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March 6th: Triad Concert Series March 20th: Chag Purim Sunday Fun Day March 20th: Sisterhood Hamentaschen Workshop March 23rd: Erev Purim Dinner, Service and Shpiel And much more...

Temple Isaiah Bulletin A Volume 51, Issue 6 A March / April 2016

Member Union for Reform Judaism

March 2016 / Adar 1 - Adar 11 / 5776 Sunday


Friday Ushers

Saturday Ushers

4 Feldman 11 Kamen 18 Salzberg 25 Kitt

19 Kamen/Stopsky 26 Schiff

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 6:30-7:30 am Early Morning Study 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School

Religious School Youth Group 9:09 am Brthrhd Mtg @ Kitchen 9:30-11 am 5th & 6th Grade Family Ed. 10:30-11:45 am Tanakh Study 2 pm Triad Concert Series

4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7-8 pm Purim Rehearsal 8 pm RS Board Mtg - Cindy’s house


Religious School 8:15 am Brthrhd Pancake Breakfast 10:30-11:45 am Tanakh Study 12-1:30 pm Youth Group

13 Religious School 9 am-12 pm Chag Purim Sunday Fun Day 10:30-11:45 am Tanakh Study 11:30 am Sisterhood Hamentaschen Workshop

20 1:30 pm Renaissance Club Meeting


7 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7-8 pm Purim Rehearsal

14 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 2 pm Book Discussion Group Songs of Willow Frost 8:00 pm Board Meeting

21 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7:30 pm Ritual Committee Meeting



6:30-7:30 am Early Morning Study 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7 pm Adult Ed“Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas” with Rabbi Karol 7 pm Sisterhood Meeting 8

4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7 pm Adult Ed Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas 7:30 pm Shiva Minyan Workshop


Erev Purim 6:15 pm Purim Dinner Service & Shpiel

17 Purim 7-9 pm Adult B’Nai Mitzvah Class


Candles: 6:40


5 pm Tot Shabbat 7:30 pm Erev Shabbat Service Oneg in Honor of Rabbi Fisher’s 75th Birthday

7-9 pm Adult B’Nai Mitzvah Class

Candles: 6:48


7:30 pm Erev Shabbat Scout Service


Candles: 6:55

8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Torah Study 10 am Shabbat Morning Service

5 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Torah Study 10 am Shabbat Morning Service

12 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Torah Study 10 am Shabbat Morning Service B’nai Mitzvah of Austin Lebit & Joshua Russo

19 8:30-9:30 am Shabbat Morning Torah Study 10 am Shabbat Morning Service Bar Mitzvah of Ryan Brodsky



7-9 pm Adult B’Nai Mitzvah Class

6:30-7:30 am Early Morning Study 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7 pm Adult Ed Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas





Candles: 5:34

6:00 pm Youth Group Shabbat Dinner 7:30 pm Erev Shabbat Youth Led Service

7-9 pm Adult B’Nai Mitzvah Class

6:30-7:30 am Early Morning Study 4:30-6:30 pm Religious School 7 pm Adult Ed Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas 7:30 pm Shiva Minyan Workshop





6 pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service

7-9 pm Adult B’Nai Mitzvah Class




31 2

Rabbi Rabbi Sobel Sobel ‘s ‘s Reflections Reflections Journey to the Dominican Republic – Journey for Justice

“Once the eye has seen and the ear has heard, you can

of discrimination, poverty and pain. The Dominican

no longer pretend to be uninvolved or unaffected.”

Republic government is perpetrating great human rights

My father used to teach me this Jewish concept when I was young as we would march for social justice causes in New York City, as we would fight for the freedom of Soviet Jews, and rally against the war in Vietnam.

violations. In 2010, the government changed their constitution to revoke the citizenship of any Dominicanborn person of Haitian descent. This is a complicated situation which perpetrates a cycle of lack of birth certificates, lack of ID cards, lack of ability to enroll in schools,

My parents instilled within me the notion that as a Jew,

lack of ability to obtain employment. It perpetuates a

as a human being, I am morally obligated to use my

cycle of poverty, anguish and despair. It perpetrates fear

voice to speak out for those who could not speak for

of deportation, depression and lack of will-to-live.


I went to witness the discrimination that women and

I recently went to the Dominican Republic on a human

girls face by a society that values a “macho” culture,

rights journey to bear witness: to see with my own eyes

where gender-based violence is the “norm” and goes

and to hear with my own ears the powerfully moving

unpunished. I went to hear testimony from the LGBTQ

stories and struggles of so many Dominicans.

community about how the Catholic views on sexuality, combined with the “macho” culture, join to form

I travelled to the DR as part of a six-month Rabbinic

attitudes of hatred, alienation and gross miscarriages of

Global Justice Fellowship with American Jewish World

justice toward the LGBTQ population.

Service ( We went to meet with people from a number of human rights organizations, to listen

And while I went to see, listen and witness, I knew this

to their stories, and to figure out how we can best

experience would be so much more profound than all of

accompany them on their journey of justice, their

that. Why? For even though our bodies have five senses:

journey of perseverance, their journey of truth, their

sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, we cannot over-

journey of finding humanity in the face of great difficulty.

look the senses of our souls. The differences between people lie in their individual use of these senses OR in

As one of my colleagues so eloquently said, this was a

their reliance only upon their physical senses.

journey about “becoming human.” Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, humanitarian, Torah scholar and professor,

My senses were on overdrive during this entire trip to the

once stated: “To remain human in the face of absurd

DR - both my physical senses and my senses of the soul:

inhumanity is the real message of Judaism. And to act

my heart and my mind.

