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AUG 2016 | Issue III


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Letter from the Art Director Mission statement Reflection Magazine is a publication aimed at revolutionizing women’s self-sense of beauty in their reflection. We advocate for confidence in every individual’s unique style and aesthetic. Through our distinctive view and portrayal of fashion and beauty, inside and out, we promote the celebration of young, undiscovered talent in clothing design, while steering away from the conventional notions that are currently placed in the fashion industry. We strive to be a contribution to the day when women will look in the mirror and not feel the need to compare themselves to an impossible, edited, and unrealistic image of perfection. Instead, they will appreciate the glamor and elegance they possess in their own expression of style. Paul Andrews Publisher

Hello readers! Its been a busy month putting together this beautiful third edition! Theres a treat in store for you with this one. We have talented designers from around the globe including our featured handbag designer Joe Marcellino, empowering real life storys, articles about staying stylish and homemade health and beauty tips and tricks! This month has been a hot one in the New York area, but keeping your style does not need to be laxed in the heat. Remember accessories are always your friend and are a simple way to keep your look hot, when its hot! Coco Chanel one stated “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”(in reference to accessorizing) but is that always the case? Look at Iris Apfel (an idol of mine) She has said “My mother knew if you bought a couple of really good architectural outfits and put your money into accessories, you could create a million different looks. She taught that to me, which I think was invaluable.” and “I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else. Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above are why you should wear jewelry.” and I defiantly believe in this. Be beautiful, unique, and fabulous this summer, fall, winter, or spring, where ever you live, And enjoy!

Joe Klaus


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



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Feature Designer Joe Marcellino

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24 Piedrahita Sisters

Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

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Joe Marcellino



n a t u ra l e y e l i n e r Sofiya is a natural eyeliner made out of rocks. It has been used in Central Asia for centuries. Sofiya will be launched in the United States soon.

W W W. S O F I YA E Y E L I N E R . C O M

email: info@sofiyaeyeliner.com IG: Sofiyaeyeliner facebook.com/sofiyaeyeliner


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As Seen Through Blue Eyes: How To Feel Beautiful Girl Exposed: Self Mutilation Story of a Privilaged Girl Gone Wrong Part Three Dressing For Different Occasions Trendy Hat and Accessories 2016

Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

Media Negatively Effecting Womens Selfesteem Homemade Beauty Hacks


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Being Alone Isnt A Bad Thing

Sweet Summer Treats





Joseph Li josephliportfolio.tumblr.com

Featured Designer



Aleta Love

Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



Photos courtesy of zerowastedaniel.com


aniel Silverstein from “Fashion Star” who was one of contestants in Season 2 of the NBC reality competition series is the next hot designer to watch.

The Brooklyn-based designer who was the youngest in the competition , currently serves as creative director for the “zero-waste” fashion label. He created the label in 2010 which also operates in NY. Zero waste is a ECO Friendly line, which uses all material for his designs. The goal is trying to keep wasting fabrics and materials to a minimum so all fabrics are used and put together to make a piece. Not only making a big splash on TV, he graduated with honors at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, Daniel Silverstein has previously worked with, Republic Clothing Group, Swimwear Anywhere Inc., Carolina Herrera, Carmen Marc Valvo and Victoria’s Secret.

His label has been seen in boutiques and specialty stores around the world, most recently in oak.com and his current website http://www.danielsilverstein.us/ . Currently he’s launching the first wedding collection exclusively at Schone Bride Shop, in Brooklyn, New York. Entertainers such as Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Ross, Yael Stone, Alysia Reiner, Kristen Bell and more have been seen at red carpet events and on magazine covers across the US and around the world in Daniel’s collection. After starting his collection in 2010, Daniel gained the attention of both the buyers and the audience when he was a contestant on Fashion Star in Spring, 2013. Silverstein’s ECO friendly fashion techniques is something that he is passionate about and he is spreading the word. He has given numerous

Zero waste is the goal of both the garments and the studio. The use of recycled and recyclable materials doesn’t stop at fabrics but also the office to Shipping, packaging and office materials as well as a zero waste mindset in every day company life, eliminating trash wherever possible. They are constantly improving the process remaining conscious and aware of places to make change.

Photos courtesy of zerowastedaniel.com

The designs are a mixture of different patterns and embellishments. Colorful and tasteful prints coupled together to make charming outfits. His designs are wearable for outside the runway. It’s more of a formal look so if your going to a formal dinner or a special event there is a great selection to choose from. There are also a variety of edgy pieces for a woman who wants to stand out. Find more of his designs at his website www.danielsilverstein. us and for the latest upcoming collection.

To describe into detail more about zero waste design, it’s focused on pollution that is a growing problem in the fashion industry. The Council for Textile Recycling says that more than 70 pounds of textiles per US Citizen are going in to landfills annually, that calculates into over 21 BILLION pounds this year alone. At the studio, fabric waste is kept to zero. Pattern making techniques, embellishments and fabrics are one hundred percent used. All pieces of the textile goods and materials that are brought into the studio are used. Daniel has mastered the process of large and small scale production without textile byproducts being brought to landfill, a process he is now bringing to projects for Manufacture New York. Another change he has made to make a difference is relocating his studio to the Sunset Park hub and offering consult to a variety of their client’s domestic manufacturing projects. He’s looking to help other designers who also wants to design in a Zero waste way.


interviews and lectures about his Zero Waste Design techniques. Recently Seen in MSNBC Shift and ABC News 7 ,Silverstein is committed to promoting responsible designing by the fashion industry while demanding quality designs and products from his exotic collection.

His interest is helping make social and environmental change in the fashion industry, Daniel has donated his time and pieces from his collection to help raise funds for community programs such as Dress for Success and Jersey Battered Women’s Service. He is currently volunteering at The Fashion Industry of Technology as a guest critic offering advice and internships to aspiring designers. Mentoring them with his techniques in a zero waste environment. He currently is offering a series of Zero Waste Design workshops in the New York area.



Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



Photos courtesy of zerowastedaniel.com


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016


Photos courtesy of zerowastedaniel.com



As Seen Through Blue Eyes How To Feel Beautiful Based On Who You Really Are…


e look into mirrors everyday. Mirrors are great when it comes to making sure you’re lipstick is in place, or that your eyeliner isn’t smudged. But mirrors are liars.

