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To anyone who has ever felt that they have a purpose in this world.




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Great Eco-friendly polishes for summer by Priti and Zoya

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Photo: Chaz Cruz 06


Letter Although I have always felt connected to the environment and made an effort to recycle and conserve, it wasn’t until I was in my twenties, and living on my own, that I really began embracing and understanding sustainability. As a young woman, I initially found it difficult to avoid getting hypnotized by what the media’s idea of the “ideal” twenty-something should look like or how they should dress. At a time when I was subjected not only to my own self-discovery, but the transition of living in Southern California, I found myself trying to fit in by purchasing beauty products, shoes, and new outfits in the effort of shaping my personality- or at least my image. It was frankly intimidating at times seeing so many beautiful people, let alone having so many potential places to shop. I found that although I felt excitement at the register while buying these things, the high didn’t withstand my buyer’s remorse nor did it make me any happier about myself. I began modeling at twenty-three and became intensely inspired by composition, wardrobe styling and all the creative people and independent designers that I was working with. When hired to work on a shoot, I wore hand-stitched designs by indie fashion designers, and when I needed to express myself or collaborated with photographers, I started to embrace second-hand clothing stores fell in lust with vintage. This experience really made me more aware of my consumption and allowed me to embrace things that were already used- vintage or second hand clothing- curbing me away from buying trendy pieces from the “fast fashion” capital-- the shopping mall. Bringing the enlightenment of sustainability into my world not only made my life more fulfilling, it also inspired me to share this enlightenment with others. I decided to foster these passions and creative energies into a magazine that offers an alternative read. One that reports exclusively on ethical fashion, social awareness, and people making a difference in their communities. Although there are many people who would like to “go green”, it seems that there are so many misconceptions of the phrase. It is the goal of this magazine to educate consumers with a greater understanding of the importance of sustainability and provide them with no-waste/less wasteful alternatives and the tools required to make more eco-friendly decisions at the register. Our planet needs us now more than ever. Instead of trending towards selfishness and greed, we need to unify- take better care of the environment, the people within our communities, and learn about more harmonious ways to consume and create for the future. I’m hoping a magazine like REFIX can contribute to this. Please enjoy this humble attempt to inspire and enlighten others. Love,



consumer ethics Article: Andrea Krystine. Photo: Emily Sandifer. Model: Lani. Styling: Unnur- unnur.com.



What does it really mean to be an “ethical consumer”? Really, it can mean a lot of things! As consumers we have a great impact on economic trends: As independent peeps, we tend to focus on products that enhance our fabulous lives; as “marrieds” we have a great deal of influence on our mate’s appearance and the items they purchase; as parents we makedecisions that effect all of our family members and their future consumption habits. What we must always keep in mind is that many of these product choices can either negatively or positively effect our environment, increasing our individual carbon footprint. To be certain we take dainty, little carbon steps -leaving minimal waste-- we must become more aware of the products we purchase as well as their lifecycle and origin. Before you pick up a product or make an impulsive purchase, try to imagine the products’ benefit, its effect on the environment, the amount of use you will get out of that product, and its disposal. It is not to say that every single thing that you buy should come in a recycled package, contain no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. To be quite honest, although more and more companies are now adopting sustainable practices, it can difficult at times to find an eco-alternative for what we have been taught for many years to consume!

In my humble opinion, it is all about balance. If a product brings forth more benefit than it does damage to the environment, then it is most likely a better choice. To be more aware of your purchasing habits and to make shifts concerning those habits [towards saving energy and utilizing products that minimize our carbon influences] are GREAT contributions! It’s also very important to be more knowledgeable about labels and the ingredients that are in the products we buy. Must I make a reference to the phrase “you are what you eat”? We need to be more aware of what we put in and on our face, our body... OUR SKIN! The key is to be more observant-- and I’m not talking about how short that chick’s skirt was, or how trashy her makeup looked. [Quite frankly, if it was eco-friendly, came in a recycled cardboard package, and donated a percentage of its procedes to relief efforts -- more power to her!] We research the schools we want to go to, the “potentials” we would like to date (thanks to facebook), and the vacations we would like to take… how about paying more attention to the things we often take for granted? The stuff that we are exposed to on the daily.

THE GOAL is to maintain a positive balance within the products we use to survive, maintain health, keep up with current trends, and look great! Per the handy Gorgeously Girl App (a great shopping buddy), here’s an example of some top “red alert” chemicals, commonly found in beauty/hygiene products, that should be avoided: 1) Coal Tar (found in some toothpastes) 2) Fragrance (often contain hormone-disrupting chemicals) 3) Hydroquinone (found in skin lighteners/facial moisturizers) 4) Aluminum (found in deodorants and in cosmetics as color additives) 5) Triciosan (used in anti-bacterial products) 6) P-Phenylendiamin, 1, 4 Benzenediamine, and p-Phenyldiamin, and 4-Phenylenediamine (chemicals found in hair dyes) 7) Lead and Mercury (difficult to detect- *tip: look for lead-free lipsticks) For more in-depth green product tips, check out gorgeouslygreen.com.



