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STAY AT YOUR SALON OR LEAVE? Take Our Quiz Would You Rather? Obnoxious Client or Poor Tipper? [and 19 more ridiculous scenarios]

I Survived a State Inspection MEET 5 BEAUTY BLOGGERS Who Got Their Nail Licenses




for Keeping Your Own Nails Looking Great!

Jeff Pink, creator of the French Manicure and ORLY

It all started with Pink.


Since creating the French Manicure in the 70’s, Jeff Pink has continued to turn industry heads with his innovative products, color expertise and unwavering commitment to Salon Professionals.

Trend-setting Color & Innovative FX Patented Rubberized Gripper Cap™ Always Professional.


GWEN is wearing her signature shade OVER & OVER A-GWEN embellished with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS • Call 800.341.9999 ©2014 OPI Products Inc.

of RED



When adding a touch of glamour, red is the classic standout shade that

for OPI

always delivers, and Gwen Stefani – songwriter, performer, and fashion designer – epitomizes this with trademark red lips and overall allure. One of seven limited edition OPI nail lacquer shades in Gwen Stefani for OPI, her signature red Over & Over A-Gwen adds instant glamour when embellished with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS studs & crystals, offered exclusively with the purchase of this undeniably dramatic shade.

OVER & O OVER VER R A-GW A-GWEN A G GW GWE WE EN N The signature shade of Gwen Stefani featuring SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS STUDS & CRYSTALS


Š2014 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

* When used as directed.

Model is wearing CND Shellac Tropix.

Model is wearing CND Shellac WildďŹ re. * When used as directed.

POWER UP YOUR PROFITS! BECOME A CERTIFIED CND SHELLAC PRO Certified CND Shellac Pros get exclusive Power Perks • Gain new referrals through our salon locator • FREE business building tools • FREE CND products To find a class near you log on to as a Pro and select Education/Classes


Model is wearing Concrete Couture by Gelish

Makeover your manicure with TRENDS — the contemporary line of soak-off gel polishes inspired by the current fashion trends featured on the Runway and in fashion magazines. Fierce, Fabulous & Fun, TRENDS places Fashion at Your Fingertips through Fashion Forward Colors, Multifaceted Finishes, Multidimensional Glitters, Show-Stopping Shimmers, and Trendy Patterns & Effects. Innovative and unprecedented, they can be used alone for instant nail fashion, or as an overlay in combination with the shade of your choice. Feeling fancy? Use a selection of TRENDS shades to create nail couture through stylish designs. Your nails will receive a standing ovation.


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All Cuccio NaturalĂŠ Butter Blends and Lyte Ultra Sheer Body Butters are formulated with rich emollients, time released every 2 hours, for an intense, 24 hour hydration experience. TM


Preferred Choice for Hydration

by professional spa and salon stylists, estheticians and nail technicians worldwide

Cuccio NaturalĂŠTM Butter Blends and LyteTM Ultra Sheer Body Butters give your clients a powerful, non-oily, non-slippery hydration experience, that will leave their skin feeling silkier, smoother and more radiant looking. As a beauty professional they help you to sooth, moisturize, and protect your hands from salon chemicals and constant wet work. Make Cuccio NaturalĂŠTM your preferred choice as the perfect addition to your daily skin care regime.


Purchase one 8 oz. Lyte Ultra Sheer Body Butter and receive one Free! Special $4.94 for two Regularly $9.90 Free Value $4.96 Available in the following scents: 719034 Honey & Soy Milk 719035 Pomegranate & Acai 719036 Tuscan Citrus & White Tea 719037 Guava & Mangosteen 719308 Lavender & Chamomile 719646 Vanilla Bean & Sugarcane


Purchase one 8 oz. Butter Blend at an extra Special Price! Special $5.99 Regularly $7.85 Save $1.86 Available in the following scents: 719927 Milk & Honey 719042 Pomegranate & Fig 901994 Tuscan Citrus & Herb 901993 Papaya & Guava 719620 Lemongrass & Lavender 719391 Vanilla Bean & Sugar


Purchase one 1.5 oz. Butter Babies at a Special Price! Special Regularly

$2.99 $3.29

Available in the following scents : 719642 Milk & Honey 719643 Pomegranate & Fig 719644 Tuscan Citrus & Herb 719645 Papaya & Guava 719640 Lemongrass & Lavender 719641 Vanilla Bean & Sugar

Why choose Bio Seaweed Gel? Bio Seaweed Gel is specially formulated to ensure nails are healthy and strong. Absolutely no sanding, primers or bonders are needed in the process. It is self-leveling, smooth to apply with no shrinkage. Never compromise health for beauty again.

Bio Seaweed Gel is the healthier gel polish.

Use code “HEALTHYNAILS” for free shipping on purchases over $100

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Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA and Solvent free. Š2014 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

POLISH REINVENTED Week Long Wear (Really!) No Base, Self-Adhering Color Coat Two Steps for Faster Service Time Durability Increased with Natural Light th

10 l Annua


10 l Annua


You Voted and

Gelish Won... Again!

Thank You On behalf of Gelish®, we would like to express our gratitude to YOU, the nail professionals worldwide, for Your support and enthusiasm for Gelish. You - who actually use our products on a daily basis - make our success possible. A sincere Thank You. We take pride in knowing that we provide the highest quality products in the nail industry. That’s what You deserve. And we will continue to uphold that quality, as You are enriching Your life, the lives of Your clients, and the success of Your salon. By Your votes, You have officially made us the best. We couldn’t have done it without You. Gelish. Done Right. From the Start.

Danny Haile CEO & Founder


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Performs like Gel, Applies like Polish™ Ask your local distributor for genuine Gelish today Made in the USA © 2013 - 2014 Hand & Nail Harmony • Brea, CA 92821 - Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony are registered trademarks of Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc.



Looking for the perfect way to satisfy your inner rebel? Morgan Taylor serves Rockstar Chic this season with six edgy shades inspired by the Glam Rock & Punk eras.

Featured Shade: Little MisďŹ t DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free.

Little MisďŹ t Rebel With A Cause

Studs and Stilettos

Better In Leather

Pretty Wild

Available at CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall Stores

Polished Up Punk Call 714.773.9758 or go to Š2013 Nail Alliance-Morgan Taylor

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WHO ARE YOU? The girl with the edge? The style standout? Retention+™ is not your mother’s acrylic. It’s the original game changer for long, sleek, naturallooking nails. And now with new Retention+ Powder the sky’s the limit. Shape. Lengthen. Construct. Build. Totally transform! Retention+ Liquid & Powder System. From CND.


LIQUID SAND™ MINI PACK Samba-dy I’m Brazil What’s a You’re Loves Nuts Over Little Rain So Flippy Purple You Forest? Floppy




COLORS SHOWN FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Next Stop…The Bikini Zone, Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Taupe-less Beach, I São Paulo Over There, OPI Scores a Goal!, AmazON…AmazOFF, I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?, Toucan Do It If You Try, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Live.Love.Carnaval, Red Hot Rio

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All Brazil Collection shades are available in GELCOLOR BY OPI

Model is wearing Next Stop...The Bikini Zone • Call 800.341.9999 ©2014 OPI Products Inc.

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SOOTHE AND SMOOTH Feeling rough around the edges? Not to worry. Tell your heels to share the cucumber love. Soften and moisturize your body’s rough spots—shoulders, knees and toes. SpaPedicure™ Cucumber Heel Therapy. From CND.

SERENITY IN COLOR Each Morgan Taylor shade was distinctively developed with a unique story and personality to suit every mood, attitude and style. Our creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from classic to avant-garde, and subtle to unconditionally spectacular. Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer is available in 100 exclusive colors. Indulge yourself.

Featured Shade: Gotta Have Hue DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free.

EXPERIENCE THE COLORS Now available at CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall Stores

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PER KIT Russian Opulence Item # 6031-LED -MATCH




Each Match Makers ™ Kit contains one 13 mL bottle of Cuccio Colour Lacquer ™ and one 13 mL bottle of Cuccio Colour Veneer ™ of the same colour.

To Order Your Match Makers Kit Visit Our Website at:

Model is wearing Russian Opulence

661. 257.7827 or 800.762.6245

fax: 661. 257.5856 Š2014 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

THANK YOU! TO OUR VALUED NAIL PROFESSIONALS. 21 Awards. 9 First Place. Favorite New Product for VINYLUX™. To see all of CND’s winners, please visit

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January 2014 Volume 31, No. 12

Features 152 Cover Tech Contest 2014: The Perfect Puzzle We tallied your votes and nail tech Miki Nakano of Nail Salon Ciel in Tokyo took top honors this year with her oh-so-pretty puzzle image. Congratulations to Nakano, and to runnersup Janina Lumous, Lenzi Brock, and Melanie McCulley. A giant thank you goes out to everyone who entered.




158 Would You Rather…? We asked our readers 20 questions focused on the hilarious, strange, and trying moments no nail tech ever wants to face. When “neither” isn’t an option, see what was said. The results might shock you! 164 I Survived a State Inspection We don’t know anyone who enjoys a visit from the state inspector, but we’ve learned it’s often not as bad as we imagined. These techs tell their survival stories. 168 From Blogger to Beauty Professional It’s hard to ignore the presence of bloggers in the nail industry. Did you know that a good number of these nail enthusiasts are actually professionals, and that many of them made the decision to go to nail school after establishing their blogs? Learn how a tiny corner of the Internet encouraged these nail lovers to become licensed nail techs. 174 Misclassification — the Ultimate Nightmare It is a true, life-changing story that can easily happen to anyone who is not classifying salon personnel correctly in the eyes of the government. You probably think you know the rules about employment classifications, but you’re probably wrong.


184 How to Open a Nail Salon When… These five tales of survival prove that timing isn’t everything. Hard work and determination can make almost any reason for delaying the fulfillment of career goals seem like a paltry excuse. Take inspiratio inspiration from these salon owners to surmount your obstacles in 2014.

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Cover Look


Nails: Miki Nakano, Nail Salon Ciel, Tokyo Photographer: Takayoshi Muroyama Model: Miki Nakano JANUARY 2014

STAY AT YOUR SALON OR LEAVE? Take Our Quiz Would You Rather? Obnoxious Client or Poor Tipper? [and 19 more ridiculous scenarios]

I Survived a State Inspection MEET 5 BEAUTY BLOGGERS Who Got Their Nail Licenses




for Keeping Your Own Nails Looking Great!

page 152 page 96



COLORS SHOWN FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: I Reached My Gold!, You Pink Too Much, Chasing Rainbows, DS Pewter, Desperately Seeking Sequins, Pirouette My Whistle


COLORS SHOWN FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: OPI on Collins Ave., Dutch Tulips, Color So Hot it Berns, The Thrill of Brazil, OPI Red, Got the Blues for Red


COLORS SHOWN FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Altar Ego, Rosy Future, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Otherwise Engaged, I Think in Pink, It’s a Girl!


{in this issue}

96 112

Technique p. 86

Business p. 118

90 Demos Step-by-steps from LCN and Alessandro 92 Signature Services Step-by-steps for a Simply Sweet Ice Cream Manicure and a Signature Cappuccino-Espresso Spa Pedicure

122 Reader to Reader Do you work flexible hours to accommodate holiday clients, or do you take time off?

94 Art Deco for New Year’s Eve Find out how to give your clients a chic manicure to welcome 2014. 96 Keeping the Tech’s Nails Intact NAILS asked seasoned nail technicians to tell us the most valuable ways they keep their own manicures looking good despite the wear and tear of the job.

Style p. 98 104 Nail Art Studio Step-by-steps on new nail art designs 110 He’s Always Been…Mysterious Christian Mans shows you how to get the look behind his winning nails for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist’s Week 2 challenge sponsored by Entity.



112 Show Us Your…Nail Bar Nail bars are great for letting clients get sideby-side manicures and they’re perfect for quick services as well. 116 Boutique: Branded Travel Accessories Complete your clients’ traveling arsenal with accessories that feature a catchy “I love nails” with your salon’s logo. Your clients will be brandishing your image on the go.

In Every Issue 46 48 52 54 60 64

On My Mind We Hear You Calendar Nails File Freebies & Giveaways On The Road


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Ad Index Reader Nail Art Product Spotlight Deal Sheet My Other Life

124 Preventing No-Shows and Late Arrivals No-shows and late clients are an inescapable fact of life in the salon. But the policies and procedures you put into place can go a long way to making them a rare occurrence. 128 Should You Stay or Should You Go? Things aren’t ideal at your current salon. Should you stick it out or pack your sculpting brushes and make a clean break? Take our purely unscientific quiz to reveal the clues. 132 Salon Profile We hosted a Twitter chat with new salon owner Kandi Banks to ask her about using social media to make her business boom. Twitter followers asked, she answered, and we all hashtagged #AskKandi to keep up with the conversation.

Health p. 138 142 A Day in the Life of a Nail Expert In response to several questions from readers, Dr. Stern is addressing the topic of fungal infections of the nail and its treatment in this month’s column. 146 From Farm to Manicure Is a garden the new must-have addition to a salon setup? More salons are growing their own herbs, fruits, and vegetables for use in scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. 150 Personal Trainer: Age-Related Hearing Loss It may not play a part in your life yet, but agerelated hearing loss is likely to affect you or someone you love. Seek treatment early to avoid feelings of isolation and depression.

It all started with Pink.


Since creating the French Manicure in the 70’s, Jeff Pink has continued to turn industry heads with his innovative products, color expertise and unwavering commitment to Salon Professionals.

Always Professional.


new at


Find everything you’re looking for on Whether you’re researching, shopping, or designing, you’ll find inspiration and answers at our website.

Who Will Be NAILS Next Top Nail Artist? Get a recap of the top 12 just in time to see the final two battle it out at ISSE Long Beach on January 26.

The Tweet Life. If our 20 Questions on Twitter (p. 134) has inspired you to Tweet more, learn how to use it to your salon’s advantage.

Raising the Nail Bar. If you enjoyed seeing the various nail bars in our roundup, visit our site to see what other unique offerings nail businesses have to offer.

‘Tis the Season to File. Now that you know how to survive tax season, double check your deductions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Never Stop Learning. After reading about bloggers who attended nail school, check in with our student bloggers as they chronicle their nail education.




Grab your snow gear and prepare your nails for colors that will warm you right up. From shimmers to glitters, this collection has the perfect shade for all of your snow escape activities. So ski down that mountain, or lace up those skates, feeling confident that your nails will look perfect all day.


Featured on Model Let’s Hit The Bunny Slopes 360 BLACK FLIP 01582






Performs like Gel, Applies like Polish™ Ask your local distributor for genuine Gelish today Follow us on: Made in the USA 714. 773. 9758


{on my mind} Making a Difference — One Tech at a Time “Why did you decide to open a nail school?” That’s the question always asked by my clients when they see how busy I am running a salon, working as a nail stylist, and

A nail tech for 18 years, na Caton is the owner of Polished Nail Lounge and Artistry Academy in Richmond, Va.

Read more from Tina at

trying to take care of my family. The answer is simple — there are not enough educational events and classes in nail technology in my area. I’m sure everywhere else in the country nail techs feel the same way. Every time I interviewed a nail technician for a position at my salon, I always got the same answer when I asked them about products and skills: “I could use a little more education or training and then I can do it.” And it’s true, the skills aren’t there for many nail techs coming out of school. Some can polish and do natural nails, but enhancement skills and product knowledge are totally lacking. New techs really need a lot of training in those areas. My salon is simply too small and my time is too limited to put them through a complete training course before they go on the ⇓oor. I’m a second-generation nail tech and when I was younger I always told my parents, who were nail techs in the ’90s, that I would never want to be a nail tech, because they had no continuing education, product knowledge, or customer services skills. They simply did what everyone else did and worked 65 hours a week to make ends meet. That’s not what I wanted to be. In time, I realized I wanted to be a nail stylist and educator, so I opened my own salon. I continue to learn and advance myself in this industry through nail shows and networking events with people I love and respect for their work. I saw the need for a nail school that focuses on training future nail techs to become the best they can be, from technical skills and product knowledge to business ethics and customer service skills. I take pride in my work and I am now a nail stylist, salon owner, an educator for Essie, and an instructor at my own school — yet I am still learning. My proudest moment was when my daughters said they wanted to grow up and become nail techs like me. I give credit to my parents for putting me in this ⇒eld, and I am sure if given more opportunities to learn and advance themselves, they would have taken that road too, but there wasn’t enough communication, education, and support there before. My hope is that future nail technicians who graduate from my school will make a difference. If every nail tech or salon owner who reads this page sets a goal to take one class this year or help another tech learn something new, we’d all be adding to the development of our industry — one tech at a time.

— Tina Caton








6 chrome colours with a crinkled finish Follow us on:

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Available exclusively at fine beauty supply stores.

{we hear you} WEB POLL

What are your 2014 New Year’s resolutions?


When do you ask your clients to wash their hands? Publisher Michelle Mullen

Before her service and before I apply polish

Before I apply polish


Associate Publisher/Editor Hannah Lee

40% 5%


I don’t require my clients to wash their hands

Before her service


Features Editor Judy Lessin Senior Editor Beth Livesay Senior Editor Tracy Rubert Assistant Editor Brittni Rubin Contributing Writers Michelle Pratt, Erin Snyder Dixon

Figure out a healthy work-life b alance (ag ain!) r hape fo s in t e To g edding! w ’s r e t s my si Art Director Danielle Parisi cats Learning to love Graphic Artist Kimberly Pham Graphic Artist Yuiko Sugino more To take p hotos s Production Manager Carla Benavidez u o r u t adven

I’m on page 57 of Nail Art Gallery Magazine. Thank you so much for picking me to be listed with so many amazing nail techs. This feels awesome! @MzLaila614 Southfield, Mich.

I’ve found the troubleshooter videos to be invaluable as a student. They answer so many questions I’m suffering with. Thank you! @blognailedit Boulder, Colo.

M new #nailfriend from Canada! My She found me from #nailsntna and S sstopped by for a gel-polish pedi. @Wild⇓owersLW Cape Coral, Fla.


For subscription inquiries: (888) NAILS-44, Send business and editorial correspondence to: 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 533-2507 Fax Ashley Craig: My favorite ISSE moment was the ⇒rst time I ever attended the show. I ⇓ew from Florida to compete with my ProFiles Girlz and took home two ⇒rst place trophies, turning me from a novice to a veteran. Unforgettable and most proud moment in not only my career but my life!


Western Sales Manager Michelle Mullen, (310) 533-2465 To slow down and ts Eastern Sales Manager enjoy the momen Mary Baughman, (562) 377-0465 Sales & Marketing Coordinator Amy Maletic Audience Marketing Director Tony Napoleone

Chairman Edward J. Bobit CEO/President Ty F. Bobit Chief Financial Officer Richard E. Johnson COO/Group Publisher Cyndy Drummey







ASP™ Soak Off Gel Polish

24 TRENDSETTING, FASHION FORWARD COLORS Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in the air @SallyBeauty with the new ASP™ Soak Off Gel Polish. Unleash your individual passion for style with 2 week nail color that lasts when the love may fade away. ASP™ Soak Off Gel Polish will not smudge or chip and leaves nails with a brilliant shine and luster that can only be created at the finest professional salons.

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BLUE CRUSH #156726

e thesY e t a T L Cre YA RO I’M URPLE P

s! k o Lo #15




Download our step-by-step Gel Polish instructions at: Find these and other ASP™ Professional Nail Products at 2800 Sally Beauty® locations. 800.ASK.SALLY © 2014 ASP ALL SEASON PROFESSIONAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

INBOX Just My Opinion: Nail Techs Deserve Employee Bene⇒ts Including Healthcare, Paid Vacation, and 401(k)s Hard work and reward should go hand-inhand. And there is no denying that the women and men who serve as nail techs in this country work hard and put in long hours. It’s time, as an industry, that we step up to the plate and begin rewarding them for their service. It’s time for the nail industry to take a good hard Thirwall look at employee bene⇒ts. After all, we are in an industry that focuses on care. We take extreme pride in the care of our clients. But what about our employees? While most of the industry is focused on competing on price, MiniLuxe focuses on hygiene, quality, and client service. As such, we felt it made sense for us to start with our own internal team (we call them “brand ambassadors”). We want to provide our employees a true career — in an industry that is growing, fair, and rewards them for their hard work. At MiniLuxe we discuss our bene⇒ts during the interview process. But when hired, our newest techs are still often pleasantly surprised. Many assumed they wouldn’t qualify — some thought these bene⇒ts would require months of service before eligibility kicked in, while others thought these bene⇒ts only applied to


management positions. Most simply thought the bene⇒ts were hiring bait. In MiniLuxe’s case, however, we offer all full-time employees, regardless of title, the ability to have medical and dental insurance, paid vacation, 401(k), and ⇓exible spending accounts. This is simply the right thing to do. While no industry can ever tout “zero turnover”, we ⇒nd that by offering and implementing a solid bene⇒ts package for our brand ambassadors, they stay with us longer than the industry norm. There’s no question that bene⇒ts make an employee feel wanted, respected, and cared for. This is key toward employee retention. We also provide our brand ambassadors with all the tools they need to do their jobs, such as implements and nail products. At MiniLuxe we have a mantra: We want to make it possible for you to look good, feel great, and take care of yourself as well as your family. We apply this to our clients and to our staff. Although a bene⇒ts package may affect our (or your) company’s bottom line, we believe this is what a responsible, caring employer should do. Our goal is to “Starbucks” the nails and waxing business by opening locations nationwide — and having happy, cared-for brand ambassadors is a key step in the process.

Sue Thirlwall CEO, MiniLuxe (


INSTAGRAM We love this nail on nail art by @Attitude_Nails


1. Amy Parker won a blue ribbon for her acrylic work. 2. Lindsay Sanders and her blue ribbon nail art.

My friend Amy Parker and I are cosmetology students at Western Technology Center in Sayre, Okla. Recently we went to a job exhibit competition in Tulsa, Okla. I went for nail art and Amy went for acrylics. The nail art theme was “Welcome to the Jungle Room,” a combination of Elvis Presley and animal print nail art. Amy had to do a set of acrylic French tips on one hand and painted red on the other hand. We also had to prepare notebooks including a list of steps, products, and a short summary of why we chose to do our exhibit the way we did. We worked on all of this for about a month. We both ended up placing ⇒rst and getting gold medals. I have a subscription to NAILS Magazine and am very intrigued by all the new stuff I see and learn by reading it. I feel like it has really helped me prepare for my future career.

Lindsay Sanders Via e-mail

These nails by @nailyeah de⇒nitely know how to accessorize! JANUARY 2014



| 51

{calendar} Sun








You survived another year! Sleep off any excess party from the night before. Eat a big greasy breakfast and spend the rest of the day with your loved ones.


Use this slow time to update your annual marketing plan — or create one if you don’t already have one.



Check out the celebrity nail styles on the red carpet at the first major awards show of the season — the Golden Globes!









Spend a few days to taking down your holiday decorations. Use this weekend to give the salon a thorough cleaning since you might have skimped during the busy holiday hours.




11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day: In the U.S., an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 women and children are trafficked into this country each year. Raise awareness.

January is National Blood Donor Month. Contact the American Red Cross to find a blood drive near you or find out how to o host a fundraiser in your salon.



Set aside time to accommodate clients who will be redeeming their holiday gift certificates. It’s a great way to turn one-time clients into returning clients.




Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Offer an “I Have al a Dream” special or take the day to give manicures to women in shelters looking to make their dreams a reality. y.




23 Heading to California for ISSE Long Beach? Bring comfy shoes and a great shopping list.

28 Stock up on red, pink, and white nail art supplies. Get well-prepared for Valentine’s Day nail art requests in advance.




acrylic powders colored acrylics soak-off gels


nail wraps nail tips cucumber sugar scrubs fast-drying top coa t spring polish new LED nail lam p

25 January is National Mentoring Month. Reach out to another nail tech who’s in need of some guidance. Maybe it’s someone in your salon; maybe it’s someone online.

Nails To Dry For

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RapiDry Top Coat & DripDry Drying Drops Because life’s too short to spend it waiting for your nails to dry.

For more information: Call 800.341.9999 or visit

{nails file} OPI, Gwen Stefani Launch Limited-Edition Lacquers OPI joined with singer Gwen Stefani to create seven new limited-edition nail lacquers for 2014, featuring standout color in breakthrough ⇒nishes. Highlights from the collection include a bold red lacquer that pays homage to Gwen’s signature lipstick, a new semi-matte satin ⇒nish in shades of gold and black, and a mirrored chrome paired with a special base coat. Inspired by the 2013 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala that featured the theme “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” OPI executive vice president and artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann decided to create a collection of lacquer celebrating the role of music as a major in⇓uence in fashion. “With her expertise as a singer, songwriter, and designer, who better to collaborate with than Gwen Stefani?” asks Weiss-Fischmann. “Known for her trademark red lips, bold eye makeup, and nail art, Gwen uses beauty to accessorize her style.” Gwen’s signature red OPI hue — Over & Over A-Gwen — is available in a boxed set, which includes Swarovski black crystals and silver, gold, and pewter studs in bar, square, diamond, and circle shapes for creating unique nail designs, as well as nail glue for easy application. Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and 4 in the Morning feature a new, semi-matte satin ⇒nish designed to be worn without top coat. Push and Shove, a bold chrome hue, is also worn without top coat but requires a special complementary base coat — Lay Down That Base. One thin coat of Lay Down That Base topped with two thin coats of Push and Shove yields an intense, mirrored ⇒nish. The collection is rounded out with two glossy crème lacquers and one sparkly glitter shade: Hey Baby, I Sing in Color, and In True Stefani Fashion.

Cosmetologists Chicago Announces STARS Photo Competition The STARS and RISING Stars Photo Competition, sponsored by Cosmetologists Chicago since 2000, showcases the creativity, talent, technical expertise, and competitive spirit of those in our industry. Nail techs can compete in the International Nail Technician of the Year category. Photos will be judged on creativity and technical merit in natural or nail enhancement work. Entrants must present two images showcasing the model’s full hand. Past winners have been featured on the cover of NAILS. The deadline for entries is February 14, 2014. Entry forms and rules are available for download at or by calling (312) 321-6809. STARS and RISING Stars winners and their work will be introduced to the professional beauty industry at the third-annual BeautyBASH on Saturday evening, March 22, 2014. The winners receive cash prizes, media recognition, and complimentary accommodations in downtown Chicago during the America’s Beauty Show weekend.


This design, created by STARS 2013 International Nail Tech of the Year Ashley Gregory, appeared on NAILS’ July 2013 cover.


{nails file}

Team Spilo Supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

Online Review Fakers Get Caught We know you’d never do it, but apparently not all of your colleagues are so honest. A day spa and two med spas were among 19 companies cited by New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman for posting fake consumer reviews online — a practice called “astroturfing.” The companies agreed to cease posting fake reviews and to pay more than $350,000 in penalties. “Operation Clean Turf,” a year-long undercover investigation into the reputation management industry and the manipulation of consumer-review websites found that companies had flooded the Internet with fake reviews on websites such as Yelp, Google Local, and CitySearch. In the course of the investigation, the Attorney General’s office found that many of these companies used techniques to hide their identities, such as creating fake online profiles on consumer review websites and paying freelance writers from as far away as the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Eastern Europe for $1 to $10 per review. By producing fake reviews, these companies violated multiple state laws against false advertising and engaged in illegal and deceptive business practices.


Spilo Worldwide was well represented at the first-annual We Love You Mommy 5K race held at Long Beach State University in Long Beach, Calif. The team’s participation resulted in a generous donation being made to this worthy cause. The We Love You Mommy Foundation is a community-based non-profit organization committed to the elimination of cancer through education and services that provide access to diagnostic testing to the underserved. For more information, go to

Teen Girls Love Polish Best Ninety-two percent of girls between the ages of nine and 17 use some sort of nail product — making it the most popular cosmetic item among teen girls. “Similar to lip makeup, girls are introduced to nail products at young ages, often before their teen and tween years,” says Shannon Romanowski, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel. “The popularity of nail products is partly due to the abundance of options these cosmetics offer — special effect polishes, nail art, etc. Girls can create a whole different look relatively easily.” Nail product usage rises to 97% for girls aged 12-14, and 14% of all teen and tween girls use nail products on a daily basis. Mintel research found that the popularity of nail products among teens and tweens is consistent with the overall strong performance of the nail care and color category, which saw growth of roughly 72% between 2007 and 2012. “The affordability of nail polish, in addition to new product innovations, has made the category especially popular among younger girls,” says Romanowski. “Brands are also extending their appeal by offering products based on iconic characters like Hello Kitty and even popular childhood desserts like ice cream and sprinkles.”


