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Welcome Morgan Tunney

Vice President (Societies) I am a strong believer that coming to University is not just about getting a degree, it is about the experiences you have and the people you meet - getting involved in a society or three is just the way to do that. This handy little guide gives you a whistle-stop tour of all of the societies that we have at RGU; we have academic societies to help broaden your education, religious societies to make sure that you can continue practising your faith no matter how far you have travelled to join us, cultural societies to create a little bit of home right here, here in Aberdeen, and general interest societies to help you let your hair down and have fun!

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Don’t see something that appeals? Think we are missing something? Why not start a new society? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, I can help you every step of the way. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

Lydia Fyall

Student Development & Volunteering Co-ordinator Part of my role is to help with the set up of societies and general administration throughout the year. The VicePresident (Societies) and I work in conjunction to offer you the best service possible and to represent and support your society. As a member of staff at the Student Association, I am available for you to pop in with any queries you may have.


Societies Week 22nd - 29th March 2013 Societies week is about highlighting all of the societies within RGU: Union. Every society will be putting on an event; it is showcasing the good work of societies. It should be a great week, so make sure that you get involved, what’s more the week will end on a high with the Student Achievement Awards Ball!

Student Achievement Awards Ball 29th March 2013

Every year the incredible contributions of students as class reps, society members, volunteers, and more are recognised at the Student Achievement Awards Ball. It is a prestigious event, which is attended by the University’s Vice Principal and Deans. It started out as the Scarlet and Gold Awards and has grown and grown since them. Awards given out include the Scarlet Awards, RGU: Union Volunteering Awards, the Saltire Awards (previously the MV Awards), the SVS Gold Award, and Student Representation Awards. The Ball is open to all students, so come along, have fun, and celebrate the achievements of fellow students. AWARD WINNERS 2011/12 Award for Continuing Excellence: RGU Christian Union and RGU:RAG Best Society of the Year: RGU:LGBT Most Improved Society: RGU Pirate Society Best New Society: awarded jointly to Software Development Society and RGU Law Society Society Person of the Year: Jamie Macgregor Volunteer of the Year: Morgan Tunney Full Scarlet Award: Craig Donald Student Services Student Ambassador of the Year: Shu Huei Lee Student Contribution and Involvement Award: Tori Butler, Craig Donald, Kirsty MacCallum, Peter O’Neill, Krzysztof Adamczyk, Aine Lafferty Claire Smith


57 10 Architecture Society Email: Facebook: Website: 57ยบ10 (pronounced fifty seven ten) is the Architectural Society based at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment. The Society runs a weekly lecture series inviting guest speakers to lecture at the School, and also various social events throughout the year such as quiz nights, race nights and more! As a member of the society, its not only a great chance to listen and learn from some of the best architectural practices in the UK but also to meet and socialise with fellow students over a few light refreshments! 57ยบ10 is regularly one of the largest societies with over 200 members last year!

Archintentions Email: Archintentions is an architectural competition society that competes and creates its own competitions. It aims to integrate students from all levels of the built environment faculty with regular competitions.

Baking Society Email: The Baking Society is held every 2 weeks where members get together to bake, swap recipes and try each others baking! All levels of bakers are welcome - from novice to expert. Each week has a different theme and members are encouraged to bring along their efforts to share with members and to try something new. A great excuse to have your cake eat it and have a laugh with like-minded bakers.

Board Gaming, Role Playing & Murder Mystery Society Email: Website: The Board-gaming Role-playing and Murder Mysteries Society (BRAMMS), is a society created for role-players. Each week we meet on Mondays for Board-gaming. We host several role-playing groups throughout the week, from high fantasy to science fiction. We also encourage the creation of new gaming groups, and the development and running of Live Action Role-Playing games or LARPing.

Business Society Email: The RGU Business Society is a society that aims to bring students together to help promote business ideas, interests and experience’s in order to develop skills and nourish enterprise and entrepreneurship

Christian Union Email: Facebook: Twitter: Website: @rgucu

We are the RGU Christian Union. We are a group of students at RGU who simply want to tell people about Jesus at Uni. We are from all denominations and backgrounds, living and speaking for Jesus. We meet together weekly at C37 Schoolhill on Tuesdays at 7pm. However we are really here for the rest of the students in Aberdeen, so we hold events that any student would feel comfortable coming along to, for example acoustic nights. You are welcome to come to any event that we hold, as well as our weekly meeting. Everything is free of charge!

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Conservative & Unionist Association Email: Facebook: Website: The RGU Conservative and Unionist Association is a branch of Conservative Future Scotland. Collaborating with Aberdeen University Conservative and Unionist Association on political events, dinners, and weekly socials. Joining the group gives you the opportunity to meet high profile Conservatives such as MPs, MSPs and MEPs, if you want to meet like-minded politicos in a relaxed and fun environment then this is the society for you.

Craft Society Email: A society which meets to create hand made arts and crafts. Every week there will be a different theme. For example cards, bookmarks, toys, scarves, bags, paintings, pillow cases, accessories and so much more!