What is Green Fashion Anyways


It’s definitely time for our generation to become more involved when it comes to sustainability and contributing to our environment. In addition to recycling, using less water, walking or taking public transportation, the types of clothing you buy can also greatly minimize your carbon footprint. Fashion may be considered a vanity or “faux-paus” when it comes to being eco-conscious, but it’s actually much more important than we realize. The decisions we make as consumers effect the economy and how it runs. If we purchase and demand more eco-conscious products, more and more companies will have to supply them. A greater demand, in turn, will decrease the prices of these products eventually making them the market standard. So what is green fashion anyways? Well, they are most commonly described in these four groups...

Photos: Chaz Cruz



1. Eco Friendly : Eco-friendly fashion inflicts minimal to no harm on the environment and generally refers to renewable products. An example of this would be bamboo. Bamboo is a highly renewable grass. It has natural antibacterial properties and the fabric “breathes�. Textiles made from bamboo are also biodegradable.

2. Recycled and Reconstructed :

Recycled/Reconstructed fashion makes something old something new again. Typically, recycled clothing is of thrift shop or vintage origin. Designers take these once used pieces, and reconstruct them to create beautiful, new works of art.

3. Sustainable : Sustainable fashion is ethical fashion that is typically concerned with harmonizing economic, environmental and social aspects in their prodution. Sustainability refers to maintaining ecological processes and productivity into the future.

4. Organic : Organic fashion is produced with non-synthetic materials that are grown without the use of toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers. An example of this would be organic cotton.

For more info on ethical fashion, visit www.ecologiquefashion.com



a refinedfixAtion Photography By Emily Sandifer

Hair // Makeup: Julia LoVetere Art Direction: Andrea Krystine Model: Kaet Lane Wardrobe Stylists: Andy Montano & Emily Brushey Accessories: Micha Design // www.michadesign.com 12


Gold silver multi-strand chain earrings, Micha Design; Available at www.michadesign.com 13


Vintage watch face necklace and vintage multi-chain braid necklace, Micha Design; Available at www.michadesign.com 14






Green and blue mixed media braid cluster choker, Micha Design; Available at www.michadesign.com 17


Recycled pearl and charm necklace, Micha Design; Available at www.michadesign.com





Recycled bow and chain choker, Micha Design; Available at www.michadesign.com 20


It is easy being green.

Make your own clothes or accessories! DIYs are always fun. What’s even cooler about them is that in doing-it-yourself you are generally making something for cheaper than you would buy at the store.. AND because it is made by your two hands it’s personalized to your liking. Talk about expressing yourself. Make your own uniqueness today! Check out these fashionable DIY books for fun projects you can do at home: Custom Couture by Helene Le Berre DIY Fashion by Selena Francis-Bryden

Shop your local -or- seasonal farmers’ markets! For the freshest and yummiest fruits, veggies, and other foods, the best way to go is the farmer’s market. The products are grown locally, so you know you are always getting the freshest foods. Also, since you are buying local, you know that the products are not being shipped or transported from far distances, saving the earth from carbon pollution. she wore a rasberry beret. citrus gold!

Go Vintage! (or second-hand) Instead of heading to the mall for a cool new outfit, check out vintage and second-hand stores first. There you will find unique clothes that never go out of style. Swap Meets are also cool places to find unique threads. Support your community and find one near you! 21


breathe in, breathe out.

Embrace Nature.

When you are feeling stressed out with the hussle, bussle, or 9-5 work sched, get out and get a breather! Instead of shop therapy, try some nature-therapy. Medition or quiet time at a beach or park may be just the right medicine to get you all re-energized and feeling like you again. There are also numerous yoga classes that offer a calm from the storms of life. Many of which offer outdoor classes that let you ohm-away right there amongst the elements. please don’t poison me.

Say ‘NO’ to plastic!

I know, I know... almost everything is made of plastic nowadays [collectively we are working on shifting all that], but when you don’t have to use it try not to. Plastic releases toxins into the environment, not to mention your body. When you do have to use plastic, watch out for PVC, otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride. It is not commonly accepted in curbside recycling programs and has been known to cause reproductive problems in humans.

Go Vegetarian... even part-time.

High demands for meat products equal more and more animals treated inhumanely. With the increase in animals being shoved into factory farms, water is also being polluted by massive amounts of animal waste. In addition, the need for more factory farms threatens the rainforests as they are being removed in order to accomodate them.

ants ona log! yumz. 22

For those of you who just cannot fathom sacrificing that savory steak, cutting your meat intake by at least half is even a helpful way to contribute to the green movement.


