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September 2013

L’Shanah Tovah Tikatayvu!

Temple Isaiah


Sisterhood Brunch: 9/ 22

Erev Sukkot Service 9/18

Brotherhood Dinnah in the Sukkah 9/19 Simchat Torah Service 9/25 Member Union


Reform Judaism



Religious School/TYG Noon Torah Study



Religious School/Atid/TYG 9:15 am S’hood Welcome Brunch Noon Torah Study 1:30 pm Renaissance Club 1:30 pm Volunteer Mensch Corps

Religious School/TYG 9 am PT Mtg


Religious School/TYG 8:30 am PA Apples & Honey Prep 9:09 am Brotherhood Mtg 1:15 pm Soup Kitchen 7 pm Kol Nidre Drive

3-4:30 pm Open House




Religious School

Religious School 8 pm Board Mtg




Religious School 1 pm Book Disc Grp 7:30 pm Ritual Committee Mtg 8 am School Bd Mtg

Religious School 7 pm Kol Nidre Drive

Labor Day



NFTY Leadership Training: 9/22


8 pm Sukkot Yizkor Service

Religious School 6:30 am Early AM Study


Religious School 6:30 am Early AM Study 7 pm Basic Judaism: Hebrew Track


Religious School 6:30 am Early AM Study 7 pm Kol Nidre Drive





7 pm Simchat Torah Service

7 pm Erev Sukkot Service

6:30 pm Decorate Sukkah

8 pm Social Action Mtg



Oneg Hosts 20 Glasgold Family



7 pm Brotherhood Dinnah in Sukkah

10 am Sukkot Morning Service

3 pm Children,s Service


10 am Rosh Hashanah Service

8 pm Erev Rosh Hashanah Service Tashlich after service





Yom Kippur



Friday Ushers 6 Jonas 20 Weitzman/Berns 27 Levi

Candle Lighting: 6:25


5 pm Music Tot Shabbat

8 pm Erev Shabbat Service

Candle lighting: 6:36

7 10 am Yom Kippur Morning Service , 2:30 pm Children s Service 3:30 pm Yom Kippur Afternoon Service 5 pm (appr) Yizkor & Concluding Service


10 am Shabbat Morning Service



Saturday Ushers 7 Mazer 21 Levi/Verby Family 28 Carioto



10 am Shabbat Morning Service

Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Jessica Abrams-Bat Mitzvah

7 pm Family Service 10 am Shabbat Morning Service New Time!

Candle lighting: 6:48

8 pm Kol Nidre Service

Candle lighting: 7:00

6 pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service

5:30 pm Pre-Service Nosh

10 am Rosh Hashanah 2nd day Service


Sept 2013 / Elul - Tishri 5773 / 5774

Temple Isaiah

,s Reflections R abbi Rabbi,s Reflections

My Thoughts for the New Year Since this will be my last High Holy Days as your

the potential to motivate us to consider our words

rabbi, I have been focusing with even greater con-

carefully. So, what does it take to be heard? What

centration than usual on my sermons. I have told

allows us to be seen? And what has to happen in

some of you that I think about High Holy Day

order for us to be appreciated?

sermon topics throughout the year, and I keep a file of articles, quotations, and stories that interest me and that I hope will resonate with you. I also turn to a variety of Jewish texts for inspiration and content and seek to blend them with my own insights, experiences, beliefs, and opinions that are expressed in the sermons. Here are some of my preliminary thoughts for the New Year, 5774:

A Erev Rosh Hashanah:

A Yom Kippur Morning: “I Wish You Enough.” As always, I reserve the right to change my sermon topics if an important issue arises. The first prayer that I will read on Erev Rosh Hashanah begins with the words: “Behold me, of little merit, trembling and afraid, as I stand before You

What is “good” and what

is “bad?” Is something or someone always good or bad? Is my “bad” the same as your “good?” How can we change from bad to good, and vice versa? If something is bad now, will it end up being good?

to plead for Your people.” Addressed to God, this prayer's first word is “Hee-n’nee.” When it is written and pronounced as “Hee-nay-nee,” it means “Here I am - and ready!” You can be assured that I will be here and ready to lead you in prayer with Cantor Labow and our lay readers. The last words I

What does

will say on Yom Kippur are these: “Adonai yishmor

“survival” mean for our Holocaust scroll and our

tzaytchah u-vo-ehchah may-atah v’ahd o-lahm”—

temple? Is “survival“ enough? How can we create

“May the Eternal One bless your going out and your

the opportunity for our scroll to “thrive” instead of

coming in from this time forth and forever.” I hope

just “survive?” What does survival mean for us as

that you will join me now, and at the end of Yom Kip-

individuals, as a congregation, and as a people? How

pur, in saying “Amen.” And I pray that our going out

can we each create an environment in which there is

will be followed by our coming in for many reasons

“thriving” for all of us and not just “surviving?”

during the next year at Temple Isaiah.


First Morning of Rosh Hashanah:

A Second Morning of Rosh Hashanah: Do you have an “angel”? Who or what stops you from making a fatal mistake, from taking the wrong path, or from saying hurtful words? Is it your conscience, God, or someone who loves you? And what if you have no “angel”?

Samantha and Rob join me in wishing you L’Shanah Tovah Tikatayvu! — May you be inscribed for a good year! L’Shalom, Rabbi Stephen Karol

A Erev Yom Kippur: The Kol Nidre prayer gives this service its name, and its beauty and meaning have


Restoring our Scroll Renewing our Souls The Torah Restoration Committee has been busy

hour. During that time, you will find out more about

coordinating the education classes and Torah-writing

Torah and discuss the words in the specific section

dates, and we are excited to share these dates with

that each donor/family will be writing. Everyone in

you. On October 6th, our sofer, Neil Yerman, will be

the family gets to write a letter. Sofer Yerman has

at Temple Isaiah to help us learn about our Holocaust

suggested that if you are a large family, you schedule

Torah and the meaning of Torah in our lives.

your writing session for the same time. The maxi-

He will then join us on three writing dates:

mum number of actual writers per session will be 25

1st writing date – November 3, 2013

2nd writing date – January 26, 2014

3rd writing date – March 9, 2014

to 30. A hand-washing station will be available. Please consider this one chance to fulfill the mitzvah of writing Torah. You can refer to our Year of Torah

Sofer Yerman will be leading six writing sessions on

brochure for more information about our Holocaust

each date. The sessions are:

Torah and how you can support this project.

10 - 11 11:15 1-2



- 12:15


2:15 - 3:15


3:30 - 4:30





If you have already made a pledge to the Torah

This living Torah survived the Holocaust but can’t survive the future without you. Keep the past alive by insuring our Torah’s future. Your donation provides the solution. We will continue communicating via the weekly email blasts and on our Temple website.

Restoration Campaign, you have been contacted to set up your preferred date and time. If you need a

Zikaron tzadik livracha.

brochure, please call the office.

May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing.

When you make your pledge and schedule a writ-

The Torah Restoration Committee looks forward to

ing session, you will be with our sofer for the entire

seeing you during Our Year of Torah.