I say this in full confidence because my philosophy is that beauty is a verb Mirrors won’t be able to show you how beautiful you look when you’re laughing. They won’t show you how cute you seem when you scrunch your nose, or how peaceful you seem absorbed in a book. A mirror can’t see how beautiful you look when you’re dancing or when someone tells you the best joke and you can’t stop laughing. It is in these moments when you’re really into life that a mirror just can’t show you how beautiful you really are. Everyday girls are surrounded by harmful messages and images that attack their actions, looks, and ways of thinking. It’s become more evident how some beautiful women view themselves can border on obsessive. Low self esteem is actually more common in beautiful women

lue Eyes is my pen name for the right to be extremely honest and open with a variety of subjects and ideas, without jeopardizing my identity. I am writing to you because in times of great stress and great problems many of us seek the comfort of words and thoughts of people who have been there before.


Lying awake in the time between late night and early morning and you can’t differentiate between the two are the

too. Some just don’t believe they are attractive. We need to remember that beauty is an asset, but it does not define who you are. The world is harsh when you’re a girl, and I believe we have to practice staying strong than letting ourselves fall apart. You can only control how good you look on the outside so much. Girls get caught up in features and faults that are just that and getting caught up in things you can’t change appearance wise, is a waste of mental energy. I’m not trying to say don’t try to look your best, I believe that is healthy and improves self confidence. But ladies, let’s work on an ‘inner’ makeover. Your inner beauty never needs makeup. Girls, if we can actively work on being grateful and happy everyday, then we can harness that energy, and no one can take that away from us. It is a form of beauty that will withstand the test of time. If we spent half the amount of time we use cultivating our looks into focusing on using our smarts, making people laugh, or helping someone, that’s how we cultivate that inner beauty. Remember, the best impression you can leave on someone is that you’re a cool person, who thinks that they’re cool too.

times when loneliness seeps in, and so, I would turn to stories of people who have felt such strange and bizarre things as I have. Now it is my turn to give back, because we all need to make a mark, a stain, something...before we are pushed aside for a younger, fresher perspective. I want you to know that if you really think about it, you have survived everything you have gone through. You will be ok.

Photos courtesy of Shuttershock.com

“But ladies, let’s work on an ‘inner’ makeover. Your inner beauty never needs makeup.”

Featured Designer 24

Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

Edith & Ella: The New “The Mirror of Our Time”

Featuring: Edith and Ella and designer, Line Markvardsen Colleen Cracchiola

Fashion was always the “obvious choice” for Line. “I love the fact that fashion is a mirror of our time, everything is expressed in fashion: religion, culture, art, music, politics etc.” Edith and Ella’s designs take bright colors and bold patterns and combine them in daring, unique and flattering ways. Her designs have a rare combination of bold colors and modest, yet classy styles and cuts. When it comes to Line’s inspiration, she is inspired by a mix of so many different things: cities, music, food, art and so many more. Of course she admires the greats, some of her favorites being: Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi and Cloé. Upon reflecting on our interview, it occurs to

me that Line is not only an inspired artist, but an inspired business woman as well. With every new business there is always a learning curve, when I congratulated Line on Edith and Ella’s 10 year milestone, I asked if there was something that she’s realized now that she maybe wasn’t expecting originally when going into the business. She responded with smooth and confident words,

“I have become a hardcore business woman. I am still a kind and nice person, but I have become much firmer and more cool when it comes to dealing with banks, and business relations. I know my own worth and will not be pushed about.” There is nothing better than being business savvy in a competitive industry, but recognizing your own self-worth is the real priceless discovery. Over the years, Line has drastically changed her design process as well. It used to be that she was so tight for time that she’d be designing pieces in hotel rooms in between meetings. But in recent years, she has had more time to allot to designing and really focus her energy on each collection, what had once been a 5 day process, is now a 3-4 week process So what are the top three things she has



“I have always loved creating things,” designer, Line Markvardsen tells me, “ I like it when my ideas turn into something visual”. So let’s visualize this: in the heart of Copenhagen there was once a little shop filled with big potential and novelty creations. Behind the curtain of novelty, is designer, Line Markvardsen. Markvardsen graduated in 1998 from Leeds College of Art & Design. She then worked for several Danish companies before creating her own line in 2004. Demonstrating her love and admiration for her family, Line named the company after her two grandmothers, Edith and Ella. Now, ten years later, that little shop has become a distant and fond memory. Edith and Ella currently has branches in 15 countries and has relocated its home base to a more populated and central location in Copenhagen.



Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



in mind when designing a piece? “I actually always design the things I myself really want right now”- she begins, “then of course, I consider if it is only me wanting it, or if I can see more people wanting it. I do not have the same style each season. I change a lot and like to wear different clothes and different styles every day – some days I like to look a bit punkish, some days I like to look cute, tough and feminine at the same time.” She admits, “But in general each piece I design has to have something special about it – if it is not special then I do not make it”. In addition to having well-made and quality garments, one special element that Line puts emphasis on is the inside of the garments. “I find it great to make linings in different colours and prints – this gives the customer an extra bonus I think.” For anyone just discovering Edith and Ella, it won’t take long to see that insightful designs are not all that the brand has to offer. It was truly the brand’s ideals that drew me into the label and made me want to learn more. The purpose behind the designs are to create a, “feminine brand with a focus on colour and the power to express your inner strength and joy of life”. So I asked Line, how do you think bold colors relates to feminine empowerment? She revealed that, “I believe that you are able to affect the people around you in a positive way when wearing colours.” She tells me, “Colours will make other people react to you and often they will smile, so they see you, and I believe that it is very important that everyone is seen. In Denmark most people dress in black and grey and seem to prefer to hide themselves. I think it is much prettier when women dress in colour. Also I believe the positive response you get from other people will give you the strength to be who you are, and express happiness and that creates a circle of feeling good. That is a good thing to give to your surroundings. Life is a gift and we should embrace it and be happy” but as an addendum, she assures me, “not all the time of course – I am not stupid – some days are hard and that is natural and a good thing that everything Is not just happy happy” I believe that Line’s emphasis on color as a symbol of power and strength suggests that perhaps women these days share misguided ideals about feminine empowerment. I think unfortunately with the fashion industry nowadays short hem lines and


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

low cut tops serve women with a feeling of power and control. But Edith and Ella aims to give women a different source of empowerment, one that will help women stand out in stark contrast against the rest. When I questioned Line about the matter of “feminine empowerment sources” she had quite the answer. “I believe that a lot of people [Women] focus their energy on all the things they are not and all the not so nice parts of their body. That is a shame. I believe it is much better to focus on the good parts of yourself and bring that out for people to see – no one is perfect – the ones who seem perfect are the ones who are good at getting the best out of themselves.” As Steven Chbosky once noted, “We accept the love we think we deserve”. So as women, it is time that we start focusing on changing our own perceptions of ourselves, rather than trying to change the things we see in our reflection that cannot be changed. Edith and Ella designs can help women hone in on what it is about themselves that they want to the world to see. Line Markvardsen aims to help women achieve the love and appreciation that they deserve, from the inside out. By recognizing that women feel that extra spark when the inside of their clothing has a personality of its own, Line’s designs promise women way more than just a new enriching outer image. Edith and Ella is helping women reconstruct the proverbial mirror that all women have gazed into for some time now. This brand recognizes that this mirror is tarnished, and has a nasty habit of distorting one’s reflection. Edith and Ella’s beautiful designs will help you appreciate your reflection in more ways than one. So give them the love they deserve and check out Edith and Ella for yourselves!






Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016






s a child I always knew I was a bit off. I’m the youngest of 3 children and the only girl. I constantly felt like the odd man out, not only in the family but also in my peers. When I was in 3rd grade my best friend from before I could remember told me that she didn’t want to be my friend anymore and I didn’t take it too well. I remember sitting under the jungle gym at recess hiding my face because I was crying. As I got older I had several experiences like this but I soon learned that sitting under the jungle gym was no longer acceptable and neither was crying in public. I never really held the same friends for more than a couple of months. And they all usually ended very badly because as this kept happening I would get meaner and meaner to the people that would leave me. Mind you, I was still in grade school. I didn’t know why I would say these hurtful things to the people that I wanted to be my friends, but looking back it was because I wanted them to hurt as much as they were hurting me. By the age of 11 I found a sadistic relief in self harm. I didn’t do it for attention. I did it because it was real. I could put this metaphysical pain into


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

something physical. It was in front of my eyes and for some reason that brought a sense of relief. In my troubled mind it was as if I could forget the emotional pain now that I had a reason to feel physical pain. This progressed for years. I became a nastier and more volatile child. By high school I was drinking all the time. My scars were like a scrap book of my painful experiences and I was terrified of anyone finding them. This was something that plagued my everyday living because I had scars all over my body. They all varied from new scabs to dark purple scars to ghostly gray lines that were

It scared me what they were starting to fade. It felt like if they faded it meant the pain I had felt was not real. Invalid, like a bad dream. Just after I turned 17 I had a really bad wave of depression and I did a lot of damage to the side of my thigh. This one was not easy to cover up. It was bad and a lot of the cuts were so deep that they opened up wider than any others. This scared me even more than the other scars fading. I wrapped it up as I usually did. The next day I didn’t even think twice I went to my best friend and showed her my leg. She had known that I self mutilated for years, even though I never talked

about it. She didn’t say anything. She grabbed my hand and walked me to the school counselor’s office. I cried the entire way. I was astonished because I hadn’t cried in years. I could never bring myself to cry and now I was crying like a baby. I’d been in similar situations before where the school counselor brings up my scars or tries to get me to talk to her about my self-mutilation but it was always to no avail. This time was different though. I walked in there with the intentions of getting help. I was there because I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t want to. I wanted to stop hurting. That day I felt more relief than any blade had ever given me. It took a lot of work to crawl out of that depression and anxiety and fear and self loathing. It took time and effort, but now almost 4 years later I can say that the urge to self harm hasn’t crossed my mind in a very, very long time. I have accepted the pain that I felt as a child and my fading scars don’t faze me. Even the last ones that I ever made are now just ghostly white lines that become fainter and fainter with each passing day. I’m okay with this now. My scars don’t define me. I define my scars and they’re meanings are no longer significant to who I am today.

I have accepted the pain that I felt as a child and my fading scars don’t faze me. 33


starting to fade.

Featured Designer





oe Marcellino is the name behind handcrafted handbags in Huntington, Long Island, New York owning and operating“Marcellino New York Leathercraft” for the past six years. He designs and crafts custom leather hand bags right in his home studio. Mr. Marcellino may have become a big name in the leather hand crafting business, but he did not originally aspire to be in the field of design. Before his career as a designer and craftsman, Marcellino and his father were co owners of their family restaurant for about a decade while also teaching at Queensborough Community College. Joe originally wanted to peruse teaching and was working towards earning his PHD. He was studing at a European Graduate School in Switzerland for about a year until a personal matter brought him back to his home in New York.

feature des Marcellino

At the age of 40, Marcellino left his position at the restaurant and began his new career of crafting leather into beautiful creations. His wife who had been in the industry for over 20 years prior gave him the inspiration to make his passion into a new career opportunity. Marcellino is self taught like many craftsman tend to be. He started his hobby around the house in the early 2000s and would start making hand bags professionally in 2010. When he started working with leather, Joe soon discovered his skills of bag replication. After mastering this, the idea of creating custom quality pieces, was an easy decision for his brand.

Creating custom bags with the best quality materials is what Marcellino New York Leathercraft is known for and what Joe strives to achieve with every bag he makes. Customers come to him with dimentions, colors, shapes, finishes and exact specifications then the process of building the bag begins. Every single bag is custom made so you cannot find any of the designs anywhere else. Marcellino creates all of the designs himself. He either


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

crafts his custom designs, which are hand stitched, all in his home studio on Long Island. The beautiful highland locks and combo locks are imported from Italy.

One of his most unique bags he makes is the Genie. This design is made from the highest quality English Bridal Leather that is tanned in America with the structure of a cross body. The inside consists of a black and chestnut lining, a brace chain strap to carry, and is completed with a dhur lock and a horse handle made from solid brass that was carved in India. Marcellino’s hand bags currently are only available on his website and at the Golden Nugget Hotel located in New Jersey and Las Vegas. For more information and more designs, please visit Joe Marcellino’s website at www.marcellinony.com.



signer joe o


feature des Marcellino


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



signer joe o


feature de Marcellin


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



esigner joe no


Story of a Privileged Girl Gone Wrong. This is part III to my story. WARNING: sh*ts about to get real.


p to this point in my life, although I always partied, abused drugs, and hit a few “low points” over the years, I never truly hit an actual “rock bottom”. It was now 2013, I was a full blown heroin addict, using dope on a daily basis, and still managing to keep it hidden from my family. I was working for my father and even though I was slowly going down a path that I was not prepared for, I was still able to keep a some what “manageable” life. I was holding down a full time job (barely), making monthly payments on the brand new Honda Civic that I leased, and was still involved in my families lives. Little did I know, I was about to hit my first rock bottom and my entire life was about to drastically change. By the end of June 2013, my best friend started to grow concerned for my well being. I was starting to get worse and worse in my addiction and she was beginning to not even

recognize who I was. I remember clearly the day she sat me down in her room and told me that I was not me anymore. She said, “I see you, I hear you, but the person sitting in front of me is not you”. I remember begin confused. I did not understand why it was any of her business what I chose to do with my life. I didn’t realize the life I was starting to live was going to hurt the people who loved me. I thought that I wasn’t hurting anyone besides myself. Soon, my friend became so concerned that she went to my parents. She absolutely blew up my spot. At this point, my parents knew something was wrong, but they were not exactly sure what is was and hearing that it was heroin broke their hearts. I was completely ambushed one day at work. My father called me into his office, where I found him and my step mother sitting around his conference table with terrible looks on both of their faces. I had no idea that they knew for sure that I was using dope, so my first instinct was to deny everything. However, that did not work out because my friend forwarded my step mother actual