upon what we see is critical. Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil.” I was privileged to be present and witness deep moral courage expressed by human beings living in the midst

What I physically touched, smelled, tasted, saw and heard moved my heart, touched my spirit and deeply stirred my soul. continued on page 6


A Musical Note from the Cantor Anticipation... I’ve learned that a fundamental religious theme is

When we read the story of the Exodus culminating with

anticipation. Our children and our summer community

Shabbat Shira as we study Parshah B’shallach from the

learn and experience about being religious at our URJ

Book of Sh’mot, it’s usually around January. “Why don’t

camps on the athletic fields and courts, the theatre

we read this from the Torah closer to Pesach?” I’m often

(te’atron), and with our Six Points Science Camp, in the

asked. The Torah describes the encounter with Pharaoh

lab. You need to anticipate and be ready so you’ll know

and the Plagues, as if to set up a narrative of anticipa-

what to do when the ball comes to you, the emotions

tion to think about what will finally enable the Hebrews

overwhelm you, and the revelation of a theory hits you

to be free. Starting so many weeks before, enables us to

like a lightening bolt. Having a religious mindset means

consider in many different ways and levels in our daily

always being ready, anticipating the spiritual nature of

lives, what a momentous event the Exodus was for us.

events in our lives.

After reading about the ancient Exodus, we can start to

Abraham Joshua Heschel taught us to ‘be open to the

work on the meaning of freedom in our own lives. We

many wonders that surround us constantly. We need to

need to liberate our personal lives in many ways. In a

be ready for what’s coming’.

world where personal and political freedom is a precious

Passover is all about anticipation. As you’ll see over the next several Shabbats, ritually, we recite a series of special haftarot from Shabbat Shekalim through Shabbat

commodity, we need to be committed to making the vision a reality. The message of Pesach is that we who are free are responsible for making others free.

Ha-Gadol, leading up to Pesach. Like a bride and

I hope that in this time of anticipation, we’ll find

groom anticipating a wedding, we do a lot of planning,

opportunities to help others and ourselves to be part of

and hope that the anticipation helps us experience the

a joyous season of redemption and beauty. The buds will

wonder of the event. We start thinking about whom we’ll

be opening, the flowers soon will appear. May the com-

invite, scan on-line for new recipes, try to remember

ing Pesach season be filled with joy in all our homes.

where we put the Haggadot, and where did I put Nana Sarah’s kugel recipe? All the cleaning we do probably

Cantor-Educator Scott Harris

represents the ultimate in religious anticipation.


President’s Report The Power of Community In my last column, I wrote about the kehilla kedosha, the

The energy carried over into our Oneg Shabbat. Rabbi

holy congregation, and how the congregation together

Jacobs stayed after services to answer questions and

creates the holiness. If you came to Shabbat services on

speak with congregants, and so did nearly everyone

January 29th, you not only were a part of it, but saw how

else. There was more food, more friends to catch up

powerful it can be.

with, more people to meet. Because so many people

For those who don’t remember or weren’t there, that night we were honored to have Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, as our guest speaker as part of our 50th anniversary celebration. For those who chose to come early, we had a communal dinner before services in the Social Hall. The room was filled, the buffet table loaded with chicken and our homemade side dishes, and people had the chance to share a meal with old friends or make new ones. This atmosphere carried over to services. The sanctuary was full, our clergy did a great job and worked so well with our accompanist and the Chai Notes to make the service special.

were there, the Oneg lasted longer, which was a great thing. Just by being there, you helped make the evening special, one that most of us will remember for a long time. January 29th demonstrated how the power of community can create a kehilla kedosha, a holy congregation. It starts with being a member, and grows every time we do something, whether it’s coming to school on Sunday morning, joining a committee, teaching an adult education class, or just sharing your skill or expertise to benefit the Temple. I look forward to more January 29ths in the coming months. If you would like to become more involved or have any other thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns,

Rabbi Jacobs gave a great talk about how society is

feel free to contact me at or at

changing, the challenges facing all religions, why doing

981-5128 evenings.

the same things we’ve been doing won’t work anymore, and some of the things the URJ is doing to help congregations meet those challenges. You could feel the energy.

Jay Schoenfeld President

Celebrate Israel Parade 2016 Save the Date: Sunday, June 5th Temple Isaiah will be marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade in Manhattan on June 5th. Bus transportation is being arranged. Please plan on attending with family and friends. Details to come.


Triad Concert Series Elaine Hou & Guy Slapak

Piano Four Hands Sunday, March 6th at 3:00


Ticket Prices: $18 at the door / $15 in advance - $40 Series Ticket $10 Seniors 65 + & Collage Students High School & Younger $5 Please make your check out ot: GPJAC and Send to: GPJAC c/o Plotkin 15 Oxford Drive, Port Jeff Sta. NY 11776 A reception and “meet and greet” with the artists will follow the performance. If you have any questions, please call Paula Plotkin @ (631) 902-1584 or 476-0763.

Rabbi Sobel’s Journey to the Dominican Republic continued from page 3 Throughout the time we were there, we tasted and

the voices of those whom I met who are fighting for their

smelled the scent of hope in the actions of those who

basic rights. As you read their tales of darkness and

are dedicated to changing the world in which they live,

despair, of injustice and hope for a better world: please

so many people who touched me with their courage, their

read my blog post for details and action steps (and for

strength, their generosity. Facing incredible hardships


and assaults on their dignity, they are standing up, taking risks, acting in solidarity, committed to systemic change, basic rights and human dignity of all people. We touched the hands of those with whom we spent time, knowing that this physical touch will profoundly touch

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “In a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible if they do not speak up and act out against injustice.” Together, you and I can make a difference.

our hearts, minds and move us to action. We saw how AJWS touched so many by engaging with others in the meaningful, important and good work they do. Now that I am back home, I ask that you join me on this journey. That you serve as witness as well, as you hear

Long-Term Planning Committee If you are interested in joining our Planning Committee, please contact Rich Tuckman at


Sustaining Members & Friends of Temple Isaiah 2015 Please help us to maintain Temple Isaiah as a house of worship, a house of learning, and a house of assembly by becoming a Sustaining Member in 2016. It is here where you celebrate life-cycle events, and it is here where you will find support when you need it. It is with your strong financial support that Temple Isaiah will continue to provide education, worship services, and support for people who are experiencing loss, crisis, or illness. Please join our growing list of Sustaining Members!