Make Something Grow!

You can help make the world a little greener by planting. Flowers and herbs can even provide lovely smells for your home and yummy tastes for your recipes. Having your own little garden also saves you money... especially for those awesome vegetarians out there. Represent! ‘sniff sniff’

Do the public transportation thing...

Bus, train, trolley, subway, walking... whatever it takes to save the air from more pollution the better. When you do drive, try to carpool with friends instead of driving alone. If you are going short distances- walk. Your body will also thank you for the exercise [saving you from having to get a gym membership]. If you don’t own a car- don’t be ashamed! You are actually doing the earth a favor. :)

Green your pet!

patience is a virtue..

‘I left you a little surprise! Biodegrad-a-bag that sh#!’

When getting a pet- adopt rather than purchase from a pet store. When you have your pet, keep in mind that their little bodies are sensitive to artificial things too. When buying food for your pet, look out for artificial coloring or other nonsense. Another safe option is to make them homemade food (you can find great recipes online that are healthy for your bebe). If you groom your pet, make sure to watch out for soaps with perfumes and other funky chemicals in them. They make make “Spot” smell fantastic, but dry out his poor coat. If you have a dog, take them for walks and invest in only biodegradable poo-bags. Poo is naturally biodegradable, and when put in a regular plastic bag it preserves it. Pee-EW! A great place for more green tips is eco-chick.com 23


photo eco.me Photoeco.me was created to inspire others about eco fashion. Photos are submitted internationally and include people from all walks of life wearing either sustainable, organic, recycled, reconstructed and/or eco friendly clothing. In each issue of REFIX, we choose to feature the top photoeco.me photo submissions that we feel are innovative representations of ethical fashion. Thank you to all who submitted this quarter and congrulations to Emma Ware, Kelley Ash, and Naveen Negi. If you would like to submit your ethical fashion photos for consideration, visit photoeco.me or refixmag.com.




Submitted by Emma Ware Location: London, UK

Unique, beautiful, recycled accessories created from a sustainable perspective. www.emmaware.co.uk




Submitted by: Kelley Ash Age: 26

Location: Los Angeles, CA

All recycled vintage clothing and shoes from A wild at heart on Etsy. Eco headband from Alex Berman using all recycled materials.

www.etsy.com/shop/awildatheart 26



Submitted by: Naveen Negi Age: 28

Location: Mumbai, India

The collection is made out of traditional hand spun merino wool. The knitting is done on 4-gauze hand flat knitting machine as well as handknitting.



America's Finest CityBurdened by Waste by Andrea Krystine

When it comes to recycling in California, San Diego falls in last place. Between littering in our ocean and beaches to just not properly disposing our waste, each San Diegan contributes to a whopping 7 1⠄2 pounds of trash per day. Each morning, I wake up from my South Park apartment to witness neighborhood alleyways filled with trash bins piled high with an eclectic assortment of the post-consumed. Items ranging from broken glass bottles scattered about to dirty old mattresses leaning against fences complimented by second hand textiles and shoes that lay abandoned. Bi-weekly, blue bins full of the hopeful efforts of their owners, and black bins filled with items that might have otherwise been saved line the streets of this historic neighborhood that has never witnessed this large of a population, this amount of consumption, this lack of consideration for waste. The problem we face is that a lack of properly separating our waste has led San Diego landfills to operating at their maximum capacities. The waste problem in San Diego County is especially apparent in North County, of which much of this areas’ 1,500 tons of daily trash gets relocated as far as Arizona. Not having efficient space for the escalating amount of waste that San Diego generates (increasing from 6.9 million in 2001) has made us vulnerable for the opening of a new San Diego County landfill-- Gregory Canyon. This proposed landfill site poses risk of pollution to our water supply due to its proximity to the San Luis Rey River. 28