text messages of me admitting to my heroin use. I was once again being backed into a corner. My father gave me a choice, either I could go to detox and rehab or I was fired from my job and completely out of his life. Obviously I choose to go away, even though I knew at that point I was not even close to being ready to stop. But I did what I thought would make them happy and attended my very first heroin detox in July of 2013. I stayed there for 5 days, being heavily medicated on detox medications and ended up leaving there sicker than I was going in. After one day of being out, I went to my boy friend’s house and was experiencing a level of dope sick that I have never experienced before. I remember being curled up in a ball on his bed screaming at him to call the dealer. At first he didn’t want to because I just left a detox but eventually he caved and made the call. I spent the summer of 2013 in and out of 3 different drug facilities, one being the detox, and 2 being rehabs. I left both rehabs against medical advice (AMA) and by the end of the

She said,I see you,I

hear you,but the person

sitting in front of me is not you.

I ended up getting kicked out of the sober house for using and my mother took me back in, but not for long. My grandparents went away to Italy for 2 weeks, and since I got away with breaking into their home the last time they were away, I decided to do it again, but this time I went too far. Within 2 weeks I took the rest of the jewelry, all the cash in the house (about $800) and eventually started stealing their bank checks. I would write checks out to myself for cash and forge my grandmother’s signature. By the end of their 2 week vacation, I managed to steal over $3,000 from their bank account (that is not including the cash and jewelry I took as well). I somehow didn’t get caught right away. It wasn’t until I stole money from my younger brother’s bank account, using his debit card, that shit finally hit the fan. I was caught and my family knew everything. After I was confronted by my family, I admitted to everything and told them I needed help. My younger


summer I officially lost my job with my father and was being kicked out of my house. It was September 2013 when I was officially asked to leave my home, I was uninvited to my older brother’s wedding, and I began to hold resentments against my family members. I couldn’t believe they were all turning their backs on me. They believed they were giving me “tough love” but I was starting to feel abandoned. This is when I officially started to spiral out of control. I started living in a sober house with 12 other girls. You were supposed to be clean if you wanted to live there but I couldn’t stop... I didn’t want to stop. While my entire family went up-state in New York for my brother’s wedding, I proceeded to break into my grandparent’s house and stole almost all of their gold jewelry from Italy and pawned it for money to get high.

brother decided that he was going to take control of the situation and took it upon himself to try and detox me at home. It was completely miserable. He took my car keys, my phone and basically locked me in the house and dosed me with NyQuil for 3 days straight. My brother had faith in me and truly believed that with his help I could finally kick the habit for good. However, on the 4th day, I could not take the pain anymore and I caved. I snuck out of my house and had a friend drive me to my grandparents house one last time to steal another check so I could finally make the sickness go away. When I got home I didn’t tell my brother that I used and I continued to pretend to be sick for the next 2 days. Finally, my father broke the news to my brother after he checked my bank account and saw that I cash another check. My brother was devastated. He got really angry with me and told me that I wasn’t his sister anymore. I ended up getting kicked out of my house again and completely lost all communication with my father and brother. I ended up moving in with my boy friend and the 2 of us continued to live the junkie lifestyle. In November of 2013, I managed to rack up 4 tickets. 3 speeding tickets (going 96, 83, and 75 in a 55 mph zone) and one reckless driving ticket. At this point I did not have a real job, I was not paying my car lease, and I decided to ignore my traffic violations. I made my money for drugs by working for my drug dealer at his money laundering business. I would clean the entire place and I would act as a “secretary” while selling drugs to his customers who stopped by all day. That December, I was not speaking to my family for about 2 months now, I missed Thanksgiving, my birthday and I knew I wouldn’t be invited to Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I checked myself into Nassau University Medical Center Detox Unit.

I was planning on continuing on to their rehab facility, but once again left AMA and had my dealer come pick me up. I went right back to the lifestyle, living with my boy friend, not speaking to my family, working for a drug dealer, and driving around in a car that I did not make a payment on for months. The whole month of January 2014 was miserable. I knew I wasn’t living a good life and I knew I was not happy. I was becoming depressed and I just felt lost. Eventually, the dealer I was working for got arrested for possession (not selling) and was looking at facing a couple months in jail. I decided to take his arrest as a sign and decided that I wanted to try and change my life, but this time I would try something different. I called my father, for the first time in 3 months, and told him that I wanted to go back to rehab, but this time I

The Secrete Life of a Priviledged Girl Gone Wrong is an ongoing story of my personal life’s struggle battling addiction, lose, and losing my sense of self. I want to share my story with you in hopes that any young girl battling addiction can hopfully relate and see that she is not alone in her struggles. Also, putting my story out there for the world to see I hope will bring relization to sterotypes people have on addicts. Addiction does not care who you are, where you are from, what race your are, what gender, what relgion you practice, it can and it does happen to all types of people. I did not come from a broken home. I was not abused as a child. I was raised in a loving family, with parents and grandparents who taught me values and morals. But the

wanted to get far away from Long Island and go to a place where I couldn’t just walk out. My father was glad to hear this and he helped me get into a rehab facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My boy friend was not happy that I was leaving, but I knew I had to give myself a real chance at saving my life. So I packed up everything I had with my at his house, returned by car to the dealership (they were looking to repo it for months at this point), got into my father’s car, and boarded a plane to Florida. I remember feeling that I was going to get it this time, that everything was going to work out... but, unfortunately, I was once again very very wrong.

dieases of addiction still got me in its grips and held me down for years. My story is real and it is scary. My life has not been pretty. But in order to save another suffering addicts life, I must share my story to help prevent other girls from hitting the rock bottoms that I did. My hopes are to raise the next young addicts bottom, that she will get help before she has to experience the things I had to experience. No one deserves to live a miserable life and if you are struggling with addiction I want you to know that there is a way out and if you reach out for help there are people who have been exactly where are you and they are willing to help in anyway they can. With Love, C.M.S.


