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December 2013

Congratulations to Rabbi Fisher and the

Early Morning Study Group as They Celebrate Their

25th Anniversary

Temple Isaiah


Congregation Meeting 12/8 Member Union

Social Action Meeting 12/18 for

Reform Judaism



No Religious School



No Religious School 1:30 pm Renaissance Club

Religious School/TYG 9 am PA Mtg


Religious School/Atid/TYG 9:09AM Brotherhood Mtg 11:15 am 6 Facts about the Torah NOON Adult Ed: Torah Study 1:15 pm Soup Kitchen 7 pm Congregation Mtg

5th Night No Religious School


No Religious School

No Religious School






Religious School 1 pm Book Disc Grp 8 pm Bd of Trustees Mtg

Religious School

6th Night Religious School 8 pm School Bd Mtg




No Religious School 6:30 am Early AM Study Jewish Thought


Religious School 6:30 am Early AM StudyHaftarot 7 pm Adult Ed: Hebrew 8 pm Basic Judaism: Holiday Track

No Religious School



Religious School 6:30 am Early AM StudyJewish Thought 7 pm Adult Ed: Hebrew 8 pm Basic Judaism: Holiday Track

7th Night Religious School 6:30 am Early AM StudyHaftarot 7 pm Adult Ed: Hebrew 8 pm Basic Judaism: Holiday Track






7 pm Social Action Mtg

8th Night


Friday Ushers 6 Rosen 13 20 Steinweis/Verby 27 Rosenzweig





7:15 pm S’hood Bd Mtg 8 pm The Book of Job

8 pm The Book of Job






27 Saturday Ushers 7 Verby/ Rotunno Family 14 Feldstein/Goldstein Family 21 Kanter

Candle Lighting: 4:13

8 pm Erev Shabbat Service

Candle lighting: 4:09

5 pm Music Tot Shabbat



10 am Shabbat Morning Service


Justin Constantino Bar Mitzvah B’nai Mitzvah Disc Grp-C

10 am Shabbat Morning Service



28 NFTY Social Justice Day 12/8


10 am Shabbat Morning Service


Ashlee Russo-Bat Mitzvah

7 pm Family Shabbat 10 am Shabbat Morning Service Service

Candle lighting: 4:07

8 pm Erev Shabbat Service

Candle lighting: 4:06

5 pm Story Tot Shabbat

Friday 8 pm Erev Shabbat Service

Dec. 2013 / Kislev - Tevet 5774

Temple Isaiah

,s Reflections R abbi Rabbi,s Reflections

THE BEAUTY OF OUR SANCTUARY “Let them make a sanctuary for me that I may dwell

It is a tribute to our sanctuary but also inherent in

among them.” Exodus, Chapter 25, Verse 8

its purpose that a variety of events can occur there and be proof for me of God dwelling among us. On

I had the pleasure of sitting in the back of our

the same day of the concert, I conducted a funeral

sanctuary and attending a concert last month that

for the family of one of our members, Solomon

featured graduate students from the music depart-

Feingold. Carole-Ann Gordon taught “Synagogue

ment at Stony Brook University. There were about

Skills” to some of our Hebrew School students that

100 people here—many of whom were not from our

afternoon, and Cantor Labow had done a Bar Mitzvah

congregation—and they raved about what a wonder-

rehearsal with the Lallier family the night before. On

ful venue it was, what a beautiful grand piano we

most Sunday mornings, Donna Siani teaches music

have, how excellent the acoustics were, and how kind

in the sanctuary. But that Sunday morning and

our congregation was to host this concert. Of course,

afternoon two days before was the date for the first

I graciously accepted all of the compliments!

of our writing sessions in our Holocaust scroll with Neil Yerman, our Sofer who is repairing that Torah.

Although not everyone will agree with me, I believe

The Cantor and I led services on Erev Shabbat and

that there is a visual beauty to our sanctuary. I like

Shabbat morning, with Benjamin Verby becoming a

the colorful design on the Ark and the variety of colors

Bar Mitzvah and his grandfather Stanley receiving an

in the carpet and on the walls. More important, there

early birthday blessing from me in honor of his 96th

is beauty in the fact that congregants have been


involved in “making the sanctuary.” Joe Donnelly designed the bimah and created the Menorah, the

The beauty of our sanctuary exists in what we see,

Ten Commandments, and the Holocaust Memorial.

