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Front Row 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS 4. BEHIND THE COVER 5. MASTHEAD 6. WHO WE ARE 7. EDITOR’S LETTER 8. SARAH’S EDIT 9. TIMELINE 11. STAFF SPOTLIGHT Culture 13. WINTER IN PHILLY A roundup of activities that will get you out of the house when it’s chilly AF. By Sarah Waddington 15. WHO HAS THE AUX? Your guide to curating top-notch playlists, on Apple Music and Spotify. By Sarah Waddington Health 17. SWEAT AND THE CITY Five studios across the city that will give you a good sweat for cheap. By Elda Sinani 19. HEALTH HEROES Three Editor-in-Chief-approved mind-body health tips that are totally attainable. By Sarah Madaus Love 21. SEVEN DATES MAKE ONE WEAK Morgan Sullivan went on seven dates so you don’t have to. Here’s what she learned. 23. THE OTHER “C” WORD Rofiat Oseni makes the case for removing “crazy” from our vocab when talking about our exes. Fashion 24. FIVE GIRLS, ONE OUTFIT We show you that some outfits really do look great on everyone. By Siyun (Tiffany) Ai 32. GYM CLASS HEROES From class to the gym and back again, athleisure is here to stay. By Delaney Mills 36. BUILT TO LAST It’s not easy splurging in college, but there are six *pricier* things that are vital to a girl boss’s life. By Olivia Falcone Main Campus 43. BEING A WOMAN OF COLOR IN GREEK LIFE Hailey McCormack gives her experience as a Black woman in a predominantly white sorority. 45. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 The best gifts for this holiday season, handpicked by the REFINE staff. Study Break 47. INTERNATIONAL CORNER Editor-in-Chief Sarah Madaus sits down with French exchange student Pauline Granjon to chat. 49. ASK REFINE


Photographer: Nick Zumpino (@nickzumpino)

The image from our inaugural cover comes from the Fashion story “Five Girls, One Outfit,� where each of our models wore the same black tank and jeans, and we had them accessorize it based on their personal style. As we were going through the photos, we saw this one and knew. It is the epitome of our vision: the colors match the Fall/Winter season, the women look confident and strong, and none of them look the same.

For a behind-the-scenes look at our cover shoot, check out our Instagram TV channel, @refine.magazine. Follow us on our other socials: Twitter: @REFINE_mag Facebook: REFINE Magazine Website:

SARAH MADAUS: Founder, Editor-in-Chief MEGAN PLATT: Design Director FRANCESCA FUREY: Senior Editor VALERIE MCINTYRE: Managing Editor



“Just as diamonds are refined by intense pressure and extracurricular challenges, REFINE magazine will challenge Temple women to think outside of the box. REFINE offers a fresh perspective on campus life: the fashion statements, culture, music trends, health habits, and love lives that Temple women possess, all from one beautifully packaged product. Our goal is to provide great service to our readers, so that they can navigate through the trenches of college with confidence and grace. REFINE mimics the voice of the reader’s BFF: We love you, but we have no qualms about giving it to you straight.”

OVERVIEW Temple has around 40,000 students in total and an esteemed journalism program, but doesn’t have a single lifestyle magazine, let alone one specifically for women. Women make up 53 percent of the Temple population, and they have different needs than their male and non-binary counterparts. Especially in this day and age, on-campus fraternities are shut down for sexual assault allegations and still women make just 80.3 cents for every man’s dollar in Philadelphia, Temple’s women need a publication that seeks to empower and inspire them to become movers and shakers. REFINE is just that: a lifestyle magazine specifically catered to them, by them. It is the first of its kind, and will give students the thought-provoking, hyperlocal journalism they need, and the fun reads they want. The name REFINE comes from Founder Russell Conwell’s “Acres of Diamonds” speech. In it, Conwell uses the analogy that Temple students are diamonds: they start from pieces of carbon, go through an intense refining process (college), and they come out dazzling and pure. Our tagline, “Pressure Creates Diamonds” reminds our audience

that even though when the pressure feels unbearable, they are at Temple to better their lives. The magazine has four core sections: Fashion, Culture, Health, and Love. Front Row, our front of book, includes a national-to-hyperlocal news timeline, the letter from the editor, and smaller features from our sections. Main Campus, our feature well, includes larger features like our Holiday Gift Guide. Study Break, the back of book, includes horoscopes, an advice column, a shopping guide, and a Q&A with an international Temple student. Overall, REFINE seeks to be the Froommate (yes, friend + roommate) our readers never had. Our words will be there for them when they had the worst day of their life and just want a break from the world. Our voice will be authentic and conversational, not pretentious, patronizing, or judgmental. Our content will take sides, and it will not shy away from them. This magazine will do deep reporting on issues that Temple students care about. It will be inclusive and culturally sensitive without being too soft. Our goal is to not only be a great publication, but to provide great service to our readers so that they can live a better life.

Dear Readers,

Make way for the newest student publication at Temple. REFINE is the university’s first and only lifestyle magazine. Make it your study break, lazy Sunday morning read, or treadmill partner. This magazine is an all-encompassing guide to everything Temple women care about. I dreamt up REFINE this summer when I was living in New York City, surrounded by (and living with) brilliant minds in magazine journalism. I did my research and found out Temple has zero lifestyle magazines. There are smaller schools with dozens. We can––and do––get our news from The Temple News and Temple Update, but what about our on-campus fashion inspo, J&H-friendly healthy dorm meals, guides to curating top-notch playlists, and real-world relationship advice? Exactly. Enter: REFINE. For our inaugural issue, our staff decided on the theme, “Boss Babe on a Budget.” How else can we describe Temple women? We grind harder than most but know how to have a good time. And we can do it with, like, five bucks. Flip to page 17 for the best studio workouts without the cost, page 13 for some amazing winter activities right in the city of Brotherly Love, and page 32 to see tons of versatile wardrobe pieces that will take you from class to the gym. The creation of this first issue had insane highs and major lows, and, to let you in on a little secret, none of us really knew what we were doing. But that’s how you learn. And boy, did we have a good time learning. I’m thrilled to see this magazine take off, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Take a look at our website and our social media pages for behind-the-scenes looks at our photoshoots, in-depth biographies about our contributors, and more #content to fill the sad gap between issues. XO,


SARAH’S EDIT Multicolored camp socks $14, Urban Outfitters

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp $19.99, Target

Jade roller $12.99, Amazon Knee-length Knit Cardigan $34.99, H&M


Elephant planter with succulent $55, UrbanStems

Vans Sk8-Hi $65, Vans

Towards the end of the semester when my workload heats up and temps cool down, I love to rely heavily on my Virgo nature to keep me cozy and centered all winter long. I’m loving chunky knits, earth tones, sustainable self-care products, and chic apartment accessories. I think everyone can get behind these picks–no matter their sign.

Dry skin body brush $18.95, Amazon

Embroidered Chenille Cardigan $119, Zara

Fallon Mug $24, Anthropologie

Joshua Tree National Park, @leefromamerica on Instagram

Velvet bell-sleeved cocktail dress $47, Lulu’s

ICYMI: The Biggest H

Last November, rapper Meek Mill was arrested for violating parole and was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison. He was released in April, and since then, he has appeared on numerous media outlets, like CNN, to discuss criminal justice reform. He has said that he wanted to use his platform to “shine a light” on the American criminal justice system.

It’s been a crazy 12 weeks, here are while you were h Karly M

A private letter was released before initial hearings that said then Supreme Court-nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a party when they were in high school. With the release of this letter, the confirmation hearings in the Senate essentially were turned into a circus as a few more women came forward. An FBI investigation on the matter was largely inconclusive, and the Senate eventually confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in a vote of 50-48.

September 4 Rapper Meek Mill begins to September 27 speak about criminal justice Omarosa Manigault Newman reform after serving time bespoke to Temple students hind bars about her time in the White House

September 24 The Flyers welcomed a new mascot: Gritty

September 25 Bill Cosby is sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for assault charges

After months of legal proceedings, Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of indecent aggravated assault against Andrea Constand in April of this year. In September, the judge denied the comedian bail and sentenced him to 3-10 years in prison for his crimes. Constand was eventually joined by 59 other women, a true #MeToo moment of 2018.

October 6 Brett Kavanaugh is Sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice After Controversial

October 3 Washington Post Columnist Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed in Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul

October 13 Temple University Television Won Five Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards

TUTV won 5 out of 8 categories for which it was nominated at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards. Temple Update won Best News Cast, Hannah McComsey won Best General Assignment, Dan Ray won Best Shortform, “Temple TUFF” won Best Sports, and Matt Bevenour won Best Talent. Once again, Temple’s Klein College proved that it truly does provide a well-rounded education for its students.