Rabbi Karol's "Ten Minutes of Torah" column Rabbi Karol wrote the D'var Torah for the Union for Reform Judaism's Ten Minutes of Torah column for Yom Kippur. If you are not a subscriber, go to, click on Learning, and then click on Torah Study.



from the


GOOD COMBINATIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR The letters of the English alphabet are recited in

instance may be higher or lower (octave) than another.

song by almost every English-speaking school-

In some way, each note tells us that it might be re-

child at some point. You probably know the song:

peated in the future, or that there is a new experience

ABCDEFG (pause) HIJKLMNOP (pause) QRS (pause)

of it that will be the same but somehow different.

TUV (pause) WX (pause) Y and Z, followed by the proud affirmation that the child actually knows the

With the Hebrew alphabet, mystical traditions were

alphabet and is ready to teach anyone who will sing

used to combine letters to form new meanings based


on numerology (gematria) and to effect change in the world. Whether you call it true magic or theatre,

This is a classic song and a very old one indeed. It

there is no doubt that the incantations and charms

is one of the earliest pieces of rote learning that a

that have been a part of our history had an effect on

child will embark on, long before the implications

the participants. You may experience a similar feel-

of all of the combinations of those letters are real-

ing when the meaning of a prayer, such as Un’taneh

ized. The child can’t yet understand that the power

Tokef, becomes clear to you for the first time through

of life and death, prosperity and impoverishment,

personal experience.

hurt and healing are contained within the letters that have been recited. The combinations of letters rep-

So it is with music of the High Holy Days. Many

resenting spoken sounds and silent new ideas are

melodies will be the same. The words have come to


represent powerful currents of forgiveness both from humankind and from God. The melodies may be the

When combined with musical sound, the English

same, but they are in a different year, and for each

alphabet, or alphabet of any language including our

person have a different tone. Like the musical scale

own Hebrew alphabet, is even more powerful. The

from which they are fashioned, they continue in

letters used to denote the notes of the musical scale

cycle of renewal balanced with change.

start with A and commence through B, C, D, E, F, and G, each with their alterations (sharp or flat).

May this be a New Year of peace, health and prosper-

Then, the scale continues again, beginning with A.

ity for all.

The colors are more limited than the literary alphabet, but the circular nature of the scale teaches us an important lesson. The notes that have the same

Kein Y’hi Ratzon,

name are said to be “equivalent,” even though one

Cantor Ted Labow

Congregational Honor Our congregation was honored in August at the Annual Assembly for Crane Lake and Eisner camps. Rabbi Karol appeared in a video about congregational support for the camps and camp families.


Rabbinic Search Committee How were Rabbinic Search Committee (RSC) members chosen? Congregants who were interested in serving on the Search Committee were asked to submit a brief statement expressing their interest and qualifications. As co-chairs, we chose a committee that would reflect the diversity of the congregation.

What will happen during the Rabbinic-search process? Per the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the RSC’s recruiting process is well-defined and can be summarized as follows: 1. Obtain the CCAR’s application form to request rabbi candidates. 2. Gather data to complete the application form using congregational involvement through focus groups. 3. Submit the completed application to the CCAR. 4. Begin receiving applicants’ information. 5. Conduct telephone interviews with every rabbi applicant. 6. Conduct in-person interviews with selected applicants. 7. A few rabbi candidates are invited to visit Temple Isaiah. 8. RSC members visit the final rabbi candidates’ home congregations. 9. A single candidate is recommended to the Executive Board. 10. The Executive Board votes on the RSC’s recommendation. 11. The congregation votes to ratify the recommendation and length of contract. 12. The Transition Team assists the new rabbi to acclimate into the congregation over the course of the first year. The Rabbinic Search Committee will keep you informed of our progress during this very important time for Temple Isaiah. Feel free to contact us with questions: or Gloria Snyder Diane Weitzman Rabbinic Search Committee Co-chairs

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen Members of Temple Isaiah’s Social Action Committee and other volunteers staff the Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen at St. James Catholic Church (429 Route 25A in Setauket). This month’s date is Sept. 8th. Please note the times: set-up will be from 1:15 - 2:00, dinner will be served at 3:00, and all clean-up should be done by 5:00.


Temple Isaiah

President,s Podium

a new year, new opportunities the B'nai Mitzvah track or an Adult Education track.

Dear Fellow Congregants,

If pursuing the Adult Education track, you have Wishing all of you a healthy, happy, sweet, and

a great opportunity to participate in educational

shalom-filled New Year! It certainly is hard to be-

programs that will meet your individual interests,

lieve that summer is just passing as we enter our

such as finding God, learning Hebrew, Jewish val-

Jewish season of fall holidays. As we ready ourselves

ues in the Torah, and more. Take a look and register

to welcome the coming of 5774, Rosh Hashanah,

for a class or two!

and Yom Kippur, your Board is busy at work completing 5773's tasks of creating the temple's

This year also welcomes in an opportunity for those

budget and a 2014 slate of officers for Temple

who would like to serve Temple Isaiah but may have

Isaiah's December 8th Congregational Meeting.

time limitations. Why not join the newly-formed Mitzvah Volunteer Corps of Mensches? There are

As we continue to complete these tasks, we look

times in the life of a synagogue when there is need

forward to the promise of a wonderful beginning to

of volunteers for a specific purpose for a limited

the new year at Temple Isaiah. As you travel through

time. With the Mitzvah Corps to help, the shofar will

this bulletin, please take note of the Torah Restora-

be sounded as a call to report, volunteer mensches

tion Project. It is rich with exciting events that will

will report for duty, and the mission will be com-

educate and engage us in honoring and preserving

pleted successfully! Call the recruitment office at

our Holocaust Torah. Here each of us will have the

751-8518 to sign up for a short meeting on Sunday,

opportunity to have a hands-on Torah experience

September 22nd at 1:30

that encompasses both our spiritual and historical

the meeting, don't worry—we will contact you!


If you cannot make

connections to Judaism — an opportunity not to be missed!

Wishing you and your families L’Shanah Tovah!

Starting in just a few weeks will be the Adult B'nai


Mitzvah program which will be open to all for either

Carole- Ann Gordon

The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library Our temple library is open one half-hour before each Erev Shabbat Service. If you are available to volunteer, please call Barbara Yarmus at 981-2709.




Are you new to Temple Isaiah? Are you interested in meeting new people and making lasting friendships? Are you interested in enhancing your child’s Religious School experience?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Parents’ Association is the place for you. The mission of the Parents’ Association is to enhance your child’s Religious School experience while bringing family and friends together. PA members help with the class brunches, class seders, and other educational programs. We host the 5th-7th grade Shabbat Dinner and co-sponsor the End-of-Year BBQ. We also host our annual Family Bingo Night and Family Fun Night. These family-friendly fun events are not to be missed. If you’re interested in making new friends, please join us at our first monthly meeting on Sunday, September 15th at 9 am in the kitchen. If you can’t make the meeting but would like to be involved, please return the form below to your child’s teacher or email us, Nancy Linden & Ilene Horan, at nlinden@optonline. net and We’re the Co-chairs of the Parents’ Association and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

PLEASE SIGN ME UP FOR THE PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION: NAME _____________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL _____________________________________________________________________________________

Membership Directory In the near future, we plan to distribute a Temple Membership directory. If you do not wish to be listed, please complete the form below by September 6th. (


Yes, please list me (us) but do not publish my (our) phone number



Yes, please list me (us) but do not publish my (our) address



No, please do not list my (our) name(s)

Please print name(s) _________________________________________________________________________


Religious School Review Directions: Clip and save and attach to your refrigerator. Sound out the transliteration below. The words are the second part of the Sh’ma prayer. Repeat this prayer daily: Teach it to your children, Talk about it in your home.

coming generation. Jewish education is a communal responsibility to be shared by the religious school and our Temple Isaiah families. We work hand-inhand to provide our students with a meaningful and special Jewish education. As the Jewish New Year is about to begin, I look forward to your assistance in fulfilling our communal goals. Our combined efforts will enable Temple Isaiah to add meaning to the words of the Sh’ma:

V’shinantam l’vanecha V’dibarta bam B’shivt’cha b’veitecha

The Sh’ma can be the first few words of Torah that a young child learns. It is the basis for all of the systematic education in our Religious School. Throughout this summer we have been busy with the “three R’s” of reviewing, revising, and restructuring the Religious School. We will have many exciting programs taking place throughout the school year. Our staff has a tremendous obligation to motivate and impart a true sense of Jewish identity to the

V’shinantam l’vanecha You shall carefully teach them

My wife Madeline and our family join me in wishing you L’Shanah Tovah—a good and healthy New Year!