Photo: San Diego skyline as seen from Balboa Park Golf Course


n order to minimize our waste impact, we must enhance our current recycling program by enforcing residential and commercial use of not two, but three waste bins; blue for recyclable, green for compostable, and black for landfill. Currently, we are doing our community wrong by encapsulating otherwise biodegradable materials such as paper products, food scraps, and yard scraps in our landfill waste. Adding this third “green” bin would eliminate much of the unnecessary waste San Diegans dispose of as “biodegradables currently amount to half of our discarded resources” per the COOL2012 - Compostable Organics Out of Landfills by 2012 initiative. Composting has already been enforced and proven effective in San Francisco County, which has saved 72 percent of its waste from going into the landfill. Their program requires each resident, including restaurants, businesses, and multi-dwellings to separate their wastes into three bins- failure involving a fine. Here’s how it works: The addition of a green bin labeled “compostable” would be set aside your black bin (landfill) and blue bin (recyclable). A resident’s only obligation would be to place all items that were compostable- food scraps, coffee grounds, plant trimmings, paper cups, greasy pizza boxes etc.—into this bin. San Diego Waste Management would pick up the bin once a week and take it to be putrefied through a system called aerobic decomposition- letting the nutrients within the waste decompose back into the earth. Properly separating and decreasing our waste is not as hard as it may seem. It really comes down to being more observant of your own personal consumption and waste and separating food scraps and recyclables from the lot of your daily trash. Adding and enforcing a compost bin into San Diego’s recycling program would allow San Diegans the chance to not only contribute to the sustainability of their community, but can also be “the most effective thing [we] can do as a citizens in the United States today” deemed by San Francisco city environmental officer Jared Blumenfeld. Until San Diego is able to offer curbside composting, there is a local organization that teaches classes on composting and offers bins for vermi-composting (worm composting) that you can use for your home waste. For more information visit www.solanacenter.org. 29


a mad, mad, mad, mad, green world. Article: Andrea Krystine. Photo: Emily Sandifer. Models: Lani & Yuliya. Styling & Handbags: Unnur- unnur.com. Clothing: Rock ‘n Reconstruct



Have you ever seen an ad for clean diesel -or- eco-friendly gas? Can you say ... “oxymoron”?

Is it really up to us to decide whether a product is green or not? The FTC can help, but advertising rules are simply not enough to regulate these false claims.

Or perhaps you’ve been in the presence of a product that blatantly lied right to your face-- “bamboo socks” made of nothing but nylon, cotton, and rayon blends? Or how about that recent grocery store ad featuring large plastic trash bags claiming that good-old-green label-of-approval, only to find out that the only thing green about them was literally the color of their product- GREEN-COLORED bags!

Here are a few key words to disregard when

These and other deceptive green marketing tactis are known as “greenwashing”. Greenwashing promotes misleading perceptions that a company’s products or policies are environmentally friendly. It might just be easy to assume that companies think that the general public is downright stupid enough to buy practically anything without doing their research. That, or they haven’t done theirs! Because consumers are asking for more green products, companies are forced to fulfill their desires in order to stay in business, let alone compete in their industry. What really stinks is that most of these companies are not equipped with a justifiably “green” product to fulfill such a demand. Instead, they come out with a new product that they haven’t researched enough and call it “green” or just recreate their advertising efforts for an existing product and bada-bing bada-boom – Green!



nothing. For example, poultry

When something says “recyclable”

“Natural” generally means…

can be considered natural, as it was once a chicken that

naturally hatched from an egg, yet it could have been fed

hormones, artificial foods, or be genetically modified.

Also, a lot

of beauty products like to play

on the “au naturale” marketing schemes. Most of the beauty products available at

drugstores are packed with

chemicals that are harmful to

our bodies. Be sure to read the entire label, use common sense,

it’s usually not a false claim- we can recycle it, but what most

don’t keep in mind is that recycling isn’t that quick of a process

and although it may revert some of the waste from landfill, some people are lazy and don’t take

the initiative to do so. Also, the

container that is recyclable could

have been newly made in a fac-

tory and not made from recycled materials to begin with.

For products or packaging that

are made from recycled material, there are two labels to keep in


Their product may or may not be eco-friendly, but also keep

in mind business model. For example, the production of their

Sadly, it’s actually very common that a company spend more energy on advertising campaigns and claims of “green” rather than implement business practices required to actually be green. What is ironic is the fact that these companies are ruining the very market they are looking to exploit, causing consumers to lose trust for any company making a green claim. Therefore, green-washing threatens the economy from becoming more environmentally friendly because it undermines consumer confidence.


eco-friendly laundry detergent may be legit, but the use of

non-recyclable packaging might pose a burden to our landfills.

mind--“pre-consumer” and “post-

consumer”. You may see a package

that reads: “made from 50% preconsumer recycled materials”- this means that the packaging was

made from 50% recycled factory or manufacturing waste. “Post-

consumer” means after consump-

tion or recycled. So a product was used, recycled, and now pieces of

that recycled product were used For more information regarding the regulation of green marketing, visit www.ftc.gov.



Photo: Micha and her collection 32

D.I. Y .