Headlines from Fall 2018

Many political analysts predicted a Blue Wave for the Democrats in the 2018 midterms, but the actual results were more of a mixed bag. Of course, Democrats did capture control of the House of Representative by a margin of 35 seats. Democrats were also able to flip a few governorships, notably unseating Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Republicans will still control the Senate with a majority of 53 seats. 110 women were elected into the United States Congress and 87 women were elected into the US House of Representatives making this a huge victory for us.

the headlines you might’ve missed hitting the books. Matthews

October 27 Eleven People Died in a Targeted Shooting at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh

November 6 Midterm Elections Result in Democratic-Controlled House & Republican-Controlled Senate

November 29 Michelle Obama Visits Philadelphia on Her Book Tour

November 30 41st President George H.W. Bush Dies at Age 94

November 29 Former Pennsylvania November 11 Attorney General Kathleen November 2 George W. and Laura Bush Kane’s Request for Extended Temple University are Honored at the Prison Leave is Denied Students Are Affected November 30 by Car Vandalism Near National Constitution Center Temple University Stands for Their Work with Veterans Student Behind Marc Lamont Hill After Residences Off-Campus Controversial UN Speech

Two years ago, Kane was convicted of leaking grand jury information and lying about it, but at the end of November, her bail was officially revoked and she was ordered to report to prison. Kane was the first woman and the first Democratic to be elected to serve as Attorney General of Pennsylvania, but she resigned after her October 2016 conviction. She will serve 23 months in prison.

Klein College Professor Marc Lamont Hill gave a speech before the UN in support of Palestine during which he used language commonly utilized by extremist group Hamas and associated with the destruction of Jewish people in Israel. After the speech, CNN fired Hill, but Temple University released a statement saying that although the university does not agree with the rhetoric used, it stands behind Hill’s right to freedom of speech.




Editor-in-Chief Sarah Madaus sat down with Art Director Fiona Weir to talk about first-issue accomplishments, her power outfit, and more.

Weir, a junior Marketing major, worked tirelessly this semester planning photoshoots, modeling, taking photos, and strategizing, and for that she deserves both recognition and a closet full of Versace. Sarah Madaus: What was your favorite part of working on our inaugural issue? Fiona Weir: My favorite part was being able to collaborate with like-minded creatives and women! I also loved so much bringing my ideas to life and inspiring the models on the shoots to be free, fun and confident. I love to inspire women specifically and this was such a special way to do that while also creating a lasting product. Especially after doing my own blog for a bit and being uninspired, this magazine has propelled me to be a career woman even more and to get back to what I love. SM: Oh my goodness, I love that. On that note, why did you decide to join REFINE? FW: I decided to join REFINE because ever since I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and 13 Going on 30, I have literally always wanted to work for a magazine, specifically in fashion and art. When I reached out for any position for this magazine and found that I was going to be

the Art Director and working very closely with fashion it was like finally seeing my dreams come true.

SM: Am I crying? Yeah. So what was your biggest challenge as Art Director? FW: Keeping track of all the visions and managing the other departments I help like Marketing & Design, but honestly even though it was sometimes tough to manage I loved it still; it barely felt like work but a need because I’m so passionate about creating a community on campus for women! SM: Your confidence radiates everywhere when you enter a room––and even on your Instagram stories. What’s your go-to “power look” to get you in that mindset if you can’t find that confidence naturally? FW: A heeled black military bootie, nice pants that hug my shape, a cute top, rings on RINGS, big earrings, and, of course, a soft smokey eye, mascara and a mauve burgundy lip. SM: Okay! Yes queen! Do you have any places you always go for fashion inspo? Who are your favorite designers? FW: Instagram or Tumblr. You should see all the categories I have saved. But some designers I always go to are Versace, Balmain, Moschino, Christian Siriano, and Brandon Maxwell. A few celebs I love for style are Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and

Ashley Graham. SM: What are you most excited to see in the issue? FW: I’m most excited to see all the [fashion] spreads and how the models really pop off the pages! I’m also really looking forward to the Gift Guide! SM: Same, those shoots were so much fun. What are you hoping to achieve as Art Director for the rest of the year? FW: Moving forward, I want to continue to perfect the brand of REFINE and move deeper into the overall vision, as well as find new areas to expand myself creatively. I also am excited to keep managing and being in a boss babe position! It continues to make me hopeful for life post-grad. SM: Speaking of post-grad, what are your hopes and dreams once you graduate? FW: My dream job is to work as a Creative Director or a Stylist for a fashion brand, or eventually run my own store. SM: And to wrap this up, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? FW: Do everything with passion, or don’t do it at all. That’s something I really live by. That and to always be kind and consider perspective. Perspective is the key to everything.*

Photographed by Nick Zumpino



Trust us, there really are activities in Philly that are fun enough that you’ll brave the chilly temps to take part in. Sarah Waddington

Photos by Sarah Madaus

As soon as winter hits, so many of the things that were once part of our day-today routines are brought to a screeching halt from the freezing temps. Sometimes, it’s not so much the weather itself that prevents us from going out and doing things; it’s more of answering the question of: “What is there to do?” It’s not like the spring or summertime when it seems as though everything revolves around being outdoors. When it comes to the fall and winter seasons, things are a bit different— these five activities will get you out of the house even when it’s chilly AF.

Get your shop on!

The holidays are upon us, which means we all have one big task that we must strive to complete: holiday shopping. Center City is an excellent place to do this, as there are so many shops and holiday-themed markets to choose from. This season, check out Macy’s in Center City—you can never go wrong with picking out the perfect gifts here, and you can see the historic light show in the main room every night (ugh, how romantic). If you’re looking for more festive, unique gifts, try a holiday market like Christmas Village at LOVE Park or the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market at Dilworth Park––both are happening now!

Pro Tip: there’s a new-ish farmer’s market in South Philly called Sprouts. You’ll have access to organic, all-natural foods at Trader Joe’s prices, and you’re able to sample anything you want in the store! Hop on the Broad Street Line with your reusable bags, take it all the way to Ellsworth-Federal, and you’re right there.

Skate Your Stress Away

The perfect activity to get yourself out of the house and moving with friends or family is to go ice skating. Ice skating kills time during the colder months and makes for a great night. Follow this up with a nice din-

Hit the Grocery Store

Now this is probably a given, but no matter what the weather is like, our groceries aren’t going to restock themselves. Even though grocery shopping may not seem too exciting, you can make it a fun or new experience. Here’s something interesting you can do: go to Pinterest and browse through some recipes that you’ve never tried before. You can get super creative with this. Never cooked a dairy-free or a vegan meal before? Go for it! Who doesn’t like trying something new every now and then? It’s super fun to do it with pals, SOs, or potential partners. Bundle up and take a trip to Trader Joe’s on Market Street or ALDI in Brewerytown for great discounts.

ner in the city and you’ve got the perfect evening. While there are a couple places to go ice skating in the city, the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest at Penn’s Landing is our fave. General admission to Winterfest is free and to skate is only $4 (plus $10 if you need to rent skates). Lucky for us college kids, we get discounted skating admission. And once you’re tired from skating, you can chill out in the heated cabins, grab some hot cocoa, and take advantage of the many festive photo ops around the park.

Spend a Night at the Ballet

Sure, going to the movies is fun, but when was the last time you saw a play or a musical? There’s something about seeing a show come to life on stage that instantly elevates our entertainment experience. Until December 31, you can see the Pennsylvania Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the Kimmel Center on South Broad. Starting at around $30, you can ring in the holiday season by reliving this absolute classic.

Grab a Bite in the City

During the colder seasons, eating Doritos and chicken nuggets gets old pretty quickly. Why not choose a day out of the week and plan a meal in the city? We love Mission Taqueria on Sansom. The atmosphere (pictured left) is top-notch. Think: plants everywhere, neon signs, and a random outdoor space for the inevitable Instagram photos. The guacamole is heavenly, and the margaritas are some of the best in the city. And if you love delicious food and have a sweet tooth you’re dying to satisfy, Max Brenner on 15th and Walnut is your go-to place. This restaurant is the epitome of a chocolate heaven; they have chocolate-themed meals, drinks (chocolate martinis? yes), and desserts––we recommend the chocolate fondue to share––but don’t let this distract you from the food itself. They serve eclectic dishes like waffle fries dusted in chili powder and cocoa, as well as traditional fare like macaroni and cheese and hamburgers. Just a quick warning: once you go to this spot once, you’ll want to come back every week. See? We told you there’s plenty of things to do in the city that you won’t need hand warmers for. Whether you’re heading into down solo or with pals, one thing’s for sure: it’s impossible to be bored in Philadelphia.