Ctrl Byte Email: Website: CTRL Byte is here to promote advances in technology, organise events, run competitions, improve our software skills and above all have fun. CTRL Byte is a society for the geek in all of us! Anyone who is willing to learn will find themselves at home in this social, fun and computer minded society. As a member of the society, you will attend lectures on interesting topics and contribute to discussions that enhance your knowledge and technical skills. You can also arrange your own presentations and workshops on topics of your own interest.


RGU:Dance Email: Facebook: It’s time to get the RGU students and staff dancing! Our initiative is to meet every week and have fun by dancing together. For the beginning we will be focusing on salsa and belly dancing, however if any of you would like us to try any other styles, do not be shy to ask! We will do everything we can to accommodate everybody’s tastes. Keep an eye on our Facebook group page to be up to date with all the info about our dance society. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Events Management Society Email: Facebook: Our Society aims to hold Fundraising, Academic and Social events throughout the Academic year. It also provides members with relevant event experience towards their experience and education within the Event Industry.

Fashion Society Email: Facebook: RGU Fashion Society - ‘UNI-Fashion’ is a collective group of ‘beauty and geeks’ passionate about Fashionable causes. If you are interested in making new friends, modelling, organising events, design, raise money for Charity and party hard, you are welcome to join us. We meet every Wednesday 6 pm in Room 218. For the activist in you, we also have serious campaigns promoting the 3Rs - ‘Re-use, Recycle and Sustainability in Fashion’.

First Aid Africa Email: First Aid Africa is nationwide charity, which aims to deliver life saving opportunities in developing African nations. Its volunteers will travel to sub-Saharan countries where they will teach the locals- especially children- basic First Aid, using techniques appropriate to the area. For example do you know how to cool a burn with no running water for 5 miles? In these areas this knowledge is essential, as there are no ambulance services to take its place. Groups taught include teachers, village leaders, nurses and school children, and the expeditions provide an amazing experience for all its volunteers.

Forensics Society Email: We are a new society for students studying Forensic and Analytical Science at RGU. Over the upcoming year, we will be arranging events including film showings, course nights out, and lectures delivered by experts in various fields of forensics.

Freethought Society Email: Website: Twitter: Facebook: @rgufreethought

The RGU Freethought Society is a place for atheists, agnostics, rationalists, humanists, secularists, and skeptics at the Robert Gordon University. Currently we meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month for social chats and informal discussions. Possible future events could include debates, 10:23, book groups, campaigns, charity and volunteering events and more. Check the RGU Freethought Facebook events page to keep up-to-date.

Gaming Society Email: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: @rgugaming

The RGU Gaming Society is a place for gamers of all walks of life to congregate, play games, drink, make friends and then immediately fall out over a game of SoulCalibur. We have consoles new and old, a massive pile of games, awesome gaming-related events and a great community. Meetings take place every Wednesday at 4:00 PM, on the 2nd floor of the RGU: Union.

IPE Society Email: Website: Aside from the fact that IPE events look great on the CV, our society looks to hold unique and interesting events. We want to take a fun, practical approach to learning about IPE and run events where all health disciplines can get a chance to try practical skills from each other’s courses. Want to try suturing, injections, taking blood or brush up on your first aid? Think that there is something even more fun that you would want to try? Then sign up and get involved in making it happen.

Law Society Email: Twitter: @rgulawsociety Facebook: The RGU Law Society aims to provide members with information you are not given during lectures and tutorials. We arrange trips to the court to see cases in action, networking events with local law firms, legal skills sessions and plenty of social events as us law students party the hardest! You do not, however, need to be a law student to join, just an interest in law is enough :) We have monthly meetings between our events; please check your emails for details of these. We also won joint Best New Society 2012!

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League of Anime Email: The League of Anime & Co. are a friendly group of people who share a common interest in anime. We meet up every week to watch some anime and socialise.

RGU:LGBT Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @rgulgbt

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RGU: LGBT+ is a society that acts as a forum for the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* community in Aberdeen in which individuals can evolve their potential and have access to all that the city has to offer.


We are an active society involved in equal rights and charity campaigns. We come from all walks of life and we are open to accepting you whoever you are. We have trained volunteers to help with any questions you may have and we offer a shared space for people to do the things they want to do with people who won’t judge based on identity or orientation. We organise some of the best night-outs and the most colourful events for everyone to enjoy and get to know each other! Let’s raise a toast to the unity within our diversity!

Mr On Society Email: Website: The Mr On Society is an out of this world non-partisan politically fun and creative society. The activities of the society include the making of a film called, ‘Mr On the Movie’ to be screened at Belmont Cinema on completion, a storyboard cartoon to appear in ‘Reform’ the student magazine and a radio show. The Mr On Radio Show, is to be broadcast through Rascal Radio and consisting of music, sport, and topical issues and news of interest to student’s.

Nursing & Midwifery Society Email: Facebook: The RGU Nursing and Midwifery Society is now going from strength to strength after its rejuvenation last year. We have many exciting plans this year, which you will not want to miss out on! We have many stimulating and informative talks planned from guest speakers on topics YOU want to hear about, on things which are not normally incorporated into our training! We are also planning some social events, including a ceilidh, White Water Rafting, an Emergency Services Halloween Ball, where we will hopefully have the chance to team up with other societies! It’s a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, and meet new people! For the first time this year, the society took part in the renowned Aberdeen Torcher Parade – a student right of passage you won’t want to miss! We are also currently in the process of planning our graduation ball for next September – GET INVOLVED!