Platinum Chai ($5,400 or above) Golden Chai ($3,600-$5,399) Silver Chai ($1,800-$3,599) Circle of Enrichment ($1,018- $1,799)


Circle of Growth ($540-$1,017) Circle of Hope ($360-$539) Chaverim ($180-$359) Mitzvah Partner ($118-$179) Chai or Multiple ($36-$117)

Silver Chai

Circle of Hope

Chaverim (continued)

Chai or Multiple

Claire Baer

Randee Kanter & Pat Urquhart

Amy & Mort Rosen

Jayne Cohen

Dan Stenzler

Sue & Dean Rosenzweig

Shari & Alan Countess

Myra & Alan Rosofsky

Marian Guarlnick

Circle of Enrichment


Barbara & Jerry Fine

Rose French

Mitzvah Partner

Iris & David Schiff

Suzanne Gabrielsen

Judy Albano

Gloria & Mark Snyder

Barbara Goldberg

Margaret & Jay Schoenfeld

Barbara & Gary Kamen

Preston Schoenfeld

Laurie & Leon Klempner

Barbara & Bob Yarmus

Circle of Growth Paula & Steve Bennett Linda & Rich Stopsky

Dreannia & Micheal LeVine

Joan & Jason Kitt Irva & Saul Steinweis Barbara & Richard Wright

Cantor Michael & Cherie Trachtenberg


Please support these local businesses who generously contributed to our 50th Anniversary Celebration: Ace Hardware Arthur Matarazzo, CFS Bernice Kornfield-Premisler, Psychotherapist Brookhaven Opticians Capital One Bank Davidow, Davidow, Siegel & Stern Domansky Family Foundation East Bay Mechanical Elegant Eating Federmann Financial Advisors Flowerfield Celebrations Four D Landscaping FPF Construction Fricke Memorials Harold I. Guberman, Attorney at Law Hilton Garden Inn I. J. Morris Jeffrey Hendel Financial Services Joey’s Z Pita Café Marriott Wind Watch M. Cary General Contracting McKan Construction Corporation MCN Distributors

Meadow Club Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown Nesconset Bagel Café New Horizon Graphics O Sole Mio PJ Cinemas Port Jefferson Hearing Renzo’s Restaurant & Pizzeria Rosenberg & Gluck LLP Schnippers Quality Kitchen Scientific Exterminating Shalom Memorial Chapels Siena Wealth Advisory Group Stafford Associates Syzygy Creative Studios Temple Isaiah Board of Directors Temple Isaiah Brotherhood Temple Isaiah Sisterhood Village Times Herald Villa Sorrento Watermill Caterers Wiggs Opticians


L’Dor V ’D

The Ensler Family Jason Lauren Rebecca

The Leonoff Family Matthew Rachel The Lowitt Family Eli Gary Randi Raymond Ross Seth Sharon

The Proothi Family Benjamin Jackson The Rosenzweig Family Clara Emma Harrison Jacob The Sama Family Hope Lily Rebecca The Sanabia Family Michael Naomi


The Donnelly Family Audrey Brianna Emma Isaiah Joshua Oliver

The Fastenberg Family Dylan Nathan Samuel

om Genera - Fr ti o n

to G

The Baum Family Ethan Jordan


The Shulder Family Alex Alexa David Ethan Jillian The Sobel Family Heather Marie Katherine Nicole Makis Jules Samanth Lynn Sarah Melissa Sydney Gabriella Xavier George Zoe Elizabeth The Steinweis Family Brooke Scarlett

The Weiser Family Carly Elliot Jaden Julia Lana Leo Sela



y a D n u F y a d n u S m i r Pu 0th

ch 2 r a M , y Sunda ing featur

! d o o F ! s e m a G ! s e s i r S u rp nts:

Fa m i ly Fu n ! l l A r o f

f Eve o e l u d

eduled h c S s y l Classe gular e l o R o h 0 am us Sc 9-10:3 Religio with s n i g e B m Fun i r u P arade am P 1 d n 1 a 10:30 Prizes Music & d o o F ames, G m i r Pu oon N 2 1 11-


C o me r u o Y n i Jo ! s d n e i r F

Bring $5.00 for Food & Yummy Snacks! Tell Your Family & Friends that Everyone is Welcome! 10

Purim! Celebrates

Wednesday March 23, 2016

6:15 pm Festive Dinner

Pizza / Salad / Drinks $8 per person Please rsvp to Morgan by Monday, March 21st: or (631) 751-8518

ox of

b Please bring a

heese C & i n o r a c a M ger! og

to use as a Gr

After the Megillah Reading we will donate all the boxes to our food pantry!)