Who has the Aux?

ow that streaming apps have everyone thinking they can grab the aux cord (Spoiler Alert: they can’t), it’s time for an intervention. Whether you’re an Apple Music or a Spotify gal, we have you covered on the an art of curating killer playlists. By: Sarah Waddington

SPOTIFY Discover Weekly

Collab Playlists Collaborating with friends to make awesome playlists can be a really fun time. If you love a friend’s music taste, let them know and you can right-click on any one of your playlists and select “collaborative playlist.” The two of you can then work together to add some new jams! Use the playlist generator from by adding a few artists or songs you like under the “More Options” tab in the search bar. After selecting the number of songs you want, it will generate a playlist based on what you added. We recommend using a desktop so you can drag and drop the playlist into your account.

The Discover Weekly playlist selects 30 new songs each week based on an algorithm of what you and people with similar music tastes listen to. It gets better the more frequently you use it! Unfortunately, the playlist disappears after each week. But, there’s an IFTTT applet (basically a partner for all your fave apps) that you can download on the App Store to automatically archive them for you so you don’t lose them.

Song Suggestions After every playlist on Spotify, there is a suggested section of other songs to add so that you don’t even need to hit the search bar to find like songs...they do that work for you!

Discover Artists

Have a song you bop to all the time? Press “Create Station” in the pop-up menu where the song is playing, and similar songs will queue up. By skipping a song, the station gets a feel for what you do and don’t like, so be sure to skip songs in order to get a more tailored playlist.


Download Shazam ASAP!

If you’re in public and hear a song you like but don’t know, the app will listen and tell you the name and artist. No more hassle in searching lyrics on Google.


If you search a song on YouTube, along the sidebar

will be a bunch of songs playing next that are similar. This makes for an amazing start to a playlist, plus you know the songs will really flow well together.

APPLE MUSIC Create a Station

Tips& Tricks

Can’t get enough of Ariana? Did The 1975’s new album drop shake you to your core? If you have an artist you absolutely love, scroll down on their page to see a selection of other related artists that might just open your eyes to your new fave artist.

Share Playlists If you and your friends have iPhones and they’re playing a playlist you vibe with, you’re in luck! They can easily text it to you by selecting “share playlist” in the top left corner of the list of songs.


Only hitting up SoundCloud for Big Bootie Mix and throwback Chance the Rapper? Be sure to check out their “First on SoundCloud” playlist to listen to all the artists people will be talking about in the months to come.

SWEAT and the City We found a few ways that you can start (or continue) your fitness journey with affordable studios that have probably been under your nose this entire time.


If you’re as into wellness as we are, two things are probably on your mind. “I could really see myself wanting to work out if I could go to fun classes/studios for those sessions.” And––this one gets us all––“I’m a broke college student who can’t afford a fun workout studio, duh.” Money is tight, sunlight is limited during these chilly days, and getting out of bed to exercise just doesn’t seem ideal. City studios seem out of reach for students like us (mainly due to pricing), but handfuls of studios around Temple’s campus provide unbelievable discounts and even free trials. So we found five studios that won’t break the bank––take a look.


Just a few subway stops–or a 25-minute walk–away from campus, you’ll find Yoga Habit. This studio is a peaceful and open hot yoga sanctuary in the heart of Fairmount. Here’s the good news: Yoga Habit has an offer for “21 days for $21” that to the average city studio price of $25+ per class. Once your 21 days are over, you can still stop by a few classes during the week, with their affordable $5 community flow classes. Plus, if you present your Temple ID at the studio, you can get a month of unlimited workouts for $69. “For the great quality of the classes, I was truly impressed by their pricing; Yoga Habit is one of my favorite relaxation spots in the city,” said Brielle Miller, a dedicated yogi and Temple student.

Killer Burn

Ripped PHL, located on Walnut Street, Center City, is the ultimate location for a killer workout. Ripped PHL provides personal fitness training, yoga, CrossFit and access to a gym; a great deal of possibilities for all of your individual fitness goals! Our favorite part about this studio is the deals that they offer for students like us. Students can get a package of 10 classes for $145, (that is an average of $14.50 per class, relax), and when compared to the typical city gym, that is definitely a sweet deal. “Ripped PHL instructors were really good with helping me modify my workouts based off of my injuries,” said Sarah E., a Temple student who has been able to get access to Ripped PHL training though a number of “free class” brochures they offer at many fitness apparel stores in the city. The more you know! Keep an eye out for those classes and you could never pay to sweat again.


Spinning is not only such a rewarding workout, but it has also become a favorite amongst our Temple students. Body Cycle, located on Chestnut Street in Center City is the perfect spin studio as they keep our budget in mind. With a student discount of $125 a month, that comes out to about $4 a class! Many students turn to studios such as SoulCycle, with $145 package for only 5 classes, which makes them hesitant to even consider cycling classes due to cost, but Body Cycle is truly a lifesaver for spin lovers and college students like us! If that studio doesn’t fit your vibe, there are dozens of similar studios across the Greater Philadelphia region. We love Revel Ride, a new beat-based cycling studio.

Footloose in Fairmount

Working out should be fun, right? Dancing is one of the best ways to burn those calories while having a blast doing it. Studio 1831, located on Brandywine Street in Fairmount offers dancing, yoga, and Pilates classes at just $12 per class with a valid Temple ID. That is $2 less than their average $14 per class, but for us that means enough money to buy a coffee post-workout. They are a very affordable studio compared to their neighboring studios with unreasonable rates for college students on a budget.

On-Campus Opportunities

Let’s not forget about the amazing students who double as instructors at the IBC (one of our on-campus gyms, if you didn’t know), which offers a large variety of group fitness classes…for free! Temple’s Campus Recreation department has a schedule chock-full of workouts, starting at 7a.m. and ending around 9 or 10p.m. everyday. Maggie H., a sophomore at Temple, says she absolutely loves the cycling classes that are offered at the IBC on campus. It is very convenient for her to get her workouts in especially as a student who is also employed and needs more flexible times. From Cycling to Full Body Toning, Zumba to Pilates and more, you’re sure to find your new favorite way to sweat, no money involved. Now that you have an arsenal of affordable workout ideas, grab your friends and turn your normally solo sweat sesh into a party. Then you have an excuse to go all out at BYO brunch afterwards. Happy sweating!

HEALTH HEROES Please, for the love of God, stop trusting the shady pyramid schemes and Instagram fitness “experts”.

SARAH MADAUS These days, anyone with an Instagram account, a yoga mat, and a good camera can call themself a “fitness expert”. Don’t fall for it. We’re bombarded everyday with new health trends, workout routines, nutrition supplements, and other potions that are “guaranteed” to give us “fast results”. We did some research and came up with three wellness tips that are sound, through and through, and super easy to integrate into your busy life.



If you haven’t heard of 80/20 dieting, this is how it works: 80 percent of your meals during the week are balanced and nutrient-rich, and the remaining 20 percent . A lot of people equate 80/20 with “cheating” and “cheat meals”. File that under “Things I Don’t Believe In”.

You’ve probably heard it a million times: mix up your workouts! It’s nearly impossible to achieve peak physical performance just by running, just by weight training, etc.

To make a complex nutrition plan simple, roughly 7-10 of your meals each week can be less-than nutritious (or you can use a few for the nights you end up stumbling out of the Horse). Instead of completely trashing your diet in a weekend, the 80/20 allows you to slowly dole out the junk food. Here, an example: You had a super awesome breakfast of plain Greek yogurt and berries. Then you had a (slightly sus) salad from Saladworks for lunch. Everything’s great until you get a text from your girls and they want El Vez for dinner...bad. With 80/20, you can have a marg and tacos without feeling like you’re ditching your healthy lifestyle. However, we advise not going completely balls-to-the-walls for your 7-10 meals. It’s better to still go out with friends, but make healthier choices most of the time (ex: grilled fish tacos instead of fried fish tacos). You’ll feel better, promise.

It’s so easy to find a comfortable spot in the gym, though. We get it. But challenging yourself both mentally and physically will give you optimal results. TBH, even if your goal is to work out six days each week, that’s probably not how it’s going to pan out each time. Listen to your body. It might not want to go to cycling on Thursday after a long day of classes. Maybe you’ll be more suited for a sweet and sweaty bikram yoga sesh instead (we love love Journey into Power classes at Grace & Glory Yoga in Fishtown). Not everything should be high-intensity, some weeks you might only work out twice, and not every workout is going to be your best. That’s okay. We’re in college, and we’re burning the candle at both ends. Sometimes, believe it or not, a nap is healthier for you than a workout. And that’s great news!

BE CAUTIOUS OF THE LANGUAGE YOU USE WHEN TALKING ABOUT WELLNESS Observe the way you speak and think about yourself, your habits, and your diet. Examples:

“I have to go to the gym” vs. “I have the ability to go to the gym” Always think about your motives before you exercise. Sometimes it’s going to be because you have a surplus of expendable energy,

and other times it’s because you’re having a “bad body day”. But you should always, always spend a moment in gratitude that you even have the ability to exercise your mind and body. You were given this body and it’s the only one you have, so even when you can’t do a plank for a whole minute, be grateful that you can even do it for 10 seconds.