{nails file}

Sell Them at the Register No sense in ruining those nails. The Cappy makes a beverage can easy to open while protecting the user’s nails and allows her to close the can after opening. Beyond ease of opening, The Cappy’s color identifies ownership, protects the integrity of the product, keeps the drinking surface clean, and reduces spills. For more information, go to

Karaoke Captivates Salon Clients Quarter Dinh’s friendly personality, singing voice, and unique business model has created quite a stir in the Detroit area where he is known as Quarter The Singing Manicurist. “There is a nail salon on every corner; it’s a very competitive business so you must twist things to get attention or be a little different. If you’re dumb or stupid then people will remember you,” Dinh says. “That’s how I came up with the karaoke nails idea and it works.” A karaoke system is the highlight of Dinh’s salon, Glamour Nails, located in Commerce Township, a suburb of Detroit. Pedicure spa chairs line one side of the salon, and manicure tables and flat screen TVs line the other so that every seat is a good seat for singing karaoke. There’s a variety of song choices in many languages for every age and group. His singing manicurist video appeared on Rachel Ray’s show and he is a regular guest with Mojo In The Morning on Detroit radio station 95.5. A few seconds of Dinh’s first YouTube video also made it onto “Oprah.” Dinh’s fame has helped with business, as clients visit from near and far, curious to meet him and to sing at his karaoke salon. Others randomly come in for an autograph or photo op. Bridal parties and baby showers also embrace karaoke. He sings with his clients and to his clients, serenading many a birthday girl (as many as five a day), and acts silly to get newcomers to warm up. “Most of time they act shy at first and I bust out some songs. After a couple songs and drinks I can’t even take the microphone away from them,” he says. “I love to sing, I love to see people happy every time they’re here. I like to give them a sense of humor and relaxation in a fun way. It’s not just about selling the clients, it’s about making them happy.”

Smokies Event Was Smashing Success The sixth Nail Tech Event of the Smokies took place August 25-26 in Gatlinburg, Tenn., with 225 nail techs in attendance and 30 nail company booths. Additional sponsors donated nail goodies and door prizes. “There were 10 free event-day classes included with admission, plus a free event loyalty card to use all year for product savings,” says event organizer Jill Wright. “Techs from as far away as Florida and even Barbados attended.” Forty-one door prizes were awarded, plus the grand prize was won by Paula Davies — $1,400 in nail products donated by American International Industries. For those interested in additional education, there were 15 optional Monday workshop classes, which ranged from airbrushing to medical pedicures. The seventh Nail Tech Event of the Smokies will take place June 29-30, 2014 in the Gatlinburg Convention Center. For more information, go to www. or e-mail


Check out a video slideshow at

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Get Gorgeous Glitter Gels From Light Elegance It’s winter again — so go no further than the Light Elegance Winter 2014 UV Glitter Gel collection to get your sparkle and ignite the long nights. One winner will receive a six-pack that includes Party Favor, Winter Green, Arctic Blue, Blizzard, Fun Fuchsia, and Champagne.

Pamper Clients With Pedi-Sox Add Pedi-Sox to your pedicure procedure and keep clients’ feet comfy, cozy, and clean. Pedi-Sox help moisturizers absorb better for softer feet and healthier-looking skin. One reader can win a fully stocked retail display.

Flowery’s Disposable File System Offers Safety, Flexibility Ten can win the Flowery Disposable Nail File System featuring a strong, flexible, disinfectable plastic core with 7-in. grit pads for end-to-end coverage. Easy-on, easy-off pads leave no residue and the “Quick Lift Notch” makes pad change simple. The ultimate in flexibility, you can choose the grit you need for each service. Cushioned pads give same feel as traditional cushion boards at a lower cost.

Congratulations to November’s Freebie Winners 10 readers received a SO Simple Kit from SO Gel Nails, two readers received custom files from, and three readers received a Keeki Pure and Simple Spicy Gift Pack.


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Win the Kupa Manipro Register at for a chance to win the all-new Manipro. The Manipro features universal voltage for 110v and 220v, stainless handpiece with friction grip chuck, forward and reverse modes, variable speed dial from 4,500 to 15,000 RPMs, and a new design that gives it a new high-tech look in black and purple. One winner will be randomly selected at the end of each month.

{on the road}

er with own .. t h ig r e h e on t service That’s m mas before my o Sandi Th

Editor’s Note: This month we asked two of our most recent nail student bloggers to visit a salon in their area for this month’s On the Road column.

ails, which n c li y r c a nd t of r a full se k about 2.5 hours a o f in e m I ca too r th g. This set , unique ar t, it’s wo in z a m a e lity are n persona For creativ cost $75. ach nail has its ow hed with E llis every cent. with designs embe i, and glitter. and flair tals, Mylar, confett crys Swarovski

Studio Bijoux ll rea! It’s a a n io t p rece my I love the nd you can see he t A so cute! andelier back in h favorite c er on the right. corn ux tudio Bijo S t a m a The te family. a e k li lt e really f

With homemade vintage elements, this full-service Canyon Country, Calif., salon is more than meets the eye. Offering a full retail boutique and a welcoming atmosphere, the team at Salon Bijoux made me feel right at home. BY NIKKI MOODY > When I walked into Studio Bijoux in Canyon Country, Calif., for my nail appointment, the first thing I noticed was the decor. The salon is absolutely enchanting — with little touches of “bling” everywhere. Many of the pieces of furniture and decorations were handmade or altered by salon owner Sandi Thomas. > Thomas’ energy is electric and contagious. She’s outgoing, welcoming, and made me feel right at home. Thomas has been a licensed manicurist for 28 years — two years at her current location. Her most popular request is pink-and-white/glitter nails with a starting price of $50 for a full set. She also offers manicures, pedicures, gels, and nail art. She uses social media to advertise her salon and frequent specials. > The atmosphere and staff were friendly, welcoming, and positive. While the salon is composed of booth renters, Thomas says she feels like the people working in her salon are more than just renters. I got the impression they are like family. Whether it was making a new pot of coffee, sweeping up, or answering the phone, everyone helped each other. > This is a full-service salon with manicurists, hairstylists, and estheticians — and an exceptional retail business that includes everything from clothing to purses, jewelry, accessories, and candles. It’s truly a one-stop-shop where clients can get everything they want in one place.

ave I could h y ! s ie d o o g s are ver all these Look at or tune. The p rice re perfect! f spent a and the styles a le affordab 64 | NAILS MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2014

> I appreciated her attention to detail and her attention to my wants and needs as a client. It’s no wonder she has had such a strong history of happy clients. Thomas was not only a wonderful nail tech, but also an inspirational female business owner.

Jan – Feb 2014


Model is wearing AmazON…AmazOFF on nails.

Domestic Edition


Model is wearing Toucan Do It If You Try on nails.

Next Stop… The Bikini Zone

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

This amethyst-toned pewter suits me just fine. NL A59

N Nobody can stop me from wearing this creamy nude! w NL A60

Taupe-less Beach There's nothing optional about wearing this enticing taupe. NL A61




Exploring new worlds. Discovering unknown territory. Sounds like tonight’s lineup on your favorite educational channel. But I’m talking about the exploration for newness in our own lives. New ways of thinking or expressing ourselves stirs new energy into our daily existence‌ and one of our favorite ways to express ourselves is with color. We are on a journey to explore new ways to reawaken our spirit and nail color allows us to easily do this. Women have embraced color as never before – playing with shades, texture, and pattern on their nails like they did as children with JYH`VUZHUKJSH`(Z[OLPYZ[YLZZÄSSLKSP]LZILJVTLPUJYLHZPUNS`OLJ[PJ[OLULLK[VWSH`ILJVTLZTVYLLZZLU[PHS[V[OLPY emotional well-being. ;OLZL[OV\NO[ZÄSSLKT`TPUK^OPSLJVU[LTWSH[PUN[OLKLZ[PUH[PVUMVY[OPZZWYPUNZJVSSLJ[PVU0[OHK[VILZVTL^OLYLÄSSLK with enough color and excitement to stir anyone’s soul. Brazil. Carnaval, where color is on display in parades, costumes, HUKÄYL^VYRZ"^HYTZ\UZVHRLKILHJOLZ^OLYL]PIYHU[IPRPUPZHKVYUZ\URPZZLK^VTLU"S\ZJPV\Z[YVWPJHSMY\P[ZHUKKLLW green jungles are the images that come easily to mind when thinking about Brazil. Brazilian women are sexy, mysterious, fun and exciting, possessing an inner and outer beauty – cool and elegant despite the hot and sultry climate. OPI takes us on a journey of color to Brazil where vivid hues (I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?, Toucan Do It If You Try, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Live.Love.Carnaval, and Red Hot RioHKKÅHPY[VHUL\[YHS[VULK^VYR wardrobe. Sienna shades of beach and earth (Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Taupe-less Beach, I São Paulo Over There, and OPI Scores a Goal!) make an effortless transition from day to night, just as at-home with sequins as with denim. :OHKLZVM)YHaPSZYHPUMVYLZ[ÅVYHNext Stop‌The Bikini Zone, AmazON‌AmazOFF) complement designs that push the envelope with style. Finally, texture is explored in four new limited edition Liquid Sand™ shades (Samba-dy Loves Purple, I’m Brazil Nuts Over You, What’s a Little Rain Forest?, and You’re So Flippy Floppy). We invite you to explore Brazil by OPI, to discover your own renewed spirit in the rich, vibrant shades – a color destination that is sure to stir your soul.


I SĂŁo Paulo Over There He was sipping coffee with this mocha-toned beauty. NL A62

OPI Scores a Goal!


Make your point in this winning shade of rich chocolate. NL A63

I’m making the switch to this deep jungle green. NL A64

I Just Can’t Cope-acabana

Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

Nothing lifts your spirits like this sunshine yellow. NL A65

He went to fetch her this delicious mango smoothie. NL A66

Toucan Do It If You Try

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

You have talent to achieve anything in this conďŹ dent orange. NL A67

Plant this warm luscious pink on me! NL A68


Red Hot Rio

A ruby red as hot as the This vibrant and festive coral is the life of the party. yy.. most exciting city in Brazil. NL A70 NL A69

For more information about the Brazil Collection, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.



FREE MERCHANDISING MATERIALS ONLINE OPI offers free salon merchandising materials for the Brazil Collection online – so you can build excitement, salon traffic, and profits by letting your clients know you’ve got the must-have shades for spring! You’ll find an entire range of materials that you can download, customize, and bring to your business-printing store for the quantity you need. It’s all at:

Choose the materials that work best for your salon and just click: Coming Soon Announcement Email it to all your clients, friends, and family to invite them to try the new shades from the Brazil Collection on February 5th, 2014. No email? Download it, print it, make copies, mail it or hand it out to your clients!

Client Referral Postcard Use this postcard to bring in new clients. Have your current clients fill in the address of a friend, and you mail the postcard. You can decide to give both your clients and their friends savings off of a service – you decide how much. The postcard describes the Brazil Collection and is sure to get noticed!

Appointment Card Keep your salon top of mind with customized appointment cards featuring the Brazil Collection.

Computer Screensaver & Desktop Wallpaper An inside look at the runway-ready fashion images from the photo shoot for the Brazil Collection, as well as inspiring images of Brazil.

Edition A OPI ITEM NO. DC A09

12 - Nail Lacquers (1 per shade), 1 - color chart, 1 - chipboard counter display, 1 - color palette with chain and label, set-up instructions Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 53.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 108.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 54.05 U.S.

$ 67.95 CAN $ 131.40 CAN $ 63.45 CAN


12 - Nail Lacquers (1 per shade), 1 - color chart Salon Price . . . . . . .$ 52.50 U.S. $ 66.50 CAN Total Retail Value. . .$ 108.00 U.S. $ 131.40 CAN Salon Profit . . . . . . .$ 55.50 U.S. $ 64.90 CAN

Edition A+ OPI ITEM NO. DC A10

24 - Nail Lacquers (2 per shade), 1 - color chart, 1 - chipboard counter display, 1 - color palette with chain and label, set-up instructions Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 105.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 216.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 110.05 U.S.

$ 134.95 CAN $ 262.80 CAN $ 127.85 CAN

|5 Edition C OPI ITEM NO. DC A12

36 - Nail Lacquers (3 per shade), 1 - acrylic counter display with printed footers, 1 - chipboard header, 10 - color charts, 1 - painted color palette with chain, set-up instructions Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 162.00 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 324.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 162.00 U.S.

$ 205.00 CAN $ 394.20 CAN $ 189.20 CAN


36 - Nail Lacquers (3 per shade) ,1 - chipboard header, 1 - set of printed footers, 1 - color chart, 1 - color palette Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 159.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 324.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 164.05 U.S.

$ 202.95 CAN $ 394.20 CAN $ 191.25 CAN

Edition C+A OPI ITEM NO. DC A13

48 - Nail Lacquers (4 per shade), 1 - acrylic counter display with printed footers, 1 - chipboard header, 1 - chipboard counter display, 10 - color charts, 1 - painted color palette with chain, set-up instructions Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 212.50 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 432.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 219.50 U.S.

$ 265.50 CAN $ 525.60 CAN $ 260.10 CAN

Edition F OPI ITEM NO. DC A14

24 - Nail Lacquers (2 per shade), 1 - aluminum Add-a-Shelf wall display with mounting hardware, 1 - chipboard header, 1 - color chart, 1 - color palette with chain and label, set-up instructions Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 109.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 216.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 106.05 U.S.

$ 139.95 CAN $ 262.80 CAN $ 122.85 CAN

NATIONAL RELEASE DATE 2/5/14 - Pre-orders for the Brazil Collection may be placed beginning 1/2/14 For more information about the Brazil Collection by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.

6| Edition COF OPI ITEM NO. DC A15

72 - Nail Lacquers (6 per shade), 3 - Natural Nail Strengthener, 3 - Ridge Filler, 6 - Natural Nail Base Coat, 6 - OPI Top Coat, 1 - acrylic Colors of Fashion display/ header with printed inserts, 25 - color charts 1 - painted color palette with chain, set-up instructions

Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . .$ 399.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . .$ 810.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . .$ 410.05 U.S.

$ 499.95 CAN $ 985.50 CAN $ 485.55 CAN


Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . .$ 4.50 U.S. Suggested Retail . . . . . . .$ 9.00 U.S.

$ 5.75 CAN $ 10.95 CAN

Brazil Mini Pack Copacababies OPI Item No. DC A16

4 - mini Nail Lacquers: Next Stop…The Bikini Zone, Kiss Me I'm Brazilian, AmazON…AmazOFF, Where Did Suzi's Man-go? Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.95 U.S. Suggested Retail . . . . . . .$ 12.95 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.00 U.S.

$ 8.75 CAN $ 14.95 CAN $ 6.20 CAN

NEW Limited Edition NEON Liquid Sand Shades TM

Available by purchasing Liquid Sand Mini Pack Samba-dy Loves Purple

I’m Brazil Nuts Over You

What’s a Little Rain Forest?

You’re So Flippy Floppy

Dries to a textured matte finish. To use: Apply base coat and two coats of color. For textured matte finish, do not use top coat.

Samba-dy Loves Purple Well, who wouldn’t find this vivid textured violet irresistible? I’m Brazil Nuts Over You And I’m crazy for this textured matte pink. What’s a Little Rain Forest? I’ve got this textured matte blue and an umbrella for two. You’re So Flippy Floppy When I found this bright textured yellow, I just flipped! TM

Brazil Liquid Sand Mini Pack Beach Sandies OPI Item No. DC A17

4 - mini Nail Lacquers: Samba-dy Loves Purple, I'm Brazil Nuts Over You, What's a Little Rain Forest?, You're So Flippy Floppy Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.95 U.S. Suggested Retail . . . . . . .$ 12.95 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.00 U.S.

$ 8.75 CAN $ 14.95 CAN $ 6.20 CAN

For more information about the Brazil Collection by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.


fashion week

The models were decked out in gorgeous designer creations at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City for Spring/Summer 2014, and OPI was there to complete their looks with perfect color on hands and toes.

Muted shades of You Callin’ Me a Lyre?, So Many Clowns… So Little Time, Samoan Sand, Barre My Soul, Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, I Theodora You, and My Pointe Exactly added an ethereal quality to the models as they gracefully walked the runways. Nude nails were accented with classic Alpine Snow moons and I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw painted at a dramatic slant, while Need Sunglasses? was “on hand” to represent the hot yellow trend.



OPI’s Social Media Manager Jaqueleen Larson joined Taryn Multack, from the runway-inspired nail art blog Miss Ladyfinger, backstage at the shows where OPI was the designer’s choice for nail color. The excitement and organized chaos of the day’s events were captured in videos posted daily on YouTube, in which Taryn offered tips on how to use lacquer to mimic the season’s hot fabric prints – her nail design specialty. In a backstage interview at the BCBGMAXAZARIA show, designer Lubov Azria commented on the importance of finished nails to complete a look, stressing that the “little” detail of manicured and polished nails “adds that final touch that we all need” to add confidence on and off the runway. If you missed them during Fashion Week, here are some shots from the shows, and you can still catch all the Fashion Week coverage, including backstage videos, photo albums, and tweets from the streets at


STANDOUT COLOR IN BREAKTHROUGH FINISHES It all started at the Met in New York. After visiting the exhibit “Punk: Chaos to Couture”, Suzi Weiss Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP, was inspired to create a collection of shades that celebrates the role of music as a major influence in fashion. Do-it-yourself street wear on fans of modern music genres inspires major fashion designers to incorporate strong street elements into haute couture creations ultimately spotted on runways and red carpets. No stranger to the converging worlds of music and fashion, Gwen Stefani – songwriter, performer, fashion designer and actor– was the perfect partner to collaborate with Suzi to create a suite of colors that appeal to every woman. Balancing her creative pursuits, Gwen’s role as mom is the most rewarding. She epitomizes the diversity of the modern woman, attending to her multiple passions with a style and flair all her own. The culture of the OPI brand – offering something for all women, from conservative to edgy – appealed to Gwen, an aficionado of color herself. Known for her trademark red lips, Gwen considers lips and nails important accessories to complete her look. Her collaboration with Suzi has resulted in a palette as diverse as the life she shares with her family and the art she shares with the world. “I’m crazy about this palette!” says Suzi. “There’s a lot going on – from traditional red and pink to dramatic darks; a new satin finish in a smooth semi-matte black and a subtly textured gold; a gleaming chrome, and a glitter that can only be described as theatrical and brilliant. This collection presents the latest technological push in pigments and finishes to new levels, answering the ever-present question – ‘What’s next?’ Collaborating with Gwen has been great fun and we are thrilled to present this exciting collection to you!”

OPEN STOCK LACQUER Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 4.50 U.S. Suggested Retail Price . . . $ 9.00 U.S. Hey Baby When it comes to pinks, you’re the “bright” one for me. NL G26 Crème Gloss

I Sing in Color


The deep tones of this luscious This matte gold with satin sheen blackberry hit all the right notes. complements all your passions. NL G27 NL G28 Crème Gloss Satin No Top Coat

$ 5.75 CAN $ 10.95 CAN

4 in the Morning

In True Stefani Fashion

Push and Shove

Over & Over A-Gwen*

This dramatic, satin black is a hit at after-parties. NL G29 Satin No Top Coat

Don’t gotta be a hollaback girl to love this hollagraphic silver glitter. NL G31 Glitter

Do whatever it takes to get your hands on this mirrored chrome.

Glamorous Gwen’s signature shade…ravishing red. DD G04 Crème Gloss / Signature Shade

(Comes with complimentary Lay Down that Base 3.75 mL - 1/8 Fl. Oz)

NL G30 Chrome

For more information about Gwen Stefani by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your local Authorized OPI Distributor. *See pricing on Page 9

|9 Push and Shove Do whatever it takes to get your hands on this mirrored chrome. (Comes with complimentary Lay Down that Base 3.75 mL - 1/8 Fl. Oz.) Push and Shove Nail Lacquer must be worn with Lay Down that Base.

Lay Down that Base Push and Shove’s partner in thin coat is all it takes.

To get an ultra-chrome finish, be sure to start with Lay Down that Base. Apply a thin coat and let dry completely. Then apply 2 thin coats of Push and Shove. Do not use top coat. Like all limited engagement events, Push and Shove is intended for one night only wear.

Over & Over A-Gwen Glamorous Gwen’s signature shade… ravishing red.

Not sold Open Stock, only available by purchasing signature shade promotion. DD G04 Gwen Stefani Signature Shade Featuring Swarovski Elements 1 - OPI Nail Lacquer in Over & Over A-Gwen 1 - Swarovski Elements-Studs and Crystals 1 - nail glue 1 - nail art designs

Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 8.00 U.S. Suggested Retail Price . . .$ 14.95 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.95 U.S.

$ 10.00 CAN $ 18.95 CAN $ 8.95 CAN

Gwen Stefani Signature Shade 8-pc Display OPI ITEM NO. DD G05

8 - OPI Nail Lacquer in Over & Over A-Gwen featuring Swarovski Elements 1 - chipboard counter display Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 64.00 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . .$119.60 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 55.60 U.S.

For more information about Gwen Stefani by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your local Authorized OPI Distributor.

$ 80.00 CAN $151.60 CAN $ 71.60 CAN

10 | Gwen Stefani A Display Promotion OPI ITEM NO. DD G01 12 - Nail Lacquers (2 per shade) Hey Baby I Sing in Color Love.Angel.Music.Baby. 4 in the Morning In True Stefani Fashion Push and Shove

(comes with complimentary mini size of Lay Down that Base)

1 - chipboard counter display 1 - color palette with chain and label

Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 52.50 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 108.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 55.50 U.S.

$ 65.50 CAN $ 131.40 CAN $ 65.90 CAN

Gwen Stefani A+ Display Promotion OPI ITEM NO. DD G02 24 - Nail Lacquers (4 per shade) Hey Baby I Sing in Color Love.Angel.Music.Baby. 4 in the Morning In True Stefani Fashion Push and Shove

(comes with complimentary mini size of Lay Down that Base)

1 - chipboard counter display 1 - color palette with chain and label

Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 104.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 216.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 111.05 U.S.

$ 129.95 CAN $ 262.80 CAN $ 132.85 CAN

Gwen Stefani C Display Promotion OPI ITEM NO. DD G03 36 - Nail Lacquers (6 per shade) Hey Baby I Sing in Color Love.Angel.Music.Baby. 4 in the Morning In True Stefani Fashion Push and Shove

(comes with complimentary mini size of Lay Down that Base)

1 - acrylic counter display with printed footers 1 - chipboard header 1 - color palette with chain and label

Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 159.95 U.S. Total Retail Value. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 324.00 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 164.05 U.S.

$ 199.95 CAN $ 394.20 CAN $ 194.25 CAN

Gwen Stefani Rock Starlets | Mini Pack OPI ITEM NO. DD G06 4 - mini Nail Lacquers: Hey Baby, I Sing in Color, Love.Angel.Music.Baby., and 4 in the Morning

Salon Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.95 U.S. Suggested Retail Price . . . . . . . . . . .$ 12.95 U.S. Salon Profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6.00 U.S.

$ 8.75 CAN $ 14.95 CAN $ 6.20 CAN

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| 11 PUSH GLAM TO ITS LIMITS WITH GELCOLOR BY OPI! 2 NEW SHADES FROM THE GWEN STEFANI COLLECTION! Gwen’s top picks now in GelColor by OPI for superstar style that lasts for weeks! OPI Item No. GC G27 I Sing in Color This luscious blackberry hits all the right notes! OPI Item No. GC G31 In True Stefani Fashion This superstar glitter explodes with style!

Individual Price....................... $ 14.95 U.S.

$ 18.95 CAN

Gwen Stefani GelColor Suzi's Pick Display OPI Item No. GC 948 Gwen Stefani Display of 8 units (4 of each shade)

Salon Price ............................. $ 119.60 U.S. $ 151.60 CAN

TAME-LESS I Sing in Color In True Stefani Fashion Big Apple Red


Rocker Chic For superstar nails, alternate using I Sing in Color and In True Stefani Fashion as base and design shades. Add sizzle with a touch of brilliant Big Apple Red! Log onto for OPI Nail Design Step-by-Steps!



In True Stefani Fashion

I Sing in Color Big Apple Red

For more information about GelColor by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.

12 | LIMITED EDITION GELCOLOR ADD-ON KITS! GET ALL OF BRAZIL IN GELCOLOR BY OPI! The hottest news for spring! All twelve Brazil Collection by OPI shades are now available in GelColor! From Red Hot Rio to Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, we’ve got your color!


the glamazons #1 OPI Item No. GC926 Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around (GC A60) Taupe-less Beach (GC A61) OPI Scores a Goal! (GC A63)

I Just Can’t Cope-acabana (GC A65) Toucan Do It If You Try (GC A67) Kiss Me I’m Brazilian (GC A68)

the glamazons #2 OPI Item No. GC927 Next Stop…The Bikini Zone (GCA59) I São Paulo Over There (GCA62) AmazON…AmazOFF (GCA64)

Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? (GCA66) Live.Love.Carnaval (GCA69) Red Hot Rio (GCA70)

Kit Price ............................................................................................................................................................................................ $ 79.95 U.S. Salon Value ...................................................................................................................................................................................... $ 89.70 U.S. Salon Savings .................................................................................................................................................................................. $ 9.75 U.S.

$ 99.95 CAN $ 113.70 CAN $ 13.75 CAN

Individual Price............................................................................................................................................................................... $ 14.95 U.S.

$ 18.95 CAN

12 Piece with Free Wall Display + Roll of 250ct Removal Wraps OPI Item No. SPF79 Deal Contains: All 12 Brazil GelColor Shades 1 - Add-A-Shelf Wall Display – FREE 1 - 250 ct Expert Touch Removal Wrap – FREE 1 – Blank Nail Palette w/ Chain

Salon Price .................................................................................................................................................................................... $ 179.00 U.S. Salon Value ...................................................................................................................................................................................... $ 244.35 U.S. Salon Savings................................................................................................................................................................................... $ 65.35 U.S. For more information about GelColor by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.

$ 227.00 CAN $ 317.85 CAN $ 90.85 CAN

| 13

Carnaval Of Color! Nail designs inspired by the sizzling, spirited shades of the Brazil Collection by OPI!

BRAZILIAN MOON Kiss Me I’m Brazilian Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? AmazON…AmazOFF


Next Stop…The Bikini Zone Live.Love.Carnaval Red Hot Rio

BIKINI LINES Toucan Do It If You Try Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? I Just Can’t Cope-acabana

BOSSA NOVA OPI Scores a Goal! Don't Bossa Nova Me Around Taupe-less Beach AmazON…AmazOFF

ROAD TO RIO Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? Live.Love.Carnaval I Just Can’t Cope-acabana

For more information about GelColor by OPI, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.

14 |


Love Lucky


When it comes to love, you are your own good luck charm – especially when it comes to loving the most important person in your life – you! Your pocketbook wins too when you score with savings on promotions featuring the OPI products you love. It’s like you and OPI were destined to be together… and isn’t that romantic?

All You Need Two Avoplex Cuticle Oil-to-Go Pens caress your cuticles with blissful moisture whenever you desire.

Purchase: 1 – 7.5 mL - 0.25 Fl. Oz. Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go Pen

Get: 1 – 7.5 mL - 0.25 Fl. Oz. Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go Pen at 50% off U.S.


Salon Price .............................................. $ 6.75 Suggested Retail ........................................ $ 12.00 Retail Value ................................................ $ 16.00

$ 8.75 $ 14.95 $ 19.90


Got You on File For the record, keeping your nails in shape just got easier! Nail Envy Original Formula plus a FREE crystal nail file for keeping those growing edges smoothly shaped.

Purchase: 1 – 15 mL - 0.5 Fl. Oz. Original Nail Envy

Get FREE: OPI Crystal File U.S.


Salon Price .............................................. $ 8.50 Suggested Retail ........................................ $ 16.95 Retail Value ................................................ $ 26.90

$ 10.95 $ 19.95 $ 37.45

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retailpromotions | 15 Cute Couple Let these two sweeties inspire your most romantic love letters. With these FREE note cards, you can write sonnets about your love for color, or just about anything!

Special Price: 1 – 15 mL – 0.5 Fl. Oz. OPI Nail Lacquer in OPI Red 1 – 15 mL – 0.5 Fl. Oz. OPI Nail Lacquer in ElePhantastic Pink

Get FREE: Notecards (8 notecards total/4 different designs)




Salon Price .............................................. $ 8.50 Suggested Retail ........................................ $ 15.95 Retail Value .................................................$ 18.00

$ 10.95 $ 19.95 $ 21.90

You Complete Me Add instant romance to your look with these loving partners. To use: Apply a base of Start-to-Finish to your nails; add two coats of My Vampire is Buff (Creamy, pale and nude...just how I like my vampires.); finish with another coat of Start-to-Finish to shine and protect.

Purchase: 1 – 15 mL – 0.5 Fl. Oz. Start-to-Finish Original Formula

Get FREE: 1 – 15 mL – 0.5 Fl. Oz. OPI Nail Lacquer in My Vampire is Buff




Salon Price .............................................. $ 6.50 Suggested Retail ........................................ $ 12.95 Retail Value .................................................$ 21.95

$ 7.95 $ 15.95 $ 26.90

Retail Promo Center Display OPI Item No. SR 540 U.S


Salon Price ............................................$ 250.00

$ 299.00

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16 |

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18 | professionalpromotions Brush up!