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Featured Designer

IS IT A BIRD OR A LEMON? Paulina Gueorguieva

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Does it sound like an incongruous combination? Not when it represents the artistic brand Pajarolimon of two Colombian sisters and designers fro Medellin.


oaming around the dozens of small, hip-like, organic, fair-trade, minimalist and design shops around the famous “Mitte” district in the center of Berlin, a distinctive sign appears - a white stylized sun on a black background with the name South Embassy. Entering the darkened store once enters into a different dimension and reality - the one of South America. Latin groove, dulcede-leche and matcha scent create the perfect atmosphere to transfer the regular Berlin tourist or customer into the sunny lands of South America. Without the jet-lag. Somewhere there in between the geometrically ornamented Colombian and Peruvian handcrafted wool rugs, the shelves of dark red Chilean wine and the alpaca sweaters lies a hidden treasure - it is gold, but it has a bunch of colors, it is shiny and yet matte gold, it is a gem or an earring? It is one of the many unusual and peculiar jewelry pieces designed by Marcela and Natalia Piedrahita. The small display showcase is arranged in an ultra minimal fashion with only several number of unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The two sisters cherish inspiration from nature, geometric shapes and uncommon textures. Both Natalia and Marcela have a love for fashion and design and have long being dreaming of working together to create a unique brand which can represent their perception of what is feminine and stylish should look like. There is also a unique story behind the choice of the brand name Pajarolimon. The young designers admit that they were deeply inspired and fascinated by the work of the famous Mexican painter and artist Frida Kahlo. She used to keep diaries with illustrated puns and usually some absurd drawings, a

result of her tortured mind. One of those wordplays was “pajarolimon” from “pajaro” and “limon” translated as bird and lemon from Spanish. Probably this is the reason why Pajarolimon jewelry has such a transcendent and timeless design - some of the pieces seem exactly like the ancient drawings of inca deities and cosmology symbols known in many of the primeval societies in South America. The designers are constantly seeking to avoid temporary trends or to rely on a single archetype or traditional design. They say they use their love of nature and all the spiritual forms of ancient civilizations in South America to create their innovative aesthetic design which seems both timeless and futuristic at the same time. The materials used in the craftsmanship of the jewelries vary from gold, silver as well as some Swarovski elements and crystals as well as locally sourced conflict-free gemstones for their stone products. The production takes place locally, in Medellin, Colombia and it is overseen meticulously by the two sisters Marcela and Natalia. They’ve chosen to introduce their jewelry straight into the heart of Europe, Berlin through an agency importing contemporary artistic works of other little known, but talented South American designers. Berlin is a city known for decades to carry a constantly changing and somehow living spirit where past and present, east and west meet in a giant hodgepodge of different cultures, religions, social and political movements and truly open minded and freespirited people. Hence it is not surprising that the little gems of the two Colombian artists are so well accepted there.


Photos courtesy of pajarolimon.com



Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016


Photos courtesy of pajarolimon.com





Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



Photos courtesy of pajarolimon.com

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Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

Virginia deGuzman


“I most of all want the satisfaction that I’ve helped people in expressing who they are.” Remy Low was born in Adelaide, Australia. From a young age, she started her passion for fashion through costume. However, Adelaide is not quite the first place that comes to mind for the creativity breathing design world. In order to pursue her dream, Remy had to move closer to the city for one advantage: her dream to give herself as much opportunity to launch her own label. “I started making clothes for myself from quite young, although they certainly weren’t very good!” Fast forward to her late teens, Remy low attended Tafe SA for her first degree in costume. While the first degree was a huge leap to learn more about the industry, Remy realized that the fashion industry within the costume and film industry was not for her. It took a four-year break before Remy went on for her next degree in fashion design.

The aesthetic that Remy works around is that she wants clothes that fit everyone– no matter what gender or shape they are. This reflects her personal life as she dresses androgynously and is a problem to find clothing that is gender-neutral and comfortable. This inspired Renegade. “I felt like the name expressed that if someone wanted something a bit different, a bit daring, that I was the one to come to. This has certainly been the underlying theme as I’ve started to develop ideas for a readyto-wear range.” The purpose of Renegade is to help people express who they are. When looking in a department store, it is common to see a men’s section and a woman’s section. Renegade wants to change this stigma and open doors to people who may not want to fit into certain names. “Another driving force for starting to make my own garments was that I struggled to find clothing that fit and suited me because I’ve got quite an unusual body shape… Making and altering clothes to fit me became quite the hobby.” Remy Low still has her whole life ahead of her. For every client she gets, she makes sure that every garment fits exactly. While this is her first label, this will not be the last of Remy Low.

“I’ve always loved making costumes for myself; becoming a different person is both a challenge and a reward.”




n a world where people are not fitting into cut categories, it is hard for the new generation of people to find pieces to build their own style. Remy Low, Australian born and raised, finds it hard to find clothing that is gender neutral and comfortable, and most of all: fits great. This inspired her first clothing line Renegade.



Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016




Dressing for different occasions


Alice York

at the beach

casual outting

business casual

For the beach, you can pretty much wear what you want within reason! If it is a nude beach, there are no limits. If there are children around, then I suggest covering the bare minimum. Make sure that your clothing of choice is not too tight or too loose, and wearing sunscreen is recommended if you want to keep your skin looking healthy.

You can wear what you want, however sometimes there are better clothes for better situations. Make sure that clothes fit correctly and that it is not showing what you don’t want to show. For example, I have a whole routine to figure out if those black leggings are see through or not. Unless it is a style you are going for, clothes that fit great that are not too loose or tight wins! For short shorts, usually butts that don’t spill out from the bottom are the most comfortable in the crotch area. If you are active in the warm weather, side boobage may not be your best friend. While some people have an issue with ‘too much skin’, just think about the context of what you are wearing where. For example, the bralette might be cute for shopping with friends– but maybe it should not be worn alone if you are in a sit down restaurant with your family.

I don’t care what looks good or not, but this category has rules. No sneakers, no jeans, no this, no that... You get the point. On top of that, there is a difference between tight and form fitting. A skirt can look great on you and show off curves, but a short skirt that you have to pull down every 20 seconds is distracting to your workflow.

Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

“I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” — Said everyone, always For many like me, there is are so times where I feel like I don’t have the right clothes for certain events. The media keeps pushing and pulling at what is in style, on trend, and inappropriate. While ‘sexy vs slutty’ is an enabler for woman to say, “I don’t care what others think, I can wear what I want!” I am here to just give a little push in a more appropriate direction of what you can be wearing for different occasions.

black tie 1. malia top $98 frankiesbikinis.com 2. denim shirt dress $36 venus.com 3. boucle blazer $168.00 bananarepublic.gap.com 4. calvin klein short jacket $79.98 bonton.com 5. shail k kl3214 fitted cocktail dress $197.99 frenchnovelty.com

western business

This one is a fine line between right and wrong. If you are unsure on how to wear your makeup, then try to make it look like you are not wearing makeup. If ballgowns have many cut outs, make sure you get tape so the edges of the cutouts do not sag. See through clothes? Take a note from the celebs and wear a nude bodysuit under it. Unless your goal is to slip a part of your body out to the public, then a body suit may minimize the chances of this happening. As for the guys, I will stress again about white socks, but please try the bow ties! They are fun, sexy, and classy!