It was a dark, rainy day when we visited Miss Micha at her Los Angeles studio, yet her sweet and silly demeanor brightened up the room! She had so many beautiful necklaces on her walls - many from her most recent collection full of vibrant colors and diverse materials. Beside a long working bench, with all of her tools neatly organized and labeled in small storage drawers, Micha keeps a collection of chains and necklaces that she acquires from garage sales and swap meets. She uses these elements in some of her pieces by taking these random chains or charms and incorporating them into extravagant and beautifully detailed accesories. Adjacent to her workbench stands “Dirty Diana”- Micha’s dress-form and long time friend that she could simply not live without.


with Micha Design Growing up in Europe, this German born designer experienced a great sense of individuality and was inspired by her mother’s constant creative influence. When she first moved to the U.S. fifteen years ago, Micha worked as the owner of an organizing company where she spent her time arranging and re-designing cluttered rooms into functional spaces. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for recycling clients unwanted and broken jewelry-giving them new and fabulous lives! Micha launched her own recycled jewelry line Micha Design- in 2008. She is curently based in Los Angeles, California.


Make your own... things you will need: 8 jump rings 1 clasp a handful of pins belt buckle/charms a pillow pliers 2 old chain necklaces 1 string of beads



I . D 1

. .Y

With pliers of your choice, and your necklaces/chains in hand, remove existing clasps/jump rings. With one jump ring, bind the three necklaces together and attach one end of your clasp.


2 Take the jump ring of your attached chains and pin to a soft surface (if you don’t have a dress form like Micha, a pillow works great). Next, braid the three chains/necklaces so that they all meet evenly at the bottom. You may have to repeat this step a couple times until you get just the right braid- by loosening or tightening.

4 Take your second pin and pin the end of the three necklaces onto your pillow. Take a jump ring and secure the necklaces together. Then, attach the other end of your clasp.


With the braided necklaces pinned, take out your loose belt buckles and/or charms. With pins, experiment by hanging the charms and buckles in different ways to see what you like best. Note: Always make sure you are positioning them in a way where you are not leaving any gaps.


Check out REFIX TV for behind-the-scenes footage of our D.I.Y. with Micha Design!


5 With the last of your jump rings, attach each charm or buckle.. Feel free to pin and re-pin until you find just the look you are going for... something you can rock everyday or fancy-like for a night on the town!



Dress by Jonano. Available at www.jonano.com 36


Unemployed in Summertime Photography By Chaz Cruz

Art Direction: Andrea Krystine Model: Lauren Law Wardrobe: Jonano // www.jonano.com Shoes: Cri de Coeur // www.cridecoeur.com





PAGE OPPOSITE: Dress by Jonano. Cri de Coeur Hearts of Darkness Shag Fringe Slouch Boot. $155. Available at www.cridecoeur.com

THIS PAGE: Jonano Lace Tee Chenille Lace & Veggie Tanned Leather Skirt. Available at www.jonano.com




Jonano Interlude Petticoat Tulle Crinoline & Cri de Coeur Hearts of Darkness Fringe Enchant Tie Flat. $100. Available at www.cridecoeur.com




THIS PAGE: Dress by Jonano. Available at www.jonano.com 42

Inspired by posters of French films of the swingin' 60’s 60 and REFIXMAG.COM vibrant vacationing beach towns, the Bon Voyage collection brings long hot summer days on thePRITI shoresSummer of Biarritz, St. Tropez and La Baule right to any girl's fingertips. 2011 collection: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Blue Wedgewood, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee C olors include: Breezy, bohemian blues in Princess Blue Park This summer, say “au revoir” to the sluggish heatWedgewood of city life by Ananda Shamion and Sky Waltz Delphinium, exotic greens in Peporomia Pixie Dahlia ,Gatsby and escape on a journey to the sun, sand This and sea with Priti summer, say “au revoir” to the sluggish heat of city life and “Bon BabyVoyage” Tears, deliciously playful pinks in Park Dahlia; 12.50Princess NYC’s Summer 2011 collection. escape on a journey to the sun, sand and sea with Priti Dahlia and Jersey Beauty Dahlia, andand a flair of traditional NYC’s “Bon Voyage” Summer 2011 collection. So with everything going why nota your Americana ongreen holiday with bright orange-reds Gatsby Inspired by posters of French films of the swingin' 60’s and 60 nails too?! No silly…I’m not sayingpeony paint your Dahlia and Silverflare and the classic red American vibrant vacationing beach towns, the Bon Voyage collection nails green to show your support for the planet, Inspired by posters of French films of the swingin' 60’s 60 and Beauty. brings long hotnail summer days the shores of Biarritz, St. beach towns, the Bon Voyage collection I’m talking eco-friendly polishes! If on you’re vibrant vacationing Avaieabee at www.peieeye.eee | $ee.5e eaee Tropez and La Baule right to anyin girl's fingertips. like me, nail lacquers have a special place brings long hot summer days on the shores of Biarritz, St. your heart, but when you look at the things that Tropez and La Baule right to any girl's fingertips. Fee eeee iefeeeaeee, peease eeaie peess@peieeye.eee Colors include: Breezy, bohemian are in them, it makes you want to put downblues in Blue Wedgewood the bottle. ButSky noWaltz need toDelphinium, any longer! exotic There are and greensCin Peporomia Pixie bohemian blues in Blue Wedgewood olors include: Breezy, quite a few whodeliciously manufacture eco-pinks in Park Princess andcompanies Baby Tears, playful and Sky Waltz Delphinium, exotic greens in Peporomia Pixie friendly nail polishes! Most of these polishes Dahlia and Jersey Beauty Dahlia, and a and flairBaby of traditional Tears, deliciously playful pinks in Park Princess are water-based and on don’t include your typicalorange-reds Gatsby Americana holiday with a bright Dahlia and Jersey Beauty Dahlia, and a flair of traditional icky chemicals in most nail polishes; Dahliafound and Silverflare peony and the classic red American Toluene,Beauty. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and formal- Americana on holiday with a bright orange-reds Gatsby Dahlia and Silverflare peony and the classic red American dehyde to name a few. Avaieabee at www.peieeye.eee | $ee.5e eaee Beauty. Avaieabee at www.peieeye.eee | $ee.5e These chemicals are very dangerous caniefeeeaeee, peease eeaie peess@peieeye.eee Feeand eeee cause serious health problems. For example Fee eeee iefeeeaeee, peease eeaie peess@p Toluene has be tested and proven to cause liver and kidney damage. This chemical is also the cause of the dizziness and headache that you might get when going to the nail salon. DBP has been linked to eye and upper respiratory system irritation. I know they say “pain is beauty” but I will pass up on beauty if it will cost me my life! Plus, think about how much we use our hands or how often our fingers go into our mouths… eek!