Smooth Savings Save on GelColor Base and Top Coats plus FREE OPI EDGE and FLEX Files!

Save $3.00 per Bottle!

OPI Item No. SP F03 Includes: 1 – 15 mL - .5 Fl. Oz. GelColor Base Coat (GC 010) 1 – 15 mL - .5 Fl. Oz. GelColor Top Coat (GC 030) 1 – FLEX Silver/Moss 220/280 Buffer (FI 641) 1 – EDGE White 240 Cushioned File (FI 621)

Save on Axxium No-Cleanse Top Sealer! OPI Item No. SP F01 15 mL - .5 Fl. Oz. Axxium No-Cleanse Top Sealer U.S.


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Save $25%! Save on OPI Artist Series Gel Brushes! OPI Item No. BR 942 BR 943

Artist Series Oval #6 Synthetic Gel Brush Artist Series Flat #6 Synthetic Gel Brush





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$ 31.50 $ 42.65 $ 11.15

Salon Price ....................................................................... $11.95 Salon Value......................................................................... $15.95 Salon Savings ..................................................................... $ 4.00

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Dry Ideas Save 20% on DripDry Nail Lacquer Drying Drops 6pc Counter Display

Purchase OPI Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips Receive FREE 120 mL – 4 Fl. Oz. N.A.S. 99! OPI Item No. SP F04 Includes:

OPI Item No. SR F05 Includes: 6 – .9 mL – .3 Fl. Oz. DripDry Lacquer Drying Drops in convenient Counter Display! 1 – Display

1 – OPI Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips 2 – 80-Grit Disposable Strips 2 – 120-Grit Disposable Strips 1 – FREE 120 mL – 4 Fl. Oz. N.A.S. 99





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Salon Price ....................$ 14.95 Salon Value......................$ 26.90 Salon Savings ..................$ 11.95

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| 19

SENATOR YEE VISITS OPI State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco paid a visit to OPI in collaboration with the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) along with PCPC Director of Government Affairs Karin Ross. The Senator has been an ally and supporter of the beauty industry, chaptering AB 409, legislation which establishes new health standards to protect nail salon consumers. Senator Yee’s District 8 covers the city of San Francisco and San Mateo, and his visit coincided perfectly with the release of OPI’s San Francisco Collection.



SAN FRANCISCO! OPI… EARNING AWARDS Nail Envy is named "Best Nail Strengthener" in InStyle 2013 Best Beauty Buys! Bubble Bath is awarded "The Best: Martha Approved" seal in Martha Stewart Living’s annual beauty and style awards! Bubble Bath is also awarded "Best Pale Nail Polish" in Allure’s Readers’ Choice Awards with Big Apple Red taking the prize for "Best Bright Nail Polish"! Bubble Bath wins again as Best Nail Polish at Work according to Women’s Health readers!

On the day of its release, the San Francisco Collection was ceremoniously presented at Peninsula Beauty Supply by OPI’s own George Schaeffer and Joey Brown. Special guest State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco gave the event an official flair while OPI’s George Smith, Marjan Barabian and Dawn Sharp were on hand to answer questions from guests which included media and consumers. Mini manicures, mini pack giveaways, and a sweepstakes to win OPI Nail Lacquer for a year helped to make the event memorable.

JOEYINTAIWAN OPI International Spokesperson Joey Brown was hands-on in Taiwan to provide training to nail technicians and professionals last summer. Thirty participants were immersed in work on GelColor, Manicure/Pedicure, and aspects of nail design. All the practice paid off with a big certification presentation to proud and excited recipients.

OPI Products Inc. 13034 Saticoy Street N. Hollywood, CA 91605/USA January/February 2014 OPI Item No. PR 574 Domestic Edition

Advertising & Marketing You and your clients can see OPI in the January/February issues of these magazines: You’ll also ďŹ nd OPI in American Salon, Modern Salon, Canadian Hairdresser, Day Spa, Launchpad, Nails, Nailpro, Nailco (The Industry Source), Salon Magazine, Viet Beauty, & VietSalon.

OPI is available in over 100 countries around the world. For your Authorized Distributor within the US or Canada, please call 1-800-341-9999 or go to For all other countries, please contact or International Customer Service at 818-759-8629.

is ork at th is w s h c e t Two nail edical spa that al m rco Charlotte dorned with cha ya ts. beautifull cranberry accen and

{on the road}

e bar wher e in w a spa has of wine The medi an sip an array s in one clients c between service as. are s in selection modern waiting of two

Jon Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center N.C., harlotte, dical C e h t s n e Jones ow ic International M ly been t t a M r. n D nR so of the Jo e this location ha as have n io t a c lo sp hil nchise. W onths, the medi 26 years. ra f s a p S a few m re than open for industry for mo he been in t

Following stric the pedicu t sanitation guide lin re spas a re p ipeless es, .

This beautifully decorated medical spa in Charlotte, N.C., not only has a full-time onsite cosmetic surgeon, but Jon Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center’s primary focus is on total body wellness. Combined with a clean, modern décor and lavish services — it’s safe to say that this is not your typical spa. BY STACELYN T. JONES > In addition to being brand new and beautiful, Jon Ric Medical Spa is conveniently located in the center of three prominent areas: Dillworth (bungalow-style homes and stately oak trees line the residential streets here, while a diverse mix of shops and restaurants compete for attention in this area), South Park (one of Charlotte’s largest business and residential neighborhoods), and Meyers Park (one of the city’s most prestigious addresses). Being nestled in the middle of these three areas brings in a diverse clientele allowing the spa to cater to individual needs, combining expertise in the medical world, with practitioners in nail and skin care fields — a true mixture of health and beauty. > There are only two nail techs who work at the spa, so nails are mostly done by appointments but they do accept walk-ins when they can. The techs specialize in helping and maintaining healthy natural nails by incorporating grapeseed oil into their services. Gel enhancements (overlays and sculpted nails) are one of the spa’s most popular services. And they are adamant about educating their clients on proper gel removal in order to avoid damage to the natural nail. > Another exclusive service that only Jon Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center offers in this area is the HydraFacial that targets sun damage, wrinkles, oily skin, redness, and blemishes all in one invigorating soothing treatment. “I’ve placed all my energy, drive, and focus into this spa,” says owner Dr. Matt Jones, “concentrating on every small detail in order for everyone to immediately feel welcomed when they walk in and extremely pampered when they walk out.”

e! That’s m JANUARY 2014



| 85

TECHNIQUE} A Wintery Mix While Sammi Newell, regional educator for the La Palm Leadership & Artistry Academy, is a new member of the team, she’s no stranger to the industry. Newell has been a nail artist for over 11 years. For the greater part of the decade, she has Newell owned two salons in the UK, assisted backstage for London Fashion Week, and has been featured in various magazines. Newell says she’s as much in love with her craft now as she was when she first discovered it. Check out her latest nail art featuring a wintery mix of glitters and gray your client can flaunt all season long. 1. Apply two thin coats of Gel II in Light Shadow. Cure each layer for 30 seconds. 2. Apply Gel II in Chateau Noir to a portion of the nail. Newell chose to do it vertically, but you can also try it horizontally or diagonally. Cure for 30 seconds. 3. Making sure to leave the inhibition layer on, take a roll of silver foil and apply it onto the nail randomly. Don’t press too hard — you want the foil to appear like cracked ice. 4. Using a striper brush and Gel II in Arctic White, highlight the edge of Chateau Noir to join the colors. Cure for 30 seconds. 5. For a great way to celebrate the New Year, take a fine detailer brush and Gel II’s Midnight Black and write “2014” as a detail. Apply Gel II Xtreme Shine Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds. To finish, remove the inhibition layer using Gel II Super Spray (70% alcohol) and apply cuticle oil. >>>








Party Like It’s 2014! To ring in the New Year, Springfield Ore.-based Light Elegance educator Mylyn Hansen suggests using the P+ Soak-Off Gel Polish system to create party nails. This high-density Hansen sparkling look is sure to catch both eyes and lights as your clients dance the night away. Offer this look on all 10 fingers or just an accent nail. 1. Cleanse the nail with Light Elegance cleanser and wipes to remove all oils and residue. 2. Apply a thin layer of P+ Base Coat to cleanse the nail. Cure for two minutes in a UV light or 30 seconds with an LED light. 3. Apply a thin layer of P+ Soak-Off Gel Polish in Double Scoop over the entire nail and cure. 4. Apply a thin layer of P+ Gel in Diamond Glitter over Double Scoop for the perfect party nail. Cure. 5. Apply a thin layer of P+ Soak-Off Top Coat from cuticle to free edge for a high-shine finish. Cure. Remove sticky residue with Light Elegance cleanser.




Removing with Ease Shooting Star International created a new piece of salon equipment called the Multi-Pro Nail Spa aimed at making the removal of soak-off gels and acrylics fast and safe. The product features a softtouch brush that rotates back and forth, creating a scrubbing action inside the soaking bowl. The brush works in conjunction with acetone to remove unwanted product while the client is soaking her fingers, eliminating the need for a nail tech to do it manually. According to Shooting Star International, nail techs won’t have to use metal tools to remove remnants of gel or acrylic either. The Multi-Pro Nail Spa can also provide pre-removal treatments including a fingertip massage during the soaking process in addition to a nail and cuticle cleanse and exfoliation. Parts of the device pull apart for sanitation purposes. It also features a low-voltage, energy-efficient design. For more information, visit

All Eyes on Shawntay Johnson Shawntay Johnson — a nail tech of over 16 years with OPI, CND, and Ardell training — yearned to have her own enterprise. In 1999 she opened Shawntay’s Creative Nail Boutique in Columbia, Md., now complete with ample retail items and a big following. But one thing was always missing for her: a polish line. Johnson After years of research, Johnson found a private label company that would produce the product of her dreams. She recently launched Shawntay’s Creative Nail Lacquer, which she sells both online and in her shop. Most of Johnson’s clientele are nail techs in the U.S. who buy her product for use or retail in their salons. However, through social media, she was able to reach an international market, creating contacts throughout Africa and the United Kingdom. The line, a marriage of trending colors and sassy packaging, currently features 10 polishes plus a base and top coat. Colors include Hot Kinky Pink, Sex on the Beach, and Snow⇓ake Scandal. The U.S.-made formula is long-lasting and free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and camphor. Johnson plans to launch new colors seasonally. “My polish is a combination of who I am, what I do, and what I love,” says Johnson. “I advise nail techs who want to create their own brand to use their creativity to make sure their product is different from others. Moreover, ⇒nd a private label company that really understands your vision.” For more information, visit⇒⇒/11412.



I recently made a move to upstate New York, and just today I found a cute little space to set up in. My biggest fear is that when the brutally cold winter hits, my product will freeze when I’m not in the shop and the heat is turned down. Brr. Help?


Skin would freeze before monomer would freeze! Most of your products should be ⇒ne if the heat is turned down a bit. You won’t want to turn the heat off completely, as your pipes would freeze and burst. If your heater has a timer, have it kick on a couple hours before it’s time for you to go in. When it Schippers comes to nail polish, you can place the color your client selects in your apron pocket to use body heat to slowly and safely bring it to room temperature while you perform the manicure. A nice client extra you might also consider is a heated pad under the table towel. My clients love that as a winter treat to keep their hands warm while I work on them! Holly Schippers, also known as “The FingerNailFixer,” is a CND education ambassador and nail tech in Bussey, Iowa

Have a technique question?

(about product application, troubleshooting, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

TECHNIQUE} demos 1



Rossana Chousal-Fune, a national trainer for LCN, has worked in the nail industry since 1993. She’s always had a natural ability for art, in⇓uenced by her mother, a cosmetologist in Chousal-Fune’s home

LCN Gel Butter⇓y Embellishment

country, Chile. The gel embellishment she created stems from a personal fascination with butter⇓ies. “I see a lot of magic in butter⇓ies,” she says. “There are so many different Chousal-Fune types that when I start designing them, no matter what combinations of colors, shapes, and wings I choose, they’re beautiful. The possibilities are endless.” 1. Using an LCN 3-D brush or the LCN Spot Swirl, apply LCN 3-D Design Colour Gel in Deep Black lightly without pressure onto form paper. (Tip: To clean up and de⇒ne the edges of the design, use the same brush and LCN cleaner.) Remove excess gel on the brush with an LCN Purzellin swab. 2. After tracing the design, cure the gel using a UV or LED light unit for the manufacturer’s recommended time. Due to the product’s speci⇒c consistency, the solution will not run. Continue by applying LCN Glass Gel in Turquoise Ocean and Lilac Passion inside the wings of the butter⇓y and cure again. 3. Once the wings are cured, create the head and body of the butter⇓y with Colour Gel in Night Blue. Add LCN rhinestones to the edges of the wings. Cure to set the entire design in place. 4. Fold the butter⇓y wings toward each other slightly to give the embellishment a more realistic look. Cure again. 5. Remove the design from the form and add antennae and proboscis using LCN Amazing Lashes. Add touches of LCN Miracle Glitter for more intricate effects. Cure the design. (Tip: Gently attach LCN Amazing Lashes using tweezers.) 6. Use LCN Nail Art Liner in black to create more realistic effects by painting vein details. Add more rhinestones to the outside of the wings as well as LCN Starlit Sky Colour Gel (big glitter stars). Cure.* *LCN suggests attaching the butter⇓y to a stiletto manicure created with LCN Glass Gel. To attach, use LCN One Component Resin in Crystal Clear and attach the butter⇓y to the stiletto nail. Hold the butter⇓y in place while curing. For more information, go to






Alessandro’s Classic Rose Design



Award-winning nail tech Marina Lopresto has been doing nails in the U.S. and Russia for 11 years. She is passionate about different styles of nail art and loves to work with gels. As an Alessandro International educator, Lopresto uses the company’s products to create a variety of competition- and Lopresto salon-worthy designs such as this manicure called Classic Rose. 1. Sanitize and prep the nails for gel application. Place the professional mask form on the nail to create a stiletto shape. 2. Sculpt the nail with Alessandro’s UV Color Gel in Milky Dream, or any other Alessandro gel that ⇒ts your client’s needs. File and buff the stiletto nail. (Lopresto used Alessandro’s High Speed File Moon.) 3. Apply Alessandro’s Lac Sensation in Be a Star on half of the nail, creating a diagonal line starting at the cuticle. Fill in the rest of the nail with Lac Sensation in Wild Cat. Then use a needle tool in a circular motion to blend the two colors together where they meet. Cure for 90 seconds in a UV lamp. 4. Use Lac Sensation in Classic Red to create the shape of a rose midway through the nail. 5. Using Lac Sensation in Pumpkin, outline the details of the rose. Use Lac Sensation in Plum Cake to make the leaves. Next add highlights with Lac Sensation in Moonlight Kiss. Cure before adding each design element for 90 seconds. 6. Apply Lac Sensation UV Top Coat, cure for another 90 seconds, and wipe off the sticky layer. Outline the design with Alessandro’s Champion’s Choice French Ultra White-Ultra Thin and cure for 120 seconds. Reapply the top coat and cure again. Wipe off the sticky layer. For more information, go to







| 91

TECHNIQUE} signature services Simply Sweet Ice Cream Manicure Custom Nails by Temeka, Orange, Conn. Temeka Jackson, nail tech


Custom Nails by Temeka uses: Soul Purpose Orange Cream Mineral Soak; Avon Naturals Body Scrubs in Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla; Cuccio Vanilla Bean and Sugar Butter Blend; alcohol, base coat, polish, top coat.

1. Soak your client’s hands in warm water with Soul Purpose Orange Cream Mineral S oak for about five minutes. Add a little Avon Naturals Body Vanilla Scrub on top. Offer your client a glass of wine. 2. Prep the nails. 3. Exfoliate the client’s hands and lower arms with Avon Naturals Body Scrubs in Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla. (Or you can combine all a little of all three.) 4. Let the client rinse her hands. Wrap hot towels around her hands and lower arms. 5. Massage the client’s hands and lower arms with Cuccio Vanilla Bean and Sugar Butter Blend. 6. Clean nails with alcohol. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.



P r ice: $35


Signature CappuccinoEspresso Spa Pedicure Pinky Toes Nail Salon & Boutique Sherry Payne, owner



Pinky Toes Nail Salon uses: OPI Espresso Soak, Espresso Scrub, Cappuccino Mask, Cappuccino Massage; CND SolarOil; eucalyptus essential oil; base coat, OPI Espresso Your Style, top coat.

1. Soak the client’s feet for about 10 minutes in warm water with OPI Espresso Soak. Provide her with a warm neck wrap from the hot towel cabinet and offer her a cup of coffee or a hot herbal tea. 2. Prep nails. Use a foot file to lessen calluses. 3. Exfoliate the client’s feet and lower legs with warmed OPI Espresso Scrub. Rinse and pat dry. 4. Apply warmed OPI Cappuccino Mask with an applicator brush to the client’s feet and lower legs. Don’t cover the toes. 5. Apply CND SolarOil around the edges of the client’s toenails. Wrap the client’s feet and lower legs in warm towels. Recline your client back, and offer her a warmed eye pillow scented with eucalyptus essential oil. 6. Remove after 10 minutes with a moist warm towel. 7. Massage the client’s feet and lower legs with OPI Cappuccino Massage. 8. Cleanse nail plates. Apply base coat, OPI Espresso Your Style, and top coat.


P r ice: $45 JANUARY 2014 2013



| 93


Art Deco for New Year’s Eve Jane Moate (formerly Weiner) is a freelance nail artist on the Jersey Shore who participated in NAILS’ Next Top Nail Artist. Her style tends toward the illustrative Moate with heavy pop- and nerd-culture in⇓uences. “A big part of my nerdy side is drawn to geometric lines and repeated patterns,” says Moate, who demonstrates this in her art deco New Year’s Eve nail design. The inspiration behind this manicure is the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball and its iconic art deco-style sparkling triangles.

1. Prep the nail and apply base coat. Using different shimmer or micro-glitter polishes, dab on drops of color all over the nail, concentrating mostly on the cuticle and free edge areas. (Moate used Venique’s Spike-It, Boat Shoe Castaway, and Hurray Huarache.) 2. Dip a large brush in acetone and start to tap the polish. Continue to tap — don’t swirl — the polish in different spots on the nail to blend the colors. Dip the brush in acetone as you go in order to keep the polishes from lifting up too much. 3. Let the blended polish dry and, using a striper brush dipped in black polish, draw two smile lines at the cuticle and free edge. 4. Using a thin striper brush dipped in black polish, draw triangles pointed down from the smile lines following the curve of the smile so that the triangles don’t all point straight down at the same angle. 5. Make the next row of triangles starting in between two triangles from the first row. 6. Repeat this process for the third row of triangles. 7. Fill in the rest of the nail with black polish. Finish with top coat. You can find more of Moate’s cool nail art creations at








brush on high intensity one coat lacquer from the creators of award winning

Seche Vite

Head To Toe

Effortlessly Styled

Pefectly Poised

Conquer The World

Buttoned Up

Keep It You







Model “Conquers The World” in her polish


Keeping the Tech’s Nails Intact NAILS asked seasoned nail technicians to tell us the most valuable ways they keep their own manicures looking good despite the wear and tear of the job.

A nail tech’s own nails can be her best business card. They are among the ⇒rst things clients see when they greet you and virtually sell your services wherever you go. But between removing your client’s polish, ⇒ling (and e-⇒ling) nails, and giving countless pedicures, keeping your nails intact is not an easy task. Here’s how some nail techs prevent daily contact with harsh chemicals, ⇒ling, and soaking from affecting their own fabulous digits:

Whether over gel or acrylic, I put a thin layer of hard gel over my nails. It doesn’t lift and stays shiny until the next fill. I use Young Nails’ Finish Gel, which is a non-soak-off gel. Not only can acetone or monomer not damage the nails, but also harsh chemicals like bleach and dishwashing liquid don’t affect them. It’s the best! Suria van der Merwe owner of Amoridex House of Beauty in Potchefstroom, South Africa, and Young Nails educator

I embed all my nail art under acrylic and fasten any embellishments on with glue and a gel top coat. Jennifer Matlock-White beauty advisor for Motives for La La and Motives by Loren Ridinger, Lansing, Ill.


I use a clothespin to hold a cotton ball down when removing gel polish. Tamy Duron nail tech at Tamy’s Hair and Nails in Visalia, Calif.

I keep my nails short, clean, and square with rounded corners because I like to give my clients a deep massage as part of the service without worrying about scratching them. Clients notice how nice they look, and I look at my nails as advertisements. If they look bad, how can you trust me as your manicurist? Alice Crammer nail tech at Sydney Albert Salon & Spa in Princeton, N.J.

Plastic-backed pads will protect you from overexposure and allow you to take off polish, apply cuticle remover products, and cleanse the nail plate without having liquids touch your nails. Use implements to spread cuticle remover and clean up stray product. One-way pumps offer controlled dispersion for your plastic-backed pads. Lastly, I use a 2-in.-wide flex wrap that I cut to fit my finger girth. I wrap the fingers I tend to graze while filing and fold them over the top for extra protection. Tanya Sisson owner of Nail Girl Salon in Aloha, Ore., and CND education ambassador

I put protector tape on the finger that takes the most beating. Natalie James nail tech in Essex, London

Wear gloves throughout the prep!

Amanda Edmonds nail tech in Scottsdale, Ariz.




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Nails by Lottie Lace Brooke Dowey isn’t your average 12-year-old. After learning about gel-polish techniques from her mother who is trained on the subject, Dowey began posting her Gelish nail art on Facebook. Her creations garnered mass attention and the appointments came pouring in. Dowey was initially painting in her house in Marske by the Sea, U.K., which wasn’t practical, so she and her mother began the hunt for the perfect caravan. “I really love vintage things from clothing to homeware so I wanted a vintage-looking caravan as a modern one just wouldn’t have the same appeal.” Dowey and her mother spent two to three months on the hunt for the perfect vehicle before settling on the 1970s’ Sprite Cadet. “I wanted to make the caravan feel really cozy, warm, and a pleasant place for people to come and have their nails done,” says Dowey of the caravan’s shabby chic look. The two spray painted the outside of the caravan and filled the interior with vintage items such as crocheted blankets, lace tablecloths, ornaments, and framed pictures on the walls. The caravan is affectionately >>> called Lottie Lace, and Dowey’s nail art designs mirror the cute and vintage look.




EXPERT TOUCH 1 Expert Touch Lacquer Remover Superior for GelColor removal! Leaves cuticles soft and smooth. 2 Expert Touch Removal Wraps Easy-to-use, economical removal foils with absorbent pad.


3 4

3 Expert Touch Removal Wrap Dispenser

Exclusive design conveniently dispenses Expert Touch Removal Wraps. 4 Expert Touch Salon Mitts Helps keep hands and fingers warm for faster removals!




at Trend W

e n i l e F y l e Fierc Purr over cat-inspired looks.


Jade Kano, Jaded Nails Custom Jewelry & Nail Studio, El Paso, Texas Kano

Tanya Dimitrova, Currie Hair Skin & Nails, Glen Mills, Pa.


Shape Shifting S. Maria Chheo-Shen is a nail tech who has always enjoyed creating her own custom colors. After ⇒nally starting her own polish line last year, the woman behind NailNation3000 decided to grow her line in a different way. She changed her bottle design to pack in even more polish. “The older silver caps are still around but I wanted to offer a larger size and have a true full 15 ml bottle that ⇒ts into polish racks and polish holders, Chheo-Shen and has a nice brush. They were a practical size and shape,” says Chheo-Shen. The new bottle also comes with the NailNation3000 logo already on it, so there is no white label concealing the color. Her packaging is not the only thing that allows color to shine through. Chheo-Shen’s large variety of holographic top coats were designed speci⇒cally to not gray up holographic colors, therefore letting the various layers of multicolor shine through. For more information, visit⇒⇒/11421


Advanced Beauty College’s Tam Nguyen escorts Tippi Hedren offstage with her Legacy of Style Award.

CND and Beauty Changes Lives Honor Tippi Hedren’s Legacy NAILS joined sister publication VietSALON along with CND and Beauty Changes Lives in honoring actress Tippi Hedren with the Legacy of Style Award. The award was granted to Hedren for helping to kickstart the Vietnamese nail industry. Hedren celebrated by wearing a glittering orange CND shade on her nails to match the ao dai (southern Vietnamese dress) she donned for the occasion.


Thuan Le (left) was one of the original 20 Vietnamese women who entered the nail industry thanks to Hedren. Actress Kieu Chinh (right) spoke about Hedren’s contributions to the Vietnamese community and the nail industry.

> See more pictures from this event by visiting: > Learn more about Tippi Hedren’s contribution to the nail industry:

Blended to Perfection For a more durable beadbesotted look, try Glam and Glits’ pre-mixed Caviar Acrylic. The sculpting powder already has the caviar beads and glitter included, meaning Duong you just dip your brush in monomer and apply. No messy application or falling flocking with this clever nail art product. Although Glam and Glits founder Michael Duong no longer does nails in the salon, he still tests each product to ensure quality and workability. >>> For more information, visit

Nail Tech Authors Glam New Book Celebrity nail tech AmberrElizabeth Stores shares 50 0 of the hottest nail art looks ks around in her new book, “Glam m Nail Studio.” Stores covers ers everything from nail health, lth, to equipment, and a varietyy of nail art techniques. Learn what polishes pair best with which skin tones, secret tips for acrylics and gels, and how to get the perfect nail shape every time. Stores draws on her experience as a celebrity and editorial nail artist to cover trends from the catwalk to the coolest nail fashions on the street.

Android App Allows You to Live in Color


The free China Glaze app is now available for Android users. Take a photo and find the perfect nail polish match or try a color on to see how shades compare with a client’s skin tone. You can even connect with China Glaze through the app by getting real-time updates of new collections, viewing nail trends, and how-to videos. Your clients can store their favorite colors and you can create a wishlist all in the palm of your hand.


Q: I have a station with a couple of drawers. However, since I do regular and colored

acrylics, nail polish, gel-polish, and glitters/foils, I can’t seem to store everything without looking like a hoarder. How can I store all of my nail products and keep it neat and organized?

A: To a certain extent, everyone is always asking for more storage,

no matter how much storage they already have. To solve that, you have to be more ef⇒cient. Don’t necessarily cart everything around with you. You probably drive around in a small car, not in a 20-ft. truck. Only store at the salon what you truly use. Pagan With that said, there are manicure tables available with a lot of storage, but they are usually more expensive. I’ve designed a manicuring table that has been quite successful. It sells for $795. It’s similar to a hairstylist tower; it’s 6-ft. tall and has so much storage for products and even for your purse. The client and the tech have headroom and legroom. I realize there are cost considerations with manicure tables. Hairstylists tend to recover the initial cost of their stations quickly — just a few color appointments will usually cover it. In your case, it takes longer to pay it off, but buying a more expensive table with adequate built-in storage is one way to solve this problem. — Filippo Pagan is the president of Salon Designers International (

Have a style question? (about nail art, fashion, salon decor, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.


The standard of excellence in gel technology, ibd is excited to answer your need for high quality nail lacquers. Our signature line of seasonal collections will showcase the hottest trends and colors, latest deco technology and offer a full service range, complete with corresponding gel shades. CUTTING-EDGE EFFECTS • TREND-SETTING COLORS • QUALITY FINISHES

Iconic. Innovative.

STYLE} nail art studio The Bleeding Rose 1. Lay a thin layer of black acrylic and file until smooth. Place a small bead of white acrylic powder on the nail and drag the sides out with a slight curve. Then, using the tip of your brush, press outwards, creating a thick outer edge. 2. Continue this, alternating sides, until you reach the center. Finish with a small bead in the middle and stab a hole in the center. 3. Cover the entire nail with a clear acrylic and a red hue added to the liquid. 4. With an electric file and carbide, start smoothing out the nail and the thick spots will come through. Apply top coat.

Alyssa Adams, Claws and Stilettos, New Port Rickey, Fla.

Exotic Jewels 1. Place Dashing Diva Applique DFX061 (fishnet) onto the nail. Trim excess applique. 2. Cut DFX068 (gold design) and apply it to the center of the nail. Apply top coat or Dashing Diva Gelife base gel. Cure for 45 seconds under the Dashing Diva LED LightPod. 3. Place beads (turquoise and orange) and emerald rhinestones on the center of the nail. Apply top coat or Dashing Diva Gelife top gel. Cure for 45 seconds. If sealed with Gelife, cleanse the nails with at least 90% alcohol to remove the tacky layer. Masako Sasaki, Dashing Diva headquarters, Port Washington, N.Y.

Sparkling Leopards 1. Paint two layers of Artistic Colour Gloss in Metro. 2. Use a sponge to apply Artistic Colour Gloss’ Bride on half the nail. 3. Apply one layer of Artistic Colour Gloss’ Halo. 4. Draw the leopard lines with Artistic Colour Gloss’ Swag and use a dotting tool to add silver spots with Artistic Colour Gloss’ Trouble. Finish with top coat. Dagny Karlsson, Lash Perfect, Motala, Sweden



STYLE} nail art studio Flowing Veil

Bryan Vu, Venus Nails & Day Spa, Orlando, Fla.

