pizza Party Sunday, May 21st

Shavuot Tuesday Evening, May 30th Wednesday Morning, May 31st

Las Vegas Night Fund Raiser Saturday, June 3rd

Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday, June 4th

Sisterhood Member Dinner Wednesday, June 7th

Shabbat On The Beach Friday, June 9th

Rabbi Sobel’s Farewell Service Friday, June 16th

Adult Confirmation & B’Nai Mitzvah Saturday, May 20th

Temple Isaiah Bulletin A Volume 52, Issue 5 A May / June 2017

Member Union for Reform Judaism

May 2017 / Iyar - Sivan / 5777 Sunday

Monday Sisterhood Rummage 10 am - 1 pm 7 - 9 pm Adult Ed. Resurrection & Immortality Rabbi Karol 7 pm

Tuesday Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Sisterhood Rummage 10 am - 1 pm Religious School 4:30 - 6:30 pm

1 Religious School 9 am - 12 pm Brotherhood Mtg 9:09 am Tanakh Study 10:30 am - 11:45 am Mitzvah Day



Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Religious School 4:30 - 6:30 pm


10 Small Group Congregational Mtg 7:30 pm

22 Memorial Day office closed

Erev Shavuot 6:15 pm



24 Shavuot Morning Yizkor service office closed


Shir Joy Musical Erev Shabbat Service 6 pm

Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am B’nai Mitzvah Discussion Group


Candles: 7:38

Candles: 7:46

Candles: 7:52

Candles: 7:58

6 Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am


13 Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Adult Confirmation B’Nai Mitzvah Service 10 am


Erev Shabbat Service 7:30 pm

25 Friday Ushers 5 Weitzman 12 Sterne 19 Donnelly 26 Rosofsky


Tot Shabbat 5:30 pm Erev Shabbat Service 7:30 pm

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm



Erev Shabbat Service Teacher Recognition 7:30 pm



Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am


4 Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm



Religious School 9 am - 12 pm Small Group Congregational Mtg 9:30 am Tanakh Study 10:30 am - 11:45 am Youth Group Pizza Party 12 pm



8 Adult Ed. Resurrection & Immortality Rabbi Karol 7 pm Board of Trustees Mtg 7:30 pm

No School

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm

Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Religious School 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Adult Ed. Resurrection & Immortality Rabbi Karol 7 pm


Wednesday Thursday

20 Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am B’nai Mitzvah Discussion Group



Saturday Ushers 6 Kitt 27 Stopsky

31 2

Rabbi Rabbi Sobel Sobel ‘s ‘s Reflections Reflections Be strong and courageous; never let Torah fade from your lips. It has been my honor to serve this sacred community

joining together, carrying their share of the burden, add-

the past three years. And it has been my joy to lead

ing their unique contribution to our congregation’s life.

together with you and the many volunteers and staff who make Temple Isaiah the unique liberal Jewish community serving this part of Suffolk County.

I will have an opportunity to thank everyone on Friday, June 16, 2017 at my “official” farewell Shabbat service. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you

I write this during Pesach – Passover. We learn in the

would like to stay in touch with me after I leave, you can

Torah that every generation is responsible for teaching

reach me at: or you can

the story of our redemption from Egypt to the next gener-

follow me on my blog:

ation. We learn that it is our obligation to see ourselves as if each of us has personally been liberated from bondage

Here is my blessing for Temple Isaiah going forward:

in Egypt. What does this mean for us as a community? It

May God bless this new path you are about to under-

means that we have a communal responsibility to insure

take, enabling you to learn, grow and be strengthened.

that each of us knows and understands our history. That

May God be with you,
and bless you with health and

each and every one of us knows that our history is mean-

May God watch over you and shield you from

ingless unless it points us toward an envisioned future.

harm. May God bless this congregation with unity and

The spiritual life of our community depends on each of

Under the guidance of your new rabbi, may a

us carrying out our responsibilities to the best of our abil-

new era of learning and growth unfold. May your com-

ity. God didn’t just bring us out of slavery in Egypt to

munity always go from strength to strength.
May you be

relieve us of our bondage – God redeemed us so that we

inspired to live up to your highest potential.
 May God

could act as God’s hands and help others as well. Our

bless you with courage and the power to be bold and yet

text teaches that God will be present in the community’s

patient at the same time.
May you learn to listen and

midst only if everyone carries their weight of the burden.