Rabbi Harvey Witman Educational Director

Temple Isaiah Website Our Religious School calendar, service times, and all other dates can be found on our website:

Story Tot Shabbat Led by Rabbi Karol & Eileen Fisher

August 30th

Tot Shabbat

Musical Tot Shabbat Led by Cantor Labow

September 27th

Preschoolers (3 to 5 years old) and their parents are invited to come and share a "Taste of Shabbat" at our bi-weekly Tot Shabbat Services. These services include songs, basic prayers, a story, and an up-close-and-personal experience with the Torah. After we bless the juice and challah at the Oneg Shabbat, each child will receive a mini-challah to take home. What a great way for Temple Isaiah members, relatives, friends, and neighbors to greet Shabbat together.


Temple Board Members A President: Carole-Ann Gordon A Past President: Arnie Katz A Executive Vice President: Dean Rosenzweig A Vice President: James Feldstein A Vice President: Gloria Snyder A Vice President: Harry Verby A Recording Secretary: Irva Steinweis A Corresponding Secretary: Jill Berns A Financial Secretary: Diane Weitzman A Treasurer: Steven Katz A Trustees: Alan Freedman, Suzan Goldhaber, Linda Jonas, Randee Kanter, Marlin Levi, Howard Mazer, Mort Rosen, Alan Rosofsky, Mark Saidens, Iris Schiff, Richard Tuckman

A Sisterhood Presidents: Janet Feldstein & Paula Bennett A Brotherhood President: Jay Schoenfeld

Renaissance Club Attention Seniors! Our Renaissance Club meets once a month at the Temple. You are invited to come, make new friends, and share your ideas for speakers, outings, and events. The next meeting is September 22nd at 1:30 pm. Please call Lillian Goldstein at 862-1747 for more information.

Temple Isaiah Wish List Temple Isaiah is looking for “patrons” who are willing to sponsor specific items that would help our temple function more effectively. Below is a list of items that we are wishing for: Item


Qty Unit Cost Total Cost

Blinds for our classrooms



Tables (rectangular, 30” x 48”)




Rectangular table caddy




Tables (circular, 71”)




Circular table caddy




Blowmold Resin Folding Chair




Double tier chair caddy




Commercial refrigerator, 49 cu.ft.




Digital message board, 42”




LCD Projector




Classroom Desks




Sustaining Members & Friends of Temple Isaiah 2013 Please help us to maintain Temple Isaiah as a house of worship, a house of learning, and a house of assembly by becoming a Sustaining Member in 2013. It is here where you celebrate life-cycle events, and it is here where you will find support when you need it. It is with your strong financial support that Temple Isaiah will continue to provide education, worship services, and support for people who are experiencing loss, crisis, or illness. Please join our growing list of Sustaining Members!

Silver Chai Hilton & Jamie Adler Claire Baer Arnie & Honey Katz Richard & Gina Rose

Circle of Growth Noel & Rita Adler Steve & Paula Bennett Florence Bolatin Rabbi Adam & Eileen Fisher Rodger & Linda Jonas Rabbi Stephen Karol

Chaverim Gene & Morisa Coman Suzanne Gabrielsen Stewart & Anita Gaffan Bernard & Irene Gische Robert & Lina Gottesman Marian Guralnick Gary & Barbara Kamen Micheal & Dreania LeVine Theo & Marion Pavlidis The Renaissance Club Morton & Bernice Rosen Dean & Susan Rosenzweig Dennis & Sandra Rosenzweig Alan & Myra Rosofsky Lewis Silverman Glenn & Ilene Steinhauer Daniel & Phyllis Turner Stephen & Diane Weitzman Lawrence & Marcia Yellin

Circle of Hope Craig & Paula Balaban Alfred & Suzan Goldhaber Randee Kanter & Pat Urquhart Paul & Norma Michael Alan & Amy Steinberg Daniel Stenzler & Joan Korins

Mitzvah Partner Joseph & Eileen Donnelly Howard & Shelley Fleit Rose & Ronald French Barbara Goldberg Stephen & Janet Hiller Ira & Robin Koeppel

Circle of Enrichment Jerome & Linda Barancik Deborah Carioto Jerry & Barbara Fine David & Iris Schiff Mark & Gloria Snyder

q q q q q

Platinum Chai ($5,400 or above) Golden Chai ($3,600-$5,399) Silver Chai ($1,800-$3,599) Circle of Enrichment ($1,018-$1,799)

q q q q

Mitzvah Partner (continued) Charles & Roni Robbins Peter & Cindy Thompson Cantor Michael & Cherie Trachtenberg Chai or Multiple Anthony & Nancy Cali Alan & Shari Countess Solomon & Sylvia Feingold Alan & Beth Freedman Lillian Goldstein Carole-Ann Gordon Steven & Bonnie Katz Carlos & Michelle Lopes Harriet Martin Madeline Marx Howard & Jodi Mazer Stuart & Paula Plotkin Jay & Margaret Schoenfeld Dion & Ilene Shea Pam Shulder Saul & Irva Steinweis Martin Tanzer Tom & Robin Wells Shirley Willig Richard & Barbara Wright

Circle of Hope ($360-$539) Chaverim ($180-$359) Mitzvah Partner ($118-$179) Chai or Multiple ($18-$117)

Circle of Growth ($540-$1,017) 11

Adult Education


Temple Isaiah

Torah Study Rabbi Karol and other members of the group will be expanding the meaning of “studying Torah” to include the Book of Joshua and find out what happened in the Promised Land. Members and non-members are welcome. You will need to purchase The Jewish Study Bible, edited by Adele Berlin and Marc Zvi Brettler, and published by Oxford University Press. Please contact the Rabbi if you have any questions. Leader: Rabbi Stephen Karol

Sundays: 9/22—Introduction and Chapter One

Time: Noon-1


9/29—Chapter Two

Location: Room 10 in the School Building

Book Discussion Group Join a spirited, intellectual discussion of some of today’s great books. Our September selection is The Ambassador’s Daughter by Pam Jenoff. Date & Time: Monday: 9/16 1


Basic Judaism The Hebrew Track: You will learn the “Alef-Bet,” the vowels, and how to read the prayers in this 20-session course. Previous experience with and knowledge of Hebrew is not required. This class will be good for anyone who wants to be able to follow along in services and for adults who intend to become B’nai Mitzvah. Instructor: Carole-Ann Gordon Time: 7-8

Tuesdays: 9/17, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29


Fee: TBD

Location: Room 4 in the Main Building

(For a full list of classes, please email the Rabbi at The Prayer Track: We will focus on the meaning and structure of our Shabbat morning liturgy. This class will increase your understanding of our Saturday morning services and promote your ability to participate in them. Instructor: Rabbi Stephen Karol Tuesdays: 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 Time: 8-9:15


NEW!!! 6 Facts You Should Know

about the


In connection with The Year of Torah, Rabbi Karol will be sharing with you in six brief Sunday morning sessions some important facts about the Torah that he believes you should know. Adults, children, and grandchildren are welcome to attend. Instructor: Rabbi Stephen Karol

Sunday: 10/20

Time: 11:15-11:45

Location: The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library


Subject: “What exactly is in the Torah?”