7:00 pm Purim Service & Shpiel Megillah Reading Singing & Fun Do the “Haman-Stomp!� Eat Hamantashen (Sponsored by the Religious School Board, Parents Association and Brotherhood)


Commemorate a Special Event and Perform a Mitvot with Your Friends at Temple Isaiah

We Have so Many Reasons to Celebrate Together! A The Birth of a Child or Grandchild A A Bris or Baby Naming A A Bar or Bat Mitzvah A A Confirmation or Graduation A An Engagement A A Marriage and More... All are Excellent Occasions to

Whether in Honor of a Special Occasion or a Special Someone, Your Sponsorship is a Mitzvah Your Temple Family will Greatly Appreciate. Please call the Temple office at 751-8518 for details or email Penny at 12

PROGRESSIVE 2016 Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 7:00



You prepare for EIGHT people an: Appetizer (your house), or Salad / Wine (bring to entree house) or Entree (your house), or Dessert (Temple).


You’ll go to a different location for each course, each time meeting a group of friendly people. When you sign up, you’ll get directions and details.


House too small? Dog too big? Live too far away? Choose Salad/Wine or dessert course.


7:00 – 8:00 pm: Appetizer • 8:30 – 10:00 (Drop off desserts at Temple at 3:00 pm)


$10.00 per person


Call Diane at 689-8222


Salad/Entree • 10:15: Dessert at Temple

Send in form to Temple Isaiah by April 15th (No reservations can be taken after that date) Name _________________________________________________________ Telephone _________________________ Address _______________________________________________________ E-mail _____________________________ Enclosing $10.00 per person. Total = ___________ Food Allergies? ______________________________________ Mark first two choices (1 and 2):

Appetizer _____

Would you like to make a Vegetarian-style entree? _____

Salad/Wine _____

Entree _____

Dessert _____

Do you prefer to eat a Vegetarian-style entree? _____

Media Watch Israel Israel’s Moral Imperative 1. During his first visit to a Synagogue as Pope, in Rome Pope Francis “…called for the ‘rediscovery of the

Jewish roots of Christianity’ and repeated an appeal for Catholics to say ‘no’ to every form of anti-

Semitism.’” “Jews and Christians must, therefore, feel like brothers united by the same God and by a rich

common spiritual heritage,” he said. 2. Israel’s Cabinet votes “…to allow non-Orthodox Jewish prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, a move

advocates said marked a historic show of government support for liberal streams of Judaism.” holy-site 3. Christian Arabs achieving greater integration into Israeli society, with assistance from the International

Fellowship for Christians and Jews 4. Israel ranked in cohort of the world’s best countries. 5. After past years of leadership, Israel’s space program is lagging, while Iran pushes ahead. warn-443625 6. Israeli “lawmakers and an IDF representative accused journalists of orchestrating events to make Israel

look bad, during a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee discussion…” bad-443594 7. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely in an Al Jazeera interview “…said that the claim that the Pal

estinian terrorists were acting under the duress of frustration is ‘absolutely wrong,’ and that the proof is

the fact that during the heyday of the Oslo Accords in the 1990s, ‘when the Palestinians had the best

hope for a Palestinian state,’ the terrorism did not stop. ‘It means that terrorism is the main issue, not

frustration,’ she said.”

caused-by-despair-444004 [Note: Readers may find the web site Palestinian Media Watch of interest.]

8. Palestinian Authority “…security forces warn of permeation

of ISIS ideology; Laud Israel-PA-US cooperation.”

h t t p : / / w w w. j p o s t . c o m / A r a b - I s r a e l i - C o n f l i c t / PA security-forces-warn-of-permeation-of-ISIS-ideolo-




Ritual Committee Honors and Aliyahs Every week we honor our congregants by asking them to participate in different sections of our Shabbat Service. If you are celebrating a special occasion (i.e., birthday, anniversary, graduation, new baby, grandchild, new job), why not commemorate it with an honor or aliyah at a service? Or, if you know that you will be at services on a given week and would like an honor, please contact the office at 631-751-8518 or email

Caring Committee Shiva Minyan Leaders Workshop Rabbi Sharon Sobel will lead a two-part Shiva Minyan Leaders Workshop, which will take place on Tuesday, March 15th and Tuesday, March 22nd at 7:30


RSVP to Morgan:

Social Action Committee Mitzvah Day Is Coming! Save the Date for Temple Isaiah’s Mitzvah Day! “Mitzvah Mania” will take place on Sunday, May 15th! Watch your eblast and mail for more information! If you have an activity you would like to suggest, or if you would like to volunteer to be part of our “Mitzvah Mania” team, please contact Rabbi Sharon Sobel:

Membership Committee Interested in joining Temple Isaiah’s Membership Committee? We’re always looking for new members to join the team! Please contact Jayne Cohen at to learn more.

Renaissance Club Attention Seniors! Our Renaissance Club meets once a month at the Temple. You are invited to come, make new friends, and share your ideas for speakers, outings, and events. Our next meeting is Sunday, March 27th at 1:30 pm. Please call Lillian Goldstein at 862-1747 for more information.


Shmoozing With Sisterhood Save the Dates! Coming in March, April and Early May Please Note: The TI Bulletin is Now Being Published Bi-Monthly. This article contains details of our March, April and Early May upcoming Sisterhood sponsored events. We have great things planned – Don’t miss out on the fun, learning and companionship! Greetings from Temple Isaiah Sisterhood, We thank all of you for your dedication and support. It was wonderful to see so many Sisterhood members at Rabbi Rick Jacob’s dinner and service in January. Thank you to Sisterhood bakers and to Brotherhood for Oneg contributions for the evening.