who we are with, and what we do in it. Our sanctuary

Steve Hiller built the candle table. Shawn Countess

is where our B’nai Mitzvah students and their parents

built the Torah Stand, with help from Tom Sama, who

learn about the process ahead of them at meet-

put a handicap railing on the right-hand wall. The

ings and later participate in discussion groups with

wall hanging that depicts Shabbat and the holidays to

me and the Cantor—culminating in our beautiful

the right of the bimah was a project completed some

services. Our sanctuary is where students of all ages

35 years ago by Eileen Fisher, Barbara Yarmus, and

sit on the floor between the bimah and the first

some other congregants. (If you were among them,

row of pews for Family Service stories. Our sanctuary

please let me know and I will give you the credit next

is where our new students are blessed with a talit

month.) Two of our Torah covers were designed by

over their heads at Consecration, our new members

one of our former congregants, Sharon Goldberg, and

are welcomed with a blessing at the same service,

one by Deborah Fisher. The talents and donations of

our Tenth Grade Confirmation students lead the Con-

our congregants have made our sanctuary.

firmation Service, and our Youth Group members Continued on page 7



We are restoring our Holocaust Torah, and it will be used by future generations!

It is not too late for you and your loved ones to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

On Sunday, November 3rd, 70 people took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the mitzvah of symbolically “writing a Torah� as they joined with Sofer Neil Yerman to complete a letter in our Holocaust Torah.

When: Sunday, January 26th, 2014 or Sunday, March 9th, 2014 Where: Temple Isaiah Contact: Penny at 751-8518 or

Dedication Opportunities There are many levels at which congregants can support this project. Suggested dedication opportunities are outlined below. If there is something that has a special meaning to you, Rabbi Karol is available to assist you in selecting an appropriate verse or passage.

Gifts may be in Honor or in Memory of someone.

* Examples: Creation Story, Ten Commandments, Binding of Isaac Please include any specific information with your gift.


SOLD A Torah Guardian A Entire Torah A Book of Torah A Parasha A Bar or Bat Mitzvah Portion A Chapter A Special Section* A Verse A Word A Letter

$18,000 $10,800 $ 5,400 $ 3,600 $ 1,800 $










Thank you for your participation in this historic event.

Please make checks payable to Temple Isaiah. Mail to: Temple Isaiah Torah Restoration 1404 Stony Brook Road Stony Brook NY 11790


from the


WHY REDEDICATION? The English definitions of dedication include ideas of devotion, of singular service of a cause or a god, or of zeal and love of a certain cause or idea. In Judaism, the idea of d’veikut, or clinging to God, is similar. It implies a clinging, just as a child clings to a parent or as people in a romantic relationship long to be near each other. Ideas of dedication can be applied to institutions as well—public, private, or religious. A

it. You act and feel in a certain way because of it. The religious sentiment and clinging that fills this bubble when you are in the synagogue is wonderful, but when you leave it dissipates. It may be a long time before it comes back, perhaps a whole year. It will need a rededication so that it can begin at the beginning again.

business leader can cling to their purpose of growing a business to benefit society in some way. A political leader can cling to the idea that their actions in the political forum will effect positive change. And a religious leader can cling to the notion that those who look to him or her for inspiration will come away with a renewed sense of religious purpose.

Chanukah commemorates one such time in our history when the “bubble” presence that surrounded our center of worship was broken and needed to be rededicated. The rededication was partially successful; in the end the Temple was destroyed and many dark years ensued. The devotion was interrupted. Imagine where we would be if it had not been. Imagine that the constant dedication was cleverly managed to make it through the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of Islam and into today. The Jewish people may have been much stronger. The key here is how the bubble is managed. If the presence is a ‘turnon-turn-off’ for each specific situation, then there is little chance of moving forward in any area. If the presence in many different areas is positive in an ongoing fashion, then there is a chance that an inspiration, an emotion once felt will have effect over a long period.

The ideas of devotion, dedication, of d’veikut, are constant ideas that exist at all times. They are a state of being that surrounds us in potential, but they are only activated personally when we choose. Imagine this image: following the medieval idea that we are surrounded by thousands of demons and angels, each with a purpose, imagine that you are surrounded by a more or less flexible “bubble” as you go through life. It is not physical, but a bubble of potential that contains all of the possibilities of your life, positive and negative. You can activate its nature depending on the dedications that you choose—you can turn them on and off, some are determined for you by circumstance and others are determined by your reaction to others. When you come into the synagogue, for example, the nature of this presence that surrounds you is religious and carries with it the weight of history and of God and your connection to

I ask, then, why rededication? Why not constant dedication in which we can feel the joy and light of Chanukah on the most ordinary of days. Cantor Ted Labow



Sustaining Members Listen... to the sound of the shofar, rousing us to a higher purpose! We depend on Temple Isaiah. Regardless of our ages, the ages of our children, or even whether or not we participate regularly in activities provided by our temple, it is our collective responsibility to support Temple Isaiah and to keep Judaism alive and well.