1. Paint two coats of beige. Then, using a fine brush and white acrylic paint, paint on squiggly lines and cover anything below the squiggly line white. 2. Using a fine brush, outline the squiggly lines with black acrylic paint. Also create another row of squiggly lines for another layer of the veil. 3. Add extra small lines to create a 3-D effect that will make it look as if there was air moving the veil. 4. Add small loops on each veil layer for minor details and mini polka dots to the rest of the nail that isn’t part of the veil.

Funky French 1. Paint the tip of the nail into a black French. 2. Add a cross in white to the black portion. 3. Design each corner with dots in yellow, tribal lines in green, diagonal lines in white, and curly C-shapes in red. Finish with top coat.

Staci Garrett, Creative Illusions Nail Salon, Grandview, Mo.

Tinges of Tulle 1. Polish the entire nail in black gelpolish and cure as directed. 2. Hold netting or tulle flush to the nail and lightly pat CND Additive in Violet Pearl on part of the nail. 3. Without netting or tulle, lightly brush CND Additive in Pink Gold Sparkle over the entire nail. Apply top coat and cure.

Crystal Warner, Clip Its Hair and Nail Salon, Grove City, Ohio

Want to see your nail art how-to here? Mail your tips (one for each step) and instructions to Tracy Rubert, NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Make sure to include your name, salon name (if applicable), city, state, and contact information.

For more nail art step-by-steps, visit, then click on Nail Art. When mailing us tips for Nail Art Studio, please mail them in a padded envelope or box to keep the nail tips fully intact in transit.




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STYLE} He’s Always Been… Mysterious As part of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist contest we tasked our competitors with weekly challenges, each sponsored by a different manufacturer. Week 2 was Mans sponsored by Entity, and the challenge was to create the next “would-be” ad in the company’s “You’ve always been…” series. The series started with “daring”, then moved on to “passionate”, and ⇒nally ended on “spirited”. For the challenge, we asked our Top 11 to create an ad with the theme: “You’ve always been…mysterious.” The winner of the week was Christian Mans, who created some really interesting pipe-shaped nails with a full masquerade look. Entity loved the design so much they’re actually using it in their new ad. “As artists, we are all a bit mysterious,” wrote Mans. “As nail artists, we are extra mysterious when it comes to the skills and techniques we have hidden up our sleeves. With this in mind, my inspiration was drawn from a Venetian Carnival celebration, where everyone covers their faces with elaborate and elegant masks to keep their identity a mystery.” Here is Mans’ step-by-step so you can see just how he created these nails.

1. Sculpt French pipe-shaped nails with acrylic. The pipe nails are pointy in shape, but keep the deep C-curve like square nails. File the free edge of the nails at a 45-degree angle for a pointy view from above. 2. Apply chunky gold glitter gel on the thumb and ring finger. After curing, place gold foil leaf over the sticky gel. The chunky glitter leaves a textured, semi 3-D, feel and appearance.   3. Apply royal blue, emerald green, and deep magenta on the pinkie, middle, and pointer fingers, respectively. Use mica powder or pigment to lightly dust the sticky gel after being cured. Finish off with a gold mica powder to complete the silky fabric effect.   4. On a piece of plastic, paint a butterfly with gold glitter gel and cure. Apply a layer of hard gel over the gold gel. When curing, gently fold the butterfly wings up.   5. Create a flexible gel sheet by applying a rectangle of color gel on wax paper and cure. Brush mica powders and finish with


a thin layer of a flexible clear gel. After curing, cut the gel sheet into a rectangle. Fold the rectangle gel sheet to create a fan pattern. 6. Make two more gel sheets, one for the flowers, and the other for the ribbons. Cut the flower gel sheet into petals, and arrange them into a flower. Apply hard gel to the center of the flower and cure.   7. On a piece of foil sculpt a face with white acrylic.   8. Decorate the face with gel, acrylic paint, and embellishments.   9. Arrange and attach your gel fans and ribbons with acrylic to the nails. Then attach the mask and flowers with acrylic.   10. The hand piece was created with feathers, a broach, and charms. Gold chain attached to the mask and the pinkie nail connects the hand piece to the nails and serves as a hand decoration. Charms are attached to a gold chain connected to the butterfly.  


















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Show [Us] Your…

Nail bars are great for letting clients get sideby-side manicures and they’re perfect for quick services as well. A new trend we’re seeing in nail bars is offering multi-levels to accommodate the disabled and smaller clients who might not be comfortable sitting on a raised stool.

Nail Bar

TWO BROWN EYED GIRLS We love our nail bar. We do a lot of nail art, and having the clients seated next to each other always sparks conversation. Each client is always interested in checking out what type of nail art is being done, so by curving the bar they get to see what everyone is rocking on their nails. — Victoria Pavia, Los Angeles, Calif.

PARK CENTRE SPA When designing Park Centre Spa, we wanted to provide unique services to the area. Having a nail bar was a way to promote our new business, make the best use of our resources, provide a way for our nail care specialists to earn additional income per hour, and to create a different, fun, and social experience for our guests. The best use of our nail bar happens during our spa parties. We host parties for adults and for children up to five at a time. Our nail bar is in the front of our spa in the boutique/ reception area, providing visibility to those walking by as well as allowing for a louder noise level than in the rest of the spa. We do not provide additional one-on-one manicure stations in addition to the nail bar, but we do offer a table-height section to our nail bar to accommodate clients with disabilities and those who cannot easily >>> sit on the bar stools. — Robin Gill, director, Raleigh, N.C.



ACCENTS THE NAIL BAR Accents is a full-service nail salon. We just completed our first year and we are going strong. We did not add a nail bar to our salon. Instead, we made the salon a nail bar. We had the bar custom made by a commercial construction company. We installed UV lights in the bar under the top rail so the client can get her nails cured while her other hand is being worked on. Our nail bar has been a good success. We still have two manicure stations in the back of the salon with our fabulous pedicure chairs and wax room. One great thing about the bar is doing bridal parties. Here, they can all relax with a beverage and talk at the bar while they get their nails done. — Sean and Renee Kroeper, Middletown, N.J.

POSH PEDICURE LOUNGE AND POSH IN THE PORT DAY SPA I own two spas and they both have nail bars. I just like the feel and look of them — adds a more modern touch to the spa. We also custom built-in UV light holders underneath to support the lights. Both bars were custom built. — Penny Rumming, London, Ontario, Canada


CHIC NAIL AND BEAUTY BAR URBAN NAIL BAR My business partner needed to expand her salon Body and Soul Beauty Therapy to add extra pampering services, so Urban Nail Bar was created next door in a vacant small shop. We added the nail bar to offer extra pampering services and it created more room from the beauty salon adjoining next door. We offer gels, acrylics, pedicures, and other nail services. — Wendy Woodward, Sydney, Australia

The girls at our salon love our nail bar because of the height, the openness, and the camaraderie of our neighbors. It is an experience at Chic, not just a service! We wanted a different look. The idea was to have more of a “Steel Magnolias”-type of experience than a private one-on-one service. Woman helping woman and girls’ night out are more the feeling that the bar creates. It also makes the people who booth rent more team-oriented than just being in it for themselves. — Kelly Moreland, Hailey, Idaho

ALWIN ANTHONRY SALON We have a new, custom-built nail bar. It was handcrafted by a local company. The stained finish and stone-like top add a rustic feel while providing a unique manicure. Our guests love our nail bar. From its side-by-side seating, to the “cocktailed” concoctions we serve up custom for each of our guests! We create our “cocktails” using essential oils to infuse in the scrubs, masks, and more. When you come in with your friends you can truly get a side-by-side manicure. Our nail bar seats up to four people and we have two different heights to accommodate everyone from little girls to tall ladies comfortably. Our bar is also wheelchair accessible, which is a unique addition to a nail bar. — Sara Alwin, Grayslake, Ill.




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STYLE} boutique

Travel Accessories Complete your clients’ traveling arsenal with these handy accessories. Many of them can be branded with your salon’s logo so your clients will think of you even when they’re on the go.

Luggage tags from The Stationary Studio are perfect for stylish travelers. The tags can be customized on both sides with salon information. Featured here are the Multi Color Mums, Palms, and Black Chevron luggage tags. Other styles and colors are available.

Keep clients organized when they’re traveling with a matching passport cover and luggage tag travel set from Jack and Bee Designs. The passport pocket style makes it easy to store other travel necessities.

Bambina’s passport

covers are made from soft yet durable Italian lamb’s leather. Perfect for frequent flyers, it fits U.S., Canadian, UK, European Union, and other international passports.

Clients can travel fashionably with Stephanie Johnson’s cosmetic bags, which come in an array of styles and sizes. Pictured here is the Laguna Coral Laura Trapezoid.

Crafty Stiches’ jewelry roll is

an essential for ladies who are on the go. This handmade, quilted jewelry pouch will keep jewelry safe and organized. It fits in purses or carry-on bags.




Best Foot Forward CJ Murray, owner of Centre for Beauty — a Seminole, Fla.-based distributor of products that are “all about feet” — has learned plenty of tricks in her 26 years as a licensed nail tech. Chief among them was her wine-and-dine promotion that successfully upgraded clients from a $25 to a $45 pedicure, while also boosting retail sales. “I used to own a full-service salon and day spa and we had a very lucrative pedicure business. However, most of the pedicures were our lunchtime 30-minute service,” Murray says Murray. “At that time, our price was $25. So, in order to introduce new Footlogix products and increase our price structure (since we were using far better quality products), I came up with the wine-and-dine idea.” Murray delivered a private invitation to 18 of her best pedicure clients who were receiving the $25 service. They paid $25 to attend the event and received a Footlogix pedicure on one foot only, along with home-care products. “We treated them to wine, cheese, and petit fours, and offered a 20% discount on their next pedicure if they booked it before they left the event,” she says. “The kicker was, the pedicure they were used to paying only $25 for was now going to be $45. We took away our inexpensive pedicure and offered only Footlogix or a spa pedicure. We soon discovered clients were really interested in results. Seventeen of our 18 invitees went with the Footlogix pedicure at $45 and continued until the day I sold my salon. For new clients we offered the pedicure at $65 and included a can of the retail mousse for at-home use. My retail business increased at a rate of 75% consistently.” >>>




Little Extras That Count Big


A complimentary glass of wine, an extra-long foot massage … these are the small gestures that keep clients coming back — and sending their friends to your salon. We asked techs: What low-cost extras do you provide that clients perceive as having a high value?


I always provide a complimentary UV-cured top coat for my clients. This keeps their nails shining until they see me for their next appointment.

Rachael Waggoner Dazzlin Digits 3D Nails, Lakewood, Colo.

When I do pedicures, I keep a pack of disposable razors handy. That way, when I get a client who has a lot of hair on that big toe, I can just gently shave it off. And believe me, that little finishing touch makes a world of difference on their pretty new pedi.

Amy Payne Cutting Corner Salon, Tecumseh, Mich.



If time permits I may do free nail art. The clients get a little treat and I get to introduce different art to them. I also treat them to paraffin, warm towels, warm lotions, and extra-long massages — just little things to let them know they are special and appreciated. But the number-one extra that every client receives: going above and beyond the sanitation requirements. I think this is what my clients perceive as the highest value.

Lydian Flash Austin, Texas

We offer complimentary coffee, tea, and lattés from our Keurig and a biscotti treat on the side. We also rarely charge for repairs and we always have hand lotion on hand for after a nail service. For birthdays, we surprise the clients with either a complimentary Cotton Candy Hand Treatment, a detox foot soak and massage, or a mini facial cleanse. For more than 25 years, Erica’s has provided the highest quality diamond cutting tools for nail technicians worldwide. We use 100% natural diamonds in our products to ensure a long lasting cutting tool.

Teresa Heppenheimer Tee’s Nail NV, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I clean my clients’ gorgeous rings, earrings, and necklaces. When I’m finished making their hands awesome, it’s a nice touch for their jewelry to sparkle!

Shannon Bess Shear Style, Beckley, W.Va.

I give a free small bottle of Solar Oil and paraffin dips.

Wendy McCall Bailey Nails by Wendy, Huntersville, N.C. We have earned our reputation for being “Simply the Best.” 614.895.7181


Associated Hair Professionals Has Plenty to Offer Techs Associated Hair Professionals (AHP), an association for hairstylists and barbers, has launched membership and resources designed specifically for nail professionals. AHP membership offers nail professionals business-building and money-saving benefits including marketing resources, a free website that can be set up in an hour, and valuable liability insurance coverage. Members also save money with discounts on cell phone service, client brochures, educational DVDs, online appointment booking, professional development webinars, travel, and web-based printable gift cards. Membership is available for both students ($45/year) and licensed professionals ($179/year). For more information, visit or call (800) 575-4642.


mylittle Nail Art Kit

Q: I’m opening a new nail salon and am having a hard time finding nail techs McClain

besides myself. How did you find yours? I’ve tried Craigslist, cosmetology schools, and beauty supply stores. Any suggestions? — Jen McClain, owner, Completely Polished (, Cranberry Township, Pa.

A: Finding good techs is tricky and sometimes takes a really long

time. It is important to us to have people who will ⇒t in well with everyone else and who share the same work ethic and passion for our jobs that we do. We are not as concerned with technique because that can be learned, but you can’t teach someone to be Dent and Lindberg personable and friendly if that is not their personality. We always advertise on Craigslist and contact the reps for the beauty supply companies we deal with. We post on Facebook as well and have all of our techs in the salon share the posts. We also post a little sign on all the stations in the salon as well as on the door. Tell all your clients that you are looking for someone — quite often they might know of someone. We have offered a $100 bonus to clients if they can refer someone we end up hiring (or you could do free nail services). We also try to keep a good rapport with other salon owners so we sometimes call them to have them refer people to us if they know of anyone. We also call other owners if we are interviewing someone because they might know of that person and can give us insight as to whether that person would work for us. Above all, once you ⇒nd someone you think will work, check their references and Google them. We have found some we thought were great who got very bad references, so don’t always trust your feelings. Dif⇒cult as it is to have empty stations, it is much worse to ⇒nd out you have hired someone who is going to cause trouble. — Kathy Dent and Danielle Lindberg co-own Salon Glow in Reno, Nev.

Have a business question?

(about marketing, pricing, personnel, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

BUSINESS} reader to reader NAIL SALON


Do you work flexible hours to accommodate holiday clients, or do you take time off ?


I work overtime during the holidays. I’m single, so the more I work, the more I can play. I love holiday nail art and adding some holiday cheer on my clients’ nails.

Meggan Anderson Dreamz Day Spa and Salon, Burley, Idaho

I work a ⇓exible schedule. There are days I will start at 6:30 a.m. to do a full set and there are also nights that I take a client at 8:30 or 10 p.m. at the latest. I feel if I am ⇓exible with my clients they will be ⇓exible with me when the time comes. I bend over backwards for my clients; they aren’t just my clients, they are my friends too, and some are like family. I appreciate them just as much as they appreciate me.

Holidays are the most pro⇒table time of the year for us, and because of that, every year we extend our hours and business days. This year we will open the salon from December 16 to December 31, 2013, just taking the 25th off. After the holiday rush my staff and I will take a well-deserved vacation.

Ettennae Vargas Pink Nails & More, Freeport, N.Y.

I like to work ⇓exible hours through the holidays. I think my customers recognize it and try to be reasonable when they book their appointments. Sometimes it’s the little things we do as techs that keep our retention high and our clients happy.

Kathy Dent and Daniel e Lindberg Salon Glow, Reno, Nev

Rachael Waggoner

Lorri Silvestre

Dazzlin’ Digits 3D Nails, Lakewood, Colo.

Nail Candy by Lorri, Grover Beach, Calif.

We have ⇓exible hours to accommodate our holiday clients. We generally come in early the week of the holiday. On the eve of the holiday and the day after the holiday, we open early and offer our guests refreshments to warm their hearts before receiving services. We encourage guests who are out shopping to stop by to say hello and to grab a snack. And we offer special deals on gift cards for those who join us for our holiday hours.

We try to accommodate our schedules around our clients at all times but we also take some time off during the holidays. The secret is to mark your days off in your book several months in advance. Then about a month and a half prior to the holiday, request that your regular clients book two or three appointments ahead instead of one. We also schedule extra days to work if we are taking some days off so we can get everyone in. We love our clients and will always do what we can to make sure they are taken care of. But we also need to take care of ourselves and our families, so planning ahead is the way to do that.

Sometimes I have to work 10 or 12 hours doing nails. Nails are my passion and I love and need my clients. But they have to understand that we need to take a break as professionals in order to take care of our personal lives as well.

Ronieka Howell Abstract Nails & Wellness Studio, Indianapolis


I do not work extra or altered hours during the holiday season. Then again, I do not take extra time off. I have ample time in my schedule for my clients. If they know their travel dates, book in advance, etc., everyone leaves happy without me taking any more time away from my family.

Ednice De Jesus

Heather McDaniel

Ednice Nail Artist, Patillas, Puerto Rico

Fierce Fingers by Heather, Pensacola, Fla.

Next question: What efforts are you making to go green in your salon? [Answers will be printed in the April 2014 issue.] Share your opinion on the topic by e-mailing your response by January 15 to Please include your name, salon, city, and state with your response. ILLUSTRATION BY YUIKO SUGINO


You’ve always been

NAILS Next Top Nail Artist winning photo by Christian Mans.



©2014 Entity Beauty Inc.

BUSINESS} Preventing No-Shows and Late Arrivals No-shows and late clients are an inescapable fact of life in the salon. But the policies and procedures you put into place can go a long way in making them a rare occurrence. BY ANNE SCHLEGEL

Recently I made the decision to move my salon, Nailed It, to a larger location in order to accommodate our growing clientele. One evening during the move, as I was crawling around on the ⇓oor, covered in construction dust, trying to ⇒nd a way to secure a power strip to the bottom of a glass nail table, the phone rang. When my employee glanced at the caller ID she sang out, “You’re in trouble,” because it was my hairstylist on the line, calling to ⇒nd out why I was a half-hour late for my appointment. Sometimes it happens to the best of us, and it’s a problem that every salon occasionally has to deal with: clients who book appointments and then show up terribly late or, even worse, don’t show up at all. Unfortunately, clients who miss appointments without calling to cancel are wasting your time as well as preventing you from ⇒lling your day with appointments that produce revenue, and while it’s impossible to completely stop no-shows from happening, with a little planning you can reduce them greatly and minimize the effect they have on your bottom line. It’s always best to think proactively and stop a problem before it starts. To do that, you should have a clear policy in place for handling problem clients before you need to use it. Make sure your policy is posted on your web page and that your clients have read and understand it. Then, stick to it! It may be dif⇒cult to turn away a client who

shows up late, but if you don’t enforce your policy it becomes meaningless. If you say on your website that you’ll refuse service to anyone who is more than 15 minutes late, then do it. Allen Mierisch, owner of Imaginations Hair Salon in Racine, Wis., says, “I let my clients know that my schedule is usually completely full up to three weeks in advance. So if they’re late, and I have to turn them away because I don’t have enough time to complete their service, it’s going to be a while before I can get them rescheduled.” Typically you only have to enforce the policy once for the client to realize you mean business and start showing up on time. It’s also important to understand that you teach your clients how to behave. If you don’t respect their time, you can’t expect them to place any value on yours. When you’re always running late, either because you’re doing services on clients who showed up late or you’re overbooking your schedule, then you’re telling them it’s OK for them to be late as well since you probably won’t be ready anyway. Additionally, you should always make sure you have the correct contact information on ⇒le so that you can con⇒rm their appointments in advance, or follow up if they don’t show up for their booking. Even regular clients sometimes change their phone numbers, so ask if it needs to be updated when they rebook their next appointment. Then, be sure to give them


an appointment card, even if they say they don’t need one. “I don’t care if I see them entering the appointment into their phone, I give them a card anyway,” Mierisch says. “Even if it gets tossed in their purse, chances are they’ll see it between appointments and it will help them remember their commitment.”

GET CONFIRMATION Once you have your policies in place, almost everyone agrees that the next step to preventing no-shows is to have an appointment con⇒rmation procedure worked out. What’s not so easy to decide is the best way to get those reminders out, who to con⇒rm with, and when. “I only call to con⇒rm appointments with new clients, and I don’t actually ask them to con⇒rm,” says Mierisch. “I ask if they still plan on coming to the salon for their appointment because if not, I have someone on a waiting list who is willing to take their spot.” Even if you don’t have an appointment waiting in the wings for an available slot, giving a person the opportunity to bow out of their commitment without feeling like they’re disappointing you may get you a more honest answer. Whether you only con⇒rm with new clients or send out reminders with each and every booking, it’s important to remain consistent. Mierisch says, “If you do con⇒rmation calls for every appointment then your clients are going to learn to depend on them, and if you forget to make a call, don’t expect


the ďŹ rst. the fastest.


them to remember to show up.” Con⇒rmation calls aren’t the only way to remind your clients of their appointments though, and while some research suggests that phone calls are more effective at preventing no-shows than other forms of communication, it only works if you’re able to speak with the person over the phone. Leaving voice messages is no more effective at getting your clients in the chair than a SMS text or e-mail. Since most nail salons don’t have the time or resources to devote to calling a person repeatedly in order to speak to them directly, an automated con⇒rmation system can lower your stress level while increasing your revenue. There are many calendar management systems that will automatically send out con⇒rmation e-mails or SMS texts 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. At Nailed It, we use Store Vantage (www.storevantage. com), a web-based calendar program that includes, at no additional cost, the option to set up automatic appointment reminders for each new client entered into the system. Since your calendar is hosted on a web server, it also gives you the ability to book appointments from computers connected to the Internet, or any smart phone, a feature that provides you with the opportunity to increase your revenue even when you’re away from the salon. If you already have a salon management system in place that doesn’t support con⇒rmation reminders, or you are looking for a more interactive solution for your business, Demandforce ( integrates with many popular business management software packages and takes con⇒rmation texts and e-mails to the next level. When a client receives a reminder through Demandforce, she is asked to con⇒rm the appointment by sending a reply text or by clicking an e-mail link. If she doesn’t con⇒rm, you then have the option to give her space away to someone else. Demandforce also works in conjunction with Google Calendar, blocking off the time on your client’s personal calendar when she

Store Vantage web-based calendar program includes the option to set up automatic appointment reminders for each client.

con⇒rms the appointment, and sending additional reminders through Google.

AFTER THE MISSED APPOINTMENT If, despite all of your efforts to con⇒rm the appointment, a client still doesn’t show up, it’s important to give them a call. This accomplishes a few things: ⇒rst, you can make sure they’re all right and show them that you care for their well being. Clients are less likely to no-show in the future if they feel they have a relationship with their service provider. You can help nurture that personal connection just by checking in on them. Secondly, it can help diffuse any embarrassment they might feel if they simply forgot their appointment, especially when you tell them “I’m just happy you’re OK.” Then, after you’ve reassured them, you have an opportunity to reschedule the appointment and not miss out on the potential for future revenue. However, if you don’t make that call, chances are you’ll lose the client forever. At Nailed It, our policy for no-shows is to forgive and forget the ⇒rst time it happens. Even with all of our con⇒rmations and safeguards, life can swing out of control and appointments get missed. In those situations, we always want to proceed with care and compassion rather than trying to shame clients into good behavior. Otherwise we could drive away good people who just happen to be going through a rough patch in life, like I was when I recently no-showed for my hair appointment. By being gracious and understanding, after I apologized profusely and promised it would


never happen again, my stylist secured a customer for life. Occasionally you will run across someone who repeatedly misses appointments no matter what you do. You can try to counteract the effect they have on your revenue by not allowing them to pre-book appointments. Instead, have them call on the day they would like to come in to see if there’s any availability. If you rarely have lastminute openings available in your schedule, try putting them in at the end of the day. Then, if they don’t show up, at least you can head home early. When their habits become too disruptive to your business, it’s time to let them go. It’s never an easy conversation to have, and in this case it’s better not to have it face-to-face in order to avoid a scene at your salon. Give them a call or drop them an e-mail, and simply tell them you believe their needs would be better met at a different salon. If you’re able, recommend a nearby place that has walk-in availability. Be polite, but ⇒rm. Remember that they aren’t just wasting your time, they’re costing you money. Just remember that whatever policies and procedures you ultimately put in place, the best way to prevent no-shows and late arrivals is through outstanding customer service and quality. Because if you are known for the amazing nails you do, you’ll build a clientele that would rather die than miss their appointment.

Nail tech Anne Schlegel is the owner of Nailed It! ( in Racine, Wis.

BUSINESS} Should You Stay or Should You Go? Things aren’t ideal at your current salon. Should you stick it out or pack your sculpting brushes and make a clean break? Take our purely unscientific quiz to reveal the clues. BY ERIN SNYDER-DIXON

1. When you first wake in the morning, you… a. Get ready to tackle the day, full of new ideas to implement. b. Feel uneasy. Every day is different and you hope this is a good one. c. Dread going in to work. d. Quick, think of an excuse, call into work, and go back to bed. 2. You are at a trade show and a fellow beauty professional asks about the salon you now work in, you… a. Tell her the name of the salon and give her a business card with your preprinted contact information. b. You tell her that you are in the same place and write your cell phone number on a piece of paper for her, promising to get together for coffee. c. You roll your eyes and proceed to share an incident that happened just this week. d. You immediately ask if the salon she works in is hiring. 3. It’s the middle of a hectic day in the salon and you notice a coworker getting behind on sanitation and cutting corners, you… a. Offer to help her catch up. After all, you support each other to make the salon run smoothly. b. Pretend you don’t notice, since this is happening far too often and you have your own work to worry about. c. Pull your manager aside to point out that the coworker is putting the salon at risk and making everyone look bad. d. Do nothing. You have tried in the past and it doesn’t change anything. You continue to make a production of sanitation hoping it won’t scare away your clients.


4. A new salon is opening down the street. There is a “now hiring” sign that has just gone up. You… a. Wonder what the odds are of a new salon lasting in that location. b. Briefly ponder what it would be like to start up in a new salon, then go back to your regular day. c. Write down the phone number and do some research about the owners. d. Go straight home to prepare a resume to submit the following day. Anything is better than the current situation. 5. You have an idea for a salon promotion, you… a. Write it up and present it to your manager. The salon needs some positive exposure. b. Think about it but are not sure it is worth cultivating new clients where you are. c. Write it down and save it for when you open a salon of your own. d. Bury it deep. Dental hygienist school is looking pretty good. 6. A new technician has just started at the salon, you… a. Are eager to mentor her and help her integrate into and strengthen the team. b. Are torn between helping her settle in and handling your own clients. There have been too many new technicians lately. c. Aren’t sure what to do. There haven’t been enough new clients coming in lately and this new technician threatens your income. It means less business for you. d. Are tempted to tell the new technician, “Wow, did you choose the wrong salon,” but decide to do nothing.


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BUSINESS} 7. Where do you see yourself in five years? a. Managing the current salon and overseeing an expansion. b. Having a steady clientele in the current salon and pursuing management. c. Probably working in another salon. d. Owning my own salon or managing a trendy new salon with cool new services. 8. You jumped into working at the current salon and things were going pretty well; however, disagreements arise frequently due to personalities and management has been at a loss to handle it. You… a. Just steer clear of the conflict and ride it out. You have seen this before and the hotheads normally don’t stick around long. It’s not worth jeopardizing your clientele. b. You talk to your supervisor again to emphasize the negative impact and perhaps adjust your schedule. c. You start thinking about taking your gear home at night, since some days you just don’t want to go back. d. You prepare to leave and start sending out applications immediately. 9. After work, you… a. Look forward to getting together with coworkers to unwind. b. Socialize with a couple of close friends from the salon. c. Clean up and leave quickly most days, homeward bound. You will see them soon enough. d. Scoop your stuff and run, barely making eye contact or saying goodbye. And forget doing anything with coworkers on your off time! 10. It’s the holiday party and there is a random gift swap. The gift must be below $10. You… a. Try to find something nice that anyone in the salon would love — perhaps a gift certificate. b. Do the same thing you always do — wrap up a $10 bill. c. Look around the house for something you don’t want that would be appropriate. This is not high on your priority list. Who has time? d. Are going to have a headache that day and will not be attending. 11. When you started this quiz, your knee-jerk response was… a. I’m in a good place. No place is perfect but I can make a career here. b. My salon has real potential but I’m not sure if it is the place for me, long-term. c. I’m having a hard time making it work in my current location and I’m open to suggestions. d. I’m out of here!