MARCH & April SISTERHOOD EVENTS CHOCOLATE LOVER’S HAMENTASCHEN BAKING WORKSHOP Sunday, March 20th from 11:30-1:30 pm TI Kitchen Join Paula Bennett and your Sisterhood pals for a triple chocolate hamentaschen-baking workshop. RSVP to the Temple office a must! 751-8518. $10 Materials fee (max $10/family) payable to TI Sisterhood for this event. Supervised children are welcome. For more information contact: Paula Bennett:

Both our organizations were delighted with Temple


Isaiah’s “full house” that evening. Our February

Sunday, April 10th at 4

“Learn the Basics of Mahjong” was a great success.

Fundraiser to benefit the North Shore Chapter/

Sisterhood extends special thanks to Pam Diamond,

Suffolk Region of Hadassah and Temple Isaiah

president of the North Shore Chapter/Suffolk region

Sisterhood. Treat yourself to a wonderful afternoon of

of Hadassah and “her gals” for teaching us how to

food, Mahjong fun and exciting raffle prizes. Invite

play. Everyone attending had a delightful time. Last

your friends!

but certainly not least, Sisterhood was able to make a generous contribution toward URJ Camp Scholarships for our religious school students. We can all be proud of helping to make URJ camp experiences possible for Temple Isaiah’s young people.


TI Social Hall

Registration fee is $36 (double Chai) for this event and includes a catered kosher style Chinese luncheon and a donation to support the community service arms of both organizations. RSVP: Temple Office 751-8518 admin@templeisa-

Sisterhood is looking forward to springtime and has Paula Bennett or

some wonderful events planned that will be open to

Pam Diamond

all. Here are shortened versions of our event details.


Please refer to the Winter/Spring TI Event Schedule for more information. Reminders and details will also be posted in TI’s weekly announcements, Temple mailings and on Sisterhood’s Google Groups site. We will also try to have our flyers available well ahead of time in the Temple lobby.



with Pam Diamond This event is Free but please RSVP, as we need to order supplies! continued on page 17


Shmoozing With Sisterhood Save the Dates! Coming in March, April and Early May continued from page 16 ALL INCLUSIVE MIRIAM’S SEDER

our larger community. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, no

Sunday, April 17th from 4:30 to 6:00 pm Social Hall

experience necessary!

Join Sisterhood to celebrate the contributions of

TI Rummage Sale Schedule:

Miriam during the Exodus with this beautiful Seder

Sunday, May 1st

led by Temple Isaiah’s Religious school alumna

“Rummage Drop Off”: 9


Julia Bennett. Invite your family and friends. A Seder

Sale opens: 1:30


dinner of chicken, matzah and ritual foods will be

Monday May 2nd

served. Please bring a non-dairy Passover style dish

Sale opens: 10

to share. You must RSVP to the Temple office or to

Tuesday, May 3rd by Friday April 15th. Fee:

Sale open 10

$5pp $18 max per family with school age children.

Clean-up: 1







Social Hall.

and 7






For more information or to volunteer contact:

PROGRESSIVE DINNER Saturday, April 30th at 7






Paula Bennett or Eileen Donnelly pm

Look for the flyer in your March Temple Mailing! Sisterhood’s Progressive Dinner is a lovely and delicious 4-course Saturday night out! Join us! You’ll go to a different location for each course, each time meeting a group of friendly people. Cost: $10.00 per person and you must RSVP EARLY! RSVP to Temple Isaiah by April 1st For Questions please call: Mona 928-0812 or Diane 689-8222.



Dinner at 7:30


Service Details to come! MITZVAH DAY BARBECUE Sunday, May 15th Sponsored by Brotherhood and Sisterhood Details to come!

SISTERHOOD’S ANNUAL SPRING RUMMAGE SALE Sunday, May 1st thru Tuesday, May 3rd

We look forward to seeing you!

Look for the flyer in your March Temple Mailing!

Very Sincerely Yours,

Our rummage sales are Sisterhood’s largest fundrais-

Paula Bennett and Eileen Donnelly

ers. Sisterhood needs donations of your gently used

TI Sisterhood Co-presidents

and/or unwanted new “stuff.” Here’s your chance to increase the level of organization in your home. Start cleaning out your closets, basements and garages. Your contributions of gently used clothing and “stuff” help Sisterhood help our Temple community (gifts to B’nai Mitzvah, youth camp scholarships, Temple beautification/repairs), and those less fortunate in



on in the

Youth Group

Service, Celebration & Fun! What an exciting time the Youth Group has been having! Even with all of the snow, our Youth Group has been keeping busy! We enjoyed our first outing of the year on Super Bowl Sunday for an afternoon of bowling! On March 11th the Youth Group will be leading Friday night services, with music and original readings. This will be a great showing of the leadership and learning that has taken place throughout the year and throughout our students’ education. Prior to the youth-led service, we will be hosting a pizza Shabbat dinner at 6 pm. The cost is $5 for Youth Group families and $8 for non-member families. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Please bring a dessert to share! RSVP to by Wednesday, March 9th with the number of people attending. Look out for other exciting events to come! Temple Isaiah Youth Group Director Emily Gergen


from the

Parents ’ Association

Our latest Family Fun Night was a blast! Our annual Bingo Night, which was held on Saturday January 9th, was a great night for everyone who attended. There was pizza, prizes, snacks, and of course, Bingo! If you missed it this year, there’s always next year. It’s NEVER too late to join! If you would like to be involved, please e-mail us, Nancy Linden & Ilene Horan, at & We’re the co-chairs of the Parents’ Association and we’re looking forward to meeting you!!!! Our next meeting is March 20th at 9:30


in the kitchen.

Join Us for Scout Shabbat Join us on March 25th at 7:30 pm as we honor our Scouts at our annual Scout Shabbat Service. All boys and girls should wear their scouting uniforms.