Shrinking Jewish populations, shifting demographics, and a challenging economic environment require creative solutions. Many congregations are folding and consolidating.

Our dues are the financial pillar on which our temple’s existence and good work depend. Please help us maintain Temple Isaiah as a house of worship, a house of learning, and a house of assembly. It is here we celebrate life-cycle events. It is here we receive spiritual and emotional support when we need it. However, our total dues revenues, together with money from fundraisers, just barely pay our monthly bills.

Temple Isaiah’s Sustaining Membership program encourages members of our congregation to make contributions commensurate with financial ability. If those of us who are able to give beyond the “family, single, or retiree” dues rates do so, the continuity and growth of programming at Temple Isaiah will be maintained. Ideally, each of us would support our temple to the best of his or her ability. Please ask yourself at this time: Am I able to strengthen our congregation by becoming a Sustaining Member? It is up to each of us to define our own “highest-supportable level” of giving. Only with strong financial support can Temple Isaiah continue to provide education, worship services, programming, and outreach. Please participate in this mitzvah.


Temple Isaiah

President,s Podium

Looking Forward With this past year in mind, I thank our Rabbi, Can-

Dear Congregants,

tor, Board Members, volunteers, congregants, and As this year comes to a close, we take a look forward

staff for their dedication to our Temple and extend

to the year ahead. The year 2014 will be one of

a thank you to all in anticipation of their continued

changes, challenges, farewells, and welcomes for

dedication to Temple Isaiah in the year ahead.

our congregation to experience. As part of this Temple's sacred community, we fully embrace the

May we all be a blessing,

past, appreciate the present, and look forward to


the future with tender memories and bright hopes.

Carole-Ann Gordon

Congregational Meeting Sunday, December 8th at 7


While Rabbi Karol Is Away Rabbi Karol will be representing our congregation at the Biennial Convention of the Union for Reform Judaism in San Diego from December 10th through the 15th. He will also be on vacation from December 30th through January 5th. Cantor Labow will be available in case of an emergency while Rabbi Karol is away.

Rabbi's Reflections

Continued from page 3

conduct the Youth-Led Service. Our sanctuary is

Our sanctuary is beautiful because it is where

where we unroll the Holocaust Scroll on Simchat

memories are created and inspiration is derived,

Torah—stretching from the bimah to the stage in the

where teaching flourishes and learning thrives, and

social hall—and give people the opportunity to sense

where enjoyment is enhanced and sorrow is less-

the holiness of the experience and the scroll itself.

ened. As a Jew and as a rabbi, all of that is beautiful

Our sanctuary is where we sing songs during the

to me. And that is one of the places where and how

Chanukah Zimriah before the Bernie Friend Latke

God dwells among us.

Bash, where we act silly during the Purimspiel, and spin our groggers for the Purim Skit before the Carni-


val. It is where we solemnly observe Yizkor and Yom

Rabbi Stephen Karol

HaShoah. Our sanctuary is where babies are named, where children and adults receive birthday blessings, and where wedding ceremonies take place.


The Triad Concert

Presented by the Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council & Temple Isaiah

January 12, 2014

Trio Artica Piano, Cello, Violin February 9, 2014

Canta Libre Chamber Ensemble Flute, Harp, Cello, Viola, Violin March 9, 2014

Esther Chung Marks, Pianist Performing a Solo Recital Ticket Prices: $15 at the door / $12 in advance Subscription to Series for Temple Members $30 for 3 concerts purchased in advance

Send check to: GPJAC, PO Box 204, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 PayPal: - look for PayPal tickets after December 1st All concerts begin at 2:00 pm with a reception and “meet and greet� to follow.

All proceeds from concerts will benefit both Temple Isaiah and the Arts Council. Please support this fundraiser and enjoy wonderful classical music. 8

Religious School Review A Jewish Home I often look at my home and wonder if I am leaving the right message for my children and grandchildren. I have lived in my Levitt house in Stony Brook since 1970. Over the years, my family and I have collected much Judaica that is exhibited throughout our house. When you enter the front door, of course, there is a mezuzah. The living room is filled with shelves of Judaic books that are still useful to me as I continue to study. The books keep piling up as I read and search for more materials on Judaism and topics that interest me. I have noticed that at least two of my colleagues at Temple Isaiah have a similar problem with books! I began teaching religious school in 1969, a time when the renaissance of well-written Jewish books was in its infancy. Since then, we have been fortunate enough to have many wonderful and informative books from scholars in all Jewish movements,

making it easy to explore Jewish values. Not only are my own bookshelves filled with these materials, but the Adam D. Fisher Library at Temple Isaiah is as well. Our kitchen and dining room have all the Judaica needed to observe Shabbat. Challah boards, Kiddush cups, candles, a challah knife, a challah cover, a tzedakah box, some of which are from Israel, are used on a weekly basis. As I tour my home, I can see that we have enough Jewish “stuff” to give our house and our family a Jewish identity. I am proud of my heritage and share that with all who enter my home, and our Religious School. Rabbi Harvey Witman Educational Director

