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Shir Joy Musical Shabbat

Miriam’s Seder

Friday, March 3rd

Sunday, April 2nd

Triad Concerts

Shir Joy Musical Shabbat

Sunday, March 5th Sunday, March 19th

Friday, April 7th

Purim Megillah Reading & Purimspiel

Tuesday, April 11th

Saturday, March 11th

Purim Carnival Sunday, March 12th

Tot Shabbat Friday, March 17th

Brotherhood Shabbat Dinner & Service

Passover 1st Day Service Passover / Yizkor Service Monday, April 17th

Tot Shabbat Friday, April 21st

Erev Yom Hashoah Sunday, April 23rd

Yom Ha’atzmaut

Friday, March 24th

Sunday, April 30th

Sisterhood Progressive Dinner

Triad Concert Sunday, April 30th

Saturday, March 25th

Temple Isaiah Bulletin A Volume 52, Issue 4 A March / April 2017

Member Union for Reform Judaism

March 2017 / Adar - Nisan / 5777 Sunday


Friday Ushers 3 Weiser 10 Rosofsky 17 Steinweis 24 Stopsky 31 Goldstein


Wednesday Thursday

Saturday Ushers 18 Kamen 25 Kitt/ Rosenzweig

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm

1 Religious School 9 am - 12 pm Brotherhood Mtg 9:09 am Tanakh Study 10:30 am - 11:30 am Triad Concert 3 - 5 pm

Adult Ed. Resurrection & Immortality Rabbi Karol 7 pm

5 Religious School Purim Carnival 10:30-12 am


13 Board of Trustees Mtg 7:30 pm


19 Religious School 9 am - 12 pm Tanakh Study 10:30 am - 11:45 pm Rennaisance Mtg 1:30 pm


Religious School Committee Mtg Temple Library 8 pm


Adult Ed. Resurrection & Immortality Rabbi Karol 7 pm


Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Religious School 4:30-6:30 pm





Ritual Committee Mtg 7:30 pm


Shir Joy Musical Erev Shabbat Service 6 pm

Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am


Candles: 5:32

Candles: 5:39


Candles: 6:47


Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm MRJ Mtg-Social Hall 7 pm


Candles: 6:54

11 Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am Ethan Hecht Bar Mitzvah


Brotherhood Shabbat Service & Dinner 6 pm


4 Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am Erev Purim Service & Sphiel 6:15 pm

Tot Shabbat 5:30 pm Erev Shabbat Service 7:30 pm

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm



Erev Shabbat Service 7:30 pm

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm

Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Religious School 4:30 - 6:30 pm


Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class 7 - 9 pm


Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Religious School 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Adult Ed. Resurrection & Immortality Rabbi Karol 7 pm

12 Religious School 9 am - 12 pm Triad Concert 3 - 5 pm

Early Morning Study 6:30 - 7:30 am Religious School 4:30 - 6:30 pm 5K Planning Committee Mtg 6:30 pm




18 Shabbat Morning Torah Study 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10 am Gerstein/ Salmonson B’nai Mitzvah Sisterhood Progressive Dinner


Erev Shabbat Service 7:30 pm

Candles: 7:02

31 2

Rabbi Rabbi Sobel Sobel ‘s ‘s Reflections Reflections “V’Karatem D’ror Ba’aretz – And You Shall Have Liberty Throughout the Land” During the months of March and April, we will celebrate

As a faith leader in the public realm, I walk a fine

Purim and Pesach.

balance: I minister to those whose thoughts and feelings

Purim celebrates the Jews’ release from the evils of Haman. During that time, we were the “other” in the land of Persia and were singled out and persecuted for our “otherness.” Pesach celebrates our liberation from bondage in Egypt. In Egypt we were also “other.” We remind ourselves of our path to freedom each and every day – not only during

fall on all sides of the political and social spectrums. At times, I must keep my personal feelings and ideas to myself in order to respond pastorally to the entire congregation. Yet, at times, there is a moral imperative to speak out, to share the prophetic voices from our religious teachings, to heed the call of our faith tradition.

Pesach, but when we sing the Mi Chamocha prayer at our

Now is the time to speak out, because our notions of

daily worship services.

“freedom” and “sanctuary” are at risk.