ANSWER KEY You might work in one salon or 12 in your lifetime. This may be a first or third career. There is no one right way to find the perfect fit. You do your research, jump in and give it your best try. Chances are good you knew when you read the title of this quiz exactly where you stand. Should you stay or should you go? Add up the numbers to find out. For every question answered with an (A) award 1 point

_____ A x 1= _____ For every question answered with a (B) award 2 points

_____ B x 2= _____ For every question answered with a (C) award 3 points

_____ C x 3= _____ For every question answered with a (D) award 4 points

_____ D x 4= _____ POINT TOTAL: ___________________________________

IF YOU SCORE: 11-16 points: You are probably in a good place for now. There is room for improvement and likely an environment of camaraderie. No major red flags appear that signal an immediate exit in your future. 17-30 points: You are on shaky ground. There is definite room for improvement. Whether that improvement is in this salon, or in moving on to another, only you can know. Pay attention to the situations that are incongruent with who you are. If the situation does not improve with some effort, it may be time to think about moving on. 31-44 points: You have one foot out the door. It is time to do some serious soul searching about where your heart is. Have you outgrown your position and yearn for a salon of your own? Are you creatively hampered or matched up with the wrong set of personalities? Whatever it is that has you feeling disassociated from your current salon needs to be identified before you land in your new spot. It’s a chance to have a shiny new beginning.

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BUSINESS} salon profile 20 Questions (On Twitter): #AskKandi Have you been using Twitter as a way to promote your business? Whether you use 140 characters or less to share appointment openings, Instagram photos, or retweet your favorite clients, this social network is a must for the modern day nail artist. Celebrity nail tech Kandi Banks (@MmmKandiYamz) has been a loyal Twitter user for years. With 46,913 tweets and 7,733 followers and counting, she is one of the most active celebrity nail artists on the social network. Banks has bedazzled the digits of Nicki Minaj, Jada Pinkett Smith, Demi Lovato, Lil’ Kim, and Brandy Norwood all due in large part to her Twitter ⇓uency. Banks’ popularity has reached such great heights that she recently opened her own nail salon, KandiLand Nail Art Studio, in Long Beach, Calif. After sharing about her salon’s opening via social media, the line to get in the door for the grand opening wrapped around the block and her book was instantly full for an entire month. We wanted to catch up with Banks to ask the 22-year-old tech about using social media to make her business boom. We thought the best way to get ahold of this super busy nail artist would be to hold a live Twitter chat so she could answer questions while traveling. Twitter followers asked, she answered, and we all hashtagged #AskKandi to keep up with the conversation.



Which top coat and gel top coat do you use?

@MmmKandiYamz Seche Vite top coat. Gelish’s top coat works really well.



The background you use to take pictures of your work, how/where did you get that made?

@MmmKandiYamz I made it on the computer and printed it out then laminated it.



What do you use to create your 3-D effects? Clay? For example, if you draw a face and add glasses would you make the glasses with clay?

@MmmKandiYamz I only use acrylic. I make everything on the nail.



Who was the first celebrity you got to work on?

@MmmKandiYamz Nail artist Kandi Banks (@MmmKandiYamz on Twitter)

Natalie Nunn. First big one was Nicki Minaj.



Outside of the fact that you are great with nails, how did you get your celebrity clients?

@MmmKandiYamz I get my celebrity clients through word of mouth. People refer them to me or just Instagram. Banks at the opening of her salon, KandiLand, in Long Beach, Calif.






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When opening a new salon, should you have more than two types of mani and pedi services or keep it simple?

Do you have just a nail tech license or did you go through the cosmetology route?

@ MmmKandiYamz


People like options, I think you should have more than one for sure…at most 3-4

I only did the manicuring route, though some places don’t offer just that service.



What gel brand do you like working with best?

@MmmKandiYamz Bio Sculpture



I post all my artwork on Instagram with as many hashtags as I can, but it seems like it isn’t working. What are good hashtags?

@MmmKandiYamz All of those hashtags are popular, which is why people don’t get to see it. They’re always getting filtered by new ones. Try making hashtags you would want to search. It’s better if your hashtags are specific.



What’s the secret to getting your gems to stay on?

@MmmKandiYamz I use an off-brand gel/glue but I don’t seal my nails in gel, it takes away the shine.

Banks uses her computer to create this simple background that has marketed her nail art business all over Instagram. Image via @kandiyamz.




How can I personalize my own table without too much clutter but making it look stylish?


Do you have an assistant who does the manicure work so you can focus on your artistry or do you do it all?

@MmmKandiYamz Invest in cute cabinets or drawers that match your table. Pull out only what you need for each service.

@MmmKandiYamz I wish; that would save me so much time!

@ nailz_r_mylife Which brings me to my next question, about how long does it take you to do a full set with designs?

@MmmKandiYamz I take my time, but not too much time. An hour and a half to two hours if it’s all nails.



What is your one piece of advice for anyone that is interested in pursuing the nail business?

@MmmKandiYamz Be different. The way to stand out is to not follow what everyone else is doing.




I would like some tips on salon set-up and layout for a small studio.

@MmmKandiYamz Cute but minimal furniture.



What is your most lucrative service?

@MmmKandiYamz I think it’s acrylic. My full sets make me the most money. Then again, I am a really good persuader.


FUNGUS KILLING POWER! Banks is inspired by New York City nail designer @NailGurlNYC.



What are your favorite brands to use?

@MmmKandiYamz I like small name brands and China Glaze.



Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

@MmmKandiYamz nailgurlnyc on Instagram (@NailGurlNYC on Twitter).



What’s your favorite fast and foolproof nail art technique?

@MmmKandiYamz Leopard. It’s simple and fast.

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What’s a good way to market your work?

@MmmKandiYamz I started posting pics on all social networks. I believe Instagram is the best social outlet because more people are visual.

@itsmeevanet YouTube and Instagram are my go to references for nail advice. Where do you get your inspiration?

@MmmKandiYamz I get it from nature, clothes, music, food, etc. I try not to look at other artists’ work because it blocks my creativity.

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Laptop Stand Doubles as Mani Station Nail tech and hairstylist Melissa Thun of Studio Four in North Bend, Ore., found ergonomic ease on Amazon in the form of a Windsor laptop table she uses to perform Thun manicures. “My table is very light and totally portable, so if a client isn’t able to sit on the platform, I can move it anywhere in the salon to make her more comfortable,” says Thun. “The tabletop itself can angle any way you want. The table can also adjust from a sitting to a standing position if needed. It moves out of the way easily when I do pedicures. I love that this table has an edge on both sides so whatever I place on top won’t roll off if I set it at an angle.” To the left is a UV light that rests on a lazy Susan so it can be turned easily to ⇒t whichever hand is being cured. “I roll up a second towel under the client’s forearm for comfort as well,” she notes. “I have been using this set-up for about three months and I love it. It takes all the pressure off my neck and shoulders while I work, and I ⇒nd that my back doesn’t hurt at the end of a busy day.”

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Q: I’m a manicurist. Do I need a special permit to do medical pedicures? I don’t want


to work in a podiatrist’s office, but I would love to remove ingrown nails. What do you recommend?

A: There is no such thing as a medical pedicure in a salon setting.

There is no permit or certi⇒cation that will allow you to do a medical pedicure without you working for a podiatrist. A medical pedicure is the delivery of aesthetic routine foot care to high-risk patients by specially trained technicians under the direction of a physician. Elliott Don’t call them medi-pedis unless you want to lose referrals from medical professionals or attract the attention of the state. Don’t use the word “medical” in your marketing unless you are telling the public you are referring to a medical professional. The treatment of an ingrown toenail should be done by a doctor in a doctor’s of⇒ce. The management of an inverted toenail can be done easily using the correct ⇒ling and shaping technique focusing on the undersides of the sidewall of the nail. — Athena Elliott, MNT, is owner of SPAthena ( in Houston and a host of Nail Talk Radio.

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| 141


A Day in the Life of a Nail Expert In response to several questions from readers, Dr. Stern is addressing the topic of fungal infections of the nail and its treatment in this month’s column. BY DR. DANA STERN

Dermatologists treat skin, hair, and nails. I am a board-certi⇒ed dermatologist and I specialize


in the treatment of nail disorders including nail infections, in⇓ammatory diseases of the nail, cosmetic issues related to the nail, cancers of the nail, and sports-related nail injuries. I also perform surgery on the nail including biopsies and excisions.

The medical term “onychomycosis” refers to fungal infection of the nail. Nail fungus can be caused by dermatophytes (fungus), yeast, or non-dermatophyte molds. Multiple factors predispose a person to fungal infections of the nail including increasing age, diabetes, suppressed immunity, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), poor circulation, and nail dystrophy (irregularly growing nails). Additionally, nail fungus can be acquired from fungal infections at other areas of the body. For example, tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) can spread to the toenail, especially if the nail is damaged or lifted. Although the appearance of nail fungus can be highly variable, generally the nail appears yellow, brown, and/or white, thickened, and crumbly. Often there is signi⇒cant debris under the nail and the surrounding nail folds and cuticle area can be redder than normal. Fungal infections of the nail can be challenging to treat. Patients have variable response rates to treatment and no single therapy has a 100% cure rate. Additionally, the oral medication considered most effective (Lamisil), can on rare occasions be associated with risks such as liver damage. In addition, relapses after effective therapy are common. For these reasons, health care providers frequently express ambivalence about treatment leaving both patients and nail technicians rightfully confused about whether effective >>> therapy for nail fungus is even warranted.



1. This is a classic example of onychomycosis. You can see how the yellow and white discolored nail plate is thickened, broken, crumbly, and discolored. 2. Although toenails are about 25 times more likely than fingernails to be infected, the one hand, two feet syndrome of onychomycosis occurs when the person with toenail or foot fungus scratches or picks the feet, usually with the dominant hand. 3. This toenail tested positive for typical fungus but there is additionally a bacteria called pseudomonas (often referred to as “greenies” in nail salons) that is responsible for imparting the green hue to this nail plate.

When the nail is separated (onycholysis), infections such as yeast, bacteria, and fungus can occur.

There are several reasons to consider treating nail fungus. Nail fungus can spread to other areas of the body such as the hands, legs, and back. Those who take medications that weaken the immune system like steroids or chemotherapy are particularly susceptible and although most healthy adults who ignore nail fungus will probably not observe any immediate issues, over time, fungal infection can cause the nails to become thickened, brittle, discolored, and even painful. Additionally, the longer one waits to treat nail fungus, the harder it becomes to effectively treat it. Nail fungus can also be contagious. In a nail salon setting a client with fungus can spread it to other clients if proper disinfection precautions are not followed. In fact, children who get toenail fungus are more likely to be in a household where there is an adult with fungus. When I treat children with nail fungus I request that the entire household come to the of⇒ce for examination and, when necessary, treatment in order to effectively eradicate the source. In these instances there is almost always an adult carrier source. Fungus can also create microscopic cracks in the skin where bacteria can lodge and consequently cause serious infections. Diabetics are particularly prone to this phenomenon. If you suspect that a client has nail or skin fungus, she should be referred to a dermatologist for testing and proper treatment. There are several ways to approach the treatment of fungal infections and fortunately new promising therapies are on the horizon including two new topical treatments that will hopefully be FDA-approved next year. Read previous “day in the life” articles by Dr. Stern at


You can contact Dr. Stern with your questions via Facebook ( or Twitter (@DrDanaStern). Visit her website at

HEALTH} From Farm to Manicure Is a garden the new must-have addition to a salon setup? More salons are growing their own herbs, fruits, and vegetables for use in scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. BY KIRSTI CORREA

Tracey’s Beauty Salon Cape Town, South Africa Tracey’s Beauty Salon, a home-based salon, grows lemongrass, strawberries, lavender, mint, fennel, rosemary, and lemons to use in scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. “I blend lemongrass, mint, or lavender with organic brown sugar until it’s the right consistency,” says salon owner Tracey Biddulph. “I use strawberries in my Strawberry Smoothie manicure, which is blended with sugar, oil, and honey for a nourishing scrub/mask combo.” Biddulph switched to home-grown ingredients to demonstrate that her salon is truly organic and free from pesticides. One of the biggest challenges has been balancing usage with production. “I tend to use the plant up before it can really grow.” Additionally, fruits and vegetables are seasonal so the treatment menu varies from season to season.

The French Job Nail Boutique Emmarentia, Johannesburg, South Africa In order to boost the visual appeal of their salon, Bennie and Haneke Oosthuizen converted their nail boutique courtyard into a large vegetable and herb garden. As clients walk up, they can select which herb they would like used in their service. The ingredients are mainly used in scrubs for manicures and pedicures. “Clients can see exactly what is going into it and it makes them feel special to see the extra effort,” Haneke says. A garden requires time, maintenance, and plenty of TLC, according to Haneke. “It is a challenge just to get your herb patch growing at its best,” she explains. “Research the herb including where it should grow and how much water or sunlight it needs.”


Karma Organic Spa Ridgewood, N.J. Fresh rosemary, mint, and lavender are main staples at Karma Organic Spa. “We think it is very important to use natural elements in our beauty treatments,” says owner Nausil Zaheer. The salon features manicures and pedicures based on the ingredients, including the rosemary mint manicure and lavender pedicure. Additionally, the fresh mint is used in the green tea pedicure. The natural oils in each of the ingredients have medicinal properties that are beneficial to customers and unique to the salon. “During the summer months we grow rosemary, mint, and lavender in our planters, and our customers are very generous with the excess from their gardens!” Zaheer says. “During the winter we are at the mercy of Whole Foods. We enjoy the warmer months, as there is nothing better than fresh-picked and the price is so much less expensive.” The fresh ingredients also help the salon with its retail products. Clients are inclined to purchase a bottle of essential oil after they read all the benefits and experience the service. >>>

Fresh Spa Market Wichita, Kan. Before incorporating a garden into Fresh Spa Market’s landscaping in spring 2013, owner Jessica Padgett sourced ingredients online — despite the fact that she also had herbs growing in her backyard. Variations of mint and chamomile now grow onsite. The ingredients are used for the spa’s monthly pedicure specials as well as a scrub of the month. In the fall and winter, the salon also features homemade tub teas that utilize whatever has been plentiful throughout the growing season. Additionally, the spa creates a modified version of the tub teas to use as eye masks in the facials. “We grow our own ingredients to control the quality and emphasize our philosophy that simple and pure is better,” Padgett says. “Our customers should be as concerned about what goes on their body as what goes in their body.”


LOVE YOUR NAILS with | (855) EzNails | Š2013 ENP. All rights reserved.

HEALTH} personal trainer Age-Related Hearing Loss It may not play a part in your life yet, but age-related hearing loss is likely to affect you or someone you love. Seek treatment early to avoid feelings of isolation and depression. If you’ve begun to notice people mumble when they talk, the sound of clanking dishes is especially annoying, and you no longer hear the high-pitched sounds of audio greeting cards, you may have the early stages of presbycusis. Known colloquially as “age-related hearing loss,” presbycusis is so common most people think it’s an unavoidable part of aging. It’s easy to see why people expect either they or someone they love will lose partial hearing at some point in the aging process. All told, agerelated hearing loss affects about 30% of adults between the ages of 65-75, and about half of the population over 75.

SYMPTOMS Someone suffering hearing loss will feel increased frustration because it becomes difficult to distinguish words. Voices become muddled and unclear, making conversation more difficult. Sometimes a person suffering from presbycusis loses her ability to hear certain tones, such as high pitches. Others are heard but indistinguishable, such as a woman’s voice. Some sufferers may find background noise more distracting, making it difficult to listen to a person talking. Also, certain sounds may sound unnecessarily loud or annoying.

CAUSES Our brain receives sound through hair cells in our ear. The cells pick up the sound waves and translate them into nerve signals the brain recognizes. As we age, these hair cells can become damaged, reducing or obstructing their ability to transmit sound to the brain. The damage could be the result of the natural aging process or from trauma, such as being exposed to loud noises for extended periods of time. Other factors, including our genes, illness, or even medications, can put a person at a higher risk to develop presbycusis.


AT-HOME PREVENTION/MANAGEMENT While loss of hearing isn’t something you can prevent, it is something you should address and manage as soon as you are aware you are missing sounds or conversations. Loss of hearing isn’t dangerous; that is, left untreated, it will not develop into larger physical problems. However, loneliness and isolation often become a problem since the person suffering begins to feel left out and overlooked. Many people realize their hearing is going and prefer to remain silent rather than ask friends to repeat themselves. This prevents them from fully engaging in the conversation, which begins to close out the world around them. Don’t let embarrassment prevent you from getting the help you need.

MEDICAL INTERVENTION While nothing can restore hearing loss, sufferers of presbycusis can experience drastic improvement in how much they hear by being fitted for a hearing aid. Options are available that make it nearly impossible to notice fitted aids. A doctor should give you a hearing test, along with a consultation that would include questions about what you hope the hearing aid can accomplish. (Do you need it to hear the TV, or do you need it to hear certain pitches, such as a quiet voice, bells, or music?) A variety of different styles exist, as well as different technologies, so be sure to have a lengthy discussion with your doctor about your expectations. Consult with an audiologist, rather than only a licensed hearing instrument specialist, before you decide which hearing aid would work best for you. Will presbycusis always be a problem? We don’t know the answer to that, but we can tell you doctors are working on ways to restore the sensory hair cells that are lost with age. Studies suggest raising certain protein levels could minimize hearing loss.

This article is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.

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COVER TECH CONTEST 2014 THE PERFECT PU Z Z LE We tallied your votes and nail tech Miki Nakano of Nail Salon Ciel in Tokyo took top honors this year with her oh-so-pretty puzzle image. Congratulations to Miki, and to runners-up Janina Lumous, Lenzi Brock, and Melanie McCulley. A giant thank you goes out to everyone who entered.




Meet the Winner

“I wanted to capture the unique effect of a water ripple as light hits its surface,” says nail tech Miki Nakano, who used Cal Gel to create the winning nails. “After creating a gradation using three colors, I placed a thin coat of white over the gradation. Then I randomly placed clear throughout the tip to create an illusion of the water’s surface before curing it. The total process took about two hours.” A tech of five years, Nakano used her own hand in the photo.

Log on to and click on galleries to see past cover tech winners and entries.



Urban-Night with Electrify

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LENZI BROCK Vancouver, Wash.


JANINA LUMOUS Tampere, Finland


MELANIE MCCULLEY Hermosa Beach, Calif.


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Nail Salon Ciel, Tokyo


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San Jose, Calif.

San Jose, Calif.





Wilmington, Del.

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Rolla, Mo.




Rolla, Mo.

Franklin Park, Ill.

Oulu, Suomi, Finland JANUARY 2014



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Would You Rather… Would you rather host an anxious bridal party or a high school dance squad? Would you believe us if we told you more than half your peers preferred the high school dance squad? And 21% of our surveyed readers said they’d rather never cut their nails again if it meant not having to wear red nail polish only for the rest of their lives. This might also come as a shock, but majority of the poll participants would rather repeat ALL of nail school than relive their grossest salon moment! Read on to ⇒nd out what else your fellow nail techs said when faced with dif⇒cult salon scenarios, both cringe-worthy and hilarious. How would you respond?

We asked our readers 20 questions focused on the hilarious, strange, and trying moments no nail tech ever wants to face. When “neither” isn’t an option, see what was said. The results might shock you!

1. Would you rather have a client who’s a nail biter or a texter who won’t put her phone down? > “You can always lengthen the biter’s nails, but I don’t think it’s proper etiquette to throw a client’s phone in the trash!”


> “This is my opportunity to educate my nail biter client about proper nail care and also practice troubleshooting gel nails.” > “I love a good before-and-after photo.”

> “I can handle someone texting as long as I can have one hand. But I’ve learned that a serious, determined nail biter will bite the acrylic off and be a mess every appointment.”


> “It’s hard to guarantee my work with nail biters, and I don’t like that.” > “I can just tell her about my ‘no cell phones in the salon’ policy.”

nail biter texter

2. Would you rather be located next to the city dump or a competing salon? > “Something beautiful next to something ugly.”

> “I’m not scared of competition! I will find an edge over the other salon without lowering my prices.”

> “I love a challenge — go in dirty and come out clean!”


> “The rent is probably really cheap!”

> “There are more potential clients around another salon than a dump!”


> “I can’t do much about the smell of a dump, but I can always out-perform the competition!”

city dump

competing salon

3. Would you rather work on super smelly or super hairy feet? > “They won’t smell for long.”

> “Now’s the time to plug your salon’s waxing services!”


> “Just use a peppermint footbath to neutralize the odor!”

> “Smells test my gag reflex. I’ll just wear gloves.”


> “Give me a pedi bowl and 10 minutes and we’re all good.”

> “I can overlook the hair, but a smell may indicate something I shouldn’t be working on.”

smelly feet 158 | NAILS MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2014



4. Would you rather fend off paparazzi for your celebrity client or make a house call? > “Free publicity for my salon!”

> “I’d love to see her house!”

> “If she’s impressed with you, she’ll tell all her friends.”

> “It’s just easier to work on clients when they aren’t stressed.”


> “I can always lock the doors to my salon, plus I don’t like having to transport my equipment.”


> “Less drama — I’m not a body guard!”

paparazzi house call

5. Would you rather deal with a perfectionist or someone who can’t make up her mind? > “If you can make a perfectionist happy, you must be good.”

> “The indecisive are much more open to suggestions from the professionals.”

> “I’m picky about my nails, so I get it!”


> “My work is only as perfect as I can produce.”


> “I like a client who knows what she wants and can communicate it.”


someone who can’t make up her mind

> “You have a better chance trying to convince her to think outside the box and try something new!”

6. Would you rather spend an hour with a client who has painfully bad breath or spend a day removing caviar and glitter manicures? > “I can always sit back and breathe through my mouth discreetly.”

> “There are a lot of tricks to take off glitter, but no trick to gracefully tell a client her breath stinks.”

> “Masks are a tech’s best friend.”


> “Does she tip well? Because I have breath mints…”

> “Since my clients are like family, it’s more time to visit.”


> “More work equals more money.”

bad breath

removing glitter and caviar

7. Would you rather give up your salon’s phone or e-mail account for a week? > “I don’t like the sound of a ringing phone.”

> “The majority of gift card purchases and appointments are made in-person or over the phone for me.”


> “When everything’s over e-mail, you have more time to focus on customers without interruptions.”


> “I can survive off Facebook alone.”

> “Can’t live without a phone! I use it as my notebook and customer calendar.” > “Not all generations use e-mail, but everyone knows the phone.”

phone 160 | NAILS MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2014


8. Would you rather give manicures or pedicures for the rest of your career? > “It’s more convenient for when my bones get a little creaky!”

> “Everyone always feels like they’re walking on clouds after a good pedicure.”


> “There are more options for nail art!” > “Fingers are better advertisements because they’re exposed year-round, rain or shine.”



> “I love pedicures — you can see such a transformation every time!” > “Most clients need help with their feet, not their hands.”


9. Would you rather get an impossible nail art request or perform a manicure with your non-dominant hand? > “You end up learning from what you can’t do.”

> “A good manicurist should be able to do the job if her dominant hand is hurt.”

> “Difficult requests can be aggravating, but they would push me to create something awesome.”


> “Nail beds are so small that nail art is truly an art.”


> “My left hand is no help whatsoever.”

> “After 21 years, I’m almost ambidextrous!”

impossible nail art

using my non-dominant hand

10. Would you rather get an obnoxious client or a poor tipper? > “Good customer service can cure almost any difficult client.”

> “Peace and tranquility are priceless.”


> “At least she would tip…” > “I love the array of people I come across throughout my day. So an obnoxious client could turn out to be quite fun just when you need it.”

> “If she loves her nails, she’ll refer a new client — possibly a good tipper!” > “I don’t do it for the cash; it’s a passion! No one wants to sit with a negative Nancy for an hour.”


obnoxious client

poor tipper

11. Would you rather deal with a perpetually late client or a perpetual canceler? > “I have a client who cancels often because of poor health. I just put her as my first appointment of the day so I have more time to get ready if she cancels.”

> “I want every minute of the scheduled appointment time to do my job right.”

74% 26%

> “I figure out how to manage a client’s delays in my favor. Schedule according to their trend.” > “Sometimes I like a little time to myself in the middle of the day.”

> “Cancellations can always be filled with cleaning — it’s a never-ending story!”

perpetually late

> “I charge for late cancellations.”

perpetual canceler JANUARY 2014

>>> |


| 161

12. Would you rather redo nail school or relive your grossest salon moment? > “I could always learn more.”

> “These moments are just part of the job.”

> “Nothing’s worse than when a chunk of a 92-year-old man’s toenail landed in my mouth.”

> “A shorter torture!”


> “I’d engulf myself in all the new technology that wasn’t around when I went to school.”


> “Grossest moment was a piece of cake compared to nail school.”

relive your grossest moment

redo nail school

13. Would you rather host an anxious bridal party or high school dance squad? > “I didn’t like high school the first time around.”

> “Teens keep my mind young so my nail art ideas stay fresh.”

> “I’m a hopeless romantic”



> “I’d try and get their parents as clients as well!”

> “Mimosas help with the wedding jitters.”

> “I can’t deal with bridezillas.”

high school dance squad

anxious bridal party

14. Would you rather give a nail tech from the competing salon a manicure or face a random health inspection? > “To have a nail tech come to me is a huge compliment! I’m doing something right and they want to know how I do it.”

> “I’m a germaphobe…I’d pass with flying colors!”


> “If she’s sitting in my chair, she’s a client, not a competitor.” > “Working on a pro is a good learning experience in many ways.”

> “A health inspection is impartial; it’s the same for everyone, whereas a nail tech might be spying on me.”


health inspection

competing nail tech

> “All salons should be ready to pass a health inspection at all times.”

15. Would you rather do David Beckham and Brad Pitt’s nails or Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie’s nails? > “Of course the men! What girl doesn’t like eye candy?”

> “They’d be more adventurous and love some designer nails.”


> “I don’t think they’d have impossible expectations.” > “These two particular men seem like they’d make really great conversation.”

the husbands 162 | NAILS MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2014


> “Although the men would be fun to work with, the women’s nails would get noticed.” > “Ladies first! I’d love the girl talk.”

the wives

16. Would you rather work with silent coworkers or chatterboxes? > “I want to concentrate on my work and pay attention to my customer.”

> “It keeps me in the loop, and I can always tune out chatter when I want to.”


> “Silence is golden.”


> “Salon chatterboxes often have the best tips and tricks!”

> “I think chatterboxes and gossipers interfere with a relaxing spa atmosphere.”

silent coworkers


> “We have fun while we work and we all know that salons are women’s therapy spot!”

17. Would you rather have the local news channel or teen pop playing in the background at your salon? > “Clients will either love it or hate it, but either way we’d have something to talk about!”

> “The news is depressing! At least teen pop is upbeat…”


> “A lot of our clients would appreciate a chance to keep up with what’s going on around us.”

> “I like the salon to be an escape for the outside world for my clients, so definitely no news!”

58% teen pop

local news

> “Knowledge is power!”

> “Music makes me more creative.”

18. Would you rather always have to wear red polish or never be able to cut your nails? > “Good hand presentation is crucial for nail techs.”

> “I’d lose my mind if I had to wear red forever!”

> “How would I ever be able to work if I couldn’t cut my nails? Not to mention, is that sanitary?” > “Never groom? We’re nail techs for Pete’s sake!”

> “I do not like red! It reminds me of the red pen teachers would use to grade our homework assignments.”


21% > “Gotta love cat claws. There are so many wild, never cut crazy designs I could do.”

red polish

my nails

19. Would you rather be the most famous nail tech in the world or have the most famous client? > “I’d rather be known for my skills than my clients.” > “If you’re a famous tech, you’re going to get the celebrity clients anyway.”

> “If I had the most famous client, I’d eventually become famous too by default!”


> “I don’t like to be in the spotlight. I’ll let someone else deal with the paparazzi.”


> “I’m the queen of the nail world!” > “I don’t seek fame, I seek perfection.”

most famous client

most famous tech

20. Would you rather be the first person to tell your client she has toenail fungus or deal with a sudden allergic reaction? > “It would restore client faith in our industry.” > “Sometimes we just are the first ones to discover fungus, and it’s our job to teach and protect our clients.” > “Just tell them in a way that doesn’t make them feel bad or think they’re dirty. I try to be discreet.”

first person to tell your client she has fungus

> “Sometimes clients don’t believe me when I tell them about fungus! At least with an allergy, they can see and feel the problem.” > “If it happens on my watch, I could make sure she gets the appropriate care or a referral without delay.”

87% 13%

> “Helping her would demonstrate I’m more than just a nail girl.”

deal with a sudden allergic reaction




| 163

We don’t know anyone who enjoys a visit from the state inspector, but we’ve learned it’s often not as bad as we imagined. These techs tell their survival stories. BY MICHELLE PRATT


really didn’t survive,” says Lourdes Castillo, owner of Lourdes Nail Studio in Sarasota, Fla. “When I worked in Houston, people called around and warned each other. Here, I didn’t get any warning, and he just showed up.” The problem was that on that day, one of her dogs was at


the vet, and she didn’t want to leave the other one home alone. She knew her dog would be ⇒ne in the salon. It would sit on the pedicure chair all day, as content as could be. So, Castillo brought her dog to work. When the inspector walked in, Castillo kicked the chair of her client >>> and said, “It’s your dog.”