work in partnership with others for the unity and longevity

In my time here at Temple Isaiah, serving as your Rabbi, it seems to me that there are many people who truly understand this message and live lives of Torah and Mitzvot. Many of you have aimed to carry out our share of our responsibility for our Jewish life here at Temple Isaiah with great love, devotion, wisdom, grace and dignity. Not to say that the path has always been clear and easy – but our working together toward a common

of this sacred community.
May God bless the choices you make.
May God bless your efforts with success.
May God shine on you and through you
so that you illuminate all those you touch.
May the days before you be filled with rejoicing and celebration. May you be a blessing to this world. 
And may blessings surround you now and always. Amen. B’yedidut u’v’Shalom – In friendship and Peace,

goal has always been at the forefront. None of us could have done what we need to do here, without people


A Note From The Cantor What’s a NIGUN? You might have noticed that most services at Temple

That basket does not presently exist. We can create a

Isaiah begin with a nigun. You might not know what that

welcoming atmosphere of beauty and peace through the

is, or why we sing a nigun as an introduction to prayer.

singing of a nigun – a simple melody chanted together,

I would like to offer a brief explanation to you, which is

affording each of us an opportunity for release, for medi-

my interpretation of this local custom.

tation, for joining our voices together as a community.

A nigun is a wordless melody – most often a tune that is

Each nigun has a unique quality or style, and different

easily taught, sung, repeated many times, and (usually)

moods are established in the singing of these varied

easily learned. It is like stretching before exercising. It is

melodies. At the beginning of a service, perhaps some-

a prayer warm-up. The lack of words, no lyrics, frees the

thing slower is necessary, so the congregation does not

mind to not be confined by text. There isn’t even really

feel hurried, and is given the opportunity to learn the

pressure to sing the tune correctly, note-for-note. The

tune in a more deliberate way. Further into the service,

emphasis is in bringing the congregation into the prayer

the pace might pick up, be more lively, joyous, or even

space, through the use of a simple melody. People enter

raucous. A more exuberant nigun is in order. At the end

the sanctuary, arriving from a variety of places, work

of a private meditation, something quieter and more

spaces, home, the road, school, the train, the ferry, etc.

contemplative would be appropriate.

We bring our work day and its many stressers into the Temple. I always wished there might be an empty basket in the lobby, where we could deposit all of our many burdens, and enter the sanctuary with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace the Divine through our worship.

Music has to be a reflection of the mood and content of our prayers. Sometimes a simple, wordless melody, a nigun, is all we need to deepen our connection to the Almighty, to truly feel the nearness of the Divine.

The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library Please note: Our Temple library is open one half-hour before each Erev Shabbat Service.


Sustaining Members & Friends of Temple Isaiah 2017 Please help us to maintain Temple Isaiah as a house of worship, a house of learning, and a house of assembly by becoming a Sustaining Member in 2017. It is here where you celebrate life-cycle events, and it is here where you will find support when you need it. It is with your strong financial support that Temple Isaiah will continue to provide education, worship services, and support for people who are experiencing loss, crisis, or illness. Won’t you perform the mitzvah of tzedakah at Temple Isaiah? If you are able to make a contribution as a Sustaining Member, you will be providing revenue for regular as well as unforeseen expenses, and you will be helping us plan for future generations. Please join our growing list of Sustaining Members! Circle of Enrichment


Mitzvah Partner

Linda Barancik

Rose French

Judy Albano

Barbara & Jerry Fine

Suzanne Gabrielsen

Eileen & Joe Donnelly

Gloria & Mark Snyder

Anita & Stewart Gaffan

Sharon & Larry Epstein

Irene & Bernie Gische

Barbara & Gary Kamen

Woody Goldstein

Carl Kravitz

Amy & Mort Rosen

Margaret & Jay Schoenfeld

Sue & Dean Rosenzweig

Irva & Saul Steinweis

Myra & Alan Rosofsky

Pam Shulder

Diane & Steve Weitzman

Marge & Paul Weiser

Circle of Growth Paula & Steve Bennett Eileen & Adam Fisher Suzan & Alfred Goldhaber Honey & Arnie Katz Circle of Hope

Perri Fitterman & Larry Lieblich Chai or Multiple

Jamie & Hilton Adler

Jayne Cohen

Essie & Mark Freilach

Shari & Alan Countess

Dan Stenzler

Alan Fisher

Phyllis Turner

Marian Guarlnick Bonnie & Steve Katz Jean & Jason Kitt Phyllis Sterne Barbara Wright


Platinum Chai ($5,400 or above) Golden Chai ($3,600-$5,399) Silver Chai ($1,800-$3,599) Circle of Enrichment ($1,018- $1,799)


Circle of Growth ($540-$1,017) Circle of Hope ($360-$539) Chaverim ($180-$359) Mitzvah Partner ($118-$179) Chai or Multiple ($36-$117)


President’s Report Thriving Synagogue Learning Tool This month’s column will feature some highlights from

providing additional insights. Another section compares

the Thriving Synagogue Learning Tool, a project of the

Board and Temple operations to best practices, highlight-

United Jewish Appeal’s SYNERGY Program and the

ing many good things but also showing room for growth.

Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University. I want to again thank the 165 adults who took the time to complete the survey, about 1/3 of the congregation.

We cannot change the past, but we can change the future. The Thriving Synagogue Learning Tool provides us with a snapshot of Temple Isaiah’s strengths as well as ideas that can further strengthen our community. We

The survey measures various indicators of thriving, and

will be using this information as we move forward and

identifies opportunities for both celebration and further

will continue to share results with you. I thank everyone

discussion and analysis. It reflects opinions when we

who participated in the survey. A complete copy is avail-

took the survey in November and December and will be

able from the Temple office.

a benchmark for future measurement going forward.

As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, or

Please refer to the summary chart on page 7. The thicker

concerns about Temple Isaiah and its future, feel free to

blue bars, with titles in capitals, represent dimensions

contact me at or at 631-981-5128

of thriving. The brown bars to the right of each blue bar,


with lowercase titles, are specific measures within a particular dimension. The height of the lines indicates the percentage of respondents who agree.

I want to conclude by recognizing Rabbi Sobel’s tenure with us. During her three years here she has brought new dimensions to our congregation, and we appreciate her

Several highlights are a strong sense of belonging (My

energy, enthusiasm, and her commitment. We will miss

Place), our willingness to recommend Temple Isaiah

them as we go forward and I hope that we continue along

to others (Recommend) and our social conscience and

some of the paths she started us on.

involvement in the community (Outward Facing). Challenges include vitality and future vision, a gap between being informed and understanding decision making, and concerns about Temple leadership. The report also shows responses to various questions by age, years of membership, and level of involvement,

We will formally thank Rabbi Sobel on Friday June 16th with a special Oneg following services. I hope you can attend. Please join me in thanking Rabbi Sobel and in wishing her well. Jay Schoenfeld President


Rabbi Sobel’s Farewell Service Friday Evening , June 16th Erev Shabbat Service at 7:30 pm Special Oneg to Follow Please join us in paying tribute to Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel as we thank her for all her good work and wish her great success in all

her future endeavors.

Temple Isaiah Profile of Thriving – Summary


Mitzvah Mania 2017 - Schedule - Sunday, May 7, 2017 Check In / Donation of Non-Perishable Items to Our Food Pantry Note: Wear last year’s Mitzvah Mania T-Shirt if you have one It is important to PRE-REGISTER by MAY 4th

10:00 am: 10:00 12:30


– 4:30



– 2:00


Mitzvah Day Activities all take place on-site this year Community-Wide BBQ (sponsored by Brotherhood & Sisterhood). Take a break from your Mitzvah and have something to eat!

Mitzvah Day Activities: A Installation of LED Tubes 9 am (please bring ladders if possible) A Check In & Collection of Food Donations 10 am A Gardening and Planting 10 am (gloves & tools needed) A Temple Isaiah Outdoor Clean-up



(gloves needed)

A Photography of All Activities 10 am A Creating Tee-Shirt Bags for

Food Pantries (for children 8 and up) 12 pm (tee-shirts wanted)

Call or email the Temple office to Register: 631-751-8518 or


The Temple Isaiah Board & Staff Invite Our Entire Community to Celebrate

Shabbat Morning and Our Adult Confirmation & B’nai Mitzvah Students as they complete their two-year course of study A A A A

Michele Albohn Melissa Brenner Beth Cohen


Jordan Kantrowitz Barbara Meyer Tammy Severino

Andrew Cash

Saturday, May 20th, 10:00 am SERVICE (Torah Study 8:30 am) Followed by Festive Oneg 9

S havuot EREV SHAVUOT – Tuesday, May 30 th “Supper, Study & Service” 6:00 pm Supper Join us for a traditional “Blintzes and Cheesecake” Erev Shavuot dinner (non-dairy options available). $12/person RSVP required by Tuesday, May 23rd to Penny:

6:50 pm Study “Poems, Prayers & Promises” On Shavuot, we celebrate our “marriage” to God at Sinai as a Jewish people. Through this study session, we will examine some of the “poems, prayers and promises” we as a people have written to express our love to God, reflecting this sacred covenant. How does the relationship between God and Israel differ from a covenantal relationship between two people? How is it similar?




Shavuot celebrates the receiving of Torah on Mt. Sinai. We will read the Ten Commandments as we celebrate this epic moment in our history.