As a people, we Jews have long experience with being “other.” We know what it means to need safe haven, to need refuge, to seek sanctuary, a place where we can be free to live our lives in freedom. During these past weeks, no matter what your political affiliation, many people do not feel safe. To date in 2017, we’ve seen five waves of bomb threats on Jewish Community Centers, affecting over 90 JCC’s across North America, and vandalism at three Jewish cemetaries. A white supremacist opened fire on a mosque in Quebec City during evening prayers, killing 6 people and injuring many others, and many other people around the world are feeling vulnerable and afraid. How do we embody the lessons of Purim and Passover

Now is the

time to act. Now is the time for our community to come together and unite across every political, religious, or social divide. We must remember that in our American “Pledge of Allegiance,” we make an oath that our democratic republic promises to be a place of “liberty and justice for all.” For centuries people have come to the United States seeking a life of freedom, opportunity, and peace. Our Jewish tradition believes in the full humanity of every person. When we fail to see the divine in one another, we diminish our own humanity. The biblical imperative to “love your neighbor” knows no religious, political or national boundaries, and our common interest in security is only undermined when we allow fear to dismantle the very principles of our democracy.

with what is taking place in our world? How can we make our religious homes a place of welcoming and safe haven for all who choose to walk in our doors?

Continued on page 4


A Note From The Cantor Esther’s Heroism “Esther - You can change the world! You can make the

king - though the king had not invited her - she feared for

world complete. Take the pride you feel inside and never

her life. Today, we take for granted what a risk she took

accept defeat!”

in making this bold move. Jeff Klepper

As many times as I have read the Purim story, I have

One of the distinctive and enduring elements in the

never really thought much about Esther’s heroism, and

Purim story is the role of Esther as heroine and redeemer

what it takes to stand up for your beliefs in the face of

of the Jewish people in Persia. She was reluctant to

tremendous adversity. She set the bar very high for us,

leave her family and enter the court of Ahasuerus, keep-

living in America in 2017. Many of us are standing up

ing her identity as a Jew a secret. Mordechai convinced

now, today, for our beliefs, in the face of great adversity.

her that she could possibly be a crucial player in saving

The story of Purim, of the courageous acts of Esther, is

the Jewish people from the evil Haman by being near the

an example to all of us of what we can achieve when we

king, and even more importantly, by being an object of

stand up and speak out. It’s easy to be complacent, to

the king’s affection. It was not an easy choice for Esther,

not heed the call to act. Remember: “You can change

but she rose to the occasion, and in the end, put her own

the world.” Have a joyous & redemptive Purim.

life on the line for the sake of the Jewish people. When Mordechai admonished her that she must go before the

Cantor Carol Chesler

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Rabbi Sobel’s Reflections Continued from page 3 The great humanitarian, social activist, and Holocaust

So as we gather together to celebrate Purim and Pesach

survivor Elie Wiesel said, “There may be times when we

this year, let us take the lessons embodied within and

are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never

make them a reality by making our communities safe

be a time when we fail to protest.” People of faith have

havens and sanctuaries of peace and freedom for all:

a particular responsibility to speak out. In the words of

men, women and children.

our prayer book Mishkan T’filah, “There is no way to get from here to there except by joining hands and marching together.”


President’s Report Keeping Informed and Being Heard Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Not just for the end

Thanks again to those of you who participated in the

of winter, but also because it gives us an opportunity for

Thriving Synagogue Learning Tool survey sponsored

new beginnings.

by the UJA Synergy Progam and the Coeh Center for

As I mentioned in my last letter to the congregation, several congregants came to the February 13th Board of Trustees meeting, and we had a healthy dialogue about their concerns and the future of Temple Isaiah. The Board and I greatly appreciated the feedback received,

Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University. We just received revised results and are working with the Synergy Team to understand the highlights, the opportunities for action, and the best way to share the results. Look for more in the coming weeks.

and thank those who took the time to come and share

I wish everyone a joyous Purim and a Happy Passover.

their thoughts.

As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, or

Based on the feedback received, we will be arranging similar opportunities for small discussions going forward, to keep you informed and give you the chance to

concerns about Temple Isaiah and its future, feel free to contact me at or at 631-981-5128 evenings.

be heard. We’re still working out the details in order for

Jay Schoenfeld

these meetings to be the most useful and productive.


It is gratifying to know that so many of us have strong attachment to and feelings for Temple Isaiah. That is a source of strength for out Temple and will be helpful as we move forward.