Celebrate Sukkot & Simchat Torah at Temple Isaiah Come to Temple Isaiah on Wednesday, September 18th at 6:30 pm to help us decorate our sukkah. Bring fall flowers, gourds, or vegetables, and celebrate with us. Our Sukkot Service will be held at 7 pm and will be followed by a delicious Oneg. A Sukkot Morning Service will be held on Thursday, September 19th at 10 am. Please join us as we celebrate the holiday.

Celebrate Simchat Torah at Temple Isaiah Our Simchat Torah Service will be held on Wednesday, September 25th at 7 pm. Grab a Simchat Torah flag and march with us. Then we will roll out one of our Torah scrolls together. Another delicious Oneg will follow.

On Tuesday, September 24th at 8 pm, we will hold a Festival Yizkor Service.

Kol Nidre Phone Appeal Our annual Kol Nidre Phone Appeal is the one time during the year when we ask every congregant to please make a financial pledge to our Temple. The dollar amount is less significant than the act of giving. Through the years, our goal has been to engage 100 percent of the congregation in this annual event. The pledges made during our appeal serve our congregation throughout the year.

Kol Nidre Pledge Dates: A Sunday, September 8th A Monday, September 9th A Tuesday, September 10th Please be generous when you are called!


Goings On in Youth Group Dear Temple Isaiah Religious School students and parents, Welcome to another school year! Many of you may have heard the letters T-I-S-B-Y and wondered what these letters could possibly stand for. I'll help you out: Temple Isaiah Stony Brook Youth! Still confused? That's the name of the youth group at Temple Isaiah! TISBY is a group that is dedicated to Jewish learning in a non-traditional way but, more importantly, it is also about having fun! There are three age levels in TISBY and those age levels meet at different times. Juniors are 5th through 7th graders, and they meet Sundays from 1 to 2:30 pm. Inters are 8th graders, and their youth group time is Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm. Finally, Seniors are grades 9 through 12, and they meet Sundays from 5 to 7 pm. The membership fee is only paid once a year. It is $150 per child, $235 for two children in a family, and $200 for non-synagogue members. You might be asking yourself, “What should I expect at a meeting of TISBY?� Every week we meet, there will be lunch or dinner (depending on the time of your particular youth group), games, programs, friends, and most importantly, fun! Each week has a different program (you will get a calendar so you don't lose track). The youth group has a few different types of programs you are guaranteed to see: social-action programs which help the community, religious and cultural programs to learn more about Judaism, and of course, fun programs. In the past, we built gingerbread sukkahs, wrote letters to children in safe houses, built Israel out of ice cream, led an entire Friday night service, had overnights, ran the Latke Bash, and ran the Purim Carnival! This year we hope to do even more awesome things! If you have any questions about youth group, please email or just stop by for a visit during a youth-group session. If you have never gone before, I urge you to try it out! If you are an old veteran of youth group, talk to your friends and get them to join, too! Our first day of youth group is September 8th. I hope to see many new and familiar faces then! Joanna Schess Youth Group Director

Youth Group Committee Parents: are you interested in what goes on during Youth Group? We are looking for parents of 5th through 12th graders to be on the Youth Group Committee. This committee will meet about one Sunday a month at 10 am in the Youth Group office. If you are interested in being a part of that, please email


Temple Isaiah 2013 Journal Dance Temple Isaiah is pleased to honor two outstanding individuals at our

Journal Dinner Dance November 16th World-renowned author, lecturer & Jewish Educator

Ruth (Riva) Minsky Sender Temple Isaiah Parents’ Association Co-Chair

Nancy S. Linden Ruth Minsky Sender is a Holocaust survivor who has shared her experiences in special sessions in religious schools over the past 25 years. Lovingly referred to by students as the "Holocaust Lady," Ruth’s first book, The Cage, received a Merit of Distinction Citation from the International Center for Holocaust Studies of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith and is an International Reading Association Teachers’ Choice. She is also the author of To Life and The Holocaust Lady. Nancy Linden has been the Co-Chair of our Religious School Parents’ Association for the past two years and will continue in this role in the coming school year. In addition to being a caring and committed congregant, she is an insurance defense attorney. Nancy and her husband Kevin have two children—Haley & Max. Additionally, Nancy has the proud distinction of being Ruth’s daughter. Ads can be personal—wishing one or both of our honorees congratulations on their well-deserved honor. Or ads can be for a business—an ad or a business card (do not use staples when attaching a logo or business card). Please mail your ad along with a check payable to: Temple Isaiah. The ad can also be sent electronically in PDF format via email to: Layout questions? Contact Donna Newman at or call her at (631)246-5584. Ads must be received by October 21st. Back Cover


Inside Back Cover

$ 900

Inside Front Cover

$ 900

Gold Page

$ 750

Silver Page

$ 500

Full Page

$ 350

Half Page

$ 200

Fourth Page

$ 125

Personal (one line)

$ 36


Breaking Bread with Brotherhood L’Shanah Tovah to all. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer. I would like to extend a special welcome to our new Brotherhood members, to anyone who has just joined Temple Isaiah, and to those of you who’ve said, “I’ve been meaning to come to a Brotherhood meeting.” Our welcome/welcome back meeting will be Sunday, September 8th at 9:09 am in the Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library. In addition to giving us a chance to get acquainted and catch up on what we did over the summer, we are pleased to have Rabbi Fisher as our speaker. I especially encourage any new and prospective members to attend this meeting. You will get a good sense of the spirit and camaraderie that Brotherhood is known for. And then join us in the kitchen for breakfast! Brotherhood had a busy summer. Thanks to everyone who helped make Las Vegas Night such a success and to Mike Kelson for chairing once again. We are grateful to the non-Brotherhood members who volunteered their time and for the feedback we received that will make it even better next year. And please support our sponsors, who will be listed in next month’s bulletin. Congratulations to Ramon Castro of Brentwood, who won the grand prize in our 2nd annual raffle. This year we sold 192 tickets and we are grateful to those who sold or bought tickets. Thanks to Harold Guberman for chairing the raffle once again. The proceeds from events such as Las Vegas Night and our raffle allow us to support camp and Israel scholarships and many other activities at Temple Isaiah during the year. Thanks also go to Hilton Adler for coordinating our first fishing trip and to Richard Wright for organizing Temple Isaiah’s participation in the Port Jefferson Independence Day parade. Thanks to everyone who braved the heat and marched that day. And thanks to everyone who helped out with the Summer Sizzles Barbecue. Our other event this month is Dinnah in the Sukkah, planned for Thursday, September 19th at 7 pm. Please join us for an evening of fellowship as the sun sets. Steve Weitzman will once again share some insights with us. While we have a lot of fun events planned for this year, we are always looking for new ideas. This is where you come in. Everything that Brotherhood does is because someone had an idea. Together we can make them happen. I look forward to seeing you on September 8th. As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or comments, please email me at or call me at 981-5128 evenings. Jay Schoenfeld Brotherhood President


Social Action Actions TIKKUN OLAM To all Temple members, both old and new, I welcome

a Mazon information sheet explaining how to make

you back from what I hope was a summer filled with

a financial donation will be attached to the grocery

joy and inspiration. I am very excited about being


back as the Social Action Chairperson. Along with committee members, we hope to continue with new

We continue to volunteer at the Our Daily Bread

and innovative programs. I would like to personally

Soup Kitchen on the second Sunday of each month.

invite you to join our committee and help make this

Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to

community and the planet a better place for our-

help out, even for an hour, your assistance would be

selves, our children, and their children.

appreciated. This is always quality time for families!