PRITI NYC Bon Voyage Bon Voyage nailed it!





So if you would like to cease to continue to pollute your body, not to mention this beautiful planet, then check out eco-friendly polishes-Priti is a company that sells eco-friendly lacquers, but also uses eco-friendly processes in their business model! Everything from the paper they use, to the actual nail polish bottles, is recyclable! Their production line is non-toxic and all of their ingredients and resources are organic and come from organically grown sources. They also use ThinkHost- a web-sever that is powered by wind and solar energy. Zoya is also another great company that provides us with great eco-friendly nail lacquers. What sets them apart from others is that they are also vegan friendly and can be found at major nail salons. www.pritinyc.com www.zoya.com

Photo: Bang Troung



Eco Destinations The Best of East London

by Camilla D. Lorentzen


roadway Market is a little street market that buzzes with food and fashion. It is situated in Hackney, in between London Fields and Bricklane. The crowd comes from near and far, but mostly from the neighbouring Dalston and Shoreditch. Items for sale are organic fruit and vegetables, cheeses, vegan cookies and cakes, halloumi burgers as well as real bratw端rsts and barbequed hog (wild pig). There are also several vintage stalls selling 501 Levis, platform shoes and paisley dresses.

live music and entertainment

In summer, the street market overflows with trendy youngsters hungover from the night before, to young families with push-chairs and Boston terriers. If the crowd gets too much for you, go for a pint at The Dove or The Cat and Mutton. If the crowd really really gets to you, stroll down to the nearby Regents Canal and walk up to Victoria Park for a more relaxed and somber atmosphere. www.broadwaymarket.co.uk

organic fruits 44


many vendors


For tons of unique vintage and second-hand treasures, The East End Thrift Store offers bargains under a tenner! East End Thrift Store Unit 1A Assembly Passage Greater London E1 4UT United Kingdom www.theeastendthriftstore.com East End Thrift Store The East End Thrift Store Frockney Rebel trawl markets all over the country and even going as far as Italy and Germany to bring back the pretty pieces that you can call your own. Frockney Rebel 242 Cambridge Heath Road London E2 9DA United Kingdom www.frockneyrebelvintage.com

Frockney Rebel Frockney Rebel Located in the railway arch just by Cambridge Heath rail station, Huwunduneki Shops offers a cafe serving up everything from Stilton-Rocket-Watecress Salad to Vegetable Quiche. Grab a yummy sandwich filled with everything from salmon, salami, brie and parma ham. Very reasonable prices in a gorgeous setting. 299 Railway Arches Cambridge Heath Road E2 9HA London United Kingdom

Hurwundeki Cafe


Photography by Christopher Gill and Lisa Riebenbauer



Pour L’homme:

Matt & Nat

In 1991, Co-owner and Creative Director, Inder Bedi, was challenged by a mahatma to go vegetarian for thirty days. It was during this time that Inder devised the business plan for an eco and vegan fashion house. First written as a university project in 1995, and eventually launched as MATT & NAT, Inder focused on cutting edge fashion, social responsibility, and a balance of opposites emerges, thus representing the duality of MATT & NAT’s soul. MATT & NAT’s “21 water bottle initiative” has further advanced their commitment to social responsibility and to the environment; all linings are made from recycled plastic water bottles. A message inside of each bag will let you know exactly how many bottles were recycled to produce your accessory. Matt and Nat’s 21 water-bottle initiative: recycled PET used to make bag and wallet linings.