The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library Please note: Our Temple library is open one half-hour before each Erev Shabbat Service.


Sustaining Members & Friends of Temple Isaiah 2017 Please help us to maintain Temple Isaiah as a house of worship, a house of learning, and a house of assembly by becoming a Sustaining Member in 2017. It is here where you celebrate life-cycle events, and it is here where you will find support when you need it. It is with your strong financial support that Temple Isaiah will continue to provide education, worship services, and support for people who are experiencing loss, crisis, or illness. Won’t you perform the mitzvah of tzedakah at Temple Isaiah? If you are able to make a contribution as a Sustaining Member, you will be providing revenue for regular as well as unforeseen expenses, and you will be helping us plan for future generations. Please join our growing list of Sustaining Members! Circle of Enrichment

Circle of Hope

Mitzvah Partner

Linda Barancik

Jamie & Hilton Adler

Judy Albano

Barbara & Jerry Fine

Essie & Mark Freilach

Sharon & Larry Epstein

Gloria & Mark Snyder

Dan Stenzler

Bartbara & Gary Kamen

Phyllis & Dan Turner

Carl Kravitz

Circle of Growth

Margaret & Jay Schoenfeld

Paula & Steve Bennett


Suzan & Alfred Goldhaber

Rose French

Honey & Arnie Katz

Suzanne Gabrielsen

Chai or Multiple

Anita & Stewart Gaffan

Marian Guarlnick

Irene & Bernie Gische

Barbara Wright

Pam Shulder

Woody Goldstein Myra & Alan Rosofsky Diane & Steve Weitzman Perri Fitterman & Larry Lieblich


Platinum Chai ($5,400 or above) Golden Chai ($3,600-$5,399) Silver Chai ($1,800-$3,599) Circle of Enrichment ($1,018- $1,799)


Circle of Growth ($540-$1,017) Circle of Hope ($360-$539) Chaverim ($180-$359) Mitzvah Partner ($118-$179) Chai or Multiple ($36-$117)




Social Action

If you are interested in working with the Social Action Committee, we would love to have you join us as we continue working towards Tikkun Olam, repairing our world through social activism, the pursuit of justice, acts of kindness, and the performance of mitzvot. Please contact the Temple office for more information.

Membership Musings Here’s a positive suggestion to have fun and learn while beating the winter blues! I have been a member of Temple Isaiah for a long time and my kids attended Religious school here. They participated in many holiday celebrations and services, and were very active in youth group. Now that my kids are grown and out of the house, I attend many services and programs “kidless”! When my kids were growing up, Tu Bishvat services were always well attended and lots of fun, just like it was this year. Last week, although a day after a large snowstorm, the social hall was filled with lots of enthusiastic children, parents, and seniors. Rabbi Sobel beautifully led the inter-generational Seder while everyone tasted delicious wine, grape juice and fruits. The cantor played interactive songs suitable for everyone, regardless of age. This service with phenomenal attendance of people of all ages was highly creative and a night to remember! Following the service and singing we all shared in the most delicious potluck dishes and chicken supplied by the synagogue. Everyone had a meaningful experience and a most delicious dinner. There are so many fabulous activities for all ages at Temple Isaiah, and I hope all the members will check the Temple Isaiah Bulletin for an activity that interests each person in the congregation. It’s fun to see old friends and make new friends with our Temple Isaiah family community! With warmth, Marylin Neuhaus Baracks



Date: Brotherhood’ s Las Vegas Night


Coming June 3, 2017!

B rotherhood Shabbat Dinner & Service Celebrate Shabbat with friends and family at the annual Brotherhood Dinner and Service on Friday evening, March 24th. Dinner at 6


and Service at 7:30


See the weekly Temple E-blasts for more information.


Purim! Celebrates

Calling all Purim Shpielers!

Erev Purim – Saturday, March 11 th 6:15 pm Festive Dinner including: Pizza / Salad / Drinks $8 per person, $25 per family, Please rsvp to or (631) 751-8518

Fu n Lov ing Co wb oy s & Co wg irls

7:00 pm Megillah Reading Service & Purim Shpiel Do the “Haman-Stomp!” Eat Hamantashen! Be Merry and Have Fun! (Sponsored by the Religious School Board, Parents Association and Brotherhood)

Please bring a box of

Macaroni & Cheese to use as a Grogger!