For some reason, this one is my favorite! Slightly longer dresses, skirts, suits and ties, slacks, heels, these are things that look great on everyone! Although guys, wearing white gym socks with dress shoes doesnt cut it. Everything about that is just wrong. Not sure how to put together a WBA look? A dear friend of mine said she got her amazing work looks from bluntly asking Google “woman suit” or “woman colored blouse”! She says that the stock images helped her figure out what colors and patterns work together. You can also try this with Pinterest or my favorite tv show: Suits. As with other fashion trends, there are new mens and womens styles for western business out every day!



Ionita By Ana


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



n the 50s it was customary, as well as respectful, to always wear a hat outdoors. Nowadays, if we look around, we can see that just like in the past, a trendy hat is a key accessory to top off our style.

Headwear is actually a very practical element, especially when it’s too cold or too warm outside, isn’t it? But the truth is that, besides checking the forecast, many ladies also check the latest fashion trends before wearing a hat. Well, women love fashion and they definitely want to look over the best hats and accessories for 2016 summer season before wearing one. So, here they are.



The Best Adventures Begin with a Wide Brimmed Hat

Everyone Should Own a Classic Panama Hat

The truth is that head accessories are a must-have this summer, and if you want your free spirit to be noticed, there is no better choice than a chic brimmed hat. What kind of brimmed hat? Well, you can go for a mahogany one, with a ribbon wrapped around, or you can be wilder and choose yellow instead. Just make sure you wear the widest, brimmed hat you can find!

Just like the classic pair of jeans every lady should have, the Panama hat is something you must add to your wardrobe. Not only is this hat fashionable and tasteful, but it is also very easy to match. This means that you don’t have to be a fashionista to create the perfect outfit around it!

Relax, Sunbathe and Wear a Straw Hat

Stay Classy and Wear a Headscarf this Summer

You can’t possibly think about summer, and holiday without imagining yourself wearing a chic straw hat. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an everyday fedora or a Coachella cowboy; summer cannot begin if you don’t have the perfect straw hat! How to choose “the one”? Well, wear whatever screams, “Cab, here I come!”

You can’t wear a hat daily, but you still need to protect you hair during the entire sunny season, don’t you? Whether you choose to tie it under the chin like in the 50s or you prefer styling it as a turban, a headscarf is always a good choice.

Make a Statement without Saying a Word: Wear a Boater Hat! Made of straw with a ribbon wrapped around, the stylish boater hat not only keeps the sun away from your beautiful skin, but it also offers the stylish, elegant touch any casual outfit needs.

Feeling Comfy and Stylish with the Trendy Baseball Cap Though it started as part of the traditional baseball uniform, the cap is now included in many casual outfits. Not only does it offer comfort and protection, but the baseball cap is also a popular manner of embellishing your look, this summer.


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

Protecting your skin from harmful rays, as well as shielding your eyes and hair are necessary during the summer days. Fortunately, hats and accessories are not only practical but also chic and fashionable. So, if you are not doing that already, it’s time to begin experimenting with headwear!


1. French Connection Wide Brimmed Natural Fedora Hat $41.00 www. ASOS.com, 2. Eddie Bauer Women’s Packable Straw Hat $28.00 www. eddiebauer.com, 3. BDG Felt Boater Hat $42.00 www.urbanoutfitters. com 4. Faux Suede Baseball Cap in Navy $16.95 www.sohogirl.com 5. August Accessories Panama Hat $64.00 www1.bloomingdales.com 6. Bohemian Scarf Head Scarf $23.00 www.etsy.com


Germina Dela Cruz



ith all the anniversary and wedding post on social media nowadays it seems that having no partner makes some of us feel left out. For many years I chose to be single even if that means third wheeling to my best friends, seating at the back of their partner’s car. People often tells me not to waste my precious time having fun and get boyfriend as fast as I can. As much as I want to think of that way, I always thought, “What’s the fun with that? Isn’t spending your days, weeks or even years to the wrong person is the actual waste of time?” Perhaps this belief came from reading fairytales when we were kids. We want to be the damsel in distress archetype; a princess who’s waiting for her prince in a white horse to save her. Sorry to disappoint you but life is not a fairytale. Alone is different from being lonely and I’ll tell you now that being single is not a bad thing at all, in fact it is actually awesome. Being single didn’t kill me and so do you.


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016


ONE AD Girls Only


Girls Only

STRONG SENSE OF SELF Once you have been in a long relationship and suffer from a bad break up, most people feel like they don’t have a choice but to look for someone that will make them complete again. However, there are so many future relationships that have been destroyed because of bringing unresolved issues from one relationship to the next. One could lose sight of who they really are when they start a close romantic relationship with another person; they try to define their identity to the other. Being alone is a unique opportunity to know ourselves such as our strengths and weaknesses. It will let you learn about skills and talents you may have forgotten or didn’t know exist. You will become independent, confident and knowing what you are capable of.

FINDING YOUR PASSION Singles have fewer distractions; in fact research suggests that people with no partner may enjoy their 9-5 work than couples do. My previous relationship made an enormous distraction in my life to the point of me almost failing my exams before. Being unattached with someone made me explore what I really want to do with my life. Pursue your passions because in order to become successful is to love what you do. Developing your career is so important especially in a younger age than having a romantic relationship.

RICHER FRIENDSHIPS We all have that one friend having amnesia for some reason and nowhere to be found because of her romantic escapades. The more we invest in enriching connections with other people, the happier and contented our life will be. Use this time to deepen your relationship with your friends and make unforgettable memories together.

BE PATIENT Being single is not a curse or a failure; it allows us to be the best person we can be. When you start to love yourself, you will have this ability to know what your heart is telling you. Finding someone who will accept your flaws and love you the way you are can take months and years. Do not stress in finding someone, it will take time. Just be patient, you’ll know if he’s the right one. Embrace solitude and start your journey to self discovery. Travel alone; learn different cultures, idea and places. The best way to meet your Prince charming is when you have the confidence and the independence to stand on your own two feet rather than being a fragile confuse princess that needs saving.