As is our tradition at Temple Isaiah, we will begin the

The Social Action Committee always welcomes new

Jewish New Year with a food drive. You will receive

members and new ideas. Please check the Septem-

a grocery bag on Rosh Hashanah with a request that

ber calendar for our next meeting.

the bag be returned on Yom Kippur filled with food. These items will not only help stock the Temple food

Wishing all a happy and blessed New Year.

pantry, but will also enable us to distribute much-

Sheila Silberhartz

needed groceries to other local pantries. In addition,

Social Action Chairperson

Back-to-School Supplies for Pronto School supplies can be dropped off in our Temple hallway until the end of September. Thank you for your generosity.

Chai for Chayalim




Temple Isaiah's Social Action Committee is continuing its commitment to our soldiers. Please help us in our year-long campaign to support the Jewish soldiers in Afghanistan. Won’t you join us by donating $18 for this worthy cause? 17




Welcome back to another great year of faith, friendship, and fun with your friends at Temple Isaiah Sisterhood. We hope everyone had a little more time to enjoy their hobbies, time to relax, lots of fun, and a very safe summer. Our Welcome Back Brunch will be held after the High Holy Days on Sunday, September 22nd, at 9:15


in the social hall. We look forward to seeing and catching up with everyone!

All of us will be looking forward to celebrating faith and reflecting with family and friends during the High Holy Days. Personally, Rosh Hashanah is one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing like hearing the sound of the shofar as we begin the year 5774. In our family, and probably most Jewish families, Jewish holiday food plays a major part of connectedness with Judaism. Writing about Rosh Hashanah just made me start thinking about eating challah shaped like a crown, debating who makes the best tzimmes, (our grandmothers, mothers, and mothers-in-law, of course), savoring brisket so tender you can cut it with a fork, and sticky, sweet spicy honey cake. I love to make desserts and like to experiment with a new twist on traditional themes and flavors. For this year, I am working on an apple honey torte and will share the recipe if I come up with a winner (lasts less than 120 seconds on our table--standard time for five-star desserts at our family gatherings). … Food nostalgia over… and now back to Sisterhood! We have another great year ahead of us. In brief:

A Sunday, September 22nd at 9:15 am—Sisterhood Welcome Back Brunch: enjoy schmoozing with every

one and a delicious brunch.

A Thursday, October 24th at 7:15 pm—Sisterhood Board Meeting: Open to all Sisterhood members. We

welcome your feedback and ideas. We are always looking for suggestions for interesting activities. Please

join us!

A Saturday, November 2nd at 8 pm—Comedy Night: Enjoy favorite comedians and have lots of laughs in TI’s nightclub (social hall). Over 21 please.

A Sunday, November 3rd from 9 am to 1 pm—Rummage Sale Drop-Off: Clear out your clutter and help

Sisterhood help our Temple. Then, pick up some bargains! Tell your friends—every little bit helps.

Rummage Sale Dates: A Sunday, November 3rd from 1 to 3 pm: open to Temple members A Sunday, November 3rd from 1:30 to 3 pm: Open to the public A Monday, November 4th from 10 am to 1 pm and 7 to 9 pm A Tuesday, November 5th from 10 am to 1 pm: bag day A Thursday, December 19th at 7:15 pm—Sisterhood Board Meeting:

once again, open to all

Stay Tuned, There’s More to Come!




If you are not a member of Sisterhood, please consider joining. In addition to helping our Temple, joining Sisterhood is a wonderful way to meet new people and make some new friends or reconnect with old friends. Our Sisterhood is a caring family of women of all ages bonding together in our mutual love of Judaism, our Temple, and its community. Sisterhood reaches out to our community by offering a wide variety of programs—both social and educational. In addition to the programs we offer, Sisterhood is a vital component of the Temple’s community by its continued support of projects and donations of gifts to the Temple and our Religious School. Please join our Sisterhood family and share the feelings of friendship extended to all its members. Very Sincerely Yours & Have a Sweet New Year, Paula Bennett and Janet Feldstein Sisterhood Co-presidents

"The Basic Beliefs of Judaism" by Larry Epstein Mazel Tov to Our Own Larry Epstein On the Publication Of His Latest Book

The Basic Beliefs of Judaism: A Twenty-first-Century Guide to a Timeless Tradition The Basic Beliefs of Judaism provides an organized, accessible, and systematic explanation and analysis of the central Jewish articles of faith. Subjects covered include the nature of God, the natural world, the Jewish people, why good people suffer, the Jewish ethical foundations of living, love and marriage in the Jewish community, and death and the afterlife, among others. Taking current scientific knowledge into account, the author considers whether honest spiritual seekers, animated by ethical sensitivity and well-informed about contemporary life, can honorably believe in the Jewish faith today. The book is aimed at readers without specialized knowledge of Judaism and includes many anecdotes, quotations, jokes, and other material. For more information, or to order the book, visit Larry’s website at: . Other books by Larry include:

A Haunted Smile: The Story of Jewish Comedians in America A At the Edge of a Dream: The Story of Jewish Immigrants on New York’s Lower East Side, 1880-1920 A A Treasury of Jewish Anecdotes 19

Israel Committee Insights Over the last weeks and months, Secretary of State

ful coexistence, and in my opinion is a symptom of

John Kerry has tirelessly worked to restart the Pales-

the root cause of the conflict and of its longevity. It

tinian-Israeli peace process. As of this writing, the

is the rejection of Jewish rights and a Jewish state in

parties have agreed to meet to begin the negotiations

part of Palestine that is the primary hurdle in ending

for a final status agreement that could in theory end

the conflict and I believe that it is demands such

the conflict.

as the right of return and the release of prisoners that put the Palestinian leadership’s sincerity into

The Palestinians have in recent years demanded pre-

question. In addition, the giving in to the demand for

conditions before even agreeing to sit down to nego-

the release of terrorists by Israeli leadership not only

tiate, such as settlement freezes, the 1967 borders

erodes the principle of justice but is also counterpro-

(which actually were never a border but merely the

ductive in the search for a true, durable, peaceful

1948 armistice line) as the starting point, and the

resolution. It unfortunately sets a precedent and only

release of Palestinian prisoners. The Israeli Prime

validates and even encourages the very mindset and

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (with the approval of


his cabinet and under enormous pressure) approved the release in stages of over 100 Palestinian prison-

The rejection of the Jewish state and of Jewish rights

ers, many of whom were convicted of hardcore terror

is fueled by anti-Semitism which runs far too deep in

activities. According to the Times of Israel, the list

Palestinian and Arab society. In his important book

includes Jomaa Adam and Mahmoud Harbish, who

“The Sons of Pigs and Apes”, psychology professor

attacked a bus north of Jericho with Molotov cock-

Neil Kressel writes about the level of anti-Semitism

tails in October of 1988, killing Rachel Weiss and

that exists in the Arab and Muslim societies and

her three young children, as well as a soldier by the

explores its varied sources. Kressel cites numerous

name of David Delarossa who attempted to rescue

outrageous examples of the bigotry which emanates

them. There are countless other Palestinian prison-

from the highest levels of religious and political lead-

ers convicted of similar atrocities that are slated for

ership in these societies. This hostility toward Jews

release, (

is heard somewhat regularly in media, including chil-


dren’s programing, in sermons, speeches, and school texts throughout many Islamic societies.