Temple Isaiah Website & Eblasts Our Religious School calendar, service times, meeting times, and all other dates can be found on our website: If you would like to receive our weekly eblast, please contact

Postings from the Parents’ Association Our next Family Fun Night is our annual Bingo Night on Saturday, January 11th at 6


See you then for

lots of food, fun, and prizes! Pizza will be served, so please RSVP to Irva Steinweis at tischool@optonline. net by January 7th. If you would like to be involved, please email us, Nancy Linden and Ilene Horan, at or We’re the co-chairs of the Parents’ Association and we’re looking forward to meeting you! Our next meeting is December 15th at 9


in the kitchen.


' Tu B'Shevat Seder Wednesday, January 15th Come join your Temple family in observing the birthday of the trees. This beautiful seder involves tasting many kinds of fruit and wines. We will celebrate the bounty that will come to us as we prepare for spring and all that our earth has to offer us. We will be reminded that trees are the Jewish symbols for life and Torah. 6:30 pm Seder 7:15 pm Dinner 8:00 pm Conclusion of Seder Please bring your own Kosher-style dinner (no shellfish, pork products, or dairy-meat combinations). Dessert, coffee, wine, fruit, and challah will be provided. A donation of $8 per person/$25 per family is requested. We are a Mazon partner and a portion of your donation will be used to feed the hungry. Reservations for the Tu B'Shevat Seder must be received by January 8th.

Name ______________________________ Phone ______________________________ 10

# Attending ________ Donation __________

Social Action Actions Remembering Our Armed Service Members With the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan,

email from Beverly, this year we were able to also fill

I would have thought the need for holiday packages

a "large request received from the Jewish troops in

to Afghanistan would be the last. However, I was

Tunisia and Libya." The email went on to say that

recently made aware that Commander Anthony Grow

our Temple should be proud of our "continued and

has been deployed to Afghanistan for a year. For

amazing support of our troops." We will keep the

those of you who were present, Major Grow, upon

Temple updated on any letters or photos we receive

his return, gave an amazing presentation at Temple

from overseas.

Isaiah and become the inspiration for that year’s Mitzvah Day. Anthony’s sister-in-law is a Temple

We also wish to congratulate Sean Rosenberg on

congregant and helped make us aware not only of

being awarded the Bronze Star. Sean and his para-

our Jewish soldiers’ needs, but also the existence of

troopers were the recipients of last year’s Chanukah

B'nai Baghdad. We have kept in touch with Anthony

packages. We are so proud that Sean's commitment

and will continue to support him and his family dur-

and sacrifice has been acknowledged in such a big

ing this difficult time.


Once again, we have partnered with the Major Stuart

A holiday package was also sent to our adopted

Adam Wolfer Institute (MSAWI) to send Chanukah

family. We will continue to share any feedback we

packages to the Jewish troops overseas. For those of

get from them.

you who have followed the history of Chai for Chayalim, Major Stuart was to be the next B'nai Baghdad

Hoping all have a happy, joyous and blessed New

lay leader before he was tragically killed in Iraq. His

Year and holiday season.

sister, Beverly, has since been running the MSAWI in his honor. With the help of Temple Isaiah, in an

The Social Action Committee

Chai for Chayalim




Temple Isaiah's Social Action Committee is continuing its commitment to our soldiers. Please help us in our year-long campaign to support the Jewish soldiers overseas.

Won’t you join us by donating $18 for this worthy cause? 11

Adult Education


Temple Isaiah

Torah Study Rabbi Karol and other members of the group will be expanding the meaning of “studying Torah” to include the Book of Joshua and find out what happened in the Promised Land. Members and non-members are welcome. You will need to purchase The Jewish Study Bible, edited by Adele Berlin and Marc Zvi Brettler, and published by Oxford University Press. Please contact the Rabbi if you have any questions. Leader: Rabbi Stephen Karol Sunday: 12/8 — Chapter 10 Time: Noon-1


Location: Library

Book Discussion Group Join a spirited, intellectual discussion of some of today’s great books. Our December selection is The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows. Monday: 12/16

Time: 1


Basic Judaism The Hebrew Track: This series of classes began in October. December sessions include: Tuesdays: 12/3, 12/10, & 12/17

Time: 7


The Holiday Track: This series of classes in the Basic Judaism course covers the High Holy Days, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Purim, Passover, and Shavuot. This series of classes began in October. Instructor: Rabbi Harvey Witman Tuesdays: 12/3, 12/10, & 12/17

Time: 8

6 Facts You Need to Know


about the


This is the third of six half-hour lessons Rabbi Karol is teaching in connection with our Torah Restoration Campaign. Sunday: 12/8 Time: 11:15-11:45

The Book



— Do I Have to Take the Torah Literally?