In my opinion, Matt & Nat’s men’s collection captures current trends very well, which unfortunately is not so common within ecological fashion. The style is simple with easily recognizable shapes as well as clean lines. Both of which, I think, are very important in men’s fashion, in particular. As well as being made from recycled bottles, the bags are made from canvas and vegan leather with details like heavy buckles metal zips and metal studs. We love the perforated detailing on the front of the wallet, as well as its slender and sophisticated look. This black vegan leather handbag includes a 100% recycled aqua faux suede lining, tone on tone stitching and antique silver hardware. The Bauhaus features top double zip closure, 2 external zipper pockets on front, 1 external magnetic pocket on back, and 1 snap pocket on side. Interior includes 3 pen holders, zip, cell phone and PDA pockets. It also comes with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap! mattandnat.com



& Veggie Desert Boots (Articles by Camilla D Lorentzen)

The original desert boot was created in 1950 by Nathan Clark who got the idea from crepe-soled, rough suede boots which officers in the Eight Army were in the habit of getting made in the Bazaar in Cairo. Now one of the largest footwear companies in the world, Clarks England is also one of the oldest. From its humble beginnings in 1825, in the tiny English village of Street, Somerset, to a global company that manufactures and markets close to 35 million pairs of shoes a year. The Clarks Original Desert Boot has been reinvented by many designers such as Aquascutum, Common Projects and Pierre Hardy. Its characteristics are soft, supple full grain leather uppers and a genuine plantation crepe outsole, and two eyelets. Sixty long years after it made its début, the Desert Boot lives on. Its simplicity, its versatility and its individuality have all helped to secure its place on the roll-call of iconic designs. It’s a cult classic. Every man’s ideal shoe and one that would look great in your wardrobe. Vegetarian Shoes founder Robin Webb, tells us of the humble beginnings of the veggie shoe brand: “Veggie Shoes first started in 1990. When I started the business back then, I made all the shoes by hand. In fact, originally I only made one style - a basic lace up shoe. I had started to teach myself to make shoes four years earlier after leaving Art College. I was inspired to hear that in parts of Africa, car tyres were recycled into soles.

Vegetarian Desert Boots available at vegetarianshoes.co.uk

“soon I was making shoes out of anything I could lay my hands on”

This got me thinking and soon I was making shoes out of anything I could lay my hands on, but being veggie I didn’t want to use leather. Then I made an exciting discovery, -a synthetic microfibre material used for yachting upholstery. It looked and felt like supple leather, but was ‘breathable’, unlike other plastics. After some experimenting, I realized that this was what I had been looking for, and Vegetarian Shoes was born.” As part of Vegetarian Shoes new line, we find the the classic, casual, light-weight, lace-up desert boot. Made in super soft-to-touch breathable fake-suede microfiber. Utilitarian, practical and stylish. The insole is padded for foot comfort and perforated for moisture absorption and transmission in hot climates. With rugged, double thread stitch-down sole construction the boots are beautifully finished with corduroy rear and tongue lining and reinforced heel lining. It comes in sand, brown and black. vegetarian-shoes.co.uk 47



Designer Feature:



by Camilla D. Lorentzen

hristopher Raeburn is by far the biggest name in ethical fashion--showing this year at both London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. All of his clothes are made from re-appropriated military clothes, and materials, in his little East London studio on Fish Island. Raeburn graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2006, and ever since he has found new ways of using otherwise old and dated clothing and transforming them into funky new designs. Being the busiest bee on the planet, he still has found time to do a collaboration with the famous Swiss Army Knife company--Victorinox. Swiss army clothing was the main material for this new collection which will be on sale from September 2011 at selected stores over the world. The main idea was to ‘Remake in Switzerland’, where he and his companions have set up a studio in the previous work-shop of Carl Elsner, the founder of the original Swiss Army knife. The work shop is situated in the middle of picturesque Switzerland in a little town called Ibach.

Raeburn and team setting up the studio, photo: camilla doig lorenzen

The “Remake in Switzerland” production is limited to 700 pieces and includes a parachute hoodie, a wool coat made from coats and jackets worn by the Swiss military, a puffa jacket made from surplus sleepingbags, as well as a parka made from surplus waterproof sleeping bag exteriours.