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The inspector went through each checkpoint: license, proper signage, pedicure logs. He ⇒nally turned to Castillo. “He asked whose dog was sitting in the pedicure chair,” says Castillo. “At the same time I said ‘hers’ and pointed at my client, one of my staff answered ‘Lourdes’.’ I got a $50 ticket right there.” It wasn’t the ⇒rst time Castillo had been ⇒ned. Working as an independent contractor in Texas, she was ⇒ned $500 for an expired license. Actually, both she and the salon where she worked were ⇒ned $500. “But the salon wouldn’t pay the ⇒ne,” explains Castillo. “So that cost me $1,000.” When she moved to Florida, she was working in a salon with a current license — from the State of Texas. “That day, the inspector walked in, saw I had a license from Texas and not Florida, and made me stop working right then,” says Castillo. “That cost me another $1,000.” Today, Castillo makes sure all her paperwork is in order and the dogs stay out of the salon. “The last time the inspector came in, he told me I was doing too much work, and he gave me a form that was much simpler than the one I had.” Castillo is required to display her license, the most recent inspection, plus a list of safety cautions that clients should look for in any salon. She must also keep a log of each time she performs a pedicure and check the box that says the pedicure chair has been cleaned. The state requires her to wash the pedicure bowl, plus disinfect for 10 minutes. “I let the disinfectant soak while I walk my client to the front desk to pay. I make her next appointment, and then right there at the register, add that cleaning to the log.” Castillo says the last time the inspector came in, he told her in many salons he visits he ⇒nds charts that are ⇒lled out weeks in advance of the current date. Despite following the letter of the law now, Castillo still cringes when she sees the inspector. “They are rude. They interrupt. They don’t care about a client. I have to stop what I’m doing to walk them around and show them

what they need to see,” she says. Clients don’t like it either, she notes. It makes them uncomfortable to see an inspector walk in, and it changes the relaxing part of their appointment. “Even though I know I have everything in order,” says Castillo. “I still think his visit ruins the day.” Laura Merzetti, owner of Scratch My Back Nail Studio in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, thinks differently. “Homebased businesses like mine aren’t licensed or regulated in Ontario, so many of them ⇓y under the radar and go without an inspection,” she says. “I see the inspection as a way to set myself apart, so I welcome them.” One reason for the difference in perspective, however, is how the inspection is handled. “It’s always a scheduled visit, because I have a home-based business,” says Merzetti. “They usually call me about a month






1. This poster in Castillo’s nail studio lets clients know what to look for in salons. 2. Castillo fills out the pedicure cleaning log after each client. 3. Disinfectants must have a valid expiration date on the container. 4. “No-smoking signage on the door to my salon is required by law as this is a workplace,” says Merzetti.

or so before the anniversary of the last inspection and we set up a mutually agreeable time.” (Salons in commercial buildings do get surprise visits, as in the United States.) While Merzetti sounds like she’s got it easy compared to her nail sisters here in the States, the stakes are much higher for violations. Nail professionals in the province of Ontario are governed by one set of rules, but in addition to that, each municipality within Ontario has a public health department that issues their own set of guidelines. In addition to that, a




public health inspector can issue orders to a particular nail tech. “This places the operator and salon under a lot of scrutiny,” says Merzetti. An inspector could keep returning to the same salon until the tech complies with the orders. “If she fails to comply, she could be charged with ‘Failure to Comply with an Order of a Public Health Inspector,’” Merzetti explains. “At that point, she would go before a judge. If the judge ⇒nds her guilty, she could face a ⇒ne of $5,000 per day for every day she was non-compliant.” Further, she could be placed on probation for two years, which results in a criminal record. Despite layers of regulation, Merzetti has never been cited. “In fact, the ⇒rst time the inspector arrived it was for a preliminary hearing to show me what was required,” says Merzetti. “She planned to leave documentation with me and come back in a week for the actual inspection, but I was comfortable with her doing the inspection right then, so she did. It turns out I was 100% compliant.” That’s not to say the requirements are easy to meet. Merzetti explains what might be involved in a visit from the inspector: “The inspectors check my desk area; sometimes they even go through my drawers. They check my bathroom for paper towels and liquid hand soap for hand-washing. They look at the area where I keep my disinfectant tray and check to make sure my disinfectants have a valid expira-

tion date on the container and my generic containers are labeled. They want to see my calendar to see the dates when I changed the disinfectant and to con⇒rm I have plenty of singleuse items, such as toe separators, nail ⇒les, buffer blocks, and table towels. They test me by asking questions such as how I would handle accidental exposure to blood. They check to make sure my no-smoking sign is posted. I use a Footsie Bath foot bath and a vinyl-backed pedicure chair for my pedicures, so I have to show them my stock of disposable liners so they know I’m not reusing them. Finally, they ask what I use to clean the table and chair surfaces.” They’re thorough, but nothing they ask is a surprise. Regardless of how the inspector shows up — as a surprise or during a scheduled appointment — the visit doesn’t need to cause anxiety. Though the drop-in may be inconvenient, because it takes your time and your attention away from the client, the visit can go smoothly if a system is in place long before the inspector arrives. Set up an area of the salon where all the required documents can be displayed in an attractive way. Have a binder of past inspections, old and current licenses, and completed sheets of pedicure logs. Label all your products and containers. Organize your supplies. All the preparation will ease your anxiety and make a visit from the inspector a seamless interaction instead of a dramatic saga of survival.


5. At her desk, Merzetti has hand sanitizer for clients (clients wash hands first, then use hand sanitizer before every service), a sanitizable hand rest, a clean towel, and a disposable table towel. 6. Generic containers must be labeled. 7. Laura Merzetti’s powder room serves as her clients’ handwashing station. Note the paper towels, liquid soap dispenser, manicure brushes, and a Durham Region hand-washing sticker on the mirror. 8. A valid license must be displayed. This is Castillo’s.

Go to to download these items: > Salon Self-Inspection Checklist > Pedicure Cleaning Log (in English and Vietnamese) > State-by-State Guide to Disinfection Regulations




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Blogger to Beauty Professional from

It’s hard to ignore the presence of bloggers in the nail industry. They have taken the world of beauty by storm and some blogs are even a part of a daily diet of reading. These women post reviews, paint swatches, and create exquisite art that keeps their followers coming back for more. But I bet you didn’t know that a good number of these nail enthusiasts are actually professionals, and that many of them made the decision to go to nail school after establishing their blogs. Learn how a tiny corner of the Internet encouraged these nail lovers to become licensed nail techs. Blogging since: 2011

Label Me Lindsay Studio, Los Alamitos, Calif.

Chelsea King started her nail art blog during her senior year of high school. After getting laid off from her desk job she knew it was the perfect opportunity to attend nail school. King is especially inspired by fashion to create her original nail designs. Blog mission: I don’t believe in posting and blogging without

sharing the tricks of the trade. It’s important to share what tools you use and how to do the design. Favorite nail trend and medium: My favorite nail trend would have to be geometric designs. I love really detailed and precise nail art. My favorite medium to work in is nail polish, but gel is beginning to grow on me. What are the benefits to having a license as opposed to just doing nails for fun?

Having a license opens up so many more doors than just doing it for fun. Obviously, having your license allows you to make money, which is a huge benefit. As much as I love being creative on myself doing nails for fun, it’s great to be able to spread my talent onto other people’s nails. What is the most valuable thing you learned in nail school? The most valuable

thing I learned in nail school was definitely about sanitation and the importance of properly cleaned implements. My focus was previously just on nail art, whereas now my focus is on the experience from beginning to end. Having the client feel confident in knowing they are getting top-of-the-line, clean tools, a great manicure, and fun nail art on top of it all. How has getting licensed changed your life and your blog? My goal after getting

my license was to find representation to do freelance work. I love the variety. One day you can be doing nails for an ad campaign, and the next you’re working on the red carpet with celebrities. Besides working with an agency, I do have an appointment only space in a hair and makeup studio! As for my blog, getting my license hasn’t changed anything. As much as I love doing nails for other people, I still love posting online and educating others. Blogroll: Chalkboard Nails, Astrowifey, Stephanie Stone, The Illustrated Nail,

and Nail Swag.



Blogging since: 2011

Boulder, Colo. After coming across the blogs of other nail artists, Katy Parsons was hooked. She wanted to combine artistic flair, writing, and creating to share the art form she loved. For her the transition from just blogging to being a professional was simple: “Interacting with people + making them happy + doing something I absolutely love = a career! And it’s generally frowned upon to charge people for a service you’re not licensed in.” While you will see posts on Nailed It about swatches and reviews, every one of those comes with a nail art look to accompany it. Blog mission: Inspiring readers with one-of-a-kind

nail looks. Favorite nail trend and medium? Freehand nail art is

definitely my favorite trend. Working with the gorgeous lacquers and 3-D elements to make a fabulous full set of nails will always be special to me. That’s what Nailed It was built on. What are the benefits to having a license as opposed to just doing nails for fun? Earning your license means

going through classes that teach you the ins and outs of all things nails. It’s not just about passing a test. It’s about practicing techniques on real clients with the support of real technicians. Our instructors give us insights into aspects of nail technology outside of what you can read about. The real experiences I’m getting now are what are going to make me an excellent nail tech in the future. Starting as a nail hobbiest has really helped keep my interest in nail technology high though. Going through nine months of school doing something your heart isn’t fully invested in would be grueling otherwise. What is the most valuable thing you learned in nail school? What’s invaluable to me are the difficult,

client-facing interactions. In school, I have the support of my instructors to know how to handle a difficult situation. You can read about those, but until you see it firsthand, it’s not as valuable. Blogroll: The Nailasaurus, Chalkboard Nails, One Nail to Rule Them All, FingerPainted, Hey Nice Nails, Disco Nail, Nancy MC Nails, Supa Nails, The Illustrated Nail, So So Fly Nails, and Nail Swag.


How has getting licensed changed your life and your blog? Working toward a license and continuing a

full-time job eats up plenty of hours in the day, so my blog posts have become more infrequent. However, I’ve been filling those voids with posts of my experience in school, which helps people understand why I’m not around, and really seems to be popular among my readers.

Blogging since: 2012

Sugarcoat Nails, Austin, Texas

Just because she has a journalism degree and writes for other websites didn’t mean blogging came naturally to Sarah Kane. It wasn’t until a friend coaxed her into blogging a year ago that ATX Lacquerista was founded. When a photographer approached Kane after recognizing her nails it all became clear. “She was like, ‘Are you ATX Lacquerista?’ I swear, I almost passed out, that was one of the best moments of my life. At that point, I knew that nails were what I was meant to do. My only New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to get my manicurist license.” Blog mission: I treat my blog like the zines I made in middle

school. It’s a visual representation of things that my hands have created. It’s uniquely mine, and not anyone else’s. Favorite nail trend and medium: I love glitter and all 3-D embel-

lishments. My favorite medium is gel-polish. It’s amazing how long my manicures can last, especially considering how much acetone I handle. I’ve recently spent a lot of time creating nail art with acrylic paint. What are the benefits to having a license as opposed to just doing nails for fun? Well, for starters, having a license means that

you’re legally allowed to touch people on their hands and feet, and you can actually get a job in a salon (at least, in the U.S.). I have a lot more knowledge about nails in general, like what chemicals make up nail polish, the difference between the cuticle and the eponychium, how to build an acrylic nail, when to deny someone a service, etc. Having a license makes me legitimate. Plus, it’s really nice being able to go to those “license only” beauty supply stores to stock up on polish. What is the most valuable thing you learned in nail school? When

I first started school, I had to reteach myself most of my previously mastered techniques, because giving a manicure to a client is a lot different than doing my own nails. Every nail bed is different, so you have to cater to every client’s specific needs. I also got over my fear of feet, and now, I love giving pedicures. How has getting licensed changed your life and your blog? I just Blogroll: Chelsea Queen, The Illustrated Nail, Supa Nails, Nailside, Chalkboard Nails, Algae Veronica, Let Them Have Polish, Prima Creative, The Nailasaurus, and Work/Play/Polish.

started working at Sugarcoat Nails in Austin, Texas. The owners reached out to me on Instagram, and gave me the opportunity to intern while I was still in school. It was a great experience, and made getting through beauty school a lot easier. Getting my license has changed every aspect of my entire life. I get paid to do what I love, and I get to meet awesome people (both in Austin and online), and I get to express myself creatively. I still kind of can’t believe this all happened.

>>> JANUARY 2014



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Blogging since: 2008

Astrowifey, Chicago

Back in 2008 not many people were in to nail art so Ashley Crowe started a blog to showcase her latest nail designs. “I tribute my interest in nail art to a group of ladies in L.A. who called themselves the Brown Babies. They were fashion bloggers who had long square acrylic nails with everything from diamonds, swirls, line work, airbrushing, and flags.” When girls in Chicago started freaking out over Crowe’s nails she began directing them to her blog and gaining popularity. “I didn’t think of nails as a career until I came across Sophy Robson’s work. I saw how she was making a career from it and prior to that I had this perception that I would have to work long hours in a salon and that is as far as it would go. I had no idea that there could be travel, product development, museum, event, and commercial opportunities. The sky is really the limit! I started to dream big and the rest was history.” Blog mission: To stay connected to both the nail art and

professional community. Favorite nail trend and medium: I love working with acrylic paint

and Shellac because I can get really detailed and it’s easy to mix colors. My favorite nail trends are the triangle manicure and holographic nail polish. The triangle manicure is where the triangle forms at the cuticle and extends to the tip of the nail, it elongates the nail and catches attention. It’s also a relatively easy design so it’s great for beginners. What are the benefits to having a license as opposed to just doing nails for fun? Having an education in nails opens up a whole

new world of opportunities. When you’re certified you will be viewed as a professional. You have to think about your clients too, you want to be properly educated to give them the best quality experience. What is the most valuable thing you learned in nail school? Proper

Blogroll: Nail Swag, Madeline Poole, NailGurl NYC, Nailing Hollywood, FingernailFixer, Sam Biddle, and Confessions of a Nail Tech.


sanitation, which I think is extremely important for your clients’ safety. I was already dabbling in nails and did a ton of research for years before I started classes so I was already prepped for school, but sanitation is something that I strongly believe in and learned more in depth when starting classes. How has getting licensed changed your life and your blog?

Getting licensed has changed both my blog and life because I am now viewed as a professional and therefore I am blessed to get opportunities as both a nail artist and as a nail professional. Professional companies send me products to test and critique and I also get to work with professional companies like CND, Essie, Gelish, and many more for events.

Blogging since: 2011

Destiny Day Spa, Bossier City, La. Former nail biter Amber Dunson started stocking up on polish after her nails grew. “I became obsessed with looking up nail polish swatches and trying all of the awesome nail art techniques out there. One thing led to another and was born.” Since starting her blog Dunson has built a clientele and honed her skills. Her goals are now to attend a show and compete in her first nail art competition. While you can catch a lot of the popular designs on Dunson’s blog (she posts twice a week), her detailed, fine art is what she believes sets her apart. Blog mission: I’d really like to evolve on a more professional level and use the blog to help gain more local readership and clients. Favorite nail trend and medium: Gradient is by far my favorite

trend, but I also love doing freehand nail art. My favorite mediums are acrylic paint and nail polish. Using acrylic paint just helps me to create a more detailed design without worrying about the polish getting gloopy or drying out. What are the benefits to having a license as opposed to just doing nails for fun? It makes me happy to see a client admir-

ing my work on their nails and knowing she feels beautiful because of me. Getting paid to do what I love just sweetens the deal. What is the most valuable thing you learned in nail school?

How to do a proper manicure and pedicure. Learning that there was more to healthy nail care than just painting nails and doing nail art is definitely what took me from being a hobbyist to a professional nail technician. How has getting licensed changed your life and your blog? I

Blogroll: FingerPainted, The Lacquerologist, Chelsea King, Let Them Have Polish, Adventures in Acetone, Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom, Peace, Love and Polish, Gnarly Nails, The Nailasaurus, Chalkboard Nails…I seriously could go on and on because there are so many awesome nail bloggers.

absolutely love my job; I really feel like it’s where I’m supposed to be. I was a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years so my life has definitely changed a lot in the last year. I have met a lot of great people at school and at my job. I still blog as much as I can but I don’t have quite as much time as I used to. I like to think that even though I may not get to post as much the quality of my work is much higher than before. Blogging was a stepping stone for me to get to this career. I really owe my love for nails to the amazing nail bloggers I follow.

To learn about other bloggers who went to nail school, go to




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misclassi⇒cati the Ultimate



It is a true, life-changing story that can easily happen to anyone who is not classifying salon personnel correctly in the eyes of the government. You probably think you know the rules about employment classifications, but you’re probably wrong. BY RENEÉ BOROWY



ost of the time technicians and salon owners in our industry do not realize that they are working and reporting income incorrectly. Many people I’ve spoken with

have relied on the advice of a CPA, like I did, thinking they are paid a higher fee than a regular accountant to know the law. Wow…what was I thinking? I want to share my story to help others understand what is considered legal. I would not want anyone to experience what I, my family, and my friends did for two full years of our lives. It was the most devastating and life-changing experience I have ever had.

MY STORY BEGINS The year was 1986 and I was working full time for a great company and living at home; I was 24 years old. I wasn’t sure where my life was going but I had




McCormick Place, Chicago March 22-24, 2014 Booth# 1111

1986, we ended the ’80s with a total of 10. VIP was surely growing. By 1992 we went from leasing a 1,400sq.-ft. building to 2,200 square feet. We increased our boutique area with more unique purses and jewelry. With more than six years having passed since our opening it was an exciting time.


V.I.P. has thrived despite owner Reneé Borowy’s early woes with the IRS.

quite a bit of energy and was pretty creative. My mom had always loved the beauty industry even though she wasn’t in it herself. However, she encouraged my sisters and me to attend nail school and become licensed. My sisters took her advice and had completed school and now I wanted to do the same. I went part-time after work and took the course and received my license. I realized I had a deep passion for doing nails and wanted to continue in the beauty industry. While in beauty school I met really great girls and wanted to stay in contact with them. However, we soon became frustrated trying to ⇒nd employment. The only positions that seemed to be available back then were in hair salons that didn’t see nail technicians as a higher source of income. There was little space in the salons for manicurists; usually an old table with a mismatched chair in the corner. I was so discouraged. I really saw nails differently; I saw it bigger and as its own standalone business. So, after much consideration, I gave up a great full-time job with full bene⇒ts, weekends off, and little worry to open a nail salon and employ the nail

techs I went to school with. People who knew me weren’t shocked, but some really couldn’t believe that I would give up stability for “polishing ⇒ngernails,” as they saw it. I didn’t know everything about salon ownership but I would dedicate my time, educate myself, and hire the necessary people to ⇒ll in the blanks for areas in which I was not informed — such as tax law and legalities. VIP Nails & Tans opened after one year of planning and dealing with tons of bumps in the road. Not to mention the fact that after being open a few short weeks I got sick and had to be off for six weeks. My mother stepped up and held things together while I struggled to get better and back to work. If it had not been for the simple fact that I still lived at home and kept expenses at a minimum I could not have survived ⇒nancially. I was very blessed that I was conservative enough with my spending and planning. But even so, you never can completely budget for the unexpected. Business in the late ’80s was really starting to catch on. Nails were booming. Opening with three nail technicians in


So, the real story begins when a letter from the IRS arrived in the late summer of 1994 stating that the IRS was reviewing our company for a random payroll audit. The only correspondence I had ever received was from the State of Michigan in 1987, the year after we opened, requesting information regarding my technicians. I ⇒lled out the form and they sent back that everything was correct and that my technicians were deemed independent contractors. I thought, OK, was there an issue? I had no idea. I called my accountant and told him about the letter. He too did not seem concerned and said he had all the company records in order and he would work with them. I called the agent and set up our meeting at the salon. Since I was doing everything the way the business was set up, was never late ⇒ling anything, and always paid my bills on time, I felt con⇒dent the audit would be just ⇒ne. The agent met with me and my mother at VIP. The agent was, of course, very businesslike but asked us many questions that didn’t feel relevant to a random payroll audit. A few of the questions that were asked were: “Who set up the business organization?” “Do you write off your car?” “What type of bene⇒ts do you give your technicians?” She requested mileage logs, copies of bank deposits, and any type of agreements that we had with technicians. I told the agent to schedule a meeting with our accountant for that information. She spent the next

few weeks at his of⇒ce going through all of our company’s ⇒nancial information. The dreaded phone call came on October 11, 1994, from my accountant. He told me the IRS felt the workers were misclassi⇒ed. He said they were currently classi⇒ed as independent contractors and the government felt they should be classi⇒ed as employees. I will never forget the words said to me after that. He told me, “If this is true you would owe the government more than $85,000.” I was absolutely speechless and in total in shock. The truth of the matter was that I had no idea what the differences were between an independent contractor or employee when I opened my company. I did not know that one matched FICA/FUTA payment for Social Security to the federal government and one didn’t. I had gone to a CPA ⇒rm to set up my company and ⇒nd out if I should be a corporation, DBA, etc., and also how to handle everything from the payroll to any legal requirements. If I had been told the differences, I would have set my company up completely differently. I also had an attorney who oversaw the incorporation for me but was not involved in the day-to-day set up and ⇒lings. There are many things that you do not realize need to be prepared to create a business such as your sales tax licenses, federal identi⇒cation numbers, state requirements, etc. I paid the CPA to take care of those business details for me. I was busy setting up the business strategy, lease, signage, inventory, equipment purchases, and all the many things it takes just to open the doors. My passion was nails, not really business. After receiving the dreaded call I immediately started researching everything. I called the CPA who had set me up (he is out of business now) and he indicated to me that it was industry practice, but he would not have set me up that way unless I had agreed. Agreed? If that was so, why was I not privy to the implications of doing it wrong? I was devastated. I felt that, at the least, responsibility for doing the job incorrectly would be a burden that he should

incur. He obviously was paid to do the job that I didn’t know how to do. I was livid to say the least.

THE HAMMER COMES DOWN While being proactive researching similar cases in the law libraries, the ⇒nal dreaded letter came on October 26, 1994, indicating that the government did indeed feel that my technicians were employees. They said they based this on 20 common law factors that they use in determinations. Five of their top reasons were as follows: 1. Realization of pro⇒t or loss: They said there was no element of risk for the manicurists. While it was true that the manicurists did not earn money if they did not work, they said that none of the manicurists were responsible for any of the ⇒nancial burdens such as rent, utilities, and insurance, and could not then sustain a loss from the business operation. Even though they did supply their own equipment, this was not enough expense to incur a substantial loss. 2. Signi⇒cant investment: None of the manicurists had a signi⇒cant ⇒nancial investment in the shop. The premises were leased by VIP. The majority of the equipment used was owned by VIP. 3. Integration: The services of the manicurists were fully integrated into the business operations. Without the services of the manicurists, VIP could not have continued business as a successful nail salon. 4. Payment by the hour, week, month…: Upon completion of each customer serviced, the manicurists received payment and turned it over to the front desk or the customer paid at the front desk or central location. An independent contractor would retain all compensation as they earn it and not turn it over to another party. They would take responsibility to deposit into their own bank accounts and be responsible for it. 5. Set hours of work: The business did not require the manicurists to work set hours (so there was not a factor of control), but the services were made

available during the times allocated for business by the shop owners. They concluded that due to the amount of expertise of the manicurist there was relatively little actual control exercised by the shop owner but the right to control was present. VIP argued that the manicurists did not have a dictated set schedule and that they could come and go as the clients were booked. They did not get paid for not working so there was not an hourly rate paid. The manicurists had expenses that they incurred for their jobs and they could incur a loss. However, the IRS disagreed.

IN LAYMAN’S TERMS Since that time I have contacted several people in our industry and asked them to put this in terms that we, as owners and technicians can understand. This is my understanding of the terms of the categories: Booth renter: A set fee is determined with a contract based on a daily, weekly, or monthly rate (or the amount of time you decide). The booth renter shall have her own liability insurance, bank accounts, credit card processing, phones, hours, schedule, and access to the facility at any time along with anything else to run her business. The booth renter is basically a tenant (like a renter in an apartment) who pays a rental fee to the owner of the “complex” (salon). You, the booth renter, are your own business with a structure. You pay your own selfemployment taxes. You issue a 1099 to the owner at the end of the year for the fee you pay her company, LLC, corporation, DBA, S-corp, etc, to rent space if it is over $600. You can retail your own products, collect and set your service prices, etc. There is no control at all of you or your situation other than rental agreement conditions. Independent contractor: This category was created because situations arose in the industry that did not fall into the booth renter or employee category. I was told that only a handful of technicians truly are independent contractors. I wish I had known this. The way to describe this category (I




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V.I.P. opened in 1986 with three techs. You can see how the staff has grown.

understand why it is so confusing to technicians) is: Let’s say that you are a hotel owner and you want to call someone into your hotel to do a service that you do not offer on the premises (meaning that you do not have a nail salon on the premises). So you call and outsource the services of a nail technician who travels to other locations besides yours to work for other hotels besides yours. The “independent contractor” is her own boss without a de⇒nite daily position for a business that relies on her income. In other words, it is not the source of the hotel’s income. It is an outside business that can be called upon at any time and the hotel uses several sources within the area when needed on an on-call basis. Therefore the hotel can pay the technician as a 1099 without taking out taxes since the independent contractor is not an employee of the hotel. The independent contractor incurs all expenses of the job including workers compensation insurance, self-employment taxes, products used, and anything else to do the job. Employee: This is where they say most technicians fall unless they are booth renters. You go to the same job every day (even if you have another job in the same industry across town; you would be an employee at both locations), you service your clients, and the client pays the company — even if they pay

you directly and you make the change and give the portion to the salon owner after taking your percentage or if the salon owner collects the money and gives your portion of the percentage back to you either in cash or check. Service fees are not given to you by the customer for you to deposit in full into your own bank account and pay self-employment taxes on. Your appointments are booked through a front desk receptionist (which means that you do not have your own phone and/or phone number). The credit card machine is centralized for everyone to use, the retail area is not your own, and you are receiving retail commission (if the salon pays retail commission). I have been told that even if you have three technicians in the same salon and you want to classify them differently you can; however, they must be compensated completely differently and their working practices must be different. One could have a rental space that she would lease with everything of her own and pay a daily, weekly, or monthly rental to the owner with signed agreements. One could travel and work on an inconsistent basis for the salon as a backup, vacation or emergency help, on call, as well as work for other salons in the area and supply everything upon arrival and set her own prices. And then one could be an employee, in which case the salon


owner has control of the hours of the business, sees the individual on a regular basis, has the control to set rules that she cannot work for competition or anywhere else, collects the money and issues the technician a check with taxes taken out, has a central credit card machine for customer sales, has a retail area located inside of the salon and pays commission to the technicians for sales of retail products, pays workers compensation and liability insurance, supplies products to do the job, and provides a W-2 that shows taxes taken out at the end of the year.

THE SAGA CONTINUES So as the nightmare goes, I couldn’t prove my case. After 11 months and several attorneys later, the government told me that if I signed on the dotted line they couldn’t guarantee it, but most likely I would only be responsible for two years instead of going back the seven years that they could require since it was considered tax evasion in their eyes. If I didn’t pay, they had the right to freeze my bank accounts and any other assets tied to my name since it was back taxes involving payroll. The total owed could end up being more than $85,000. The ⇒nal bill from them was $20,000 plus interest. So on July 16, 1995, I signed and it was ⇒nally over — so I thought. I couldn’t ⇒ght any longer and I

did not have ⇒nances to cover the costs. I would have to apply for a loan or make payments to them with outrageous interest and penalties. Besides all of that to deal with I still hadn’t decided how I would explain to the technicians how they would have to take a decrease from 65% to I wasn’t sure what. I would have to explain to them that becoming an employee would cost my company more than 10% per nail technician — the 7.65 FICA/FUDA, liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and other expenses associated with an employeebased business. Even if I dropped the technicians pay from 65% to 60%, it would cost VIP much more than we had paid them before this happened. How do you tell technicians that they are actually gaining income when you are dropping their percentage? I had a hard enough time understanding all of this, let alone explaining it to them. If they reclassi⇒ed themselves as booth renters, they would have to pay all expenses of owning their own company and face their own risk of audit and back taxes. They would have to purchase their own liability insurance policies, set up bank accounts, purchase a workers’ compensation policy, set up a business structure, etc., and we would have to restructure our front desk, retail — everything. I would now be a salon that would house booth renters (which I am not saying is a bad thing at all; I just was not prepared to try and explain to everyone why and how to do all of this). I was exhausted trying to take care of it myself, let alone try and instruct an entire salon. The technicians could never have been able to make these investments. So instead, I took the technicians down to 60% and took care of the rest. It was too complicated and I had a short amount of time to change everything before the new year would be here. So in reality I was paying almost 75% to each technician and I had still not paid the rent, phone, electric, and other expenses incurred to run a company. Service prices had to be increased as well as retail inventory to try and recoup some of these additional expenses.