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016


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Girls Only

How the Media Has a Negative Effect on Young Women’s Self-Esteem & Body Image, and How We Can Overcome This Ana Ionita

The negative effects media has on women’s self-esteem and image have been discussed and debated for decades. There is no doubt that media also has positive consequences, but the useful part of talking about the negative aspects is that we can find solutions and overcome the issues. The Effect of a Thin-Ideal Media Beauty sells and nobody can argue with this statement. If we spend time reading magazines, watching TV or just going through our Facebook


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

feeds, we notice that most of the

media has on their body confidence?

take responsibilities for promoting an

time, beauty is associated with body

It is difficult not to have issues when

unrealistic image of both men and

weight, especially when it comes to

we are constantly exposed to the



perfect images provided by Facebook or Instagram, and supported by the

Changing the may women are

There are few celebrities and,

multitude of filters and photo editing

portrayed by the media is not easy,

even fewer fashion models whose

options available out there. With

and it is definitely going to take

popularity and wealth are not

all these, there is no doubt that too

a while. However, the standards

strongly related to their beauty and

much time spent on social networks

of beauty and the thin ideal are

body weight. Unfortunately, the

can only lead to self-objectifying and

definitely being reshaped. And

majority of them gain their fame

other negative consequences.

that brings us hope for the future

thanks to their looks and to the diet they follow. Otherwise, how did

generations and for ourselves. The Effects of Poor Body Image

Instagram become what it is today?

But we can’t just wait until the war is won, can we? Trying to make small

What are the effects? Well,

So, what are the exact effects media

changes, on an individual level, is

everything begins with young ladies

has on young women? Well, they

also mandatory. But how can women

worrying about the way they look.

actually depend on their personality,

improve their broken self-esteem?

Now, it is normal for a person to take

on how strong or weak they are. But

Well, focusing on accomplishments

care of herself, but does this mean

the majority of ladies seem to think

and good qualities is a pretty

that it is OK for five-year-old girls to

their bodies are inadequate and to

good start. There are too many

worry about their appearance?

become very preoccupied with diets.

ladies spend too much time hating

If some might think that banning little

The worse part is that they are far

themselves, instead of taking care of

girls from mass media is the solution,

from being worried about their health

their body and mind, aren’t there?

they should think again because

and the diets they follow are usually

In addition, spending time with

they are not the only victims. Adults

very harmful.Of course, these effects

people who love us, instead of

are not immune from these negative

tend to feed the low self-esteem and

wasting it on social media networks

aspects. Women who are far from

low self-confidence.

looking at what strangers do, is a

the standards imposed usually feel

fantastic treatment. What’s next? Well, eating disorders

And if there is more than low self-

probably why cosmetic surgeries are

and poor body image can easily lead

esteem to deal with, psychotherapy

so popular nowadays, isn’t it?

to wrong decisions and contribute to

or other mental health treatment

anxiety, depression, substance abuse,

should be taken into consideration.

and many mental issues.

Anxiety, depression or eating

Why don’t we stop? The truth is that

disorders not only rob women of

Some might say that we can all

these negative feelings help many

the joy and happiness they deserve

decide not to watch TV or read

companies sell their products. Yes,

but they are serious conditions that

magazines, but is this the solution?

the sad aspect of life is that some

should be treated.

Are we all going to stop using social

people’s anxieties are the reason

media networks, too? Since social

why others became richer and richer.

Seeing the World Through a Filter


ashamed of the way they look. This is

media is actually the main way people communicate, especially when

How We as Women Can Overcome

they live far from they families, or


work in front of a computer all day, this might not be the best answer.

Even though many companies take

But how can people, especially

advantage of our fears and anxieties,

women, deal with the effect social

there are current efforts to make them


beauty beauty health beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty health health health health health health health health beauty health beauty health beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty

beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty health


Is it true? I thought Oil was for cooking? BY NADIA BERCOVICH


omebody tell me the truth! There is so much information out there about which oils are great, and which are basically evil, but what is the difference? and what should we focus on? Natural oils, such as coconut, olive, avocado and even essential oils of all kinds, each have their unique properties, and most of them are useful for various purposes, but the most important factor here that no one seems to mention, is the intuition you have about your own skin. No one knows your beautiful body like yourself. I personally advocate for coconut oil, as it feels the lightest and most clean when applied, it also has excellent absorption, which means, It can be used as face moisturizer! Coconut oil is also amazing for our luscious legs, it works as shaving cream and lotion all in one, it will really dig deep into those dried up layers of tissue, that regular creams, do not usually get to. Coconut oil is also antibacterial, feel free to use it on small cuts, to soften scars, and even to brush your teeth! You might have heard of “oil pulling� this refers to swishing the oil around in your mouth for 30 seconds, and as it passes through your gums, your entire blood circulation system will get an immune boost! Another crucial factor to keep in mind when using oils, is that less is way more! I mean it! There is a fine line between softening your skin, and completely breaking out! so when using powerful natural oils, we need to be mindful of the doses. Usually, a small dab on your index finger is enough for our face, neck and shoulders. It is also best to apply it when our porous are closed, so not right after your shower

when they are open and breathing, but about 30 minutes later. I believe some of the people who stopped using oils in their beauty routines, were using too much of it, and perhaps lost faith in these miracles from mother earth! But you will get really good at perfecting the amount after a few uses, and I am confident you will love them! Switching it up is a good trick too! Our skin love diversity, olive oil is a great replacement, and it works very well in an alternating pattern with the coconut oil. Treat heavier oils such as olive, or avocado, for a once a month special treatment, think perhaps a deep hair conditioner, or a deep-tissue leg massage. Remember our skin is our largest organism, and when it absorbs products, they go right into our system. Would you eat a spoonful of some shelf lotion? You can definitely eat a spoonful of coconut oil, it tastes great, and it even aids with a bit of weight loss, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. My last tip is to invest in good quality oils, try to get organic, first pressed, uncooked oils, they are usually only a few dollars more than the hyper processed. Also just organic would be great! $1015 for a big jar which should last you a 4-6 months, even if you are using it as a full body moisturizer daily. I hope you enjoy playing with these options.

Coconut oil is also amazing for our luscious legs, it works as shaving cream and lotion all in one, it will really dig deep into those dried up layers of tissue...

Sar aK . Eg


Homemade beauty hacks that will save your look this season The beauty of homemade beauty products - excuse the word play - is more than just the ability to keep things simple and budget-friendly. It’s exciting to whip up your own miracle mix, and knowing just what went into it is more important than ever nowadays. Produce custom goodies like face rejuvenators, anti-flyaway treatments, skin soothers, and bath boosters that can all be found right in your cupboards at home. Grab your supplies and prepare to become an instant beautician!