Calling unhealthy meals “cheating” We’ve all used this phrase. But like, think about it. What are you cheating? Sometimes your body needs something other than cold sipping soup (gross, BTW) and a kale salad. The word “cheating” has a heavily negative connotation, and while eating junk food frequently is not good for your health, you should not refer to your occasional comfort food meals as “cheating”. It’s called life, my friends.

YOUR WORKOUT CHEAT SHEET Here’s a sample week of exercise, with two days taken out for chillaxin’, because you need it. Don’t forget: All of our bodies are different, so take this little cheat sheet and make your own based on your fitness level.

MONDAY 60-90 mins: 10 min. warm-up, Circuit-training legs, weight-training legs

TUESDAY 45-60 mins: Low-impact cardio (steady-state cycling, walking/jogging)

WEDNESDAY 60-75 mins: 30 minutes of high impact cardio (HIIT cycling, running, stair-climbing), 30 minutes weight-training upper body/back

THURSDAY 45-60 mins: 10 min. warm-up, circuit-training core

FRIDAY 45-60 mins: Treat yourself to a group fitness class like SoulCycle, Barre3, or any of the classes offered at Temple.

*OPTIONAL* SUNDAY 60-75 mins: 30 minutes high-impact cardio, 30 minutes weight-training upper body/back



Make One Weak

Turns out you can learn a thing or two about dating by...actually going on dates. Written by Morgan Sullivan

Two silk tops hung from clothes hangers in my

even quick coffee meetups as dates, I, as a single twenty-something, decided to really try to get to know every person who’s showed an interest in me.

“I have nothing to wear tonight,” I groaned to my roommate.

That’s why, from here on out, spending a time with another person you are attracted will be considered a date. Keyword: attracted. Most of these men didn’t want to be my boyfriend (just as I didn’t want the full-time role as their girlfriend). I’d quickly come to realize that there was almost always an assumption on a guy’s end: I wanted something more committed. Many have argued that millennial dating is foreign to older generations, but the age-old ingredient I’d come to discover has been lacking in non-committal and commital relationships alike. It’s communication.

closet. The identical lace twins of an H&M sales rack stared back at me. I was getting a headache only a mother of actual twins would have.

“Well, maybe because you keep buying the same shirts,” she joked and then continued, “But, seriously, are you kidding me right now?” I wasn’t kidding, though. I believed the decision was a crucial moment—like it was the make or break point of whether or not the date I’d been invited to go on by “that guy who was from my high school but I actually met in college” would succeed. Even though this panic may have seemed unreasonable, about 80 percent of millennial singles have fallen victim of “ghosting,” a phenomenon where a relationship ends without explanation after the first date. With those numbers against me, my outfit choice was pretty damn important. The terms of college dating have long been up for debate—especially at the height of an age of hookup culture, dating apps, and the unconscious game of calculating the appropriate time length to hold off on reading a Snapchat message. Things can get pretty confusing, but I’ve found the only way to clarify the terms of dating are by immersing yourself into those confusing, anxiety-filled situations. I got to answer the meaning of what it meant to “go on a date” in college by actually going on dates. Seven to be exact.

“WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?” WELL, I’LL TELL YOU Before I begin, I have to explain my dive into the dating scene. Here’s my disclaimer: I’m not a serial dater. But with a habit of saying yes and counting

It was the circumstances which surrounded my first date in which I realized why the dreaded “what are we doing here?” question shouldn’t go ignored.

BE DIRECT, HONEST, AND NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT What’s absolutely amazing about words like love and dating are that they are fluid. You get to define what they mean to you. For my first date, I hit it off with someone in such a way that the date was full of the you-tell-me-everything-about-youand-I’ll-tell-you-everything-about-me retrospect. It definitely came by a surprise. We both insisted there had to be a second meeting, but as things progressed, so did the push to find what it meant to be “exclusive” or “to be casual” or to “just hook up.” Because these were such generalized terms, we had are difficult time explaining the bounds of each. Did “hanging out” constitute only seeing each other at parties? Bi-weekly? Semi-annually? Did “seeing each other” translate to being allowed to “see” other people?

I’d learned that the only way to find out where you stand with another person in an unclear, pseudo-relationship is to assess those vague, complicated definitions. Be direct, honest, and never sell yourself short when addressing what you want from a relationship. You’re not asking for too much if you want to be with someone you’re really, really into. You’re also not obligated to be committed to someone you only kinda-sorta like.

ANYTHING FORCED OR CALCULATED IS WEIRD After failing to compromise on the blurred-lines and terms of exclusive dating and “talking,” I went on a (rebound-ish) bowling date on a whim in Fishtown. I’d texted the stranger, who I connected with through mutual friends: Can’t wait to see you tonight!!! Wait. Backspace. Can’t wait to see you tonight! Much better. The date felt...just as forced as those texts. I’d come to find that the sport of romantic pursuits is actually an incredibly easy one—only when it doesn’t become a sport at all. Absolutely no scores should ever be kept. Anything forced, calculated, or introduced to a strategy is just weird. Things should progress naturally. It should never become a petty psychodrama about your selfworth if a person reciprocates or not. Come to think of it, never, ever is punctuation use going to be a deciding factor on whether or not a person wants to be with you.

IF HE LIKES YOU, HE WILL SHOW UP: The third and fourth date never happened; I double-counted a man who didn’t show twice to examine the fact that if someone wants to spend their time with you, they will show up. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I dressed up in an outfit that would only be seen by the foyer of my apartment. I’d come to find a lesson on a date that never even happened. It was so evidently clear this man didn’t want to be with me after the first time he didn’t show, but I was so unbelievably fixated on him

that this meant nothing to me. People who want to be around you will make an effort to see you. People who want to be intimate with you just will be. Simple as that.

EVEN THE SIMPLEST DATES TEACH YOU SOMETHING: For my fifth date, got a cup of coffee at Saxbys with a guy from the residence hall I lived in my freshman year. We basically caught up—a lot has changed since. It was a small, pleasant interaction, but I took away something big: you should give the best possible version of yourself to every single person you meet, whether romantic or not. It was refreshing and reassuring to know that there was good conversation out there––the kind that didn’t expect anything more than just that.

AND SAME WITH THE WORST DATES: Let’s just keep it at this: #6 had a knack for Venmo requesting. And by Venmo requesting I mean for the Lyft we took together to go Franklin Fountain. I’m surprised he didn’t Venmo request for the ice cream, either. Actually, no I’m not. Because I bought it. This was the one that taught me what I didn’t want.

YOU MIGHT END UP LUCKY: Oh, yeah. Number 7. My Center City date turned out just fine—despite the initial panic about what to wear. We walked around for a while, weighing our options for restaurants to eat at before deciding on a place he said had draft beers for cheap. This is the one that taught me what I wanted. And it had nothing to do with him or even the date he took me on, but with reaching this date knowing more about myself. I ended up wearing neither the black lace top nor the black lace top. So maybe that was it.


When thinking of the terms surrounding healthy relationship, what does one look like to you? Got it? Okay.

You may have it all—the job, the grades, the brains, the social life—but maybe something’s lacking in the romance area. Women are strong, brilliant, and brave; we have tackled so many obstacles throughout the years. From having the first female presidential nominee of a major political party to the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series. But how come when it comes to relationships, it’s considered CRAZY for us to demand what we want? Why do so many women find it difficult to discuss how they want to be loved or what they need emotionally from a significant other? Instead, we stay silent and expect the other person to automatically know how to love and treat us. No one has the same definition of love or the same upbringing, yet it needs to be known that these topics should be communicated.

Can we please stop calling our girlfriends, exes, etc.


Communicating what you want isn’t just about feeding your specific needs. It’s about building a healthy relationship where you both can respect and love each other by knowing what your SO needs. After receiving these responses from other women, I started to think about my past relationships, and what I’ve learned from my own experience while dating. The key lesson that I will forever carry with me is that communication plays a major role in a successful relationship, no matter what stage of the relationship you’re in. One of the mistakes I made was not voicing what I needed and expected from my partner. Instead, I followed his lead and soon found that he didn’t want anything serious. Most men freely demand what they want and need from us all the time, so why is it wrong for us to do the same? Sure, it’s easy for me to tell you to communicate with your partner, but let’s dig deeper into the tools that can help you do so effectively.


o fully answer this question, we asked a women on Temple’s campus, “Do you find it difficult demanding what you want from your partner?” Here are a few of their responses: “For me it took time, at first it was hard but once I understood him, it was easier to open up.” Nahjul Taqvi, junior

“Yes, I find it hard to demand what I want because I feel like he doesn’t understand me.” “No, he needed to know how to love and treat me so I could be able to love and treat him better.” Tatiana Reed, junior

Alisa Polyak, junior

Sure, it’s easy for me to tell you to communicate with your partner, but let’s dig deeper into the tools that can help you do so effectively.