The mere demand of the release of prisoners con-

writes on page 1 of his book, “Until this wave of

victed of such atrocities and the demand for the right

hatred is addressed, understood, and reversed,

of return of Palestinian refugees into Israel proper

efforts to forge a genuine and sustainable peace in

betrays a mindset that is at odds with sincere peace-

the Middle East stand little chance of success.” (continued on next page)


Media Watch Israel 1. In Knesset debate on upgrade of Bill that requires a Referendum before any concession of sovereign territory, Arab MK claims: “We [Arabs] were here before you and we’ll be here after you.” In unusual move, PM Netanyahu asked to take the podium and said to him: “The first part isn’t true, and the second won’t be.” us-321798 2. Experts found characters on 3,000-year-old Jerusalem pottery fragments to be the oldest form of written Hebrew, placing the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem earlier than previously believed. “If Hebrew as a written language existed in the 10th century, ... the ancient Israelites were recording their history in real time as opposed to writing it down several hundred years later. That would make the Old Testament an historical account of real-life events.” history/#ixzz2alAkpBrb 3. Citing Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act, “NGO files racism case against Australian academic for advocat ing BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions]” against Israel. 4. Formalities of Israel’s relations with the EU not simple, “but head of influential EU Parliament committee says in a ‘Post’ interview that limiting cooperation with Israel is not in European interests…”

Larry Weber

Israel Committee Insights

(continued from previous page)

But perhaps what is even more disturbing is the utter

If the conflict is merely about territory and Palestin-

inability and unwillingness of much of the liberal

ian rights and aspirations for self-determination, and

Western establishment, the political leadership, aca-

if there is willingness to compromise on both sides,

demia, the UN and human rights groups, and media to

then the conflict can be resolved. But if the problem

effectively address the issue of Muslim anti-Semitism.

is fueled by Muslim anti-Semitism, and if there is not

Kressel writes, “…(O)ne finds, especially in the anti-

a sincere acceptance of Jewish rights and the perma-

racist community, many who feel strongly motivated

nent existence of the Jewish state in part of Palestine,

to deny the problem, to minimize it, to excuse it, to

then even a signed peace treaty complete with a cer-

explain it away, and to attack or ridicule those who

emony on the White House lawn and Nobel awards

see it as important,” (page 97). Kressel also writes,

will not mean that the peace will be very lasting. I

“For many self-designated members of the anti-racist

remain skeptical of Palestinian leadership’s sincerity

community, Muslim anti-Semitism has become an un-

and of the consistent application of the principles of

mentionable prejudice. Indeed, in some circles, mere

true liberalism by the Western establishment.

recognition of the phenomenon can get one labeled a racist,” (page 56). Kressel calls the failure to deal with the problem of Muslim anti-Semitism as a litmus

Rich Tuckman

test for the West. It is a test of the West’s commitment

Chair of the Israel Committee

to its true liberal principles and of its future.


Camp Corner As a parent of a Crane Lake Camp camper and

members have shared Rabbi Karol’s love for camp

machon [counselor-in-training] participant, a URJ

over his years at Temple Isaiah. I hope this tradition

Northeast Camp Board Member, and Temple Isaiah’s

will continue into the future.

Camp Ambassador, I just had the opportunity to kvell over what we have created together, an everlasting

It’s never too early to start thinking about camp for

kehilah kedoshah [holy community]. Our day began

summer 2014. Sign up for the New Camper Week-

with a joyful camper-led Shabbat Service, followed

end, October 18th – 20th.

by a luncheon presentation at Crane Lake Camp.

entering grades two through six (fall 2013). Play at

Our own Temple Isaiah was honored with a plaque

both Eisner and Crane Lake. Enjoy a campfire, pool

and special recognition. Our synagogue sends the

party, sports, arts and crafts, and more.

This is for children

sixth-largest group of campers, NFTY-in-Israel participants and machon in the URJ Northeast Camp

Wishing everyone L’Shanah Tovah.

group. This is a very impressive fact considering the size of our congregation. None of this would

Susan Tuckman

be possible without the never-ending support of

Rabbi Stephen Karol. Numerous campers and staff

TI Camp Ambassador

Temple Isaiah received a certificate and a plaque at the Annual Assembly of the URJ Northeast Camps held in August. Left to Right are Northeast Camps Senior Director Louis Bordman, Rich and Susan Tuckman and Diane and Steve Weitzman representing our temple, and Crane Lake Camp Director Debby Shriber.


Simchas & Tzures Thank You To Michael Garcia for his volunteer service at Temple Isaiah

Welcome New Members Tamara, Spencer, & Skyler Spitz Harvey & Frances Robinson Rachel Katz & Jason, Michael, & Naomi Sanabia Lauren, Deven, Payton, & Hailey Rauss Debra, Stuart, Jadon, Kaila, & Emma Barnett

Congratulations To Suzan and Fred Goldhaber on the ordination of their daughter-in-law, Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon To Sharon & Larry Epstein on the birth of their grandson, Grayson Forrest Eddey To Silvia & David Altman on the birth of their grandson, Ethan Withrow Winans To Ilene & Ivan Ensler on the marriage of their son Jason to Rebecca McFarland To Betty & Leonard Fagen on the engagement of their daughter Robbe to Michael Johnston To Honey & Arnie Katz on the birth of their grandson, Brandon Robert Keys To Lisa & Richard Karelis on the marriage of their son Michael to Flavia Franco To Gloria & Mark Snyder on the marriage of their daughter Heather to Chris Ippolito To Dafna Lewkowitz on the birth of her granddaughter, Peri Yael Seidel To Marion & Martin Liebowitz on the marriage of their granddaughter Anna W. Liebowitz to Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne To Claire Baer on the marriage of her granddaughter Sara Rothenberg to Daniel Short

Condolences To Linda Stopsky on the death of her father, Paul Graziano To Helen Schlachter on the death of her brother, Sidney Friedman To Marshall Lacoff on the death of his wife, Marion Lacoff To Barbara Kamen on the death of her father, Bernard Behrendt To Ilene Horan on the death of her great-aunt, Martha Spitzer To Judy Albano on the death of her husband, Sandy Albano To Stacey Selzer on the death of her father, Stanley Fisher To Peter Gergen on the death of his mother, Janet Keshian

Whether you have happy news (simchas) or sad news (tzures), we hope you will share it with us. Rabbi Karol likes to know about births, engagements, weddings, and other happy occasions, as well as hospitalizations, sicknesses, or deaths. As hospital stays are often short, and hospitals do not call us when you are admitted, please let us know so Rabbi or Cantor can arrange to visit or at least telephone. If you would like him or Rabbi Fisher to officiate at a funeral, please speak to Rabbi Karol before scheduling. Our sanctuary is available for funeral or memorial services. If you call the Temple about a funeral and have to leave a message with the answering service, please mention that you are calling regarding a funeral.