> I sought advice for this article from CPA Larry Kopsa, who helped by providing explanations of the three categories of classification. Larry is a partner of the 25-member CPA firm of Kopsa Otte, which specializes in the salon and spa industry. His firm is located in York, Neb., and can be reached at (800) 975-4829.

As I was working on changing the way my company was structured and signing to put this entire dilemma behind me, we received a letter from the state of Michigan Criminal > I would also like to dedicate this article to Ken Investigation Unit. The letter Cassidy who recently passed away. Ken was a indicated that they wanted to do major asset in trying to help me though this ordeal. a review to “make sure all of our He was president of Kassidy’s Management documents were in order.” I Consulting Company in Long Beach, Calif., and thought I would be severely ill. was a huge advocate in our industry trying to We again allowed the interview teach and educate on how not to be on the at VIP, which lasted two hours “wrong” side of the law. — the longest two hours of my life. We were told that the state > For further information and a continuation of this of Michigan could lock our story related to FICA/FUTA tip match income doors because we had not paid please go to our taxes and they called this tax evasion because we had admitted guilt by settling with the IRS. It was horri⇒c. I felt like the $43,000 plus the interest on the loan biggest criminal in the world and yet did that took years to pay off. With everynot know I was doing anything wrong. thing said and done, the total for The amount due was over $25,000. I being set up incorrectly was over explained and showed the letter received $70,000. I was still paying the tax in 1987 stating that I had received burden when both of my parents complete acceptance from the state but passed to cancer one week apart in they indicated that since I signed with 1999. (My mother was also my salon the federal government I had admitted partner.) My salon was lost to a ⇒veguilt and now I owed them. alarm ⇒re in June 2002. I had to give So, after all was said and done and up my nail clientele to be there to more of my life was spent trying to help oversee the rebuilding of the research and understand this mess, I salon. It took exactly ⇒ve months and realized that it wasn’t worth my life four days but we reopened right anymore. I wasn’t going to win. I didn’t before the Thanksgiving holiday. We have the money to ⇒ght — nor the now employ 65 and business is very energy — and I wanted my life and my steady and growing. company back. The state of Michigan To say it took its toll is an ended up settling with my company for understatement. I highly encourage $7,000 plus interest. Both the IRS and each and every salon owner and the state of Michigan told me that even technician to really look at how you though I paid a professional for my set are set up. It is not worth any type of up, in the end it was my responsibility. risk, let alone losing everything you Ignorance of the law is not an have worked so hard for. Thank you acceptable excuse. Wow. That was a for giving me the opportunity to share really tough way to learn. People can with you an experience that could argue that I should have sued the CPA have been avoided. but again, where was my proof and where was the money for the suit going to come from? I had too many Reneé Borowy is the owner of V.I.P. other issues with the Salon and Spa ( government at the time. in Riverview, Mich. The cost for the misclassi⇒cation ended up being




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How to Open a Nail Salon When… These five tales of survival prove that timing isn’t everything. Hard work and determination can make almost any reason for delaying the fulfillment of career goals seem like a paltry excuse. Take inspiration from these salon owners to surmount your obstacles in 2014.

… You’re Battling Cancer I have been battling thyroid cancer for the last nine years. Stubborn like me, it just won’t seem to go away. The ⇒rst treatments were radioactive iodine treatments, so I was in the hospital in solitary con⇒nement for three days. The whole thing was a bit scary, but the second time wasn’t as scary because I knew what to expect. Unfortunately those treatments didn’t work. The cancer returned three years later and required surgery. Surgeons removed more than 20 lymph nodes. I took only one week off, and even though that was too soon to return to work, it helped me feel more normal by getting back to my regular life. I have amazing clients, family, and friends, and they all helped to keep me positive. I made the plunge to go out on my own ⇒ve years ago. I started out renting space from my girlfriend in her hair salon, and a year later I renovated a cute 850-sq.-ft. home and opened a full esthetic and gel nail salon. It was scary growing my business while my cancer was up in the air, but I had an amazing staff that I could count on. I knew if I had to be away for surgery or treatment they’d pick up the slack and take good care of my clients and the salon. Three years later I now have a 2,800-sq.-ft. salon, where I also

do training for Akzéntz and Nubar In⇒nity Gel. Over the years I’ve had plenty of obstacles in addition to the cancer. I maxed out every credit card I had to be able to open my ⇒rst shop. One year into my new location a dear friend lent me the money to pay off the debt. Positivity and hard work has gotten me where I am, and I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love. I stay positive because negative energy will only do more damage to me. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring so I enjoy each day, stay positive, and keep moving forward with my salon. Brandy Coull Pink with Envy Nails & Esthetics, Kamloops, B.C., Canada

“Positive energy will help keep me healthy. Being negative is exhausting,” says salon owner Brandy Coull on opening and expanding her salon while battling thyroid cancer.


… You Have Zero Knowledge of the Nail Industry

Photo courtesy of Vanilla Bean Photography

I became the owner of Polished Elegance after having been an elementary school teacher for 10 years. One day, while attempting to enjoy a pedicure at a local salon, a thought popped into my head: “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where we could go and feel truly relaxed, pampered, and appreciated? Someplace eye-appealing, impeccable, and law-compliant?” My husband agreed and jumped on my bandwagon. Everything happens for a reason, and some people are put in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I stumbled across Vicki Peters’ website, and I reached out to her for permission to mimic my salon decor after hers. At the time, I had no idea she was one of the best nail professionals in the industry. From there I cultivated a support group that included Karen Hodges, and these two ladies were available for me every step of the way. Karen even graciously trained my head tech in the art of acrylic nails. When I started, I had zero knowledge of the nail industry. I did, however, know what I wanted in a nail salon. I knew that cleanliness was a priority. Skimping on quality of service was not acceptable. We aim for 100% satisfaction. While I was incredibly lucky to have a wonderful husband who funded my dream, there were obstacles. We have now been in business a little longer than seven months. I do have to say the good times have managed to cancel out the not-so-good times. We opened our door and our hearts to a community that immediately embraced us. Because our community has been so amazing to us, we try to give back as much as we can, whether it’s in monetary donations or simply visiting local nursing homes and providing the residents with complimentary manis. Our clientele has been growing at an incredible rate. We could not be more blessed! I don’t have any regrets, nor do I second-guess my decision to change careers. I think those 10 years as an elementary teacher taught me the value behind a smile, a “have a great day,” and ultimately making sure that when the individual walks out the door, she absolutely cannot wait to come back! Cristy Hill Polished Elegance Nail Salon, Del Rio, Texas

Cristy Hill sets her salon apart with quality nail services and customer service excellence.

…You Have No Disposable Income and Are Already Working a Full-Time Job I had a body wrap once and couldn’t get the visit out of my mind. I thought it would be wonderful to open a body wrap business in North Mississippi. I opened European Body Wraps in August 1995. I rented two rooms in the back of a hair salon and body wraps were the only service I offered. Well, it took about eight months before I realized I couldn’t support myself by just offering one service. I decided to go back to school and become a nail tech. That decision was both dif⇒cult and easy — it was dif⇒cult because I didn’t have the funds to go back to school (a friend gave me the money to enroll) and easy because I was so excited at the thought of becoming a nail tech. It was so challenging to go to school all day and work late at night in the salon. At least I didn’t lose any clients because I stayed open all day on Saturdays to accommodate the ones who needed day appointments. Most of my clients


worked during the day so they needed evening appointments anyway. (I still work later two nights a week for the ones who need evenings.) I went to school for eight hours Monday through Friday, then I would work four to ⇒ve hours each weeknight and 10 to 12 hours on Saturdays. How did I do it? I was young! And I believe I had my Dad’s genes. He worked a full-time job and then would work a few nights a week with the sheriff’s department. During this time, I spent all of my savings and took a boarder into my home just to make ends meet. Accepting a housemate was a hard decision to make. But I was at wit’s end and was afraid I would not be able to make my house note. A childhood friend had a boarder. She called me asking if I would consider taking her boarder in since I had extra room. I would not have been comfortable with a total stranger renting a room.

… You’re Allergic to Acrylic

Photography by Spencer Pullen/Premiere Graphics

I opened my salon eight years ago with my mother-in-law. We had gone through Hurricane Charlie here in Florida, and the community was just beginning to recover. Ann, my mom-in-law, started wearing sculptured acrylics in 1995 and decided to become a licensed nail tech in August 1999. She started specializing in sculptured acrylics and was ⇒ne for almost a decade, but then she began suffering from peeling, redness, burning, and itching on her left hand, plus sinus issues and eye infections. An allergist performed patch tests and found that Ann is allergic to many salon products, including acrylic monomer, primer, nail polish, and acetone. The allergist advised her if she didn’t stop wearing and doing acrylics, she’d have to have skin grafts on her hand and could cause permanent damage to her health. I became a nail tech in 2003 with a specialty in sculptured acrylics. I am also licensed in massage therapy (since 1999), skin care (since 2007), and cosmetology (since 2012). I started to develop allergies in 2007. When Ann gave up offering acrylics in October 2009, other nail techs, including myself, continued to offer acrylic services in the salon. Then we switched to only offering gel enhancements in June 2010. It was not until 2011 that my doctor recommended I discontinue the exposure to all enhancements. At the beginning of 2011, we stopped offering nail enhancements. When we decided to stop offering acrylics, most of our clients were pretty supportive. This was a major change, especially since we had quite a clientele of acrylic clients. Most of our clients switched to the gels we were offering. But over time, we were not able to offer the gel enhancements either. But we found we could offer CND Shellac, plus natural nail care services. When we made this switch, most of our clients stayed. We did have a few clients not continue with hand or nail services, but we were able to keep most of them as salon clients with other services such as pedicures and massage. We marketed our new menu and service changes as part of an overall “healthier alternative” salon to our customers, including promoting the FootsieBath disposable liners in our pedicure tubs. By taking the time to pamper our clients, including offering hour, hour-and-a-half, and two-hour pedicure services, we set our salon apart from the average salon. Since then we have added CND Brisa Smoothing Gel to our service menu, which has helped us regain most of the clients who left our salon due to the changes from acrylics. Overall, we’ve gained more clients since we have started offering natural nail care and Shellac than we had lost in changing our services from acrylics. We’ve gotten so many positive responses to the changes from our clients and wish we had made the changes sooner for our clients and us. Angelina Pullen AA Serenity’s Touch Inc., North Port, Fla.

Not being able to offer acrylics hasn’t stopped this mother- and daughter-in-law duo from running and expanding a successful salon and day spa.

I have never regretted the choice I made to enroll in nail school. As soon as I earned my nail license, I started gaining new clients, plus body wrap clients started getting their nails done! They would get wrapped, then have their nails done while in the wrap. I love my job, I love being a nail tech, and yes, it was well worth the hardships. I am no longer renting rooms from a hair salon or at my home! I have my own salon now and oh, how our menu has grown. But I do want to say: Give yourself two years in your business to give it roots. I did not become a success overnight. Vickie Meador,

Starting with only one service offering in 1995, Vickie Meador (right) has since added gels, gel-polish, pedicures, massages, and more to European Body Wraps. Here she smiles with Aimee Craig, a client of 15 years.

European Body Wraps, Olive Branch, Miss.





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… You Have a Prison Record My parents were 16 when I was born, and my mother died of leukemia two years later. There were some issues with my father refusing to relinquish his rights, but ultimately I was placed in foster care. But my new mom died when I was 13 and my new dad died two years later. At that time, I moved from New York to Delaware to live with a family relative, suffered abuse, and spent my teen years running away. I became pregnant at 19 and had two kids by the age of 24. I turned to having relationships with drug dealers and found ways to make fast money illegally. I was caught and went to prison for theft and forgery offenses, a combination of misdemeanors and felonies. When I was sentenced, handcuffed, and shackled, I realized I would be in prison and away from my kids for up to seven years. That was an a-ha moment. I knew I had to do things differently. In prison, I studied self-image psychology books to help myself, and I documented each part of my process, which I later dubbed the “Prison Break Success System.” I now share this system with others through coaching (, especially with other salon owners who are in “prison” without realizing it, whether they’re struggling to overcome unful⇒lled dreams or bad relationships. Once released, I was determined to be productive and successful. Of course, having crimes of dishonesty creates a barrier for pretty much any type of work you can think of. I overcame that issue by being upfront about my record and giving individuals an opportunity to accept me just as I was. My ⇒rst salon job came four months out of prison and was with Currie Hair Skin and Nails in Kennett Square Pa. While the owner Randy Currie was impressed with my resume, he wanted to know what I had been doing for the past few years. I decided to be honest and share with him where I came from. I expressed my fear of what clients may think. His words — “We can’t worry about that now, can we?” — were life changing. I didn’t work on my mobile spa business while I was working in a salon as it would have been a con⇓ict of interest, but Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa was a business that was started and failed years prior to my prison sentence. I have great business sense but had never been responsible enough to make good decisions to have a successful business. When I was able to focus on Pamper Perfect again it was a great business because it had such little overhead (just supplies). I built it one gig at a time. I went to friends and family to host spa parties and little by little it grew tremendously! Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa now operates in 11 markets in the U.S. I don’t regret my time in prison. It provided me with a time of isolation. I call it freedom. Without the experience I wouldn’t have been guided in the direction that led to having a successful life in all areas. It has created such freedom and liberation not only for me but for my entire family. I would love for people to know that no matter where you have come from or what obstacles you are confronted with, opportunity is on the other side of every one of them. After a prison sentence, Allison Moore Allison Moore turned her life around and now runs a Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa, Wilmington, Del.


successful mobile spa business that’s both financially rewarding and provides an amazing experience for her clients.


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Pedi-Sox Encourage winter-time pedicures...feet stay comfy cozy and clean! Skin will be softer, smoother and healthier! Calluses and dry skin fade away. Slip on Pedi-Sox™ just before you paint toenails. Extra thick materials make Pedi-Sox™ comfortable to walk in... alone or in sandals. 27 fun and fashionable styles! Ask your Distributor or call toll free. Also check us out on Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest/Facebook. Pedi-Sox (888) 536-1577

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Melissa Sierra Nails by Melissa Sierra, Santa Maria, Calif.

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{product spotlight} Celebrity Gwen Stefani joins OPI to launch seven new limited-edition nail lacquers for 2014. They feature standout color in breakthrough finishes. Highlights include a bold red color that pays homage to Stefani’s signature lipstick, a new semi-matte satin finish in shades of gold and black, and a mirrored chrome paired with a special base coat.

LeChat’s new Pro Tec 2in1 combines gel base and top coat together in one bottle, saving nail techs time and money. The high gloss formula is easy to soak off, durable for longlasting wear, and can be used with any soakoff gel polish. Cure for just 15 seconds with an LED light and 30 seconds with UV.

The Special Edition SolarOil from CND kindles warmth and cheer this winter. The award-winning formula is infused for the holiday season with amber and vanilla notes. It makes a great product to use in salons to spice up the chilly months and can also be a great gift or retail item for clients.

AnGel Artist Gel is a new formula of gel featuring high color saturation and viscosity created specifically for hand painting nail art. Artist Gel can replace the acrylic paints nail techs use and will go on both colored gel and acrylic. It cures in seconds under an LED lamp.


NailSpa by Alessandro International is an intensive nail care serum for all nail types infused with lotus and mango. It pampers skin with lotus extract, protects against cracked cuticles, and makes nails more elastic and resilient. Put one drop onto the nail and gently massage it in with a circular motion.

Gel X by Erica’s ATA is a dual-cutting bit made for removing glitter and foil, and changing gel-polish colors on acrylic nails. The bit lasts longer due to its heavy-duty Tuscan carbide metal. It features flutes protruding out rather than laying to one side, which allows it to cut quicker without loading up as fast as standard carbides.

La Palm Spa Products presents the new Jojoba Pedi Scrub. Exfoliate and condition while gently removing unwanted dead skin with this formula, specially created with jojoba beads, aloe vera, and pumice to soften and reduce callused skin. It’s available in six scents including Tangerine Orange Zest, Mid Summer Rose, and Sweet Lavender Dreams.

Essie added two new colors to its luxeffects collection. Jazzy Jubilant is a chromatic confetti-like glitter, while Sparkle On features a luminescent and holographic sparkle. Opposed to ordinary flat glitters, luxeffects offers an exciting mélange of shapes and a spectrum of shine for spectacular nail art.

>>> JANUARY 2014



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The #48 double-sided flat pusher from Antoine De Paris features both a beveled edge and a contoured edge. It’s made out of cobalt stainless steel and is ideal for pushing back tough cuticles on clients’ toenails. This pedicure must-have is compact and has a comfortable, rounded handle.

NAILSMAG.COM 40 school-focused features

Misa’s brilliant blue-themed winter collection is for those frosty days and nights ahead. Icy River is a deep blue-ish purple perfect for office parties or New Year’s Eve festivities. Foggy Breath at 3 a.m. is a cool and earthy blue with the lightest touch of a warm undertone. And Winter Bluesy Blues is as serious as blue suede shoes.

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SO Gel Nails’ new Chevron Striping Tape comes in 12 colors. With this easy-to-use striping product, you’ll be able to create colorful designs of all kinds for your clients in a snap. Go glitter, sleek, or shiny, and mix and match for good measure. Have a ball with this new time- and money-saving nail art.


LCN makes it easier than ever to create stiletto nails with its Extreme Stiletto Kit, which features base coat, Ultras Shine, stiletto paper forms, instructions, and the highlight: a strong building gel called Sculpture Mystique that helps you achieve the same strength and length, but with less product for thinner, sleeker nails.

It’s winter and even the snowmen are frosty, so go no further than the Light Elegance Winter 2014 Glitter Gel collection to give your clients sparkle and ignite the long nights. Choose from Party Favor, Winter Green, Arctic Blue, Blizzard, Fun Fuchsia, and Champagne, or collect them all with the winter 2014 six-pack.

Shimmer and shine this winter with the new China Glaze collection called Crinkled Chrome. The limited-edition six-piece set will be available January through February 2014. The collection has the appeal of the winter season but adds a contemporary edge to create cool high-shine chrome pastels with a crinkled metal look.

Capture the spirit and spread New Year’s cheer to the mani/pedi with Duri Cosmetics’ beautiful shimmering hues for winter. Make nails twinkle like stars with Path of Light, Night Before Christmas, All that Glitters, Pure Ice, Indulge My Whim, and Frozen Fire.

Go full-on glam punk this winter with Morgan Taylor’s Glam Rock Collection. The six chic and new colors are biting, deep shades that will make your clients want to throw on a pair of spiked stilettos and a wellworn leather jacket and head to a concert.

Enhance-it is a clear gel-polish tint from INM with colored mica glitter that when applied to Gelavish mystically transforms and alters each color. However your client chooses to adorn it, the product will change the finish with unique enhancing effects. It’s available in Blue, Silver, Gold, Bronze, and Purple.

Eight glamorous and trendy neon glitter lacquers with a liquid, sexy sand-like appearance make up Nubar’s Crushed Candy Collection. Colors include Rock Candy Crush, Lemon Lime Crush, Apple Pucker Crush, Cotton Candy Crush, Berry Blue Crush, Orange Slice Crush, Watermelon Crush, and Strawberry Lemonade Crush.

>>> JANUARY 2014



| 197

{product spotlight} Bio Creative Labs has created the answer to skin concerns caused by sun damage and aging. The White Radiance 4-step Brightening System contains powerful ingredients to help target signs of aging, uneven skin tone, and texture. Used during manicures or pedicures, clients will leave feeling as if their skin was kissed by the white pearl moon.

Spilo Professional Foil introduces a new 425-count size featuring pre-cut 5-in. by 8-in. sheets that are ready to use out of the box. An easy dispensing design provides a single sheet at a time. Each sheet is textured for strength, minimal slippage, and improved application.

Cuccio Naturale’s manicure oils, available in three scents, help condition, nourish, and revitalize your clients’ cuticles. Milk & Honey contains lactic acid from milk and natural honey, which adds additional moisture and hydration. Sea Kelp & Tea Tree is an antiseptic softener. And Pomegranate & Fig contains antioxidants and vitamin E for a refreshing experience.

Tweezerman’s new Starry Night Mirror and Mini Slant Duo is a winter season musthave. It adds charm to your clients’ beauty routine for flawless eyebrows that demand attention. This purse-friendly version of the award-winning slant tweezer features the same signature perfectly aligned precision tip and comes with a matching 10-times magnifying mirror.

Nouveau Nail’s Super Seal Pro Pack offers a high-gloss durable gel sealer ideal for sealing polish, nail art, acrylics, gels, and wraps. It features an easy no-wipe formula and has become a best seller worldwide. The pack includes a Super Seal 4-oz. refill bottle and a Super Seal .5-oz. bottle.

The new My Little Secret Nail Art Kit from NSI is presented in a lush black leather case that’s perfect for traveling and carrying NSI Secrets Nail Art supplies on the go, but it can also serve as a salon display. The kit includes Prism Paints, Design Gels, Secrets Powders, Glitters, High Definition Design Brushes, and forms.

Color Club’s Fiesta is a collection that consists of five crèmes and a metallic, plus the usual bottle of top coat. It’s a party for your clients’ nails, ranging from true red to the perfect New Year’s Eve metallic silver. Colors include Mamba, Flamingo, and Wild Cactus.


Orly’s Cuticle Oil+ gives a boost to your clients’ beauty regime with a cuticle conditioner made from a nutrient-rich formula of vitamins and oils aimed to soften, condition, and heal dry, problem cuticles. It leaves nails visibly conditioned after only a few days of continuous use. Sani-Tablet is a tablet that disinfects foot spa water. Its patented formula is effective against 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and athlete’s foot fungus, and eliminates cross contamination by sanitizing the pedicure

massage for three minutes, remove, and wipe skin with a wet towel.

water while your client is soaking in it. It also cleans the screens, PVC pipes, micro jets, and filtering systems as the foot spa drains. Complete any gel-polish manicure with Gelish Matte Top It Off to create a plus, matte-satin manicure for an individualized look. It combines top coat properties that seal and protect the nails from chipping and peeling, and cures in 30 seconds in the Gelish 18G LED light or for two minutes in a UV light.

Akzéntz’s Competition White Gel gives brilliant shine with superior strength for highquality Frenches and more. Designed to satisfy both novice and advanced nail technicians, this unique formula is perfect for sculpting new sets and fills. Competition White cures easily without special forms and holds a sharp smile line while being easy to remove.

Give clients a pearlescent manicure with the Precious Pearls Kit from It’s So Easy, which includes 846 pearls in copper, matte light gold, matte silver, matte gray, matte black, white, red, rose pink, matte light purple, violet, blue, and sky blue. Also included is a picker-upper tool for easy application.

Backscratchers’ Herbal Synergy Nail and Cuticle Enhancer naturally enhances and restores discolored, unhealthy, yellow, or cloudy nails back to their beautiful luster. The product features oregano oil plus tea tree and cinnamon oils to promote health and growth of finger and toenails that are discolored and unhealthy.

Jessica Cosmetics’ Gold Leaf Top Coat is easy to apply, lays flush to the nail, and delivers high-impact brilliance while adding protection against chipping, fading, and peeling. Suspended in a fast-drying clear base, the gold flakes shine great over Jessica polish solid colors and make the perfect adornment for seasonal festivities and beyond. Hygienails Kit’s disposable packs are moisturizing solutions for your clients’ hands and feet, specifically designed to protect and soften skin and cuticles. Each pack includes a sterile pair of gloves or boots filled with a special cream, a nail file, and a wooden stick. To use, put the gloves or boots on your client,

The new Nail Strengthening Basecoat from Poshé promotes hardness and helps flexibility, while working as a ridge-filler and conditioning nails at the same time. Additionally, UV inhibitors protect nails from damaging sunrays.




| 199

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Premier Nail Source Nail Superstore Star Nail Beauty Millennium


Lexor AIKO Nailite



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| 201



0HONE  s &AX  


Acetone Proof Soaker Trays


$ T O R E

A B R A S I V E S T I P S â&#x20AC;&#x201D; T O O L S


Pink Glass File

Flex Tape

Gauze Wipes

Stork Scissors

Round Sable Acrylic Brush Flat Sable Acrylic Brush birchwood stick scrub brush hygienic file 3-way buffer

Nylon Gel Brush

4 oz. $1.00

2-ct. $1.00

8 oz. $1.00


Manicure Bowl

Crystal Stretch Toe Rings

Onezees Toe Seps

Spa Thong Slippers

Mr. Pumice Purple Pumi Bar

Mr. Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar



24-ct. $1.00

12 pr. $1.00


Black Mini Files

Zebra Mini Files

Pro Black Files

Pro Zebra Files

Hygienic Black Files

20-ct. $2.95

20-ct. $2.95

20-ct. $4.95

20-ct. $4.95

Slim Orange Blocks

Yellow Manicure Blocks

Pink Pedicure Blocks

Mini Arctic White Blocks





10-pk. $2.50 Case/500 $99.95*

10-pk. $1.50 Case/500 $69.95*

Professional Tips

500-ct. $6.95 50-ct. $1.95 SIZES 1-10


Sterilizer Tray




&RENCH White

Seconds! Twist-Off Nozzle!

Mushroom Pump Bottle

Stainless Steel Pump Bottles

Jumbo Ceramic Dappen Dish

Striper Brush OR Dotting Tool



144-ct. $1.00

$1.00 EACH

$1.00 EACH

Hygienic Zebra Files

Natural Nail Garnet Boards

Cuticle Eraser Stone

3-Way Buffer Files

3-Way Shiner Blocks

20-ct. $5.95

20-ct. $5.95

50-ct. $6.95


$0.49 EACH 50-ct. $19.95

$0.49 EACH 10-ct. $4.50

Arctic White Blocks

Mini Orange Blocks

Orange Sani Blocks Purple Sani Blocks

Blue Sani Blocks




Mini BufďŹ ng Blocks

10-pk. $1.50 10-pk. $2.00 Case/1000 $119.95* Case/500 $89.95*

10-pk. $2.00 Case/500 $89.95*

10-pk. $2.00 Case/500 $89.95*

126-pk. $4.95 1"x1" Case/1512 $53.95*

Reusable Nail Forms

Toe Nail Clippers

Stainless Cuticle Pushers

Pink or Black


Double Spring Cuticle Nipper

Brush-On Nail Glue

Spoon Pusher

Spoon Pusher / Pterygium Remover 2-Sided Straight Pusher

500-ct. $2.49

5-ct. $2.95

Brush Cleaner Holder




Striping Tape

Rectangular Nail Forms

Chastityâ&#x201E;˘ ChasticideÂŽ

Sterilizer Jar


100-ct. $1.00



10 gm. $1.95

$0.20 EACH Box/250 $39.95

16 oz. $5.50 64 oz. $17.50


10-pk. $1.50 10-pk. $2.00 Case/1000 $119.95* Case/500 $89.95*

Extra Strength Bullet Glue Dries in


$1.00 Polish Display Wheel

$1.00 EACH



10-pk. $2.50 Case/500 $99.95*

Porcelain Dappen Dish with Lid


$0.79 EACH

$2.95 EACH

Aluminum Handle Acrylic Brush

French Manicure Brush

Pure Kolinsky Acrylic Brushes




Brush Cleaner 4 oz. $2.95 Gallon $29.95*

Glass Dappen Dish

Practice Finger

Holds 8 Brushes

16 oz. $3.50 Gal. $12.95*





Practice Hand

Practice Hand with Platform

#8 #10 #12 #16 #18 #20

Straight Pusher / Cleaner

$5.95 $7.95 $9.95 $12.95 $14.95 $17.95

Acetone Resistant Clear Handles Dust Brush Dust Masks

4 oz. or 8 oz. 6 oz. $1.50







Latex Gloves TM


Value Series Brushes

100% Pure Acetone




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$4.95 100-ct.

8 oz. $3.95

GelĂśs Gel and Gel Polish Thinner 1 oz. $11.95

Line Out

Stikr Resin


.5 oz. $10.95 1 oz. $18.95

2 oz. $17.10 8 oz. $52.95



Violet Acrylic Liquid

Dehydrating Anti-Fungal Prep Spray



Acrylic Powders .75 oz. $2.95 2 oz. $4.95 4 oz. $9.95

$2.95 $4.95 $6.95 $19.95 $69.95

NEW! 48 oz. $99.95


$6.95 TM

Single Process UV/LED Gels


1 oz. $6.95 4 oz. $19.95 16 oz. $59.95

1 oz. $3.95

100-ct. $4.95

Brush-On Resin



Fabric Strips

.25 oz. $1.95

2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 32 oz. Gallon

Attraction Liquid 8.1 oz. $33.95 32 oz. $79.25

Attraction Powders 1.4 oz. $11.95 4.6 oz. $32.95

Starlite UV Gels 1 oz.