Purim Antiquities display A Purim Antiquities display is scheduled to appear at Temple Isaiah on March 11th during the Erev Shabbat Oneg. The display is from the collection of Temple Beth Sholom in Roslyn and is presented in partnership with the JCC.


Celebrate with Family and Friends March 18th at 5 pm (Purim Craft) & April 15th at 5 pm (Pesach Craft) Join Rabbi Sharon Sobel and Cantor Scott Harris for

Music, Story and Shabbat Celebration! Children Ages 0-5 (feel free to invite your parents and siblings to join you!)

Challah, Juice, Fun and Friends

Brotherhood Pancake Breakfast Sunday, March 13th at 8:15 am Enjoy a hearty meal and make some new friends! Come on by and stop in for a relaxing breakfast.

Brotherhood Hamentaschen for Purim What’s Purim Without Hamentaschen? If you are interested in purchasing hamentaschen, please contact Brotherhood President Alan Fisher at: 631-704-6143 or


A Special Oneg in Honor of Rabbi Adam D. Fisher’s 75th Birthday We would like to invite the entire congregation of Temple Isaiah to join us on Erev Shabbat, March 18th, for a very special Oneg, sponsored by Eileen Fisher, in honor of Rabbi Adam D. Fisher’s 75th birthday! Please join Rabbi Fisher’s family, friends and congregants, as we wish him many more years of health, happiness, creativity and love.

The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library Please note: Our Temple library is open one half-hour before each Erev Shabbat Service.

As You Journey Through Bereavement A Support Group Can Help Our Group Meets Weekly on Thursdays from 7 - 8:30 pm New 8 Week Sessions to Follow

Free of Charge Unitarian Universalist Fellowship • 380 Nicolls Rd. in East Setauket • Call 631-751-0297 to register 20

Adult Education RSVP to Penny for all courses:

Shabbat Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel

Every Saturday: 8:30 am – 9:30 am No RSVP necessary Join the lively discussion as we study the Hebrew Bible, line-by-line, phrase-byphrase. No prior knowledge is necessary. Newcomers are always welcome! Coffee and a light breakfast are provided. Great friends, food and conversation!

Adult Education

“Temple Isaiah Reads” Book Discussion Groups Daytime Group: Monday, March 21st at 2 pm Songs of Willow Frost Daytime Group: Monday, April 18th at 2 pm The Hours Count

Adult Bar/Bat Mitvah & Confirmation Class with Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel Thursdays: 7 – 9 pm. (already in session, new registrants are welcome!) This is a Two-Year program for all who have: • Never celebrated becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah as a teenager (for any reason) • For anyone who was never called to the Torah • For anyone who would like to learn Hebrew and more about Jewish practice/observance and belief • For those who HAVE celebrated Bar/Bat Mitzvah but would like to learn more! • For those who are not Jewish and would like to increase their Jewish knowledge This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with fellow congregants and engage with our tradition in deep and meaningful ways. Yearly Fee to cover Hebrew Instruction, Books and Materials: $500.00/year (limited financial assistance is available to those in need. Please speak with Rabbi Sobel in confidence). Contact Rabbi Sobel directly if you are interested in joining:

Shiva Minyan Leaders Workshop with Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel Tuesdays, March 15th and 22nd at 7:30 pm RSVP to Morgan at

Early Morning Study with Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Tuesday Mornings: 6:30 – 7:30 am

Tanakh Study with Rabbi Stephen Karol

Sunday Mornings: 10:30 am – 11:45 am Location: Jefferson’s Ferry in South Setauket. Card Room on Second Floor.

“Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas” with Rabbi Stephen Karol Tuesday Evenings: 7 – 8:15 pm

Dates: 3/8, 15, 22, 29 (Joy, Created in God’s Image, A Community of Doers, Repairing the World, The Secret of Shabbat) and 4/5, 12, 19; 5/3, 10 (Faith in Human Change, Interpreting the Torah, the Role of Education, Life and Death, There is Only One) This course is ideal for a congregation and community as diverse as ours—Jewish and non-Jewish individuals, those who are learned and those who are just learning, those who are confident and those who are seeking. Using a book written by Rabbi Arthur Green and published by Jewish Lights, we will explore “the ideas that represent the Jewish people’s greatest ongoing contribution to human civilization . . . (whose) true birthplace lies in concrete daily life.” This book and this course are designed to be very practical guides for taking concepts and making them a reality in our outlook and behavior. Because the book is short, Rabbi Karol will present other examples of Jewish beliefs in action. Please purchase the book or E-book in advance. YOU CAN ATTEND ALL OF THE SESSIONS, SOME OF THEM, OR JUST ONE.


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Ha p

s a P s o y p

Pesach Schedule - 2016 Friday, April 22nd: First Seder We will NOT be having an Erev Shabbat service this evening. (All yahrzeits will be read on Saturday morning, April 23rd. If you would prefer to have your loved one’s name read on a different Friday evening, please contact Penny: If you would like a list of community seders in our area, please contact the Temple Office:

Saturday, April 23rd at 10


First Day Pesach Service

Thursday, April 28th at 7:30


Last Day Pesach and Yizkor

If you have extra room at your seder table to invite someone who would like to attend a seder, or if you would like to attend a seder, please inform Penny in the office: Additionally, we can provide you with a listing of communal seders in the area.



Mi r

s Sed ’ m ia

Sunday, April 17th 4:30-6:30 pm Social Hall

An Inclusive Experience for Everyone — Men, Women, and Young Adults

Come to this special Passover Seder to celebrate the role of women in the Exodus story and in Judaism. It’s not just women’s history; it’s OUR history. Everyone is welcome!