Before confronting your partner, always make a list of the things that you want in them and your relationship. The act of writing out what you desire helps sort out what’s truly important.

Organize and clarify your thoughts. This is an important conversation where you want to make sure your point is getting across (you need to be clear and blunt with men, especially).



Choose the perfect moment to sit your partner down and talk. This conversation should be conducted when you’re both available without any distractions. You’re probably thinking “duh”, but how many moments do you actually have zero distractions? Put your phones away and have a real convo.

Be confident, be brave, and remember that you’re not only doing this for yourself, but also for the greater good of your relationship. Allow yourself to be heard and listen to your partner, too, so you can fully understand their needs and feelings. And if you’re not feeling heard, let your SO know. If they can’t respect that, well, I think you know what to do.


Now that we’ve cleared this up, move forward with the confidence to speak up in your relationship and respectfully ask for what you want. Opening a clear channel of communication isn’t “crazy”, no matter what Hollywood (or men) say. We can change the narrative that women deserve to speak their feelings without being invalidated and diminished by “the other C word.”

By Rofiat Oseni

5 Girls, 1 Outfit

Who said you need to revamp your wardrobe when it gets cold? Written by Siyun (Tiffany) Ai

Five girls from Temple University gave their best advice on how to dress to match the colorful foliage of autumn with your all-time favorite pieces.

It’s always a delightful time for me when I get to work with powerful girls who love fashion and want to showcase their unique sense of style. I had the opportunity to meet the fashionistas who volunteered to participate in our “five girls, one outfit” challenge on campus. I was amazed by their talents of putting different elements together to make a black tank top and denim jeans combo a brand new look! Who said you can’t wear your summertime favorites in cold weather?

Shania McNeil and her girly glam masterpiece Shania McNeil, a senior financial planning major, is a big fan of a girly chic style. Like all the other girls who can’t resist the lure of pastel colors, dresses, skirts, and high heels, she enjoys dressing chic and fabulous all the time. She styled the outfit with her pink and fluffy jacket and a pair of long black boots.

She told me, “When I first bought [the jacket], I knew it would go extremely well with the majority of the stuff already in my closet. It is such a simple, yet glamorous statement piece. Wearing long boots is basically why I look forward to the fall.” McNeil later said that one of her secrets of being fashionable while ballin’ on a budget is to think about all the possible ways of how you can put this piece with the ones that you already own in your wardrobe before you rush to purchase new items. When asked about her choice of accessories, McNeil said, “ I prefer simple pieces. I like one statement jewelry at a time, so if I wear a statement earring, I will wear little to no other jewelry.” Shania’s Pro Tip: “Layering is always important and on trend, and there are so many ways to add your own personal style while layering. Belting your coat is also a great way to add some style to an otherwise boring outfit.”

Delaney Mills is confident and cool Delaney Mills is a sophomore communication studies major, who describes her personal style as comfortable and simple. She is the type who prefers simple college girl statements like graphic tees, jeans, and sneakers to add to “out of the box” pieces. Mills said, “What I wear is usually pretty comfortable, but still stands out and makes me look put together on days where I feel not-so-put-together.” Her choice on a short orange jacket and a pair of black ankle boots would be the best explanation for her personal style. “I chose to wear an orange jacket because I like to add pops of color to basic outfits. Wearing black booties with a small heel makes me feel confident,” Mills said.When asked why she chose to participate in this challenge,

Mills said, “I grew up never seeing girls my size in magazines, and the thought of being that face and that body is really an honor and is so exciting.”

“I am actually so happy with how I look. I know it seems crazy for a plus size girl to love her body, but I genuinely do and wouldn’t change myself. It has taken me a while to be comfortable in my body, but I finally am and I love to embrace that,” Mills said.

Kelly Holstrom is in love with camo Kelly is definitely the perfect girl to ask for tips on how to incorporate camouflage and earth tones into an everyday look. Holstrom, whose hair is orange, chose her favorite camouflage coat and a pair of beige ankle boots to complete her look. “I wear a lot of green items because of my hair. I wear a lot of earth tones; I really like browns and greens,” Holstrom said. Kelly said that she has a lot of camo pieces in her closet, but when asked why she chose this coat specifically for this look, she replied, “I love gold, and I think gold accents really pop on my skin and with my hair as well. And this jacket has a lot of gold and grey accents on it.” Although she was given a black and blue base, she still found a way to incorporate her favorite color scheme. Who will say no to a beige ankle boot in this autumn season? Your Instagram could totally use a snapshot of you kicking around the fall leaves with your booties.

Fiona Elizabeth Weir believes in the magic of jewelry Fiona Elizabeth Weir is a junior Marketing major who has a lot of passion and unique personal taste when it comes to fashion. She is the type of girl who always dresses for the mood. It’s very clear that this time she was feeling totally badass. She spiced up the jeans and tank with a black leather jacket, a pair of black leather boots (which she just bought from Marshall’s), a black belt with gold details and a silver necklace. “I love both men’s and women’s clothing and I love to be comfortable when I don’t need to be on point. When I am on point, I like to be classic and clean. I also like contrast, soft or gothic, industrial or earthy…” Fiona said. “I always try to match my jewelry as I did for my necklace and earrings, the belt was gold which contrasted with the silver, but personally, I find the two go together fine for most casual looks.” She believes in the magic of jewelry when it comes to styling. “ I could be in a super chill outfit but my jewelry will make you look twice.” Aside from an edgy girl who always pushes the boundaries of clothing style, Fiona is another active advocate of body positivity. As a girl who is 5 feet tall and a little bit curvy in shape, she confessed that she has struggled for a long time to make herself accept and appreciate her own body shape. “Some months I feel great, others I don’t feel like myself at all,” she said. However, she is now conquering her fears as she started to find the confidence inside that body.

“No one else’s opinion matters and if they think their idea of how your body should be is ideal, you don’t need that energy,” she said in an elevated tone, I just felt it. This is a totally boss way of thinking.

Gym Class Heroes by DELANEY MILLS

In college it seems like you hardly have enough time to eat lunch, so how can you even think to stop at your apartment post-workout to change before going to class? Here, five ways to up your athleisure game so you can save time and look great doing it.

Finding time to change out of your sweaty gym clothes is nearly impossible when you have a full day of classes and meetings. But we can’t just, like, skip our workout. Finding a way to kill it in the gym and in class is super important. Exercise boosts confidence, decreases stress, and gets your endorphins going for a good mood all day. If you’re looking for functional pieces that will make for an easy transition from class to the gym, this is the right place to start. With these tips, not only will you be saving time, but think of how much money you’ll save wearing the same outfit to your GenEd and evening yoga.

1. HELLO, PATTERNS Your future self that’s booking it from Gladfelter to the IBC for the 12:30 cycling class is thanking you for putting on leggings in the morning. Leggings are an athleisure staple and have been for years now. They’re a perfect mix of comfort and style, and they go with anything. Buying leggings that have a colorful pattern or mesh panels spices up the usual gym-to-class look. An affordable go-to for exciting leggings is Aerie. They range from just $15 to $50 and come in different patterns, textures, and colors. If you’re planning on hitting up some cardio after class, throw on a floral pair to class instead of jeans. You’ll look like you’ve put a ton of thought into your gym-slash-class outfit, and everyone will follow in your footsteps...right to 12:30 cycling.

2. YOU’RE THE BOMB Nothing’s easier than throwing a cute jacket over your gym ‘fit. A light bomber jacket will keep you warm in the cooler seasons, without sacrificing style. It gives off more of a laidback vibe, but will still add that extra color or layer that your outfit might be missing. Casual jackets like a bomber can be found at places like Forever 21 or H&M for cheap. Owning a staple jacket like this will make transitioning from class to the gym so simple, and will add the style you need to feel good during your 8a.m. Once it’s time to sweat it out, you can shed the jacket and get to lifting. With it, you’re sure to look bomb for class and a rigorous workout.

3. JOGGERS: THE HOT TWIN Joggers and leggings are like those twins from your high school history class: They’re both super cool, but you always secretly thought one was hotter than the other. Where leggings can sometimes feel restrictive, joggers give a cozy, loose fit without looking frumpy (like our stay-at-home sweats). Everyone has those days where putting effort into your outfit just isn’t in the cards, and you have to get to the gym after class to sweat off the stress of Monday. For days like this, joggers can be your bestie. They’re functional for the gym and provide all the comfort even on your worst days. And for a bonus fashion fit tip, wear joggers on heavy lifting days, and opt for leggings for cardio. Leggings keep muscles contracted and aid in endurance, while joggers are less distracting when you’re trying to make a deadlift PR.