Sunshine Funds It’s always the "right time" to make a contribution to your Temple. It might be in honor of a living person or a recent event, or in memory of someone or something, or anything you want. Donations can be made over the phone, by email, or through the USPS. However you send the information, your donation can be added to your monthly Temple Isaiah invoice for easy bookkeeping. Sunshine cards require a minimum contribution of ten dollars.

Minimum contribution is $10 Prayer Book: Chumash: Tree of Life Leaf: Pew Plaque: Memorial Board Plaque:

$45 $60 $118 $500 $250

Please call the office for more information regarding the above contributions.

Beautification Fund The purpose of the Beautification Fund is to generate money to renovate and beautify our synagogue. All monies will go into a fund dedicated to this purpose. To assist in this goal, a wall sculpture has been commissioned. This permanent work of art provides the opportunity to commemorate your support for Temple Isaiah. Plaques of different sizes will be available in the following categories:

CONTRIBUTOR........ $250 per year for 3 years SPONSOR................. $500 per year for 3 years PATRON................. $1000 per year for 3 years BENEFACTOR......... $2500 per year for 3 years To make a contribution, or if you have any questions, please call the office at 751-8518.


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Adult Education Fund

Fund to Feed the Hungry

In memory of Aaron Jaffe

In memory of Judith Swerdloff

Alice Schleifer

Carol & Mark Swerdloff

In memory of Sandy Albano

In memory of Rose Stenzler

Paula & Stuart Plotkin


Joan Korins & Dan Stenzler

In memory of Lawrence Scudder

Beautification Fund

Marge & Bert Feldstein

In honor of the birth of our grandson, Grayson Forrest In memory of Harry Mehrman

Eddey, son of Rachel & John

Marion & Theo Pavlidis

Sharon & Larry Epstein

In memory of Sidney Friedman

Cantor Trachtenberg Landscape Fund

Marge & Bert Feldstein

Mazel Tov to Susan & Lloyd Lense on the engagement of their daughter Sara to David Kram

In memory of Molly Ensler Rosen

In memory of Paul Graziano

Ilene & Ivan Ensler

Iris & David Schiff

In memory of Janet Tolsky

Mazel Tov to Susan Stopek & Lloyd Lense on the engage-

Alice Schleifer

Iris & David Schiff

ment of their daughter Sara to David Kram

Fund to Feed the Hungry

Donna & Lloyd Newman

In memory of Joseph Goor In memory of Sandy Albano

In memory of Emanuel Stein

Marge & Bert Feldstein

Jane Goor

In memory of William Friedman

In memory of Tillie Lowett

Laurie & David Friedman

Stacy & Seth Muraskin & Family

In memory of Herbert Willig

In memory of Toby Sallamack

Shirley Willig

Bernice, Mort, & Amy Rosen

In memory of Olga Sclafani

Mazel Tov to Marion & Martin Liebowitz on the marriage

Martin Lieberman

Iris & David Schiff

In memory of Lou Goldberg

of their granddaughter Anna W. Liebowitz to

Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne

The Cymerman Family

In memory of Marion Goldberg

In memory of Minnie Mayer Cohen

The Cymerman Family

Iris & David Schiff

In memory of Jack Darvas

Mazel Tov to Joy Champion & Joe Marconi on their upcom-

Harriet Miller Darvas

Tamra Stoller

In memory of Sylvia Paul

ing marriage

Harriet Miller Darvas

Marlene & Ed Schlosser

In memory of Nathan Goldfarb

In memory of Bernard Behrendt

Joan & Arnold Scherz

In memory of Louis Yesner


Iris & David Schiff

The Kamen family

Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Israel Fund

Music Fund

In memory of Bernard Feldman

In memory of Irving S. Frank

Pam Feldman


The Gerstein Family

In memory of Kitty Feldman

Mazel Tov to Silvia & David Altman on the birth of their

grandson, Ethan Withrow Winans

Pam Feldman

In memory of Harry A. Berman

Myrna & John Ruisi

Oneg Fund

In memory of Rose R. Jaffe

Alice Schleifer

In memory of Hannah Schlachter

In memory of Theodora Howard

In memory of Martin Cowit

Bruce Howard

Sy Schlachter

In honor of Alyson Parilla

In memory of Leon Frazier

The Confirmation Class

Vivian Cowit Ilene & Ivan Ensler

Joseph Karol Youth Scholarship Fund

Speedy recovery to Peggy Bojanowski

In memory of Philip Green

Claire Baer

Music Fund In memory of Sol Friedman

Myra & Alan Rosofsky

In memory of Renata Ruisi Riccio

Myrna & John Ruisi

In memory of Samuel Kupferman

Roni Mandell

In memory of Israel Frankenstein

The Gerstein Family

In memory of Michael Lieberman

Paula & Martin Lieberman

In memory of Walter Zuckerwise

Phyllis Sterne & Family

In memory of Adeline Gershenson

Marion & Theo Pavlidis

In memory of Isador Baer

Claire Baer

Mazel Tov to Suzan and Fred Goldhaber on the ordination

Terry Hume

In memory of Marion Lacoff Honey & Arnie Katz

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library In memory of Sandy Albano

Mona & Mark Saidens; Barbara Goldberg;

Rhoda Lieberman, Myra & Alan Rosofsky,

Barbara & Jerry Fine

In memory of Leonard Yarmus

Barbara & Bob Yarmus

In memory of Bess Roberts

Constance Roberts

In memory of Ethel Walzer Baron

Judy Albano

In memory of Celia Goldberg

Barbara Goldberg

In memory of Estelle Fleit

Shelley, Howard, Rachel, & David Fleit

In memory of Everett Gowa

Robin & Tom Wells; Louise Gowa

In memory of Bruce Gabrielsen

Suzanne, Brian, & Rachel Gabrielsen

of their daughter-in-law, Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon

Myra & Alan Rosofsky


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library



Mazel Tov to Gloria & Mark Snyder on the marriage of their

Mazel Tov to Diane & Steve Weitzman on the engagement

daughter Heather to Chris Ippolito

of their son Greg to Ashley Bordman

Barbara & Jerry Fine; Betty Yapko

Betty Yapko

Thank you, Rabbi Fisher, for your help during Sharon’s

Speedy recovery to Bernice Rosen

recent hospitalization

Barbara & Jerry Fine

Sharon & Larry Epstein

In honor of the ordination of Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund


Iris & David Schiff; Mona & Mark Saidens;