Facial spritzers Have you ever seen those expensive facial toning and moisturizing sprays that are basically just mineral water in a fancy bottle? Well, you can make it yourself, with extra benefits, for a sliver of the cost. Simply get some mineral water, and you can add any number of revitalizing, helpful ingredients to jolt its power. Not only is this economical, but it brings peace of mind with knowing what exactly you’re spraying on your face and body. Price aside, other spritzers, toners and moisturizers on the market are often loaded with junk and fillers, making them not only virtually useless, but sometimes drying, irritating, or worse. Make your own: Combine rose water, lavender oil and mineral water into a plastic spray bottle for a flowery, soft sensation for your skin. Pump up your mood and energy with a soothing citrus cooler of orange oil and lemongrass extract swirled into the water. Lastly, try peppermint and tea tree oils together for an invigorating treat. Essential oils can be found at natural goods stores and in organic beauty sections, so you can also enjoy experimenting with different divine combinations yourself.

Make your own: Pretend you’re vacationing on a Caribbean island with a glow-inducing pineapple and coconut water toner and brightener, which you can leave on for a few minutes. It won’t feel like a regular mask, but will get the job done. Use pineapple in a juice or puree form, depending on the thickness desired. Feel free to stir a touch of coconut oil into the mix for added moisture. Continue your island adventure with a fruity mashup of pureed mango, shea butter, and pomegranate juice. This trio is cleansing, hydrating, and just like the prior combo - you’ll be drooling at the smell of it. Save some of the ingredients to prepare yourself a nutritious juice boost on the side!


Fresh face “masks” We’ve all heard about making nourishing masks at home with easy ingredients from the kitchen, right? Probably because they really do work, despite perhaps being a bit messy and sometimes smelling a little strange. Depending on what you put into your magic potion, your body will benefit in various ways. Today we’re going to extend beyond the usual clumpy concoctions though, to give you some new and transforming ideas to work with - no clay required!

Super handy oils! We’ve already covered a couple of the finest oils for your bod, coconut oil and shea butter, but don’t forget about olive, tea tree and jojoba oils either. Some you may have hanging around the house already, while others are available at most grocery or health food stores. Instead of using chemical-filled bubble bath, pour several drops of oil into the tub for a sensuous and scented in-home spa. The same thing goes for conditioner. Your hair will never have felt better, but be careful about how much you use, based on what type of hair and skin you have, especially in wetter summer months. After a long, hot day out in the sun, stirring aloe vera oil (or juice) into your bath water is the perfect way to wind down, and nurse any sunburn. Remember that these universal wonder oils can also substitute for lotion, perfume, face cream - for very dry skin - and even taming loose locks on dry hair. Go wild with them!


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016



VIRGINIA DEGUZMAN social media | design | photography | mix media behance.net/virginia_deguzman


health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health health


Types of Eating Disorders Anorexia Nervosa Deliberate starvation and/or highly restrictive eating, persistent fear of gaining weight, distorted body image, continuous dieting, abnormal weight loss, absent or irregular menstruation.

Bulimia Nervosa Binge eating, usually in secret, vomiting after bingeing, abuse of laxatives, diuretics, and diet pills, denial of hunger or consumption of drugs to induce vomiting, compulsive exercise.

Binge Eating Disorder Consumption of large amounts of food in a small period of time followed by physical discomfort and emotional distress, significant abnormal weight gain. Recovery is a process involving small steps forward and often times a few steps back. It involves facing yourself, learning to confront the hard stuff, finding your voice, and learning to love yourself. There is no way to go through the process without feeling. You can’t heal what you don’t feel, as I often tell my clients. I like to think of it as a journey to a healthier, happier you. I believe that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Whether you decide to celebrate and acknowledge yourself is your choice. I hope you do.

Catherine Provenzano, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist, who utilizes an eclectic approach to treatment. Her office is located in Port Jefferson, NY. She has worked extensively with individuals who struggle with anxiety, eating disorders, chronic illness and loss. For further information, visit: www.catherineprovenzanolcsw.com DESIGNED BY WIN-KYE CHEONG


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

Satisfying summer treats for the ultimate refreshment Sara K. Egan


It’s no surprise that summertime foods are worlds different than what you’d choose to indulge in during winter, but your appetite may not be quite the same either. When heavy humidity rolls in and the thermometer goes wild, sometimes the best antidote is a nice, light and simple snack or drink that will not only gently please your belly but quench your thirst. In other words, a cooling and hydrating, nutritional little pick-meup. You’re in good hands here, because we’ve got plenty of fruity, fresh ideas up our sleeve to cure your sweet tooth, hit that savory craving, and cool you down so you can keep on smoothly sailing through the summer months.


Infused water oasis

The trendiest drink out there this season has got to be infused water, but don’t fall for any of the many unhealthy, sugary fakes trying to act like this genius refreshment. The safest bet is to make some yourself at home, with your favorite fruits or even flowers! Use juicy berries like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for a rich, caressing flavor and an energizing, colorful combo. Try basic lemon or lime water for a cleansing refresher, or get fancier with jasmine flowers for a drink that looks as pretty as it smells. Other tea-inspired creations are also a fun trick, especially ones like flowering teas, served ice-cold of course. The winning features of drinks like these is their subtle flavor and hint of sweetness, without being too overpowering. Serve infused water to guests in lieu of a regular pitcher of water, and you’re sure to be named the hostess with the mostest!


Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

Hydrating fruit and veggie snacks


Staying hydrated is key in summertime, and that goes beyond just what we drink. Certain fruits and veggies can help with that too, and when served with a satisfying dip and a healthy crunch they can be the ultimate recharging snack. Try the mouthwatering combo of cherry tomatoes and hummus with whole wheat crackers, or the childhood classic of celery and organic peanut butter. Apple and nectarine or peach slices with Greek yogurt and pumpkin seeds makes for a deliciously sweet treat or even a nutritious dessert. And we can’t forget good ol’ watermelon, which is perfect and summery all on its own, and being mostly made of water anyway, doesn’t even require a beverage with it.


Healthy smoothies and milkshakes

Coconuts and bananas are tropical standbys, and there’s a reason for it. Nothing tastes quite as heavenly on the hottest of days than a creamy beverage with flavors so luscious that all the hovering heat and sticky humidity is instantly forgotten about. You can combine them (coconut milk is ideal) for a soothing health boost, and mix in vanilla ice cream if you want to step it up a notch. Stock up on antioxidants and change the pace a bit with more tartness via a cranberry rhubarb cooler smoothie, and add plain frozen yogurt to bring it to milky new heights. Finally, nettle juice, despite being delightfully grassy by itself, with carrot becomes chock-full of earthy goodness. Sprinkle black pepper on top and a splash of lemon juice for your own special version of V8. Feel free to get creative by making your own fruit, veggie, herb and spice blends - for your health, and for the ultimate refreshment!


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Reflection Magazine | Aug 2016

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Hello readers! Its been a busy month putting together this beautiful third edition! Theres a treat in store for you with this one. We have...

Reflection Issue III  

Hello readers! Its been a busy month putting together this beautiful third edition! Theres a treat in store for you with this one. We have...