After the Megillah Reading we will donate all the boxes to our food pantry!) 8


y a D n u F y a d n u S m Puri h

12 t h c r a y, M a d n u S ing featur

! d o o F ! s e m Ga ! s e s i r S u rp nts:

Fa m i ly Fu n fo r A l l !

f Eve dule o

eduled h c S s y l Classe egular l o R o h 0 am us Sc 9-10:3 Religio ring u t a e f l arniva d & Prizes C m i r u o :00 P es, Fo 2 m 1 a G 0 , 3 10: Fun


C o me r u o Y n i Jo ! s d n e i Fr

Bring $5.00 for Food & Yummy Snacks! Tell Your Family & Friends that Everyone is Welcome! 9

Youth Group

• Open to students in grades 4 –12 • • Meet on Sundays 1–2 times per month • • Make new friends! • • Enjoy fun activities • and more... Please contact Morgan for more information at

Renaissance Club Attention Seniors! Our Renaissance Club meets once a month at the Temple. You are invited to come, make new friends, and share your ideas for speakers, outings, and events. Our next meeting is Sunday, March 26 th at 1:30 pm. Please call Lillian Goldstein at 862-1747 for more information.


of Stony Brook Presents

Celebrate Shabbat with Rabbi Sharon Sobel, Cantor Carol Chesler & Master Pre-School teacher Diane Weitzman!

Music, Story, Challah, Juice, and Shabbat Fun! for Children Ages 0 – 6 and their families! Everyone Welcome! Special activities and music for young children!

Fridays, March 17th and April 21st at 5:30


*Dates subject to change. Please watch eblast and website for updates.

Save the Date: Mitzvah Day is Coming Sunday, May 7, 2017 With a New Sanctioned 5K Walk / Run to Benefit Pediatric Cancer Research!

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen Members of Temple Isaiah’s Social Action Committee help staff Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen at St. James Catholic Church (429 Route 25A in Setauket). Each Sunday afternoon, dinner is provided to over 100 adults and children, by teams of volunteers working on a rotating schedule. Although housed at St. James Parish, the group itself comprises participants from various community faith-based groups and organizations. Volunteers in this organization serve in a variety of ways, including food planning, cooking, serving and cleanup, as well as providing transportation, supervision of the nursery area, pantry and clothing distribution. To help with this mitzvah, please call our Temple office, or contact: Joyce Bonitch at (631) 941-2731 Where / When: Sundays at 3:00


in the church basement.


r ve

Ha p

s a P s o y p

Pesach Schedule - 2016 Monday, April 10 th: First Seder All yahrzeits will be read on Saturday morning, April 15th. If you would prefer to have your loved one’s name read on a Friday evening, please contact Penny: If you would like a list of community seders in our area, please contact the Temple Office:

Tuesday, April 11th at 10 am: First Day Pesach Service Monday, April 17th at 7:30 pm: Last Day Pesach and Yizkor If you have extra room at your seder table to invite someone who would like to attend a seder, or if you would like to attend a seder, please inform Penny in the office:



Mi r

s S ’ e m d a i

Sunday, April 2nd 4:30 pm Social Hall

An Inclusive Experience for Everyone — Men, Women, and Young Adults

Come to this special Passover Seder to celebrate the role of women in the Exodus story and in Judaism. It’s not just women’s history; it’s OUR history. Everyone is welcome!

This Seder is a potluck event. We ask that each participant bring a “Passover Style” non-dairy dish to share and a non-perishable food item for Temple Isaiah’s food pantry. Ritual foods and a main course of chicken will be served.

RSVP a Must by Thursday, March 30th:

Temple office or contact Julia Bennett or Paula Bennett at or

Name/s: ______________________________________________________________________________ will join Miriam’s Seder. Cost: $5 pp – max $18 per family with school-aged children. I am bringing _________guests. (Total # attending: ________) I/we will bring the following to share (circle your choice/s): ****I am available to help Yes/No:





[Set up before / help during / clean up after] the Seder (circle one)


Shmoozing With Sisterhood Save the Dates! Greetings to all from Temple Isaiah Sisterhood. We wish you a very happy Purim and a joyous Passover! Spring is finally on the way. At the time of this writing, we’ve had only one blizzard and according to the national weather service, the likelihood of more snow at this time is only 15%. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time (official time: Sunday March 12th at 2



hood has had some very interesting, educational and fun-filled events in February and we look forward to more in the coming weeks.