NY Fashion Week launch SS11

Visit www.remadeinswitzerland.com for fashion films and more info on the campaign. www.christopherraeburn.co.uk 49



r e t s u cl k n u f

Photography By Emily Sandifer

Hair // Makeup: Adriana Lopez Art Direction: Andrea Krystine Models: Bethany Farrington & Rhianna Atwood Wardrobe: Kristinit // www.kristinit.com Accessories: Grammatique // www.grammatique.com



Goddess Dress. Available at www.kristinit.com. Claws & Chains earrings. $38. by Grammatique. 51


This page: Laura Dress constructed out of authentic wax prints from the Ivory Coast. Limited edition. Available at www.kristinit.com. Squares & Circles earrings. $36. by Grammatique 52


This page: Marlene Jacket constructed out of vintage printed silk charmeuse. Available at www.kristinit.com. Leaves of Change earrings. $42. by Grammatique. 53


This page: Grace Jumpsuit 100% organic silk. Available at www.kristinit.com. Pink Flip Side earrings. $32. Records and Feathers earrings. $38. by Grammatique. 54


This page: Green Flip Side earrings. $32. and Records and Chains record hair clip. $32. by Grammatique. 55


This page: Aphrodite Dress 100% vintage metallic silk from India. Available at www.kristinit.com. Bluebird’s Song record feather hair clip. $32. by Grammatique. 56


This page: Butterfly Song record necklace. $60. by Grammatique. 57


This page: Marlene Jacket constructed out of vintage printed silk charmeuse. Available at www.kristinit.com. Leaves of Change earrings. $42. by Grammatique.





Jana Rowland, Marketing/PR Assistant– California, US “Fashion is fun and free.”


Andrea Krystine, Editor-

Jana was born and raised in San Diego, California. Jana completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management in 2011. She loves spending what free time she has laughing and joking with family and friends. She tries not to take life too seriously but believes that everyone has a place in the world. In 2009, she found herself slowly entering the world of fashion. To Jana, fashion expresses new ideas, the essence of emotion, mood andculture. She explains Eco-friendly fashion to be an expression of the way the world should be.

California, US

“It’s about our existence- reverting from so much waste and consumption by utilizing the leftovers and making our world a better place despite the distress.” In an effort to find her place in this big, confusing world, Andrea set forth on an adventure in search of a positive contribution that would utilize her studies in business, independent ventures within the arts, and her passion for fashion and the environment. After getting her feet wet with runway shows and various indie designer photo shoots, AK reached out to a network of artists in order to contribute her artistic expressions through art direction and styling. Andrea’s love for independent fashion, combined with the desire to educate consumers about sustainability, was the start of Ecologique Fashion- an ethical fashion public relations and event production organization. She coordinated the first ethical fashion event in San Diego, CA- Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future- in 2009.


Camilla Doig Lorentzen, Fashion Correspondant – London, UK “The fashion industry can be cruel and shallow, but I feel that this is where we can approach a lot of people in a reasonably short time, and make them aware of the importance of sustainability. I believe we are just seeing the beginning of a new movement, and that we are working towards something great!” Camilla went to London via Norway 5 years ago with the aim of becoming a fashion designer. Sustainability and looking after our planet has always been close to her heart. Because of this, designing with an awareness of the environment came very natural to her; from sourcing eco-cotton to re-using paper in her sketchbooks and portfolio. After 3 years at Central Saint Martins, and internships with Aluma Klein, Siv Støldal and Ahmanet Ali in Savile Row, Camilla reached a state of even higher awareness of how important it is to create with the future of our planet firmly set in our minds. You can also find Camilla’s musings on her personal blog: milogrey.blogspot.com

Ananda Ananda Shamion, Fashion Coorespondant – Georgia, US “I don’t know what it is but its something about a uniquely dressed gentlemen that just excites me”. Ananda Shamion is a fashion and public relations major at Georgia Southern University. She lives in Atlanta and works as a socialmedia intern for a couple of up and coming magazines including REFIX. She is also a wardrobe stylist and does PR for a couple of independent designers. What makes her unique in the industry is that she actually hates womens clothing. She appreciates the creativity and genius behind them, but when it comes down to it she’s all about accessories. Bags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry are what turn her on to fashion. She also has a passion for men’s fashion. When asked who she likes to style for more, she will always say hands down- men! You can also check out her blog Red Lips and a Fashion Fix (redlipsxfashionfix.com) or follow her on twitter: @MeAnandaShamion.

Credits: Photography: Emily Sandifer- sandiferphotography.com and Chaz Cruz- chazcruz.com Models: Kaet Lane, Bethany Farrington, Rhianna Atwood, and Lauren Law Styling: Andy Montano, Emily Brushey, Julia LoVetere, and Adriana Lopez


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REFIX Magazine- Vol. 1  

REFIX was created with the universe in mind. Our intent is to inspire others to be more aware of their personal consumption habits and how t...

REFIX Magazine- Vol. 1  

REFIX was created with the universe in mind. Our intent is to inspire others to be more aware of their personal consumption habits and how t...

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