Job: When Bad Things Happened to


Good Person

We are using Rabbi Harold Kushner’s book as a guide for answering the questions raised by the Biblical book and discussing its application to suffering and belief. You are responsible for having your own copy of the book. This series of classes began in November. Instructor: Rabbi Stephen Karol Thursdays: 12/5, 12/19 Time: 8-9:15


Please RSVP to the office for all courses!


Camp Corner Crane Lake Camp and Eisner Camp are havens for

camp office at 201.722.0400. Directions are avail-

developing and enhancing lasting relationships,

able on the Eisner and Crane Lake webpage at the

independence, and a sense of Jewish identity. By

following links:

providing a balanced mix of spiritual, athletic, and

Eisner Camp:

cultural programs through living Judaism in an en-

Crane Lake Camp:

vironment of support and acceptance, they enhance


each child's sense of Jewish belonging. If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Karol, Fall/Winter Tour Sign-Up

Stephen Weitzman, or myself.

There are currently two winter tour dates available: December 4th or January 22nd. You may choose to

Susan Tuckman

tour Eisner or Crane Lake during the allotted day and

time. If you have any questions, please contact the

TI Camp Ambassador

The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library Our temple library is open one half-hour before each Erev Shabbat Service. If you are available to volunteer, please call Barbara Yarmus at 981-2709.

Story Tot Shabbat Led by Rabbi Karol & Eileen Fisher

December 6th

Tot Shabbat

Musical Tot Shabbat Led by Cantor Labow

December 20th

Preschoolers (3 to 5 years old) and their parents are invited to come and share a "Taste of Shabbat" at our bi-weekly Tot Shabbat Services. These services include songs, basic prayers, a story, and an up-close-and-personal experience with the Torah. After we bless the juice and challah at the Oneg Shabbat, each child will receive a mini-challah to take home. What a great way for Temple Isaiah members, relatives, friends, and neighbors to greet Shabbat together.


Israel Committee Insights Iran is governed by an Islamic fundamentalist

Rouhani is more refined than Mahmoud Ahmadine-

totalitarian regime which is hostile to Western liberal

jad, but his election will not change Iran’s ambitions

ideals of human rights and to the existence of the

or the threat. The Iranian regime will never willingly

Jewish state. It is imperialistic in nature, exerting in-

give up its drive toward the development of nuclear

fluence in Syria, in Lebanon via its proxy Hezbollah,


and in the Palestinian territories through its support of Hamas. It is the leading sponsor of state terrorism,

Vice President Biden has recently met with Congres-

being suspected of involvement with Hezbollah in the

sional leadership to stop a House and Senate bill that

1983 Marine barracks attack in Lebanon killing 241

would have enacted further painful sanctions on Iran’s

Marines, the Khobar towers attack in Saudi Arabia

oil and banking sectors. I believe the President’s policy

in 1996 which killed 17 US servicemen, a Jewish

is misguided. Some credible estimates are that Iran’s

community center bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994

nuclear weapons development is very close to a point

killing 85 and injuring hundreds, and recently a bomb

of no return. At this late stage, I believe the only

attack of a bus killing 5 Israeli tourists in Bulgaria in

effective policy of preventing the prospect of an Irani-

July 2012, and a foiled bomb plot to kill the Saudi

an nuclear bomb would be the immediate implemen-

ambassador in Washington D.C., among others. The

tation of the maximum economic and legal sanctions

Iranian regime seeks to gain influence in Iraq and

possible, backed up by a credible military ultimatum.

Afghanistan, and impose hegemony over the Persian

The President’s pursuit of the diplomatic process at

Gulf, and its leaders deny the Holocaust and threaten

this late stage runs the risk of giving Iran the time and

Israel with destruction. The Iranian nuclear program is

space it needs to complete its objective, and it further

clearly designed to further its anti-Western agenda and

ties Israel’s hands.

represents an existential threat to the Jewish state. The main lesson of World War II and the Holocaust is President Obama has stated on more than one occa-

that effective leadership requires dealing with poten-

sion that his policy is to prevent Iran from developing

tial threats early before they develop and risk catas-

a nuclear weapon and not to contain such a capability.

trophe. I fear President Obama may be miscalculating

This declaration was meant to allay fears and reassure

and therefore may not live up to his stated promise of

Americans as well as Israel and other important U.S.

prevention. I believe that diplomatic efforts are inap-

allies that the U.S. would not let the Iranian threat

propriate at this time. Iran needs to be compelled to

develop. But as Iran lurches dangerously close to nu-

stop enrichment now.

clear breakout capability, the President has embarked


on an additional diplomatic effort, lured by the recent

Richard Tuckman

election of a new Iranian president. President Hassan

Chair of the Israel Committee

Media Watch Israel 1. Hundreds of thousands turn out for funeral of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.