SHAVUOT MORNING – Wednesday, May 31st 10:00 am Shavuot Morning Festival Service & Yizkor (We read aloud the names of all those who died from last year at Shavuot to this year at Shavuot).

I/We would like to attend the Shavuot “Supper, Study & Service” Name(s) ______________________________ cell phone: __________________ Email: _____________________________ Number attending @ $12/person: ___________ Total amount enclosed: _________________


Shir Joy Musical Shabbat (“Shir” is Hebrew for “Song!”)

Fridays, May 5th and June 2nd

Pre-Neg Nosh • Wine & Cheese • Fun Treats •



Musical Shabbat Service 6 to 7


Everyone Welcome - All Ages! Celebrate Shabbat with Family, Friends, and Community!

Traditional and Contemporary Music • Participatory • • Reflective • • Spiritual • • Joyful • Some Congregants Enjoy Dinner Together After Shir Joy Services Why not organize such a group yourself? Or, if you’d like help creating a new group of friends, please let Morgan know at Please be sure to tell Morgan whether you would be willing to host a small pot-luck meal in your home. Or, if you prefer, plan to enjoy a meal together at a restaurant.

1404 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790

A (631) 751- 8518 A A 11


of Stony Brook Presents

Celebrate Shabbat with Rabbi Sharon Sobel, Cantor Carol Chesler & Master Pre-School teacher Diane Weitzman!

Music, Story, Challah, Juice, and Shabbat Fun! for Children Ages 0 – 6 and their families! Everyone Welcome! Special activities and music for young children!

Fridays, May 19th and June 16th at 5:30


*Dates subject to change. Please watch eblast and website for updates.

Save these Dates: Sept. 15th, Oct. 20th, Nov. 17th, Dec. 15th, Jan. 19th, Feb. 16th, March 16th, April 20th, May 18th, June 15th

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen Members of Temple Isaiah’s Social Action Committee help staff Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen at St. James Catholic Church (429 Route 25A in Setauket). Each Sunday afternoon, dinner is provided to over 100 adults and children, by teams of volunteers working on a rotating schedule. Although housed at St. James Parish, the group itself comprises participants from various community faith-based groups and organizations. Volunteers in this organization serve in a variety of ways, including food planning, cooking, serving and cleanup, as well as providing transportation, supervision of the nursery area, pantry and clothing distribution. To help with this mitzvah, please call our Temple office, or contact: Joyce Bonitch at (631) 941-2731 Where / When: Sundays at 3:00


in the church basement.


Shabbat at the Beach Please Join Us on

Friday, June 9 th at

West Meadow Beach

Shabbat at the Beach 6:00 PM Bring a picnic dinner for your family and bring your bike, rollerblades, or a frisbee. GATHER BY THE GAZEBO. 7:00


Service begins. Temple Isaiah will provide: Challah, wine/juice and dessert. Please bring: Beach chairs and blankets.

MEMBER UNION FOR REFORM JUDAISM In case of inclement weather, we will have a recording on our phone by 3 PM and we’ll have a Temple Isaiah ✡ 1404 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook, N.Y. 11790 “Blue Jeans” Shabbat service / Indoor Picnic at Temple Isaiah.

(631) 751- 8518


in the

Annual Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday, June 4th

There will be T-shirts, flags, and banners! Everyone should come and be counted!

RSVP Deadline: May 26th

COST: $18 per person $50 maximum per family

(more details to follow as we get closer to the parade date)

Bus Transportation Is Included! Approximate times 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

YES! I want to join the Suffolk Jewish Community and 100,000 other New Yorkers to march up Fifth Avenue as part of the single largest gathering of support for Israel in the world! Name(s):_________________________________________________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ # of participants:________

Cell Phone #:_______________________________

T-shirt sizes: ______S ______M ______L ______XL _____XXL (adult sizes only)

Total amount enclosed: _______________ To insure that you receive a t-shirt, return this form with your check (made out to Temple Isaiah) by May 26th. For further information, contact parade coordinator Rich Stopsky at 516-841-8263 or Upcoming B’nai Mitzvah students please note: Participation in the parade counts as one of your 13 Mitzvot!


Shmoozing With Sisterhood Save the Dates! Dear Friends, Best wishes from Temple Isaiah Sisterhood. We hope

you did! For more information or to volunteer: Please

all of you had a wonderful Passover holiday with your

contact: Paula Bennett:,

loved ones and friends. With very great regret we had

Eileen Donnelly or Teddy

to cancel our Miriam’s Seder this year due to lack of


participants and RSVPs. We realize and understand that many of you are extremely busy this time of year and that our temple is currently undergoing some significant challenges. We sincerely hope any clouds will pass and next year we will be able to have this wonderful event.

Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner and Service Friday, May 19th at 6


Join us for Shabbat dinner at 6pm followed by an inspirational service written and led by Sisterhood members. A special Oneg will follow. Dinner: Main course of chicken and challah will be provided.

We will still be having our famous spring rummage

Please bring a side dish to share. $10pp/max $18/

sale, our Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner and Service and

family (with school age children). See our flyer this

our end of year complimentary member dinner and

issue of the bulletin.

book club. Please try to RSVP early☺ and volunteers are needed and appreciated.

May and June Sisterhood Happenings: Spring Rummage Sale: am

Sale opens: 12:30 – 2:30

– 12


Social Hall.





and 7 – 9


Clean-up: 1





unteers. Come and join us for a delicious catered dinner and lively book discussion. This year we will Loigman (Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Emma Clark Library).

Tuesday, May 2nd Sale open 10


be reading, The Two Family House by Lynda Cohen

Monday May 1st Sale opens: 10

Wednesday, June 7th at 6:30 TI Social Hall

We appreciate and value all of our members and vol-

Sunday, April 30th “Rummage Drop Off”: 9

Member Appreciation Dinner and Book Discussion



Rummage is a very important fundraiser for us – your donations go a long way to help both our local and Temple Community. Because many of us work outside the home during the day, volunteers are

Dinner is free for 5777 dues paid members and $25pp for non-members. Please join us for this great evening of friendship, food and fun! We hope to see you there. Very Sincerely,

especially needed to “Person the Sale” during the Monday and Tuesday morning sale times and for

Paula Bennett and Eileen Donnelly

clean up on Tuesday. Please help us; you’ll be glad

TI Sisterhood Co-Presidents


Breaking Bread With Brotherhood Save the Dates!

As we move into spring, the brotherhood will be

Please purchase as many raffles as you can, and

busy scraping the ice off the BBQ and serving up

if you would like to sell them at work or to family

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, etc. during the Mitzvah Day

and friends, see me for extra tickets. Ben Schess is

activities. Hopefully everybody has been able to

already leading the sales, as he did last year!

digest and work off the numerous Hamentashen provided by the Brotherhood during all of the Purim festivities. I know the children worked it off immediately by running amok in the Bounce “House” (provided by Brotherhood) during the Purim Carnival!

We will be selling tickets and collecting food donations at the Setauket Stop-n-Shop on Sunday, April 30th and May 21st. Young Adults and Adult Supervisors are needed. Some of the proceeds are converted into Stop-n-Shop Gift Cards, which are

May is also the busiest time for the brotherhood as we

given to the Temple Isaiah Food Pantry. A monetary

prepare for our Annual Las Vegas Night Fund Raiser

donation is made to ‘Our Daily Bread’ soup kitchen

on Saturday, June 3rd, which is approaching VERY

run by the St James RC Church. They will also be

quickly. Brotherhood members, please give whatever

selling tickets for us. The Social Action Committee of

time you can to this, our biggest fund-raising event

Temple Isaiah has been partnering with St James RC

of the year. We hope all the adults in the congrega-

Church for years.

tion will attend and bring their friends. This event allows us to give over $5,000 each year to Camp Scholarships, provide several “BBQ’s” over the year, along with Latkes, Hamentashen and Purim Carnival Games. If you or someone you know would like to

Look for notices for the Date and Ticket information for the ‘Richard Wright Night at the LI Ducks’! It should be in mid-July on a warm and beautiful summer evening and is open to everybody.

be a sponsor, there still is time. Contact me, Rodger

Coming this summer, we are currently planning the

Jonas, or the Temple Office.

1st Annual “Sinatra Summer Sizzler BBQ”. Enjoy

The Annual Brotherhood Raffle is well underway. This year’s theme is “Deluxe Theatrical Weekend for 2 in the Big Apple!” It is only $10 (Ten dollars) per ticket and the Grand Prize is Vouchers for any Broadway Show put on by the Schubert Organization, Hilton NYC-Midtown, Parking and Food. There are also electronics, Mets Tickets (courtesy of the Stopsky Family), Spa at East Winds, and various Gift Cards to local merchants. Look for our flyers and emails.