March & April Sisterhood Event Schedule: Trace Your Jewish Genealogy Part II with Meredith Kaye Tierney Sunday, March 5th from 9:30 -11:30 TI Social Hall


Join Meredith Kaye-Tierney for another session of Jewish Genealogy and breakfast with your Sisterhood pals. Share what you’ve found out about your family histories. Don’t worry if you were not able to make it to our February session, please join us for this one! Don’t forget the 1st Triad Concert on Sunday, as well! Concert begins at 3


featuring the Washington

We would like to extend a very sincere thank-you to

Square Winds (with Temple Isaiah religious school

Meredith Kaye Tierney and Sandey Meyerson-Perline

alumna Alyssa Plotkin -- Paula Plotkin’s Daughter).

for helping us navigate the web for Jewish genealogical records to find members of our families. They both had wonderful tips for online searches, handouts, mementos and stories of their adventures in tracing their own family trees. We will be meeting for a “Jewish Genealogy Part 2” on Sunday, March 5th at 9:30 in the Social Hall to share what we have found out about our family histories. If you were not able to make it to the first session, please join us for this one.

Sisterhood’s Progressive Dinner Saturday, March 25th at 7


Look for the flyer in your Temple Mailing! Sisterhood’s Progressive Dinner is a lovely and delicious 4-course Saturday night out! Join us! You’ll go to a different location for each course, each time meeting a group of friendly people. Cost: $10.00 per person and you must RSVP early! RSVP to Temple Isaiah by March 5th Questions contact: Mona Saidens 9280812 or Diane Weitzman 689-8222.

Sisterhood hosted “Mahjongg Madness 2017” on February 26th with the North Shore Chaverot Chapter of Hadassah to raise funds for Hadassah hospitals in Israel. We extend special thanks to Pam Diamond, Randee Silberfeld for all their hard work putting this annual event together. Mahjongg was great and our kosher-style Chinese dinner was the best! We can all be proud of participating in this Mitzvah for health in Israel.

All Inclusive Miriam’s Seder Sunday, April 2nd at 4:30 TI Social Hall


Join Sisterhood to celebrate the contributions of Miriam during the Exodus with this beautiful Seder led by Temple Isaiah’s Religious school alumna Julia Bennett. Invite your family and friends. Continued on page 15


Adult Education RSVP to Penny for all courses:

Shabbat Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel Every Saturday: 8:30 am – 9:30 am

dult Early Morning Study with Rabbi Adam D. FAisher Tuesday Mornings: 6:30 – 7:30 am



Tanach Study with Rabbi Stephen Karol Sunday Mornings: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Resurrection & Immortality in Jewish Thought with Rabbi Stephen Karol Monday Evenings: 7 pm

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Shmoozing With Sisterhood Continued from page 14 A Seder dinner of chicken, matzah and ritual foods will be

Rummage Schedule:

served. Please bring a non-dairy Passover style dish to share.

Sunday, April 30th:

You must RSVP to the Temple office, Julia Bennett jeb.

“Rummage Drop Off” 9 or to Paula Bennett pbennett1000@

Sunday, April 30th: by Thursday March 30th. Fee: $5pp $18 max

Sale opens for all at 12:30 ppm - 2:30

per family with school age children. (Volunteers to help

Please Note: We will close Rummage at 2:30

set up/clean up are needed as well.)

Triad Concert.

Sisterhood’s Annual Spring Rummage Sale Begins Sunday April 30th thru Tuesday May 2nd TI Social Hall

am-12 pm

Social Hall. pm. pm

for the

Monday May 1st: Sale open 10








Tuesday, May 3rd:

Sisterhood needs donations of your gently used and/or

Sale open 10

unwanted new “stuff.” Here’s you chance to increase

Clean up 1

the level of organization in your home. Start cleaning

For more information or to volunteer contact:

out your closets, basements and garages. Our rummage

Paula Bennett or Eileen Donnelly

sales are Sisterhood’s largest fundraisers. Your contribu- or

tions of gently used clothing and “stuff” help Sisterhood

We look forward to seeing you at Temple Isaiah!







help our Temple community (gifts to B’nai Mitzvah, youth camp scholarships, Temple beautification/repairs), and

Very Sincerely Yours,

those less fortunate in our larger community. Volunteers

Paula Bennett and Eileen Donnelly

needed, no experience necessary!