This Seder is a potluck event. We ask that each participant bring a “Passover Style” non-dairy dish to share and a non-perishable food item for Temple Isaiah’s food pantry. Ritual foods and a main course of chicken will be served.

RSVP a Must by Monday April 11th:

Temple office or contact Paula Plotkin at 631-902-1584 or

Name/s: ______________________________________________________________________________ will join Miriam’s Seder. Cost: $10pp – max $18 per family with school-aged children. I am bringing _________guests. (Total # attending: ________) I/we will bring the following to share (circle your choice/s): ****I am available to help Yes/No:





[Set up before / help during / clean up after] the Seder (circle one)


Mah Jongg Madness Sunday, April 10 4:00—7 pm /8 pm ++ $35 per person (early bird registration) $40 per person after 3/27 Temple Isaiah 1404 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook Spring into Mah Jongg Madness with games, raffles and a delicious Chinese dinner. This year Hadassah joins with the Temple Isaiah sisterhood to create an exciting event at Temple Isaiah which means space for more players and extended time to play. Beginners and players of all levels are welcome. Early bird registration ends 3/27 so reserve your spot early by mail in the form below or paying by credit card online through the Temple Isaiah website.*

All proceeds go to Hadassah and Temple Isaiah.

Mah Jongg Madness Reservation Name __________________________________Phone ____________________ Email ____________________________________________________________ Level _________________________________

Bringing a MJ set? __________

Players: __________________________________________________________ ENCL_______________ ______ *To pay online (Go to WWW.TISBNY.ORG, then go to home, membership payments, MEMBER. Enter your Name, phone number, and under member ID - put “Mah Jong on April 10” ) Mail a check payable to Hadassah, PO Box 308, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 or register online through the Temple Isaiah website at For seating requests or further inquiries, contact Randee at or call 631-901-7404. 24

TEMPLE ISAIAH Pancake Breakfast

Sunday March 13th - 8:15 to 11:30 AM $5 per person / $20 per family “Bring the kids before the morning school gathering, parents join us after” For more information or to RSVP please contact Alan Fisher ( _____ # of tickets @ $5

_____ I’m bringing the family ($20)

Name ___________________________________________ Email ________________________

Phone _____________

Cash or checks payable to Temple Isaiah Brotherhood 25

A Very Special Erev Shabbat Temple Isaiah celebrated a very special Erev Shabbat on January 29, 2016, when Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, spoke to our congregation as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.

Left to Right: Cantor-Educator Scott Harris, Rabbi Emeritus Adam Fisher, Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel, URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs, Rabbi Emeritus Stephen Karol

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen Members of Temple Isaiah’s Social Action Committee help staff Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen at St. James Catholic Church (429 Route 25A in Setauket). Each Sunday afternoon, dinner is provided to over 100 adults and children, by teams of volunteers working on a rotating schedule. Although housed at St. James Parish, the group itself comprises participants from various community faith-based groups and organizations. Volunteers in this organization serve in a variety of ways, including food planning, cooking, serving and cleanup, as well as providing transportation, supervision of the nursery area, pantry and clothing distribution. To help with this mitzvah, please call our Temple office, or contact: Joyce Bonitch at (631) 941-2731 Where/When: Sundays at 3:00


in the church basement.


Simchas & Tzures Whether you have happy news (simchas) or sad

If you would like one of our rabbis to officiate

news (tzures), we hope you will share it with us.

at a funeral, please speak to Rabbi Sobel before

Rabbi Sobel likes to know about births, engage-

scheduling. Our sanctuary is available for funeral

ments, weddings, and other happy occasions, as

or memorial services. If you call the Temple about

well as hospitalizations, sicknesses, or deaths.

a funeral and have to leave a message with the

Please let us know of any hospitalizations, so

answering service, please mention that you are

Rabbi or Cantor can arrange to visit or phone.

calling regarding a funeral.

Condolences A To Dan Stenzler on the death of his wife, Joan Korins A To Joan Bram on the death of her aunt, Ruth Tomoroff A To Maddie Witman on the death of her mother, Lillian Levine A To Jonathan Harris on the death of his uncle, Steve Diamond A To Sandra Dick on the death of her mother, Sarah Pollak A To Mark Saidens on the death of his mother, Mary Saidens

Mazel Tov A To Joshua and Abby Rothenberg on the birth of their daughter A To Richard and Lisa Karelis on the birth of their grandson Charlie Franco Karelis

Sunshine Funds

Beautification Fund

It’s always the "right time" to make a contribution to your Temple. It might be in honor of a living person or a recent event, or in memory of someone or something, or anything you want. Donations can be made over the phone, by email, or through the USPS. However you send the information, your donation can be added to your monthly Temple Isaiah invoice for easy bookkeeping. Sunshine cards require a minimum contribution of ten dollars.

The purpose of the Beautification Fund is to generate money to renovate and beautify our synagogue. All monies will go into a fund dedicated to this purpose.

Minimum contribution is $10 Prayer Book: $45 Chumash: $60 Tree of Life Leaf: $118 Pew Plaque: $500 Memorial Board Plaque: $250 Please call the office for more information regarding the above contributions.

To assist in this goal, a wall sculpture has been commissioned. This permanent work of art provides the opportunity to commemorate your support for Temple Isaiah. Plaques of different sizes will be available in the following categories: Contributor............... $250 per year for 3 years Sponsor.................... $500 per year for 3 years Patron.................... $1000 per year for 3 years Benefactor.............. $2500 per year for 3 years To make a contribution, or if you have any questions, please call the office at 751-8518.