4. LAYER UP Everyone can agree that in the summer, athletic shorts and a tee from your last family vacation act as the perfect outfit, whether you’re running errands or just running. Sadly, winters in Philly aren’t so luxurious, and layers become a necessity. Like a bomber jacket, adding a top layer to your outfit makes changing before the gym a breeze. Oversized sweaters, cardigans, and even denim jackets can go over your super cute gym crop to dress up your look. For those days you just want to feel extra put together, throwing on a favorite sweater can be just what you need. When you do hit the weight machine or the treadmill, you can workout knowing you just had a #boss day of working hard and killing the fashion game.


As soft wrap top is a perfect piece for getting your morning yoga on before class. It might not be the best for hardcore sweating, but it’s sure to look adorable. Free People’s athletic line has such a wide variety of wrap tops. It can be quite the splurge, but this s the gym we’re talking about, and you deserve to treat yourself. This is a piece that is functional for a light workout and super stylish for your heavy day of classes.


It’s not easy splurging in college, but there are some *pricier* things that are vital to a girl boss’s life. Here are six of them. Written by Olivia Falcone

Flattering Denim There’s nothing better than feeling confident in a pair of jeans. A good pair can last for years and make any woman feel a little more put together. Jeans are never all that cheap, even at the least expensive of places. But purchasing a durable pair will avoid the chances of having to go out and buy new, semi-expensive ones. For the most timeless look, stay away from fancy washes, fits, and pocket designs. If they look killer on you, they’ll never go out of style. Wear ‘em to class, thrown on with a pair of heels for a night out, or for a casual date night. For a busy girl on the go, it’s completely necessary to have great denim for any type of occasion (even just as a confidence booster).

White Sneaks Having a crisp pair of comfy white tennis shoes can make any outfit chic. Sneaks are perfect for class, errands, meetings, or any casual day-to-day activity. It’s easy to pair this fan-favorite with anything from jeans to dresses. Finding your go-to pair isn’t all that hard and can be quite affordable. There are many styles to play around with when sneaker shopping. For a more bohemian-slash-skater look, try on a pair of leather white slip-on Vans. For a city street look, rock a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s. Besides being the most practical footwear, the styles and uses of sneakers are endless. Investing in a good pair will get you through every season and will brighten up any look.

A Sturdy Tote Not only are bags an expression of who you are, they’re also important for any girl boss. Any busy gal can relate to the rush of going from classes to club meetings to a friend’s place and never being able to go home. Here’s your solution: the perfect bag. When choosing a backpack, consider what compartments you need and how practical it will be in everyday life. Make sure it’s big enough so you can fit all your essential daily items (books, laptop, tampons, and snacks, of course). It’s also important to keep in mind that you should choose a bag that is functional for your internship and classroom so it can be utilized for years and years. Backpacks are more acceptable in the workplace as walking becomes more common, so when you’re thinking of purchasing one, make sure it’s classy enough to tote to work post-grad.

A Solid Professional Outfit

It’s hard to know when a moment of opportunity will come. So be prepared—who knows when a door to your dream internship could open, or when a networking event will lead to a job offer. Find an outfit you can look gorge and professional in, and it will push you to pursue your dreams. Never underestimate the power of a professional #lewk. Don’t know where to start shopping for one? Check places such as H&M, Express, and Banana Republic for the ultimate girl-boss business attire. Investing more money in a professional look will eventually pay itself off. Plan ahead, invest, and be prepared with your outfits for interviews.

A Cozy Cardigan


Winter is here, and so is layering season. Being able to grab a warm cardigan is essential for winter time. Picking out neutral, cozy knits can save the day in frigid classrooms. Plus, it will totally amp up a graphic or plain tee on a chilly day. It’s also important to have quality cardigans so you can incorporate some of your fall or spring items into your winter wardrobe. Throw on your spring and fall tees with a scarf and sweater and you have a winterized look.

Every woman needs a versatile Little Black Dress that makes her feel confident, sexy, and smart no matter what she pairs it with. When it comes to LBD’s, take it from us and don’t focus on trends. Just like your dream jeans, if the dress is flattering and makes you feel good, it will never go out of style. You can find a great dress at department stores like Bloomingdale’s, or places like LOFT or Reformation. Just remember that LBD shopping is like a wedding dress or a good boyfriend: when you try it on, you’ll just know.

MY EXPERIENCE AS A WOMAN OF COLOR IN GREEK LIFE “There’s nothing wrong with what each sorority chooses to post, and looking at it now from the other side, consciously adding diversity to social media accounts feels like tokenism.”

HAILEY MCCORMACK Hailey McCormack is a junior Education major at Temple. She was an Owl Team Leader last summer and she’s currently a member of InMotion Dance Team. She serves as the Director of Communications for Temple Student Government, and a member at large for Temple’s chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. This is her personal essay about joining a majority-white sorority.

FAR BEFORE I even stepped foot on

Temple’s campus, I was introduced to the illustrious concept of ‘Greek Life.’ A friend of mine had gone through Panhellenic Recruitment at Northeastern University, and she told me about how she had joined a sorority and how it had already made a huge impact on her after just a few short months. For the rest of the year, I watched her get involved, make new friends, and look incredibly happy with where she was. By the time I made it to Temple, I had her stories in the back of my head, and I looked into Temple’s Greek Life. I did my research (read: a considerable amount of stalking

on all forms of social media), and decided that maybe this was something I wanted to do too.

Recently, though, I had an encounter with a girl I had met once or twice before that really shook me to my core.

All of my “research” led me to the same question: where are all the women of color? I would see a few every once in awhile on the sororities’ Instagram or Facebook accounts, but quickly realized that there wasn’t a lot of representation. I immediately went into my own head, wondering, was I going to be treated differently if I went out for recruitment? Temple is so diverse, but why doesn’t that show on the accounts?

I ran into her at a philanthropy event. After some small talk, she asked me if I was a part of the sorority running the event, and I proudly told her I was. She told me about how she was interested in recruitment, but had one major concern that was really holding her back.

I went back and forth on whether or not this was something I even wanted to register for. With these questions still running through my head, I ended up going through recruitment anyways––with an open mind. It was a long process, but ultimately, I chose to join Delta Phi Epsilon, and now I could never imagine myself anywhere else. Since the very first day I joined, I knew I wanted to get involved. I slowly, but surely, started putting myself out there more, running for positions, and getting them.

“Where are all the girls of color?” It was like I had déjà vu. At first, I didn’t really know how to answer the question. I was taken aback from hearing the exact same question I had asked myself countless times just a year before. I scrambled to figure out how to answer her question as best I could. I wanted to be completely honest with her, because she wasn’t wrong in asking where Panhellenic women of color were because there really aren’t many of us. I let her know she was right, that we are few and far between, but that it was something the Panhellenic Council were

working on. She continued to express her position about the whole situation because of this blatant lack of diversity, telling me that she didn’t want to be made to feel different because of the way she looked. Even now, this conversation resonates with me. Going through recruitment, I still had those questions in the back of my mind, but as the days went on I never once felt like I was out of place, or that I didn’t belong because of who I am and what I look like. But, until you experience it yourself, the only thing you have to base your judgments off is first impressions through social media.

Standing on the other side of it all now, I have never once experienced issues with my own sorority or any other Greek organization at Temple. I mean that. I’ve given a lot of thought to this subject, and have worked really hard to raise the representation of girls of color within my own

be a reason not to. We are strong women who deserve everything we put ourselves out to do. There may not be a whole lot of women of color being represented, but that doesn’t mean we have to be passive in our lack of representation. We are just as equal and just as important as the women surrounding us, so don’t let that be the reason to not join an organization. Have that conversation and ask those tough questions.

“I immediately flashback to freshman year me, looking through all of the social media accounts for each sorority, As a sorority sister, I can say that we all want you to be comfortable and to and seeing a long stretch of whiteness understand that something like this should never be a reason not to go for your heart wants. Be the with the occasional spot of color.” something representation you wish you saw your

I immediately flashback to freshman year me, looking through all of the social media accounts for each sorority, and seeing a long stretch of whiteness with the occasional spot of color. There’s nothing wrong with what each sorority chooses to post, and looking at it now from the other side, consciously adding diversity to social media accounts feels like tokenism. But, as a woman of color, not seeing any was probably the most intimidating thing I could’ve seen. When there is literally no representation, you can’t help but wonder why.

sorority. I go to every event, make sure I go to PR events, and get my face out there. I get involved through leadership positions, so other women of color can see that truthfully, there aren’t any setbacks except the ones we create. Women of color have just as much opportunity to run for, to win, and most of all be empowered by sorority leadership positions- because skin color should never

Photos provided by Hailey McCormack

freshman year. Be the girl in every other Instagram post to break up the sea of whiteness you once feared. Run for that position, because you know you can do it, and nothing’s going to stop you from getting it. I know I would have regrets if I had held myself back over a fear that is valid, but is ultimately untrue, so try and put those fears aside because you’ll never know how amazing the experience is until you try.