TI Sisterhood Co-Presidents


PROGRESSIVE 2017 Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 7:00



You prepare for EIGHT people an: Appetizer (your house), or Salad / Wine (bring to entree house) or Entree (your house), or Dessert (Temple).


You’ll go to a different location for each course, each time meeting a group of friendly people. When you sign up, you’ll get directions and details.


House too small? Dog too big? Live too far away? Choose Salad/Wine or dessert course.


7:00 – 8:00 pm: Appetizer • 8:30 – 10:00 (Drop off desserts at Temple at 3:00 pm)


$10.00 per person


Call Diane at 689-8222


Salad/Entree • 10:15: Dessert at Temple

Send in form to Temple Isaiah by March 5th (No reservations can be taken after that date) Name _________________________________________________________ Telephone _________________________ Address _______________________________________________________ E-mail _____________________________ Enclosing $10.00 per person. Total = ___________ Food Allergies? ______________________________________ Mark first two choices (1 and 2):

Appetizer _____

Would you like to make a Vegetarian-style entree? _____

Salad/Wine _____

Entree _____

Dessert _____

Do you prefer to eat a Vegetarian-style entree? _____


Shir Joy Musical Shabbat (“Shir” is Hebrew for “Song!”)

Fridays, March 3rd and April 7th

Pre-Neg Nosh • Wine & Cheese • Fun Treats •



Musical Shabbat Service 6 to 7


Everyone Welcome - All Ages! Celebrate Shabbat with Family, Friends, and Community!

Traditional and Contemporary Music • Participatory • • Reflective • • Spiritual • • Joyful • Some Congregants Enjoy Dinner Together After Shir Joy Services Why not organize such a group yourself? Or, if you’d like help creating a new group of friends, please let Morgan know at Please be sure to tell Morgan whether you would be willing to host a small pot-luck meal in your home. Or, if you prefer, plan to enjoy a meal together at a restaurant.

1404 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790

A (631) 751- 8518 A A 17


Dear Congregants,

Here’s another good way to help support

We are now affiliated with AmazonSmile!

You shop. Amazon gives. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Temple Isaiah whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. If you are already an Amazon customer select Temple Isaiah as your charitable organization, or go set up an account today. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

Support Temple Isaiah by shopping at 19

Media Watch Israel Israel’s Moral Imperative 1. US abstains in key UN Israel vote, clearing way for condemnation of settlements. UN follows up by

constructing blacklist of Israeli companies. tion-settlements.html israeli-companies.html 2. US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passes Resolution condemning UN for anti-Israel Resolution resolution.html 3.

UN-sponsored schools using anti-Israel textbooks from Palestinian Authority. palestinian-authority.html 4. Israel deploys new ‘Star Wars’ missile killer system. missile-killer-system-165038816--finance.html

Larry Weber

Come Join Our Klezmer Band Are you an accomplished musician? Do you love playing music with a group of friends of all ages? We are looking for trained musicians to help enhance our musical experience at Temple Isaiah. Come play with our volunteer in-house band on the first Friday of the month for our Shir Joy musical Shabbat services, for Mitzvah Day, and a few other occasions. We need musicians who play: clarinet, stand-up bass, percussion , violin, accordion, flute, piano, and any other instruments. Contact Rabbi Sharon Sobel or Cantor Carol Chesler for more information or to arrange an audition: or


This Month


Jewish History

March / April


March 4, 1820 (Russia) Czar Alexander I prohibited Jews from employing Christian servants. March 15, 1945 (Germany) 15 year old Anne Frank died from typhus in Bergen-Belson concentration camp, weeks before its liberation. March 17, 1808 (France) Napolean issued the “Infamous Decree,” which cancelled any debt owed to Jews by military personnel or women, abolished freedom of trade for Jews, and forbid Jews from settling in certain areas around the Rhine. Yitzhak Rabin

March 28, 1932 (Eretz Israel) The first Maccabiah Games were held in Tel Aviv with Jewish athletes from 21 countries competing. March 30, 1581 (Italy) Pope Gregory XIII issued a Bull (papal edict) banning the use of Jewish doctors by Christians. Nevertheless, many popes used Jews as their personal physicians. April 11, 1909 (Eretz Israel) Tel Aviv, the first modern Jewish city, was founded on the sand dunes north of Jaffa. The city originally consisted of sixty houses.