2. “Rare Jewish Prayer Book Predates Oldest Known Torah Scroll.”


3. “The phenomenon of Latin Americans converting to Judaism has exploded over the past few years –

but one small Jewish synagogue is making it its mission to seek congregants in Latin America.”


4. Striking color 1939-1940 photos inside Nazi-Occupied Poland capture subjugated Jewish subjects

with surprising sensitivity.


5. World risks 'historic mistake' on Iran, warns Israeli PM Netanyahu.


Larry Weber

Renaissance Club Attention Seniors! Our Renaissance Club meets once a month at the Temple. You are invited to come, make new friends, and share your ideas for speakers, outings, and events. The next meeting is December 22nd at 1:30 pm. Please call Lillian Goldstein at 862-1747 for more information.

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen Members of Temple Isaiah’s Social Action Committee and other volunteers staff the Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen at St. James Catholic Church (429 Route 25A in Setauket). This month’s date is Dec. 12th. Please note the times: set-up will be from 1:15 - 2:00, dinner will be served at 3:00, and all clean-up should be done by 5:00.


Breaking Bread with Brotherhood I hope you are enjoying Chanukah. We kicked it off early this year with the Bernie Friend Latke Bash prior to Thanksgiving. This is probably Brotherhood’s biggest event in terms of manpower and effort, and I would like to thank everyone who pitched in and made it such a success. Also in November was Comedy Night, back this year after a hiatus due to Superstorm Sandy. Our comedians—Maria Walsh, Peter Sasso, and Richie Byrne—had us laughing hysterically. Kudos also go out to Brotherhood member Marshall Blum for an impromptu cameo role. If you were there, you know why, after just a few years, Comedy Night is one of Brotherhood’s and Sisterhood’s most popular events. Thanks to Alan Fisher for organizing it and to our sponsors Audio Den, Gershow Recycling, and Newbrook Insurance Agency for their support. At November’s meeting, Marlin Levi shared some of the history of our Holocaust scroll with us. We learned about Nemecky Brod, the town in Czechoslovakia where it came from, and the Holocaust’s impact on one of its prominent families. We all left with a greater appreciation of the scroll and the significance of restoring it. Coincidentally, Marlin’s presentation was on the same day that our sofer, Neil Yerman, was at Temple Isaiah working with our Torah Restoration Committee. Our December Brotherhood meeting will take place on Sunday, December 8th at 9:09


in the kitchen.

Our speaker will be Rich Tuckman, chair of Temple Isaiah’s Israel Committee. Rich will speak on matters concerning Israeli-American relations, media issues, and some of the organizations involved in Israeli issues that we may not know about. Please join us for what promises to be an enlightening and informative presentation. Have a bagel, meet some of your fellow congregants, and hear about what we’ve got planned. Better yet, come with ideas about what else we could do. There are no dues for first-year members. Our other December activity, confirmed by press time, is the Stony Brook Seawolves basketball game vs. Cornell on December 22nd. Complete details will be on our website and in the eblast soon. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve another term as your President. Re-elected along with me are Vice President Mike Kelson and Treasurer Alan Fisher. Rounding out the Executive Board is our new Secretary, Rodger Jonas. We appreciate your confidence and support. This is also a good time to thank Marlin Levi, our former Secretary, for his efforts. I look forward to seeing you in December. As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or comments, please email me at or call me at 981-5128 evenings. Jay Schoenfeld Brotherhood President





This year is unusual in that Chanukah and Thanksgiving fall together. Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing many of you talking about serving Thanksgiving dishes with a Chanukah flair or Chanukah dishes with a Thanksgiving twist.

Many of your ideas have been very creative and also very entertaining.