The best gifts for you, your ‘rents, your SO, or your girls, handpicked by the REFINE Executive Board.

1. Cher Philadelphia Concert Tickets: $98-$430+, Ticketmaster 2. Josie Maran Nourish + Protect Moisturizer Set: $63, Josie Maran Cosmetics “It’s essential for keeping skin moisturized and silky; I swear by it!” -Fiona, Art Director 3. Chunky Black Chelsea Boots: $56, ASOS 4. Fujifilm InstaX Camera Bundle: $92 (with 60 films), Amazon 5. Eyelash Extensions: $150-$375, LASH BASH Philly “I feel like I could just wake up, roll out of bed and feel more confident with these on!” -Rachel, Instagram Director 6. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones: $299.99, Target 7. Morphe “Ready, Set, Gold” Eyeshadow Palette: $24, Morphe Brushes [] “This palette is easy to match with everyday looks but also the shimmer and shine is great for going out” -Jaycie, Treasurer 8. 3-Tier Gold Bar Cart: $199, Wayfair



9. High Waisted “Brooke” Flare Jeans, $78, Free People “These jeans are so flattering and comfortable and pair great with sneakers or booties. After I invested in them this summer my friends were always asking to borrow them!” -Sarah, Music Editor 10. Herschel Supply Co. Small Backpack, $64.99, Amazon 11. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume, $94, Sephora “My favorite scent!” -Morgan S., Love Editor 12. Cozy Patterned Throw Blanket, $49, Vera Bradley “Vera Bradley blankets are super cute and soft and a perfect gift!” -Lisa, Social Media Director 13. Superga 2790 White Platform Sneakers, $90, ASOS “I think they’re a cute way to dress things up rather than wearing normal sneakers!” -Delaney, Fashion Editor 14. Velvet Duvet Cover, $119-$129, Urban Outfitters “This adds the perfect texture for anyone who wants to redo their room for the new year!” -Jamie, Facebook Director

9. 11.


13. 15. 16.

17. 15. Trendy Blue Light Blocking Glasses, $16.95+, Zenni Optical “These glasses block the harmful blue light that comes from all of our tech devices and sabotages our skin and eyes. I got them with translucent frames for a modern look.” -Sarah, Editor-in-Chief 16. Striped Microfiber Travel Towel, $20, Dock & Bay “Made of microfiber, these towels are more convenient to pack, smaller to store, easier to wash, quicker to dry, antibacterial and all around fabulous.” -Lida, Web Designer 17. AncestryDNA Test, $68.99, Amazon 18. “The Astrology of You and Me” Book, $24.99, Urban Outfitters “I have always been so interested in learning how the planets affect our everyday lives.” -Elda, Health Editor 19. 40oz Insulated Water Bottle, $21.99, SimpleModern 20. Flexible Phone Tripod, $13.99, Amazon


18. 20.



Pauline Granjon

Pauline Granjon, 20, hails from a small village near Lyon, France, and is studying at Temple as part of a one-year study abroad program at her university, Science Po Lyon. She sat down with us to answer a few questions about education, transitioning to Temple, her future, and more. Sarah Madaus: How does education work in France? Pauline Granjon: I’m not at a college like Temple University, I am in the Grande École; there is no translation in English. I had to pass a competitive exam to get into that school, and it’s like a highly selective college. I study there for five years. I don’t have a major, or a minor like here, I just study a few topics like political science, economics, sociology, history, and languages. SM: What made you want to study in America? PG: Since I was a kid, it was my dream, really, to study in America, because I think we all have a kind of “American Dream.” In my school, I had to study abroad for my third year, so I chose the U.S. because it was my dream...and because I wanted to improve my English. SM: Once you graduate, do you want to stay in France or are you looking to go elsewhere? PG: Before leaving [to go to] the U.S., maybe I would have chosen to live abroad, and now [that] I am living in the U.S., I realized that I just love France so much. I want to become a judge, for juveniles in France, and I can’t really exert my provision abroad––I need to be in France––so probably live in France and travel abroad for holidays.

SM: What’s one thing that you thought was “a thing” in America that you realized is actually not once you got here? Sorry that was not phrased well. PG: We have lots of stereotypes about Americans, good and not good. I was thinking that I would only eat really unhealthy things, because that’s how we think Americans eat, but actually we can eat, like, vegetables and fruits! SM: HA. Our country has really started shifting away from junk food in recent years, so that’s great for us. How has your time been at Temple so far? PG: The time flies, it’! I [didn’t] imagine it would go so fast, because when I arrived here, it was really a big cultural shock. I didn’t expect this, because I thought I knew the U.S., but I really didn’t. It’s only the cliches that we have. I was like, “This is going to be a really long few months” and finally time has flown. I have traveled, I’ve met lots of people, it’s amazing. SM: How have you met most of your friends here? PG: From the orientation week at the beginning of the semester. I met lots of international students, and my friends are mostly international. [Before coming here], I heard that it’s kind of difficult to become friends with Americans, and I didn’t really expect this, but actually it’s really difficult because we have such a different way of life. It’s really difficult to meet them, because they pick classes before us, and always have a really busy timetable. SM: Understandable. Americans don’t know how to relax. But let’s get political now. How do you feel about the politics––

the demonstrations and violence––that are happening in France? PG: Oof, tough question. Now, in this moment, it’s a mess in France. There are demonstrations everywhere in the streets. Paris is burning––this is really dramatic. I can follow everything that’s happening in France, and it’s kind of scary actually. But at the same time, I am far from what’s happening, so I don’t feel as concerned, so it’s kind of weird. SM: Now that you’ve been in the U.S. and are living here, do you feel any concern for American politics? PG: I mean, yeah. I was concerned before coming to the U.S., because I studied American politics for two years because I have special classes on it. I was so shocked by what happened two years ago when Trump was elected. But actually in the U.S. I don’t really hear any more about what’s going on here than I would if I were in France. Maybe because we are in the university and most people are younger and more Democratic, so it’s not really different from what I hear in France. In France, most people, are not really for Trump, and I hear the same things in the U.S. SM: Yeah, this is definitely a very liberal and Democratic bubble. Getting away from that, where have you traveled so far in the U.S.? PG: I’ve been to New York City, Washington D.C., and then to Toronto in Canada. I’ve also been to Tennessee and Atlanta. SM: What are your plans for the rest of the year? PG: I don’t know, maybe Florida? I’d like to go to Miami and maybe, if I have time and money, the West Coast. But I’m going back home for Christmas for three weeks. SM: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since living here? PG: When you travel somewhere and you think everyone is weird in that country, that’s not that they’re weird––you just don’t understand something about them. And I didn’t realize it, because since I’m in the U.S., of course sometimes I’m like “Ugh, stupid Americans” and I just realized a few weeks ago that if I found something stupid or weird, maybe that’s just their way of doing things. SM: I think that’s a lesson most of us still need to learn.*


Welcome to the rise and reign of unruly wom your astr

By Kaitl

Aries (March 21-April 19): Emma Watson

Aries all-star Emma Watson went from studying spells at Hogwarts to studying literature at an Ivy League. Her incredible brain power doesn’t end there. In true fire sign form, she leads by example as a pioneer of modern feminism and equal rights movements. If all of that isn’t enough to blow you away, get this: she spoke at the U.N. about feminism and equal rights. (Yeah, you could say that Emma Watson is pretty cool). Aries gals like Emma are determined, fierce, and don’t give up without a fight! The charm and fiery drive of Aries ladies, like Emma, have certainly cast a spell on us all.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Audrey Hepburn

There’s no star sign more loyal than Taurus, and legendary icon Audrey Hepburn is no exception. Not only did this Taurus superstar grace our screens with the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but she also led a life committed to humanitarian efforts as an ardent UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In between gliding down red carpets, twirling through crowds in glittery gowns and bearing a dazzling grin for the camera, Audrey led a life loyal to giving back. The fierce loyalty and stability Taurus ladies have is simply admirable, isn’t it? Give your Taurus gal pal an extra hug the next time you see her—she deserves it.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Laverne Cox

Geminis might get a bad rep for being aloof and twofaced, but Gemini goddess Laverne Cox shatters more than just this stereotype. As an activist of transgender women and the LGBT community, she continues to defy outdated and oppressive norms, specifically in the entertainment industry. She is the voice of millions of LGBT folk, especially those from minority groups, to seize opportunities that had never made available to them before. All of this makes total sense as Gemini ladies by nature are deeply thoughtful and progressive! They are just so far ahead of the curve that the rest of us misunderstand their true good-natured intentions.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Frida Kahlo So much more than her notorious bushy brows and brightly colored skirts, Cancer moonchild Frida Kahlo was a female force to be reckoned

with. Not only was she a gifted artist, but she used her platform to discuss “taboo” female experiences like miscarriage, menstruation, and gender inequality (just to name a few). As an outspoken queer woman with a passion for dismantling the patriarchy, Frida took the stereotypical definition of “lady” and ripped it to shreds with her cunning Cancer crab pinchers. Cancer ladies like Frida are often brimming with passion and strive to nurture and protect the important people and causes in their lives. Frida proved that when it comes to causes they feel passionate about, there is no stopping a hard-shelled Cancer woman!