Rebecca Gratz

April 17, 1731 (New York Colony) Yeshibat Minhat Areb became the first Jewish Day School in North America. April 19, 1506 (Portugal) During a service at St. Dominics Church, some people thought they saw a vision on one of the statues. When a newly converted Jew questioned the “miracle,” they tore him to pieces and burned what was left of his body. Led by two Dominican monks, the mob then proceded to ransack Jewish houses and kill any Jews they could find. During the next few days, over two thousand Jews were murdered in and around Lisbon. April 23, 1948 (Eretz Israel) On this day the coastal city of Haifa was captured by the Haganah (Jewish paramilitary force) during Israel’s War of Independence.

Ruth Bader Gindberg

Jewish Birthdays in March & April: A Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister: 3/1/1922 A Rebecca Gratz, educator/philanthropist: 3/4/1781 A Lillian Wald, nurse/humanitarian: 3/10/1867 A Albert Einstein, physicist/humanitarian: 3/14/1879 A Billy Crystal, actor/comedian: 3/14/1947 A Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice: 3/15/1933 A Harry Houdini, illusionist/escape artist: 3/24/1874 A Maimonides, physician/philosopher: 3/30/1135 A Dara Torres, Olympic swimming champion: 4/15/1967 A Benny Leonard, boxing champion: 4/17/1896 A Cynthia Ozick, author: 4/17/1928 A Uriah P. Levy, U.S. Admiral: 4/22/1792

Harry Houdini

A Robert Oppenheimer, nuclear physicist: 4/22/1904 A Barbra Streisand, singer/entertainer: 4/24/1942 A Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice: 4/28/1960 A Jerry Seinfeld, comedian: 4/29/1954


Yom HaShoah Service Holocaust Remembrance Day Sunday Evening, April 23rd at 7:30


On this special evening, we come together as a community to pray and to reflect, to reaffirm the continuity of our people, to remember and to vow “Never again...� Not to us, not to any people, anywhere. Please join us as we recite Kaddish for the six million Jewish souls who perished, who suffered persecution simply for being born Jewish.


Simchas & Tzures Whether you have happy news (simchas) or sad

If you would like one of our rabbis to officiate

news (tzures), we hope you will share it with us.

at a funeral, please speak to Rabbi Sobel before

Rabbi Sobel likes to know about births, engage-

scheduling. Our sanctuary is available for funeral

ments, weddings, and other happy occasions, as

or memorial services. If you call the Temple about

well as hospitalizations, sicknesses, or deaths.

a funeral and have to leave a message with the

Please let us know of any hospitalizations, so

answering service, please mention that you are

Rabbi or Cantor can arrange to visit or phone.

calling regarding a funeral.

Condolences A To Michael Nemirov on the death of his father

Hyman Nemerov

A To Yolanda Hollander on the death of her father

Mike Belcastro

A To Larry Weber on the death of his mother

Rhoda Weber

A To Abby Lambert on the death of her mother

Renee Alzsan

A To Phyllis Turner on the death of her husband

Daniel Turner

Sunshine Funds

Beautification Fund

It’s always the "right time" to make a contribution to your Temple. It might be in honor of a living person or a recent event, or in memory of someone or something, or anything you want. Donations can be made over the phone, by email, or through the USPS. However you send the information, your donation can be added to your monthly Temple Isaiah invoice for easy bookkeeping. Sunshine cards require a minimum contribution of ten dollars.

The purpose of the Beautification Fund is to generate money to renovate and beautify our synagogue. All monies will go into a fund dedicated to this purpose.

Minimum contribution is $10 Prayer Book: $45 Chumash: $60 Tree of Life Leaf: $118 Pew Plaque: $250 Memorial Board Plaque: $360 Please call the office for more information regarding the above contributions.

To assist in this goal, a wall sculpture has been commissioned. This permanent work of art provides the opportunity to commemorate your support for Temple Isaiah. Plaques of different sizes will be available in the following categories: Contributor............... $250 per year for 3 years Sponsor.................... $500 per year for 3 years Patron.................... $1000 per year for 3 years Benefactor.............. $2500 per year for 3 years To make a contribution, or if you have any questions, please call the office at 751-8518.