Ever try sweet potato latkes? They’re really good! We certainly look forward to hearing all about your adventures in holiday dining with family and friends this month. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our partner--Temple Isaiah Brotherhood--and to all of you who made Comedy Night such a great success. We had tons of laughs with comedians Richie Byrne from The Dr. Oz Show, “gravity-defying” comedian Pete Sasso, and Long Island’s own Maria Walsh. Everyone had a wonderful time, shared some B.Y.O.Bs, and devoured “delicious desserts.” Our stupendous fall Rummage Sale was a great success. Sisterhood would like to especially thank Ruth Gerbi and family for running the show and to Deanna Pincus for getting our advertising out. We couldn’t do it without you! We also wish to thank all of our helpers for support with the set-up and the sale. Last but not least, Sisterhood would like to thank all of you who donated items and/or purchased “rummage finds.” Rummage is one of Sisterhood’s biggest fundraising events and it supports camp scholarships for Temple Isaiah’s Religious School students. Your support really does make it possible for some of our students to be able to attend Crane Lake or Eisner Camps. It also helps Sisterhood help our Temple in many ways. Sisterhood has no official events in December. We want all of you to spoil and enjoy your families and friends for the school break. For January, we are discussing the possibility of going out for Sunday brunch at a restaurant to enjoy the good company of our TI Sisters, giving cookers and cleaners a much-needed break. Details will be announced when the plan is finalized. As always, Temple Isaiah Sisterhood is a caring, sharing community of all ages bonding together in our mutual love of Judaism, our Temple, and its community. If you are not a TI Sisterhood member, we highly encourage you to join our Sisterhood family and share the feelings of friendship extended to all its members. Our annual dues are only $40 (a great value in today’s marketplace!) and our membership form can be downloaded from the Temple Isaiah website. If you are already a TI Sisterhood member and have not yet sent in your check, take this message as a gentle reminder to please do so soon. Many Thanks! Very Sincerely Yours, Paula Bennett and Janet Feldstein Sisterhood Co-presidents


Simchas & Tzures Welcome New Members Preston Schoenfeld

Congratulations To Marge & Paul Weiser on the birth of their grandson, Leo David To Sharon & Larry Epstein on the birth of their granddaughter, Emilia Rose To Janet & Steve Hiller on the birth of their granddaughter, Rafaelle To Suzan & Fred Goldhaber on the birth of their granddaughter, Yara Esther To Eileen & Harvey Kamil on the birth of their grandson, Tyler Adam To Ilene & Glenn Steinhauer on the birth of their grandson, Hooper Gus

Condolences To Sylvia Feingold on the death of her husband, Solomon Feingold To Alan Lichtenstein on the death of his father, Harold Lichtenstein

Sunshine Funds It’s always the "right time" to make a contribution

Congratulations to U.S. Army Airborne Ranger 1st Lt. Sean Rosenberg who has received the Bronze Star while serving in Afghanistan.

Beautification Fund

to your Temple. It might be in honor of a living per-

The purpose of the Beautification Fund is to

son or a recent event, or in memory of someone or

generate money to renovate and beautify our syna-

something, or anything you want. Donations can

gogue. All monies will go into a fund dedicated to

be made over the phone, by email, or through the

this purpose.

USPS. However you send the information, your donation can be added to your monthly Temple Isa-

To assist in this goal, a wall sculpture has been

iah invoice for easy bookkeeping. Sunshine cards

commissioned. This permanent work of art pro-

require a minimum contribution of ten dollars.

vides the opportunity to commemorate your support for Temple Isaiah. Plaques of different

Minimum contribution is $10 Prayer Book: Chumash: Tree of Life Leaf: Pew Plaque: Memorial Board Plaque:

sizes will be available in the following categories: $45 $60 $118 $500 $250

Please call the office for more information regarding the above contributions.


CONTRIBUTOR........ $250 per year for 3 years SPONSOR................. $500 per year for 3 years PATRON................. $1000 per year for 3 years BENEFACTOR......... $2500 per year for 3 years To make a contribution, or if you have any questions, please call the office at 751-8518.

Sunshine Funds & Other Donations Adult Education Fund

Oneg Fund

In memory of Rose Racer Fran Robinson Happy Birthday to Joan Abbey Barbara & Lew Freedman

Mazel Tov to Marge & Paul Weiser on the birth of their grandson, Leo David Carole-Ann Gordon

Cantor Trachtenberg Landscape Fund In memory of Ralph Hoffman Diane & Jerry Cymerman In honor of Bev Lowitt’s grandson becoming a Bar Mitzvah Suzan & Fred Goldhaber

Fund to Feed the Hungry In memory of Florence Bernstein Maureen & Harvey Bernstein In memory of Nathan Cohen Irving Carlin In memory of Max Racer Fran Robinson In memory of Robert Lowett Bernice, Morton, & Amy Rosen In memory of Joseph Neuhaus Shirley Willig Welcome, Fran & Harvey Robinson, to Temple Isaiah Shirley Willig In memory of Samuel Mehrman Marion & Theo Pavlidis A gift from the Walters family

Israel Fund In memory of Morris D. Gerstein The Gerstein family In memory of Ruth S. Frank The Gerstein family In memory of Lilian Lieblich Lawrence Lieblich Mazel Tov to Sean Rosenberg The Kamen family In memory of Max & Rose Kamenetzky The Kamen family