LIVE music in the back courtyard provided by the Michael Capobianco Quartet, featuring the vocal styling of the incomparable Denise Richards! Listen to the best of Sinatra and the ‘Great American Song Book’ while enjoying an Upscale BBQ. Date: a Sunday in July. Time: early afternoon. Menu: Burgers, Chicken, Salmon and more. Look for details in the coming weeks. Continued on page 18


Adult Education RSVP to Penny for all courses:

Shabbat Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel Every Saturday: 8:30 am – 9:30 am

dult Early Morning Study with Rabbi Adam D. FAisher Tuesday Mornings: 6:30 – 7:30 am



Tanach Study with Rabbi Stephen Karol Sunday Mornings: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Resurrection & Immortality in Jewish Thought with Rabbi Stephen Karol Monday Evenings: 7 pm

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Breaking Bread With Brotherhood Continued from page 17 We look forward to seeing everyone at the next


several Temple & Brotherhood events. If you have not

Both meetings will be in the Kitchen & Social Hall.


and then Wednesday May 24th at 6:30


joined the Brotherhood, just walk across the Social Hall and into the Kitchen during our next meeting.

Alan Fisher, Brotherhood President

Help yourself to a Bagel, Lox & Cream Cheese and


YOU’RE IN! Next meeting is Sunday, April 23rd at


Dear Friends, Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the summer! Once the camp season is underway, hundreds of families visit us to get a glimpse of life at camp. A summer tour is the perfect way for a potential camper to see our camps in action and picture themselves spending a summer with us.


You shop. Amazon gives. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Temple Isaiah whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. If you are already an Amazon customer select Temple Isaiah as your charitable organization, or go set up an account today.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

Support Temple Isaiah by shopping at 19

Membership Musings Dear Temple Isaiah Board Members, It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that Mitch, Brandon, Allana and I are resigning from Temple Isaiah effective immediately. Mitch and I have sold our house and we are moving to Long Beach. For 15 years, Temple Isaiah provided our family with a loving and supportive community. For this, we will be forever grateful. Our Rabbi, Cantor, Educator, and our Temple community as a whole provided us with memories that will never be forgotten. There was no better feeling than walking into our sanctuary, at any given time where we were always greeted with a smile, a hug, a kiss and always had a friend to sit with. Temple Isaiah was our second home, the members, our extended family. It is where all 4 of us made long lasting friendships. For this, we will, again be forever grateful. We wish our Temple Isaiah community only strength, and prosperity. Thank you for providing us with love, support and kindness. Until we meet again, Michele, Mitchell, Brandon and Allana Rosenberg



Social Action

If you are interested in working with the Social Action Committee, we would love to have you join us as we continue working towards Tikkun Olam, repairing our world through social activism, the pursuit of justice, acts of kindness, and the performance of mitzvot. Please contact the Temple office for more information.

Renaissance Club Attention Seniors! Our Renaissance Club meets once a month at the Temple. You are invited to come, make new friends, and share your ideas for speakers, outings, and events. Our next meeting is Sunday, May 28th at 1:30 pm. Please call Lillian Goldstein at 862-1747 for more information.


Small Group Congregational Meetings

Beginning in May 2017, the Temple Isaiah Board of Trustees will be hosting a series of Small Group Congregational Meetings. All members of the Congregation are encouraged to attend and share their ideas, insights, comments, and questions. The purpose of these meetings is to improve communication with our Temple membership; to provide a forum in which we can exchange views with our members and provide them with appropriate insights into the decisions of the Board. Each meeting will be open to twelve congregants. Three members of the Board of Trustees will also attend. An open invitation is extended to all TI congregants. The first 12 individuals to sign up per meeting, who have not previously attended a meeting, are welcome. Days & Times: • Wednesday, May 17th at 7:00


in the library

• Sunday, May 21st (last day of school) at 9:30 • Tuesday, June 6th at 7:00


• Sunday, June 11th at 9:30 • Tuesday, June 27th at 7:00


in the library

in the library

am pm

in the library in the library

Sign-Up: Congregants may sign-up to attend specific meetings by calling or emailing the Temple office. If less than 6 congregants sign-up for any scheduled meeting, that meeting will be cancelled and congregants will be asked to attend on a different day. It is our plan to continue these meetings on an ongoing basis. We hope that they will help us to achieve a reaffirmation of shared purpose, a common sense of brotherhood and sisterhood between us, and a renewed faith in the future of Temple Isaiah.