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Beautification Fund

Israel Fund

In memory of Anthony Scalfani Paula & Martin Lieberman

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Camp Fund In In In In In In In

memory of Fay Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Jerry Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Ida Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Joseph Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Anna Ruben Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Frank Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Bessie Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Fund to Feed the Hungry In In In In In In In In In In In

memory of Jack Flinker Lillian Goldstein memory of Joan Korins Josh & Dan Stenzler memory of Shirley Silberhartz Dreania & Micheal LeVine memory of Milton Schiff Iris & David Schiff memory Eugene Hoffman Vicki & Dennis Hoffman honor of Robert Rose Tina Dunayer & Harold Guberman honor of the birth of Aaron Kram Iris & David Schiff memory of Paul Michael Theo & Marion Pavlidis memory of John Behrendt The Kamen Family memory of Len & Lil Harrison The Kamen Family memory of Leo & Harriet Kamen The Kamen Family

memory Morris Gerstein memory of Ruth Stern Frank memory of Millie Stern memory of Edith Stern Ann & Arthur Gerstein memory of Roberta Schwartz memory of Rhoda Weber Mark & Mona Saidens

Landscape Fund In memory of Robert Ensler Ivan and Ilene Ensler

Music Fund In In In In

memory Esther Kaplan Barbara & Bruce Meyer memory of Rhoda Weber Marion & Theo Pavlides memory of Russell Lieblich Perri & Larry Lieblich memory of Rhoda Weber Iris & David Schiff

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library In memory of Murray Arrian In memory of Claire Arrian Shelley & Howard Fleit In memory of Fred Guberman Harold Guberman In memory of Rhoda Weber Judy Albano In memory of Alan Bessen Iris & David Schiff Get well wishes to David Schiff Myra & Alan Rosofsky

Rabbi Karol Youth Lounge Fund In memory of Kermit Gitter Arlene Gitter In memory of Norman Gabrielsen Suzanne Gabrielsen


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Rabbi Sobel’s Discretionary Fund

Social Action Fund

In In In In In In In In In In In In

In memory of Paul Michael Marge & Paul Weiser In memory of Paul Michael Sheila & David Silberhartz

memory of William Charatan Maureen & Harvey Bernstein memory of Morris Goldstein Bernice Kornfield Premisler memory of Sheldon Lacoff Marshall Lacoff memory of Sol Liebowitz memory of Molly Siskind Marion & Martin Liebowitz memory of Kermit Gitter Ellen & Mark Koenig memory of Harry Dvorken Doris & Leo Dvorken memory of Rubin Zaretsky Barbara & Ira Zaret memory of Rose Katz memory of Julius Katz memory of Joseph Durso Honey & Arnie Katz memory of Rhoda Weber Mark & Essie Freilach

Special Projects Fund In memory Neville Gray Sonya Singh In memory of Gurbechan Singh Sonya Singh

Tikkun Olam Fund In memory of Tom & Betty Horowitz The Kamen Family

Worship Fund In memory of Herman Meyer In memory of Abraham Kaplan Barbara & Bruce Meyer


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B’nai Mitzvah March 2017 Ethan Hecht March 18th Son on Matthew and Traci Hecht

Brandon Gerstein March 25th Son of Marc and Stacey Gerstein

Jaime Salmonson March 25th Daughter of Eric and Stephanie Salmonson

Siman Tov & Mazel Tov To All! Rabbi—Sharon L. Sobel

Parents' Association Co-Chairs—Ellen Covino &

Cantor––Carol Chesler

Ilene Horan

Temple President—Jay Schoenfeld

Youth Group Advisor—Morgan Shapiro-–Antwork

School Principle—Phyllis Sterne

Rabbi Emeritus—Stephen A. Karol

Sisterhood Co-Presidents—Paula Bennett

Rabbi Emeritus—Adam D. Fisher

& Eileen Donnelly

Cantor Emeritus—Michael F. Trachtenberg

Brotherhood President—Alan Fisher

Temple Isaiah (631) 751- 8518


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Isaiah bulletin march april 2017 (2)  
Isaiah bulletin march april 2017 (2)