People & Planet Email: People & Planet are is the largest student network in the U.K. campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment and now the latest group have started at RGU! The movement empower students to make a positive difference in the world through activism and awareness raising and have had great successes so far! If you are interested in workers rights, human rights, the environment or world poverty then this is the society for you! come and make a difference with us. All are welcome. Contact Paul for more information at or on twitter @rgu_vpenet

Pirate Society Email: AHOY THERE ME MATEY’S! Want to a be a pirate do ya? Come forth all hoarders and wenches. Check out the RGU Pirate society, adventure lies ahead me hearties, with Pub Plunders to be won, treasure to found and much much more!! And for those scallywags who aren’t of age or aren’t up for with rum drinkin’. We hold non-alcoholic events. So raise your Jolly Rogers and join us this year!!!

Research Student Association Email: Website: Facebook: The RSA is a Post-Graduate research network that allows PhD and research students to meet fellow researchers based in Aberdeen and around the world in a multitude of disciplines. We provide a number of different events for our members to get involved with including: a forum for research students to socialise and network, a 3-day residential trip to The Burn along with social events throughout the year. We also organise events which help our members develop key skills in a range of areas and invite guest speakers to give presentation based on what are members suggest. We also do a number of charitable and fund raising events throughout the year. All our information, events calendar and sign up slips are published in annual leaflets

RGU Singers Email: RGU singers is a singing group whose main aim is to have fun. We’re a group of both staff and students who meet regularly. We sing any type of music from pop to musicals and we are always happy to welcome new members, all you need to join is to enjoy singing!

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Shooting Stars Drama Society Email: Facebook: A new addition to RGU, we’re a group for budding actors with a keen interest in drama, looking to put on a production in early 2013! Auditions will be held early in Semester 1 and rehearsals will be held in the Union on a weekly basis. In addition, we will hold social events, ‘get togethers’ and drama workshops so even if you just want to meet new people; this is the society for you! We post updates regularly on our Facebook about rehearsals and upcoming events. So if you’re interested in getting involved, either as an actor, helping backstage or just want to see what it’s all about, join us on Facebook or drop us an email.

Software Development Society Email: We are here to open your eyes into the exciting and fun world of programming. We add the fun factor and can Code Hard too. Free seminars, business opportunities and much more. Trust me, we don’t byte.

Timothy Generation Email: Facebook: Timothy Generation is a student’s society that nurtures and harnesses the leadership potential in young people with the sole aim of positively impacting the society. We do this by; - Creating social and interactive gatherings in a very relaxed atmosphere, listening and sharing real life experiences. - Organizing seminars and workshops on leadership, career, finance/ management and relationship issues - Freely volunteering our time to help members (especially new students) enjoy their student experience on campus. - Planning and executing activities that are guided by Christian principles (Bible based), thus adding value to society e.g. donations to charitable organisations.

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Toast Appreciation Society Email: We are the Toast Appreciation Society and we meet up every Tuesday 5pm first floor Student Union. We provide to you toasters, bread, hot drinks and an assortment of spreads to your taste. We meet up, play cards and generally have a banter. Your first week is always free and if you like it, then it’s £5 for a full years membership of unlimited toast!

Traditional Music Society Email: The RGU Scottish and Irish Trad Music Society are a group of musicians who meet each Thursday to have a relaxed and fun music session in Malones Irish bar. We welcome all ages, abilities and instruments and see the Society as a great way to continue playing a musical instrument in a social and enjoyable wayresidential trip to The Burn along with social events throughout the year. We also organise events which help our members develop key skills in a range of areas and invite guest speakers to give presentation based on what are members suggest. We also do a number of charitable and fund raising events throughout the year. All our information, events calendar and sign up slips are published in annual leaflets

Start your own society! Not found a society to get excited about? Why not start your own?! Below are a few suggestions‌

 Start a society in 4 easy steps...

Step 1

Contact us Send a quick email to the VP (societies) and the Student Development and Volunteering Co-ordinator letting us know your ideas. Then an informal meeting can be arranged.

Step 2

Fill out your society application form - make sure you read the society regulations before filling in the form - a minimum of 10 interested students to start a society - aims and objectives, put down as much detail as possible, making it clear what the society is all about and what it aims to achieve - a brief overview of planned society activities for the year will aid any applications for financial support you make as it will show you are organised and focussed on what you want to achieve

Step 3

Get it approved The VP (societies) and the Student Development and Volunteering Co-ordinator will look over your application and either approve or disapprove. You will be notified of the decision via the email address given on your application form.

Step 4

Hold your first meeting - Invite students to come along - Make sure that they are able to discuss any ideas that they may have for the society - Ask if anyone would be interested in committee positions



60 Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1JQ 01224 262 263

Society Handbook 2012/13  

Society Handbook 2012/13