In memory of Louis Klein

Barbara Goldberg; Judy & Sandy Albano

In memory of Marion Lacoff

In memory of Don Tylutki

Myra, Alan, Alec, & Eli Rosofsky

Paula Balaban

Mazel Tov to Honey & Arnie Katz on the birth of their

In memory of Henry Levy

grandson, Brandon Robert Keys

In memory of Betty Goldstein

Rhoda Lieberman; Barbara & Jerry Fine

Doris & Leo Dvorken

In memory of Paul Graziano

In memory of David Schlenger

Myra & Alan Rosofsky

Bernice Kornfield Premisler

Mazel Tov to Rachel Baum on receiving her Master’s in

Library Science

In memory of Melvyn Kornfield

Barbara Goldberg

Bernice Kornfield Premisler Bernice Kornfield Premisler

In memory of Ronald French

In memory of Ida Rosenthal

Mona & Mark Saidens

Paul Rosenthal

In memory of Mildred Beskin

In memory of David Taber

Janine & Bruce Day

Marshall Lacoff

In memory of June Snyder

In memory of Harlean Bernstein

Janine & Bruce Day

Linda & Gary Bernstein

Mazel Tov to Barbara Goldberg on the engagement of her

In memory of Milton Newman


In memory of Joseph Handelman

Betty Yapko

Ellie Tepper

In memory of Sol Fleit

n memory of Jess Friedman

Howard, Shelley, Rachel, & David Fleit

Donna Siani

In memory of Milton Sterman

In memory of Sylvia Levenberg

Elise Frank & George Sterman

Donna Friedman

In grateful appreciation to Rabbi Fisher for his care and


In memory of Davit Nathan


Rose French

Judy Albano & Family

Harold Levenberg Paul Rosenthal

In memory of Rose Pinos

In memory of Wolf Holanski

Constance Roberts

Rose Block

In memory of Daniel Roberts

In memory of Joel Feingold

Constance Roberts

Sylvia Feingold

Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund (continued)

Special Projects Fund In memory of Sandy Albano

In memory of Sandy Albano

Iris & David Schiff; Irva & Saul Steinweis;

Carole-Ann Gordon

Ilene & Ivan Ensler

In memory of Bruce Gabrielsen

Mazel Tov to Gloria & Mark Snyder on the marriage of their

daughter Heather to Chris Ippolito

Rose French

Thank you, Rabbi Karol, for your help during Sharon’s

Iris & David Schiff; Marge & Paul Weiser;

recent hospitalization

Claire Baer; Janine & Bruce Day;

Donna & Lloyd Newman

Sharon & Larry Epstein

In memory of Miriam Rubinstein

In memory of Marion Lacoff

Lewis Silverman

Marge & Paul Weiser

In memory of Ronald French

In honor of our granddaughter, Clara Rosenzweig, as she

Florence & Arthur Pesin; Suzanne, Brian, & Rachel

became a Bat Mitzvah


Sandy & Dennis Rosenzweig

In memory of Rose Taber

Mazel Tov to Honey & Arnie Katz on the birth of their grand-

son, Brandon Robert Keys

Marshall Lacoff

In honor of Rabbi Karol

In memory of Ronald French

The Confirmation Class

Religious School Fund

Claire Baer; Sheila & David Silberhartz Ilene, Dion, Alex & Ben Shea

Mazel Tov to Marion & Martin Liebowitz on the marriage of their granddaughter Anna W. Liebowitz to Daniel

In memory of Paul Baer


Claire Baer

In memory of Paul Graziano

Eileen & Joe Donnelly; Randee Silberfeld;

Claire Baer

URJ Camp Scholarship Fund In memory of Ida Weitzman

In memory of Mary Tau

In memory of Joseph Weitzman

The DeGregorio Family

Diane & Stephen Weitzman

In honor of Rabbi Harvey Witman

In memory of Fay Kaminsky

The Confirmation Class

Herbert Silberman Artist/Scholar-in-Residence Fund

Diane & Stephen Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman

In memory of Jerry Kaminsky

Diane & Stephen Weitzman

In memory of Sandy Albano In memory of Samuel Stoller

In memory of Robert Goldberg

Gerald Stoller

Diane & Stephen Weitzman

In memory of Annette Friedman

In memory of Benjamin Rutchick

Myra & Alan Rosofsky

Barbara Goldberg Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Mazel Tov to Gloria & Mark Snyder on the marriage of their daughter Heather to Chris Ippolito

Janet & James Feldstein


Sunshine Funds & Other Donations URJ Camp Scholarship Fund

Worship Fund (continued)

(continued) Mazel Tov to Barbara Goldberg on the engagement of her In memory of Joseph Bossert

daughter Anne Rhatigan to Aldo Herrera

The Port Jefferson School Board

Marylin, Peter, & Amie Baracks

Mazel Tov to Diane & Stephen Weitzman on the engagement of their son Greg to Ashley Bordman

Maureen & Harvey Bernstein; Barbara Goldberg;

Donna & Lloyd Newman

Youth Group Fund In honor of Jessica Abrams becoming a Bat Mitzvah

In memory of Sidney Friedman

In memory of Betty Turner



Speedy recovery to Rob Schaffer

In memory of Lance Turner

Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Phyllis & Daniel Turner

Refuah Shleimah—a quick and speedy recovery to

Marylin Baracks

In memory of Lore Silverman

Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Phyllis & Daniel Turner Cindy Nash

In memory of Paul Graziano

In memory of Etta Edith Solomon

Marge & Paul Weiser; Diane & Stephen Weitzman

Reneé Silberfeld

Mazel Tov to David Altamirano, Sarah Barbakoff, Christo-

In memory of Marion Lacoff

pher Bennett, Nicole Boritz, Jared Braun, Sydney Brenner,

Jill Countess, Hannah Feldman-Brown, Nicolette Gerbi,

Wishing Perri Fitterman a complete & speedy recovery

Benjamin Lebit, Andrew Lichtenstein, Samantha Pichler,

Diane & Stephen Weitzman Mona & Mark Saidens

Joshua Querido, Allana Rosenberg, Jordan Silberfeld,

Office (631) 751-0196 Cell (631) 807-7162

Ilana Solomon, & Joseph Stopsky on being Confirmed

Diane & Stephen Weitzman

In honor of Clara Rosenzweig as she became a Bat Mitzvah

Mona & Mark Saidens

In honor of Stephen Weitzman

The Confirmation Class

764 RT. 25A SETAUKET, NY 11733

Worship Fund Mazel Tov to Gloria & Mark Snyder on the marriage of their daughter Heather to Chris Ippolito

Perri & Larry Lieblich

In honor of Clara Rosenzweig & Jared Goldstein becoming B’nai Mitzvah

Custom-Designed & Printed Create an Enduring Keepsake for:

Mazel Tov to Silvia & David Altman on the birth of their

Weddings Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Baby Namings/B'rit Milah Special Occasions Unveilings & Memorial Services

grandson, Ethan Withrow Winans

Gary Kamen (Temple Isaiah member)

Sandra & Dennis Rosenzweig

In honor of Clara Rosenzweig becoming a Bat Mitzvah


Commemorative Booklets

Iris & David Schiff

Marylin & Peter Baracks & Family





Family When Family Can't Be There Assistance • Accompaniment • Transportation • Companionship

Insured & Bonded

Wheelchair Accessible Van

We Can Transport Your Loved Ones To Special Occasions! Tom & Robin Wells, owners/operators phone: 631-751--0909 • email: website:







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Bulletin Designed & Edited by Gary Kamen / Syzygy Creative Studios /

Bat Mitzvah September 2013 Jessica Abrams on September 21st

Daughter of Jonathan & Pamela Abrams

Siman Tov & Mazel Tov

Bulletin september 2013  

Temple Isaiah's September 2013 Bulletin

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