Glazed Glass

Extreme Base or Top Glaze

Extreme Powders

Extreme Glaze Dryer

Extreme Glaze Sealer

.5 oz. $11.50

1 oz. $12.25 4 oz. $32.75

6 oz. $14.85

.5 oz. $7.95 4 oz. $36.95



10 gm. $1.95

1"x 36" 2-ct.


Split Second Activator Spray


8 oz. $4.95

Acrygel Powders 1.6 oz.

Natural Nail Dehydrant

X-Strength Primer


1 oz. $2.95

Silk or Fiberglass

.5 oz. BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!


T3 Fibergels

Acrygels 1 oz.


1 oz.


Litle Diprâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10-ct. Spray Activator



2 yds. $5.60 12 yds. $27.75

Stop-It Primer Burn Soother



#1 FOR QUALITY, SELECTION & VALUE PHONE: 1-800-727-111Ă&#x2039;VĂ&#x2039;8 .0 ]Ă&#x2039;888Âą+-  -!.#2- Âą #

.25 oz. $4.75

No Lift Primer 1.25 oz. $5.95

.75 oz. $11.95


*Prices in this ad valid January 1 through February 28, 2014. Certain items and case pricing may be subject to additional shipping costs. See website or call for details.



Now accepting



We also accept ACH/E-checks, wire transfers and these credit cards:


* Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $69 or more; excludes oversized items as noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to Canada on orders of $69 or more shipped in a single box weighing under 12 lbs.; excludes $19.95 brokering fee & import taxes.

Nail Whitening Paste

Massage Crèmes

1.75 oz. $4.95



32 oz. $15.50

Nail Care Towels 50-ct. $7.96

Cotton Rounds

100% Cotton Balls 2000-ct.

2-inch 200-ct.



Mini Purple Pumi Bar



40-ct. $9.95 400-ct./Case $89.95* $14.95*



Northern Lights

Glaze ’n Go

Kikr Spray Activator



No Lift Gentle Prime


1 oz. $2.95

2 oz. $17.10

.5 oz. $9.95

Diamond Drill Bits

Carbide Drill Bits

Sanding Bands


Eucalyptus Mask

Spa Redi Scrub Gels Gallons

.5 oz. Natural Nail Dehydrant

Starlite UV Gels 1 oz.




Hip Tips 20-ct. $1.00 Electric Lip Slides

$8.95 EACH




Makes 128 Gallons of Solution!



2.5 oz. $12.95

Clean ‘N Flush


Litle Dipr’s 10-ct.

Hologram Top Coats


Buy One Sani-Care Disinfectant Spray Gallon, Get One 16 oz. Spray

16 oz. $7.95

Triple Cut



PNI12 “The Bullet” PNI25 “Classic” $149.95 Electric File Kit Electric File Mani-Pro Razzberry SAVE $39.95 15,000 RPM


MT-20 Dust Collector

Beauty Pure™




See Complete Selection Online

See Complete Selection Online

$2.95 EACH

$4.95 EACH

100-ct. $2.95 1000-ct. $24.95

UV Tunnel Lamp

9 Watt UV Lamp

9 Watt UV Bulb






DURABLE ACRYLIC POLISH DISPLAYS TABLE TOP DISPLAY Holds 30 Bottles $19.95 Holds 60 Bottles $29.95 WALL MOUNTED Holds 36 Bottles $19.95 Holds 90 Bottles $29.95

3 BITS 6 bits, 3 sanding bands


T-209 UV Sterilizer HOT/COLD









.5 oz. $1.00

.25 oz. $1.00

.5 oz. $2.95

Air Shield

Fortè Nail Strengthener

Cuticle Oils

Cuticle Oils

Birchwood Sticks

100-ct. $1.95

.5 oz. $5.95

.5 oz. $3.95

Onezees Toe Seps Manicure Scrub Brush $0.15 EACH

Box / 72-ct. $9.95

144-ct. $2.95 2880-ct. $59.95

Microplane Colossal Foot File


Pumi Bar

20,000 RPM TM

Bubble Bowl

Paraffin Warmer


Striper Lacquers $1.95


.5 oz. $3.95

Softeez Toe Seps

Original Thong

Pedicure Slippers $0.20 a pair $0.10 a pair 1440 pair $99.95

360 pair $59.95


Blue Cross Blossom Floral Cuticle Oil

2.5 oz. $5.50

1 oz. $4.95

Pumice Sponges $0.55 ea.

Heavy Duty 4-Way Red Pedicure File

Box / 24-ct. $11.95

FUNG-OFF .125 oz. $2.50 .5 oz. $7.50 Pedi-Stil Pedicure Foot & Leg Rest $19.95

$0.49 each 50-pk. $19.95

Callus Remover


Peach Oil

Peach Cuticle

Metal Foot File




16 oz.





Case of 6

Case of 4


Case of 4


$0.75 ea. 24-ct. $12.95

$9.95* $149.75*






Lyte Body Butters

99% Alcohol, Non-Acetone, or Acetone


32 oz.

32 oz.

Case of 12



$4.95 $49.50*


8 oz.


All-Purpose Wax

14 oz. $9.95


Large Wax

Slim Bendable


Wax Applicators

50-ct. $1.00 Case/5,000

100-ct. $1.25 Case/10,000



FACIAL Waxing Strips

BODY Waxing Strips










Sani-Soft Tablets

Sani-Cal Remover


16 OZ.







Non-Woven Epilating Roll $6.95




Blue Cross Cuticle Remover


3.5"x 50 yds.

Spa Beauty Wipes

$2.95 $6.95 $8.95 $19.95

Natural Nail Treatment

OMEGA LABS Fungus Treatment

.5 oz. $4.95

.5 oz. $4.95

Gentle Exfoliating Sloughing Cream

Pedicure Scrub

ROCK SALTS Ice Cooling Gel

32 oz. $4.95 Paraffin Wax


Nail Wipes

6 LBS.

Nail and Cosmetic

Pads 60-ct.




T R E A T M E N T & S


8 oz. $2.95 Gallon $14.95* TM Peppermint 5 Gals. $59.95* Pedicure Collection

Créme Mask

Komfort Wedge Buy One Sea Salts 19.5 oz., Get One Butter Blend 8 oz.

Electric Heated Mittens or Booties



.5 oz. 2.5 oz. .35 oz. 4 oz. .25 oz. STRIPER + POLISH PEN 16 oz.

.5 oz. $15.95

Holds All Popular Brands

25 cups $1.95


Out The Door Top Coat



Spa Manicure Warmer $9.95


.5 oz. $1.00

4 oz. with


Hot Towel Cabinet

Nail Dryer






Paraffin Liners

50-ct. $17.95* $2.95







3 lbs.






Photos are merely representational. Items not necessarily shown to scale in relation to other products. Not responsible for typographical errors.

1-800-727-1119 Rock Starlets Mini Pack

Brazil Collection Retail Display

All You Need

Got You On File

12-ct. Nail Lacquer $53.95

Caress your cuticles with blissful moisture whenever you desire.

For the record, keeping your nails in shape just got easier!

Buy One .25 oz. Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go Pen, Get One

Buy One .5 oz. Original Nail Envy, Get One Crystal File

1/2 OFF!


Life is a Carnaval of Color… Sizzling, Spirited and Elegant.

4-ct. $6.95

Signature Shade Display Each package includes: “Over & Over A-Gwen” Nail Lacquer, Swarovski Elements (Studs & Crystals), Nail Glue and Nail Art Designs

8-ct. $64.00


GelColor Add-On Kits 6-ct. $79.95 each

.5 oz. $4.50

Push and Shove

FREE! Love.Angel. Music.Baby.

You Complete Me Loving Partners!

4 in the Morning

In True Stefani Fashion

OPI Lacquers

.5 oz. $4.50 Over 200 iconic shades, offering two-coat coverage in a long-wearing formula.

The Glamazons GelColor Kit #1


The Glamazons GelColor Kit #2

Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

8 cards / 4 designs


Smooth Savings

SAVE 20%



$14.95 ($26.90 VALUE)

RapiDry Top Coat

DripDry Dries lacquer in five minutes while treating cuticles to soothing jojoba and Vitamin E.

Dries to a tough, long-lasting, non-yellowing, high-gloss shine in just minutes.

4 oz. $9.95 32 oz. $49.95

4 oz. $2.95 16 oz. $7.95 32 oz. $14.95 Gallon $52.50

.3 oz. $6.25 1 oz. $12.50 4 oz. $29.95

.5 oz. $6.50


Nail Envy

Fungus Fix

Natural Nail Strengthener Ridgefiller Natural Nail Base Coat High-Gloss Top Coat .5 oz. Matte Top Coat $4.50

Nail & Cuticle Oil

Nail Strengtheners

Exclusive Avocado Lipid Complex restores essential moisture for smoother, stronger nails and cuticles.

Eh_]_dWb<ehckbW Ie\jF[[b_d]<ehckbW :ho8h_jjb[<ehckbW

A clinically-tested professional salon formula designed to help with unsightly nail problems.

.5 oz. $7.50 4 oz. $39.95

.5 oz. $14.95 features the latest advancements in gel polish technology. Each coat cures in just 30 seconds under LED and features a custom brush for fast, polish-on application.

GelColor Base Coat GelColor Top Coat or GelColor Matte Top Coat .5 oz. $14.95

OPI Avojuice Skin Quencher Lotions are filled with natural extracts and nourishing ingredients designed to give skin a hydrating drink of moisture.

GelColor Intro Kit “The Icons”

GelColor Add-On Kits


Six GelColors, Base Coat, and Top Coat (.5 oz. each), Expert Touch Remover 4 oz., Remover Wraps 20-ct., BondAid 1 oz., Cuticle Stick, Color Palette, Complete Instructions and DVD

Expert Touch Removal Wraps 250-ct. $24.95

Appearance of TruView Work Station Lamp with GelColor LED Light Attached

OPI TruView LED $49.95 Work Station Lamp Attaches to OPI GelColor LED light. Lasts 25x longer than traditional bulbs!

Expert Touch Remover Wrap Dispenser $24.95

OPI Titanium Tooling

OPI BondAid

OPI Absolute Acrylic Intro Kit

Crafted with high-quality 420 stainless steel and coated with lustrous, ultra-hard titanium for unsurpassed precision and corrosion-resistance!

.5 oz. $4.95 1 oz. $7.95 4.2 oz. $24.95

iceej^Wffb_YWj_ed [nY[fj_edWbWZ^[i_ed XkXXb[#\h[[h[ikbji $49.95

OPI BondEx .25 oz. $7.95

AccuNip Titanium Cuticle Nipper $39.95

6.6 oz. $3.95 20 oz. $7.95


Each kit contains six .5 oz. GelColors. Choose from 14 available Add-On kits!

Everything needed to offer up to 80 full GelColor services!

PusherPlus Titanium $24.95

1 oz. $8.95

.5 oz. $8.50

OPI GelColor LED Light Cures OPI GelColors in 30 seconds without ever having to change a bulb! *#I[jj_d]J_c[h $249.95 ,7,000 Hour Lifetime



OPI Nail Treatments

OPI GelColor


6 X .3 OZ.

Gives nail lacquer a smooth, hard, smudge-proof finish in just 2 oz. $5.95 minutes.

Also removes OPI GelColor.

2 oz. $4.50


Buy One OPI Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips, Get One N.A.S. 99 4 oz.

RapiDry Spray

Strong enough to remove even the darkest shades without staining the nail or skin.

Lacquer Thinner

Buy One .5 oz. Start-to-Finish Original Formula Get One .5 oz. “My Vampire is Buff” Nail Lacquer

DripDry Nail Lacquer Drying Drops 6-pc. Counter Display

Use together for an incredible mirror chrome finish!

I Sing In Color

Cute Couple

Dry Ideas

lacquer with complimentary “Lay Down that Base”


These two sweeties will inspire your most romantic love letters.


12-ct. Nail Lacquer $52.50

Gwen Stefani Open Stock


Buy 2 Nail Lacquers (.5 oz.), “OPI Red” & “ElePhantastic Pink”, Get 8 Notecards

Gwen Stefani Retail Display

Hey Baby


File Edger Titanium $14.95

OPI Absolute Acrylic Liquid 4 oz. $16.95 8 oz. $29.95 32 oz. $74.50 Gallon $199.95

OPI Absolute Acrylic Powder .7 oz. $7.50 4.4 oz. $27.50 10.6 oz. $49.95 32 oz. $129.95

View the complete range of OPI products and promotions online at

*FREE SHIPPING within contiguous USA on orders of $69 or more; excludes oversized items noted on our website. PRICES IN THIS AD VALID JANUARY 1 THRU JANUARY 31, 2014. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. ALL PRODUCT IMAGES © 2014 OPI PRODUCTS, INC.


CND Additives Open Road Collection ™

CND Shellac Open Road Spring Collection

.25 oz. $15.95

CND Shellac™ Perfect Pair

$59.75 VALUE


Powder My Nose

Sun Bleached

Desert Poppy

Clay Canyon

Mint Convertible

Sage Scarf

Limited Edition “Ruby Ritz” is the perfect Valentine’s Day match to “Wildfire” (.25 oz. each) 5 Pigments & Effects with FREE Logo Smart Phone Wallet!

CND Vinylux™ Open Road Retail Display

CND Vinylux Open Road Spring Collection .5 oz. $4.95

Powder My Nose

Sun Bleached

Desert Poppy

Clay Canyon

Mint Convertible

Sage Scarf

CND Vinylux™ Weekly Polish

delivers 14+ days of flawless wear, superior color and a mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage.

.25 oz. $15.95

.25 oz. $15.95

.42 oz. $24.95

Base Coat

Top Coat .25 oz. $15.95 .5 oz. $24.95

Remover Wraps

Nourishing Remover

250-ct. $24.95

8 oz. $4.95 32 oz. $16.95

Professional UV $149.95 Lamp

is a two-step polish system, consisting of a weekly polish and a weekly top coat, that offers durability, high-gloss shine and week-long wear.

UV Lamp Bulbs 4-pack $39.95




Begin and end every manicure with treatments from CND.

Clear 1.5 oz. $54.75

Solar Speed Spray™

CND Scentsations™

Conditioning Polish Dryer

turn ordinary manicures into a spa experience.

4 oz. $9.95 32 oz. $46.95

Scentsations™ Washes


8.3 oz. $4.95

Nail & Cuticle Conditioner

Weekly Polish or Top Coat

in a larger, more economical size

2 oz. $3.00

CND Nail Treatments

.25 oz. .5 oz. 2.3 oz. 4 oz.

Brisa™ Lite Smoothing Gel

in a new retail size

Includes (5) Vinylux™ Open Road Spring Weekly Polish Shades and (5) Weekly Top Coats (.5 oz. each)

CND Shellac™ – The Original Power Polish™

CND Shellac™ Power Polish™


Scentsations™ Lotions

$3.75 $5.75 $16.95 $24.95

8.3 oz. $4.95 31 oz. $17.50

Stickey™ Base Coat or Super Shiney™ Top Coat

.5 oz. $4.95

.33 oz. $4.25 2.3 oz. $10.25

CND Nail Prep

CND Liquid & Powder System

Retention+™ Powders

Perfect Color Powders

Essential products for ensuring successful adhesion and removal of enhancements.

features unique, patented technology that ensures flexible, resilient nail enhancements that suit your clients’ needs.

feature superior adhesion, color stability and provide super strength and durability.

feature superior workability and extensive color and coverage options.

Retention+™ Sculpting Liquid

Retention+™ Sculpting Powders

Perfect Color Sculpting Powders

.8 oz. $10.95 3.7 oz. $32.75 32 oz. $146.75

.8 oz. $10.95 3.7 oz. $32.75 16 oz. $79.25 32 oz. $146.75

NailFresh™ 1 oz. $8.25

Cuticle Away 6 oz. $5.25

4 oz. $22.75 8 oz. $38.25 16 oz. $59.95 32 oz. $84.95 Gallon $235.25

Superior Adhesion

NailPrime .5 oz. $11.25

ScrubFresh® 8 oz. $11.25 32 oz. $25.75

CND Brisa™ Sculpting Gel

CND Brisa™ Lite Removable Gel System

is a wearable, workable, flexible nail enhancement that goes beyond traditional gels.

Removable Sculpting and Smoothing Gels

Brisa™ Bond

Brisa™ Sculpting Gel

.25 oz. $11.25

.5 oz. $19.75 1.5 oz. $51.75 4 oz. $109.75

Brisa™ Gloss Gel Top Coat .5 oz. $19.75 4 oz. $109.75

Removable Base Coat or Top Coat .5 oz. $24.95 Removable Smoothing Gel or Sculpting Gel .5 oz. $21.95

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Intense Seal

Silky Soft Lotions 8 oz. Buy Two, Get One FREE! $4.95

.5 OZ. $9.95


BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Callus Eliminator 4 oz. $10.95


Cuticle Eliminator 4 oz. $8.95

Diamond Dry Top Coat .5 oz. $6.50

Salon quality sunless tanning in a bottle.

SALE! Natural Nail .5 oz. Treatments $5.50

Nail Tek Xtra For difficult, resistant nails.

16.9 oz. pump $8.95 $5.95 VALUE

Boogie Nights


Wax Applicators


Petite, Small or Large

.75 oz. $11.95

Just Gel Polish

SAVE 40%

Just Gel Polish Base Coat or Top Coat

Glitter Acrylic Powders



.5 oz. $9.95

.5 oz. $11.95 4 oz. $39.95 16 oz. $97.50

Designed Color

Intense Seal .5 oz. $9.95 SAVE


IBD Builder Gel

Acrylic Powders

.5 oz. $8.95




An easy way to perfect nail enhancements in classic, gotta-have-it colors!

$64.95 VALUE


6 oz. $13.75

.75 oz. $7.95 4 oz. $21.95 16 oz. $69.95

EzFlow’s exclusive color-stabilizing, strengthening, bubble-resistant liquid monomer

Mini Pro Kit

Deeply hydrating and fast absorbing for soft, smooth and healthy beea_d]ia_d$


A Polymer Acrylic Powders

8 oz. $29.95 32 oz. $49.95

.5 OZ. $4.95 EACH

Original Lotion


Q Monomer


$13.95 VALUE



Seche Vite Top Coat



Buy One Grand Artist Oval Acrylic Brush, Get One Q-Monomer 4 oz. FREE! $38.95

Buy One Nail Tek Xtra .5 oz., Get One Nail Tek Renew Oil .5 oz. FREE!

.5 oz. $13.95

.5 oz. $14.95 2 oz. $29.95


The pure IBD gel you love in an easy to polish application.


Strong Adhesion Base Coat or No-Chip Top Coat

Nail Tek Pro Packs lacquers


gk_YaZho_d] ]beiio\_d_i^

.5 oz. $4.50

Fast Freeze Quick Dry Super-fast drying liquid dries all layers of nail polish in seconds.

.5 oz. $4.95

.5 oz. $2.95

2 oz. SPRAY

$7.95 Nail Tek I

Nail Tek II

Nail Tek III

Maintenance Plus For strong, healthy nails.

Intensive Therapy For soft, peeling nails.

Protection Plus For dry, brittle nails.

4 oz. .5 oz. $6.00

Seche Vite Top Coat Patented fast-drying top coat.

.5 oz. $4.95


Ultra-V Top Coat .5 oz. $4.95 $4.50

natural antiseptic and pure essential oil combats everything from nail fungus to athlete’s foot



The ultimate UV curable top coat.


Original or Sensitive Pot Wax




Removes cuticles in SECONDS from fingers and toes.

2 oz. $4.95 4 oz. $8.95 18 oz. $24.95


14 oz. $7.95

4 oz. 18 oz. 34 oz. Gallon

$10.95 $28.50 $47.95 $99.95

Dry Heel Eliminator Daily therapy for heels prone to drying and YhWYa_d]$

4 oz. $7.95 16 oz. $24.95



DuraLash Flares or Naturals Lashes $2.50 MIN: 6

SALE! 14 oz. $9.95

8h[WaiZemdYWbbki[i in 3-5 minutes, then simply buff them away.

Natural Beea_d] Lashes

GiGi Mini Pro Kit

GiGi Waxes

Callus Eliminator

$19.95 ($5 S+H)

Cuticle Eliminator Tea Tree Oil .5 oz. $6.95




Pedicure Gallons

Seche Vite Pro Kit .5 oz. & 4 oz. refill


4 x .5 oz. $13.95 Available in 8 varieties.

LashTite Adhesive .125 oz. $2.50 MIN: 6

QuickTan Salon quality sunless tanning in a bottle.

6 oz. $13.75


Original Lotion

Exotic Oils Lotions

Deeply hydrating and fast absorbing for soft, smooth and healthy beea_d]ia_d$

Enjoy the cool relaxation of an exotic vacation with exotic oils from around the world.

16.9 oz. pump $8.95 $5.95


Gallon $36.95



16.9 oz.


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Bubble Bowl™ Bonus Combine the effervescent action of Spa Fizz Effervescent Manicure Balls with the soothing bubbles of the Spa Fizz Bubble Bowl for the ultimate spa manicure experience!

Zebra Sanding Bands 100-ct.

Master Nail Artist’s Brush Set 15-pc.









Ib[[aCeZ[hd:[i_]d J^h[[J_c[hI[jj_d]i +&"&&&>ekhB_\[j_c[ )&I[YedZ9kh[




$104.90 Single process gel cures in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS under LED and 2 minutes under UV light.

Super Seal™ Pro Pack (4 oz. Refill + .5 oz.) $49.95

Nouveau Nail Treatments


.5 oz. $*$/+2.5 oz. $14.95

GLASS SEAL™b[Wl[iW]bWii#b_a[\_d_i^ed[d^WdY[c[dji$7_hZh_[i_d,&i[YedZi

Extra Strength Primer

Defense Anti-Spray

Acid Formula or Acid-Free

Refreshing Mint or

SUPER SPEED™ Fast Dry Top Coat bonds with polish to minimize chipping and maximize longevity. LINE ELIMINATOR™ - Ed[gk_Yaim_f[Xb[dZij_fi[WciWdZ[hWi[i\_bbb_d[i$

.25 oz. $4.95

Super Seal™ UV/LED Gel Sealer



Defense Disinfectant Concentrate 4 oz. $6.95


CWa[i*]Wbbedi of hospital grade disinfectant solution!

Soothing Vanilla

8 oz. $6.95 Prep spray with natural tea tree oil dehydrates nails prior to application of lacquers and enhancements.


Sandy™ Ultra-Premium Washable Nail Files

BLACK 1&&%100 GRIT ZEBRA 100%180 GRIT WHITE 1.&%180 GRIT

Advanced Retention Nail Liquid

Advanced Formula Sculpting Powders

500-ct. $9.95

Superior adhesion primer-optional violet monomer formulated with UVA and UVB inhibitors to help prevent yellowing.

Triple sifted acrylic powders uniquely formulated to combine the adhesion properties of a hard polymer with the flexibility of a soft polymer.

$0.69 EACH MINIMUM: 12


4 oz. 8 oz. 32 oz. Gallon

$11.95 $19.95 $49.95 $179.95

One-Step UV/LED Gels

4 oz. $3.95

PNI25 Classic E-File System PNI12 “The Bullet” E-File Kit $39.95

Neon, Glitter & Bold Sculpting Powders


.75 oz. $9.95 City Lights Acrylic Kits BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!


.75 oz. $6.95 2 oz. $11.95 4 oz. $19.95 48 oz. $149.95

<ekh$'(+ep$ Acrylic Powders 2 oz. Nail Liquid


.125 oz. $2.95




500-ct. $9.95

Original UV Tunnel Lamp


$69.95 $49.95

Top selling treatments, top coats and cuticle oils.

Finishing Wipe



Xtreme Nail Professional Tips

Easy application, glossy finish and unmatched strength and durability. Cures in 30 seconds under LED.

.25 oz. $9.95 .5 oz. $14.95 1.75 oz. $34.95


Dual Shape Nail Forms

Forged of stainless steel with titanium finish.

$19.95 VALUE

$199.95 VALUE

.5 oz. $11.95

Super Glossy Gel Top Coat!

Precision Titanium Cuticle Nipper


Easy application, glossy finish and unmatched strength and durability.




.5 oz. $2.95 2.5 oz. $4.95 16 oz. $19.95 $149.95 $99.95



(+"&&&HFC" <M:%H;LEf[hWj_ed Jm_ij#BeYa>WdZf_[Y[Includes 3 Free Bits



50-ct. Refill $2.95 $3.95

Artistic Gems™ Rhinestone Wheels

Colour Collections™

240-ct. $2.95 1200-ct. $6.95

Mirror panels surround hand for rapid, even curing.

Polish Stencils 10-ct. $1.50

Glow-in-the-Dark 3D ArtiStickers™ 10 STYLES $1.50

Mini LED Light $24.95 8Wjj[hoEf[hWj[Z ;njhWIcWbb<eejfh_dj Ed[#JekY^Ef[hWj_ed Softens cuticles, whitens nails, and releases an invigorating scent-sation!

Effervescent Manicure Balls 10-ct. $1.50

Fresh Scent Pedicure Tablets

Each collection contains 10 vials of nail art necessities in 10 vibrant colors. Choose from Foil Hearts, Foil Stars, Glitter Strips, Micro Glitter, Glass Beads or Crushed Shells


9 WATT UV BULB $4.95

5-ct. $1.50



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Boost Pedicure Profits This Winter! As Temperatures Decline, So Do Your Pedicure Clients. Don’t Let Winter Freeze Your Pedicure Services! Red Dragon Sauna Spa Complete System


đƫ Patent-pending system that uses steam to keep clients warm during the wintertime.

Complete Set



đƫ Uses only one cup of water per service. đƫ Uses no plumbing, is completely portable and on wheels for easy mobility. đƫ Opens pores, eliminates dead skin cells, and softens skin.


Roller Massager* $

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165 Value

Patent-pending #13078560

*Free Roller Massager with purchase of Red Dragon Sauna system and client chair set. One per customer. While supplies last. Offer ends 01/31/14.

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Valentine’ s Day Crush Collection by MK Cupid isn’t the only one ready for Valentine’s Day! 12 dreamy polishes like popping pinks, rich reds and picture-perfect purples. Look no further because these polishes scream romance! SALE $15.00/12 pcs. per collection

St. Germain



Sunrise In N Arctic Sunset Pole

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100 Degrees

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Violet Glow

Model is wearing 100 Degrees

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The Preferred

Purchase one 8 oz. Butter Blend at an extra Special Price!


For Healthy, Hydrated Hands, Feet and Body By Professional Nail Technicians Worldwide

Special $5.99 Regularly $7.85 Save $1.86 Available in the following scents: 719927 Milk & Honey 719042 Pomegranate & Fig 901994 Tuscan Citrus & Herb 901993 Papaya & Guava 719620 Lemongrass & Lavender 71939 1 Vanilla Bean & Sugar

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$2.99 $3.29

Available in the following scents: 719642 Milk & Honey 719643 Pomegranate & Fig 719644 Tuscan Citrus & Herb 719645 Papaya & Guava 719640 Lemongrass & Lavender 719641 Vanilla Bean & Sugar

THE Professional Manicure and Pedicure CENTER



QUICK DIP DIPPING SYSTEM Regular Price $18.95 Sale Price $15.99 Save $2.96 719790









Excludes Charms & Chains and Gold Baubles Dial-A-Gem Kits








Made in USA


10 Annual




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{my other life }

connected g in e b f o eeling it.” “I love the f 200-pound free sp ir to a 1,

Building a Bond I grew up with horses. When I was young I’d ride and work with them whenever I got the chance. I’d watch them for hours, studying their body language and their interactions with each other and with me. I

Ruthy Carter, nail tech In her other life: horse trainer Giddy Up Nails By Ruthy Carter, Ryley, Alberta, Canada

started breaking colts when I was 13. At ⇒rst it was just colts on the farm, and then when we sold the colts, word about me got out. I started taking people’s horses and working with them, teaching them the basics of accepting human interaction, and then to accept a person on their back. Each horse is evaluated and then the groundwork begins. This includes teaching them to be led, to pick up their feet for the farrier, to stand quietly to be brushed, and to accept a saddle and bridle. Once a horse is ready, I start riding it, slowly at ⇒rst, sometimes only for 10 minutes. When they give, I give. It’s not about how fast I can get them trained; it’s about doing it properly and ending each session on a good note. My favorite thing is starting young horses. It’s easier to read their body language and they learn very quickly. There are no “bad” behaviors to correct because they have never been ridden; some have never been touched by humans. Some older horses develop problems, such as bucking, kicking, striking, lying down, rearing, or becoming hard to catch. My job is ⇒guring out what the root problems are. Nine times out of 10 it’s the owners I end up working with! I guide them in doing what’s right for their horse. I love the feeling of being connected to a 1,200-pound free spirit. Having horses in my life has shown me that even when all the odds are against you, anything is possible.

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THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS. A favorite of Beauty Professionals for nearly 30 years! A synergistic blend of naturally light oils and vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect nails and skin.

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*Available in GelColor by OPI for a limited time.


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