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Beautification Fund

Music Fund (continued)

In memory of Anthony Sclafani Martin & Paula Lieberman

In memory of Joyce Karp & Bernie Friend Richard, Barbara & Jacob Wright In memory of John Gansle Richard, Barbara & Jacob Wright In memory of John Gansle Claire Baer In memory of John Gansle Perry & Larry Lieblich In memory of John Gansle Ivan & Ilene Ensler In memory of Benjamin Barancik Linda Barancik In memory of John Gansle Iris & David Schiff In memory of George Gerstein, Sadie Stern and Bertrum Frankenstein The Gerstein Family In memory of Lillian Levine Barbara & Bruce Meyer In memory of Joan Korins Barbara & Bruce Meyer In memory of Abraham Kaplan Barbara & Bruce Meyer In memory of Russell Lieblich Lawrence Lieblich

Camp Fund In In In In

memory of Fay Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Jerry Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Ida Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman memory of Joseph Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund In memory of Ruth Kanter Randee Kanter & Pat Urquhart

Fund to Feed the Hungry In In In In In In

memory of Lillian Levine Mark & Mona Saidens memory of Murray Weber Lawrence Weber memory of Neville Gray Sonya Singh memory Joan Korins Claire Baer memory of Max Kleinerman Joan Bram memory of Jack Goor Jane Goor

Israel Fund In memory of Edith Lazar Stern The Gerstein Family In memory of Bunny Alperin The Silberhartz Family In memory of Murray Kamen The Kamen Family

Music Fund In memory of Irene Meyer Barbara & Bruce Meyer

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library In In In In In In In In In

memory of Joan Korins Diane & Steve Weitzman memory of Lillian Levine Diane & Steve Weitzman memory of Joan Korins Barbara Goldberg memory of Joan Korins Barbara Yarmus memory of Joan Korins Iris & David Schiff memory of Bob Yarmus Iris & David Schiff memory of Joan Korins Laurie & Leon Klempner memory of Bob Yarmus Judy Albano memory of Joan Korins Judy Albano


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library

Rabbi Sobel’s Discretionary Fund

In In In In In In In In In In In In

In memory of Judith Schatz Barbara & Jerry Fine In memory of Robert Katz Harvey & Arnie Katz In memory of Mary Saidens Iris & David Schiff


memory of Bob Yarmus Barbara & Jerry Fine memory of Joan Korins Barbara & Jerry Fine memory of Joan Korins Joel & Betsy Ziegler memory of Murray Arrian & Claire Arrian The Fleit Family memory of Joan Korins David & Sheila Silberhartz memory of Joan Korins Elise Frank & George Sterman memory of Joan Korins Essie & Mark Freilach memory of Bob Yarmus Joan & Jack Abbey memory of Lillian Levine Joan & Jack Abbey memory of Roberta Schwartz Mark & Carol Swerdloff memory of Mary Saidens Claire Baer memory of Mary Saidens Eileen & Joe Donnelly

Rabbi Karol Youth Lounge Fund In memory of Lillian Levine Claire Baer In memory of Solomon Feingold Sylvia Feingold

Rabbi Sobel’s Discretionary Fund In In In In In

memory of Kermit Gitter Arlene Gitter memory of Norman Gabrielsen Suzanne Gabrielsen memory of Cynthia Landis & Henry Levy Leo & Doris Dvorkin memory of May Dvorkin & Harry Dvorkin Leo & Doris Dvorkin memory of Joseph Durso Arnie & Honey Katz


Religious School Fund In In In In In In In

memory of Lillian Levine Eileen & Joe Donnelly memory of Lillian Levine Jerry & Barbara Fine memory of Lillian Levine Ivan & Ilene Ensler memory of Lillian Levine Barbara & Rich Wright memory of Lillian Levine Rhoda Lieberman memory of Lillian Levine Joan & Jack Abbey memory of Lillian Levine Chuck & June Levine

Special Projects Fund In memory of Tillie Rosenberg Janis Feldman In memory of Sarah Pollack Marge & Paul Weiser

Tikkun Olam Fund In memory of Bernard Behrendt The Kamen Family

URJ Camp Scholarship In memory of Bessie Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Youth Group Fund In memory of Bernard & Beverly Kamenetzky The Kamen Family



Visit our Websites for Special Offers

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Office (631) 751-0196 Cell (631) 807-7162

Bernice Kornfield Premisler LCSW Psychotherapist 764 RT. 25A SETAUKET, NY 11733

18 33

B’nai Mitzvah March 2016

B’nai Mitzvah April 2016

Austin Lebit March 19th

Julia Berman April 2, 2016

Joshua Russo March 19th

Amelia Lisa April 9, 2016

Son of Adam & Alison Lebit

Daughter of Glenn & Stacy Berman

Son of Joseph & Linda Russo

Daughter of Stephen & Jenna Lisa

Ryan Brodsky March 26, 2016

Steven Kaplan April 16, 2016

Son of Kevin & Lauren Brodsky

Son of Michael & Rachel Kaplan

Siman Tov & Mazel Tov To All! Rabbi—Sharon L. Sobel

Parents' Association Co-Chairs—Nancy Linden

Cantor-Educator––Scott Harris

& Ilene Horan

Temple President—Jay Schoenfeld

Youth Group Advisor—Emily Gergen

Sisterhood Co-Presidents—Paula Bennett

Youth Group President—Rebecca Schneider

& Eileen Donnelly

Rabbi Emeritus—Stephen A. Karol

Brotherhood President—Alan Fisher

Rabbi Emeritus—Adam D. Fisher Cantor Emeritus—Michael F. Trachtenberg

Temple Isaiah A 1404 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook, N.Y. 11790 (631) 751- 8518 A A Bulletin designed by Gary Kamen and edited by Adam Mandelbaum

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Isaiah bulletin march april2016 lo res (4)