Leo (July 23-August 22): Winnie Harlow

Who doesn’t love a Leo? Charismatic, outspoken, and extremely driven, it seems every Leo woman is trailblazing a path uniquely their own as the set fire to the expectations of others. Winnie Harlow is one strong-headed Leo woman taking the modeling industry by storm. She’s an outspoken advocate for the diversification of the fashion industry, which has had a history of having a narrow, unachievable standard of conventional beauty for much too long. Leo women like Winnie show all of us what it takes to be the tenacious, fiery spirit who can rise from the ashes.

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Beyoncé

Who run the world? GIRLS! Beyoncé, powerhouse performer, political activist, and film actress has been a Virgo rockstar since she sang her first melodic vocal run. During her days performing with the legendary girl group Destiny’s Child (hello, who can forget their iconic tracks Independent Women and Survivor?), Beyoncé has built a massive career empowering women through her earth-shaking pop anthems. Speaking of earth-shaking, Beyoncé’s sun shines incandescently in Virgo, the earth sign everyone can’t get enough of. With the unique ability to stay grounded and also shoot for the stars, it’s hard to resist the sheer gravitational pull of a Virgo like Queen Bey. She’s done it all—from acting in films like Dream Girls to creating the politically charged and empowering masterpiece Lemonade, Beyoncé continuously proves that the Virgo hustle is no joke.

Libra (September 23-October 22): Serena Williams Entrepreneur, businesswoman, ultimate tennis master, mother, humanitarian….is there


men. Powerful gals come from every who’s rological idol?

lyn Kerwin

anything Serena Williams can’t do? Her long list of well-rounded accomplishments are awe-inspiring and a true testament to how Libras roll. Serving as the Queen of the Libras, Serena never settles for success in just one aspect of her life. She strives to carefully balance and foster her talents across all fields, grasping a tennis racket in one hand and a briefcase in the other. Her well-balanced life and disposition prove the overarching near-perfection that Libras are so good at mastering. Although stretching themselves across several interests may be taxing at times, Librans always know how to make it work. To all Libra gals out there: can you teach the rest of us how to be so good at balancing it all?

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Margaret Atwood

If you’ve been thoroughly terrified by the ominous red cloaks and white bonnets gracing your screens in The Handmaid’s Tale, you can thank Scorpio author Margaret Atwood. The show, adapted from Margaret’s novel of the same name, brims with feminist and environmental themes. As an overall literary badass, Margaret shows that Scorpios intuitively know how to get people talking about important topics. Water signs are just the best at this kind of thing, what can I say? Scorpio intuition is off the charts; they give us all a run for our money.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Billie Eilish

Living life to the beat of their own drum is second nature to Sagittarius ladies, which is why it isn’t so surprising that pop sensation Billie Eilish is a Sagittarius. Like other fire signs, Sagittarius women thrive when they are forging a one-of-a-kind life path for themselves. Billie bursted into the music scene with a bang and has been making major waves ever since, releasing iconic bops like record-breaking hit Bellyache. And let’s not forget—this gal is the grand ole age of 16 years old (um, WHAT.) Nothing like a world-traveling, record-breaking, earth-shaking Sagittarius to remind you how the most exciting thing you’ve done today is binge-watched six episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. But there’s hope for us yet! Ask (OK, maybe beg) your Sagittarius gal pal for some pointers on how to spice up your life and follow your dreams. As Billie shows, Sagittarius women are the ultimate pros at living life exactly how they want.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama. Need I say more? There is nothing that screams “Capricorn” more than Michelle Obama’s extremely hardworking and highly ethical nature. Her staggering list of achievements is awe-inspiring: Yale and Harvard graduate, lawyer, feminist, collegiate educator and administrator, First Lady of the United States. In true Capricorn fashion, Michelle knows what it takes to achieve her goals and doesn’t stop until she overcomes all the obstacles in her way. Goal-oriented, hard-working, humanitarian and of course a fabulous fashion icon, Michelle Obama is the perfect role model for all female-identifying Capricorns looking for that extra spark of motivation. As the wise Fifth Harmony once sang, “Boss Michelle Obama, purse so heavy gettin’ Oprah dollas.” Go get those dollas, Mini-Michelles!

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is the hallmark of all Aquarius women. This is a fact, I don’t make the rules. After practically owning daytime TV and revolutionizing media as we know it, Oprah reinvented the woman’s role in television by asserting herself as the protagonist, becoming a role model for all women previously confined to being the man’s supporting role. Besides enabling women to be go-getters, Oprah has always been a philanthropist unmatched by any other, driven to give back to the disadvantaged to serve the greater good. As benefactor for all, Oprah represents the Aquarian drive to help, understand, and advocate for humanitarian efforts. She is far more than more than just a punchline in Drake and Josh.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Rihanna

Pisces, Pisces, Pisces—how lucky you are to have a cosmic sisterhood with fellow Pisces babe Rihanna. Where to even begin? Not only is she an incredible musician (Umbrella will forever be a jam), Rih has made major waves as a businesswoman and even as a diplomat. That’s her compassionate Piscean nature showing through. Pisces ladies have a sixth sense and are always in tune to what exactly other people are feeling. This superpower is not lost on Rihanna, who has listened to the masses and gives them just enough to keep ‘em coming back for more

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ASK What ever will we do with f*ckboys? *Question has been slightly reworded before publication to be read more easily, but details have not been changed.*

Q : Dear REFINE, I recently met this guy on campus and things went from zero to 100, but only because I was matching his speed. This was headed into relationship territory in the most natural, exciting, and terrifying way. ...Until he ghosted me and things went from 100 to zero just as fast. Our mutual friends suggested it had something to do with his fear of commitment after a toxic longterm relationship—one he is known to have a habit of falling back into. I wish I knew why it ended. That isn’t my biggest problem, though. I was recently invited to a party, and both him and his ex will be there. I don’t know the terms of their relationship now, but, more importantly, I don’t know how to behave in this situation. I haven’t seen him since we were last together. Should I blow him off or should I make polite small talk? Should I even go? What if he’s there with her? Will it hurt or give clarity? Sincerely, Should I Stay (At Home) or Should I Go Want your questions answered by our all-knowing advice columnist? Email refine.themagazine@ with “Advice” in the subject line.

A : Should I Stay, My Sweet, Do you know what slang matches the definition of, “A disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking?” The word you’re looking for here is called a clusterf*ck. I’d advise you to get comfortable with this term because you will soon understand its meaning on a much deeper level. I suggest you invite humor to your situation (not to take any seriousness away), as humor has the capability to guide us through tough situations — which is exactly what life has thrown your way. I use the word “tough” here because I think your predicament is a very difficult one; I also don’t think it’s an impossible one either. Surely, you were dealt a bad hand, but you are granted the alternative to play those cards to the best of your capability. First, we need to look at the facts. Did you read that? Facts. Not the crazy stuff your mind has been embellishing, in which there’s a false narrative about what have may or may not happened with the man in question. You were absolutely blindsided and were left with a lot of questions, but I can feel the assumptions in this letter. I want you to know this is a normal reaction. Every woman is found guilty of this every once in a while. Our minds do this beautiful and terrible thing when left in the dark. We start to question ourselves: Well, how come? but why? Instead of letting these thoughts ring like a landline off the hook, I want you to answer them. Try to understand

that the forces around why it ended have nothing to do with you. That’s why you have every right to be at this gosh darn event—only if you acknowledge these possible scenarios: A: His ex is all up on him and wildly in love—scratch that—they’re getting married. Surprise! This is actually their engagement party. B: He sees you, instantly regrets everything, and never wants to leave your side again. Or, you realize that neither A nor B will happen and you settle on C: You go for yourself, even if it’s painful, and you give the best version of that person to everyone in the room. Because, in the end, you will walk away as a better person. You might leave the party without clarity (which sucks), yet you’ll be embracing kindness, genuineness, and maturity even in the midsts of this awkward, painful clusterf*ck. Keep your head held high, even if you don’t want to. After all, do you really want to be with a man who thinks the natural progression of intimacy is moving too fast or would you rather a man who pulls up in a Lamborghini, foot heavy on the gas and still says, “Is that all this thing can do?” Yours Truly,


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