Media Watch Israel Israel’s Moral Imperative 1. “Egypt’s Ambassador To Israel: Peace Between Egypt And Israel Is Strong, Stable” Israel-is-strong-stable-485130 2. Russia shifts policy from one of urging internationalization of Jerusalem to recognizing it as two capitals. 3. Prime Minister Netanyahu hails historic trade agreement with Beijing, which will see bilateral trade reach a whopping $16 billion. 4. The UK warned that it would follow the US in rejecting all resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, if the UNHRC did not treat Israel proportionally. bias-485124 5. “In a first step toward clearing the Palestinian Authority’s NIS 2 billion electricity debt, the PA has transferred more than half a billion shekels to the Israel Electric Company…” transfer-NIS-590m-to-Israel-toward-debt-settlement-469439

Larry Weber

Come Join Our Klezmer Band Are you an accomplished musician? Do you love playing music with a group of friends of all ages? We are looking for trained musicians to help enhance our musical experience at Temple Isaiah. Come play with our volunteer in-house band on the first Friday of the month for our Shir Joy musical Shabbat services, for Mitzvah Day, and a few other occasions. We need musicians who play: clarinet, stand-up bass, percussion , violin, accordion, flute, piano, and any other instruments. Contact Cantor Carol Chesler for more information or to arrange an audition: or


This Month


Jewish History

May / June


May 8, 1942 (Belarus) The Bielski brothers escaped the Nazis and formed a partisan fighting unit in a Belarus forest. Tuvia, Zusye, Asael, and Aharon Bielski saved 1,230 Jewish men, women, and children. After the war, Tuvia moved to the USA, where he died in 1987. May 14, 1948 (Israel) David Ben Gurian declared the founding of the State of Israel. Theodor Herzl

May 18, 1721 (Spain) 96 year old Maria Barbara Carillo was burned alive, the oldest known victim of the Inquisition. May 29, 1554 (Italy) After an appeal by Jews in Catholic countries, Pope Julius III agreed to allow the burning of only the Talmud, but not “harmless rabbinical writings”. June 3, 1888 (United States) The Jewish Publication Society of America was founded.

Natalie Portman

June 10, 1648 (Poland) Cossacks led by Bogdan Chmielniki began a series of pogroms that lasted 10 years, during which over 700 Jewish communities were destroyed and 100,000 to 500,000 Jews lost their lives. June 15, 1920 (Eretz Israel) The Haganah, the Jewish self-defense force, was formed to safe-guard against Arab attacks. June 23, 1700 (England) Solomon De Medina, who had helped finance the “Glorius Revolution” that installed William of Orange and Mary on the throne, was knighted by the British KIng. He was the first professing Jew to receive a knighthood.

Nora Ephron

Jewish Birthdays in May & June: A Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister: 5/3/1898 A Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst: 5/6/1856 A Don Rickles, comedian: 5/8/1926 A Irving Berlin, song writer: 5/11/1888 A Bea Arthur, actress: 5/13/1923 A Dolph Schayes, Basketball Hall of Famer: 5/19/1928 A Nora Ephron, writer/producer: 5/19/1941 A Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism: 5/20/1860 A Bob Dylan, singer/songwriter: 5/24/1941 A Beverly Sills, opera singer: 5/25/1929 A Bar Refaeli, super model: 6/4/1985 A Natalie Portman, actress: 6/9/1981

Bob Dylan

A Anne Frank, diarist: 6/12/1929 A Carly Simon, singer/songwriter: 6/25/1945 A Sir John Monash, Australian General: 6/27/1865 A Gilda Radner, comedienne: 6/28/1946



Simchas & Tzures Whether you have happy news (simchas) or sad

If you would like one of our rabbis to officiate

news (tzures), we hope you will share it with us.

at a funeral, please speak to Rabbi Sobel before

Rabbi Sobel likes to know about births, engage-

scheduling. Our sanctuary is available for funeral

ments, weddings, and other happy occasions, as

or memorial services. If you call the Temple about

well as hospitalizations, sicknesses, or deaths.

a funeral and have to leave a message with the

Please let us know of any hospitalizations, so

answering service, please mention that you are

Rabbi or Cantor can arrange to visit or phone.

calling regarding a funeral.

Condolences A To Sheri Glazer Schwartz on the death of her mother Elaine Glazer A To our own Paul Rosenthal A To Hilton Adler on the death of his mother Helen Adler A To Stephanie Salmonson on the death of her grandfather Marvin Satin A To John Zimmermann on the death of his father George Zimmermann A To Evan Barbakoff on the death of his mother Cecile Barbakoff A To Arnie Katz on the death of his friend Thomas Haggerty Jr.

Congratulations A To Irva and Saul Steinweis on the birth of their granddaughter Fara Debbie Peck

Sunshine Funds

Beautification Fund

It’s always the "right time" to make a contribution to your Temple. It might be in honor of a living person or a recent event, or in memory of someone or something, or anything you want. Donations can be made over the phone, by email, or through the USPS. However you send the information, your donation can be added to your monthly Temple Isaiah invoice for easy bookkeeping. Sunshine cards require a minimum contribution of ten dollars.

The purpose of the Beautification Fund is to generate money to renovate and beautify our synagogue. All monies will go into a fund dedicated to this purpose.