Music Fund In Memory of Leah Tepper Ellie Tepper Mazel Tov to Janet & Steve Hiller on the birth of their granddaughter, Rafaelle Carole-Ann Gordon In memory of Alexander Ferris Cheryl Hirsch Happy Birthday to Barbara Wright Richard & Jacob Wright

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher Library In honor of the birth of our granddaughter, Emilia Rose Sharon & Larry Epstein Mazel Tov to Suzan & Fred Goldhaber on the birth of their granddaughter, Yara Esther Iris & David Schiff; Essie & Mark Freilach; Barbara Goldberg; Carole-Ann Gordon In memory of Caroline Guberman Harold Guberman In memory of Samuel Leitner Rhoda Lieberman In memory of Jesse Leitner Rhoda Lieberman In memory of Richard Gary Mazzola Honey & Arnie Katz In memory of Nettie Deifik Honey & Arnie Katz In memory of Gurbachan Singh Sonya Singh Mazel Tov to Ben Verby on becoming a Bar Mitzvah Gloria & Mark Snyder In memory of Solomon Feingold Claire Baer

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund In memory of Sol Liebowitz Martin & Marion Liebowitz Mazel Tov to Sean Rosenberg on being awarded the Bronze Star Iris & David Schiff Mazel Tov to Maddie & Harvey Witman on the birth of their grandson, Avi Noah Iris & David Schiff; Ilene & Ivan Ensler Mazel Tov to Marge & Paul Weiser on the birth of their grandson, Leo David Iris & David Schiff; Ilene & Ivan Ensler Mazel Tov to Eileen & Harvey Kamil on the birth of their grandson Iris & David Schiff; Ilene & Ivan Ensler In honor of Luis Gruberg’s research Iris & David Schiff In memory of Howard Bernstein Randee Silberfeld In memory of Leah Tepper Ellie Tepper In memory of Sol Liebowitz Martin & Marion Liebowitz In memory of Morris Goldstein Bernice Kornfield Premisler In memory of Molly Siskind Marion & Martin Liebowitz


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund (continued)

Worship Fund

In memory of Sheldon Lacoff Marshall Lacoff In memory of Frances Slovin Myrna & John Ruisi In memory of Matty Metzger Jamie Gergen In memory of Solomon Feingold Iris & David Schiff

In honor of Sean Rosenberg being awarded the Bronze Star Perri Fitterman & Larry Lieblich In memory of Ida Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman In memory of Sarah Kaplan Barbara & Bruce Meyer In memory of Esther Kaplan

Religious School Fund

Youth Group Fund

Mazel Tov to Maddie & Harvey Witman on the birth of their grandson, Avi Noah Myra & Alan Rosofsky; Perri Fitterman & Larry Lieblich; Marge & Paul Weiser; Barbara Goldberg; Claire Baer; Carole-Ann Gordon In memory of Joseph Turner Daniel & Phyllis Turner In memory of Ben & Annie Horowitz The Kamen family

In honor of Justin Constantino & Ashlee Russo becoming B’nai Mitzvah Sisterhood In memory of Ruth Scherz Joan & Arnold Scherz In memory of Sylvia Turner Phyllis & Daniel Turner In honor of Ben Verby becoming a Bar Mitzvah Mona & Mark Saidens A gift from the Walters family

Special Projects Fund In honor of Suzan & Fred Goldhaber’s new granddaughter, Yara Esther Joan Korins & Dan Stenzler Mazel Tov to Marge & Paul Weiser on the birth of their grandson, Leo David Myra & Alan Rosofsky

URJ Camp Scholarship Fund In memory of Ida Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman In memory of Joseph Weitzman Diane & Stephen Weitzman In memory of Fay Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman In memory of Jerry Kaminsky Diane & Stephen Weitzman In memory of E. Alexander Willens Sharon Brody In memory of Roslyn Feldman Pam Feldman Mazel Tov to Ben Verby as he became a Bar Mitzvah Janet & James Feldstein In memory of Anna Rubin Diane & Stephen Weitzman In memory of Sarah Lichter Forman Diane & Stephen Weitzman Mazel Tov to Marge & Paul Weiser on the birth of their grandson, Leo David Diane & Stephen Weitzman Mazel Tov to Maddie & Harvey Witman on the birth of their grandson, Avi Noah Diane & Stephen Weitzman


Barbara & Bruce Meyer

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B’nai Mitzvah December 2013 Justin Constantino on December 7th

Son of Lauren & Paul Alter and Anthony Constantino

Ashlee Russo on December 21st Daughter of Joseph & Linda Russo

Siman Tov & Mazel Tov To All!

Bulletin December 2013  
Bulletin December 2013