Minimum contribution is $10 Prayer Book: $45 Chumash: $60 Tree of Life Leaf: $118 Pew Plaque: $250 Memorial Board Plaque: $360 Please call the office for more information regarding the above contributions.

To assist in this goal, a wall sculpture has been commissioned. This permanent work of art provides the opportunity to commemorate your support for Temple Isaiah. Plaques of different sizes will be available in the following categories: Contributor............... $250 per year for 3 years Sponsor.................... $500 per year for 3 years Patron.................... $1000 per year for 3 years Benefactor.............. $2500 per year for 3 years To make a contribution, or if you have any questions, please call the office at 751-8518.


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Adult Education Fund In memory of Abraham Feldman Pam Feldman In memory of Abraham Levinsky Vicki & Dennis Hoffman In memory of Jean Rosenbaum-Brunner

Joseph Karol Youth Scholarship Fund In memory of Helen Adler Claire Baer In honor of Brandon Gerstein’s Bar Mitzvah Essie & Mark Freilach

Camp Fund

Landscape Fund

In In In In In In In In

In memory of Robert Ensler Ivan and Ilene Ensler

memory of Fay Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Jerry Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Ida Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Joseph Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Anna Ruben Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Frank Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Bessie Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Helen Adler Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Fund to Feed the Hungry In memory of Helen Adler Jerry & Barbara Fine In memory of Ruth Rosen Mort Rosen In memory of Bernice Rosen Mort Rosen & Amy Rosen

Israel Fund In In In In In

memory of Sadie Stern The Gerstein Family memory of Irving Howard Alice & Bruce Howard memory of Sidney Roth Carol & Mark Swerdloff memory of Murray Kamen The Kamen Family memory of Mickey & Jackie Phillips The Kamen Family

Music Fund In In In In In In

honor of Elyssa Plotkin’s Engagement Barbara & Bruce Meyer memory of Ruth Fried Ron & Sandy Fried memory of Bertrum Frankenstein The Gerstein Family memory of Harry Cohen Linda Barancik memory of George Gerstein The Gerstein Family honor of Elyssa Plotkin’s Engagement The Kamen Family

Oneg Fund In memory of Jack Braun Cindy & Allan Braun

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library In memory of Dan Turner Dreania & Michael Levine Myrna & John Ruisi Jerry & Barbara Fine In memory of Jack Willis Honey & Arnie Katz In memory of Arthur Fried Sandy & Ron Fried

Rabbi Karol Youth Lounge Fund In memory of Rosalyn Gabrielsen Suzanne Gabrielsen


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Rabbi Sobel’s Discretionary Fund

Special Projects Fund

With thanks to Rabbi Sobel Phyllis Turner In memory of Henry Swerdloff Mark & Carol Swerdloff In memory of Rose Zaretsky Ira & Barbara Zarett In memory of Allan Silberhartz Sheila & David Silberhartz In memory of Selma & Sidney Cohen Sheila & David Silberhartz

In memory of Helen Adler Marge & Paul Weiser In memory of Dan Turner Claire Baer In honor of Penny’s 10 Year Anniversary Alan & Myra Rosofsky

Rabbi Harvey Witman Religious School Fund In In In In In

honor of the birth of Fara Debbie Iris & David Schiff memory of Sam Cohen Bernie & Irene Gische memory of Lawrence Fisher Janis Feldman memory of Warren Tepper Ellie Tepper memory of Maurice Fisher Alan Fisher

Tikkun Olam Fund In memory of Rabbi Morris & Dorothy Bekritsky The Kamen Family

Worship Fund In memory of Herman Meyer Barbara & Bruce Meyer


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B’nai Mitzvah May & June 2017 Harrison Rosenzweig May 6th Son of Dean and Susan Rosenzweig

Hazel Cash May 27th

Siman Tov & Mazel Tov To All!

Daughter of Andrew Cash and Deborah Fisher-Cash

Emily Silverberg June 1st Daughter of Robert and Michele Silverberg

Sloane Muraskin June 10th Daughter of Seth and Stacey Muraskin

Julia Erlich June 17th Daughter of Craig and Shari Erlich Rabbi—Sharon L. Sobel

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School Principle—Phyllis Sterne

Rabbi Emeritus—Stephen A. Karol

Sisterhood Co-Presidents—Paula Bennett

Rabbi Emeritus—Adam D. Fisher

& Eileen Donnelly

Cantor Emeritus—Michael F. Trachtenberg

Brotherhood President—Alan Fisher

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Isaiah bulletin may june 2017 (5)  
Isaiah bulletin may june 2017 (5)